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tv   WNCN Today at 530AM  CBS  February 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> and just hours ago more than 70 par troopers arrived after a nine month deployment. >> good morning. we've got all your morning news and a look at traffic coming up but first meteorologist alyssa corfont has a look at the forecast. >> good morning to you. and good morning to you at home as well. we are looking at pretty clear skies as we start off our friday morning. that's the perfect recipe for very cold temperatures. know that you're going to need your winter jacket for sure. 30 degrees in durham and here in raleigh. 23 in louisburg, also in the low 20s towards roanoke rapids while rocky mount and goldsboro both at 27. now, clinton is also below freezing at 31. so we'll get straight to your fast forecast as you're getting ready to head out the door you're going to be looking at a temperature near 30, we'll talk about temperatures mid-40s around lunchtime today. 51 our
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of year 56. so we're well below that mark. we're going to see temperatures climb significantly for the weekend ahead. let's switch gears and check in with traffic. if you're getting ready to head out this is is i-40 and page road just a few cars in either direction on i-40 this morning. so no big delays to pass along to you. i do want to check in with our live drive conditions all in the green along i-40. so we'll check in with some speeds. if you're heading on i-40 westbound 68 miles per hour and i-40 eastbound moving at about 62 miles per hour. another check on traffic and weather coming up in about ten minutes. right now raleigh police investigating a shots fired call. the call came in late last night. no one was shot but bullets did damage a vehicle there. police say this was not random it was all due to an ongoing dispute between two men. as of right now officers have not filed any charges.
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shots fired call raleigh police respond today a shooting at lenore and swain streets. police sti looking for the gunman. and a woman is recovering this morning after getting hit by a car in raleigh. it happened around 6 yesterday evening. that woman is expected to be okay. the driver was investigating. later today state lawmakers expected to vote on a proposal policy twice in the next few >> reporter: good morning. the house and senate will reconvene here at the general assembly later this morning. by the end of the day republican lawmakers hope to finalize a map of congressional districts and also a time line for primary elections. >> last night the house voted to
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would be march 15th and would be for everything except congressional races those would be june 7th. the reason is because state lawmakers have to redraw the districts, federal judges found two of the current districts were created along racial lines. democrats say the whole situation will further confuse voters. >> i think we just further exacerbate it by continuing to try to push forward and have elections as soon as we can instead of slowing down and taking a breath. >> obviously it's going to depend district to district perhaps, but i believe that we'll have time between now and june the 7th for voters to be well informed. >> the new date reopens the filing period for interested congressional candidates. the speaker of the house says the current map is constitutional and hopes that the supreme court will issue a stay. if it does the bill becomes null and valentine's day. here's what some voters told us. >> it's expensive to do it the way they're doing it.
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a whole lot more money. >> i think the whole voting rights things has been under attack and it should be done in a way that it represents the complexity of north carolina. >> there is a 9 a.m. public comment hearing on the new map before lawmakers try to finalize everything. today governor pat mccrory will be in washington dc he's there to participate in the national governor's association executive meeting. it runs through monday and the governor says he plans to be there the entire time. cubans welcoming the news that president obama will visit there next month. it will mark a turning point in relation with a long time cold war foe. they restored ties in july.
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will line at the great haul of the supreme court building. this honor was last given to chief justice william rib quest in 2005. his chair on the bench and the bench itself. the fbi searched a california home connected to the relatively of one of the california shooters. the home has been searched before. yesterday agents were seen carrying out a box of items as well as a computer. they also searched the two cars parked outside the front of the home. right now a 16-year old is in critical condition after a helicopter made a crash landing. all five people onboard were sent to the hospital. good samaritans pulled them from the wreckage. several emergency responders rushed to the scene.
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the pilot had to crash land. and more than 70 paratroopers arrived back home. the group did not arrive until around 2:30 this morning but we were there to capture it. family members, friends and the division band were all on hand. >> it feels amazing. i tried to numb everything away for the nine months and coming back i guess it all just poured out especially seeing my family. it was amazing. >> and they just wrapped up a 9-month deployment in iraq. so good to see them home. >> yeah, thanks them for their service. a woman credits a raleigh police officer for helping to save her daughter's life. later hear from the mom and the skill the officer had that did not come from the department's training. >> plus the sentencing phase for a raleigh murder case continues. we're going to let you know who's taking the stand today.
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welcome back. you made it to friday. so today it's kind of a chilly day but the weekend is looking great. >> yeah, get through today and the 60s will be here for saturday and sunday. i'm already making my plans but let's take a look at our forecast. i won't be spending a lot of time outdoors the next few hours. at 8 a.m. we're still below freezing. but it won't be until say, 10, 11 o'clock this morning that we're back to the 40s.
