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tv   WNCN Today at 600AM  CBS  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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he sent him here's already looking at him and he yelled and then entered the building. >> right now at least 3 people killed, more than a dozen injured after a mass shooting in the state of kansas. our justin quesinberry has all the latest. plus a controversial vote at a cary town council, what the city decided on okay. >> and a fiery battle on the debate stage last night. good morning, everyone of thanks for watching wncn today. i'm russ bowen. >> and good morning to you, happy friday i'm stefan chase. we're going to get you over to alyssa corfont for the forecast weekend >> i think we all have ear to
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right now we're looking at dry conditions all around the triangle. there's a few flurries up towards southern portions of west virginia but that's going to stay far away from our area. so let's talk temperatures we are now below freezing here in raleigh that's the latest update for you, 31 in durham as well, 34 in louisburg, checking in around the sand hills you'll notice fayetteville and littleton both at 37, sanford and raeford at 33. so here's a look at your fast forecast as we start off our friday, a mix of sun and clouds 34, 45 at noon, still on the breezy side, a mix of sun and clouds high today of 50. that's about 5 to 7 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. so let's get to traffic this morning taking you to your live drive conditions there is an accident on linman avenue that's not far from the rollsville area and not car from capital boulevard as well.
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live picture outside i-40 and the durham freeway on this friday morning. everything is moving just fine. we'll have another check on traffic and weather in about ten minutes. new this morning we are learning more details about the efforts to stop a mass shooter in the state of kansas. the sheriff there says the suspect killed three people wounded 14 others. wncn's justin quesinberry joins us now with why an officer is being called a hero. justin. >> well, that officer shot and killed the suspect at the quit plant in kansas yesterday evening. people who saw the suspect say he was an employee of the plant and was armed with an assault style weapon and handgun. authorities say the man shot and wounded three people he encounterered on the way to the plant where he went ask started shooting and killed three people and injured a dozen more. about 150 people were inside the plant at the time. the sheriff says the first
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immediately and single handedly took the suspect down. >> even though he took fire he went inside that place and saved multiple lives, a hero as far as i'm concerned. >> this is the scene outside the suspect's home of authorities say they had to treat it as a volatile situation keeping in mind the trap set by the suspect in the colorado movie theater shootings a few years ago but say no one was injured or endangered at the suspect's home. >> a co-workers identified the shooter and investigators have not confirmed the suspect's name or a motive but do have leads on what might have led to his action. in our next half hour we hear from witnesses inside the plant. well, the remaining republican candidates squared off in the last debate before super tuesday last night. ted cruz, john kasich, carson and rubio all focused on stopping
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>> i'm beating him badly in the policy. >> hey if i can't beat her you're really going to get killed. i watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago. >> there was a lot of that last night. if you've seen any of the highlights at all. one candidate governor kasich did not weigh into many of the fights but responded sharply about questions about dropping out. >> you know, when people talk about me dropping out i'll tell you who they are, they're washington types who i beat 25 years ago and i'm going to beat them again. >> hillary clinton ahead of saturday's primary in south carolina. senate minority leader says he's all in for the former secretary of state. joe biden visited mexico city and made amends. without
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the rhetoric dangerous damaging and incredibly ill advise and said that the views do not represent the vast majority of the american people. right now the search is on for a bank robber in eastern weighed county f you look close you can see a man scaring a scarf, gloves, a jacket and a ball cap. he was able to get away before police arrived. it happened at the kns bank. no one was injured but the suspect did flash a gun. now, in apex my say a husband and wife responsible for holding up a wells far go bank. they arrived him and his wife. both being held at the detention center. new this morning the town of cary is one step closer to getting a new grocery store on
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7 to 1 to approve a proposal for the 22-acre shopping center. it would approve a p ublix. it's a move that has drawn a whole lot of controversy in that town. >> a lot of people have been complaining about this since the idea was first proposed over a year ago. a lot of the complaints coming from the subdivisions here in cary. a lot of these neighborhoods would back up to that shopping center. they say it's just going to increase noise, crime, traffic, they say they like their streets empty and clean like this, they don't want people using it as a cut through for the shopping center. we're going to show you some video of what this proposed shopping center looks like. we're told it's going to be a about 22 acres. the anchor store is going to be a publix and also room for other shops and restaurants. last night after the vote the cary town planning board explained why
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>> the a stands for amendment, amended. i mean, that's what this process is for. and so we thought it was very methodical approved it. >> all right this proposed shopping center obviously drawing a lot of controversy from both sides of the issue. coming up we're going to hear from people who say they hate this idea, and people who say they love it. reporting live in cary i'm emma wright wncn news. time check for you now on this friday at 6:07 a big claim from one of the top fast food restaurants. what they're saying first coming up. >> and temperatures this morning quite chilly look at this, 28 in siler city, 33 in sanford but below freezing now in chapel hill.
