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tv   WNCN Today at 600AM  CBS  February 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning. 44 degrees, one of the warmer days that we've had here in a while. good morning and thanks for watching this weekend edition of wncn today. we're actually about 15 degrees warmer this time than we were yesterday. and this afternoon is going to be feeling a whole lot like spring. >> i can't wait. i choose a spring color. >> today we're going to see some sunshine and temperatures warming all the way into the 60s. you can see we've got a few clouds overhead. we're going to see some of them sticking around today but enough breaks in the clouds that we will see some sunshine to help warm the temperatures up. it's
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we start the morning here. 47 in durham, 48 in roxboro. 44 in fayetteville and all these temperatures will be warming up today thanks to an area of high pressure just off to our east that's pushing warm air up from the south so we're all coming down with the case of spring fever today. high temperatures this afternoon warming up into the 60ss, a mixture of sun and clouds all day today. 65 degrees by 3, partly cloudy and cooling off to about 60 degrees by 6 p.m. temperatures will stay warm as we head through the entire weekend. our next chance for rain holds off until late tomorrow night. i'll let you know when you can expect the pattern to turn colder coming up. this morning a funeral mass will take place for the late supreme court justice scalia. yesterday thousands paid their
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in state in the supreme court's great haul. wncn washington correspond dent has more. >> reporter: justice scalia's body returned one more time to the the building where he built his legacy as a conservative icon. >> that's correct happens in this court behind us affects the entire country. >> one of the mourners waiting in that long line they could watch the officers carry the casket up the stairs by former law clerks who served justice at different times throughout the decades. his son said a prayer among family before the public was allowed inside. >> it was what you would expect. >> mourners and admirers respected his views on the constitution and his ability to get along with those he didn't always agree with. >> he's a very -- she's a very nice person, what's not to like except her views of the law of
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>> that trademark whit will live on through his writing bringing smiles and debate for generations to come. >> i thought he had a really thoughtful intelligent opinions whether you agree with him or not. his majority opinions, they were just remarkable treesers. >> and those lines lasted well into the night and flags flying at half staff across the nation. today at 11 a.m. his funeral will be held in washington with his son paul celebrating mass. president obama will spend part of his weekend reviewing nominees to fill the vacant supreme court seat. yesterday he left the office carrying a heavy binder and research of potential candidates. some saying he should wait and let the next president decide on a replacement. >> this election will determine
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have for at least a generation, that's not small, that's huge. and that is why i think that you want to do this in a better tempered moment and not in the middle of a presidential election. well, it is a big day in the race for the white house. democrats hillary clinton and better than see sanders face off. yesterday most candidates held the last of the rallies in hopes of earning those last few votes. >> reporter: good morning. as voters here in south carolina head to the policy for the first primary in the south, what should we watch, who should we watch? donald trump he had enjoyed a big lead in the polling in south carolina but before trump tan angled with the pope before he promised to clean up his language and did not ted cruz closed this gap to five points in the nbcs wall street journal poll.
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deficit just before he beat trump in iowa. marco rubio polling a strong third, at least to do so well he drives bush and kasich from the race and emerges tonight as the only main stream republican candidate. in nevada where clinton lost her big lead even a win by just a few points in tonight's conclusions would look like a clinton loss. with the democrats headed here for their primary next saturday. >> the parties swap next saturday with the democrats heading to south carolina and the republicans heading to nevada. count on primary and caucus updates right here tomorrow morning at 6, 7, and 9. right now governor pat mccrory is in our nation's capitol to participate in a national governor's association meeting. the event runs through monday and the governor plans to
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late last night wncn learned the u.s. supreme court rejected north carolina's request for a stay in the congressional redistricting case which now means voters willing to the polls twice over the next several months. lawmakers wrapped up their special session yesterday in addition to changing district lines they decided on a june 7th congressional primary. three federal judges ruled the republican led general assembly used race as the main factor in drawing the lines and ordered the state to change the map. republicans say they took race out of the equation entirely. >> we are taking the clarifying position that everything should be colorblind, that no race ought to be brought into the map making process. >> some of the districts we don't even have open is significance, voters should have a real choice as to who is is their representative and to have a real choice you have to have competitive districts. >> again the march 15th prime hear is still set for all
