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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  January 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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ben: right. the morning does not look too bad. snuggle and possibly some rain. juliet: police on long island looking for the man in this video. trying to make the baby. only made off with the stroller.
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chapo. a better look at the place where he had been hiding. juliet: one of them on the hood of a car. dash cam video from police. we have the latest on this coming up. ben: okay. juliet: why would you do that? ben: good morning, everybody. i am ben simmoneau. teresa: good morning. i am teresa priolo. ben: it is january 12. there could be some snow on its way. juliet: just in time for that
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mike: it does not take much. it will really get those road conditions heading south really quick. we are looking at some sunshine for the morning. it starts off as a rain / snow mix. turns over to snow as the colder air is being pulled in. bridges and overpasses tend to ice up really quick. that could be the case later on this evening. twenty-six in central park. 19 degrees and islip. wind is almost calm across the tri-state region right now. sky. there is some moisture with it. not a whole lot.
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beginning. more rain in the very beginning. you see these little lines that are trying to pop up. they are in and out so quickly. coaching. it should not be a major snow accumulation by any means. that will be a potential problem later on this evening and tonight. just windy and cold are at that point in time. today's high temperature will be 31. okay. let's get a look out at what is happening with our can you. ines: .
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a tractor-trailer flipped over leaving only the left lane open. you can see it is also partially blocked. that flipped over tractor-trailer. let's go back to our maps. right by the central parkway. expect to lace. dealing with rubbernecking. any eastbound side. heading towards the proclaimed delay. that tractor-trailer that turnover.
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you start seeing it right as you approach 38th street. i am trying to find an alternate route. it is really hard with back new. street cleaning rules are in effect. ben: thank you. teresa: breaking news this morning. an explosion has left 10 people dead. ben: 15 people have been injured. witnesses said buildings in the area showed from the forest of the blast. likely a suicide bombing. turkey no stranger to attacks. in october, more than 100 were killed in twin islamic suicide bombings. more on that story, of course, throughout the morning.
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that tried to kidnap a baby. teresa: and they confronted the child's babysitter. we have the latest. >> reporter: good morning. this babysitter was pushing a stroller break down the street when a strange man approached her and said he needed to take the baby inside of the stroller. he tried to abduct the baby. he only got away with an empty stroller that you later ditched outside of this pizza shop. this man approached a 65-year-old female babysitter pushing a stroller around 1215 monday afternoon. he said he was pushing a dead baby and demanded he take the child. he entered an unlocked mud room door, but could not get past a
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he then took the empty stroller. they found the stroller on the side of the pizza place. the surveillance video shows a clear picture of the man inside the restaurant. he was last seen in a blue coat. detectives are still looking for the suspect. they are asking anyone with information on his whereabouts. if you have any information, please call crime stoppers. 18577 tips. juliet: charges have now been charged -- police are facing criticism in a delay of telling the public about that attack. ben: robert moses is live in three of the suspects are still
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four work good morning to you. the three youngest suspects are still being held here at the special victims unit did the fourth suspect that a 17 has already been transferred to arraignment. today. police are still looking for that fifth attacker. early this morning police announced charges against for the teenagers in this surveillance video. that is where they, along with another suspect, allegedly raped in 18-year-old woman on thursday evening. police charged a 14-year-old, 215-year-old and a 17-year-old with rape. despite their ages, police have charged each of them as an adult. police say one teenager pulled out a gun and amended that the father leave. he ran to get help him out is
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daughter. >> i am the father of a young woman. this is the kind of thing back, for me, deeply, deeply troubles me. it is an intolerable situation. we will make sure that young women do not go through this kind of tragedy. perfect for the nypd to too long to notify the public that it happened. a spokesman said the mayor now believe strongly that the local community should have been informed sooner and instructed that the nypd notify communities quickly. >> we supposed to know what is going on. >> maybe they would have gotten caught a lot quicker. >> reporter: the post is reporting this morning that the
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two different bodegas. the paper said that he was too intoxicated for anyone inside those bodegas to understand what he was saying. that is the latest. back to you. juliet: thank you very much. now to the capture of the world's most wanted fugitive. drug kingpin el chapo. a fiery gunbattle. shop from cameras worn by mexican readings. more then six of his men were in custody and five others were dead. this is what they found. clothing and food scattered everywhere. blood smeared on the walls.
