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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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health problems have those -- post -- forced her out of the classroom. >> students are pitching in to support the teacher who they say, has supported them. megan has the story.>> reporter: -- >> if you know her, you love her. >> reporter: they have learned more than social studies from her. >> a teacher, a mentor, she's always been a special person.>> she was so much more than a teacher. if you had a personal problem, a home problem. she was a counselor. >> reporter: if she could help, she would. >> if there were kids who didn't have breakfast, she would feed them. >> i would spend lunch there because i didn't have any friends. i didn't have any people.>> reporter: she made a huge impact
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serious health problems have forced her to spend months away from her classrooms. but they are coming together to do what they can. they started a go find me page. -- fund me page. >> you can see broke college students giving money because she made that much of a difference. it's incredible. i thought it would be small, but it's making a big difference. >> reporter: thanks to the generosity, they learned from their teacher. >> she has a heart of gold. we wanted to get back everything she has given. >> reporter: it's not clear when ms. hartman will be back here. but, she will certainly receive a warm welcome. maggie newland. >> that the impact of a great teacher.
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treatment today and was not available today. she said she is overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone. if you want to help you can find a link on our website. >> i am proud of those students. this week, we are seeing the several -- the presidential candidates. ted cruz was in raleigh today. north carolina political reporter bowl -- was there. >> reporter: the battle for the presidential nomination has at times, then a fierce one. and the focus is turning.>> i feel really good here in north carolina. we have an amazing team on the ground. >> reporter: calgary baptist church was standing room only as texas senator. ted cruz reported -- recorded a town hall. >> north carolina will have it
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we are --. -- campaigning hard. we have seen conservatives unite.>> reporter: at one time, he shook the hand of retired police officer. she severely hurt his back in a struggle with a suspect in 2002.>> he just painting. -- thanked me. and i just told him i'm one of many.>> reporter: he wants voters to get the message that he's the only candidate with a path to defeating donald trump. to that, democratic response -- >> he is not much better. the republicans don't have a vision for our's -- our country. his vision, -- >> reporter: his vision -- >> if you don't want to see hillary clinton, which is with donald trump being the nominee, let us stand together. >> reporter: after another rally, he will head to miami to
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supporters. in raleigh, cbs north carolina. >> the visits continue tomorrow. when donald trump speaks in fayetteville. hillary clinton is expected in north carolina on thursday. were cooper says the state should work towards making community college tuition free. he outlined proposals relating to education today. he wants teacher pay increase and more investments in pre-k. the atty. general. is running for governor trying to arms states. he stopped short of calling for tax increases. but criticized republicans were not spending enough on schools. state health officials are retracting a recommendation that advise people not to drink water. last spring, they spent -- they send doubt -- they sent letters not to drink well water.
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chemicals found in the water. >> we are still doing tests. we did the baseline letters that were coming in. he will have more tests to do. >> everyone i talk to, so they don't trust the water. those are just numbers.>> duke energy, which has ash ponds say they are not responsible but have been supplying them with bottled water since then. health department has a recommendation was sent in an abundance of caution. major league baseball is coming to fort bragg. the miami braids and marlins will play a season game. they have promised to pay for a 12,500 the ballpark for the fort bragg game which will coincide with the annual fourth of july celebration pick >> it is very gracious. we are not very close to a home baseball field. we are five hours away.
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extraordinary. >> it will air nationally on sunday. will mark the first season game of a professional's were ever played on in active military base. new information on the city's plans for the north pf -- dorothea dix property. they bought it from the state last year, city council or maryann baldwin says, developments will cost $150 million and will be a mix of public and private money. she says a park will attract visitors ultimately increasing tape -- sales tax revenue. >> it talked about this for over 10 years. for me, seeing the agreements and all of a sudden starting to talk about what is next. it is really exciting. >> baldwin says it will take two years to come up with a master plan. she says a transformation will not be complete for another 20 to 60 years. two dozen police academies
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they are concerned that the lack of interest in being a cop may affect your safety. mario talked about the trend. what is behind us? 4 we talked to experts here, and they say there is not a season -- a single reason to pinpoint. we do know, that 18 cops have been killed on duty. i am told, that's one of several factors that people are walking away from the profession. a potential police officer shortage might be looming and it could affect your safety if the statewide trend we discover continues. >> it would be concerning.>> reporter: they just got state records showing 17 police academies eight in 2015 and nine this year had to be canceled all over the state because of low enrollment.
