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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  January 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> there were cops running east-west and there were reports he went down gordon street. a lot of plainclothes cops and s.w.a.t. guys running in different directions on scooters and cars. reporter: mortar for the attack is still unclear. up reporters investigating it as possibly isis inspire. while that would be a first in unexpected. >> the police have been worried about the israeli police internal security services. % internal security services. certain israeli arabs out of the large arab population and a small number of young men inspired to carry out an attack. reporter: christina police in tel aviv say they are still examining surveillance video from the shooting and they are also looking at several nearby apartment buildings. at this hour the manhunt for the gunmen does continue.
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and israel as well. reporter: in last three months we have seen a surge of violence involving israelis and palestinians. it includes stabbings in shootings and tonight there was a rocket siren in the southern part of israel. it doesn't appear any rockets were fired. also it's still unclear as to whether or not the incident earlier is relayed to the escalation in violence. christina: dan bowens thank you very much. germany says terror threat has passed. it was on alert after a a report isis was planning coordinated attacks around the city on new year's eve. local train stations were evacuated and hundreds of police officers were deployed. the prime minister says an attack was not imminent but were warned people to remain vigilant. >> everybody knows no one can give a 100% guarantee that such attacks will be carried out. christina: new year celebrations went on as planned in berlin under site -- tight security. we have a tragic start to the
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25-year-old stephen hewett-brown was crushed to death by a falling elevator and building on the lower east side. this happened just before midnight moments after he helped a woman escape from harm's way. the buildings department says it's investigating. president obama will likely issue an executive order to tighten gun control laws. he will reportedly try to close the so-called gun show loophole switch lets people buy guns without a background check. the president is said to speak with attorney general loretta lynch monday to discuss the plan. meanwhile open carry laws are now in effect in texas lee open carry laws are now in effect in texas leading some gun owners where their guns in a holster. this new law bans and guns from certain places like hospitals and jails and places where alcoholism are. there are new laws taking effect in new york in 2016. among them a new bill of rights bans discrimination against working moms beating a child or pump tom.
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will prohibit paying women less for men for the same job. and the wages are going up to $9. it will be $7.50 per to thwart thwart -- workers invested workers in new york will get $10.50. eric schneiderman is raising -- daily fantasies warts like draftkings demanding they pay back every new york customer and pay a fine of $5000 per case. it's estimated the company spotted entry fees must year. schneiderman has been granted a temperate injunction to prevent sites from operating the state. it doesn't seem like a gamble for the weather. it's been gorgeous. audrey: we had a great december and winter is settled in as we start off the new year. we saw the chill today it is the start of the new year temperatures feeling seasonable and the wind was a little bit of a chill.
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while. >> it was a record-breaking month. is the warmest december on record for central park. their average temperature for the month was 50.8 degrees and that's 13 degrees above normal. we broke the previous record by five degrees and not only in central park but places like islip and bridgeport laguardia and jfk all broke records this month for the warmest december on record. the warmest day 72 degrees on christmas eve and four days later we are in it coldest day of the month at 34. we are now into january and it's feeling like that. high numbers in the 30s and 40s which is close to average for this time of year. right now sitting in the 30s in many locations like new york city where it's 38 degrees. islip checking in at 3741 in montauk, 36 in poughkeepsie and monticello is a cold spot on the map of the temperature of 28. our temperature changes roughly five to 10 degrees from this
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a bit risk as well. factor in the winds with the current temperature and it's feeling like the 30s and many locations and below the freezing mark in newark and sussex and towards poughkeepsie. check out the windchill and monticello. you're heading out on this friday night you want to be bundled up. we do have a northwest wind flow , a west to northwest winds will coming off the great lakes. it's picking up the moisture of the great lakes and igniting lake effect snow showers in buffalo rochester syracuse and dos ito as well. some of the snow showers are working their way as far as northwestern new jersey. the chance of flurries overnight but no accumulation we are expecting pair of low within watching her last couple of days. is sitting over the southeastern states and we thought it would make it's way offshore by today but that wasn't the case. the clouds around so now we
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and as it does so the clouds that while he rode away and we should rake in the sunshine as we go into the weekend. across the nation cold weather has spread from the northern plains towards the deep south. our only warm spot is in south border with the temperature of 80 degrees in miami tomorrow and in the western readings in the 30s, 40s and 20s like in places like noisy and l.a. in the 60s tomorrow. a look at our futurecast shows we will go mostly clear by the overnight hours. tomorrow but have sunshine -- should stick with us not only for saturday but sunday. even though looks bright and sunny out there's going to be cold. temperatures will be in the 40s windy conditions over the weekend so will feel more like the 30s much of the day. tonight mostly clear with a chance of an isolated flurry, temperatures below the freezing mark across most locations and tomorrow highs in the 40s once again but it will be windy so will feel like the 30s. the difference tomorrow from
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tri-state area. as we go into the first week of 2016 temperatures take a big drop. back to school on monday and work on monday it looks like readings of below freezing for the high numbers. there will be a big change from the recent weather pattern and slowly climb into the lower 40s. it looks like we should stay dry and sunny for the next several days. christina: a new year's day tradition in the park area to watch. there's screaming going in and screaming going up with a new year's day coney island polar bear plunge. or than 2000 swimmers made a mad mad -- into the frigid ocean. some even in costumes and everyone helping to raise money to send kids with life-threatening illnesses to camp sunshine in maine. >> i'm jumping in the water and
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>> my first time. reporter: last year money raised from the funds sent 28 families to camp sunshine. the i matter what the profession chances are good that one of the best at it is here in new york. up next meet at taylor berkman who has made things for everyone from world leaders to
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singer natalie cole has died. the famous daughter of nat king cole passed away in los angeles yesterday preached was known for her soulful singing sound that incorporated pop, jazz and r&b. the unforgettable cole is survived by her son and two sisters. she was 65 years old. brooklyn is the home to one of the best tailors in the world.
