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tv   WNCN Today at 500AM  CBS  February 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good morning to you. happy friday. thanks for watching wncn today. just having a few laughs here. >> well emma wright is in cary where leaders would vote on a plan that would bring new options to the town and we'll have a look at your morning commute coming up. >> that's right, meteorologist alyssa corfont good morning to you happy friday. good morning and happy friday to you at home. let's go ahead and talk about your forecast. i think you're going to like what we have in store for today and the weekend ahead. pretty cloud free right now meaning colder temperatures but into the afternoon, that's going to mean more sunshine for us. so right now temperature 34 in raleigh, 34 in louisburg, we were at freezing last hour in
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in south hill you make your way down the 95 corridor 37 in roanoke rapids, rocky mount and goldsboro as we start off this friday morning. so let's get to your fast forecast as you're getting ready to head out the door we should be close to 34, now, remember yesterday we start off in the 40s so this is a bit colder, remember those winter jackets for your morning commute. still on the breezy side at lunchtime but wind gusts should be around 20 miles per hour, not the 40-mile an hour range we were dealing with yesterday. our high this afternoon will be 50, that's cooler than yesterday. then we drop back to 44 by 6 p.m. this evening. a closer look at this forecast and the weekend ahead in just a few minutes but let's check in with traffic before you head out the door on this friday. this is a live picture of i-40 and the durham freeway. you can see a few more cars out in this direction but the great news is on this friday morning nothing that is going to slow you down and we're seeing that being reflected on our live drive conditions. green in both directions on i-440, so going ahead and checking with a few
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about 59 miles per hour this morning. another check on traffic and weather in had about ten minutes. new this morning the town of cary is one step closer to getting a brand new grocery store. >> last night the town council voted 7 to 1 to approve the proposal for a 22-acre shopping center. now, this did not come without 20 sides firing off their opinions. >> especially wright is in cary at the proposed site with a look at the debate. >> well, some people have been complaining about this since it was first proposed over a year ago. we're here at an intersection with carpenter fire station road and this is the area that some folks complaining about ask say this is mostly they say traffic from a shopping center like that is really going to clog things up around here don't need. we're going to show you some video of what this proposed shopping center is going to look like. we're told
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there's going to be some room for shops and restaurants. so people who spoke out at last night's meeting say they thought that another housing development was going to go on that 22 acres, they say cary needs more green space and less shopping. >> i know it affects all of us. we feel that whether or not there is enough commercial or not commercial we moved here for a sense of community. we would like our backyard to not be facing parteds, lights, pollution, noise and traffic, especially traffic. >> now, there are some people who say that they like the idea of more shopping. they say that a shopping center specifically a publix a grocery store will underserved. we're going to explain what they mean coming up in our next half hour. a fiery battle erupted on
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tuesday. we have a recap of the debate and where the candidates now headed this weekend. >> you get along with nobody. >> the debate contention shoes. >> this guy's a liar. >> donald trump was attacked from the right and the left by biosenators ted cruz and marco rubio who joined in a tag team to knock trump out of favor with voters. >> anyone who cared about illegal immigration wouldn't be hiring. >> you hired some workers >> i'm the only one on the stage that's hired people, you haven't hired anybody. >> rubio went on an all out offensive against trump attacking his health care plan among other issues. >> that's the own part of the plan just the lines. >> i have many different plans you'll have competition you'll have so many different plans
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>> no, no no, no. >> mr. trump. >> they're talking about repeating i watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago. >> i watched you repeat yourself five times five seconds ago. >> this led to this moment by ben carson who felt he could not get air time. please? >> last night answer debate set the stage for voters to decide donald trump is winning all the policy except in texas leading the policy there senator ted cruz in the state he already represents in congress. meanwhile vice president joe biden visited mexico city and called disturbing. he called some of it dangerous damaging and incredibly i will advised. the vice president said that
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the view of the vast majority of american people. every nation in western europe now gives some rights to gay couples after it voted to grant legal recognition to civil units. italy was the last hold out. the bill is described as historic but groups denounced water downed legislation as a betrayal. officials sent us this surveillance picture late last night. now, it's kind of hard to see but you can see a man wearing a scarf and gloves and a ball cap. this happened around 3:30 yesterday afternoon at the kns bank. no one was hurt but the suspect did flash a gun. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. in apex police say a husband
