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tv   WNCN Today at 600AM  CBS  February 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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your faithful prayers and gifts. >> is this a great night, or what? we just one nevada. >> contests into states in total to from parts of the country. that straightahead along with the rest of your news. but first, let's take a live look outside where it's already 50 degrees on this sunday, february 20 first, 2016. >> of little bit of fog outside this morning but definitely a warm start to the day. >> yesterday was so nice, i think about the people are hoping for a repeat. >> temperatures climbed into the mid- 60's, warmer than yesterday and more clouds we are starting off the morning with some fog, and those clouds area and we will have partly sunny skies across the area today.
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around the region. we are going to see temperatures climbing today as well, and temperatures are feeling pretty good. we have that fog that we are dealing with currently, and if you are heading out and about this morning, definitely keep that in mind. 50degrees is our current temperature in raleigh, 47 in durham, 45 degrees and lewisburg and 50 in fayetteville. high-pressure sitting off to the east which will continue to push and warm air, so the warmth continues today and we have a chance of seeing some showers as we head into the afternoon. still expect partly sunny skies, and isolated shower holding off with they high temperature today of 60 degrees. >> breaking news overnight, seven people are dead and at least one other injured and what people are calling random shootings in
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the shooter fired at people in three locations around kalamazoo. at the restaurant, five people died including a 14 -year-old girl. investigator say it is a worst- case scenario. >> in summary, what it looks like as we have somebody driving around finding people and shooting them dead in their tracks. there was of car that matched the description and nothing about him has been released. also breaking this morning, at least two cars crashed on interstate 40 early this morning. it happened or on the westbound lanes at mile marker 286 near the airport. right now we don't know any details about whether anyone
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for the first time the 2016 presidential race this weekend, it brought multiple contests on the same day. republicans cast their first ballots in the south. the contest out west brought the days first results. henry clinton entered nevada in a tight caucus with bernie sanders and came out on top. >> i am so thrilled and also grateful to all of my supporters out there. some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. >> the margin of victory is much slimmer than perhaps the campaign hoped. bernie sanders notice how he has been playing catch-up. >> what this entire campaign has been about is the issue of
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and more people into the political process. >> from first in the west to first in the south. donald trumpled by double digits in most polls and he posted his second victory of the 2016 republican race. >> let's go, let's have a big win in nevada, let's have a big win in the sec. what's but this thing away. >> the next thing is the party caucuses in nevada on tuesday. the democrats come here for their first primary. >> legacy candidate jeb bush is ending his presidential campaign after a disappointing fourth-place finish. >> the people of iowa and south carolina and new hampshire have spoken, and i am listening.
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>> he was unable to recover once donald trump started blasting bush with personal insults. thousands paid respects to antonin scalia. his son, a catholic priest, led the mass. it was attended by vice president joe biden and some us senators. >> draped in an american flag, the casket of justice antonin scalia was taken into the nation's largest catholic roman church, the shrine of the immaculate conception. over 3300 politicians, friends and family came to pay their respects. >> former and current congressman and presidential hopefuls also attended the service. vice president joe biden came, also. despite criticism, president
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tribute at the supreme court friday. >> god bless data, dad, as he was well known, with the love for his country. >> one of his nine children at his humor to the somber ceremony, telling us story of his dad coming to confession, only to learn that his son was on duty. >> antonin scalia, who died last weekend at a texas ranch, spent nearly three decades on the nation's high court and was considered one of the country's most influential conservatives. >> president obama says he will nominate justice antonin scalia's replacement in due time, and mr. obama wants a vote on his nomination despite threats from the republican senate that it will not happen until they new president is elected.