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rolling stone was publishing an interview he had done with sean penn. yesterday, penn told the press that he had nothing to hide. it does not appear that penn broke the law. take a listen. >> there are no accusations. he just interviewed him. speaking to someone that maybe wanted by the law in and of itself is not a crime. teresa: return to the same mexican prison that he escaped from months ago. he could be extradited to the united states. he faces other drug-related charges. mexican officials say it could take at least one year. ben: to preface the michigan get
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when one tries to get away, the other jumps on the hood of a car. ben: mind you, here's shirtless and there is snow on the ground. allegedly assaulted his brother. the older brother -- nobody was hurt. juliet: i think he hurt his elbow. ben: the proposer now facing charges. the brother without a shirt on was blocking the view. teresa: kids these days.
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mike: at least most of one. anyhow. another cold start to the day. the sun will give way to the clouds coming at you here. it is going to turn parisi. we are expecting rain later in the day. it will turn from rain to snow. daily and hourly forecast. available on the weather at. it is all set to go. we will be right back. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4. that's breakfast whenevs. you can't predict the market. but through good
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ben: we are back. juliet: cold one. mike: with a little bit of snow. for now, it is dry. significantly colder for you and sussex. 14 degrees cooler and ice left. a mainly clear sky. the colder air is rushing in.
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it has in this general direction. areas of low pressure. there is minor accumulation. that is what it looks like is happening with this one, too. we will see rain at first. colder air is being pushed in. a quick moving possible. after it is gone, it will turn windy and cooler for you. 15 degrees. a pretty big drop in temperatures. as we go to the next seven days, a quick snow showers later on this evening.
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thirty-six on thursday. still drive on friday. all right. let's bring in ines. she has a bit of a headache. what is going on, ines? we do have an accident on the cross island. approaching the turnpike. let's take a look at the commute. you are okay for the most part. just a minor delay. the bqe, by the brooklyn bridge, take a look at this traffic jam. a tractor-trailer carrying garbage for dover on its side blocking the on ramp. you have local closures there. they will try to operate that. it will take a little while to
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traffic backed up to the felt merge. ben: all right. thank you very much. the consumer electronics show. shelly palmer is just back from that. juliet: a few things to talk about. let's start with the android cell phone. what is that? >> trouble please the coolest android i have ever seen. not a big deal. it has an ecosystem. you press a button and you are watching live tv. a toolset that lets you totally be entertained. not from apple. not from any android device. >> 184.
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someone can ride. >> the person of 230 miles away can crawl into it and the rescue. big enough to hold one person. you can send it on empty and someone can be brought back. it is kind of cool. teresa: it is an airplane. >> it is a drone. only a really big one. [laughter] i do not know how to pronounce it. teresa: it is cool. it is a spoon. you cannot hold the spoon to
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it will level lies. depending on how you like to say it. there is an app store. you could just throw them in there and have whatever craft beer you want in three days. teresa: we have one left. it is a really simple camera. you press the doorbell and it rings. you get to see who is out the door on your app. we have a lot more still to come this morning.
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teresa: the controversy over when women should be screened for press cancer is back. the final recommendations. sticking with the 2009 study.
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at age 50. congress wants to ensure that tax force recommendation. governor christie's signature. finding up to $1000. new jersey would become only the second state. already 21. >> a simple way to reduce back pain. reduce the risk of lower back pain by 45%. that could lower the amount of time taken off for work by almost 80%.
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back pain, your doctor should recommend this type of exercise. ben: applewood like iphone users to get a better nights sleep. a night shift feature. cutting down the amount of blue lights. automatically shift to warmer, yellow colors when the sun goes down. apple has not announced when i awoke 9.3 will be released to the public. teresa: i just updated to the ios nine. i was a couple months late. ben: the first one is always a little muggy. i want you to know that i have spotted you for the powerball. you only $4.