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that will happen on june 7th, and you can count on continuing coverage of these events on wncn. still ahead on wncn today, north carolina, is it ready for cases of the zika virus, well, we explore the question as the state grapples with the first confirmed case, and next the
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right now tropical cyclone winston is pounding the nation of fiji. when it hit it was packing winds of 180 miles per hour and gusts more than 220 making it the equivalent of a category v hurricane. so of course hoping for the best are for those folks there but the island nation of fiji in the direct line of fire in the tropical cyclone. so great this afternoon, we've been waiting for warmer weather and we finally going to see some just in time for the weekend. so perfect planning on mother nature's part. we are seeing a few clouds here and there. we are going to see some breaks in some of the clouds throughout the day today but we're still
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hanging around. the breaks in the clouds going to allow for all of the temperatures to warm into the 60s this afternoon. so right now it's 44 degrees in raleigh, 47 in durham, it's 45 in rocky mount and goldsboro, 44 is our current temperature in fayetteville. a little bit of a breeze out there too right now at 9 miles per hour in raleigh, about 10-mile breeze in henderson and winds at about 14 miles an hour in pinehurst, and that breeze is going to feel pretty warm as we head into this afternoon. warm air moving in from the south so we're all coming down with a case of spring fever today. temperatures warming all the way up into the mid-60s, a very warm afternoon, our normal high temperatures in the mid-50s, so about ten degrees above normal. we'll hold steady at 44 at 8, our high temperature topping out at 65 and even warmer before
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the first confirmed case of the zika virus in north carolina, and what are local health agencies doing about it, we explore the problem after the break. plus. >> it's the physically draining and mentally more draining.
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homes, what good morning. here's a look
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justice scalia will be laid to rest today his funeral led by his son a catholic priest. yesterday his casket lay in state at the supreme court great hall. a 13-year old girl is recovering after being shot inside her home. it happened around 11:30 thursday night. police believe a nearby argument led to the shooting. durham police say this man, 26-year old is under arrest for shooting into a home day care and injuring an 18-month old child. the child is expected to be okay. right now health officials from several local counties respond to go the health alert in our state after confirmation of the first zika case here. we discovered how dhhs is trying to stay ahead of the virus and what if any plan local counties might have for mosquito control. >> north carolina now has its first confirmed case of the zika virus, state health officials
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who recently traveled outside the country. but they declined to identify that person say where he or she lives or where they traveled from, but health officials tell us they weren't surprised. >> we have lots of people who travel in our state, and there's -- there are a lot of affecteded countries and that's why we've been wanting to get the message out. >> it's transmitted the by a bite from an infected whose key tow. symptoms include a mild fever, rashes and last 2 to 7 days but only 20% of those infected will show symptoms. the concerns surround pregnant women. so what are the state and counties in our area doing following this confirmed case? at this point there is mandatory reporting, that requires doctors who suspect the a patient may have contracted zika to alert the state. counties also gearing up, some counties don't
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>> there are some efforts underway to remedy that, but at this time we do not. there are a multiple strategies to address this. so getting ahead of the mosquito season, getting ahead of the larva hatching. >> still officials stressed the risk of it spreading here is low. >> we have a different kind of environment that we live in than the countries that have been affected, people live in proper structures with air-conditioning. >> if you're planning outdoor activities this weekend no need to worry just yet. health officials say we are several weeks away from mosquito season. a strange intruder is taking town. it's a tumble weed and you can see it piling up as high as the roofs there and the clean up is leaving people frustrated and exhausted. cleaning it up.
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what i've got today. >> locals say the tumble weed has been around for years but dry conditions right now make it much worse. >> interesting. really dry in australia though for that to actually continue to grow and flower require like it. here we're going to be dry through most of this weekend. let's take a live look outside beautiful view here from our tower camera in north raleigh we're looking toward the east. you can see some clouds but the skies are getting brighter. sunrise this morning at 6:57 a.m. and we're going to see some of the sunshine today. we've got some clouds popping up on the satellite though and some of them will stick with us throughout the day. we say see some breaks of sunshine though allowing for the temperatures to actually warm up pretty quickly. it's 44 degrees right now in raleigh, 47 in durham, 44 in fayetteville, it's 46 in raeford, 45 in rocky mount, 43 in roanoke rapids and south hill virginia.
