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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  March 7, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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morning thanks for watching with us. let's first check in with our meteorologist. good morning everyone. we're off to a pretty chilly start. this afternoon will look fantastic. it is a nice way to start the weekend. our satellite and radar not showing anything in the way of cloud cover. the are dry and quiet and that is how things will say through most of the week. 37 raleigh. dirty 6 durham. -- 36 durham. 39 roanoke rapids. we have an area of high pressure sitting just to the south. that will lead to mostly sunny skies and a warmer day. 40 degrees at 8 am. of -- up to 50 degrees at noon.
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expect for your week ahead. we're taking a look outside currently at i 40 and new hope road. as you can see traffic is moving fine. an i 40 in the fortified construction don't have a couple of closures to tell you about -- zone , we have a couple of closures to tell you about. the shoulder is closed for us 60 for and exit 301. we also have the exit ramps at southeast on the street closed on both sides. -- on fonder -- saunder street closed. crews responded to a house that was on fire. no one was home and luckily no one was hurt. firefighters had to evacuate 5 units.
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find another place to stay. >>north carolina is about to get a lot of attention. >> donald trump is planning to stops in north carolina. he is going to hold a rally today in concorde. on wednesday he will campaign in fayetteville. he recently opened a campaign office in that city as well. bill clinton will campaign for his wife in raleigh, greensboro and fayetteville. hillary clinton is planning a stop on thursday but is not confirmed where that will be. >> reporter: bill clinton is expected to make his first stop of the day here in raleigh. he is coming to market hall which is in the city market area. we're told he is going to talk about early voting as part of
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early voting started in raleigh last week. both candidates hit the campaign trail hard this weekend. donald trump is expected to campaign in north carolina this week as well as fayetteville on wednesday. he opened a campaign office last week. both candidates talked about the importance of getting out the vote -- to vote . >>the best way is to get people to go vote to elect leaders who will help them in their children to be fully invested in enfranchised in our process. >>our statement is make a miracle whole. that is a terrible statement. make a bear cold -- make a
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whole. >> bill clinton is expected to talk in raleigh. we will tell you what you need to do if you want to come. a lot of people want to know how to get those tickets. rallies neighbor -- mayor -- raleigh mayor will give the state of the city this morning. it is free to the public. right now an investigation and -- is underway to a shooter who shot 2 people. they are looking for 4 suspects may be traveling in a brown or 10 chevy malibu. this is the 2nd shooting since june. also right now, raleigh police are investigating a home invasion that happened in the middle of the day. a woman found her 17-year-old
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police tell us 2 men broke into the back door of the house while the teenager was home alone. her mother tells us the girl was able to text where she was and what was happening. she said she found her daughter duct tape to a chair without any close on. >>it is beyond scary. it is horrifying. it's occur close and she was in the closet. no one wants to walk in on their childlike that. >> the girl was taken to the hospital and it is unclear if anything was taken. >>the community for more -- continues to mourn after a police officer shot and killed a suspect. he died a week ago today. according to a report, police say the victim when after a gun before the officer shot him 4 times. yesterday the passenger -- pastor and parishioners of christ coming [ audio playback
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they want people to know they don't just come to worship on sundays but they are part of the community.>> we didn't let what happened monday stoppedbus because the issues that exist here exist everywhere -- stop us because the issues that exist here exist everywhere. right now donations continue to pour in for a dying durum man -- durham man who could lose his apartment. his lease on his apartment is up and make but his rent will jump and he says he cannot afford it. >> it has been hard, but god has given me strength. and he has been here for a reason, and you can't question that. i don't think it is going to be
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to see my creator and i'm going to be able to see my mom again and i'm not going to have these worries anymore. >>he is pleading with the owner to keep his rent at the same rate but no luck so far. our investigator is that would -- is set to meet with him today . we will have updates on our website. a gofund me page has been set up. if you would like to donate we have put a link on our website. >> it is nice to see a lot of
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reaching out to help them out. when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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good monday morning. we are off to a nice start to our day. the are a little bit on the chilly side. right now, our satellite and radar showing things are staying fairly clear and quiet. we will see high and then clouds today but otherwise we're looking mostly sunny. 37 degrees in raleigh. 36 as we start the degrees -- the day in durham.
