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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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investigations are being conducted to determine the facts about what happened today. >> the mischief did not take any questions from reporters about an hour ago. she will provide a written report to the city manager in five days. back to you. our north carolina news team coverage continues with reaction from the community. north carolina reporter amy cutler joins uh -- us now. what is that situation like? >> there has been tense all day community. tape remains up. that is the furthest they have been allowed to go at this investigators are on the scene.
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evidence regarding what is going on. people who live around here have been out here all day as well. they wanted to see things for themselves. dozens filled bragg street. they wanted answers. how did this happen. why did this happen and they wanted accountability. rolanda byrd telling me her son 24-year-old akiel denkins was the one shot by police. >> he was unarmed and running away. he jumped the fence and they shot him. they shot at him seven times. >> byrd saying that is what she has been told by those who saw the shooting. officers kept the scene closely guarded. words were exchanged but it stayed peaceful. byrd spoke with police. she tells me they couldn't identify the man who had been shot and killed but they took down information act his tattoos. she admits her son wasn't perfect but all of this at least right now isn't adding up.
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because he did don't go to court they shot my son seven times. >> at this time police aren't confirming that. among those who are out there a community activist said this work -- [ indiscernible ] find out why that is coming up at 6:00. back to you. >> all right. the shooting comes the same day city council planned to talk with the raleigh police chief about body cameras. however that discussion was tabled after the chief had to respond to the shooting. david spoke with the mayor after the meeting and has more. david. >> the raleigh police department has been looking into implementing body cameras for quite sometime now. that officer-involved shooting tied her up this afternoon and discussion. the mayor said it is a sad
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made a difference. >> [ indiscernible ] it is something that -- everyone about. >> coming up at 6:00 we are digging deeper into what kind of option raleigh police are looking at. back to you. >> all right. meanwhile durham city leaders are trying to figure out how to get their officers to wear body cameras. earlier this month they put off vote to purchase the cameras. they are expected to pick up the issue again in early march a 14-year-old is accused of opening fire in his school cafeteria injuring two classmates today in ohio. the shooting happened in madison township before noon. deputies say after the teen stopped shooting he threw down gun and was taken into custody soon after. authorities aren't sure why this happened. >> we made it here in the beginning of the shooting.
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the road to the school. of course i got stopped by machine guns out here. i'd say the police department around here have done a wonderful job. they locked it down and kept everybody calm. it is amaze what they did. >> the fear -- i think there schools. the bullying needs to be addressed more. >> the injured teens are connected to recover. the rest of the student at the school were sent home early . police are asking you be alert after a man -- [ indiscernible ] >> unc students say they
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after receiving an alert on their phones today some of them are getting concerned. unc chapel hill students say they are keeping their guard up after hearing a report of an indecent exposure near campus. police say it happened around 1:15 sunday morning. a man in a red car asked a woman for directions. when she approached him police say she realize head was naked from the waist down. then police say the man tried to grab her arm. she got away unhurt. >> i don't know what his intention was to grab her. happen. you shouldn't have to walk around and worry about that college campus. >> students got an alert through e-mail. many said it is not something they expect in this area. >> that is something unusual. >> it is very alarming.
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report of a suspicious person about the same time in the same area. that case no one approached the car and there was no indecent exposure. back to you. 20 years after the murder of a shaw university student the man accused has been found guilty of murder. >> we the jury find defendant edward christopher to be builty of first-degree murder. >> he was put on trial for the killing of lacoy mick keen back in 1996. he was first charged back then but the case has been dropped. -- or was dropped back then. a jury found him guilty about an hour ago. a sanford business owner is his business. decades. sunday morning a fire ruined
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he said his sons also ran businesses on the property. including a comic bookstore and a rental company. the fire started on sunday morning. by the time firefighters got out, nearly everything had been destroyed. >> i lost a lot of money and tools. i was still using the shop to help my son and his rental property. >> the fire chief said old dry wood and chemicals in the building probably contributed to how quickly the fire got out of control hpv is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the u.s. there is a vaccine. how it is administered it is highlyly debated. >> it all comes down risk versus benefits. the cdc said all children should get that vaccine. some parents said it made their children incredibly sick and
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>> i was taken back. [ indiscernible ] why the school issue -- it is just constant, constant pain. >> i started reading stories about girls dying from it. i was really scared >> this topic has become highly politically charged. don't just jump and get the vaccine. >> it has infected nearly 80 8000-0000 people in the u.s. >> skit -- it is one of the most common infollowing the accidents accidents -- infections we have in the u.s. this virus causes cancer. >> they approved the vaccine in 2006. they recommend for it 11 and 12-year-old girls and boys. >> the reason we do it at that
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before a person is sexually active. >> [ indiscernible ] >> but not everyone is in support. >> i was prepared to have a disabled child for life. >> we will show you one young girl had to face after getting the vaccine. we have that coming up at 6:00. >> if you have an issue you would like us to look into send us an e-mail. a warning tonight if you have family staying in a hospital. due to the spread of the flu children 12 years old and younger are being asked not to visit there. the policy will go into affect tomorrow. after last year's big irs data breech there is new information about how many people were affected. later on at 5:00 we get to the bottom of how their information
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and in just in case the weather has you a little confused it is the last day of february. we are still in the 70s but much colder and even some wet weather on the way. i will tell you when that rain gets here coming up. as we go to break here is a elijah look at the durham freeway.
