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tv   WNCN News at 11  CBS  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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date news. have these poor people are dead and more than one dozen injured at a workplace shooting. good evening i am shauntez will.
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the sheriff in hesston adjusted the media saying one of his own took heads to save others. >> this happened at excel industries the manufacturing products. >> you can see the frantic scene. the gunmen was an employee. he is among the dead. >> inside the building he shot a total of 15 people. including himself, the shooter. law enforcement confronted the shooter. gunfire was exchanged between law enforcement and the shooter and law enforcement shot and killed the shooter. >> again, four people dead including the gunman. it's still a very active see. is 30 miles north of wichita, kansas. we will bring you updates as soon as they come in. one man is recovering after a shooting at an apartment complex in northeast
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the call came in at the tivoli garden a complex. several officers were on scene. police say the victim drove himself to wake medical center. national weather center is confirming three tornadoes that touchdown during yesterday storm, one of move through vance counties and wayne and dora. >> amy cutler got a closer look at some of the damage. she is live at the national weather suffers -- service office. >> reporter: daylight revealed the full extent of the damage. the weather service had crews out all day. you can see the lights on even at this hour. they say we were lucky. the national weather service now say the tornado that touchdown on hunt sparrow road in oxford was and ef 2 the gusty winds upwards of 125
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>> is the house they build surrounding trees they planted is gone. >> reporter: then there was to run county. strong winds brought large trees down onto homes. national weather service tells us close to this area and ef 1 22 here. >> it felt like the foundation was shaky. >> reporter: shannon described what it was like for her on sanderson rouke. the national weather service confirming that damage was the result of an ef 0 tornado. >> the inside walls were moving inside the closet. you could feel the whole force of the tornado and the hail hitting the back door. >> reporter: the roof of her neighbors mobile home knocks off and landed across the road. kelly miller like many counting her blessings. >> i am lucky to be alive and
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alive. it could've been worse. >> reporter: the governor has declared a state of emergency. that will allow larger, heavier vehicles on the roads which will hopefully make that repair work go quicker. live in relic, amy cutler, wncn news. as you saw in amy's peace, stephanie a day of cleanup. >> that means a busy day for companies specializing in tree removal. with caught up with the workers from barbara max -- arbor max. >> when we see the forecast that there are going to be winds in excess of 25 miles per hour, we are on standby. the kaiser ready to go. >> they received calls from chapel hill to johnston county. fortunately the weather cooperated and the story now,
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wes hohenstein says it will be jackets in the morning it will continue to talk about right now is 43 and breezy giving us a wind chill of 39. by tomorrow morning, 33 degrees will feel like 29. it's friday and we have a lot of sunshine. outside right now temperatures in the low 40s and it's 18 degrees colder than it was last night and roanoke rapids. with these storms came a cold front and it works. temperatures are colder than they were 24 hours ago. it will be colder tomorrow morning. wind gusts will continue to calm overnight. it will be called with sunnyside -- sunny skies. 9:00 a.m., 37. it will fill a 30 day.
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tonight from a bank robbery in eastern wake county. officials sent us this photo. it's hard to say but you see a man wearing a scarf, plus, a tan jacket and black baseball cap. he was able to get away before police arrived. this happened around 330 this afternoon. no one was hurt but the suspect/a gun. if you have any information, call crimestoppers. police say a husband and wife are responsible for holding up a wells fargo. police arrested allen wagner and arrested his wife a short time later. both are being held at the wake county detention center. tonight we work -- work to traffic accident killing one person and wake county. troopers say the person driving the redcard died after failing to yield to the white car. this happened on mitchell mill road outside of zebulon. three
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new information about the charges against the driver accused of hitting for cyclists. >> wncn's michael highland has more about why they are disappointed with the case is going. >> reporter: two of those people are in the hospital one in critical condition. one of the writers was surprised the driver is facing misdemeanor charges. mangled bicycles and broken glass along this road in johnson county. >> i think we were knocked down before the driver even realize what happened. >> reporter: joe lawrence was one of four people riding bikes here saturday. the state highway patrol says johnny williams crashed her car into the. she is facing several charges including forecast of improper passing resulting in serious injury. warren says that may not go far enough. all charges are misdemeanors. >> a bit disappointed. mainly because it seems like the charges are minimal.
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bicyclists are still in hospital. >> mike is still conscious the >> reporter: his attorney specializing cases involving bicyclists and keeps a blog about them. >> it doesn't look like she did anything to avoid the crash whatsoever. >> reporter: a spokesman for the highway patrol says another car was coming in the other direction. she miss just how much space was to pass the bicyclists. investigators say speed and alcohol were not involved. she was not use her cell phone. highway patrol count tilted with the johnston county dist. atty. to find out what charges were filed. when we reached out to the da to find or the charges were misdemeanors, we her, no comment. >> the injuries were life- threatening and still are. it seems like the charges could've been more severe. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for wakemed says lynn has been upgraded to fair condition. mike tames is in critical condition.
