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tv   WNCN Today at 600AM  CBS  February 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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your faithful prayers and gifts. . tragedy in virginia. after an officer sworn in for duty is killed on the job. >> i feel he looked directly at us and looked so evil. >> a survivor of a deadly work place shooting recalls coming eye to eye with a masked murder. er. we will see a little bit of light. we are right at the freezing mark. we are glad you are starting with us. >> i am justin quesinberry. >> the temperatures are not as cold and we have a warmer afternoon on the way. >> and beautiful day like we saw yesterday. >> already starting off on a nice note here. >> looking from the wncn tower camera.
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and shaping up to be a nice day around the area. we had sunshine all day yesterday and we will see the sun continue across the area today. it is a little cold along the freezing mark. >> 31 degrees in foye yetville and in south hill and some of us are waking up to upper 20s. we have the area of high pressure sitting off to the southeast today. it is going to push in warm air into the south. we will stay sunny today and temperatures will be around 10 degrees or so warmer than we were yesterday. a little breezy this afternoon. it will feel fantastic. >> by noon, we are up to 57. again topping out in the mid-60s this afternoon. those temperatures continue to climb as we start the upcoming
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i will have a complete break down of the forecast for the week ahead. justin. >> thank you, kristin. in prince william, virginia. ashley guindon was one of three centers shot while responding to an incident at a home. when they arrived at the scene. they found a woman killed in connection to the incident. moments later they came under fire. children and neighbors were nearby. >> i was walking up the street with three other people and we heard three to four gunshots. so we started running and when we got up here. we saw all the cops and they told us to goo understand. we were like okay. officer guindon swans sworn in on friday and served in the marine corps.
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a suspect in the incident was not hurt. people are trying to move on after the horrific work place shooting. three people were killed and another 14 hurt. investigators believe a protective order might have triggered cedric ford to go on a rampage they are trying to figure out if there were deeper issues. a girlfriend has been charged with giving him the handgun and military style gun he used in shooting. they are trying to bring the community together. >> we will not let this define us and we will find strength in this to move us forward. a town hall meeting is scheduled tore today as they urge neighbors to gather and grief to shall shall grieve from the tragedy. >> how can you shot at them. >> melissa torres is one of the survivors who is sharing her story of what happened. they believe torres was the first person shot at the
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her account of what happened is chilling. >> he looked like he was ready to go for damage and he had his hand up and just bam, bam. just evil. he didn't care. just trying to kill whoever he could. torres continues her recovery at home. she was hit in the hand, hip and back. back here closer to home. they honor the memory of nick bell. the 20-year-old was shot and killed last month. he is the victim of a homicide in durham. they spoke to family and friends to say they are desperate to end the violence in their city. >> reporter: dozens calm together. they played music. they prayed and they reflected. the 20-year-old was shot and killed in january. he was a sports person and wanted to go in the mile tier to support his family and to make a difference in the world. and i hate that he didn't get that.
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bell and his six brothers and sisters heartbroken over the loss. they found his body behind a house on ash street in durham. the vigil held close by. the first time the family is back to the area. >> the children didn't have the closure of coming to the area. and so, we wanted to get as close to the area as we can. >> two men have since been arrested. nick's step was the first killed in durham in 2016. it is part of the problem in the bull city. according to the mayor's office, the number of homicides doubled. there was a spike in violent crimes. mayor bill bell addressed in the stay of the city earlier this month. telling the crowd the u.s. department of justice came in at his why. looking to cities like baltimore and kansas city for solutions. >> durham is in good hands. you have capable council -- counsel.
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>> it will not die after today. we know that. we will do that once a year in the memory of nick. >> in the hope that more young lives are not lost in the ongoing violence. >> amy cutler. wncn news now. they are looking for a gunman who held up a jewelry store half hour before closing time last night. he entered fink's jewelers showing a hand gun. no one was hurt but the suspect did escape with some jewelry. they released the surveillance picture but gives you an idea of what the robber looks like. you can see, he is in a blue jump suit and stands 6 feet tall. if you live in fayetteville, you may notice a change in the water. they will stop adding ammonia and during the process. chlorine may be more noticeable
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if you pretreat your water, you should continue to do so. days after tornadoes ripped through north carolina. several homes resist without power. they hit the state and in granville, and wayne counties. the red cross helped nine families. mostly in the eastern part of the state. they are not staying in their homes and in the homes of friends and families and even hotels. no one was injured in the state due to wednesday's storms. some relief this weekend for local veterans who needed a visit to the doctor. some managed to secure an appointment saturday at the va center. they continued in the access stand down in an effort to see patients in more timely fashion. >> many veterans complained it took more than a month to get a and mountment. >> we are very fortunate that we have had very good access that continues to improve.
