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tv   WNCN News at 11  CBS  February 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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live from the triangle, this is wncn news at 11:00. i'm looking in amazement as
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is the flame still coming up? >> right now on wncn, several buildings destroyed, and crews on scene for hours battling a four-alarm fire. good evening and thanks for staying up with us. i'm maggy newland. crews were on the scene of the four-alarm fire in sanford nearly all day. it started in a cabinetry shop and rapidly spread to another business right next to several homes. wncn's carly griffith explains why it took so long to get the fires under control. >> two businesses were lost in a fire that took multiple crews hours to tame, and now these families are left to pick up the pieces from this devastating blaze. >> there were flames shooting out of the back of the roof so it was pretty well involved >> around noon, crews from sanford and surrounding areas were called. fire chief said the flame started there and quickly worked their way through a storage
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book shop next door. >> we feel there's a lot of contributing factors with the age of the building, age of the wiring and materials that were stored in there, the wood, sawdust, lack of thinner, stains, that type stuff >> the owner was out of town at the time of the fire. residents say the shop had been there for decades. >> been there for 41 years, and his whole life is pretty much in there or was. >> it's been pretty active in the community for several -- a long time. >> the owner of the comic book shop lived in his store with his wife. he did not want to speak to us on camera but said they lost around 60,000 comics but are just glad no one was hurt. >> i don't know what happened or why. i don't know. but i'm very sorry to see that happen. >> neighbor mirelda creature watched the fire from her home next door. >> seems like the more water that the fire department was spraying on the fire, it was -- the fire was just getting bigger. it seemed like the water wouldn't put the fire out. >> the fire, such a risk and so
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point, crews had to kill electricity to power lines around the scene. >> had to have power, kill the power along the both streets because, like i say, we had an aerial here, plus we had our people working, and those lines, we just couldn't take the chance. we had to kill it. >> fire officials are still concerned about hot spots at this fire site. they will be watching the scene overnight to make sure that another fire doesn't start again. in sanford, carly griffith, wncn news now. another fire investigation is underway tonight. this one in raleigh. you can see firefighters atat the home on carver street. we're told one person went to the hospital for smoke inhalation. no word at this point on what caused the fire. the man charged in connection with a deadly crash overnight in fayetteville is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow. police say 21-year-old bruce guzman was drunk when he ran off the road just before 2:00 this morning. it happened on strikland bridge road. one of the passengers, 20-year-old anna hogg, died. another person in the car was
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after weeks of speculation, the carolina hurricanes made the official announcement this afternoon. erik stall is headed to new york to play with the rangers. the veteran captain has played with the hurricanes for more than ten years. in the trade for stall, the canes acquired center alexi. stall leaves the hurricanes during all-time leader in north carolina history in games played, goals, assists, points, hat tricks, penalty minutes, power play goals, short-handed goals and game-winning goals. of course, he was also here to win the stanley cup. many hope this move is a good one for stall and the kings. >> willing to weigh them. i mean, he didn't have to do that. he did that in order to allow us to do this, and, you know, we feel it gives us some building blocks to continue to move forward in the direction we want to go. >> it's what they're paid to do is make those kind of hard decisions, and sad to see him go. actually, but it -- hopefully it'll be the best thing for him
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>> the canes will not name a new captain this season. other trades are expected before tomorrow's deadline. three attempts and still no luck with getting a falcon 9 rocket off the ground. the space x company called off the launch after two similar launches were cancelled over the past week. the company is not saying why it scrubbed the mission, only that the rocket and its payload are fine. one of the previous launches was cancelled because of problems with the propelant. rocket carries a satellite that would bring internet and phone access to millions of people in asia. the oscars are about to wrap up in l.a. here is video of stars arriving on the red carpet. so far, big winners include spotlight for original screen play and mark ryland for best supporting actor for his role in brinl of spies. the films up for best picture include spotlight, bridge of spies, brooklyn and the revenant. it was a beautiful day outside. meteorologist bill ray says hopefully this warm weather will stick around a little bit. bill. >> it's gorgeous today. the high today.