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along with meteorologist alyssa corfont first we want to see happy friday. something to cheer about. >> we're so focused on the week end. >> it's been a long week. >> especially for you because you guys have been really busy we had the tornadoes that were just confirmed and lots of wind, heavy wind. >> yeah, the good news is that it's all going to be a thing of the past for this weekend. we'll have plenty of sunshine and temperatures going to be in the 60s by sunday afternoon. this morning we're far from the 60s, we're at 31 right now, 34 at 7 a.m. in the mid-30s at 8:00 and 9 a.m. we should be close to 38 degrees. so still a chilly morning for us us. make sure you have the winter jacket ready for the morning commute and make sure the kids bundled up as well. we're seeing the first flights of the day, 31 at the raleigh durham international airport this morning. 38 in roxboro, 37 in siler city, close to freezing in sanford and
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clinton still holding onto a temperature of 37, but there's enough of a breeze out there to make an impact. it now feels more like 26 here in raleigh. the wind chill makes it feel colder than freezing in fayetteville, also the wind chill in the upper 20s around sanford, pinehurst and raeford. so i can't stress it enough dress warmly as you're heading out the door. we'll be at 35 at 8 a.m., 45 at noon, we eventually climb to 50, now, keep in mind that in itself is about 8 degrees colder than where we should be for this time of year and a quick look at the weekend ahead we'll start off below freezing at 8 a.m. on saturday but you ask me sunday looks like the better day, 36 at 8 a.m., 55 at noon, 62 our high on sunday. more on how long these 60s will hang around coming up in your complete forecast. a surf contest that we told
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in hawaii for the first time in 9 years yesterday. floor reasons won the quick silver and massive waves up to 60 feet. the 23-year old now takes home $75,000, that's the handle east prize in all of big wave surfing. subway says it's adding antibiotic free chicken who to its menu. the antibiotic free chicken sandwich will be available on march 1st, that's tuesday of next week. mcdonalds announced a similar move a year ago but is still working on implementing it onto the menu.
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right now investigators in kansas searching for clues after a workplace mass shooting. the gunman killed three people, injured 14 others, five people remain in critical condition. today is the deadline for apple to respond to the department of justice's new court order surrounding the phone to one of the san bernardino terrorists. apple would be force today create a new customized firm wear. the national weather service confirms three tornados hit down in our area during wednesday's storm. one moved through granville one in wayne, and one hit durham. there are no reports though of any serious injuries. now, to a customer alert you need to know about we now know more about last week's global recall of nearly 2.9 million toyota suvs due to problems with the seat belts.
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by an investigation into a crash in 2011 that killed two rear seat passengers. it covers 2005 through 2014 rav 4 suvs of seat belts can come into contact with the seat cushion frame and if that happens they could be cut and would not restrain passengers. u.s. lawmakers accusing takata of faking test results. a senate report cites internal documents over the past 12 years and showed company officials argued that data on quality and testing was manipulated to hide the problems. the recall now involves 14 vehicle manufacturers and millions of u.s. vehicles. wal-mart now faces a lawsuit involving it's parmesian cheese.
