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tv   WNCN Today at 500AM  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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tomorrow and throw the weekend as well. it is time to cruise on in this beautiful weather. we have the satellite composite. this is in motion. we have very little activity this morning, 33 in raleigh, 30 in lieu would you sayburg, at freezing in hen -- lewisburg, freezing at henderson, sanford as well is in the 20s. rayford at 34. fayetteville and clinton are holding on to upper 30s. here is what to expect throughout the your thursday. sunshine from start to finish. 33 out the door at 8:00 a.m. 44 at lunchtime today. if you are heading out, just take a light jacket with you. other for an afternoon high, not as warm as where we were yesterday, back san bernadino the low 40s by 6:00 a.m. -- back into the low 40s at 6:00 a.m. really looking like a nice winter day. i will let you know when the 60s return for highs coming in the deplete forecast.
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before you head for the door. here is i-40 and lake wheeler, if you are heading toward the construction zone there, south of downtown, know there are a few cars out there, but it looks like everything is moving along just fine on this thursday morning. let's go ahead and check in with our live drive. i have us looking at i-40. we will check in with the speeds. i-40 southbound at about 63 miles per hour this morning. another check on traffic and weather in about ten minutes. >> thank you so much for that. today state lawmakers will be in raleigh for a special session surrounding redistricting. republicans want to approve a new map that features congressional districts. the existing one was struck down by federal judges who found the lines were gerrymandered. we will go live to the building. >> three federal judges ruled two district were drawn based on operation which is illegal. now they have -- based on race
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>> the polls will be extra busy this upcoming season. if you plan on the voting prepare to cast a ballot twice. because ochre districting they're expecting to -- because of redistricting, they plan to hold two primaries. the price, not cheap. it is expect today cost millions of dollars and some say voter turn out won't be great. >> it is making us create a separate primary. turn out will be lower than it would have been on march 15. >> this is the new map of the congressional districts. the new fourth district includes parts evideur 5:00, wake and -- two congressmen live in the newly created district potentially putting them against each other. >> they may marginally come employ but it is in a way that's not in best interest of the citizens of north carolina. >> this is a heroic effort that we could even get this
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period of time. >> republicans expect to pick a any date just to hold congressional primary. >> lawmakers are expect today reconvene this morning at 10:00. reporting live in raleigh, wncn new. >> >> the white house is expect today announce president obama will travel to cuba next month as they continue to work on efforts to normalize relations. it would resume air travel for the first time in 50 year. >> >> a new gop front runner is pulling ahead, nbc news poll has ted cruz ahead of donald trump by two points. the poll was conducted after trump's win in new hampshire, and after saturday's debate in south carolina where trump still has promising lead heading into saturday's primary. while the republican candidates were in the palmetto state. rubio landed a huge endorse
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she will be -- nikki hailey. >> we say that everyday is a great day in south carolina. ladies and gentlemen, if we elect marco rubio, everyday will be a great day in america. >> the same poll shows rubio in third place with 17% support from likely voters. new information is coming out about a motorcycle chase involving a state trooper in wake county the 34-year-old scotty horn was trying to get away when he crashed into a car near u.s. 401. the driver was not hurt right now, horn is in custody facing a list of charge. >> >> the bus driver who hit and killed a teacher at meadow lane will not face any charges. the driver hit brandon kincaid. he was a second grade teacher there.
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the first african american, also the highest ranking female of any race to graduate from west point military academy. she spoke with soldiers and fort bragg lead percent also toured the medical center. >> as they're preparing new recruits making sure they have got not only good health care but good health education, how to take care of themselves, how to eat properly and exercise properly to reduce energy. >> wes served as womac commander and oversees other facility 50s cross the country. >> that's an important job for sure. it is 5:06 co.oing up the pope wrapped up his visit to mexico yesterday. still to come a full report on his trip and his message for the entire world. >> talk about a harams we are headed to the -- -- a harams we are headed to the --
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attack in san bernadino, the fbi needs apples help to get past the four digit security code on so in i phones but the tech giant says if it helps the fbi it could mean privacy concerns for everyone who own a
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>> for mid february, we were certainly spoiled yesterday. sunshine, warm weather didn't have to go outside with scarf, gloves. >> you will need the winter gear in morning but the afternoon it shouldn't be that bad. it will top out here other -- near other today. let's look at the camera, a few more cars than earlier today but all in all a quiet start to our thursday morning. let's go ahead and put some more temperatures on the map. 38 in fayetteville, 39 in clinton, 35 right now as we look toward lillington this morning. here if raleigh we are at 33, also in the mid 30s around durham. 28 in rocksboro and south hill the reason i sam saying take that winter gear with you. it is -- the reason i am saying take the winner gear with you. the sun now rises before 7:00 a.m. 33 until 7:00 this morning, then we will start to see the
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back to 35 at 8:00 a.m., 35 by 9:00. it should be in the 40s by 10:00. topping out here other. still in the 50s on friday, keep in mind these temperature, yes cooler than normal but look at what happens for weekend ahead. 66 our high on saturday afternoon. i will let you know how long the 60s around around coming up in complete forecast. thank you a lot, alyssa. an arizona boy scout troop has its hand full. they're helping those in need with a 3d printer. they're making mechanical hands for kids who can't befitted for prosthetics. they're able to cut the cost dramatically. regular it cost about $40,000. these, all of the materials, all together willing cost about $40. >> -- all together will cost about $40. >> the boys came up with the idea on their own.