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mentioned warming up fast today up to about 65 this afternoon, by lunchtime we're already pretty close to 60 at 58 degrees, 61 at 2, really warm today 65 our high temperature by 4:00 this afternoon. and we'll see a mixture of sunshine and clouds all day. so we'll call it partly cloudy with temperatures feeling a whole lot like spring thanks to this area of high pressure sitting off just to our east here. that's going to push in warmer area from the south helping the temperatures warm up and we'll stay warm through tomorrow too. so we are tracking another cold front moving in later tomorrow evening but for the daytime hours tomorrow we'll still see a few peeks of sunshine clouds thickening up and temperatures tomorrow even warmer than today. then the cold front sweeps in and we may have a stray shower late tomorrow night and monday we start this turn into an unsettled weather pattern and that's doing to stick with us through the first part of this upcoming week. so temperatures
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this front which statisticals out just to our south here. several waves of low pressure going to ride along that front so we have a chance of seeing a pretty wet week ahead especially tuesday and wednesday. let's break things down and you can see that we do have some clouds that will be rolling in and out throughout the day but overall we'll call it partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies through this afternoon, tomorrow we'll see more clouds rolling in but start off the day complete dry. so clouds start to thicken up in the afternoon, later tomorrow evening we've got a chance of seeing a few showers rolling through the area mostly north of the triangle that's the best chance for seeing a few of the spotty showers tomorrow evening but then we dry out for early monday before another round of wet weather moves in. so your forecast highs for today well into the 60s, 65 in raleigh, 64 in durham, 67 in fayetteville, i think most of us going to stay dry today. partly cloudy and mild overnight our low
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even warmer than the temperatures that we're waking up to this morning and our 7-day forecast has temperatures staying warm for your sunday. so we go from 65 today to 68 tomorrow, chance for that shower in the evening, we're dry for the first part of our day monday, monday is cooler with high temperatures back in the 50s at 58. another front rolls through monday night. we see a chance for a few shower late monday. the rain continues into tuesday and even into wednesday too, and we are going to see a pretty significant cool down on the way, 48 on tuesday, 53 on wednesday and the wet weather stays with us through wednesday before we dry out for thursday and friday. temperatures not rebounding much though. so enjoy the 60s out there the next couple of days. it's looking mostly dry, perfect weekend to get out and about. >> we've come a long way from monday. >> we really have. it seems
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and ice in a lot of exceeds the scope and we're talking temperatures near 70 by tomorrow. >> thanks a lot. still ahead highlights from the hurricanes big win last night in raleigh, plus a make a
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where out in front, look out, they score. carolina abuse 2. >> in the end they'd be up by three as the hurricanes battled to snap the sharks three game winning streak for the canes a 5-3 victory means a win in the 3 of the last four games. >> from the world of ice to the world of perpetual summer the usa women earn a shut out on the final goal to the road to the summer olympics. and they did it with a very effective forward. >> morgan, for the hatrick. 5-0 u.s..
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the win last night punched their ticket to rio. . >> this week's on the rise focuses on a young man whose passion for nascar is about to be taken to a new level. he's battling cancer but he's on his way to the daytona 500. >> reporter: 12-year old howell brown couldn't wait to tackle the games at dave and buster's. >> i just want to win a lot of tickets. i don't care. >> playing games is fun but all the bells and whistles and lights can't compete with his first love. >> my whole life i've ban nascar fan. >> and thanks to makes a wish he'll see his dream become a reality. >> this is his biggest event he's ever wanted to go to. so he'll remember this for the rest of his life. >> when he was 9 doctors removed a stage 4 brain tumor, radiation and chemo followed but then.
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cancer has come back on his spine. so we're worried about that but he's starting radiation and chemotherapy so we're hoping for the best. >> the disease is no match for his outlook on life. now, a weekend of a lifetime awaits. >> it's cool. i mean, there's been a lot of history at that track, and hopefully get to see another driver get his name on the trophy. >> and he has a prediction for who that driver will be. >> the pole sitting happens to be his favorite driver. he'll chair for the young up and come star in person. >> i like the noise and sometimes i don't wear head sets because i love the rumble. they say more people go to the daytona 500 than the super bowl. >> ask among the tans in attendance will be a 12-year old
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>> if you know someone who is an on the rise athlete contact todd gibson. come up in our next half hour. .
