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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the decision to trade away a store captain surprises fans. there is things that happen in star wars or more believable than things that happen in rocky. >> chris rock not backing down at all as he addresses controversy surrounding this your's oscar controversy. >> i am russell allen. >> and i we begin with breaking news. chapel hill police need your help tracking down a suspect who exposed himself in the area of granville towers and fraternity court. the incident happened yesterday morning. investigators say the man try to grab a female by the arm but she was able to get out of that area. the man was last seen driving a red four-door sedan. if you have any information, please contact chapel hill police. tape valley health -- cape fear valley health is
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12. we will have more on why at 6:00. we also confirmation of a major shakeup for the carolina hurricanes hockey team. eric staal is on his way north to become a new york ranger. the hurricane's are addressing media right now. a news conference is set to get underway the next few minutes. we will stream it on our website -- we will have a full report at 6:00. >> he played his entire career with the hurricanes. and a second round pick, they drafted -- brick eric staal is leaving us the game's all-time leader. he has also the team's leader in process, point, hat tricks, penalty minutes and of course he was key to the stanley cup championship. a u.s. navy
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has been awarded the medal of honor today. senior chief warfare operator edward byers was honored with the nation's highest award for valor fractions that helped rescue an american held hostage in a -- in afghanistan four years ago. >> the american people may not always see them, here of them success -- here of their success, but they are in the thick of the fight, in the dark of night, achieving their mission. >> during his career, he served at camp lejeune. at least three cars were involved in a crash on u.s. 1 in carry near walnut street. closing arguments are wrapping up for -- accused of killing a show university student two decades ago. initially, charges were dropped by prosecutors refile charges after finding new information in the death of lecroy
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right and taquan hallie are accused of shooting two people tuesday. most men who were injured okay but the case remains under investigation at this hour. relief this afternoon after a nash county mom and her twin daughters were reported missing over the weekend. nash county sheriff's office says heather and her four-month- old twins were reported missing early sunday morning. the sheriff's office says once word got out about the missing trio, word was given quickly. a pregnant woman was one of two on board a boat when they realized a whole was in the boat. that there was rescued quickly and everyone is doing okay. fayetteville police charged a man with a dui after a deadly accident near century circle. one passenger was killed and
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old anna haw and -- bruce without bond. a nasty fire scorched through businesses in sanford. that's where we find emma wright . any word on what sparked the fire? >> reporter: people have been out here all day going through what is left of these buildings. i did talk with the owner earlier this morning. he says he estimates he lost over $600,000. he says not only did he lose a ton of money, he also lost his life's work. robert douglas walks on top of 41 years of work scavenging for pieces of his former life, a family business lost in a weekend fire. do. >> reporter: the fire stable department says the fire started during the afternoon. jimmy mcginnis like many
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fire started and says he watched it from a distance. up. smoke. >> reporter: although robert douglas says he hadn't made a countertop or cabinet in years, equipment and materials ready to go and his sons also-ran businesses on the property. a comic book store and an office for property rentals. >> i lost a lot of money and tools. i was still using the shop to help my son and his rental properties. big loss. >> reporter: douglas estimates he lost $600,000. he says the financial loss hurts but using -- losing decades of memories is harder. >> i thought i was tough and >> reporter: the fire department says this is still under investigation for failed to release more information
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reporting live in sanford, i am emma wright. rally firefighters were busy today trying to figure out what sparked a weekend house fire. smoke and for -- flames ripped through a home on cover street. one person was treated for firefighters are investigating a blaze that broke out at a charlotte convenience store. no one was hurt but it took more than 20 firefighters to contain the blaze spec at one point, things that really scary as flames started flitting -- shooting through the opening. are a little more than a half- hour for the fire to be extinguished. shyla detectives want to know what prompted a group of men to shoot up a local hotel. three men sprayed a hyatt hotel rifles. fortunately, no one got hurt. >> that's an active lobby. that's a popular place. everybody goes there. people were piling in and out of there all night.
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get hit tax all three men will -- lucky somebody didn't get hurt. >> all three men will face charges. i think you all for this amazing award tonight. >> we now to g -- leonardo dicaprio finally nabs an academy award. i haven't heard anything that was like okay, yeah, that's valid in 2016. >> campaign 2016 and the impact on young voters.