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them earn their eagles badge, the highest in meris. >> coming up toyota is issuing a recallment we will tell you now and how in were aif he canned. the duke blue devils taking the win t (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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>> welcome back.
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insist everything is safe for students at cleveland high school after a threat made its rounds on social media officials contacted parents saying out of an abundance of caution they will have extra security on campus today joshua johnson is waiting extradition from alabama. he was link today an attack on fort bragg road. the second suspect was identified but has since died. state lawmaker also come to raleigh for a special session. rep chance want to approve a map with new districts, the existing one was struck down by federal judges who found two districts were gerrymandered along racial lines. >> on wednesday, pope francis usualed -- to flee violent and poverty. >> he traveled to mexico board
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celebrate with millions of worshipers we have more have el paso. >> an emotional day as they from the security guards between el paso, along the rio grande, offering a prayer for those who did not make desert crossing. >> sometimes they get the feeling that they kind of have in the main stream. >> now the main stream is coming to them. >> the crowds cheered as they rode if pope mobile through the streets and they highlight the efforts for fair wages and he stopped at a prison even an inmate cried seeing him. >> what the pope is asking us all to do is step in the shoes and get into the heart of people who are refugees trout the world, not just those coming in the united states.
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opening -- and as the pope has done throughout mexico to care for all of those who from struggle calling them brothers and sisters. like so in of his trip, what will be remembered is his out pure to the pope, those with little help. abc news. toyota is recalling 3 million suvs because of possible problems with the seat belts. the company said today that a flaw could cause some rare seat belts to fail in ravs and vanguard vehicles. toyota dealers will fix the problem at no cost to consumer. >> >> a study released today by credit finds that 25 million credit cards haven't changeed it main credit card in at least ten years, that loyalty may be hurting you though, switching to a new card could mean rewards and big sign up bonuses.
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rewards are america's favorite credit card identify which you ares. >> yeah. >> that makes sense. >> it is a doubled edge sword. you like it too much you get in trouble. you can say good-bye to the banker in the new monopoly game, a any version called monopoly ultimate banking game but it eliminates the signature position. instead you scan special band cards on a hand held banking unit. >> don't get rid of the dog. that's piece i like. >> that's the one that keeps it all together. >> i agree. >> amazing video from australia where tumble beads have swamped a town in the australia state of victoria. >> truckloads of the -- it is summertime in down under and dry conditions lead to a bumper crop of tumble weed.
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tops, the city council will not help with the clean up because it is not part of the fire hazard. >> i have never seen anything like that is correct just blowing down the road. >> they come out of nowhere, here comes a tumble weed, there it goes. a lot offload land. >> we had some good sunshine yesterday. sun side today but that's cooler. >> let's look outside before we getted and talk about more sunshine, this is the, compared to street that is were busy last night. so let's get to temperature, as you let out the door this morning you need the winter jacket 28 in rocksbroo also in the up 20s and sanford you are also in the upper 20s by why,
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it will be around 35 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 44 at lunchtime, 50 our afternoon high, before we drop back to 43 by 6:00 a.m. you will need the sun glasss and a heavier jacket throughout the day. otherwise a quiet one for this time of year. the future cast, expecting for today you can see wall to wall sunshine, not only this morning but through the afternoon hours as well. we will stick around with clear conditions tonight and as we head into our friday, again, sunshine is all we are forecasting, but as we head into the weekend we will see more clouds, the temperatures however, are going to jump through the roof. here is what i am thinking the next five days. 50 today, 52 on friday, and then the mid 60s are here. yeah, you are herring me correctly. 66 on saturday, 66 on sunday, 60 on monday, as we head into early next week, we will also track the chance for a shower or two. we will get to that in a moment. but let's talk about today.