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and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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ben: there is a chance for snow is on the way this afternoon. upwards of an inch. at the most it sounds like. probably not a lot of snow. a bit of a mess. he has the details coming up. teresa: police on long island looking for this man. they say he tried to take a baby from a babysitter. stroller. ben: a new poll has senator ted iowa. just three weeks away. teresa: the powerball jack talk continues to grow. office pools are starting to get bigger, and, possibly, out of
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apparently, there is an app for that. ben: 50 last time. i spotted juliette. i just want to make that clear. >> where did that come from? ben: if we do not win this time, we should give it up. teresa: i am going to go broke making a lot of money. teresa: at the daily news this morning. suggest that only 10 individual checks can be handed out. they tell you you should form an llc if you are in an office pool. ben: that sounds like we need to hire a lawyer. let's hope that it does not come
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that it does. probably. let's negotiated out front before we went. mike: a little bit of snow on the way. adding a little bit more. we start off with some sunshine. it does change over to snow. most of us probably do not even get an inch. it looks like it will swing through. fourteen in sussex. 12 degrees and monticello. many locations are looking at the wind, this hour. clouds are starting to make a
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again, without a whole lot of moisture. it does start off as primarily rain. the hike goes up to 41. changes over to snowfall. you could see a coating on the roadways. anyhow, getting up to 31 for a hike tomorrow. the rain snow thing is out of fear. another shot at rain and snow. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. we have a big problem out there on the bqe. ines: it is trouble right now. let's start off with your new jersey commute. taking that eastern or western. the bqe westbound. the eastbound side that is a problem.
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the bqe problem, skyfoxhd over the scene. that is what you are dealing with. and overturned garbage truck. they weren't letting the left lane through. they will try to operate it. could you still close there. let's go to our cameras first. show you the fdr drive. there is an accident. seventy-ninth street. an accident southbound. let's go to the bqe cameras. traffic not moving because of that accident. this delay goes all the way back to the gowanus. a delayed all the way to the felt merged their. i will give you an update on that one in my next report. ben: thank you very much. on long island, police are
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kidnap a baby. this actually happened when a babysitter was walking down the street. he did not stop there. he actually followed them home. only got away with an empty stroller. nassau county detectives say that this man approached a 65-year-old female babysitter pushing a stroller around 1215 monday afternoon. he told the sitter she was pushing a dead baby and demanded he take the child. the babysitter followed them.
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could not get past their locked kitchen door. he took the empty stroller and walk east on west broadway. clear picture of the man inside the restaurant. he was last seen in a blue coat. blue sweat pants with a stripe. detectives are still looking for the suspect. they are asking anyone with information on his whereabouts. that number, 8244 tips. teresa: thank you very much. president obama will deliver his final state of the union tonight. he will be talking about the future and why he thinks voters should elect a democrat in november. he will not endorse a particular
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the nation's future. how he has improved the economy and the strong steps he has taken to prevent a terror attack in the united states. you can watch the state of the 5:00 o'clock. ben: some bad news. bumped from thursday's main debate. rand paul. carly fio reno. they are now only the invited to the undercard eve debate. there we go. that is who will populate that early debate. thanks or no thanks. he will skip it. his campaign complained about the criteria. the top six. the top five in iowa and new hampshire higher. the debates aired thursday at
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live from south carolina. juliet: just three weeks ago before voting begins in iowa and new hampshire. first to the democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are deadlocked in the two states. senator ted cruz overtook donald trump and iowa. new hampshire. a hugely. voters say marco rubio is in second place with 14%. ben: donald trump made his second visit to the tonight show. >> what are your weaknesses? >> that i never forget. it is sort of interesting.
6:37 am
it becomes like when someone takes advantage of a situation, i become too bad for too long. a shorter memory would not be too bad. >> are you willing to -- [laughter] >> i love the white house. teresa: i like how he framed that. he has a long memory. ben: he expects a huge voter turnout if he faces hillary clinton. teresa: powerball fever. the jackpot is now $1.4 billion. ben: like everything else, there is an app for that. joining us now is lauren simonetti. i think this is the third go around. >> okay. organizing these office
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you want to download this app. it is free. it will help you keep track of who has paid what. there are good things and bad things. if you need to e-mail the group didn't keep track of who is in and who is getting paid, you can keep track with this out. there is no option where you can pay the organizer, ines, don't you want to get paid, and you cannot buy any tickets through the app. i have a one in 300 million chance to win $1.4 billion cash 868 million. ben: pretty good. 68 million is the cash. she rounded up. it is okay. teresa: we would not want to increase our odds any. ben: republican primary
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teresa: at the earlier debate will happen at 6:00 o'clock. ben: hello to marianne from brooklyn. she is watching this morning. she says she is kind of tired of us talking about powerball. she says she is going to win. hello, marianne. teresa: if you win, remember, we are buddies. we are friends. ben: she said she would double it and give me $8. mike: very generous. let's show you what is happening out there. a clipper system headed this way. we start out with some sunshine. not a ton. breezy conditions with rain showers coming through afterwards. it does turn over to snow. that is where you get some minor
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it has been kind of warm lately. not cool cold enough for the snow to stick around for long. let's bring in ines. ines: good morning. the bqe is the big story this morning. the tractor-trailer flipped over. it was leaving a lane open. trying to set himself to a friday. right now, all lanes are possibly closed. in the meantime, though, take a look at that delay. you have normal delays heading towards the verrazano bridge. let's go to our cameras. i will show you the live shot. the parking lot there. no one is moving because of that flipped over tractor-trailer. southbound express only between 34 street and canal. duke. duke: coming up in sports.