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induced to purchase the cheese because he believed it was 100 % cheese but according to the complaint it contained 7 to 10% cellulouse. it accuses the practices. how do you equal a gender gap in one of the most advanced technical fields. >> it's what nc state has been engineering program. yesterday was national introduce a girl to the percentage of women in engineering careers has stayed around 18% for years but this year the freshman engineering class is 26% women. >> there's ban lot of support and a lot of just -- like with especially in the engineering and with the like women's programs that they have. >> they say next year they hope to have a third of their engineering freshman class composed of women.
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this morning and not have all that wind we had to deal with yesterday for one thing and then -- >> yeah, a bad hair day. >> yeah, and we might even get a little sun on our face this weekend >> we're going to get a lot of sun by sunday afternoon i have the 60s in the forecast. so, yeah, i want to fast forward just to that but we have to get through today and tomorrow of course and it is a chilly start to our day 31 degrees and we're already starting to see the color spread across the horizon. 31 so below freezing here in raleigh. 35 at 8 a.m. we'll be in the mid-40s at noon, high today's of 50, yesterday we were in the mid-to upper 50s so this drop is going to noticeable throughout the afternoon. we're back to 44 by 6:00 this evening. so here's a look at your future forecast not a lot going on today a few clouds from time to time, still a bit breezy but wind gusts only going to be say near 20 miles per hour. yesterday the gusts were closer
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tonight it's really going to calm down for us. we'll see more sunshine then as we head throughout the day on saturday and again the weekend ahead looking pretty nice for this time of year. so here's the temperature trend pay close attention. i think you're going to like these changes. today and tomorrow right around 50 degrees. now, afternoon for this time of year is close to 58. we're going to leap above average as we head towards sunday high there of 62, and then look at monday and tuesday of next week. highs both days near 66 degrees. now, you're not going to need an umbrella until monday evening so go ahead and enjoy this dry weather. 38 in durham and raleigh we're at 37 in siler city. close to freezing in sanford and raeford, fayetteville, littleton and clinton you're all at 37 this morning. for today city by city we go 50 our high in raleigh, 49 in durham, and 54 in fayetteville. overnight tonight just a few clouds and again,
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low with the winds going to be weaker which means it's not going to be as cold feeling tomorrow. we won't have to worry about that wind chill. 51 our high on saturday, 60s here on sunday. 66 our high monday, a chance for a shower or two in the evening on monday but it looks like a better chance for rain is going to develop with the cold front that comes through wednesday into thursday, and that cold front is going to drop our temperatures. we'll be back to near 55 by thursday afternoon. on this friday morning let's switch gears and check in with traffic right now and look at this, skies certainly starting get brighter near the intersection of i-540 and u.s. 64 bypass we're looking east of raleigh this morning and certainly no trouble spots yet on the roadways. now, we do have one early morning accident. crews now on the scene of accident and saying it's an overturned suv. again this accident on highway 242 near the
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expecting any serious injuries though out of accident this morning. we'll let you know when it's cleaned up and what else is going on with traffic coming up at about 6:30. and don't forget starting next week all of the great cbs programming coming right here to wncn including your favorite, russ. >> it's one of the my favorites, definitely my family's favorite. >> we've been telling but this awesome transition for weeks ask the change comes monday. >> we're also going to have a new name nbc north carolina. >> cbs. >> there, you go, even i have to work on that one. i've got a lot of practice to do. >> well, you can find much more about the switch including a full programming line up on a special section of just look for the banner, it's right there on the home page. >> okay. cbs north carolina. >> there, you see it. >> yeah, say it like ten times. >> perfect. right now it's 6:22.
