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tv   WNCN News at 6  CBS  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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crews battle a business fire in sanford. good evening. i'm maggie newland. at least four buildings are damaged. carleigh griffeth is live at the scene on matthews road. carleigh. >> reporter: maggie, crews have been out here since around noon today. they are still working to try and tame this fire. you can still see lots of smoke. still pouring heavy amounts of water. they now have equipment out here digging through the debris trying to look for hot spots that could turn into another fire later tonight. i spoke to chief wayne barber. he says the buildings are so gutted it is going to be hard to tell how or where this fire started. the main building it affected was a business. robert's cabinets and tops. chief barber says with all the wood and staining material in the buildings, it acted as an accelerant. the fire quickly spread to two smaller buildings. it a fourth building was
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total loss w. the size of the blaze, barber says it's tough to fight. >> we made an initial attack inside and saw brick that was not going to work. we fell back to a defensive attack and used an aerial ladder to use hand lines. >> reporter: duke energy had to come out to cut power since the flames were so close to the power lines. reporting live n sanford, carleigh griffette, wncn news. fayetteville police say the man behind the wheel of a car that crashed and killed a 19- year-old woman was driving under the influence. circle. 20-year-old anna hall was pronounced dead. guzman. he is facing list of charges. the hashtag "thank you
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raleigh in honor of now former carolina hurricane eric staal. the canes made the announcement this afternoon after weeks of speculation about a trade deal. lauren haviland has the latest on the trade. >> reporter: well, eric staal found out about the confirmed trade early this afternoon. he was actually already here at pnc arena ready to take on the st. louis blues. when the canes moved to raleigh here in 1997, staal started his career here, too. but now staal is headed to new york where he will play for the rangers. it in exchange, the canes acquired a second-round pick in the 2016 and the 2017 nhl draft. staal leaves the hurricanes as the team's all-time leader during its north carolina history in games played, goals, assists, points, hat tricks,
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goal, shorthanded goals, and game winning goals. of course, he was also here when the team won the stanly cup. from the canes fans to the general manager, most everyone is sad to see him go. >> well, i think any time you trade a guy that's the face of your franchise, been here a long time, done a lot of good things for the team and the community, it's not an easy day. we have a friendship on the side which makes it even more difficult, but he was a real pro about it. >> that's what they're paid to do is to make those hard decisions. sad to see him go actually, but hopefully it will be the best thing for him and for the canes. >> we've been season ticket holders for a long time. i've followed him since we picked him up, and i'm really sorry he's gone. >> reporter: besides his success on the ice, he was great off of it. he was great in the locker room and, of course, here in the community. now, the nhl's trade deadline is tomorrow at 3:00.
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haviland, wncn news now. >> he will certainly be missed. now, we sent this news out as a push alert thatch. you can sign up by downloading the wncn news app. android devices. new at 6:00 the nash county sheriff's office says a woman and her infant twin daughters who were reported missing have been found. heather lanfair and her four- month-old twins were last seen yesterday afternoon and reported missing overnight. the sheriff's office says once word got out they were located quickly. new at 6:00, everyone is expected to be okay after a boat started take on water this afternoon in harris lake. deputies say a pregnant woman was one of the two people on board the boat. they were headed back to shore when they realized the boat had a hoho in it. well, here in raleigh and the triangle it was a bustle day to be outside. meteorologist bill reh says the nice weather will stick around.
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>> good evening, everybody. we're about to show you the sunset, which is looking really nice right now. we had a gorgeous, gorgeous sunday. there we are. hello. robotic cameras, folks. there's the sun. we could move it a little over. there it is! it's going down as we speak. 62 degrees right now. as we take a look at temperatures, 62 in raul lease, 63 smithfield, 60 in south hill, virginia. more sunshine. boy did we have the rays of sunshine today. completely clear skies. the high that was over us yesterday has backed off. that brought in the southerly flow or southwesterly flow and pumped our temperatures up into the 60s. there are a few clouds out along the mississippi valley. they will quickly wisp through here tomorrow midday, but it's very dry in the upper atmosphere except for some of those clouds. all we're going to see are just
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have a dry cold front. this evening if you want to head out now that the sun is going down, temperatures pretty mild. in the 50s all the way through midnight. and as i mentioned we will have those clear skies that are around. and as we take a look at the overnight lows, 43 in raleigh, 43 in fayetteville, 43 in roxboro, 43 in rocky mount. what are you going to do with your extra day tomorrow? it's leap day. you've got an extra day. i think you might want to spend it outside. very pleasant. 53 degrees. we will see a few clouds come our way in the morning hours. you see some of the clouds, but i really don't have any precipitation with it. we'll see some of those clouds float by. by the time you're heading home tomorrow it will be 60 degrees as that sun goes down. just another gorgeous day. our next weather maker is coming with a cold front on wednesday. we'll time that out, tell you what to expect in a few
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tonight we are learning more about officer ashley gin don. she was -- guindon. she was shot at a home in wood bridge southwest of washington, d.c. the officer had a master's degree in forensic science. she went through training before leaving the police department for personal ropes. she eventually returned. she was just sworn in on friday. >> prince william county police department is in very deep mourning over the loss of officer ashley guindon last night. our condolences go out to ashley's mother and her extended family as well as all of her loved ones throughout this department and beyond. we're asking for thoughts and prayers as well as we monitor the conditions of our other two officers who remain hospitalized today. >> the suspect, ronald
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sergeant assigned to the except gone. police say he shot and killed his wife moments before this happened. he is currently being held without bond. at least 13 people are facing charges after a brawl between can you clux clan members and protesters. three people were stabbed and two kkk members were stamped on the ground. >> the members arrived in a vehicles five in one vehicle. a group of the counter protesters immediately attacked them as they exited the vehicle. that resulted in a stabbing right off to the left by the fire hydrant. >> police say they were able to arrest everyone on both sides responsible. raleigh police are still looking for. investigators say this man entered the jewelry store with a gun last night.