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but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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live look at the durham freeway. nothing to report right now. we are coming right back. starting tomorrow pet owners must follow one set of animal control rules. it means all pets taken into animal controls custody must be micro chipped once they are reunited with their owner. also any animal that is picked up three times will be automatically sterilized.
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control burn at the temple flat rock preserve. this controlled burn is the best way to maintain the prairie. on monday president obama awarded it to a navy seal who risked his life to rescue an american hostage in afghanistan. he was once stationed at camp lejune. >> he goes to the greatest lengths to stay hidden as a member of the navy's elite seal team 6. >> he is the quiet professional. >> president obama awarded him as senior special opinions chief the medal of honor. in 2012 he was part of raid that saved an american hostage in afghanistan. he was abducted by the taliban.
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rescue was under way when he heard someone calling his name. >> as soon as i heard my name and i answered back and they heard where my voice was coming from one seal came and and laid laid -- laid on top of me. >> with his bare hands he pinned the fighter to the wall and held him till his teammates took action. >> he is the first living active duty member of the navy to receive the award in four decades. >> i will continue doing my job in the navy and continue being a seal and doing thing i love. >> he also spoke about the ultimate sacrifice some seals have made. his teammate was killed during the mission. >> he was a teammate, he was a friend. he was a true american hero. >> he said he was just doing his job. back to you. >> what a hero.
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well some chapel hill students visited a volcano. they did it using virtual reality technology on a cellphone inside a cardboard box. google brought the program there and the images moved as the students moved their heads around so it gives them a 360 degree view of what they are looking at. >> it is neat to see something i normally wouldn't be able to see in that kind of view. it feels like you are there. >> one of the things we like to make sure the kids get taken away from this is the opportunities -- of expanding is. >> one teacher said with budgets as tight as they are it is a high tech way to get in field trips to locations they might never get to experience. this is really cool too. we would love to wish you leap
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he was the first leap year baby born in the area. he wasn't due for a couple couple more weeks. his parents say they will celebrate his birthday on february 28th. he was one of three born locally on leap day. it is so cute because his dad said i am not surprised he was born on leap day. he said their kids are very unique. >> there you go. i was reading an article about leap day. a business article about businesses and salary employees. if you are a salary employee you are working for free today. [ laughter ] don't worry you have four years to think about how you will -- and you would rather be outside what a beautiful weekday. it is a monday and how many monday's this year have we had to spend awful weather wise. >> several. >> we are getting our pay back. today we made it into the 70s. that is a shot we could get used to.
