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tv   WNCN News at 11  CBS  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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amy cutler just arrived on the scene. what can you tell us, amy? >> reporter: there is a very heavy police presence behind us here on homestead. in the last few minutes, they have back to school. it is california drive behind us. there are several police cruisers here on scene telling us they are responding to a call of shots fired. it is unclear if anyone was hit to that is what they are trying to determine. we have seen officers going door to door speaking with neighbors trying to determine possibly with the call came from. if anyone can is substantiated if they heard gunfire. there is a heavy police presence as they continue this active investigation. after hours of julia
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lawmakers are one step closer to a crucial deadline. >> we haven't following the restricting -- redistricting for weeks. >> critics say we so i got to at voter confusion. marco island is breaking down what this means. >> reporter: the state house approved the plan that will send voters to the house twice. once next month for the primary and again in june to go to congressional races. >> democracy is messy. it's not free pics >> reporter: that has been the theme in the state legislature. >> is a lot of confusion been >> reporter: state republicans put together a new beth dal ponte congressional districts. they had to after a panel of judges failed to current districts were created along racial lines. >> i think every effort was made to comply with the three- judge ruling that >> reporter: lawmakers are dealing with less than a month before primary day. they want two primaries 1 march 15. it will be for everything except the congressional races.
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7. >> 71 voting affirmative and 32 in the typical >> reporter: the have signed off on the plan thursday night the senate will vote friday. democrats say it will make things more confusing. the push to have one primary, in june. >> we further exacerbate by continuing to push for to have elections instead of taking a breath and seeing what the quarter chose to do pick >> reporter: republicans insist having two primers were work best. >> we feel like it would have created more chaos 400 selections across the state that >> reporter: caught in the middle, you, the voter pick >> we want north carolina against to participate. >> reporter: this plan eliminates runoff elections for this year. state lawmakers meet tomorrow. they are expected to wrap this up by the end of the day. our crews will be back at the g8 to bring you the latest on this battle. we have much more online at
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need to know about voting in your area pick watch this video of this amazing crash landing of a helicopter. happen in pearl harbor and one person is critically injured. it happened near the uss arizona memorial in hawaii. all were sent to a hospital. one of them in critical condition is a 16-year-old. >> the pilot looked like he posted into the water pickup a look like he was trying to not land on the land. people were standing around looking at the size. >> coast guard and emergency responders rushed to the scene been raleigh police are looking for the person who shot a man downtown. police responded to the scene before 6:00 a they found a man who had been shot. he was taken to wake up medical but should be okay.
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description of the suspect that a pedestrian hit and suspect taken into custody. this happen at 6 pm at the intersection of garner wrote and rush street. no word on the person's condition. a war of words between the donald and the pope. late this afternoon pope francis suggested gop front- runner is not a christian. that's when he was asked about donald trump's campaign promise to build a wall along the u.s. border with mexico. mary maloney reports on the square commented had they could effect the election. >> reporter: travel to the vatican from mexico, pope francis was asked about donald trump's much touted proposal to build a wall between the usa and mexico. >> a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be located, and not building bridges is not a question. this is not in the gospel. >> reporter: it's rare for a sitting positive to weigh in on
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the comment initially court trump offguard. >> what did he say? i like the pope. was a good or bad? >> reporter: when the republican front runner heard what he said he had a more characteristic response. >> i am a christian. i am proud of it. for a religious leader to question a person's face is disgraceful pick if and when the vatican is attacked by isis which is everyone know -- knows is the ultimate trophy, i can promise you the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> reporter: while the outspoken pope disagreed with the campaign he did not tell american catholics who to vote for. on the trail, the comment sparked a rare instance of unity. >> that's not an unchristian thing to do to make sure people don't come across our border illegally.
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comes in and how they come and. the united states have a right to do that as well. pope francis is very popular among catholics. many in our area cited with his comments. >> the pope's comments were very good. we have to build bridges. we don't have to knock down the whole world. >> we are getting a lot of riffraff from other countries coming it. >> backing trump were jeb bush and marco rubio. both of whom are catholic. bill balleza they disagree with him on some of his politics but at these respect -- deep respect for the pontiff. the only thing standing between us and a spring like weekend is a call to my. chief meteorologist wes hohenstein is here with us . we've got one more day of work and school. it's 34 degrees now. it feels like 28 with the
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by tomorrow, winds should set up. we will be down to 27. that is the coldest we had bad for the next seven days. we get through tomorrow morning talk about. right now, temperatures are anywhere from eight days, 30, 10 degrees colder than it was last night. high pressure will settle in on top of us which is the coldest time we have. this morning it was 32 when you left for work and school. 20a asphyxia. 27, 7:00 a.m. 33 x 9 a.m. and one more cool day before we get to that warmer weekend. we will talk about how warm it will get and will wayne -- when rain will be here. a new warning from local police department about a tax scam scamming millions of americans.