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perfect storm.>> reporter: he is chair criminal justice, he said several factors are making it a less attractive career. >> the concerns about unethical behavior, racial bias, biased against the poor, excessive use of for >> people of color fear the police. we want to change it.>> reporter: recruiting minorities is difficult pick >> i love to help my community out.>> we need to come in and re-create that image of what a noble police officer really does. >> reporter: we are checking with state leaders to find out when any of those police academies will be rescheduled. when we learn more, we will pass it along. we are live in durham, mario burn trash bin. the number of people being hit and killed is on the rise.
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happening. local towns and cities are
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trend. a report released shows 2015 saw a 10% increase in pedestrian deaths nationwide. >> that's the biggest increase of all-time. and as david hurst shows us, some are turning to unusual techniques. >> reporter: it has been nearly 5 months since she lost her son. >> at this point, so processing. in trying to believe it. >> reporter: he was killed by a drunk driver while he was walking. his mother is trying to prevent others from losing their loved ones.>> families are being torn apart.>> reporter: her son was one of 2400 pedestrians killed. it's projected to be a record- setting year mostly because of distracted driving. there were 74 deaths last year because of walking. they saw a 3% decrease from
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nationwide trend. it's due in part to them working to make a safer environment for people walking. this week chapel hill painted one of their cross works -- crosswalks. >> people tended to become complacent. in particular, when they see the same signs. they are fairly simple. 4 -- >> reporter: they plan to paint more crosswalks. >> a distraction can be as quick as anything. and that if someone's life that you can't take back. >> reporter: she hope the she hopes they can adopt -- she hope that they can adopt something that will work. >> we dug into the numbers, three quarters of people walking were hit after dark. a third of those had been drinking alcohol picks if you have a baby or toddler, buying diapers is almost unavoidable. but in the next couple of years, they may be made different. a company, is working to
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as making newly reports, it's what's next. >> reporter: little ones go through lots of diapers. >> i'd say you are buying a box every couple of weeks. you don't want it leaking. >> reporter: much don't think about how they work. but a company has made it its business. >> if you cut this open, you can see it is filled with diaper fluff just caught like material. 4 they are working to revolutionize. >> it uses a synthetic chemical. it comes out of an oil refinery. what consumers want is something that's made from green materials. they have their material on a material that changes the form of the cornstarch. it comes out looking like possibly >> it does a little bit more than possible it holds onto foods.
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-- product is a hydrogel. >> that's what we're shooting for. >> reporter: it's to put it in the diaper. >> it's interspersed in this material. >> reporter: it's the same way they are made now, but each project -- product is greener. the company is in talks with second -- diaper manufacturers. >> if we can provide a greener material, and it performs the same we will see an end to the synthetic material. >> reporter: moms say they like the idea and keeping costs down is key. >> sometimes they are in them for 20 minutes. so it's important. >> reporter: for what's next, cbs carolina. >> -- could have its first product is stores as early as the end of the year. in the weather center, and maggie was able to find those parents and kids at a park.