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we have a day to focus on lots of new patients that we can welcome to the system. a raleigh based clinic also helped out by seeing veterans who needed urgent care. stabbings. and stompings. things get out of hand in a hurry after a white supremacist protest in california. overcoming big challenges of an olympic dream. temperatures are on the chilly side. waking up to numbers in the 20s and 30s. right now. we are warming up this afternoon. climbing all the way into the
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siler. welcome back. the sunrise is getting earlier and earlier. >> we have one to start the morning. we are starting off warmer than yesterday. >> a little bit. >> it is all relative. >> warmer means right around 32 degrees. you can see the live picture from the tower camera looking toward the east. we are already seeing the skies getting brighter. not a cloud to be seen. it is going toe be a fantastic day across the area. nothing to worry about in the way of wet weather and popping up here. things are looking good as we head through the afternoon.
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it is 62 degrees right now in raleigh and durham. >> 34 in clinton and in go. and -- goldsboro. and we have high pressure sitting off to the east here. it is going to push warmer air from the south. we can expect temperatures to be 15 degrees warmer than we were yesterday afternoon. again, a nice day heading our way. >> 60 degrees. kind of a picture perfect sunday. we are up to 57 at lunchtime and 60 at 6:00 p.m. we will hit the high around 3:00 this afternoon. and temperatures are continuing to climb as we head through the start of this week. exactly what is in store for the week ahead. >> justin. >> sounds good. coming up at 6:13 right now. relative calm over a country embroiled in a bitter civil war. will the cease-fire in syria
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flames ignite at a gas . good morning, 6:15 right here are the top stories. >> hull hill won -- hillary clinton won the democratic primary by nearly 3-1 march general over bernie sanders. it sets the frontrunner up for the 12 state fight on super
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she is polling aide in all the estates. bernie sanders' home state of vermont. there was a shooting that claimed the life of a police officer in prince william, virginia. ashley guindon is one of three officers shot while sphonding to a domestic incident last night. it was her first day on the job since being sworn in. >> they held up a jewelry store in the north hill shopping center. >> this is just before closing time. no one was hurt but the suspect did get away with some jewelry. a kkk rally came to an abrupt end in california when white supremacists wound owp brawling. they were stabbed in the plai melee and he ended up in the wrong end of a flagpole. they were arrested for stomping a klansman down in the street. in all.
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a cease-fire has brought relative quiet to syria. the partial stopping appeared to be holding so far. there are report of violations on both sides. but in damascus, the daily sound of war have died down. the u.n. envoy calls for the situation so far. quite reassuring. and the u.s. and russia are looking towards the next step. the fight in isis goes on in libya. they took control of a western city and it was understand control of the fighter. in the nearby town, they joined forces to expel the extremists and they say isis militants executed 12 people before being driven out. airstrikes killed dozens of militants in the city with two serbian hostages kidnapped last year. they are trying to figure out what sparked a blaze that engulfed a gas station.
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seen shooting from the store. the fire was so intense at one point, they had to scramble off the roof. fortunately no one was hurt and the fire took a half hour to contain. cars were waiting at a red light in austin, texas and a dump truck plowed through the intersection slamming into a silver honda. then another car. it ended up going through a concrete barrier and ended up at the bottom of a creek. it is knot clear what caused the driver to lose control. he and four other people were taken to a hospital. good sunday morning. i am meteorologist kristin ketchell. off to a nice start already if you can handle a couple of hours of cold here. we dealt with the 20s yesterday morning and it is still right around freezing in raleigh right now. this is the live look from the wncn tower camera. the skies are getting brighter.