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raleigh's police union will discuss boycotting beyonci's may third concert at the stadium. it comes after it controversial super bowl performance where she alluded to the black panther movement. several organizations are urging officers not to volunteer her shows. sentencing phase in the smith trial will continue tomorrow. the state found him guilty of killing most the huggins jones, the north hills mother brutally murdered in her apartment into thousand 13. the time now is 6:07 a.m. coming up, one automaker wants to smooth your ride. and people in fiji are beginning to clean up after the worst storm ever recorded to hit the islands. an update is next. >> it was a or just day across
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>> welcome back. fiji is cleaning up and assessing damage from one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the south pacific. yesterday, tropical cyclone winston packed winds of 143 miles per hour. early reports include five
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devastation in remote e llages. the capitol missed the worst of the storm, but much of fiji lost power, water and communication. >> so tough for them there, it is a small island chain so there's really no place to go when they have a storm like that. >> we hope for the best for those folks there. >> absolutely. speaking of yesterday, we had very nice weather here yesterday. >> it was perfect for february. keep in mind, it is still february. yesterday, temperatures climbed into the 60's and today we have more of the same on the way. right now, our satellite and radar is showing things requite across the area. we have clouds approaching from the west and we will see clouds thickening up, but the main issue we will deal with is the fog. you have visibility down to about one tenth of the mile in raleigh, half-mile in durham and accord or mountain
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if you are heading out and about early this morning, that fog will be thick in some spots but, not so much in others. he careful out there on the road, and use your low beam, no high begins in that fog. 50degrees is our current temperature, so it is a mild start to the day. 50 in fayetteville, warty seven and rocky mountain. this area of high pressure sits just off to the east, and as a cold front moved in, you will see a chance for some showers later this afternoon. otherwise, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies and the shower threat holds off without high temperature all the way up to 60 degrees. some spots are close to 70. i will let you know how long that weather will last and what's in store for your weekend coming up. >> 70 sound good. if you're looking for a unique seating arrangement,
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are you taking a zumba class? >> good morning. coming up on 616, and here's and look at some of the top stories. several are dead and three others are injured after a suspect went on a random shooting spree in kalamazoo, is again. a 14 your old girl is among the dead.
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custody about two hours later. also this morning, authorities are investigating a crash that sent for cyclists to the hospital. troopers say three men and one woman were writing in single file when a 15 -year-old donnie williams hit him from behind. charges are pending. the results are in, or clinton has won the nevada caucus and donald trump is victorious in south carolina. also in political news, legacy candidate jeb bush and his bid for the white house. a unc graduate set out to make the perfect couch and came up with an idea called nugget. the local businesses taking off. making new wind explains why the nugget is what is next. >> david barron said the idea was to replace typical college
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popularity extends far beyond college students. >> there are two pillows, a up mattress and a base. it can be a hemic or lounger or bed or couch. >> the founders of this futuristic furniture call it a hybrid between furniture and a few time. >> i would see these dumpsters on campus full of futons. and i said, i can make something better. >> so he started experiencing. >> we put out a prototype and sold 150 into summer. >> with the help of the crowd funding website, the business took off. the company now takes orders online and packages custom-made nuggets in this durum the warehouse. >> you can go in and pick the pieces and we will send it out to you. >> the foam comes from mount airy. >> the nugget is lightweight, made from microfiber and
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>> there are no attachments, it is all friction. so when you want to pick it up, it's as easy as picking up the 2-pound pillow. >> it's easy to move around and it has the versatility and function of a futon. >> it's not just a lounger, or reading chair and couch, it can be a fort or soccer goal, or something to be moved and you want more space to put on your dancing outfit. >> the nugget sells for $279. if you'd like more information, go to our website, >> the ford motor company is hoping to take the bumps out of your daily commute. the automaker is expanding its pothole detection technology by
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fusion v-6 sports. >> it's beneficial for this time of year because we've been bouncing back and forth between the cold temperatures and warm temperatures. what also will also will become noticeable today is our increasing cloud cover. right now our satellite and radar is showing things will be okay this morning. you have partly cloudy skies, and fog out there to deal with, but we are seeing these clouds thicken up through the cold front. before the cold front arrives, we have low visibility to deal with because of the fog. we have visibility down to about one tenth of the mile in raleigh, about quarter-mile in lewisburg, anderson and roxborough. likely very close to zero visibility meaning it will be difficult to see between you and the car in front of you. the fog is very thick in some spots and will be with us