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here's a live picture from our tower camera. we're looking out over the belt line and cars in both directions cruising along pretty good. and again we're here at 30 degrees right now. let's check in with temperatures elsewhere. if you can remember yesterday just a few areas were in the 20s. not the same situation this morning a lot of you in the 20s, 23 in louisburg and roanoke rapids, 24 in south hill and henderson, rocky mount you're at 27 along with goldsboro, 28 in clayton also in the upper 20s as we like towards pinehurst, raeford and siler city on this friday morning. here's your 3-day forecast today we were talking being it it's going to be a chilly one for us, 51 normal high, but for as chilly as today will be tomorrow and sunday will be warm. 66 our high tomorrow nice mix of sun and clouds heading to sunday 68 degrees. now, sunday we could see a late day shower say
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most of you stay dry all weekend long. at least 25 people hurt after a mud slide hit peru. they followed heavy rains and left at least five towns isolated of the damage happened to more than 100 houses and flooded plantations. helicopters took people to nearby camps. severe weather has been associated with el nino. the oldest chimp at the zoo has passed away. she was 47 years old. she was one of the originals chimps. here's what's coming up. >> we're getting a better look inside a north carolina mall the day that gunfire range out there, hear more of the 911
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>> plus the so-called affluenza . welcome back, i hope you're having a great morning. today state lawmakers expected to vote on a plan that would send voters to the polls twice in the next few months. >> last night the house voted to hold two primaries, the first march 15th, the reason for all this is because state lawmakers have to redraw the districts. and tomorrow two key states add their votes to the 2016 race for the white house. south carolina will hold its primary, donald trump is trying to hold onto his frontrunner status while taking a lot of heat. nevada will hold the democratic caucuses polls show clinton and
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more than 70 paratroopers arrived back at fort bragg. right now osha is investigating after two workers died this a construction accident in new jersey a five ton generator fell from a crane. officials say it was being lowered into place when a strap snapped. one man died at the scene and the other died at the hospital. the so-called affluenza teen will appear in court this morning to learn whether his case will be moved to adult court. couch was moved from a juvenile facility to an adult jail two weeks ago. couch was 16-year old when he drove drunk and caused a crash that killed four people. he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probation after his defense attorney says his upbringing impaired his ability to tell right from wrong. him and his mother fled to mexico after he failed to show up for his probation meeting.
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bring in rebuttal witnesses in the smith trial. smith is in the midst of the sentencing phase of his trial. he's been convicted of murdering huggins-jones in 2013 inside her apartment. yesterday his step sister took the stand and told of how his dad used to beat him constantly. >> any way possible, physically punching him, hitting him with things, throwing him. >> her testimony was followed by a series of teachers and psychologists who talked about various educational and psychological exams done during his younger years. the defense is hoping his upbringing will sway the jury to avoid giving hill the death penalty. the man accused of killing his wife inside their wake forest home before leaving town her. he strangled her to death after hitting her in the head with a hammer.
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debt card before leading authorities on a nationwide manhunt. he was arrested in mississippi after he robbed a bank there. 911 calls just released shedding more light on a deadly officer involved shooting in a mall on christmas eve. >> we're at the north lake mall. >> we've got officers all out there. >> right, we're in the dressing room. >> there's about ten of us stuck in the back here. there's shots going off. >> an off duty officer shot and killed westbrook. police still investigating the shooting. the officer involved is back at work. one person is recovering after a crash that killed a dot worker in moore county. the 50-year old died and was hired to trim trees. investigators say he died after a car hit him in a work zone. the mother of a deaf teen is
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officer who used sign language to help talk her daughter off a bridge. now, the mother is telling that you say the teen probably would have jumped off that bridge if the officer hasn't been there. he does not want to be identified and the raleigh police department says they have no a is sl training program. they say the officer learned sign language on his own. >> normally when the police have to be called don't nobody know sign language. so i'm very excited. >> and that teen was not hurt and is currently being evaluated. for the first time since hurricane katrina damaged the tracks in 2005 a passenger train arrived in alabama. it was operated as a test for resuming service. after more than ten years it came as a symbol of hope and rebirth for the region that is still recovering. it left florida carrying passengers to new orleans and made 14 stops
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winter weather brought fresh snow and grid lock to the sierra mountain roadways. those who are lucky enough not having to worry by driving cars they maneuvered by sled. >> i'm not in favor of any more snow in the triangle. >> i'm done with that. >> we will leave that stuff up in the mountains. >> i'm okay for spring now. >> let's talk about weather. today a little bit chilly but the weekend looks awesome. we'll be in the 60s both saturday and sunday. we're still on the cool side today so we're thinking about the kids as they're heading to the bus stop this morning. clear and cold 30 degrees at the bus stop this morning but in the afternoon we'll be close to 51, still that's below normal. normal for this time of year is right around 56 degrees. here's a live picture from shaw university in downtown raleigh
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we're looking at clear skies. but as you get ready to head out make sure to remember the heavy winter jacket. more of you are actually in the 20s this morning. 24 in henderson and south hill while roxboro is at 26 are, still at 30 in durham, raleigh littleton, and fayetteville. clinton you are below freezing as well. so we'll walk you through your day. we're still below freezing at 8 a.m. 10 a.m. temperature right around 40, 45 at noon and we'll eventually climb to 51. that's where we were yesterday so for this time of year you're not going to see that big change. as we drop back too the upper 40s at 6 p.m. still tracking pretty clear skies. so at 7 a.m. this morning, sunshine for us. that sunshine continues through your lunch hour right on through the afternoon as well. now, let's go ahead and talk by the weekend. overnight tonight we'll start to see some changes we're going to see more of a breeze and we're going 20 turn partly cloudy.