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blue jump suit. he's described as beg about six feet tall. >> that doesn't change a lot. at night we take precautions. we take our garbage out the back door. the manipulate we shut down for business our front doors are locked. if someone really wants to come in here, i guess they're going to, because we're not going to live in fear. >> the suspect did escape with jewelry. if you have any information you are asked to call police or crime stoppers. starting tomorrow we will official be cbs north carolina. one of the many award wing shows will you zion prime time this week, "mom." christy and bonney, a mom and daughter both trying to get their lives back on track after years of questionable choices. you can catch this on thursdays at 9:00. "elementary" also airs on thursdays and stars johnny lee
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and here's a list of what you. super girl at 9:00, followed by scorpion at 9:00, ncis los angeles at 10, and north carolina news at 11:00. that will be followed by stephen colbert. will you likely need to change your dvr if you haven't already. we have answers for you on our website, look for the special section on our home page. coming up, duke stumbles on the road. in sports, the road test that likely got pittsburgh into the postseason. as we inch closer to super tuesday we'll look at the
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candidate bernie guenther opened his first triangle field office in durham today. an event is underway downtown. it is one of three offices opening across the statement hillary clinton's campaign opened an office in raleigh. this comes after donald trump opened an office in downtown fateville. early voting begins thursday. the presidential primary is set for march 15th. more than a dozen states and territories will hold primaries on super tuesday which could make or break some campaigns. here's our story from the campaign trail. >> reporter: with a major victory in south carolina hillary clinton is hoping to keep that momentum going across multiple southern states ahead of super tuesday. sunday clinton traveled to tennessee where she spoke to a congregation in memphis. >> i will need your help on tuesday. the primary here in tennessee is very important. i hope will you come out and
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honored to earn your vote on tuesday. >> reporter: as part of his super tuesday strategy, bernie guenther skipped the palmetto state and moved on to texas and minnesota. >> i'm going to be asking for your vote on tuesday. but i need more than that from you. i need your help the day after the general election, because i can't do it alone. [ applause ] >> reporter: donald trump who won three of the first gop races, confident he will sweep the super tuesday state, and john kasich agrees. but the ohio governor believes a strong showing in his home state next month will provide the boost he needs. >> i think trump is probably going to win probably all of them. but keep holding your own. our campaign plan was ultimately to hold our own in some of these places, and we will. what changes this race is may ability to win in ohio. >> reporter: senator ted cruz, however, believes trump can be beat. >> our campaign is the only one in a position to beat donald
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and if you want to stop this trump train, the only way to do so is to beat him on super tuesday. >> a consultant found no consensus among fayetteville residents when it comes to the city seal. it depicts a marketplace where slaves were once sold. council never voted but is willing to consider other design options. margaret spellings replaces tom ross who was pushed out after republicans took control of the board of governors. she expressed she would spend the first 100 days visiting campuses across the statement. right now stars are lining the red carpet for tonight's academy awards. chris rock is hosting this year's oscars. the awards program under significant pressure for including a list of all white acting nominees. among other nominees up for best picture are "the
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spotlight. red carpet treatment for the weather today. we love watching the sunset so here we two. davis drive elementary, a great shot. you see a couple of folks out playing, but this time of year you cap just watch that sun go down, and, boom, what a gorgeous evening we're about to experience and enjoy on this next-to-last day of february. what about tomorrow's sunshine? today was a 10. tomorrow is -- >> six. >> a few more clouds. anything is a few more than what we had today with those clear skies. so a six for tomorrow. but right now skies are clear. we've got all the radars churning, just spinning their whose, because there's nothing out there, no clouds, no rain, no nothing. so that's some good news. so's all temperatures. it's 61 in roxboro, 62 in raul lease, 63 in fayetteville. rocky mount, wilson, you have
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63 goldsboro, 60 in south hill, virginia. 64 still in clinton. so let's put them in motion overnight. we're not going to be chilly. we're going to be pretty mild. everybody pretty much in the 40s for the overnight lows. that's better than this morning when we were around freezing, and yesterday morning when we were in the 20s. here's your afternoon high temperature map. the greens are gentle 60s, and the yellows are. pretty mild for this time of year as the jet stream spins to our north and keeps that cold air locked up into the great purples. even though we're going to have a dry cool front coming front. everything continues to move west to east. so the hourly forecast, skipping every three hours, mid evening 53 degrees, midnight a.m. i have a low of 43. 53 at 9:00 in the morning, 64