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we are at 55 right now. normal high is 59. so we're pretty close to that, and as we take a look at temperatures, 52 in roxboro, 53 in sanford, getting a little temperature inversion starting to show this color on the map. that is not any rain. the skies pretty much are clear. so let's move on out, and you can see the clear skies over us. high pressure continues to sit right off our coast. little southwesterly flow today. that's why it was mild. you see a few clouds out here. little bit of rain showers. those rain showers will get squeezed out out of the mountains but a couple more clouds in here tomorrow ass -- as we look at things. overnight lows are going to be in the low 40s. that's milder than what we had this morning in the low 30s, and two mornings ago when we were in the 20s. a step up there when you head out to work or school. speaking of which, now, we'll get you to the drive time forecast for tomorrow. 44 degrees at 6 a.m.. be up to 48 at 8:00. you are not going to leave the
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cold, it will be dry, and get some bright sunshine in here. here is your future cast from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. as we look through that looping period. a couple clouds, but that's about it. it is going to be another delightful day. we'll talk about how warm it'll get tomorrow and our next weather maker, which is a cold front, and will bring us some rain on wednesday. we'll tell you all about it coming up. maggy. >> all right. if you haven't already, make sure to download the wncn weather app. it'll make sure you have the latest weather news at the palm of your hand. you can get push alerts when there are watches and warnings in your area, as well. it is available for apple and android devices. just look for it in the app store. a nash county mom and her twin girls are home safe tonight after being reported missing late last night. the nash county sheriff's office says heather and her four-month-old 2001s were reported missing overnight after being seen yesterday afternoon. the sheriff's office says once word got out about the missing family members, they were located quickly. a pregnant woman is expected to be okay after a boat she was in started sinking this afternoon in apex.
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board the boat at harris lake. when the couple was headed back to shore, they realized there was a hole in the boat. margaret spellings officially takes over as unc system president this week. she replaces tom ross, who was pushed out after repub lu cans took control of the board of govrpers. when first meeting with the board at its retreat earlier this month, she stressed she would spend the first 100 days on the job visiting campuses across the state. tonight, we are learning more about officer ashley guindon, the police officer from virginia who was shot and killed just one day after being sworn in. two of her colleagues were injured while responding to an argument at a home last night in woodbridge. that's about 30 miles southwest of washington dark knight. the 28-year-old former marine corps reservist had a master's degree in forensic science. she also went through training within the past year before leaving the police department for personal reasons, but she eventually returned. she was just sworn in friday. prince william county police
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mourning over the loss of officer ashley guindon last night. our condolences go out to ashley's mother and her extended family, as well as all of her loved ones throughout this department and beyond. we're asking for thoughts and prayers, as well, as we monitor the conditions of our other two officers who remain hospitalized today. >> the suspect in the case, ronald hamilton, is an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. police say he shot and killed his wife moments before this happened. he is being held without bond. at least 13 people are facing charges after a brawl between ku klux klan members and protesters. you can see just how quickly this all escalated. outside of a park in anaheim, california yesterday. three people were stabbed, and two kkk members were stomped on the ground. >> when the kkk members arrived in a vehicle, maybe five of them in one vehicle, that a group of the counter protesters immediately attacked them as
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that resulted in a stabbing right off to the left here by the fire hydrant. >> they were able to arrest everyone on both sides responsible for starting the fight. the suspect in the deadly shooting of a pastor in ohio was expected to be in court tomorrow morning. officials say reverend william schooler's younger brother gunned him down in his own church this morning. he is facing murder charges. people were inside the church when it happened and said the scene was horrific. >> had a gentleman come in, and he went to sit down during prayer, and he sat there for a few minutes, and then after prayer, he got up, and he went back in our pastor's office, and then i heard two shots. it wasn't a minute, and i heard two shots. so i just got everybody out of the church. and we just kept hearing shooting, bang, bang, bang. >> court documents say the younger brother has a history of violence, as well as mental health issues. back here closer to home,
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for the gunman who held up a north hills jewelry store last night. investigators say this man entered jewelers with a gun just before 6:30. from the surveillance picture, you can see the robber is in a blue jump suit. he's also described as being about 6 feet tall. others who work nearby say they take precautions to ensure their customers and staff are safe. >> that doesn't change a whole lot at night when they take precautions. i mean, we take our garbage out the back door, but our back door is always locked. the minute we shut down for locked. keep doing what we do normally. if someone wants to come in here, i guess they are going to. not going to live in fear. >> no one was hurt, but police do tell wncn the suspect escaped with jewelry. if you have any information, you are asked to call police or crimestoppers. the blue devils fall short on the road. one of the worst losses of the season for the blue devils. how this changes the big picture for pittsburgh heading into the final week of the regular season. and we are gearing up for the biggest day of the election season so far.