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alabama becomes national champions. plus the latest entertainment news. ben: chloe kardashian shows us the bizarre way she eats a k r-uppercase-letter. teresa: it meet the moore's!
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after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate?
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ben: 6:45 a.m. on a tuesday morning. checking that things for you. big news out of turkey. it is likely a suicide bombing. the capital, twin suicide bombings by the islamic state left more than 100 people dead. spew forth the gang rape of a woman in a brooklyn playground. the nypd should have notified the local neighborhood of the crime sooner. ben: keep operating in new york while claiming legal action. new york attorney general eric snyderman say that they need to
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teresa: this is kind of odd. he has -- one thing that he has never had. that is, apparently, a cup of coffee. i don't know. earlier this month, brady's personal chef said the all star player never touch caffeine. tomatoes, sugar, serial -- tomatoes are amazing. why would you not eat tomatoes? ben: why not sugar and cereal? i have had like six cups of coffee this morning. [laughter] teresa: we are awesome.
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duke: never eaten tomatoes. teresa: serial? ben: he has never had sugar? he does not eat sugar? duke: i read the story. new giants head coach. that is what he thinks is going to happen. tom coughlin going to philly. i do not think that that is going to happen. the coughlin part may. alabama looking for the fourth title in the last seven seasons. fourth quarter. defensive line. adam griffith. onside kick. it works.
6:47 am
very -- a touchdown. thirty-one-24 alabama. deshawn watson. that is a touchdown. down 38-33. alabama again. forty-five-33. 158 yards on the night. alabama goes on to win. i think she is the greatest college coach of all time. all things considered. five national championships. ben: it will be interesting. duke: now to the nba. hosting the celtics. explaining why he was fired as
6:48 am
>> we are playing the best in the world. of course, there is a market which makes a great pressure. a lot of attention. thank you to all of you. a coach who can resist this pressure. ben: tony brown serving as interim coach. joe johnson trying to keep the nets close. he will mail the three. the rebound. crushing the nets 106-79 the final score. coming back to the nets. $120 million. it will be interesting.
6:49 am
juliet: thank you. ben: thank you, duke. we have some snow on the way this afternoon. michael. mike: a light coating. maybe an inch or so. for now, it is called. twenty-six in central park. twenty-three in newark. we still have a mainly clear sky. it is this area of low pressure. this clipper system coming across the great lakes. it will come to us. it will bring kind of a mixed bag. temperatures at 28 by 8:00 a.m. it looks like it will start off by rain. turnover to snow by evening. it is in and out so quickly. a few spots up to the northwest.
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few and far between. clear and dryer for you tomorrow. another rain snow chance coming at you on saturday.
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daily and hourly
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things are not looking good. an overturned tractor-trailer. this happened around 4:30 a.m. this morning. the tractor-trailer carrying garbage flipped over. they have been opening and closing that left lane, occasionally. in the meantime, you have traffic backed up all the way to the staten island expressway. although with that to bradley avenue. you have that delayed crossing the verrazano. a second accident past tillery street. driving into the city, lincoln tunnel, not a bad ride. holland tunnel, 10-15. had some problems. you are fine there. there is the fan wake. looks good.
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>> a memorial outside of david always apartment. it just keeps on growing. a shock to a lot of fans. there had been a constant stream of fans have it. meanwhile, carnegie hall is turning a david bowie tribute concert into a memorial concert instead. the kardashian lands are always snacking on their reality show. i guess fans are always interested to see close new way of eating a cake at. >> you eat that. >> she swears you will eat less if you eat kick cats this way.
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follow your dreams. make videos about whatever you like. you might get viewership. i agree with you. ben: just put it in your mouth. >> eat smaller portions
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rosanna: today new york.
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