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the sun is rising at 6:47. justin mentioned, it is getting earlier and eeferlier. >> nothing in the way of wet weather. we are barely seeing a cloud pop up. that is the case today. sunshine all day. and 7 degrees warmer than yesterday. we are already starting off on a warmer note here. it is 32 degrees in raleigh and 32 in durham and louisburg and it is 36 in south hill, virginia. and 31 degrees in fayetteville. despite the chilly start to the morning, temperatures are warming up nicely today. all the way up to 65 degrees this afternoon. sunny skies stay with us all day. little bit of a warm breeze this afternoon as well. kicking up between noon and 6:00 p.m. this evening. a picture perfect end to the weekend for us here. great day overall. this is thanks to the high pressure sitting off to the
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pressure centers rotate clockwise we are h. we are seeing the flow ofary more out the south. because of that, it will be in the mid-60s. compared to yesterday this the low 50s. that is the case for today, tomorrow and tuesday as the high continues to stay offshore. we are staying sunny. temperatures are warmer through tuesday and wednesday, the next cold front arrives. the high slides offshore. we have showers likely on wednesday. temperatures cooler behind the cold front, too. expect wet weather for the middle part of the week. behind the cold front. we dry off briefly for thursday. they fall back into the 50s for highs and we have a chance for a few more showers headed our way friday with colder temperatures next weekend. enjoy the stretch of warmer weather while we have it. the end of the we . it looks fantastic. >> much warmer. 67 at fort bragg and
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66 also in goldsboro and in benson. 65 degrees in wilson and rocky mount. and 64 in roanoke rapids. we will top out at 64 in durham and chapel hill and 65 in cary and raleigh. >> staying clear overnight. setting up temperatures in the 30s tomorrow morning. waking up to temperatures in the low 40s. we will head into the afternoon and it will be a degree or two warmer. 68 degrees on tuesday with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies that rain arrives on wednesday and we cool to 50s. 58 degrees with showers likely. especially the first half of the day on wednesday. we are going to dry on thursday. temperatures will be noticeably cooler with a high temperature of 55. few more showers likely as we head into friday. friday's high temperatures not getting out of the upper 40s. with a few showers likely.
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no real rebound in the temperatures. we are back into the upper 40s. big temperature swing over the next couple of days. at least, we get a niceseveral days. >> thank you so much, kristin. appreciate it. coming up today.
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surrounding nba mvp . ankle troubles no problem for steph curry after oklahoma city. he came back. tied and broke his own record of 287 three pointer of the season. nailed the game winner against the thunder. warriors are now the fastest team in nba history to clinch a spot in the playoffs and it is only february. on the rise segment features an athlete with big dreams. desmond jackson is a junior at hillside high school. he had his left leg a.m. tated -- amputated above the knee.
6:26 am
jackson, for the most part, is like any other athlete. >> reporter: desmond jackson was an athlete in search of a sport. baseball, basketball, soccer. even horseback riding. jackson tried them all. >> track is one of the last sports i tried. >> it is safe to say he found his sport. his left leg was amputated above the knee due to a birth defect. it hasn't slowed him down. adopt mean he hasn't phased his share of and stackles. he can compete against the able bodied athletes during the regular season. in the track meet, he has to run alone. >> it helps my track team. so. because of that, you know, it is no problem. >> these are the medals i won on saturday at the state championship meet. >> reporter: still jackson would rather compete. those in his circles, hope he will get the chance. >> he does everything he is supposed to as a regular kid. he should run with the regular kids.
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determine the push. >> he will be running against other amputees as he sets his sights on the para olympics in rio dejaniero. he can compete against the best. >> pan a.m. games in canada. he placed third among grown men. >> right now i am number 1 in the 100-meter in the united states. my chances are pretty high. >> if jackson does make the u.s. squad. he will be one of the youngest members on the team. i am humbled to be in the position i am today. hopefully, i will try to keep getting better. >> next year when he shows up for the championships to run against himself again. he might head to the starting blocks with a medal around his neck. >> finish it up. >> todd gibson. wncn sports. jackson's training is going very well.
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13.4 seconds to 12.7 in less than a month and a half of training. still ahead on wncn today and in the next half hour with
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the books, the campaign for . did he say pete what you hear, we don't need to make america great.