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durham discuss making changes to the school called condor. too many students are being suspended. no word on if they made a decision. final republican debate before super tuesday is wrapping up in houston. ted cruz, john kasich, and carson and marco rubio had one goal. stop donald trump. >> you're the only person on the stage ever been fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally. >> i am the only one on the state that has fire people. >> trump insists, if he wins the country will be better off. the democrat side is a big endorsement for hillary clinton ahead of saturday's primary in south carolina. harry reid says he's all in for the former secretary of state to 11. deputies in moore county of police after a 25-year-old was shot near and abandoned house just before 6 pm on reaching taylor pick up the victim is recovering.
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asked to contact the moore county sheriff's office. investigators in durham county are hoping leads from a neighborhood canvass will helped lead to an arrest in a drive-by shooting that injured a grandmother. someone fired into the home october 12 injuring toward the hallway so badly the daughter said to amputate her leg. if you have any information, call crimestoppers. a big battle is brewing over these. led lighting. why some raleigh residents are fighting the new project and the measures they are willing to take to change that. blue devils back in action tonight. bouncing back after saturday's
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next. if you just joining us we want to update you on breaking news in kansas. four people are dead including the government and it worked play shooting 30 miles north of wichita. you can see a frantic scene at this manufacturing plant. the gunmen was an employee. he was shot dead by police. there are more than one dozen others in. we'll stay on top of this story and we will bring you the latest on air and online this video has had a stolen all day. scary moments for crewmembers along that u.s. coast guard vessel that capsized while
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that ran aground in new york. this happened just before 5 am and took nearly 2 hours to make sure they were safe. fortunately, no one was hurt. pushback from a relic community about and led project affecting all parts of the city and 30,000 lights are being replaced with new led energy- saving ones. it's not sitting well with many historians in the oakwood district. you can see the difference in the yellow and white lights. they are concerned about these white lights being too close to their homes and some say they are just too bright. >> what duke energy is pushing on us by what they are called roadway lights and they are very high tech design and really really bright. they are five or six times brighter than the lights we have now. they are really cherish blue white color. >> they are not against led lights they just don't want the bright ones.
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purchase alternative lights. tomorrow we learn about rounding up gang members and madison county. we expect to learn more and those in custody and their alleged crimes. as the science world celebrates engineers week a local college is trying to solve a real problem in the engineering world. not enough women. carleigh griffeth talk to professors and students at nc state. on the tonight. >> which are catalysts which speed up chemical processes. >> reporter: the woman in nc state in program know this stuff and are proud to show it. even when they are a number. >> i may be one girl in 20 or 40. >> reporter: professor is in charge of the women in engineering program. she says for when has only met
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engineering world. >> 18% is not giving us the intellectual talent when a process. >> we know there is a need for women because we make up half the society and with great ideas to >> reporter: even a man admits women are nice to have around. >> when you are working with men or other man is, i know what you're going to think. now, it's i never know what's going to happen. >> forward. >> reporter: nc state is working on recruiting young girls. it's all about how you explain what engineering is and provide hands-on examples like making lip balm. >> if they wanted to be more shiny, more moisturizing they have to figure out how to engineer it back >> reporter: the school is leading the state in producing women engineers for a reason. faculty and students are dedicated to their cause. >> i love talking to people especially incoming freshman
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and encouraging them and seeing where they are at and helping them through those problems i had to face. it's a struggle. >> reporter: at nc state, carleigh griffeth, wncn news now. >> the professor says this year's freshmen and sharon class was 26% women. next year they are aiming for a third. after 2120 warnings yesterday in central north carolina, i don't know if we are happier tomorrow is friday or that are radar is clear right now. if you want some rain or snow you have to go north up toward washington dc. we have snow in our mountains but not much longer. we have a great weekend forecast. today the big story was the wind . of the past 24 hours, look at the's wind gusts. 62 miles per hour wind gusts
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above 40 miles per hour in most of the counties in central north carolina. fox up, 41. franken county, 41 miles per hour. windsor breezy tonight and they will be the first half up tomorrow. they will continue to calm down. we've got sunny skies but cold. bundle up as you leave tomorrow morning. 33 as you start your day. that will fill a 29. 37 at 9 am. 46 at lunch will feel at 43. the afternoon height will be 50 degrees. we've got a big warm upcoming. we've got to get things to move in our atmosphere. low pressure is attached to the cold front and will continue to pull away.
