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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  March 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the crime. campaign 2016 is roaring into the region. a look at the candidates and their surrogates that are coming. plus, -- he showed class and how to retire as a winner . >>the speculation is over this morning. peyton manning is retiring. out the panthers are -- how the panthers are reacting it. good morning and thanks for watching north carolina news. exchequer check current let's get a check of the traffic first. >> layers is the name of the game today. we are going to warm up a little bit this afternoon. there is nothing popping up on the radar. we're pretty quiet and that is how things are going to stay through the next several days. you're talking warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine. right now we're off to a cool
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37 raleigh. 36 durham. many of us waking up to the temperatures in the mid and low 30s. 29 sanford. and roanoke rapids. an area of high pressure will build to the south. we can expect mostly sunny skies and a warmer afternoon. temperatures warming up into the mid-60s. if you clouds this morning. 40 degrees at admiral . 58 degrees at lunchtime. our high today 56 degrees. is feeling very springlike on the thermometer. let's get a check on the morning drive right now. we have no major issues to tell you about this morning. you are taking a live look at i 40 and new hope creek where you can see traffic moving smoothly . i do want to let you know about some closers -- we have in the area. if we switch things over we are going to see things improving
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we have lane closures on i 40. shoulder is closed between exit 293 and 301. also, the exit ramp is close at south sound the street here keep that in mind for both sides. will weather and traffic coming up in just a few minutes tonight -- more weather and traffic coming up in just a few minutes. >>crews are trying to figure out what started a fire. no one was home at the time and no one was hurt. firefighters had to evacuate 5 units. the red cross is helping people find another place to stay. >>in campaign 2016 north carolina's going to get a lot of attention it. that is right primary voting is underway. donald trump is planning to stops in north carolina -- 2 stops in north carolina. on wednesday he will campaign at the crown coliseum in fayetteville. he opened a campaign office in that city.
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for his wife hillary in raleigh, greensboro and charlotte. the leading democratic candidate is planning a stop in north carolina on thursday but has not yet confirmed a location.>> emma wright is live with what we can expect for the week. >> reporter: no clinton expected here in downtown raleigh in just a few hours. we are told -- yep, bill clinton is expected here in downtown raleigh in just a few hours. both front runners are campaigning hard. bill clinton's visit will be the first of 2 high-profile politicians to visit raleigh this week. like you just said, donald trump is expected to make a campaign stop in fayetteville. on wednesday he opened a campaign office their. early voting started -- will start this week . >> millions and millions of
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the republicans and joining the republican party because of me. >> we're going to help people overcome, go over them, round them, under them, whatever it takes so that people believe that they have a precious right and they will exercise that right. >> reporter: bill clinton will be stopping here at eat -- east martin street . we are going to be talking about what you need to know if you want to come see bill clinton this morning. rallies mayor will give the state of the city -- raleigh mayor will get the state of the city today. morning. the public. >>right now the search is on 2 people.
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the sheriffs office is looking for 4 suspects who may be traveling in a brown or 10 wheels. june. raleigh police are investigating a home invasion that happened in the middle of the day. a woman found her 17-year-old daughter tied up in a closet. police tell us 2 men broke into the back door of the house while the team was home alone. her mother tells us the girl was able to text where she was and what was happening. she found her daughter duct tape to a chair without any close on. >> it was horrifying it. they took her close and she was in the closet. no one wants to walk in on the child like that. >>the girl was taken to the hospital but police say she will be okay. it is unclear if anything was taken from the house. >>much of the community continues to warn -- morning after raleigh police officer
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this was one week ago today. the officer said the victim pulled out a gun and one after the officers gun before the officer shot him 4 times. yesterday the pastors and parishioners of christ the king community church walked from the church just a few blocks away to dayton memorial. they want people to know they don't just come to worship on sundays, they are also part of a community. >>we wanted to come here long before monday shooting and we didn't let what happened monday stop us because the issues that exist here exist everywhere. >> wake county district attorney says the investigation is ongoing and added authorities will not rush to any conclusion in this case. donations continue to pour in for a dying durham man who could use his apartment. the 70-year-old may have fewer than 6 months to live. his lease on his apartment is up in may but his rent will jeff barnd and $45 a month.
