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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  WNCN  February 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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sanford after a multi alarm fire demolished local businesses plus kristin ketchell is tracking your morning commute. >> first alyssa corfont is here a great weekend. here's some great news all that have pleasant weather is going to hang around for the start of the work week as well. right now we're looking at just a few clouds and believe it or not temperatures in the 50s as door. now, obviously we clearly see some rain on our radar it's north and west of us and that is where it's going to stay throughout the day. no umbrellas necessary today, morning. we've now dropped to 49 in raleigh, durham you're at 50, 51 in roxboro, and you're looking at the i-95 corridor rocky mount you're at 49. detail. temperatures in the upper 40s, chilly he and breezy this morning, 63 at lunchtime
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68 before we drop back to near 61 for that evening drive home at 6 p.m. i'll let you know when the rain returns to us here in central north carolina coming up but right now send it over to kristin with a look at your traffic. good monday morning. off to a nice start weather wise and if you're planning on heading out early into work this morning traffic looking okay. we have no major issues to report for you, and as you can see right there traffic moving smoothly in both directions on 440. your traffic map showing more of the same. we are all green this morning no issues on any of our major thoroughfares. i-540 to downtown will take you about 17 minutes and 70 to 540 downtown about a 13-minute drive. firefighters still on scene this morning after a four alarm blaze tore through three buildings.
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have served the community for decades. emma wright is there live on scene with more now. >> people who live around hearsay that these buildings just went up like that. they say this is a very fast moving fire. take a look at this damage. you can't tell that there used to be buildings on the street corner where this happened. we're told the fire started at robert cabinets and tops. we're told the fire spread to a comic bookstore next door and got dangerously close to houses on either side of the area. we'll show you some video of what the fire looked like yesterday. firefighters were working to put out the fire. we talked with some people who knew the owners of both stores and say they've been here for decades. >> rob and kelly two of the kind east people i've ever met in my
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they're not your average preacher and preacher's wife. not kelly, she's one of the most amazing charming people you will ever meet. >> and we also talked with the sanford fire chief he said this was a very fast moving fire and says it was difficult to put out. coming up in our next half hour we're going to hear from him and he's going to explain the strategy they used to put the fire out and keep it from the army sergeant arrested in connection with the murder of his wife and a police officer is due in court today. >> sadly it was the first day on killed. right now 32-year old ronald hamilton is being held without bond.
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>> reporter: bag pipes, candle and the prayers were part of a memorial for the officer killed on her first day on principal in virginia. >> we will continue one step at a time in honor. it was discredit her memory and her service if we did anything but. >> officer down, i don't know where the suspect is. >> her and two other officers were responding to a domestic dispute. police arrested a 32-year old, ronald hamilton an active duty army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. they say he shot and killed his wife then opened fire on the officers. >> it was very scary. i heard the shots like four to five shots back to back. >> yellow tape roped off the crime scene sunday. residents paid their respects at the hospital where the officers
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>> this happened over something so stupid, it's so sad. >> a 6-year reserve advice was sworn in friday and this picture was post today the department's twitter package welcoming her and another officer with the words be safe. incredibly sad. looking ahead more than a dozen states and territories will hold primaries on super tuesday which could make or break some campaigns. donald trump winning three of the four. now, the other candidates turning their focus to taking down trump. marco rubio took the opportunity to take some low blows at trump at a rally in had virginia last night. >> he doesn't sweat because his pores clogged from the spray tan that he uses. donald
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great he's going to make america orange. >> meanwhile the democrats taking on different strategies. hillary lynn ton is taking her campaign to tennessee. in durham bernie sanders opened his first triangle filled office. these the photos the campaign sent uss last night, the office on church street is one of three opening across the state this week. hillary clinton as campaigned opened an office in raleigh two weeks ago. and this comes three days after gop frontrunner donald trump opened an office in downtown fayetteville. early voting north carolina starts thursday the presidential primary is scheduled for march 15th. the highly anticipated 88th annual academy awards is now in the books. coming up we have a
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surround booed controversy and a highlight of the event. also coming up now, we're your station to go to for all the cbs programming. and you're going to need a light jacket as you head for the door. 48 right
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in fayetteville. what a nice way to end the weekend, 65, 67. >> yeah, we hit 67 here in the triangle. so it was really nice. i hope you were able to get out and enjoy it. so here's a look at your drive time forecast for today 45 at 6 a.m., we're going to stay in the mid-40s through 7 and then by 9 a.m. we should be back to 49