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it's 50 degrees in raleigh, 47 in durham, very mild start to the day and temperatures this warm. we are climbing all the way into the mid- and upper 60's, topping out around 60 degrees. most of our day will be dry, and we will see clouds increasing this afternoon with the chance for some showers as we head into this evening and at later this afternoon. keep that in mind later today. many of us will stay dry through the entire day. let's break things down and step you through your future casts. relatively clear skies this morning and that will be the case through the morning hours. notice the clouds increasing through this afternoon. this evening or before dinnertime, there's the chance of some showers rolling in. most precipitation will be pretty light, many of us will stay dry and the showers move in and out
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and more wet weather and the pattern is unsettled as we head through this weekend. those two days, tuesday and wednesday, looking like our wettest days in the coming week. if you do have any plans outside this week, you may run into some issues with the rain tuesday and wednesday. xt a degrees degrees will be the high temperature in raleigh, showers later this afternoon. all the way up to 71 in fayetteville. very warm across the area today and our normal high temperature is about 56 degrees. so we are well above that this afternoon. some showers will be possible with temperatures falling to about 50. variable winds at ten or 15 miles per hour, and then tomorrow, actually see temperatures significantly cooler behind tonight's cold front. 56degrees will be the high temperature tomorrow. still the chance for a few
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across the area and 40 degrees for a high temperature on tuesday. the deed on wednesday but we are still dealing with rain in the forecast here as we had through the middle of this week. and we finally dry things out, thursday, friday and saturday. it's actually looking sunny, but temperatures will be on the cool side. 52 on thursday, 50 on friday and 49 will be the high temperature by the start of next weekend on saturday. yesterday and today, you probably the warmest days and time. hopefully you got a chance to saturday. but there's'sstill a chance for late day showers. >> moral of the story, enjoy it while you can. >> thanks a lot. next in sports, unc coach
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happy >> the duke blue devils look to climb to the top of the acc, but louisville looked to throw a ranch in those plans. duke came out strong, passing the ball around. the cardinals came back and
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seconds left but just could not stop louisville at the free-throw line. the louisville wins this one, 71-64. meanwhile, unc looked to get past their heart breaking loss to duke by taking on miami yesterday afternoon. todd gibson has the story. >> the big question today, i would carolina else back after that stunning loss to duke on wednesday. williams had a pretty good idea how his team would react. >> i wouldn't want to lay back on my side, so they took care of it. >> the tar heels did indeed take care of business in a big way. that was led by bryce price johnson the game high, 16 points. unlike the duke came, johnson danae got wendy of help. justin jackson had three of four long-range, he tallies 15. isaiah hicks scores 12.
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for the game and blast the hurricanes, 96-71. >> they shot the ball great from the perimeter and rebounded the ball well. the dell needed us and that hasn't happened all year long. >> the tar heels suffocating defense turns into easy points. kennedy makes the block to justin jackson, jackson passes the dunk and the ball never touches the floor. >> we are always looking forward to the next game, especially after a loss. we did lose to duke and that did hurt, so we had to put that behind us. >> with the 25-point win, north carolina sits alone atop the acc, feeling much better than they did it couple days ago. >> after the game, roy williams unloaded on reporters. that comes after a cbs analyst implied that williams may step
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that. >> somebody said i was going to retire and you where the sinful. talking about. you can read much more about the story right now on it is 6:28 a.m. coming up, a crash
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cyclists in johnson break. >> good morning. there is a live look at raleigh, lots of fog over the area and 50 degrees. pretty warm start at 6:30 a.m., the 20 first day of february, 2016. we are glad you are starting with us. >> we saw the fog out there on the sky cam, and be careful out there, but as the day goes on, it should be pretty nice. >> we will see clouds thickening up and we have it chance at seeing a spotty shower later this afternoon and evening. most of the day will be dry and temperatures were be pretty similar to yesterday, if not couple degrees warmer. our satellite and radar showing
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but we will see these clouds thickening up from west to east today. so we will see eventually those cloudy skies taking hold as we head into the evening. right now, the main issue is the fog out there. visibility down one tenth of the mile in raleigh, half-mile in durham and eight quarter- mile in roxborough and henderson. very thick fog and some spots, and if you are heading the road or driving this morning, you may run into some of that fog out there, so keep that in mind. take it slow, leave yourself an extra minute or so and reduce your following distance. 47 in durham, 50 in fayetteville, and we have this area of high pressure sitting off to our east. out ahead of the cold front, we have the chance of seeing some showers today. expect partly sunny skies as we get rid of the fog this morning, and the high temperature today is 60