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will jump hundred and $45 a month. that is a payment he says he cannot pay. >>it has been hard but god is good and he has me here for reason and you can't question that. i don't think it is going to be very long i'm going to be able to see my creator and i will be able to see my mom again and i'm not going to have these worries anymore. >>he is pleading with his owner to keep his rent at the same rate with no luck. our reporter is set to meet with him today. evening news. >>a gofund me page has been set expenses. so far it has raised more than $11,000. if you would like to donate we have put a link on our website. >>we hope everything works out for him. >>that is right. tough to see. peyton
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official today. he is retiring. today we're going to tell you how you can listen to the night -- announcement. >> plus, why crews and durham tried to put a house back from where they tried to move her from and where they will attempt to move it to again. it is chilly as we start our morning. >>for in the upper 20s.
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good morning. start. not seeing any thing in the way -- hour week is off to a decent start. not seeing anything in the way
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it is cold in some spots. not so cold and others. we are going to warm-up today today. much warmer than yesterday pressure. that will stay put so we can expect the sunshine. we can expect temperatures to climb into the 60s. we have warmer weather as we head into the weekend. for today, expect those mostly sunny skies up to 40 degrees at 8 am. 58 degrees at lunchtime. our high, 68 degrees before falling to 61 degrees by 6 pm. then we are in the 70s for the rest of the week. will have a breakdown of your forecast coming up in just couple of minutes. a winter storm has reached the northern parts of california. it follows saturday deadly storm that led to evacuations and rescues. a 51-year-old woman did die saturday night after getting stuck in a vehicle which plunged into up
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authorities arrested the driver. they believe he was drunk at the time of the crash. breaking overnight: a deadly hostage situation ended in australia. still to come, what we know and what investigators are trying to figure out. plus, we're hours away from
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still to come welcome back. they for watching north carolina news. campaign 2016 heads to north carolina. bill clinton will visit today. hillary clinton will be here on thursday. donald trump will speak in fayetteville. that is coming wednesday. fun times here in north carolina. also, police are searching
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home and tied up a 17-year-old girl. the teenagers mother found her daughter naked tied up in a closet with duct tape. the girl was taken to the hospital. >>funeral arrangements are underway for nancy reagan. she died yesterday at her home in los angeles of congestive heart failure. huge loss for many people. >>so far no charges have been filed after a good samaritan died after a crash in charlotte. this happened on i 45. the 26-year-old pulled over to help a woman change her tire. when he stepped out of his car, he was struck by a van. the crash remains under investigation. breaking overnight: a 7 hour hostage situation in australia ended with one person dead and 2 others injured. the gunman was also killed. the scene unfolded with a man armed with what was believed to be an ak-47. 3 hostages were released. police are still investigating but said they do not believe
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>>right now the search is on for the person who shot a fast food worker. the gunman shot the 19-year-old at least 3 times. it all began as the employee claims tables at the church is kitchen. >> the older guy comes right back in and all we heard was them -- bam. >>the victim as a hospital. police are trying to figure out if the shooting is connected to an earlier one. >>the jury in andrews case will begin deliberating. have to decide whether to hotel companies and a convicted stalker should be forced to pay sportscaster millions of dollars . the 2 companies that owned and operated the nashville marriott enables a stalker who took nude videos of interest and posted them online -- andrews and posted them online.