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a very big day are for several former college football players from triangle schools coming up which players will show off their skills at the nfl combine. that is today. >> plus the duke must devils on
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but a may the annual nfl scouting combine gets into full swing today. >> the on the field testing begins today with the running backs and offensive lineman and that includes several players from local schools. nc state, and unc. they'll be there on
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skills to the test today as well. well carolina panthers head coach rivera sounded optimistic about cam newton and his star linebacker and says he's meeting for goals next season. >> he started his recovery and then he's been working his rehab so everything went well and we'll get him back in time for training camp obviously. >> now, the team will be keeping a close eye on several different position groups at this weekend's combine including the defensive backs and lineman. well duke got back in the win column last night. >> this was duke's first game against an unranked team since february 6th, now, they're dealing with injured players during that stretch as well. allen led in scoring with 18 points. >> allen is taking a little bit of heat on social media for this
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he appears to trip a player >> this is the second tripping incident in a month for allen. he was given a foul just two two weeks ago. coming up. >> the town of cary has given the okay to a controversial grocery store. coming up what issue. >> plus of course we want to know what the forecast looks like. what you need to know after the break. happy friday.
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good morning, everyone and thanks for watching wncn today. i'm russ bowen. >> your eyes get bluer when it's friday, i think. >> good morning.
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this morning justin quesinberry is in the alert system with the accounts of a witness from last night's mass shooting. and emma wright is in cary but first let's get to meteorologist alyssa corfont for your forecast. it looks great for the weekend ahead. now, this morning we're starting off with clearer skies but at this time of the year those clearer skies mean colder temperatures. so the big picture right now on our radar not showing a single thing going on around central north carolina. we have to look up towards west virginia, ohio, kentucky to see some light snow showers to start off this friday morning that snow not coming anywhere near us. we're below freezing raleigh and durham, 34 in louisburg, 34 in rocky mount and goldsboro, we'll get straight to your fast forecast it's going to be in the mid-30s right around 8 a.m. this morning.
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on the breezy side at lunchtime today. mix of sun and clouds this afternoon, a high of 50, now, that is about 5 degrees colder than where we were yesterday. temperatures continue to drop quickly through 6:00 right around 44 for the evening drive home. i'll get to more on your forecast details plus on that weekend ahead in just a little bit. let's take a look at this, this is a live picture outside this morning i-540 and aviation parkway as expected we're seeing some more cars out there but no slow downs. now, we he do have an accident here in north raleigh at north hills it's at market north hills street so watch out there. we know that's a busy area as people trying to get on 440 this morning. so allow that accident plenty of room. we'll keep you up to date through the rest of the morning here on wncn today. well, new this morning we're learning more about what it was like inside a kansas plant when a man began firing killing three
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wncn's justin quesinberry is here with what the witnesses saying now. >> they say they knew this man who came into the plant. he was one of them, a worker at the factory that makes lawn care equipment a co-worker and friend identified the suspect as ford confirmed his name. witnesses say he was armed with an assault style weapon and a handgun. this happened near the end of the workday. the shooting was the fourth scene authorities were called to as the suspect moved from location to location in a shooting spree. witnesses say he did not seem to have a specific target and and shooting anyone who got in his way. >> he we was looking at him and he yelled and then entered the building. >> everybody was running, people were screaming, crying. we didn't know what to do. >> and all of a sudden pop pop pop pop pop and i started running too.
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suspect's home and it was believed that his roommate was holed up inside but once they get inside they did not find anyone. investigators have not released a motive but they do have leads they are following. one man is recovering after a shooting in an apartment complex in raleigh. the call came in at the apartment complex around 8:30 last night. police say the victim actually drove himself to wakemed. police have not released any suspect information. just a few hours ago the highway principal released the name of the woman killed in a crash in wake county. investigators say hill died when she did not yield to the white suv seen in the picture right here. the 53-year old crashed on mitchel hill road. deputies in moore county looking for leads after somebody shot a 25-year old near an abandoned house. this happened just before 6:00 last night on main street. the victim is now recovering in the hospital but
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anyone with information is being asked to contact the moore county sheriffs office. investigators in durham county hoping for new leads after canvassing a neighborhood. they're searching for the gunman in a drive by that injured a grandmother. someone fired into the home on february 12th injuring this woman so badly in fact that doctors had to amputate her leg. anyone with information again asked to call crime stoppers. today the town of cary is one step closer to getting a new grocery store. >> yes, they are. and on thursday town council voted to approve a proposal for the 22-acre shopping center that would approve a publix there. it has drawn a whole lot of controversy. >> a lot of people have been complaining about this since it was first proposed over a year ago. a lot of the complaints coming from small sub divisions off carpenter fire station road,
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up to that grocery store property. we've got some pictures of what this proposed shopping center would look like. we're told it's going to be 22 acres it would be anchored by the publix and have an area for shops and restaurants. last night the board heard from both sides of the issue some very unhappy and some say it's a good idea. >> it seems that 55 is the great divide. we are at that section and backed up by chatham county, and there isn't anything going on in chatham county to serve our needs either. >> i know it affects all of us. we feel that whether or not there is enough commercial or not commercial we moved here for a sense of community. we would like our backyard to not be facing parking lots. >> the town said that the decision they made was in the best interest of the whole town of cary.