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way above what we should normally be for the end of february. normal high is in the upper 50s. right now it is 71 degrees. elsewhere around central north carolina we have upper 60s. 71 in durham. 70 down in lee county. 73 in fayetteville. it was also a breezy day. was a breezy day and we still have 10-15 mile per hour winds out there. these are your current winds. as we head into tonight the winds are actually going to calm down. with clear skies that is going allow us to get a little colder than where we were this morning. hopefully you didn't put those winder coats too far away. generally clear. we will go down to 55 at 8:00. as soon as that sky goes down it will get cool in a hurry. 47 overnight. out the door tomorrow morning after seeing upper 40s this morning, it will be about 40
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that is definitely worthy of a coat. there is not a whole lot going on. there is not significant or severe weather we are watching on its way here to north carolina like we did last week. we are saying good-bye to high pressure. that gave us a decent weekend. now tonight this kind of week broken up cold front will push through. technically it will be a little cooler tomorrow. the cold front we are watching is way back here in the midwest moving through iowa now. that will come through early wednesday and bring us our next decent chance of rain. morning. a chilly start but we are expecting sunny skies and breezy conditions. by the time we get to the end of the day tomorrow, a couple of clouds. you see rain back to the west but our atmosphere is still really dry. tomorrow should be dry for
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however, as you can see, by late tomorrow night, i am talking the overnight hours, that is when we will see some showers move through the triangle. in the early morning hours of wednesday we will have some passing rain showers. also some showers, a line of rain moving through for wednesday morning's commute. does not look to be severe or flooding. we could have a wet commute. unless you hold off a few hours because look -- by 10:00 a.m. the showers are out of here. we are back to sunny skies although it will not be in the 70s. today will be the nicest and the warmest day we have the rest of this week. a little cooler tomorrow. still dry, still sunny but breezy. 69 here in the capital. 68 in durham. 72 down in fayetteville. your seven day forecast takes us from that 73 today to 69 tomorrow.
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you can see the trend the next few days are cooler temperatures everyday. we have the wet weather wednesday. we are also going drop in some rain as we head to next friday. look at that high, 48 degrees including morning temperatures later this week. thursday, friday and saturday morning in the 30s. those 70s we had today are almost -- about to be long gone. this will be the first full weekend of march. we have sunny skies with highs right about normal for this time of year in the mid 50s. if you somehow missed out and didn't know you weren't suppose to work today because you are working for free, we have another warm day tomorrow before rain and colder temperatures move on in for march. >> yeah. get throughout and enjoy it. >> thank you. and if you are like us you prices, right? >> but that could be changing. coming up why we could be paying
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data breech is large than first realized. hackers were able to get sensitive information. the cyber attack happened in 2015. now that number is over 700,000 victims. the irs said hackers use personal information gathered from other on line sources to answer personal identity questions on the get trance script forms. a possible culprit irs approved taxpayers found more than half do not do enough to protect customers. >> we are often our own worst enemies. there are times we don't use proper security and passwords. the next time you go to the pump you will be seeing the fist gas price increase in eight months.
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be a sign of things to come. since we are moving toward vacation season gas prices are expected to keep inching upwards. all right. this is sad. a fire destroys a home, burning it to the ground. >> but the fire didn't destroy
5:26 pm
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up next those tense moments for a tennessee family this weekend after a fire destroyed their home. a friend came to their rescue just in time. the family is thanking friends and a higher power. >> nothing is left of this home in carters valley.
5:28 pm
she was inside her home when it caught fire. >> i was asleep. i didn't hear anything. >> her best friend and neighbor saw the smoke and knew something was wrong. >> i ran over there and when i got in there -- when i opened the door you couldn't see nothing but smoke. >> in a panic she looked for her friend and found her asleep. >> i drug her out the door. >> fire captain says penny saved her life. and when his fire crew arrived there was no way to save the home. >> the fire moved rapidly through the house. >> five agencies working to put out the flames shutting down this road. >> we can't get enough water
5:29 pm
>> the family has insurance and will rebuild. clark said she has her best friend and a higher power to thank for saving her life. >> thank you from the bottom of my heart and thank god. >> can you just believe that? amazing situation. the red cross also is helping the family until they can rebuild. a teacher went from being well known in our community to well known internationally. all for doing his job. >> if somebody sitting in our classroom today may end up on a stage! find out why his teaching style won him a grammy award. we have continuing coverage of a shooting in downtown raleigh. north carolina news at 5:30 starts now. >> welcome back to north carolina news at 5:30. happening right now the fbi and raleigh police are investigating a deadly officer-involved
5:30 pm
the crime scene is at the intersection of bragg and east street. north carolina news reporter has been on top of this story and she joins us live. amy, you discovered new information since we last spoke at 5:00. >> well shawn in the last few minutes they have reopened bragg street behind us. you can see quite a number of people out here on the street. this is what it has been like all day long. the community looking for answers in the wake of this fatal officer-involved shooting. there has been tensions between neighbors and police. neighbors claiming witnesses saw a man running from police and officers shot him in the back. police have not confirmed any of this. i also spoke with a woman who said her husband was -- a woman who said her son was the man involved in this. that he had a warrant out for his arrest and that is what may have led police to go after him but she said she was not a danger to this community and there was no reason for police
5:31 pm
>> you can still see the neighbors there gathered behind. is there any discussion from the community of doing something later tonight? how will they move forward right now? had are they comforting the woman who says she is the mother? >> at this point we are hearing there is a vigil scheduled for 7:00 this evening. we are expecting some local religious leaders to join with community activists for that. again we see them out here all day long. they have been trying to comfort family members and try to the help neighbors who have questions -- try to wrap their minds around what has happened. >> all right. thank you. the army staff sergent charged with killing his wife and a police officer will remain the jail. he appeared in court today. a judge ordered him to be held without bond.