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>> hillary clinton taking a big victory in commanding fashion in the south carolina democratic primary as the race to washington rolls in to super tuesday. we will have much more on that. we will take a live look outside. it is such a beautiful shot at 6:30 in the morning. we are looking at 32 degrees. it is going to warm up. i am justin quesinberry. >> i am kristin ketchell. off to a chilly start. 30s and upper 20s again but there is good news in the forecast this afternoon. we are talking highs in the 60s today. great day on the way and great forecast heading our way from the university. showing the raleigh skyline and they are getting brighter over the capital city right now. it is 16 minutes at 6:47 this morning. we are going to see plenty of that sunshine cross the area today. we have got nothing to worry about. satellite and radar completely dry and quiet. they will look like this over
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this morning it is a little chilly as we kick off the sunday. it is 32 degrees in raleigh and durham. it is 31 degrees in fayetteville right now. 30 in pinehurst and 30 in sanford and 20 degrees in siler city. this is more to the west and bringing the cooler air from the north. today, it has slid off to the southeast. and so, that is going to start to push in the warm air out of the south. we are staying sunny. temperatures today will be much warmer than a start in the 30s. warming up at least 30 degrees. >> 65 this afternoon. sunny and breezy. a beautiful day and we are going to see the warmer temperatures hanging around for at least the start of this week before cooler weather comes our way. i will be back with the complete update for the week ahead in just a few minutes. justin. >> thanks, kristin.
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crash in fayetteville. the driver lost control on strict land bridge road nea century circle. it left the road and hit a tree. a passenger died from the injuries. a driver and passenger were not seriously injured. also, this morning no charges in connection with a late night accident in wake forest. a woman was clipped by this vehicle. they took the woman to a hospital as a precaution. she is expected to be okay. hillary clinton is the winner of the south carolina democratic primary. former secretary of state and u.s. senator scored a nearly three to one margin over bernie sanders. >> this morning, the focus shifts to super tuesday. >> it is hillary clinton by a landslide claiming south carolina sets her up for the 12 state fight on super tuesday in just a few days. >> we are going to compete for every vote in every state and
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we are not taking anyone for granted. >> only in bernie sanders' home state of vermont is he ahead. >> not only can we win this democratic cratd particular -- democratic nominating process. we can beat trump. > >> trump is already campaigning with new jersey governor chris christie. the big fight is in texas where ted cruz is ready to take a stand. >> pick a side. and i will tell you this. when it comes to picking a side. i picked a side and i stand against washington and with the american people. >> on paper, cruz and marco rubio can still beat trump and their shots are growing more aggressive. >> a con artist will never get control of the party. >> i thought ted cruz was a liar.
6:34 am
>> we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. >> don't build walls. break down barriers. >> meanwhile they are gearing up for the march 15th primary. two presidential headquarters are opening. this one for bernie sanders is in durham. not far there the carolina theater. it officially opens today. >> donald trump's campaign opens up saturday in fayetteville. this is the first office to open in north carolina. each of the campaign offices are to build voter's supports to find volunteers to hand out flyers. this is a historic election. it will be the first time they are expected to show identification before they vote. >> wncn's laura hafl land has shown thousand the naacp is encouraging everyone to vote. >> it is our time. >> it is our vote.