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a wells far go. police arrested wagner and arrested his wife a short time later. your time on this friday morning for all of you early birds out there it's 5:07. now, we've had our share of bad weather but folks also getting pounded by storms. plus all the new information
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prompted ano welcome back. 34 degrees, yeah, about 10 degrees colder than where we were yesterday. so you'll want that heavier jacket as you head for the door. this is a live picture over the belt line this morning. not a lot going on here in north raleigh. 33 in durham, 38 in roxboro, 37 right now in siler city, look at raeford, you're now at the freezing mark as 32 degrees but i want to you factor in there's still a little bit of a breeze out there. it doesn't seem like we can shake that lately. wind chill in the upper 20s around pinehurst and raeford making it feels like 30 degrees in sanford and siler city. so your hour by hour forecast those breezier are conditions still around but nowhere near as strong as the wind gusts were yesterday. 45
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50 degrees. then we're whack to near 44 by 6:00 this evening. you can see a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. i'm expecting even more sunshine over the weekend ahead. i'll breakdown that forecast for you coming up in just a little bit. well, flooding in peru is causing havoc. high waters blocked highways and destroyed homes and affecting residents in rural and urban areas. now, that followed 8 hours of heavy rainfall. scientists say storms over the past few weeks have intensified leading you up to all this flooding. they cite the el nino for all the weather conditions. meanwhile off the coast of africa the tallest peak remains covered in snow. the government has reopened the access to the mountain to allow visitors admire the unique landscape. the snowfall amounted to more
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unusual event of course for that area. how does a free round trip flight to a destination sound? for one planeful of passengers they had that opportunity. still to come though what they had to do to secure the ticket. plus we're just days away from cbs coming right here to wncn.
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of the great shows right now investigators in kansas searching for clues after a workplace mass shooting. the gunman killed three people, hurt 14 other people, five people remain in critical condition. today is the deadline for apple to respond to the new court order issued surrounding the phone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists. if the order stands you up apple would be force today create a new can you say tomorrow myselfed firm wear that would remove the pass code lockout. the national weather service weather service confirms that three tornadoes did touch down in our area. one in wayne and one hit durham. look at all the damage that's left behind. there are no reports of any serious injuries. well how do you equal out a gender gap in one of the most advance and technical fields out there. >> that's what nc state has been working on.
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national introduction -- or introduce a girl to engineering day, the percentage of women in injuries careers has stayed around 18% for year. this year the freshman engineering class is 26%. >> there's been a lot of support and a lot of just -- like with especially in the engineering and with the like women's programs that they have. >> next year they hope to have a third of their engineering freshman class composed of women. now, to a customer alert, we now know about last week's global recall of nearly 2.9 million toyota suvs with the seat belts. it was prompted by an investigation into a crash back in 2011 that killed two rear seat passengers. it covers 2005 through 2014 rav 4 suvs and
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contact with the metal seat cushion frame and if that happens they could be cut and would not restrain passengers. wal-mart now faces a lawsuit surrounding its cheese. the plaintiff claims he was induced to purchase cheese at a premium price because he believed it was indeed 100 percent parmesian cheese but it contains cellulose which is a filler. the lawsuit accuses the retail brand of deceptive business practices. well jet blue conducted a social experiment on a recent flight. all 150 passengers would receive a free round trip ticket to anywhere in the world the airline flies. >> but there was a catch. the passengers had to work together and agree on one destination by the end of the flight. so using
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narrowed down their options and it came down to two. >> turks and cacos, no hands in the air, must be only one thing, 150 random strangers have chosen unanimously to go to costa rica. >> they did it. and they made the smart choice. the experiment was prompted by the political divide in washington, d.c.. >> i think that is so fun and cool. >> and they are good to go. don't forget starting next week all of the great cbs programming is coming to wncn including the amazing race. 11 teams will fight to be the last ones standing. >> such a great show that is. we've been telling you all about this transition for weeks and the change comes on monday. >> and we'll also have a new name it's going to be cbs north carolina. >> you can find much more about