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>> good thing we didn't do that last week. today was our warmest day and almost 5 months. numbers will continue to go up. let's jump to thursday, that will be our warmest day. 80 in the triangle, 81 fayetteville. that's very close to record highs. 81 was 1974. the same year, 84 in fayetteville. i don't think that it matters, that we will have temperatures close to record highs. it will be a -- 80 the second to last thursday of winter. before we had into tonight, we have their weather clouds. it is still 69. same deal up in chapel hill. you can see a fire in the sky. a great sunset tonight. if you're able to capture, drop me an email. coming to you are and where you
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let's talk more about those parties. -- 40s. is close to 70. you know who's not? bismarck north dakota. if you are thinking you had a bad day, it could have been a lot worse. it is still winter somewhere. just not here. so, as we had into tonight, 66 8 pm, upper 50s overnight. you have a morning low of 50 tomorrow. there might be patchy fog. but it will be 50. so, high pressure continues to be in control of our weather. the most interesting weather is in the midwest. rain there, rain in the great lakes. that will stay away from us until we get into the weekend. we have dry weather from now through friday.
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thursday, are to warmest days, high pressure is in control. it's that southerly wind. as we get into friday, the high starts to move away. the cold front approaches. we will stay dry and pretty warm. we get into the weekend and the dry weather is gone. just scattered showers. it shouldn't be too heavy or severe. the cold front stays to our north. it will probably make it to the border. and it will head back to the north. a little bit of instability, and uncertainty about timing. but you may need that umbrella a couple times. not tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. 79 here in raleigh, 78 drum, 80 fayetteville -- 78 durham, 80 fayetteville. we are almost 20 degrees above
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the warmest day comes on thursday we will hit 80. first of all, the morning starts off at 60. by lunchtime we are in the lower 70s. and thursday, will be the warmest day. we back it off just a bit on friday to 76 and more so this weekend. there's your scattered showers. and we have a small chance monday and tuesday for rain. unfortunately, it's the shortest weekend of the year. because we skipped that hour. but maybe that's okay. >> yes. >> as long as we don't skip the next few days. >> yes, i love daylight later in the day. the acc tournament is
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it is march. and, that does mean that there is madness in college basketball. >> that's very true. cbs north carolina's, todd gibson joining us. they got the win today. >> that's right, it's when they have huge upsets. and the players become stars. it happened today on verizon center.
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7570 to win. they had their running game going. and the had several breaks out they lead to them and thomas and up-and-coming brian crawford. meanwhile, cad is struggling. they need someone to pick up the slack and is more than willing. it's all against reporters and nation -- three pointers. >> it's a great feeling. it's hard to describe. >> they couldn't have come at a better time. it's been a tough year. they will not make the tournament unless they can win the event. still, they have played with confidence despite mounting losses. >> we have played with a lot of confidence. even though our record doesn't show how good we are. everybody is going to contribute and play the hardest. it was a big win for us.
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who isn't flashy just a deadly. >> he is just running back and enjoying it. he's not a big talker, but he gets the job done. >> he got it done. no question. the last outing february 25, duke was at -- was a winner. lou, a 26. and grace and allen 28 four duke. afterwards, the locker room, talking to cody martin, i said you know who you are playing? and he said yes, duke. it didn't take him long to size up that match. he thinks he can win tomorrow. we will send it back to you.>> i want them both to win. look at this brainpower. it's something that you see.
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say it could be in the future. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. >> pelley: hungry for delegates. >> what is the breakfast strada? >> pelley: four states serving up more than 300. >> i ask you, come join us. we welcome you. pelley: there's a lot on e line and someone on the phone. hello. this is mitt romney calling. >> pelley: also tonight, storms pummel the southern plains. a failed drug test means a huge
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sharapova. and the game changer of basketball. >> the way steph curry plays, it's pretty fun. >> this is the "cbs evening captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is a critical night for the republican presidential nomination. we're going to find out whether the trump express has been derailed by the combined attacks of his opponents and the leaders of his own party. 150 g.o.p. delegates are up for grabs in four states, including michigan, the first contest in an industrial state. and last saturday's contest, ted cruz was gaining on trump. john kasich was building a little steam. but marco rubio was largely left at the station. going into tonight, trump leads cruz by 80 delegates. major garrett is covering the race. >> reporter: as voters lined up in mississippi and michigan, donald trump looked for big


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