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forecast this week and i will have those details coming up in a few minutes. paymack we turn now to some the state highway patrol says one person is dead and a two- car crash. this was the scene almost an hour and half after it happened on interstate 40 near the rd you airport. we will keep you updated on this story on air and online breaking overnight, seven people are dead and at least one person is injured in what police are calling random shootings in kalamazoo, michigan. it all began around 10:30 p.m. last night. the shooter fired at people in three locations. at the restaurant, five people died, including a 14 -year-old girl. two others died at the car dealership. investigator say there are no answers as to why this happened. >> there is no connection between any of them, it all
6:33 am
this is the worst-case scenario that any community can have. >> a suspect is in custody and police say he was stopped in a car that matched the disruption of the shooters vehicle. we will stay on top of the story as it develops. this morning, authorities are investigating a crash that sent for cyclists to the hospital. amy cutler spoke with the daughter of the driver, and has the story. >> it was just before 3:00 saturday afternoon when authority say a a driver struck for bicyclists. the three men and women were headed north on massengale pond road. they were writing in single file when they were hit from behind. >> when she got to the top of the hill, she that's when she saw the bicyclists. >> two tiffani mcalpine is the driver's daughter. the driver is donnie williams. >> she says her daughter saw
6:34 am
there was another driver headed toward her in the other lane and liam's panicked. >> she didn't know what to do, she didn't know whether to get over and hit the other car or miss the bicyclists. >> to bicyclists suffered head trauma. christopher graham, joel lawrence, when lashley and 60 -year-old michael dayton. troopers are saying all of their injuries are not life- threatening. >> it is a sad day and i hope everyone is okay. >> authority say that speed and alcohol were not factors in the case. >> tripper say the driver will face charges, but with those charges might be, investigators are not yet saying. digging deeper into bicycle accidents in our area, each year about 1000 bicyclists in north carolina are involved in
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about 20 of those are killed and 60 or seriously injured. coal ash disposal is drawing protesters in another state. yesterday, hundreds gathered at the virginia state capitol. they were fighting a recent permit that would drain ash water into rivers. their mental officials say it will not be released near drinking water. the permits are also being challenged in court. another rally, this one in downtown raleigh, but four a new york police officer convicted on second-degree manslaughter. chinese-american friendship groups held the event supporting officer is fairly. supporters say the prosecution's case was marred by flaws and inconsistencies. similar rallies took place around the country. to new york city police officers are recovering after he friday night shootout in brooklyn. a suspect crashed his vehicle
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both officers are in good condition. the suspect was shot multiple times and is in critical condition. don't be surprised if you've heard you heard explosions and gunfire tomorrow morning near the north carolina state campus. the two-hour drill starts at 8:30 a.m., and part of western boulevard will be closed near the campus treatment time. yesterday, we told you that north carolina voters will go to the polls twice in the next several months, after the us supreme court rejected the state's request for a stay in the congressional redistricting ruling. republican lawmakers redrew the district's to comply with a federal court ruling, and that all comes after a three judge panel says raise plating factor in their drawing. meanwhile, there are concerns that having to primaries could have a negative effect on voter turnout.
6:37 am
there voting on march 15th for everything in the state except their congressional delegation. it's likely to be a lower turnout. >> i will vote he cause i want my voice to be heard. >> the march 15th primary is still set for all elections except four congress. the primary will happen on june seventh. the time now is 6:37 a.m. we will take a deeper look at yesterday's political contest in nevada and south carolina. plus, what is next for the candidates.
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dense fog advisory in tall mine >> welcome back to wncn today. we are helping you wake up on and sunday. >> not too bad outside later today but we have some thick fog to deal with this morning, interests fog in some spots. the patchy on my way in this morning. >> it's of very nice day for most of the day, temperatures very warm. our satellite and radar here
6:41 am
we have some clouds sitting back to our west, and eventually those clouds will work their way into the picture. but we are going to see some of those clouds thickening up through the day. the fog is the main issue, dense fog advisory in effect for the counties highlighted in gray. visibility bill will be reduced to around a quarter-mile or less, and that the reason for the dense fog advisory, check out our visibility already. one tenth of the mile in raleigh, and of quarter-mile in roxborough and henderson. if you are headed out this morning, you may run into some of that fog out there. it is patchy and some spots but thick in other places. 50 is your current temperature in fayetteville, and we can expect temperatures to rise all the way into the 60's, or up to about 63 degrees at lunchtime 68 the high temperature today.