5:32 pm
of arguing with his wife and fatally shooting her after she called 911 on saturday. rookie officer was killed and two other officers injured while responding to the call. a dump truck caught fire this afternoon. highway patrol says the dump truck, an suv and another car was involved. >> we heard a big boom. when we looked around on poole road there was a truck that had burst into flames. very terrible flames. then we saw two cars that had been totally damaged sglin kred -- >> incredible. a new report shows african-american males are suspended from cumberland county schools nearly four times more than white males. >> we spoke to parents and
5:33 pm
>> the numbers here pertain to short term suspension. >> that is unacceptable. it does alarm anyone for that matter. >> a new report found during the 2014-2015 school year more than 4,500 black males were suspended compared to nearly 1,100 white males suspended. they want to get to the bottom of the problem. >> i like to see the break down of the schools -- is it coming from one school in particular as it was a long time by. >> the study also found overall cumberland county suspension rate is higher than other metropolitan counties in the state. >> i feel there is behavioral problems across the board, no
5:34 pm
school has changed a lot. >> he says more parental involvement is also key. >> you rarely see parents in pta meetings. you rarely see parents involved with their students. we have to look at the whole gamic. >> coming up at 6:00 you will hear from the school district superintendent opinion what he says the district is doing to address this issue. back to you. >> and this evening parents can weigh in on an effort to reduce the achievements gap. a joint community data form takes place at 6:30. the form takes place at southeast raleigh high school and again it begins at 6:30. refugees or illegal immigrants. riverside high school student is one of six people who could be deported from our state after
5:35 pm
enforcement officers conducted several raids several weeks ago. they said they were fleeing gang violence and crime there. now supporters are seeking immediate release. the detainees could be put back on planes back to their home countries at any moment. a new sales tax kicks in tomorrow making car repairs more expensive. north carolina already collects sales tax on car parts. starting tomorrow the state will start to collect sales tax on labor. it is just one of several services that will start being taxed. police are cracking down on drivers who don't yield to pedestrian. the town's public information said there has been an increase in complaints against drivers who keep going when there is a pedestrian waiting to cross. they are increasing patrols downtown as well as in school zones. won -- one woman said for the most part drivers are respectful
5:36 pm
>> i haven't had any problems. i see people stop. there are a few that don't want to stop. them. i know i do. winning a gamy may seem like it would be someone's greatest achievement but for one local teacher is only a small part of his prize. north carolina anchor joins us with a look at how riggs continues to impact young lives. grammys. even after take it home he is still doing just what helped him [music playing] it is likely not a word in your everyday vocabulary. in music it what you just heard, loud. loud is not even close to his
5:37 pm
>> we need a lot more from you guys. >> with the notes on paper come the notes from a man who's life is dedicated to music. most importantly other educators and students. >> if we can get kids turn tornado music -- turned onto music then i feel we accomplished what we set out to do. >> he teaches music full time, but you will also find him in other music rooms. it is part of a music teacher mentor program. >> those first couple of years are difficult. probably more so now than they have ever been. >> he is the school's band director. >> the easier it is for -- us as educators the find new ideas, new ways of reaching kids and different perspectives that aren't our town more kids we will relate to -- own the more kids we will relate to. >> you can step away from the podium to make way for a grammy winner. >> to me winning is not beating
5:38 pm
it is -- i have been selected to represent all those folks. >> it is very calm and collected what he is doing. it makes you feel more like you know what you are doing. >> relationships riggs said these students must continue long after he leaves the room. >> i really enjoy what he has to say to us and he is there to help us improve and get better and i really appreciate that. >> they all share the same their lives today. and will help shape who they are in the future and you are who a grammy. >> someone sitting in our that stage. >> i played in school and i can tell you my band director had a huge impact on me. back to you. >> all right. we will have to listen to him play. >> [ laughter ] definitely. teachers like him really have a