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so really nice driving conditions for you this morning. just don't forget those sunglasses. now, obviously we don't need those sunglasses for a little bit. this is a live picture from our tower camera and as we look out to the west we're looking over the beltline this morning. all is quiet just an extra car or two from when we checked on that close to 4:30. here's a look at your current temperatures 46 in louisburg be and clayton, good morning littleton and you fayetteville both at 50. here in raleigh we're at 49 and durham is reporting 50 degrees. something i noticed is a breezier conditions. the wind sustained at about 13 miles per hour. i showed you earlier gusts in some areas in the upper teens to the low 20s. so certainly something you will notice as you step out the door this morning. so i want to walk you through your day, you'll notice this morning
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we'll be in the upper 40s and climb to nearly 10 degrees, 63 at noon, high this afternoon 68 degrees. that's going to be very close to where we were yesterday and the good news keeps on coming because those temperatures going to be around today and tomorrow before the chance for rain returns on wednesday. i'll walk you through the rain chances and what it means for the rest of the work week coming up in your complete forecast. >> looking good so far. thanks so much. well, on cbs north carolina you're going to have a new morning show family bringing you all of your national news. come up my interview with north carolina native charlie rose.
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you can catch a man accused of driving drunk and causing a deadly crash in fayetteville is set to be in
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police say the 21-year old ran off strictland bridge road. a passenger was killed another injured. the ohio man accused of shooting and killing his brother is expected in court today. officials say he gunned them down in their own church. today a group of people will meet in charlotte to call for the release of 7 teenagers detained by immigration officials. authorities took the riverside high school senior into custody last month saying that he crossed the border illegally a couple of years ago. last night's 88th academy awards wasn't all about the racial controversy. leonardo dicaprio won his best actor award for the first time. >> and of course after the show celebrities flooded into post oscar celebrations.
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we're talking about the party. >> reporter: the curse was finally broken for leonardo dicaprio who took home the best revenant. >> it feels surreal. >> bri larson also won for her performance in room. >> i feel strong and excited to be holding this gold guy. >> when the curtain fell on the big show the stars made their way to the governor's ball to toast to the night. >> we worked so hard and to have it rewarded like this is really overwhelming. >> is hollywood racist. >> chris rock pushed the envelope in addressing the controversy. >> he's an amazing performer and person and it was -- it need today happen. >> super star elton john used his party to raise awareness for hiv and aids. >> we made a lot of progress but not enough yet. >> the parties also give
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the first time and yes they too get star struck. >> i do. if i walked into leonardo dicaprio right thousand i don't know what i would do. >> fashion stylist got a big surprise. >> look behind you. >> oh my god i was just talking about you. >> i heard. >> the glamour were not losten the biggest nights as styles and awards were shown off into the early hours. >> and chris rock getting a lot of positive reviews for had his performance. >> absolutely. well today for the first time you can catch a full slate of cbs programming right here on cbs north carolina. >> now, that's going to include big events like march madness and the master's as well as nightly prime time shows like ncis los angeles. sam is played by ll cool j and you can find
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about our switch over to cbs right now on there's a banner at the top of the website. it's got a link to frequently asked questions and a full list of when all your favorite shows coming on. days after we learned about the change we went to new york city behind the science of cbs this morning. we had an amazing time. in fact i had the chance to go one on one with one of into favorites born and raised right here in north carolina charlie rose. >> you're one of the cool east cats i know, check out the shoes, the pants. >> come to the big city and gets all fancy. >> having a little fun cbs this morning anchor charlie rose and those pants, rose proving he can handle anything. >> i'm with you.
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charlie rose loves his blue devils educated at duke undergrad and law school but it's his love and knack for telling stories so engaging. >> you're one of the best story listened to. so tell us about how you approach the stories. >> what i do i basically -- you read something, what do you want to know? you want to know how who, what, when, how, why? and you want to know more about it and each answer will take you on another voyage to somewhere else. >> and you take us along with you. >> indeed. >> charlie rose is joined by gail king as they explore the latest in health, technology, sports, and the issues that
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>> so it's chemistry and a sense of deep respect. >> what a great guy. coming up we'll be talking live with charlie rose about what's coming up on cbs this morning. he's so charming, what a great guy. >> he was. >> and he cares about the people here in north carolina. he was very adamant about that when we met him. let's talk about our forecast. >> it's a beautiful one. >> yeah, i can't get enough of this. i'm loving north carolina in march or late february, i guess i should say. one extra day he i almost forgot about it. 49 degrees right now and here's a live picture from the raleigh durham international airport. it's a quiet start to our monday, the weather really going to shape up nicely today. so right now we're at 49 in raleigh, 50 in littleton, also 50 in fayetteville. looking north of the triangle 51 in south hill and roxboro. again siler city you're sitting right around 50 degrees.