6:35 am
important thing that a citizen has. >> during a passionate news conference, the naacp wanted everyone to know. >> . extremist wanted a fight. and you got one. you got one. >> when you have our voting rights, you have a vote on our hands. >> they are still upset about the voter id law which went into effect january 1st. >> whether it is a general election, a presidential election or a primary. the right to vote is fundamental and it should not be denied. >> the naacp tried to fight the law before it passed in 2013 saying it is unconstitutional and put an unfair burden on black and hispanic voters. >> we challenge the laws because of what they are going to do. but because of the purpose with which they were enacted. >> even though the law requires identification to cast a
6:36 am
should vote even if they don't have one. >> every eligible voter should be able to pass their ballot this march. >> the civil rights group is enlisting 3,000 communities of faith and 4500 volunteers to educate voters. >> we are going to deep organize in 55 counties throughout north carolina. we are going to further organize in 90 counties because we understand the fight is on. >> north carolina is sending a message to this nation. do not play politics with your right to vote. >> after speaking with the media, the group got to work on their mission. laura hafl land -- havilland. they will have poll monitors set up across the state to help them cast ballots and document irvs because of any confusion kearning the identification law. >> during the news conference, the naacp talked about the
6:37 am
congressional map. it should have been drawn by a nonpartisan group. it had to be redrawn after a three judge panel said two districts were created along racial lines. because of the change, it has forced a cok gretional election to move to june 7th. a quick reminder, we are less than four hourses from a big change here at wncn. at midnight we become cbs north carolina. our brand new home for brand new programming like what you see on the screen. you will be able to find your favorite shows. survivor. big bang theory and, of course, we are your station for march madness. you can find much more information about the changes on the website at still ahead. on wncn today, a unique concept that gives you the ability to travel to places you never dreamed of for practically nothing. the local company that is developing the idea is coming
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starting to see . let's stick to what we are good at. news and weather. tomorrow, we are excited about the sunshine today. here is a live look from the university showing the raleigh skyline. sky is getting brighter. sunrise in five or six minutes. we are off to a gorgeous start to the day much we have nothing to worry about. hardly a cloud to be scene on the radar. if we zoom out here. that is the case in the half of the country of the isn't that a great picture to see. we are quiet. we are dry. temperatures are feeling pretty good. it really does not get much better than this for the last
6:42 am
it is 32 degrees in raleigh and durham. it is 33 in littlington and rocky mount. and 33 in roanoke rapids. and 29 degrees in roxboro. >> it is pushing warm air up in the south and much warmer than yesterday. how does 65 degrees sound. warmer by lunchtime. up to 67. sounds good to me. sunny and breezy. we will have a could pleat break down of what you can >> sounds good. 6:42 and still ahead on wncn today.
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volunteers and elbow . good morning, 6:45 right now. top stories. >> a virginia police department rookie officer was killed in the line of duty last night a day after being sworn in. ashley guindon and two other officers responding to a domestic disturbance. all three were hit and she died from her injuries. a suspect is in custody. hillary clinton won the south carolina primary by nearly three to one margin over bernie sanders. last night's victory sets the frontrunner up for the 12 state fight in just 12 days.
6:46 am
all of the states except one, bernie sanders' home state of vermont. people were arrested after a kkk rally was interrupted. three people were stabbed and several protestors were arrested for stomping a chanceman in the -- klansman in the streets. this man died during a training exercise. died last coupler wheel on a hike with his unit. empty stomach and other factors made him more susceptible to the heat. now there are new standard for training exercises designed to protect marines from weather conditions and to respond to weather-related injuries. a durham elementary school looks as good as new an as they pitched in to clean it up. they got a makeover. they organized the clean up effort.
6:47 am
school and cleaned up the inside, too. >> we have done a bunch of grounds work. cleaning up a bunch of windows as well. >> just trying to beautify the school and better environment for the students here. >> they hope to hold events like this to focus on serving the community in durham. travel the world in style for virtually nothing. it is changing how you spend money. that is the concept behind reward stock. magie newland shows us, it is what is next for the frequent flyer. >> i have been to machu picchu and chile. >> the list goes on. he is the very definition of a frequent flyer. traveling first class across the country and the world. >> it sound like a pretty pricey hobby. for domestic flights, i pay $11. for international business
6:48 am
the round trip flight. >> for free flights to free luxury hotels. he uses reward points. he said you can too. by using his website. they use algorithms to maximize the travel rewards. >> taking different of different redemption options or taking advantage of transferring prewards between programs and for using this and redeem on a partner. like another airline or a hotel company. start up fawz. some travelers are taking advantage of it. singapore. >> for the most part, it is paid for on points. very inexpensive trip we are taking and one of the trips of a lifetime. >> in order to get the points, credit cards. and they will recommend cards.
6:49 am
program say they don't spend more money than they would otherwise. they use it differently. >> i get two credit cards. that i don't have. and all i have to do is put $7,000 worth of spending on them. and to get the points i need. >> yes, $7,000 is a lot of money. but not over eight months time. especially if i am doing my rent, my groceries and my gas. >> you don't have to be rich to travel like you are rich. >> for what is next, i am maggie newland. >> the trip to asia would be around 40 grand. they paid two told. they closed out the beta stage. for more go to the website at good sunday morning. i am meteorologist kristin ketchell. we are off to a gorgeous start to the day. you are watching the sunrise live from the wncn tower camera.