6:42 am
dry and that is until we get to the start of the week. i will have your complete forecast, coming up. >> 6:42 a.m., only one candidate is out, and two others claimed victory in yesterday's political contest. details from the white house straightahead.
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good morning. 6:45a.m., and breaking news, the highway patrol says one person is dead in a two-car crash just before 3:00 a.m. the westbound lanes of interstate 40 near rdu airport. stay with wncn on air and online for updates. police will discuss boycotting beyonci's may third concert at the stadium. this comes after her controversial super bowl performance where she alluded to the black panther movement. it. yesterday, thousands pay their respects at the funeral mass for 79 -year-old antonin scalia. his son, and catholic priest, let the mass. it was attended by vice president biden, other court justices and some us senators. in the race for the white house, where clinton wins it democratic caucus in one state while donald trump wins the
6:46 am
chief national correspondent gym osmond has a rap on the race. >> lori clinton is two out of three in the race for the white house. >> this is your campaign. >> hillary clinton in danger of losing the nevada caucus held out for a big caucus turnout in las vegas and the surrounding areas. >> i called up secretary clinton and congratulated her. >> bernie sanders came close but not good enough. south carolina is the saturday on the democratic side and clinton is well ahead. vendors will need to gain more in south carolina. >> i also want to congressional he the other candidates. >> donald trump wins to primaries in a row as the gop held its primary in south carolina. he handily to defeated his opponents in a race that was called rather early. and jeb bush dropped out after
6:47 am
carolina. >> the parties swapped neck saturday, with the democrats heading to south carolina and republicans heading to nevada. count on time. and caucus analysis right here on wncn. in the south pacific this weekend, one of the most powerful cyclones ever recorded that or better the chain of islands known as fiji. kelly reports on the extensive damage. >> cyclone winston crashed into fiji with deafening winds. torrential rain, and the gusts of 186 miles per hour lifting steel roofs like pieces of paper, leaving tourists and locals terrified for hours. >> i didn't know if i would survive this, because the cyclone was terrible. it was terrifying everyone. how can you sleep when you have a monster hovering over your house?
6:48 am
fiji for training play defense, protecting a beach resort with a line of sandbags. the monster storm is one of the strong stockist ever recorded in the southern hemisphere, a category five cyclone. >> tropical cyclone winston is so massive that it is the first ever category five to hit fiji. >> there are reports of homes flattened, but people are already out clearing away the worst of winston's wrath. the government has declared a month-long state of emergency to assess the damage. >> unbelievable video there and hoping for the best for those people who currently live on the island nation of fiji. outside in our area, much calmer conditions outside, very some are to yesterday as we head into the afternoon. this morning, we are dealing with some pretty thick fog. we are looking toward the raleigh skyline and you can see some of that fog settling in. disability is down to under a
6:49 am
around the area. if you are heading out and about early, keep that in mind and leave yourself couple extra minutes because it could be slow going on some of the roads. our satellite and radar are showing skies relatively clear, but we will see clouds increasing from west to east out ahead of the cold front will bring us a chance for spotty showers later this afternoon. his ability down to one tenth of an mile in raleigh, half- mile in durham, and the fog is still very patchy. not everywhere is experiencing the thick fog, but in many locations, his ability down to quarter-mile or less. 47 in durham, 50 in fayetteville. temperatures are not too bad as we kick off the morning. we will see this temperatures continuing to rise throughout the day, but as the temperatures rise we are going to see clouds
6:50 am
later this afternoon and into the evening, but despite the clouds, temperatures will be warm with the high topping out around 60 degrees which is warmer than we were yesterday. let's step things there our future casts. those of the clear skies outside through the morning with the exception of the fog that we are dealing with. we stayed dry as we had through early this afternoon and this evening. just some isolate it showers likely as that front moves in and it is kind of moisture starved, so we will see the whole lot in the way of rain as the front moves through. some spotty showers definitely likely. tomorrow, we will definitely start monday on a dry note, but there is a chance for more rain moving in as we head into the late morning and afternoon hours. the showers start picking up in intensity and coverage here as we head into late monday night and tuesday. tuesday and wednesday looking like pretty wet days this week with temperatures cooling off into the 40s and 50's.