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it stems from the posting 41 seconds of a sex tape. he is suited -- is suing for invasion of privacy. reaction continues to come in from across the nfl to patent standings december -- descended -- decision to retire. >> the carolina panthers posted this image of cam newton and manning at the super bowl with the hashtag respect. that game. peyton manning is going on top after an 18 year career indiana fell. >> pain spent a lot of time with duke football coach david cut close working on his game surgery. the coach says manning helped him as well.>> as a friend and
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he has made me a better person. >>manning is announcing his retirement but currently he is at the center of an investigation. >> we have look at that as well as a response from manning. >> reporter: even in the glow of winning super bowl l, manning told cbs this morning, retirement was on his mind. >>i talked about it with ashley and i prayed about it. >> reporter: there will be a lot of words about manning but in sports the numbers often manner more, winning 2 super bowl, the nfl leader in passing yards and touchdown passes. off the field, a busy pitchman showing off another talent singing. >> [ video playback ] >> reporter: but the season came with allegations in a documentary that is still under review by the nfl than a clinic in indiana sent the illegal performance-enhancing drug to his home. his spokesman said his wife did
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manning denied getting any medication from her. >>i have done it the long way and the hard way. to insinuate anything otherwise it is a joke. itits a deck -- defamation and it ticks me off. >> reporter: and new charges of sexual harassment. he settled a previous allegations out-of-court years ago. in 5 years he is eligible for the football hall of fame, but this year he savored a heroes welcome in denver. >> the season we had a lot of new players and guys who worked hard and stuck together. >> again that was barry peterson reporting. the team is planning a news mountain time. we will be live streaming the announcement today on our website. i will be watching. krista i know you will be
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>>good football whether i think. this is a good chance to play outside over the next several days. right now, our satellite and radar not showing anything in the way of what weather. we are dry and quiet with out very many close out their. that will be the case today and even through the week. 37 degrees in raleigh. 36 in durham. 29 sanford. 29 roanoke rapids. it is a cold morning for some of us waking up to temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s, but we are going to be warming up today. how does it 60 sound this afternoon? pretty good to me. 50 degrees at 10 am. 62 is our high temperature and then 66 our high at 4 o'clock. we have highs in the 50s yesterday. today we are in the 60s and tomorrow we are talking 70s. not just through tomorrow through the rest of the week we
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up to 78 on thursday. i will be surprised if some folks have temperatures pretty close to 80 degrees by thursday afternoon here it is a really warm stretch of whether --. it is a really warm stretch of whether coming our way. there's a front the starts to slide offshore as we move through the day tomorrow. that will push warm air from the south so the sunshine continues but instead of highs in the 60s we will have highs in the 70s for tomorrow, wednesday thursday and even friday and your weekend. our next cold front tries to push and friday. it may not actually push through because it will fizzle out before it gets here. we will see an increase of clouds on friday. most of us are still staying dry. for today, a pretty nice afternoon. today, temperatures fall to 43 degrees with partly cloudy skies with patchy fog out there tonight and early tomorrow
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our 7-day forecast has temperatures will are warm. 74 degrees on tuesday. by thursday, we are looking at high temperatures in the upper 70s. 78 degrees, the warmest days of the week and one of the warmer temperatures we had in quite a while. 72 for friday. 70 saturday and sunday. next chance for a few showers actually holding off until the weekend. temperature still hovering still 70 near saturday and sunday./traffic, we have no major issues to tell you about. we're taking a live look at i 85 and duke street. we have a few lane closures happening. if we switch things over to the traffic map, we have the shoulder close on 40
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a man in iowa faces a list of charges after leading authorities on high-speed trace. >>tran18 >> the chase cover 30 miles of speeds -- and speeds reach more
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driver crashes car into a treee coalition forces while he's there. later in the week he will visit jordan and israel. if packing up and moving is overwhelming, consider moving the entire house -- actually 2 of them. that is what happened yesterday in durham. the homes were moved from yancy street to vickers avenue. it was in a commercially zoned area so the goal was to move them to spots where they could be renovated. >>i think the passion is about
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seeing it have a future where they can be occupied again by families who will love them as much as we do. >>despite 6 months of planning, there were some issues with the move. the rathaus got stuck in mud at the new site. a forced crews to move it the yellow house back to its original spot. it will sit there until crews can come back out. >>today the dmv the mobile office will roll into wake forest. a curious to driver license examiner stations. that is a part of the governors initiative to improve customer service and reduce wait times. from 9 am to 4 pm the mobile office will be at the town of the week force renaissance site. if you think your workout is tough, check this out, suzy swinehart pro to the guinness book world record for the longest run on a treadmill. she ran 73 miles beating the old record by first 5 miles.
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her on as she accomplished this major feet. >> she got it done. when you have a goal you set it and you make it happen and that is exactly what she did. >>one former president and 2 presidential hopefuls have stuff right here north carolina this week. >>coming up: he will tell you who is coming and where they are headed to. stay with us. -- we will tell you who is
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headed to . stay with us. good morning. we hope you had a fantastic weekend. >> you are watching cbs north carolina.
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bill clinton is set to speak today. will have a look at your morning commute today the first hour storm team meteorologist is here with a look at your forecast -- hour storm team -- but first hour storm team meteorologist is here with a look at your forecast. >> it is a little cool to start your morning. not dealing with anything in the way of clouds. temperatures as amended, are a little chilly. -- temperatures are a little chilly today. 36 in raleigh and 35 outside of fayetteville. some spots are in the 20s but we will warm-up today thinks it is high-pressure to the south. we can expect mostly sunny skies. temperatures are warmer than they were yesterday in yesterday really was not that bad with highs in the 60s -- 50s excuse me.


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