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trump sweeps all states on super tuesday, he won't at devry university's college of business, we're looking for the go-getters. so if you want to learn what's been business-world tested today, and make an impact tomorrow, you're our kind of different. devry university's college of business.
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and this comes just three days after gop front runner donald trump opened an office in downtown fayetteville. early voting in north carolina starts thursday. the presidential primary is march 15th. more than a dozen states and territories will hold primaries on super tuesday, which could make or break some campaigns. steve has our story from the campaign trail. >> with the major victory in south carolina, hilary clinton is hoping to keep that momentum going across multiple southern states ahead of super tuesday. sunday, clinton traveled to tennessee where she spoke to a congregation in memphis while attending a church service. >> i will need your help on tuesday. the primaries here in tennessee is very important. i hope you will come out and vote, and, of course, i would be honored to earn your vote on tuesday. >> as part of his super tuesday strategy, senator bernie sanders skipped the palmetto state on primary day and moved onto texas then minnesota. >> i'm going to be asking for your vote on tuesday, but i need
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i need your help the day after the general election because i can't do it alone >> donald trump who won three of the first gop races is confident he'll sweep the super tuesday states, and john kasich agrees, but the ohio governor agrees a strong showing in his home state next month will provide the boost he needs. >> i think trump is probably going to win probably all of them, but you keep holding your own. our campaign plan was ultimately to, you know, hold our own in some of these places. we will. what changes this race is my ability to win in ohio. >> senator ted cruz, however, believes trump can be beat. >> our campaign is the only one in a position to beat donald trump on super tuesday, and if you want to stop this -- this trump train, the only way to do so is to beat him on super tuesday. a consultant found no consensus among fayetteville residents when it comes to the city's seal.
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house, which is a building where slaves were once sold. we've been telling you about the debate for months now. our fayetteville observer reports the split on the issue. willing to consider other design options. raleigh police officers were out in full force today tracking down speeding drivers. we saw them on the belt line early this afternoon. police say this is routine. no word on how many tickets they issued today. well, it was a beautiful day outside, and meteorologist bill ray is predicting what sounds like a pretty good start to your workweek, as well. he will join us right now with what's the weather. what's it looking like out there? >> check this out. 55 degrees right now. skies are mostly clear. as we get you started for your monday here the rays of sunshine. not quite a ten as today. it was a gorgeous day today. a weak little front is coming through, but the winds will all be out of the west. clean.
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look out to the west of us, and pull the map over a little bit. you can see a few clouds from kentucky into tennessee. they'll climb over the mountains and kind of break up into our dry air, but be flowing tomorrow, so we'll see a few clouds and go mostly to partly sunny as opposed to today's sunny. temperatures, boy oh boy, 52 in roxboro, 55 in durham, 55 in raleigh, 53 in fayetteville, 51 in wilson. still 50 in south hill, virginia. we are only going to fall into the 40s overnight. you see that there, temperatures in the 40s, and then tomorrow will be a mild day. the light greens are upper 60s. the yellows are 70s. the cold air is all -- well, it's all trapped up to the north, you know, the jet stream running well to the north of us. it's keeping that cold air up there. so your hourly forecast, 6 a.m. when you're getting ready for the bus stop, a jacket, but nothing too heavy duty compared to what we've had the last several mornings. 44 degrees at 6 a.m. i have a
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6:00, maybe right after it, and then 48 at 8:00. 57 at 10:00. 64 degrees at noon. 68. that'll be our high around 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. 67 at 4:00, and still a comfortable 60 at 6:00. so couple clouds with that weak front. those clouds showed you over tennessee then late in the day should be back to sunny skies so looking pretty good. our next weather maker, not counting that front tomorrow because ut's such a dry front. the one that might affect you will be wednesday. it still looks like a morning through midday-type front where we'll see some scattered showers. amounts should be under a half inch, and there might even be a little isolated thunder there. so that could occur south of the triangle. we're not looking for any severe weather outbreak. here you go tomorrow morning. here comes that front. a couple clouds with it, then it moves through. high pressure, westerly breeze, very dry conditions. then as we head into tuesday morning, back down to the low 40s with light and variable winds then this high will give us another southwest flow on tuesday. going to be mild again.