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li we are just hours away from the super tuesday primaries. closer to recapturing the democratic nomination. former first lady and secretary of state won the majority of early primaries and caucuses but analysts say she is losing support to bernie sanders and a critical category: young women. exit polls show clinton struggled to win over those letters into iowa, new carolina. >> i just don't want to vote for hillary. i sort of feel like it's bill clinton in the office again and i think bernie sanders has a
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>> i would cheer for bernie sanders but i think hillary clinton has a more realistic chance. >> stakes are high tomorrow. for republicans, a national poll shows more republicans are leaning toward supporting donald trump. he leads by more than 30 points and with super tuesday coming in less than 24 hours, contest tough opponents are stepping up their attacks and in some cases, personal. >> he doesn't sweat because his pores are called from the spray tan he uses. >> donald trump is also catching flak after -- over accusations his campaign has made. >> he is catching a lot of flak after accusations that his campaign is making white supremacists. summit, trump hesitated when asked about former leaders
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mark march 15 on your calendar. that's the day of the first primary. people had to the polls to vote in local races. the second primary for congressional races will be held june 7. not all of hollywood turned out for the academy awards last night. still ahead, where director spike lee spent oscar night and why. temperatures this afternoon really warming up quickly. right now, 670 in rally. 680 in fayetteville.
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find out how w where i come from, like so many places in north carolina, high school football is huge. pumice likings, stay champions. you may and -- you may have heard of them.
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play football. >> how to do now? that experience still shapes who i am today. all these years later, we sat down with a guy who is a band director with a grammy proving just how good he really is. >> every time the on is raised, each node carries a lesson in how music can build character. >> really dig in and be able gritty. >> teach discipline and defined the true meaning of teamwork. >> it really does give you a great amount of a leg up as an educator. >> you are representing jordan high school really well and that's one reason i wanted to come pick >> reporter: flanked by students and developed by music, philip briggs is the real high note. >> it's the community working
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education more meaningful for all the kids but not just our own program but across the state. >> reporter: a grammy winner, mission. a mission that has become its own marching order to motivate and inspire. it's a wrap for hollywood's year. chris martinez has more on a historic night. >> reporter: the film that shined a spotlight on victims of the catholic priest sex abuse scandal won best picture at the 80th annual academy awards. >> pope francis, it's time to protect the children and restore the faith. >> reporter: mad max: fury road was the most honored film of the night walking away with six production awards. >> we are going home with goals.>> reporter: it won -- the running won best acting for leonardo dicaprio and best film. it was we matter dicaprio's is that -- fifth nomination but
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>> let's not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. >>reporter: brie larson won best actress for her role as an addicted mother in room. chris rock was the host. is opening monologue was all about the so white nominees. people's choice awards. >> reporter: the comedian because the drum at every chance he got and the president of the academy echoed his sentiment. >> our audiences are global and rich in diversity and every facet of our industry should be as well. >> reporter: even here on the red carpet where fashion is normally the biggest topic of discussion, diversity was front and center. >> i am here because to disappear and truly make it oscars so white is stupid to me. >> reporter: the night also included visits from bb eight and r2-d2. chris martinez, cbs news.
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recipient but that didn't elevates likely to attend. inside, he decided to go to new york and watch a knicks game. lee made the choice to protest the oscars of the lack of diversity for nominees. you got my attention earlier. what instrument and band did you play? >> it wasn't the tube. >> the symbols? >> i was a better musician -- not that some ballplayers aren't good musician alto saxophone -- aren't good musicians. alto saxophone. 670 right now. this is a live picture out of the airport just absolutely gorgeous is to get ready to head out for your lunch hour. let's check in with temperatures also. 650 in henderson. lewisburg 660. clayton, fatal, clinton and
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if you will step outside for just five minutes, you are going to notice it's really windy. we are looking at our latest wind gusts. 22 miles per hour and rally. 21 miles per hour endoderm and 23 miles per hour and rockthrowing south hill. have your trash cans security. speaking of heading into the afternoon, here is your hour by our forecast. 700 for the afternoon high. i have bumped up that temperature. then, 610 for 6 pm. we fall back to 540 by 9:00. midnight 500. early morning hours tuesday, we finally drop into the 40s. 450 at 3 am and my morning, around 6 am, we should be close to 420. that's going to be a bit colder than where we started today. warm side. yesterday, upper 60s, and we have this area of high pressure to think.