5:39 pm
the impression they leave is amazing. there it is great he can share his time among other schools too. >> absolutely. all right. well he is a face of cbs evening news. coming up we will talk live with anchor scott with life on and off the news first an elderly couple is
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an elderly couple died in their home after a driver crashed into their home. state troopers are investigating the crash. identifying suspects in the field is getting easier for the pit county sheriff's office. the new device scans hundreds of faces per minute. the sheriff's office has two of the device. they can also be used to check license plates a happy reunion for your pet. tonight a miniature horse is now back with it's owner. the owner said the horse escaped from its pen after only strg -- having the pet for a week as craig explains, he is facing extra heat for his slow
5:43 pm
supporters. >> black lives matter activists targeted donald trump's rally in virginia. >> get him out. get him out. all lives matter. [ cheering and applause ] >> the billionaire became a target after he refused to dis -- [ indiscernible ] kkk leader on a sunday morning talk show. >> i just know nothing about david duke. >> on the monday he said he couldn't hear clearly. his opponents aren't buying it. >> i don't care how bad the area piece is, ku klux klan comes through clearly and he refuses to denounce it. >> it gives support to those who say he is playing foot si with some of the ugh list ideas out there in order to build support for his candidacy. >> polls show trump with big lead in virginia and georgia but ted cruz is winning in texas. the same poll has clinton up 20 points or more in texas, georgia and virginia.
5:44 pm
have been after me for 25 years and i am still standing. [ cheering and applause ] >> bernie sanders is focussing on minnesota and massachusetts ahead of tuesday's vote. >> well protesters were not the only one that ran into trouble at trump's virginia rally. a photographer was arrested after he got into a scuffle with the secret service well cbs evening news airs immediately following north carolina news at 6:00. we went to new york city a few weeks ago to meet anchor scott. >> we had a wonderful time with him that we want you to also get to know him on a person level as well. joining us now live is scott. thanks to joining us tonight. >> hi scott. >> great to be with you. wonderful to have your station in the cbs family. >> we love to be here in the family as well. >> we have a quick question for you. when we met in new york we had so much fun. you told us few things.
5:45 pm
and covered a lot of different things from war to presidential campaigns and white house correspondents. when they approached you about anchoring cbs evening news you said but i am a correspondent, an anchor. us more about that story. >> i have never anchored anything in my life. i never sat behind the desk and anchored. when they asked me to do it i said i have never done that before and they said that is okay. we want a correspondent in that seat. the idea being they really wanted to have somebody with a lot of experience to help lead this team because we have the most experienced correspondents and producers all around the world. it is that team of reporters that we really like to push
5:46 pm
than any single anchor man. >> we know all that all too well. here there are so many people behind the cameras. the folks at home don't get a chance to see. you really hit that on the head. tonight you guys have a wealth of information. we have super tuesday coming up. >> super tuesday of course going to be huge. about half of all republican delegates will be decided by the end of the day tomorrow. more than a third of the democratic dallas gates. we will really have a good bead headed by tomorrow night. it won't clench for any of the candidates yet but it will amount of momentum. we are going to have coverage beginning at 10:00 eastern tomorrow evening. tonight we will look at all of
5:47 pm
>> well we know you still have a busy night ahead after you. we look forward to seeing you here at 6:30. thank you for taking your time to talk to us. >> so great to be with you. thank you. >> you can catch him at 6:30 on the cbs evening news. well the summer concert lineup continues to grow. [music playing] he announced their tour today. the band will be in raleigh in august. fans will be treated to hit singles such as keep on loving you, take it on the run, can't fight the feeling, roll with the changes and many more. the memories are just coming all back.