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wednesday, yeah, you'll go out the door kind of wet wednesday morning then as wednesday afternoon comes in, some cooler breezes out of the northwest will flow in. be a little breezy but dry out very quick. the forecast 68 in san ford, 69 in fail vil. 68 smithfield, 68 wilson, 68 raleigh and durham and lewisburg. henderson 67. roxboro 66 degrees. you saw the winds out of the west 5 to 12 miles per hour. so tomorrow, 50. 40 minutes away from becoming cbs so we'll see that tomorrow as you watch your new programming. 68 degrees. partly sunny skies at times, but then sun late in the day so it'll be clear tomorrow night. 42, and then on tuesday, we'll see 68 degrees. wednesday, there's that 50% chance so let's explore that. scattered showers in the morning. maybe at noontime, but i think by drive time, things will be clearing out. little cooler than the next two days.
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holding in the 50s, getting up to 60, but those hourlies there in the 50s. then thursday, we quickly clear out, and we're partly cloudy. 55. friday, another low pressure system is going to skirt to our south so we'll keep an eye on that to give us a chance of rain. it'll be chilly in the morning. upper 30s, low to mid 40s. that'll be quite a change. that'll be kind of like the lows we are going to have tonight, and then saturday, we're clearing out. 49. next sunday, 54 degrees with partly cloudy skies. so all in all, the next two great. >> yeah. might as well make it a holiday. cbs monday, right? >> okay. enjoy your extra day, too. >> leap day, too. it'll be a good day all around. all right. well, as you've heard, starting tomorrow morning, we will officially be cbs north carolina, your new home for cbs news and programming. one of the many award-winning shows you'll see in prime time this week, "mom." anna farris
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trying to get their lives back on track after years of questionable choices. you can catch this on thursdays at 9:00. elementary also airs on thursdays and stars johnny miller and lucy liu as a crime-solving duo dedicated to cracking the nypd's most impossible cases. here is a list at what you can expect in prime time. supergirl at 8:00 followed by scorpion at 9:00, ncis los angeles at 10:00 and north carolina news at 11:00 all followed by the late show with stephen colbert at 11:35. you will likely need to change your dvrs if you haven't already. and we realize you probably have a lot of questions. we do have answers for you on our web site, just look for the special section on the home page. in sports, the blue devils could not get it done on the road today. a huge upset for duke, and an even bigger win for the bubble team, pittsburgh panthers. duke never could get a strong run together after pittsburgh opened up with a 10-0 lead. grayson allen led in scoring with 22 points followed by
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final score 76-62. this was essentially a must win for pittsburgh, and likely pufrnled a ticket to the ncaa tournament. after the game, coach k commended pittsburgh and said today's game was very out of character for his team. duke hosts wake forest on tuesday. and the tarheels will look to bounce back at home tomorrow night for senior night against syracuse. the heels lost on the road last night. tomorrow's tipoff is at 7. unc finishes the regular season at duke on saturday night. and aside from big trade news, the carolina hurricanes also on the ice today hosting the st. louis blues. they drop their third game in a row losing to the blues. a final score 5-2.
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last night, our station took home six regional emmy awards. the awards were announced in nashville. wncn was honored for the work of our investigative team and promotions department, along with our brake for buses public service campaign. you can see a full list of winners on our web site we're real proud. that was good. fun night for them. >> yeah. the weather looks fun for tomorrow and the next day. >> it's going to be nice tomorrow as we take a look at your last day of february. february 29th. not march yet. we're going to see 68 degrees. couple clouds midday. dry little front kind of comes overhead, but you are not going to notice it. you are going to enjoy the day
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there will still be plenty of sun. tuesday, mostly to partly sunny, 68 degrees to start march off. so the next two days very, very warm, and then on wednesday, as i mentioned, there will be some showers, mainly in the morning on your way to work or school or lunchtime, but driving home, hopefully clearing out. 60 degrees. thursday, 55 degrees, and then friday, a little chilly rain is possible, otherwise 40s. we'll be dry next weekend. 49 on saturday. 54 on sunday, just not as delightful as today's 67. >> today was perfect. >> gorgeous. >> so enjoy the next two days, and thank you so much for joining us for our very last news cast here on nbc. beginning at midnight tonight, we switch over to cbs so, yeah, about a half hour from now. >> 32 nnts. >> yes. exactly.
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