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east coast into the open atlantic and by wednesday, we will be tracking our next cold front. this will bring is widespread showers and usher cooler temperatures. enjoy today and tomorrow. things start to change midweek. i want to show you your future forecast. plenty of sunshine into the afternoon today. after sunset, a cloud or two throughout overnight. tuesday, we should start clear. by the time the sunsets, think we are going to notice more cloud cover. i think we will stay dry tomorrow but i wouldn't be surprised in the evening to overnight but we see showers ahead of the bulk of the rain arriving wednesday morning. today, a high of 700 in raleigh . term, upper 60s. fayetteville, right around 720. then, overnight tonight. this morning welcome to the 40s and 50s. tomorrow morning, wake up to the 30s and 40s. partly cloudy, cooler temperatures. the thing that will change tonight isn't going to be
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we won't have any sort of windchill to worry about. overnight lows tonight drop to near 420. let's talk about the coming days. today, 700. tomorrow upper 60s. well above normal for this time of year. normal is right around 590. at least 10-120 warmer today and tomorrow. then, wednesday i talked about that cold front. that comes through. as it does, it brings showers, especially in the morning. that will coolest down for thursday. thursday's high 530. on friday, the chance for a better chance of rain. 480. over the weekend, plenty of sunshine. that's a win. however, temperatures are going to be cooler. high of only 520 saturday. 540 sunday. both saturday and sunday morning i am expecting us to start temperatures right around freezing. that's this weekend.
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a big swing. much is known for that. we started off tomorrow and i think it's going to come in like a lamb. i don't know what that means about the end of the month. >> she's got me nervous now. check out this story. a pretty cool moment caught on camera before the carolina hurricanes game at pnc arena. this is the real deal. army sergeant cody smith, a motor explosive expert draft the puck and probably have better protection than the players actually competing on the ice. i know he had fun. start coming up tonight at 5:00, using body cameras to record police interaction with citizens. it's a controversial topic. several law enforcement agencies across north carolina already have the technology. at 5:00, wncn is there as the raleigh police department weighs the pros and cons. at 5:30 pm, we talk with
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scott pelley for the first time and then scott gibson about the decision to trade eric staal to new york. don't forget, evening news with scott pelley at 6:30 pm. a new warning from the internal revenue service. remember that embarrassing cyber attack? looks like it might be a lot
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reported. into your consumer watch, cyber hack into the irs is worse than initially thought. the agency says now scammers the 700,000 accounts first that's more than double what was previously estimated. information still includes data that could be used to file a false tax return and collector refund. the irs is mailing taxpayers. in and jerry's is going
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vegan options will be made with ice almond milk and set of cream. new flavors include chocolate fudge brownie, peanut butter cookie, chunky monkey and coffee caramel fudge. >> sounds good. the team behind a landmark -- transplant is expected to share details of the operation. the patient is reportedly in stable condition. the transplanted uterus came from a deceased organ donor. this is the first of its kind in u.s. medical history. dentist at the university of louisville report a link between esophageal cancer and gum disease. doctors say 61% of cancer patients in that study also have -- gingivitis. they say the bacteria may soon be used to detect the disease. we are excited to let you know that wncn news is now cbs north carolina. we recently had the chance to
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this morning in new york. i want one-on-one with my favorites, born and raised right here in north carolina, charlie rose. >>reporter: as our north carolina viewers get familiar with cbs this morning, we want to know more about the characters. tell us more about that. >> first of all, they are good journalists. maybe first, good human beings, good people, good journalists, they have a distinguished career. gail asked the question everyone thinks about nora asks questions she has thought about contradictions for. she wants to raise questions that attract her sense of what is true and not true. what i tried to do is open the story and close the story. >> okay, so charlie, gail and nora have been together for four years. a huge hit. see them on cbs this morning right here on cbs north carolina.
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>> they were great. charlie rose was so adamant that this is his home state. he wants to come see us. >> next time, when he is in our neck of the woods he's not going to do that. >> he won't make it because of the big basketball game. one last look at our forecast. beautiful this afternoon. 700 our high today. 600 tomorrow. a cold front brings rain on wednesday, cooler temperatures thursday and friday and another round of rain expected as we that's something we're watching.
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i want to 70s today to stay. judge maybelline will be life, because everything we do -- >> you came to court to testify about what you saw, heard and what you know. >> i don't have hearing problems. >> she's firm.. >> i'm not responsible for that ticket, and i'm not going to pay for it.
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>> she's honest. >> what you have to say? nothing! >> this is "justice with judge maybelline." doris and desiree underwood are suing high school student isaac frazier in the amount of $2334. they say the defendant agreed to go to the prom with desiree and reneged at the last minute. >> in the matter of doris and desiree underwood versus isaac frazier, you're suing for $2334, the cost of a prom -- expenses for the prom because he canceled the prom date with desiree, is that right? >> yes, that's right. >> now, what happened? >> isaac promised me in ninth grade we would go to prom together, and we were friends for many years, and then our senior year, we became very close, but we had a falling out.


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