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programming line up on a special section of just look for the banner. it's right there on the home page, you can't miss it. . let's go ahead and switch gears ask talk about your forecast. here's the bus stop forecast kids heading out the door this morning 34 degrees a very cold start so make sure they're layered you up and have all their gloves and hats on this morning. here's a live picture out at the airport currently again, 34 as we get our day started. it's also 34 in louisburg and sanford and pinehurst. raeford you're at 32, the upper 30s around fayetteville and clinton, goldsboro and rocky mount both at 37 and then roanoke rapids has now dropped into the mid-30s. as you're planning your day your 8 a.m. temperature should be close to 35 by noon today we climb approximately 10 degrees to 45, our high 50 degrees later today. now, yesterday we hit the mid-50s so even cooler than yesterday and i thought yesterday was chilly,
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just right around the corner. i do think they'll arrive for the weekend ahead. let's talk about your future forecast as we start our friday we're just looking at a few clouds for that sunrise so it should be a pretty great one, it happens right around 6:50 this morning. noon today plenty of sunshine and we'll stick with that sunshine as we head into the afternoon and then clear skies heading into this evening. tomorrow morning i want to warn you now is going to be even now. i'm expecting tomorrow to start off in the 20s for many of you. so for your high temperatures over the next five days we're near 50 today, 51 tomorrow, afternoon for this time of year is 58. so we're well below that mark but look what happens by sunday, we start to get a more south earl wind and we're going to warm up nicely 62 by sunday afternoon, mid-60s by monday and tuesday of next week. today near 50 in raleigh staying in the upper 40s around durham, 54 in fayetteville, should be a nice mix of sun and clouds throughout
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clouds tonight 28 degrees winds though going to be on the lighter side we won't have any wind chill to worry about tomorrow morning. here's the next few days and speaking of that weekend but as far as the sky cover is concerned it really going to be a comfortable one for us. early next week chance for a late day shower or two on monday, most of us will likely stay dry, not the same on wednesday into thursday that's another cold front coming through and that's going to cool us down. time to check in with with traffic and we'll start off with a live picture of i-540 and u.s. 64 bypass. east of raleigh this morning, plenty of cars out there but the good news is it looks like everyone is moving along just fine. if you're on i-540, 440 or 40 all in the green which means moving close
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>> that's all right, you can call me anytime you want. >> it's hey you is always just fine. >> i call him pretty blue eyes. >> you're so sweet. all right. well, it is a very big day for a former college football player for triangle schools coming up which players will show off their skills at the nfl come bind.
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court last nig the annual nfl scouting combine gets together. >> coaches and players have met with the media for the past couples days. >> that includes several players from local schools nc state, unc, and duke. and they'll all test. i know a lot of people will be watching that. well, duke got back in the win column last night after a tough weekend loss. >> they laid the snack down on
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win and this was their first game against an unranked team. and allen led in scoring with 18 points >> and allen is taking heat on social media for this play with 8 seconds left in the game he appears to trip a florida state player. >> this is the second tripping incident in a month for allen. he was given a foul two weeks ago. several local teams made it to the quarter finals. >> a 2-3 match up despite junior guard gaskins putting up 28 points they still fall in overtime heart he breaking loss 73 to 71. >> and fayetteville also ran out of steam. and shaw also fell last night the bears just
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the elimination game they lost 72 to 67. the hurricanes fell to toronto. instead the players traded punches, next up for carolina is a home match with the bruins tonight. look at that unreal but not surprising. >> any teeth knocked out. coming up. >> the town of cary has given the okay to build a publix grocery store coming up why some people think it's a great idea. >> plus what does the forecast hold for us today. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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right now on wncn at least 3 people dead, more than a dozen injured after a gunman storms a factory in kansas. where the investigation led officers overnight.
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apple to respond to a new court order. hear what the agency's director had to tell lawmaker. plus the national weather service confirms three tornadoes did touch down in our viewing area. we're going to breakdown the damage in each spot this morning. good morning everyone, thanks for being with us. >> yes, it's friday. something to smile about. let's see if we can smile about this forecast with meteorologist alyssa corfont has for us. good morning. >> good morning i'm smiling because of both it's friday ask the weekend ahead looks really nice. as we start off our morning you'll notice pretty clear conditions and that's one big reason that we are much colder this morning than say where we were yesterday. remember we woke up to the 40s yesterday, today the 30s all around central north carolina. so it's 34 in raleigh and louisburg, 33 right now in durham, now, some of you have been at freezing a little warmer throughout the morning, we've had a few freezing temperatures around pinehurst, raeford and sanford, right now they're back to 34.


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