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>> reporter: call is claimed to be from the irs or department of treasury. they tell the person they all taxes and must pay using a credit card, debit card or wire transfer. they will say the money needs to be paid immediately and police say the information they provide to back up those claims can be spot on. they may know the last four digits of your social security number. they may send you bogus irs emails and call a second time claiming to be the police were dmv. here is what authorities tell you should know. the irs the treasury department never asked for a credit card or debit card over the phone. they will never insist you use a specific payment method. they will never request immediate payment over the phone. if you do receive one of those calls, authorities urge you to hang up. was amy cutler reporting. the irs says it will never request personal or financial
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for social media. if you do get one of those calls after you hang up, police say give them a copy to wncn professor accused of stealing money from student organization. search warrants show the teacher was sending money to a student. according to reports obtained by wncn when she told police he was helping her pay for medical bills, a trailer and a car. investigators say more than $70,000 was funneled from the three clubs. he served as an advisor of those clouds. >> the state is prepared to bring in rebuttal witnesses against trade adjustment. he is in the midst of the sentencing phase of his trial he has been convicted of murdering melissa jones and 2013 inside her north hills apartment. today his sister for stepsister took the stand and told how his
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>> in any way possibly, punching him, and hitting him with thanks, throwing him. >> her testimony was followed by a series of teachers and psychologists who talked about various exams of him during his younger years which the defense hopes will present mitigating circumstances that he is putting his classmates to shame before he is old enough to be in school. >> this president is? >> fillmore. a new perspective as shots ring out on christmas eve. >> my daughter is in the
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we are on top of breaking news in northeast raleigh. a life policing on homestead drive off capital boulevard. police reopened the road. >> our crews are being tailback. police tell wncn amy cutler that this came out as a shots fired call. we will keep you posted online at tomorrow morning.
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about each of the officer involved shooting inside a north carolina more on christmas eve. it was very crowded and calls flooded the emergency operation center in charlotte. >> it happened around 1 pm as hundreds of shoppers rushed for last-minute gifts. >> there's a shooter atlas -- northlake mall. >> we have officers on the way out. >> my daughter is in the dressing room. >> there are 10 of us stuck in the back. there are shots going off. >> 911 calls giving you the idea of the fear felt by shoppers as gunfire erupted in northlake mall. >> i need you to stay in place and wait for officers to get you. >> shoppers realize what happened. an off-duty officer shot and killed at -- westbrook pulled out a gun after coming face to face with a group of men that he had long-standing beef. caleb mclain was working that day and in hindsight the parent was not warranted.
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proportion. no one knew what was going on. it was a big rush. >> the incident has not stopped her from wanted to shop at northlake. >> it was handled safely. i don't feel different than before. >> it won't stop me from coming to the mall. >> danny maltby go to could be at risk. you've got to keep your head on and pay attention. >> charlotte mecklenburg police are still investigating the shooting. duke head coach says he expects to to the real olympic team following his new place a. he plans to have the surgery at the end of the college basketball season. he should be recovered by the olympics. we now know the name of the dot worker killed in moore county. 50-year-old tony what was hired to trim trees.
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a work zone on plank road. the mother of a desk -- deaf team is thinking a police officer who use sign language to talk her daughter off of a bridge pickup the raleigh police department says they have no iso training program. they say the officer learn how to sign on his own. >> normally when the police have to be called, nobody knows sign language. i am very excited someone was out there to communicate with our. >> the girl was not harmed and is being evaluated. we are 11 days away from our transition to cbs here at wncn. on february 29 we will be the triangles new home like ncis, the big bang theory and the good wife.
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march madness and the masters. 10 news team will still be the same that we will be called cbs north carolina. we will be on from five stage -- 5 two 6:30 pm. you can find more online at we are looking forward to march madness and we're getting a taste of that. >> spring is one month from the saturday. one place that does not feel like spring including here, anchorage alaska is at 23. laredo texas is 70 degrees. the hottest spot around the country was in the panhandle of texas. a little town called canadian, texas.