6:50 am
all day today. gorgeous day heading our way. this satellite is in the way of wet weather no cloud cover to talk about here. we zoom things out a bit. that is across much of the eastern half of the country and a welcome change from the messy weather we dealt with earlier in the week. we get the extended period with sunshine and comfortable temperatures, too. >> # 2 degreeses in raleigh and not so much in the comfortable side and the cooler side. 32 degrees in durham and 29 in roxboro and siler city. and it will be rising into the 60s today. a lot of sunshine. we are up to 46 degrees at seven. and 47 degrees at lunchtime. high temperature right around 65 degrees. sunshine all day. warm breeze moving in this afternoon and this evening as well. temperatures not quite as cold. as we woke up early this morning here. >> we are staying sunny and much warmer today thanks to a high pressure off to the
6:51 am
this is the same system and brought us the cooler air yesterday. it is in a different position and slid offshore. we get the flow of air out of the south and warmer air pushing into the area and that is the case for today, tomorrow and tuesday. so a really nice set up here. big system of high pressure stays put for several days before it slides off to the east and allowing for a next cold front to push in. it will move through the area on wednesday. it is likely on wednesday and temperatures getting cooler as this front moves through and behind the front and friday and the weekend. we are briefly drier for thursday and we are talking low 50s before we start seeing colder air pushing in behind a second cold front which will move into the area on friday. for today. across the sandhills. it looks great.
6:52 am
and -- fort bragg and sunny skies, much warmer today. 66 degrees and in goldsboro and wilson and rocky mount, 64 degrees and around the roanoke rapids. mid triangle and in durham and chapel hill and cary and raleigh, 64 and in henderson and roxboro. >> staying clear. not as cold. we have the breeze out of the west at 12 miles an hour. seven-day forecast has temperatures staying warm. >> 66 degrees tomorrow after a start in the 40s. 68 on tuesday. by wednesday, the next cold front starts to push in. it is going to bring us cooler air and also the chance for a few showers. >> 58 degrees wednesday. not too bad on wednesday. we are still close to average temperature wise and by thursday we will be wishing for days like today through tuesday. we are down to 55 for a high on thursday. >> 48 on friday with a chance
6:53 am
we are not rebounding as we start off next weekend. low temperatures back in the low 30s and high temperatures not getting out the upper 40s on saturday. colder air making a come back in a big way for the end of the week. we close out february and start the month of march. it looks pretty fantastic. >> thank you so much, kristin. we are talking peyton manning.
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6:55 am
some inside on . she dominated the best actress field during award season. a tough weekend for unc basketball fans. the seventh ranked tarheels
6:56 am
number 3 virginia and in the second half, the cavaliers went on a 65 run 79-# four. unc falls to virginia. 79 to 74 as he just said. wolfpack traveled to syracuse. could it get a one over the orange. in the first start in more than a month. they led the wolfpack with 18-points and it wasn't enough. they beat state 75 to 76. duke is set to take on pittsburgh today. this is the only meeting for the teams. blue devils won the last two-times they played. tipoff is set for 2:00 p.m. today. the denver post is reporting that broncos quarterback peyton manning is on his way to retirement. the publication reports that manning will make an announcement sometime this week. he turns 40 in march and
6:57 am
he will end his career as the all time leading passer with 71,940 yards w. >> way to go out on top. >> i didn't realize he was 40. i am much closer in aim to him than i thought. >> we are happy for him and for the weather. today and tomorrow and tuesday, and we are in the 50s by wednesday. we have a few showers in the forecast for wednesday, too. >> the next cold front comes in and sets the stage for a cooler pattern setting up here across the area. >> highs back in the 40s and 50s. overnight lows falling back into the 30s the cooler air making a comeback. for now, enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful weather and the forecast over the next several days.
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we will be , a. >> i feel luke he looked directly at us and looked so evil. >> a survivor of a deadly work place shooting recalls coming eye to eye with a masked murderer. and look at how beautiful that is. the sunrise is getting earlier and earlier every day. right now it is 7:00 and 33 degrees in raleigh. glad you are starting your sunday with us. >> i am justin quesinberry. >> i am kristin ketchell. it is shaping up to be a nice day here. >> we are looking forward to the next couple of days before they take a turn. >> we will focus on the positive stuff here of the it will be a gorgeous day. you are taking a live look from the university camera and this


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