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31 rocky mount. have an area of high pressure sitting to the south that will keep our skies sunny. it will also lead to warmer temperatures. instead of high temperatures in the 50s, we're talking about highs this afternoon well into the 60s. 66 degrees as a matter of fact and mostly sunny. we're 40 degrees at 8 am. 58 degrees at lunchtime. will hit the high 56 around -- we will hit 50 degrees around lunchtime. it is currently 642 in the breaking overnight a in australia. still to come, what we know and
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to figure out today. good morning. time is 544. this morning top story, campaign 2016 is headed to north carolina.>> former president tend to get a lot of attention. hillary clinton will be here thursday and republican presidential candidate donald trump will be hurt -- here on wednesday. >> police are searching for 2 men broke into a home and tied up a 17-year-old. the teenagers mother says she found her daughter naked tied up in a closet with duct tape. the girl was taken to the hospital. >>funeral arrangements are underway for nancy reagan. she died yesterday at her home in los angeles of congestive heart failure. >>so far no charges have been filed after a good samaritan died after a crash in charlotte.
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trooper say the 26 rope pulled over to help a woman change a tire. when he stopped and stepped out of his car he was struck by a van. the crash remains under investigation. >>the seminar hostage situation at a factory in australia ended with one person dead and 2 others injured. the gunman was also killed. the scene unfolded with a man armed with what was believed to be in a case 74. 3 hostages were released. police are investigating but they do not believe the shooting is extremist. also, the search is on for a person who shot a fast food restaurant worker. the 19-year-old was shot at least 3 times. it all began as the employee clean tables at churches chicken . >>the older guy comes right back in and all you could hear was bam. the victim is at the hospital.
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if the shooting is connected to one that happened earlier. today the jury in erin andrews case will begin deliberating. they will decide whether she should be paid millions of dollars. they say the 2 hotel companies that owned and operated the nashville marriott enables a stalker who took nude videos of andrews and then posted them online. >>opening statements begin today and hope cogan $100 million trial against new website -- news website gawker -- in hall cogan -- hawk whole get
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their website. carolina panthers posted this image of cam newton and peyton manning at the super bowl with the hashtag respect. peyton manning is going out on top after an 18 year career in the nfl.>> payton spent a whole lot of time with duke coach. he says manning helped him as well. >>he is been inspirational to me as a friend and inspirational to me as a coach. he has made me a better person. it is not completely a happy ending. he is making this announcement while he is still at the center of an investigation. we have look at that as well as a response from peyton manning himself. >> reporter: even in the glow of winning super bowl l, manning told super bowl tranix cbs 50 retirement was on his
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there will be a lot of words about manning but in sports, the numbers often manner more -- matter more. off the field he is a tv pitchman showing another talent, singing. >>tran18. >> this season came with allegations in a documentary that is still under review by the nfl. than a clinic in indiana center -- since the illegal performance enhancement drug to his home. he says his wife did receive the medication that he denies getting any medication from her . >>i have done it a long way into the hard way. anything otherwise is a complete and total joke. it is defamation and it ticks me off.>> and no charges of sexual harassment from his days as a quarterback at tennessee.
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court several years ago. in 5 years he is eligible for the football hall of fame. this year he savored a heroes welcome in denver. >> this season we have a lot of new players and guys who worked hard and soft the other. >> the team is planning a news conference for 11 o'clock mountain time. we will live stream the announcement today on our website. good monday morning, we are off to a nice start to our morning. the are a little on the cool side but we are dry and quiet. on our satellite and radar we are looking pretty good. that will be the case for the rest of today and into the week.