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. they will be replaced by high pressure. if you are interested in snow, you have to head to the west. our atmosphere is tried and it was the exact opposite when we were in the 70s the date storms came. in the 70s, they are one. we will be in the 20s by saturday and since we don't have rain for quite a time, temperatures long-term will be 20s saturday. for the last day of federal, leap day, we will be into the mid-60s. we will stay warm for the first day of march next tuesday. toward ohio and indiana we go from the green colors to blue. this cold air is going back to the tar heel state and by the end of next week thursday and friday we will have overnight
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monday mid-60s. temperatures will get cold in late next week. this weekend, cold start saturday around 30. 44 i said. 50 by the afternoon. sunday, chilly. by lunchtime, 52. sunday will be around 60 degrees. it's the last weekend of february. tomorrow is the last friday of february. it will be sunny and breezy in the morning. 54 a high in the capital and 49 in the bowl city -- bull city. the last three days we had 40s on tuesday. 70s yesterday.
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51 on saturday. 60 degrees on saturday. as we head back to work and school next week, 66 which is the warmest day on monday, leap day. as you head into march on tuesday 62 degrees. a few showers back into the forecast next wednesday and thursday. we've got another cool down coming which will show up on the seven-day as we head into tomorrow. the weekend one of the the warmest but it's the weekend. weather is some concern for others but mental challenges for the top priority for 11 teens from california in a worldwide track to be the last one standing. amazing race is one of the shows you will see on cbs north carolina starting next week. >> we have been telling you for weeks we will be your new
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another one of those hit comedies is, mom. christie is a single mom trying to get her life on track. you can catch it at nine you can catch it at 9 pm on thursday nights. >> those are just a few of the shows you can watch here at cbs north carolina. you can find more information about the switch and a full programming one of at look for the banner on her homepage. it's a handicap that's not stopping a young during pathway. -- at devry university's college of business, we're looking for the go-getters. so if you want to learn what's been business-world tested today, and make an impact tomorrow, you're our kind of different. devry university's college of business.
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do this back on the court following the loss to louisville. >> florida city in town. this was to first game since an unranked team to services without blue devils dealing with injured players. the family energy to be the seminoles. >> allen martin square with 18 points followed by a ingram with 60. they went 80-65. grayson allen taking some heat. and appears to show him tripping a florida say player. >> this happened two weeks after a similar incident against louisville duke travel to pittsburgh on sunday. and show, several local teens made it to the quarterfinals. >> they match up between said discussions and always stay. anthony gaskins put up 28.5 the bite forward quincy january who
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it wasn't enough. >> falcons fall in overtime after a heartbreaking was, 73- 71. mr. broncos running out of steam at fsu. trail the whole game but kept a close until the second half when virginia state really. broncos eliminated 70, 51 halftime. the pears are down 42-23 two virginia. tonight on the rise features an athlete with big dreams and a drive to achieve them pick up desmond jackson and judy at hillside high lost his left leg before his first birthday. >> doctors had to amputate but as wncn's todd gibson reports, he's like any other athlete. >> reporter: desmond jackson was an athlete in search of a score. baseball, basketball, soccer, horseback riding. he tried them all.
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sports i tried. >> reporter: it's safe to say he found his for. his left leg was amputated above the need to to a birth defect. it hasn't seemed to slow him down but that doesn't mean hasn't stacy sherrill popsicles. and accomplished sprinter he can compete against able-bodied athletes during the regular season. at the state tracked me, he has to run alone. >> i am at peace with it and it helps my track team. because of that, it's no problem for me. >> these are the metals i want saturday at the state championship meet. >> reporter: jackson whether compete. does physical hope one day he will get the chance to the >> he does everything he supposed to is a regular kid. i believe he should be allowed to run. had you raise your hips will determine your per stroke he will soon be running against of amputees as he sets his sights on the 2016 paralympics in rio de janeiro. an event with of the portage shows he can compete against
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>> panning games -- pin a.m. games in canada and he placed third. >> right now i am number one in the 100 m in the u.s. >> reporter: if jackson does make the was squad he will be one of the youngest on the key. >> i am just humbled to be in the position i am today and hopefully i will keep getting better. >> reporter: next day when he shows up to the state championships to run against himself again, he just might have to the starting blocks with a medal around his neck. >> finish it up that took todd gibson, jablonski and sports. well. he was in the cut is one of the meantime from 13.4 seconds to 12.7 in less than a month and have a training. >> that's incredible. >> i have a correction for
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it's a cold morning at the bus stop tomorrow. a reminder it still february and winter in north carolina. i guess all of the country and the world. it's that season and month.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- gerard butler --


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