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friday and saturday will be dry but we are bringing in rain late in the day on sunday. we've got a pretty soggy week next week. 27 degrees in the morning. another sunny day similar to today. 33 at 9 pm. 45 degrees at 12. 51 degrees for a high. today we had a sunset. tomorrow is sunrise. i don't know if it will be good -- as good as this one. burning in durham has sent us great shots. she's got a great sunrise for us. dark shadows in the foreground with trees.
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i will put this on my social media accounts. if you've got a sunset or sunrise, send me an email to tell me who you are and where you are when you took the picture. back to the weather maps. high pressure will be with us tomorrow. it settles down on top of us that that gives us optimum cooling conditions. high pressure will shift. from friday to this weekend, it moves to the east back winds will move to the south. we're now sliding in a small chance of rain late in the day on sunday. right now we are on the 20%. most rain comes on monday, tuesday, wednesday. even though it will be cooler,
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monday, tuesday and wednesday. while it's not looking like severe weather, it could be heavy rain at times. that is next week. saturday is one month from spring. saturday will not be in the 20s. we start off around 40. moving into 60 degrees by lunchtime and mid-sixties by the afternoon. small chance of rain on sunday. temperatures around 50. 27 tomorrow morning and much warmer day and night into the weekend. tomorrow, 50 in the triangle. 54, fayetteville. no rain friday or saturday. small chance on sunday but i wouldn't cancel anything.
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70 degrees on sunday. monday, tuesday and wednesday have decent rain chances. we will try it back out by next thursday. tomorrow morning, 27. it will be the last temperature in the 20s for several days pick --. >> 51 is a highs tomorrow and the sunshine will be nice. >> 27 is warmer than what we had last week. you might want to go out and explore downtown. the downtown alliance released a new app called explore which allows it to experience was happening when you are out and about. it also tells about street closures and parking options. most four-year-olds are concerned about colors or tying
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>> one charlotte bouygues setting the bar much higher. >> this president is? >> millard fillmore. >> tommy johnson was to learn and he can name every president, every state capital and all of the planets. >> when asked why he so interested here's what he says? >> i want to know's new six -- know new things.. >> what an inquisitive little guy. >> that's great. is the biggest race of the year and for one lucky kid in the area, they will be the experience of a lifetime.
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next today marks 15 years since dale earnhardt died in the fun and web of the daytona 500. he was 49 and 17 winston cup titles and one daytona 500. this year's daytona 500 is this sunday. cement that race will be extra special for one young man. >> 12-year-old howell brown is battling cancer but the make-a- wish foundation is making it possible for you to go to the race. todd gibson has a sort of >> reporter:12-year-old howell brown could a way to tackle the
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>> i want to win the lotto tickets. i don't care. >> reporter: playing games is fun but all the bells and whistles can compete with his first love. >> my whole life i have been a nascar fan. >> reporter: thanks to the nascar foundation he will have history become a reality. >> this is the biggest event he's wanted to go to. >> reporter: when he was nine doctors removed the state 4 brain tumor. radiation and chemo followed but then, >> he was doing fine and the cancer has come back on his spine. we're worried about that but he is starting radiation and chemotherapy. we're hoping for the best. >> reporter:cancer may have infected and physically but the disease is no match for howell's on life. now a weekend of a life awaits. >> i was thrilled spak it's cool back there's been a lot of history of that trap. blanket to see another driver
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>> reporter: he has a prediction of who that driver will be. >> chase elliott because he's never won a daytona 500 backstroke daytona 500 poll center seems to be his favorite driver >> i love the noise pickup sometimes i don't wear a headset because i love the rumble. >> reporter: among them were the 100,000 fans in attendance will be a 12-year-old boy seeing his wish come true. todd gibson wncn sports. >> doesn't he some wise beyond his years? >> you can learn so much from him.
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we've got a cold start tomorrow? >> it is february it is winter. out the door tomorrow temperatures in the upper 20s. not a real wind chill but cold enough that we will be right back up to 51. had today. this weekend will warm up to 66 on saturday and 68 on sunday. playing rain on sunday and a
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into monday, tuesday, wednesday.
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c2 queen mattress starting at only $599.99. know better sleep with sleep number. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests --


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