6:51 am
speaking of, 60 a degrees this afternoon in raleigh, 67 in durham and 71 in fayetteville. the chance for some showers later on today, but most of the day will be dry. we have had the fog outside to deal with this morning, so be safe out there. most the cloudy skies and a few showers likely, very mild night with variable winds of ten to 15 miles per hour. the wind will pick up later this afternoon which will help mix some of the fog. we will be dealing with a nice breeze as well. temperatures tomorrow, cooler than today. we call to 56 degrees tomorrow, 40 a degrees on tuesday. temperatures staying through the 50's rest of the week and the wet weather continues through wednesday as well. 40 a tuesday, 50 a degrees on wednesday and we bounce back into the 50's, but then we cool back off pretty quickly for thursday
6:52 am
back into the low 50's by saturday, and we are close to 50 but most of us are in the upper 40s. the sunshine makes a comeback for the second half of this week. enjoy the warmer temperatures outside today, because i think it will be quite a while before we see highs back in the 60's. >> this was just a taste of spring. >> it had many of us looking forward to spring. to give image of it while you can, that's kind of the moral of the forecast here. >> thanks, christian. up next, the reunion that people have been waiting for not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. only at a sleep number store, right now, all beds on sale. save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed,
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keeping the legacy alive. that is the goal of an interfaith food drive to honor the lives of three muslim american students who were killed more than one year ago. since the death, people around the world have come together through community service projects. and they had about $2000 donated in this year, it is up to 3000 as of this morning. the cans are still rolling in. so you can tell that everyone still really misses them and it
6:55 am
they want to help. >> john maroney was among the volunteers. this is the second year for the event. donations last year translated into more than 20,000 meals for local people in need. tonight, and all-star reunion of actors from across nearly five decades join together to pay tribute to comedy director gym burrows. he directed such shows as well and grace, cheers and others. >> from the beginning, he told me to do a headstand on the chair when my character set on board, and adjusted a headstand, and i was like, how could you even think about that? >> when jimmy left during rehearsal, you knew it was funny. >> what is it about gym burrows that brought you all together tonight?
6:56 am
we would do anything for gym burrows because he really gave us the opportunity of a lifetime, and probably the best ten years of our acting careers that we will forever remember. >> watch all of those stars and many more tonight right here on wncn. it is an exciting time here for all of us here at wncn as we prepare for our transition to cbs. >> it happens happened on february 20 ninth. we will bring you more local news going on at 5:00 p.m. and the same great coverage every morning at 6:00 a.m. >> we will also be our new home four hit shows like big bang theory and blue bloods. plus it will be your home for march madness and the masters. be mac this all starts on monday, february 29. you can find much more right now on our website, >> and they final check of weather. >> we have some fog that we are
6:57 am
warmer temperatures in the forecast. up to about 60 degrees, we will see the chance for a late shower, and that that continues tomorrow, tuesday and into wednesday. chance for showers into the start of this week and temperatures are cooler with highs in the 40s and 50's. so we won't be seeing temperatures in the 60's like we did yesterday and like we will see today for quite some time. enjoy the warmer temperatures today before we see that what weather arrives. >> thanks for watching wncn today. coming up at seven, one candidate answers race to the white house and two others are victorious on the opposite sides of country.
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>> is this a great night, or what. we just one nevada. [ cheering ] >> two contests into states in totally different parts of the country. the results from the caucus and primary straightahead. but first, us take a live look outside and raleigh. quite a bit of fog out there, 50 degrees at 7:00 in the morning on this 20 first day of february. we are glad you are starting it with us. i'm just in? and barry. >> and we are seeing the fog the caning up through the through the morning hours. we will see fog lingering and and more sunshine for the first part of the day today. clouds are moving into the west right now, west of our viewing area at least. clouds are thickening up across for the morning, not dealing with


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