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when that shopping center will be completed. time right now 6:35, still ahead the fight surrounding apple and the fbi continues. >> what the tech company has got to do today.
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chilly, i'll have more on your well, it is friday, and it is going to be a great weekend. a lot of people deserve it after this week, right? >> yeah, and unfortunately for some people they're still cleaning up but we've earned
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but here we are drive time forecast today 31 degrees right now 34 at 7 a.m. we'll be in the mid-30s at 8:00 back to 38 by 9:00 this morning. not expecting any weather concerns this morning other than these cold temperatures but we can deal with that after what what we've been thrown this week. just a cloud or two out there ask look at that, some of the first planes taking off near the sunrise this morning. temperatures elsewhere 31 in durham, 37 in siler city, 33 in sanford, 37 in fayetteville, littleton and clinton, if you're waking up around goldsboro, rocky mount or roanoke rapids, you're all right around 35 degrees this morning. now, there is enough of a breeze out there to make a little bit of an impact. we feel more like 26 here in raleigh. the wind chill is in the upper 20s around pinehurst and raeford. so as you're planning your day here's what you need to know 8:00 temperature 35, we climb
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noon, high today of 50, now, normal for this time of year is actually in the upper 50s so we're going to be shy of that mark again today but look what happens over the weekend. we still stay on the cool side for saturday 30 at 8 a.m., 51 is our high but on sunday more sunshine and a breeze we'll start off the morning right around 36, up to 55 at lunchtime on sunday and sunday afternoon a high near 62 degrees. and those 60s will actually hold around or hang around rather into early next week. well this can be expected as you can imagine, it is official the national weather service confirms that three tornadoes did hit our area during wednesday's stormment one moved through granville, one in wayne and one hit durham. the twister that hit in granville made its way down oxford. winds reached
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durham, the strong winds brought large trees down onto homes. the national weather service says an ef 1 tornado hit, fortunately though in our area no one was hurt or injured. all that severe weather meant companies specializing tree removal stayed very busy. we caught up with a few as they made a couple stops and they say as soon as the storm hit their phones started ringing. sports reporter erin andrews dries tears in the courtroom as her case unfolds against a hotel in tennessee.