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8:00 temperatures is going to be in the upper 40s, chilly and breezy for us. our high will be close to 68 and back to 61 by 6 p.m. this evening just a few clouds in our forecast. so the setup for today we have high pressure off the east coast and that's still largely in control of our weather. so just a few clouds overall much warmer than where we should be for this time of year. look as we head towards wednesday that's going to be our next weather maker that cold front come through. showers likely now, the best chance for rain on wednesday is going to be in the morning hours. i think by the afternoon we could start to see some sunshine. for the end of the work week we'll be tracking round 2 of rain that will come through on friday. but in the meantime no rain in our forecast today. here we are at 6:30 this morning. we'll be looking at a few clouds lunchtime today very similar setup. as we head into the afternoon hours you're
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looking at tranguill conditions. tuesday we'll start off on a dry note. it looks like the rain could start to sneak in as early as tuesday night. stars your forecast for today is concerned 68 in raleigh, 67 in durham, 71 in fayetteville. fast forward to tonight partly cloudy, it is going to be cooler and overnight low right around 42 degrees, winds should also calm down but today you're going to notice that they'll be breezier, sustained winds between 10 and 15 miles per hour. upper 60s today and tomorrow. for our wednesday chance for a few showers especially early in the day as we head towards thursday we'll be dry again. friday second round of rain comes through and then we head towards the weekend ahead and it will be dry but it is going to be cooler than normal, cooler than we were this past weekend as well. 52 on saturday, 54 on sunday. it is now 5:22 on monday morning. we're going to send it to
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traffic. not off to a bad start. let's take a look at i-40 and wade avenue where you can see traffic volumes increasing. no major issues to report to you. so let's switch things over to your traffic map now and you can see we've got no major issues to tell you about. traffic moving a little slower than the speed limit on the beltline 440 eastbound running at about 46 miles per hour. otherwise a solid commute into workment we'll have more of course weather and traffic coming up in a few minutes. coming newspaper sports the blue devils continue to struggle we've got upset by pittsburgh.
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the late season struggles continued for the blue devils sunday. >> duke never could get a strong run together after pittsburgh opened up with a 10-0 lead. after the game the coach commended pittsburgh and said
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character for his team. duke hosts wake forest tomorrow. >> the tar heels will look to bounce back tonight for senior nights. they lost on the road saturday, setting the stage for a tie at the top of the conference with miami. tip off is at 7:00. unc finishes the regular season at duke on saturday night. >> and aside from the big trade news the hurricanes also hit the ice sunday hosting the blues. >> they dropped their third game in a row. things got weird in the honda classic, those legs you see there on the 6th whole woodland had to take a shot down by the water and in an attempt shot in his drawers. he shot on sunday. >> whatever it takes. >> i bet that was trending on social media. >> you better believe it. coming up on our next half
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>> a fire in sanford destroys two businesses. come up what the fire department says they're still looking into. >> and you do not want to miss this forecast. it is
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will right now on north carolina news flames destroyed businesses in sanford. why firefighters say it may be difficult to
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you about is finally here. wncn is now cbs north carolina >> that's right today is the day. we're certainly excited about it. we hope you are too. right now we're going to get you to storm team meteorologist alyssa core core with more. good morning. >> good morning, yeah, kernel an exciting day around here and the great news is the weather is cooperating as well. there is rain off to our north and west and it looks like it's going to come close to us but in fact, it should stay out of the area today. i don't think the next chance for rain arrives until about wednesday. so remember the sunglasses also take a light jacket as you're getting ready upper 40s in raleigh. roanoke rapids you're at 47 and then around also 50 in littleton. 8 a.m. 49 degrees it is a bit breezy out there. we'll be at 63 at lunchtime. a high of 68 before we drop back to 61 by 6 p.m. this evening. i'm going to let you know how long these


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