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has caught the eyes of presidents entertainers and designers like. he looks back in his legendary career in his own words. >> i am a maker of the best clothing in the world. my name is martin. they call me at taylor but you have to become a taylor before you become a maker. it's a very difficult job and there aren't many people left like me. i was 15 and a half when they took me to the concentration camp. my father sat down with me and he told me if i don't survive i don't want you to honor us by crying. honor us by living for the
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eventually i came to america. everything that i know was taught to me in this factory. ask me where i am the happiest. other people will tell you other things that i will tell you the truth. i'm the happiest when i'm in the factory downstairs watching people work. not one taylor makes a whole zoo. it takes about 100 operations on a jacket. each person has to do a different item perfectly. everything is matched up. every stripe every place. the first suit for me, he fixed the caller, i pick the fabric. why? because he is going to judge me
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our customers when they try on the first suit and whoever comes with them looks at them and they are shocked to see how beautiful that person looks. it makes a difference when you put something on right. there are no two people like. one is right-handed someone is left-handed, short ones, slim ones, extra long. i teach people to make sure whatever they do here is going to be the best in the world because we make everything by hand. i don't think there's anyplace in the world that could match us. if i listed all the favorite
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president clinton. that was the first time in the white house. i found this closet and i said this leather jacket doesn't work here in washington. you've got to look like the talking heads because the minute you walk out of the door you're on television and if you get dressed in the morning and you don't follow my advice mr. president can i tell you, you could ruin my reputation. paul newman was my favorite. my wife complained one time because he used to come over and kiss me and shake her hand. jimmy fallon. when he sees me he goes down on his knees. you see this ring, he kisses the ring. i said i'm not the pope.
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he is a funny guy. i have just 130 actors. every person who watch the show talked mostly about the clothing. 20 years later the jacket is still going to be good. this is what i accomplish, quality that you can wear that almost never goes out of style. christina: tune in tonight at 10:30 for our half-hour modern masters special featuring some the most talented people you will find in the world of music, dance and fashion. we'll take a sharp break and we'll may come back we look ahead to a 2016 will bring to
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome... the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. happy holidays to my friends in roseville new york. have a happy holiday and happy new year. christina: tina cervacio is in for russ. let's look ahead to some things
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teams in 2016. tina: today everyone is making reservations. 75% by tomorrow. so far i'm one-for-one. i got it in for today but i'm going to make resolutions for a few of our local pro-sports teams. let's stick stick with the sports that are big stories right now. christina let's start with football and the new york giants. a lot of questions surrounding the future of head coach tom coughlin. with that i hope the giants resolved to allow coughlin to go out on his own terms. he still technically has one year left on his contract and whether it be now or after sunday's game or next year he could possibly retire and make a decision on his own but the thing here is let his giants career and with the dignity and the class that he brought to this franchise along with two super bowl championships. christina: let's move onto basketball.
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make resolutions that are above and beyond. you don't want to make unrealistic one so let's not talk about the nets now. let's turn to the next and they are moving in the right direction. there are winning ballgames. that's when carmelo anthony scores 40 points or moves the ball. i think the orange and the need to resolve to keep mellow doing what he's doing, moving the ball, passing out of double teams playing solid defense and not go back to his chute first and wait. the knicks could also resolve to get home by midnight. that would just kind of have them avoid some of the issues and things that they have been dealing with. if they have bad discipline that one of the issues of course. christina: so virtuous then. baseball. 2015 wasn't too bad. tina: they had their best season in 15 years.
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pitchers and catchers report to spring training? i don't think the mets need many resolutions. let's turn to the yankees. then again he's made resolutions. he can shoot for the stars because the red socks are improved in the bluejays are strong so for the yankees to contend they have to resolve to get the same production and mark tiexiera and alex rodriguez. a ride will turn 41 but as of last year he played in 151 games. he batted 250 in his career average is 257 and he hit 33 homeruns. we think he did a clean and he stayed healthy, relatively healthy and the yankees will take that from him. as for. as far as tiexiera he came back rejuvenated despite a couple of injuries. he credited eating and avocado with a dance a gluten-free diet to hitting 31 home runs. it comes down to die for the
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it's the glock. stay with us you will meet new york's first baby of the year after the break. >> new york is much more than fires and traffic accidents. is the greatest city in the world. i want to reflect that. fewer of us do so using a typewriter. the last typewriter repairman in new york city company that has served since the great depression. >> this is one of few latinos working in computer science breaking the united states at the age of four. >> my father got me atari. >> from playing videogames to his own company to 1000 web sites. what are you doing right now? >> d. keeping his only been
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i'm corporal atom and kuwait want to say happy holidays to my friends and family in brooklyn new york. braden dad loves you. christina: the first baby of the nearest corner carnell at hospital for the second year in a row. zaden now well weighed in at seven pounds, one ounce. his mom stephanie was a little shocked when zaden arrived right at the stroke of midnight.
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delivered the first baby of 2015 , 2015 when baby maxim was born to a couple from sheepshead bay. that does it for now. thanks for joining us. i'm christina pa bay. that does it for now. thanks for joining us. i'm christina park pier from studio 5 in the control room, happy new year. have a great night and we will see you on monday. ernie is back. "fox 5 news" isn't over. if you want to connect to great
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