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the stand and all that they had today is the deadline for
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department of justice's new court order issued surrounding the phone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists if the order stands up apple would be force today create a new ios firm wear that would remove the pass code lockout on the seized iphone. >> last week apple reiterated its commitment to privacyy and has no connection to what data may exist on that phone. authorities want appear pep to unlock the phone. >> the fbi's director made his case to congress. investigators want to get into the phone to look for other possible terror connections but apple's refusing saying it will open a precedent on the government violating your privacy. >> he told lawmakers that he loves privacy and encryption. >> that's great i don't want anybody looking at my stuff and then look back and say you know, law enforcement really does save people's lives. >> while some back a new law
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into smart phone security apple is reportedly working on a new operating system that could never be unlocked. and this comes that the news that the apple watch failed to be the popular stocking stuffer. it does not you know lickly disclose its watch sales but according to a new report apple shipped just over four million watches during the last three months of 2015. they were hoping for more sales than that. a security guard working during the november 13th paris attacks as emerged as a silent hero. >> extremists killed 90 people during a wave of attacks in the capitol. a man named didi was in charge of the security at the concert hall at that time. well the 35-year old saved hundreds of people by opening the side entrances. he never wanted to be recognized but in the weeks after the attacks he began meeting with survivors to help
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>> being able to say thank you to someone about that night was -- was something really good, i mean, to feel and to -- being able to hold someone in my arms and just telling him you saved my life. >> truly extraordinary. he has not been back to work since the attacks though. three months after those attacks the band returned to perform in paris. well today a massachusetts teenager who raped and killed his math teacher will learn his fate. prosecutors want the judge to sentence him to life in prison with parole eligibility after 25 years. his defense attotoey asked for his client to serve 26 years in prison total. he killed then raped his teacher at his high school back in 2013. and right now a case surrounding sports caster erin andrews continues in tennessee. a therapist testified that she was anxious and depressed after the man who stalked her and
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was let out of prison. she's suing the stalker and the owner and manager of the hotel for $75 million. and say the hotel management was negligent allowing him to book the room besides her. today we expect to learn more about the operation to round up murder suspects and gang he members. we joined authorities earlier this week as they conducted what's called operation 0-hour. we should learn about those in custody today and what they're accused of doing. stay wncn on air and online for all the updates. also new information about a crash in johnston county involving four best lists. troopers filed charges against the woman accused of hitting them all last weekend. williams is facing several charges including four counts of improper passing resulting serious injury. one of the people she's accused of hitting
6:47 am
charges misdemeanors. >> a bit disappointed mainly because, you know, it seemed like the charges minimal. >> the johnston county district attorney declined to answer why the driver is facing only misdemeanors. a spokeswoman for wakemed said one of the best lists has been upgraded to fair condition but another person is still listed in critical condition. flames engulfed a home in rhode island exactly 100 years after a massive fire. the property was sold to owners who built a new house in its place. well, a century later a blaze once again shot through the roof of the home. no word on what started the fire. okay, the month of february is coming to a close and we've got a mix when it comes to the weather out there, storms, tons of wind, tornados but look at this beautiful sunrise that we have.
6:48 am
love that it's happening earlier and earlier. 31 degrees a live picture outside if you're snapping a picture as you're getting ready to hit the roads make sure you send it in, twitter, facebook or you can email. i'd love to see the sun crossing the horizon as we speak. so here's a look at your hour by hour forecast we'll be at 35 at 8 a.m. this morning, 40 at 10 a.m., a bit breezy but again gusts today going to be say near 15 to 20 miles per hour whereas yesterday they were in the 40-mile an hour range. so not nearly as windy. 48 at 2:00 today. 50 our afternoon high back to 44 by 6 p.m. now, your future forecast i'm going to breeze right through it, but we're looking at clear skies for the morning hours maybe a few clouds throughout the afternoon, all in all a quiet forecast for us and, yeah, we've certainly earned this. we're looking at sunshine again for the start of our saturday. i think we'll see even more sunshine by sunday
6:49 am