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49 in durham and 54 in fayetteville. overnight tonight we will drop into the upper 20s. we are clear, colder winds are going be fairly light as el. as we head into the coming day, the low 50s here for friday. 66 on saturday, enjoy every minute of the weekend because 60s will be here. just an isolated chance for a shower toward sun set but look into next week. we will be around 60 on monday, chance for rain arriving mainly in afternoon and then a good chance for rain could be quite a wash out toward tuesday and then still lingering rain toward wednesday. that's your latest forecast. it is 5:21. here a look at traffic, i-40 and rock quarry road. both directions moving smoothly on this thursday morning. let's check in with some drive times, if you are heading out the door. if you are heading eastbound i- 540, 440 and 40 moving smooth, all those times in green which means moving close to posted
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and u.s. 64 is about a 17 minute drive this morning. another check on traffic and weather close to 5:30. >> sounds good. thank you so much. time now is 5:21. >> the latest chapter in one of the biggest rivalrys in college basketball is in the book. >> that's right. we will hear from the players and coaches after last night's emotional ba there's something to be said for exploring the world around you. for seeking out the new; for trying the untried; for doing the undone. why should snacking be any different?
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and tap into your curiosity. the laughing cow.
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>> the first battle of the blue this is season lived up to hype. it was a close fought battle but duke came out on top. 73-74 the score. todd gisbon was in chapel hill and has more. >> johnson was unstopable. he had already registered a double-double. he was on the way to another monster game, 29 points and 19 rebounds but duke found a way to hang around, despite losing jones to an ankle injury. grayson allen goes to 23 points and brandon ingram in the first duke-unc carry it is devils down the stretch hitting shots while saking offer a cold night offensively. >> there's a toughness element with that it is not my night.
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but he gave us a stretch that was incredible. >> ingram finishes with a double-double. luke his three pointer gave the first lead since midway through the first half. >> the duke unc game, one of the best rivality -- one of the best rivalries in sports. they cannot get off a clean shot. unc set on the final possession a real head scratcher. >> i told the kids, i should have called a time out. we didn't get as good of a shot as i thought we would get. >> the tar heels led almost the entire contest but just like the last two games unc could not hold a late lead. >> he can't do it all and he about did it all tonight but someone has to help him. >> they raise the dog fight, north carolina and miami sit
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they come to chapel hill on saturday. >> that was fantastic. the next game is march 5. mark your calendar. >> we will. both teams take on ranked acc opponent this is weekend. >> i know you will stay up late for another game. >> i am struggling that morning. i stayed up way too late watching the game. >> time now is 5:27 in the next half an hour. >> the deadline is looming for a voter district map. i am emma wright, coming up what they need accomplish by tomorrow. looking forward to that report and what does did forecast hold for us today? i have a little hint. a little sunshine in there. >> you think so. >> i have listen listening to alyssa's forecast and you will
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see if you're eligible for
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right now, state lawmaker also meet today for a special session regarding redistricts, that can send votator the poll twice in next months. >> plus this. >> it is like if you require everybody to have a key unthe mat, how the you make sure that just the right people use the key. >> the balletal heats up surrounding apple's decision to fight the fbi to unlock an i phone. round one goes down as an exciting game. a look at the final second win in chapel hill. >> i stayed up way too late watching the game. i almost got to second half. >> no wonder you are so sleepy. >> i am sleepy. >> of course we have your morning news. first let's go to alyssa corr
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-- corr font. we are starting -- corfont. 35 in durham. also in the 20s around rocksbroo and sanford. 39 in clinton and fayette i have. so let's go to your -- fayetteville. wall to wall sunshine but you need a jacket with you. 33 at 8:00 a.m. lunchtime, only looking at 44, and 50 is the afternoon high, no why near as -- nowhere near as warm as we were yesterday. the warmth will return for the weekend ahead. details on that coming up. let's check in with traffic right now if you are heading out the door. this is i-440 and six fort, not a lot going on in this correction. a quiet start to our thursday. if you have to hit the roads, know they're fairly empty. >> let's look at the drive time conditions. i have some speeds on i-40


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