5:48 pm
>> i feel like i know it. >> [ laughter ] wow. >> they are from central illinois. that is where my family is. >> from my dad when he was agree growing up he saw them play in a high school gym. >> wow. they have come a long way. >> i feel like i know them. >> [ laughter ] awe. >> what i don't know is those hairdos. [ laughter ] i think they will be a little different. all right so today was a little different than it normally is. end of the month -- can you believe it is still winter? can you believe it is february 29th? happy leap day. it is 71 degrees. there is a shot of the tarmac at the airport. is that an american airlines flight? it looks like it is heading to dallas or d.c.. why would you want to leave what we have now? unfortunately today is going to be the warmest day the rest of the week. we topped out at 73 way above our average high of 59. we dropped down 69 tomorrow. we really drop later in this week with a couple of days where
5:49 pm
we don't get out of the 40s. so literally go enjoy this today and tomorrow before it changes. i will show you the big picture again 71 here in raleigh. 74 down road in columbia. you see this cold, cold air up in the north earn plains? some of that cold air is coming here later this week. tonight we will cool off quickly once the sunsets. by 8:00 we will drop down to 55. 47 other ato -- overnight. 40 out the door. there are two cold front we're keeping an eye on. this one is falling apart. that will move through tonight and make things a little breezy tomorrow. it is this cold fronteway -- front way up in the midwest that will be here tuesday. again you will need a coat not morning but you be able to lose it quickly.
5:50 pm
you get to late in the day, 5:00, there will be a couple of clouds and some rain back to our west. our atmosphere is so try that rain won't really make it in here. at least not till late tomorrow night into early wednesday morning. there you can see here comes the rain. could have a little bit of that falling on your roof in the early morning hours of wednesday. again it comes with a cold front and some of those showers will be here for wednesday morning's commute. not tomorrow morning but wednesday morning. they won't be severe. probably not all that heavy but scattered showers. look what happens. by the time we get to 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. the rain is however here -- out of here and we have sunny skies the rest of the day. we have sunny skies tomorrow too. winds ouflt out of the south 10-15 miles per hour. welcome to march day two of march wednesday. we have that morning rain but a high of only 57.
5:51 pm
it gets even colder friday with another round of chilly rain. we get into the first full weekend of march with highs in the mid 50s. bumping back to the 60s one week from today. our 3-degree guarantee high tomorrow is 69 degrees. today we just blew it out of the water. 73. we had forecasted 68. we missed today. unfortunately no money today. our final total, $2,500. hearty cease is -- heart disease is the number of one -- one killer of women. we will use that money and write a big check tomorrow and present that. >> all right. good job. >> $2,500 will go a long way. >> yeah. we will reveal our new charity
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a look at what is on tonight. super girl at 8:00.
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you can find our new prime timeline up and our conversations with charlie rose and scott and much, much more right now at cbs has many hit shows including ncis los angeles. >> [music playing] we wanted to see how well the hit show imitates real life. they showed me several tools they use to solve crimes from senior printing techniques to k-90s. >> he goes off human cents. >> we -- scents. >> tonight a quick look at how he was able to track down my photographer and also other tools the sheriff office uses to solve crimes. we have breaking news right now. [ indiscernible ]
5:56 pm
we have a complete break down on the ruling next at 6:00. plus a deadly officer-involved shooting in downtown raleigh has the community outraged. we are live with what happened, who was shot and much more on the reaction. plus community leader in both wake county and fayetteville discussing gaps. we break down numbers next at 6:00. when it comes to connecting to the world online, people have different needs. that's why high speed internet from at&t... you the speed you need at a price you'll love. get high speed internet-just $15 dollars a month for 12 months with other qualifying service and a one-year agreement. all on one bill! no matter what you use it for, it's a connection you can count on. save on smartphone and tablet data usage when you connect all your
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north carolina news at 6 starts now. . >> outrage on the streets of raleigh after a mother says the police shot her son in the back killing him, who's involved what she is police say happened and how the community is reacting. plus a man accused of exposing himself on unc campus. and doctors say it could prevent cancer but some parents argue it's causing lifelong damage. good evening. >> thanks for joining us. we continue to follow the breaking news out of raleigh where emotions continue to run high in the neighborhood where witnesses say police shot an unarmed man
6:00 pm
>> it happened just afternoon in downtown raleigh. michael, what's the latest? >> first i want to draw your attention here to bragg street. at any given time there have been last 200 people out here. the shooting happened just afternoon behind these homes along east street. witnesses say they heard # 6 to 7 gunshots. raleigh police chief says an officer was trying to arrest a man wand on a felony drug charge. his relatives have identified the man who was 24. neighbors who were hearsay he was shot in the back but police would not say where on his body he was shot. police say they found a firearm near his body. the chief would not answer questions from reporters. people in this neighborhood calling on police to be open about what happened especially considering the victim in this


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