looks to be the warmest day over the weekend ahead. so here's the temperature trend today and tomorrow we stay right around 50, afternoon for this time of year 58 degrees. we leap to 62 by sunday, and then we continue to warm up 66 our high for both monday and tuesday. we could see a shower or two on monday but i think the best rain chances going to hold off until wednesday of next week. but right now here's what you need to be prepared for and it's a cold morning commute we're now below freezing in both raleigh and durham, 38 in roxboro, 37 in siler city, current temperature in sanford 33 but there's enough of a breeze out there that the wind chill is a bit colder. it feels more like the 20s for some of you. so again layer up and make sure the kids dressed warmly as they're heading to the bus stop. high today 50 in raleigh. fast forward to tonight with even clearer skies it's going to be even colder and
6:50 am
now, the winds aren't going to be as big of a factor tomorrow morning. 51 our high saturday afternoon we climb into the 60s again, wall to wall sunshine expected for sunday. the 60s going to stick around for the majority of the first half of next week, 66 monday, 66 tuesday, now, wednesday we're tracking a cold front. as that cold front comes into central north carolina it is going to bring us the chance for some showers that's 64 with some showers on wednesday but we fall behind that front to 55 by thursday and you'll notice tomorrow morning and sunday morning temperatures could be at or below freezing and then we don't have to worry about those freezing temperatures for quite some time. time to switch gears and check in with traffic. here's a live mix from i-540 and capitol boulevard. as expected it is getting a little busier this morning but not a lot that's going to slow you down. we just
6:51 am
in and around the viewing area this morning. let's talk about your drive times if you're heading northbound into raleigh if you're on u.s. 1 between highway 55 and downtown about a 16-minute drive similar conditions on 40, and if you're on 401 say from apex that's about a 21-minute drive this morning. well one neighborhood is not very happy about an led project throughout raleigh. 30,000 lights like these being replace western district new led energy saving ones and it's not sitting well with many. they're concerned about them being too close to home and the some say they're too bright. >> what duke e eergy is pushing on us what they're called roadway lights, and they're a very high tech design, they're really really bright. they're like five or six times brighter than the lights we have now and they're really blue white color. >> they stress they are not
6:52 am
just didn't want the bright ones, and would be willing to help purchase alternatives. well on monday as you may carolina >> yeah, we're really excited about this one, about the change which will bring you all new programming right here including events like march madness and of course the masters. >> and we'll be adding cbs's great prime time shows. you can shout book em dano next friday at 9 p.m.. >> is that what they say? >> book em. next up at 10:00 is the police drama blue bloods the show in its 6th season. >> you can find a full line up of show changes for every day of
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questions about our big switch over to cbs. there's a link at the top of to answer all your questions. well, picture showing a boy in afghanistan showing a blue and white striped plastic bag as a soccer shirt has gone viral. >> and now, he's got the real thing he was imitating his hero messi. when he heard about the boy he sent him two team jerseys, a shirt and a ball. the soccer federation now plans to help the boy meet his hero. all right, taking a live look outside. what a great way to start the weekend. happy friday. coming you up we're going to get more on the
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right now taking a quick
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out, investigators in kansas searching for clues a workplace mat shooting the gunman killed three people and hurt 14 others. the national weather service confirms three tornadoes did hit our area during wednesday's storm. one moved through granville, there's one in wayne and one hit durham as well. there are no reports of serious injuries which is a very good thing unfortunately that was not the case in virginia. so we are lucky. >> and so much damage left behind to clean up. >> yeah, a lot of work to do. >> ask the good news is we'll have beautiful weather for the coming days. they'll have ideal whether to do so. beautiful sunrise taking place make sure you take a minute to soak it in. 32 degrees so you need to make sure you have that heavier jacket as you head for the door as well. 31 in durham, we're at 37 in fayetteville and clinton, littleton good morning, you're now at 36. so here's that fast forecast 45 at lunchtime today if you're heading out make sure
6:57 am
50 our afternoon high, we drop back to 44 by 6 p.m. still breezy, nowhere near though as gusty and strong as it has been in the past few mornings. so let's take a live picture outside. this is i-40 and the clayton bypass, you'd think on friday we'd get some lighter traffic. >> nope. >> they're ready to get a jump start on their workday so they can end it sooner. >> right. >> get started for the weekend. >> they're glad not to be rained on though.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
wncn on t good morning. tragedy in kansas. four dead, 14 injured after a gunman goes on a shooting spree at a factory where he worked. >> everybody was running. people were screaming. people were crying. >> the shooter identified as cedric ford. this morning, police say they know what may have rampage. texas smackdown. things get ugly at the republican debate, with cruz and rubio taking repeated shots at donald trump. >> if he hadn't had $200,000, you know where donald trump would be? selling watches and hats. >> anybody who cared about illegal immigration wouldn't hire illegal immigrants. >> trump not taking it lying


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