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so a little dilemma tomorrow. it's going to be in the 40s so obviously you need a jacket on the way to work and school. tomorrow is going to be 68 degrees for a high. on track. nothing has changed when we today. the best chance for those scattered showers, morning through early afternoon. and there might be, especially south of the triangle, a little isolated thunder but we're not talking about any kind of severe weather outbreak. there's the high. southwesterly flow tomorrow. here's that dry front. a couple of showers in the mountains get squeezed out. by dinnertime tomorrow night skies are clear again. should have another pretty sunset. low 40s. and on tuesday we'll be back into the upper 60s. mostly sunny to maybe partly sunny later in the day. but it will be another fine day
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then on wednesday clouds, then here come the showers and maybe a little embedded thunder. as that front comes through, things will clear out with this. it will be dry sore the drive home should be. so after mostly clear skies tonight, into the 40s, tings. how about the temperatures? they're going to stay pretty consistent from 68 to 69 in the sand hills, including 69 in fuzz of i. 69 benson, golds bore rocks and clinton. and about 66 to 68 in the try angle. not much variance. 68 raleigh and cary. winds gentle out of the west. a dry direction. 5 to 12 miles per hour.
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because it's not only leap day -- remember, i've asked you, what are you going to do with your extra -- it's cbs day. we become cbs tomorrow. so get out there and enjoy. that tell everybody it's a holiday. no. 68 degrees tomorrow as we're looking for partly sunny skies for tomorrow. but fair in the morning. there's that dry front that will come through lunchtime, early afternoon. by drive. temperatures in the sick. as we head interest tuesday, hello march,ful. chance of showers in the morning to early top. in the rest of the seven-day, 55 op thursday. friday a little system seeped. it will be chilly, 30s and 40s throughout much of the day. and then as we head into the weekend, kind of chilly
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and sunday, that's below our normal high of 59. so still cool but not a bad day. partly cloudy and 54. this is not bad either. we got there by the chin of our chiny ochinko, or whatever that phrase is. 67 was the high today. we forecast 64. another $100 to the american heart association. $2500. one more day to get them to 2600. >> an extra day for another $100. >> there you go. >> and it was beautiful out there today. loved it. thank you bill. while it's not legal in north carolina marijuana was the topic of a workshop in. it is designed to teach people all aspects of marijuana. >> we actually go where there's demand.
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chart where people are inquiring from. and this for some reason seems to be a hot. >> however, the only marijuana product currently available is an oil. the marijuana plants cannot be grown in the state of north carolina. next in sports, a tough day for blue devils. the implication their loss could have on the big dance and
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in sports news, the blue devils could not get it done today on the road. a huge upset for duke and an even bigger win for the bubble team pittsburgh panthers. pittsburgh opened with a 10-0 lead. grayson allen led in scoring with 22 points followed by luke kennard. this was essentially a must win for pittsburgh and likely
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after the game, coach k commended pittsburgh and said today's game was very out of character for his team. aside from the big trade news, the carolina hurricanes were also on the ice today. they were hosting the st. louis blues. now they dropped their third game in a row losing to the blues. final score there 5-2. stay (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it.
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seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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for tomorrow on our first day as a cbs affiliate 68 degrees. it's also leap day. some rain on friday, chillier. >> much chillier. so we can't put away the coats even though it feels like it might be spring. >> it will come back next weekend.
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we will be on this sunday night, trump slammed. the frontrunner drawing fire from fellow republicans and
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to condemn the former leader of the ku klux klan. and bernie sanders looks for a path forward after hillary clinton's south carolina landslide. fallen hero. former marine killed on the job just one day after she's sworn in. tonight, the small town police department in mourning. young guns. the intense debate in one state that would allow the smallest hands to put their fingers on a trigger. the snack craze a lot of people are chewing on. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: decision 2016. this is nbc "nightly news" with kate snow reporting tonight from austin, texas. good evening from austin, texas. just over 36 hours until polls open here and across 11 other states.


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