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36 durham. 31 rocky mount. 32 goldsboro. 35 fayetteville. temperatures may be chilly to start the morning but we are going to warm up pretty significantly. 58 degrees by lunchtime. 62 by 2. our high temperature up to 62 degrees. today is going to be the course day out of the next several. 66 is above our average high. we're up to 64 for tomorrow and wednesday. 78 degrees for thursday. 72 for friday. we are a little cooler for the end of the week but we are still warm with the highs in the 70s. expect mostly sunny skies with much warmer conditions compared to yesterday. we have highs in the 60s today thanks to this area of high pressure sitting to the south. tomorrow, that starts to slide
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we do have warmer air pushing in from the south. for tomorrow, wednesday and ththsday our sunshine continues with high temperatures into the 70s, mid-to upper 70s for the forecast for the middle of the week. a cold front tries to push and for friday. it will near the area but might fizzle out completely before he gets here. we may see a few clouds coming in. we are looking at high of 66 and rally today -- raleigh today. today, temperatures fall to 43 degrees with partly cloudy skies, patchy fog as possible during the overnight hours and our 7-day forecast shows temperatures climbing. you have a beautiful week on the way. 74 degrees on tuesday. 74 still on wednesday with mostly sunny skies. 72 on friday. we are dry and sunny
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we have our next chance for showers holding off into the weekend with highs near 70. we have beautiful week on the way. to make things better, things are not looking that in the morning drive as we kick off the work week. are taking a look at i 85 and duke street. right now traffic is moving smoothly. if we switch things over to our traffic it here's a couple of closures are between exits to 93 and exit 301. -- 293 and 30 caress presents the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours.
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list of charges after leading authorities on a high-speed trace -- chase. >>tran18. >>the chase covered 30 miles and speeds reach more than 100 miles an hour. the driver crashed his car into a tree. officers then arrested him and took him to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. no one else was hurt. joe biden and his wife, doctor jill biden are in the united arab emirates for their first leg of their middle eastern tour. he is expected to meet with several people during the trip including the vice president and prime minister of uae and ruler of dubai. later in the week he will visit jordan and israel. if packing up and moving is a little bit overwhelming, try moving the entire house or actually 2 of them. that is what happened yesterday in durham. the owner of 2 115 homes --
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the homes yesterday. the goal was to move them to a spot where they could be renovated. >>i think the passion is about seeing these houses save, seeing them have -- saved , seeing them have a better future where they can be occupied again by families who love them as much as we do. >>despite 6 months of planning there were issues with the move. the yellow house had to be moved right back to where it was coming from. it will sit there for weeks until the crews can come back out and fix the problem. today, the dmv full office will roll -- mobile office will roll into lake forest. it is a part of the governors role to improve customer service and reduce wait times at the dmv. the mobile office will be at the town awake for us renaissance strike -- site.
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you to get business taken care of. suzy swinehart broke the guinness book world record for running on a treadmill. she ran 73 miles which beats the old record by 5 miles. her family in fort wayne indiana was all there as they cheered her on. she came up with a plan and got it done. >> we were just talking about the fact we are more than treadmill people. >>to presidential hopefuls have stops in our area. at devry university's college of business, we're looking for the go-getters. so if you want to learn
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and make an impact tomorrow, you're our kind of different. devry university's college of business.
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right now, campaign 2016 heads home. where you can see 2 presidential candidate in the
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plus, red light warner's -- runners aware , you could soon be caught on camera. a lot of the polls are open but i'm sure people will be sitting by them -- pools aren't open but i'm sure people will be sitting by them by the end of the week. >>let's get a check of the weather with our meteorologist. >> if you don't have plans to be outside you may want to make them. the forecast is looking gorgeous. here's a live look from our tower camera. you can see the sky rising and it getting a little brighter -- ahead of sunrise. our satellite and radar not showing anything in the way of wet weather. we are dry and quiet. it is 37 in raleigh right now. 36 fayetteville. a little cool in some spots,


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