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legacy to kill good morning, we've got a beautiful sunrise and it's bringing some warmth. we're glad that you're starting your day with this weekend edition. >> it is off to a pretty mild start here compared to the past few mornings we've had. >> it's been rough. >> it is february after all but temperatures going to feel a whole lot more like spring as we head into this afternoon. i was talking about this early in the week and last week that this was going to be the weekend to do anything outside and that is still holding true for today and most of tomorrow well. this is in north raleigh looking toward the east and you can see the sky getting brighter sunrise in 27 minutes or so. we've got some clouds out there this
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to stick with us today but we'll see some breaks in some of those clouds and some sunshine in the forecast. so our satellite and radar showing a little bit of cloud cover here, no wet weather to worry about and we'll stay dry today and most of tomorrow too. now, temperatures a little bit on the warmer side compared to yesterday and even the day before, it's 44 degrees in raleigh, 47 in durham, 44 degrees in fayetteville, nice little breeze out there too. 9 miles per hour in raleigh, 12 miles per hour in henderson, we have the warm breeze this afternoon, the sunshine, that's all thanks to this area of high pressure sitting off to our east here that's pushing in warm air out of the he south. temperatures warming up very quickly this afternoon, i forgot to up those temperatures here but 65 degrees will be our high temperature today, warm and breezy very nice this afternoon, so enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather and temperatures look even warmer for tomorrow too.
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breaking news out of the middle east the syrbian foreign ministers, american war planes hit an isis camp and they were being held hostage. 49 people believed to have died. durham police have a man in custody they say is responsible for shooting into a home day care and injuring an 18-month old child. that toddler is expected to make a full recovery. police say this man 26-year old laney was not looking to shot the child but rather the son of the owner the day care. police responded to home day care tuesday afternoon and that's when they found the child who was then taken to a hospital. wncn talked with the owners the day care. they immediately shut down the facility. a 13-year old girl is recovering after being shot inside her rocky mount home. it happened around 11:30 thursday night at a home on nashville road. police believe a nearby argument led to the shooting. the victim is expected to be
6:33 am
so far no arrests have been made. the owner of the ride that collapsed at the state fair three years ago is headed to jail. he pleaded guilty friday, this after several family members were injured when the vortex collapsed just after the operator pushed the start button. this is video from that night, wncn was there as the ambulance raised from the scene. five people were hurt and have since reached a settlement. for weeks wncn has been telling you about david gehan immigration officials took the high school senior into custody last month now, he fears if he's deported he'll be killed. yesterday his family and teachers came together for his return to durham. we have more on the teen. >> education not deportation. >> this group is preparing to
6:34 am
not the kind you would expect a teenager to ask for. >> kind of like a book report. >> it's his homework. he's being labeled a threat to the united states, he's a kid hoping to get his homework so he can grade. >> immigration officials took him into custody last month saying he crossed the border illegally a couple years ago. he's been going to school in durham but now he's at a facility in georgia awaiting final word if he'll be deported back. >> i keep saying it's going to be okay and i can't promise that. his sister wrote a letter to him and she told us he's afraid of what awaits him. >> he's very sad and worried about what's going to happen to him. >> he came here to escape gang violence. >> force him to join them and by join them it was kill somebody. >> attendance at riverside dropped around the time he was arrested as other students
6:35 am
>> they're concerned about, you know, when they come home from school, they're concerned about family members still being this. >> he still wants to find a way to make it back to durham and graduate this spring. so this group marched to the post office to send him the work he needs to do. >> is a spokesman for the immigrations and customs enforcement sent us a statement about his case, it reads in part we focus our re resources on individuals who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security. a judge ordered him to be removed from the u.s. last march but today his attorney filed a motion yesterday i should say filed a motion to reopen the case. today family and colleagues scalia. his body lay in state yesterday in the supreme court's
6:36 am
today at 11 a.m. a funeral will be held with his son paul celebrating mass. international best selling atmosphere author echo has died. he was 84 years old. also mourned this weekend a prize winning author harper lee president george w. bush awarded the prize. >> reporter: are in harper lee's hometown folks put up black ribbons in remembrance. tourists by the thousands still come to the old courthouse to see the place so perfectly dedetailed in the film where the hero defends an innocent black
6:37 am
all created equal. >> everybody wants to be here. everybody wants to be the defender of the weaker and i think that's one of the reasons why it will live on forever. >> perhaps the most important story are in american literature to kill a mocking bird captured the inn justice and humiliation of racism, profound and difficult trues paid palatable by the narrater young scout. >> you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. >> made evident in english classes across america for more than 60 years. >> there's an important message to be learned from the book being true to one's self and making the right choices. >> well america loved her book she was no fan of celebrity, not even opera could persuade her to do an interview. she did not publish another book until last
6:38 am
early draft of her best seller which disappointed fans for its less flattering portrayal. in an america where race matters and has always married her words have never wrung more true. >> right now it is 6:38 and coming up new pole numbers show who is leading north carolina as candidates on both sides of the isle gear up for voter run i was a today. >> and next strong winds cause damage in the mid-west, just how strong after the break. outside this morning we're off to a gorgeous start to the day, temperatures in the 40s, skies are getting writer.