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going to keep us milder for saturday morning, as we head through saturday afternoon, that warm up. we're looking at a mix of sun and clouds on our future forecast but as far as the temperatures concerned mid-60s let's talk about today and just kind of power through today. 51 our high in raleigh, 50 in durham, then overnight tonight remember, i was saying it's a bit milder we're going to stay above freezing. 38 our overnight low tonight and then we'll talk by the coming days. tomorrow we start the warm up or really just jump right into it 66 our high on saturday, 68 on sunday. sunday close to sun set we could see an isolated shower or two. keep in mind i think most going to stay dry. as we head into early next week that's when things start to change. we're tracking a cold front coming through on monday and the front is going to stall out over top of us which means rain chances continue. sorain moves in on monday, 58 there, rain continues
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tuesday. and then the rain starts to taper off as we head towards wednesday. tuesday, wednesday, and thursday looking pretty chilly for this time of year keep in mind are normals in the mid-50s, we'll be at 48 tuesday, 51 on wednesday, 50 on thursday. the good news is we're still going to be above freezing during that time frame even in the overnight hours overnight lows during that time going to be in the low 40s. it is 5:52 right now. we'll switch gears and check traffic. here's i-40 and wade avenue not a lot going on right now but we are seeing the cars moving smoothly. now, we're just getting word of an accident in durham south of downtown where a car has struck a pole it's on roxboro street. so certainly be on the look out there. we'll have to check to see if it's affected power in
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back to you. your time now 5:52 this weekend you could see five of the six cast members of nbc's hit show friends. they're reuniting for a two hour special. >> and the at devry university's college of business, we're looking for the go-getters. so if you want to learn what's been business-world tested today, and make an impact tomorrow, you're our kind of different. devry university's college of business.
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at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. this weekend is what every fan of the hit show friends has wait for. most of the cast is is reunited. >> it's to honor their director buroughs. moderator andy cohen kicked off the event talking about how exciting it was to see all of the actors together but they quickly jumped in. >> we're not altogether. >> right. >> there's one missing. >> yes. >> well p erry was in london for
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can watch it on sunday at 9 p.m. right here on wncn. and we're ten days away from our official transition to cbs. >> that's right starting on february 29th we'll be the new home for hit programming like ncis, the big bang theory, the good wife, the price is right is awesome. that's the huge one, right. we'll also be your home for march madness and the masters as well. we'll have more local news throughout the day. to 6:30 p.m. and an 11 p.m. newscast. i jumped ahead of myself excuse me. you can find all that if i just confused you just go to our website you can find out for yourself. >> you should probably go the website. well nasa says images from its new probe suggests pluto's primary moon once had an ocean
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>> it's 240-mile long and 110 miles wide. the ocean would have long since froze and you know expanded pushing outward and causing the surface to stress and fracture. well most four-year olds concerned about learning colors and tying their shoes. >> but one boy is setting the bar a whole lot higher check this out. >> this president is. >> millard fillmore. >> that is tommy johnson. he loves to learn and can name every single president, the state can't totals and all the plan nets and here's what he had today. >> i want to know new things. >> his parents say he started memorizing fact when he was old enough to talk. i'm proud to be his inspiration. >> something like that. a vote by lawmakers could send you to the polls twice in four months.
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decision and who is set to
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right now on wncn today some state lawmakers set to vote on a plan that would send voters to the polls twice in the next few months. plus the next big step towards the presidential nomination is this weekend. we've got a preview of the south carolina primary. and during the busy tax season authorities warn of a new scam. we'll explain. good morning. happy friday to you. so glad that you made it with us right here on wncn today. let's get straight to meteorologist alyssa corfont with our friday forecast. >> good morning. yeah your friday forecast showing lots of sunshine but a bit cooler than where we should be for this time of year. we'll start off with our satellite radar composite there's a cloud or two pack to


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