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warming up well, talk about strong winds this semi faced such a gale it actually flipped over this happened yesterday in eastern iowa. there were reports of other big rigs being blown off roads across the state and wind gusts were measured at close to 60 miles per hour. so really incredible stuff there. strong enough winds to topple over those big 18 wheel letters.
6:42 am
you're driving down the interstate and you start to feel the sway and you deal like you're losing control. >> even like an suv. >> right. >> hopefully we don't have to worry about strong winds here today. >> we don't. just a little bit of a little breeze this afternoon so it will feel a whole lot like spring outside. check out this picture here i'm going to stay off the screen for a minute so you can appreciate the pink in the sky this morning. this is a live look from our tower camera looking towards the east and you can see the skies getting brighter, sunrise is still in about 15 minutes or so. we are going to see a few clouds across the area today, already seeing some of those clouds outside this morning, but overall not looking bad. we'll still see enough breaks in the clouds that the sunshine will be out a little bit and that's going to help warm our temperatures up. right now it's 44 in raleigh, 47
6:43 am
46 in sanford, 44 degrees in fayetteville, 45 in rocky mount, 46 in goldsboro. we've got a breeze out there, just a little one, 9 miles per hour in raleigh right now, 10 miles per hour in siler city, 12 miles per hour in henderson. the light breeze is going to make things feel even more spring like this afternoon. so i think we're all coming down with a case of spring fever today. temperatures today warming into the 60s, our high topping out around 65 degrees with partly to mostly cloudy skies. i'll let you know how long the warm weather is sticking around coming up. >> thanks a lot. still ahead. >> but tim cook is looking to doed a big number probably to show how liberal he is. >> he actually said that maybe i'm not a good christian. >> from apple to the pope no one is safe from some strong words from donald trump. how some one of the cool perks of this place
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it's a taste so bold, yet so smooth, it could only be called, black silk, from folgers. a taste you could enjoy, fresh brewed, or one cup at a time. black silk, from folgers. . good morning, here's a look at some of today's top stories. tropical cyclon winston is battling the nation of fiji. it had gusts of more than 220, that is the equivalent of a category v hurricane. late last night wncn learned the u.s. supreme court rejected
6:47 am
stay in the congressional redistricting case which now means voters will go to the polls twice over the next several months. lawmakers wrapped up their special session yesterday in addition to changing district lines they decided on a june 7th, congressional primary. governor pat mccrory is is in our nation as capitol to participate in a national governor's association meeting. the event runs through monday. new poll numbers released in our state still show hillary clinton is donald trump leading among voters but donald trump's leaded is shrinking with 29% of supporters compared to 19% for ted cruz. as the 6 remaining candidates prepare for today's primary donald trump's biggest rival and success could be himself as his previous comments
6:48 am
coming back to haunt him. >> reporter: it's a common refrain for donald trump >> going into iraq may have been the worst decision anybody has made in the history of country. >> reporter: yet it seems the frontrunner wasn't always opposed to the war in iraq. he is now left to explain his 2002 comments to howard stern. >> yeah, i guess, you know, i wish it was -- i wish the first time it was done correctly. >> reporter: trump was asked cnn town hall. >> do you remember saying that? >> no, i could have said that. i wasn't a politician. >> and again this morning. >> you could see i was not exactly strongly a favorite. >> trump is explaining his evolution to south carolina voters today. >> the first guy ever asked me about iraq was howard stern and i said i don't know. before the
6:49 am
war, i was against that war. >> to prove his opposition he often points to comments he made in 2004 to a magazine where he said look at the war in iraq and the mess that we're in. i would never have handled it that way but that statement came more than a year after the war began. the issue has been a regular topic in the gop primary fight. >> and your brother's administration gave us barack obama because it was such a disaster that lincoln couldn't have been elected. >> you know what as it relates to my brother there's one thing i know for sure he kept us safe. >> trump using the legacy to constantly his jeb bush. >> i'll be honest the last thing we needs another bush, that i can tell you. that i can tell you. >> and even getting into a war of words with the former president himself. >> there seems to be a lot of name calling going on but i want
6:50 am
told me one time: labels for soup cans. the presidency is a serious job that requires sound judgment. >> if bush is insulted, i don't care, it was a horrible mistake we should have never been there. >> so far each time he's tripped on his own words his supporters have stuck by him. what remains to be seen is will they keep doing that here in nevada and south carolina the super tuesday states and all those other states with voters wading down the campaign train. >> and the parties next saturday with the democrats heading to south carolina and the republicans going to nevada. count on updates right here on wncn, tomorrow morning at 6, 7, and 9. good saturday morning. we're off to a gorgeous start to the day already this morning. this is a live look from our wncn tower camera looking toward
6:51 am
see skies getting a little brighter here. our satellite and radar showing showers back to our northwest, we'll actually stay dry today but notice some of the clouds, a lot of them going to stick around but we'll see enough breaks to see the sunshine. the sun is also going to warm our temperatures up. it's 44 in raleigh right now, 47 in durham, 45 in rocky mount, 46 in goldsboro, 44 in fayetteville. and with the sunshine today and warm air moving in from the south we can expect high temperatures in the 60s, beautiful this afternoon, a taste of spring here with our high warming up to about 65 with partly to mostly cloudy skies. this is all thanks to an area of high pressure that began building in toward the end of last week. it's now sliding off to the east and that's going to pumps in some warm air out of the south so definitely feeling a whole lot like spring a little bit later today and even tomorrow temperatures will still
6:52 am
clouds out ahead of our next cold front which will swing in late tomorrow night. so we may have a shower rolling through late but most of our day tomorrow is going to be dry and we'll still see sunshine with temperatures tomorrow even warmer than today. monday behind that cold front it's the start of unsettled weather ahead. of we've got a chance of seeing a few more showers rolling through this front kind of stalls to our south here and we'll have several waves of low pressure along that front and that's heading up for a very is wet start. today showing a mixture of sun and clouds all day. we'll still see partly to mostly cloudy skies tonight. a chance for a few of the spotty showers rolling through as the cold front nears closer tomorrow evening. the best chance is going to be for folks who live north of the triangle. your forecast for today 65 in raleigh, 64 in durham, 67 in fayetteville, really a beautiful kind of picture perfect day
6:53 am
then we're down to 48 tonight, partly cloudy pretty mild night temperatures tomorrow morning even warmer than what we are dealing with outside right now and and then tomorrow afternoon temperatures going to be warm too. 65 today to 68 tomorrow. 58 degrees on monday. so we cool off about ten degrees and the cool weather continues as we head through this week ahead. so enjoy the warm temperatures today and tomorrow because most of this week we're in the lower 50s. so 48 degrees on tuesday, tuesday going to be our coldest day with rain showers likely through most of the day. we'll still see some of the showers on wednesday before we dry out but stay cool for thursday and friday. >> thanks. up next a way that you can get out and support people in
6:54 am
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college students shot what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. dozens of businesses across the triangle are trying to change -- many establishments hanging signs saying refugees welcome here and stop probe filing muslims. one says she hangs a sign because she was thought to never turn a blind eye to those in need. >> everybody's not a murder, everybody's not bad. people
6:56 am
>> the debate he is scale plated in north carolina when the governor said he was asking the federal government not to send any more refugees to the state. today you have a chance to support people in need in our area. it's part of the hour 3 winners initiative honoring the chapel hill shooting victims. the 2 annual food drive takes place today from 10 to 2. it's hosted by the lighthouse project, donations from last year translated into more than 20,000 males for local people in need. we have followed the case since the tragic deaths more right now on you can find the interview with the mothers of the three and a touching tribute as we spoke with the fathers. that's right now on
6:57 am
all of us here at wncn as we prepare for our transition to cbs. >> it is happening one week from monday, we'll be bringing you more local news on at 5 p.m. and the same coverage every morning at 6 a.m.. >> we'll also be your knew home for hit shows. plus we'll be your home for march mad these and the master's. >> this starts on monday, february 29th, you can find much more right now on our entire programming schedule too. >> and i've noticed it's been updating with new information about the transition. >> yeah, a lot of good stuff in the works. very exciting for us. >> exciting also the weather. yeah so great today and tomorrow. temperatures in the 60s, 65 today, 68 tomorrow. but your weekend looks fantastic
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>> thank you for watching wncn at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes.
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one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it.
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good morning. super saturday. high stakes presidential contests in south carolina and nevada today. donald trump poised to win south carolina while making yet another con row version statement at a rally. >> he took 50 bullets and he dipped them in pi >> ted cruz slamming the frontrunner. >> easy to say let's make america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. >> marco rubio hoping to become the establishment candidate on the day he could knock his one-time mentor jeb bush out of the race. meanwhile, on the democratic side, hillary clinton's huge lead over bernie sanders in nevada, gone. that race too close to call. >> i have a feeling, folks, we're going to make history tomorrow.


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