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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  January 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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maxx life! shop from "fox 5 news" , this is "good day early call" juliet: i have decided who i don't like. i think many would agree . ben: i think you are right about that . soon it was fight night . how did this man do? ben: we will find out in just a moment. caught on camera , please making an arrest after hearing gunshots being fired. juliet: the and train could stand for nothing but trouble. they may have to find another way to get around.
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thanks for showing up for work today . juliet: [laughter] on a friday? you complained about that about six months ago. i am so afraid of the dentist and the dentist that i went to was an oral surgeon in long beach and he was awesome.i love him. he knocked me out and it has not been a fun experience. i'm so glad to be back. ben: oral surgery sound like one of the worst things . juliet: when you're an idiot like me and you don't take care of the problem right away . mike: a lot of people are scared of the dentist but is good to see you. it feels a little bit like spring. 350 in central park and its
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the average is 27 or 28 . 35 is not a bad start. 21 is your current temperature in monticello. there is not a lot going on at this point. we have a minimally clear sky now but dark clouds to the west that will start working their way in. an area of low pressure will be developing . it will come off the eastern seaboard and it will bring rain or snow. it will come down pretty good. high is 51 and back to 470 for the ride home. the area of low pressure brushes by and brings us rain and not snow. there is a clipper passing through here late sunday
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shot of snow . monday is not looking day . monday is a martin luther king day . ines: everyone has to go to work. we have to be here for you. here's the commute problems. we construction set up for delays at 280 fine. the lie parkway and the bqe looks great. let's look at nassau county . no problems eastbound or westbound. the trains are running on more close to schedules. ben and juliet , the good to see you . juliet: thank you for
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ben: work begins on the online setting on several spots . this will be affecting thousands and carry drew takes a look at the problem . carrie: that is insane. brooklyn commuters react to the plan to close m train spots for more than one year . >> that's a really long time i feel like people would stop moving. >> if you like the platform will close and work will begin on the brooklyn mound platform. >> they say the project will give the stations a much-needed facelift but commuters will now have to travel deeper into brooklyn and transfer at a station with manhattan service. >> this is very inconvenient. the following stations will be affected. 8th ave., fort hamilton,
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avenue , kings highway, bay pkwy., avenue you and 86th st. . the 300 daily commuters that run the l train our concern. they are considering a plan to shut down service for up to three years. they will repair damage from super storm sandy. >> i think it would be no way.we would have to swim to manhattan. >> is back on the campaign trail. teresa joins us now live in the newsroom with a look at who said what . >> it was a good night to watch the debate. good morning. it's a night of fiery exchanges between all the candidates. all seven were on stage for the debate and as the smoke
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and who licked their wounds. trump and cruz really brought the heat . it was a night of one-liner . >> fast jobs . >> incorporated you maria for passing that on the front page of the new york times. >> i am happy to get a question this early on. i was going to ask you to wake me up . >> in the first debate , is the last before voters head to the polls in iowa and new hampshire. the smallest group of hopefuls took to the stage for a primetime showdown. the gloves are off. they're focused on the economy, terrorism , national security and guns. >> guns don't pull the trigger, the people pull the trigger and we have to find out what's going on. >> i watch storytime with tuesday night with obama and it sounded like everything was going amazing. some of the most fiery
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off-topic like the back and forth about cruises eligibility . >> there is a big? on your head . >> i've spent my entire life defending the constitution before the supreme court and i'll tell you, i will not take legal advice from donald trump . everyone understands that the value in new york city is socially little or pro-abortion or poor gay focus around the media. i saw something that no place could handle more beautifully than new york. it was a very insulting statement. >> we will see how all of this plays out with voters. the iowa caucus takes
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thank you, teresa . ben: business woman carly fiorina i was back on the undercard debate that happened earlier. there was only two others with her. mike huckabee and rick santorum. there did not hesitate to after trump or clinton . >> the two bull's-eyes have been blessed . unlike another woman , i love spending time with my husband. there was one person missing. that's kentucky ctr., rand paul. he was not happy about it so he declined. hillary clinton made an appearance on the night show. it was the second time she had gone on a late-night talkshow.
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brought up and she says she is not bothered by it . we have donald trump on i don't know if you saw it . [laughter] >> he is a lot more obsessed with me than i am with him . >> . ben: he joked if there was an email address that he could reach her at . the nypd released dramatic video of officers arresting a man after hearing gunshots. the seven on monday night in the morris heights section near the bronx. we can see the officers approached him and he puts the weapon on the sidewalk. they did find a loaded revolver near the suspect. >> today was the deadline day.
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the rate case. those teens have been released. the 17 -year-old remains in custody. the boys are accused of raping an 18-year-old woman and a brownsville playground after pulling a gun on her father. the investigation grew and questions emerged. no guns were found . neither the girl or the father could identify the suspects in the lawyers say in the cell phone video, she is laughing and smiling. his office is determined to get to the truth. >> concerned about a public school after 200 students are out sick with the stomach for . 60 students were sent home from ps 12. 212 absent and all.the department of health found no evidence of contamination but the school was disinfected yesterday as a precaution.
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weekend. it will be open today and health inspectors are investigating what caused the sickness. juliet: see me there . ben: you been sick enough. juliet: not really sickness. mike is the forecast, next. ben: her coworkers think
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you whole pulled the
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welcome back. that's a lot more mild out there this morning. we might drop it back down to about 32 but we are at 35 and my bad temperature and central park. it's the same in islip and the winds are pretty light becoming more northeast. that will continue to happen as time goes on. there's an area of low pressure that still a long ways down near the gulf of mexico now. it will come up the eastern seaboard and be a big player for us. is a partly cloudy sky and no big deal with no preset . the area of low pressure will make its way up the
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quickly. we'll see the showers kick in as time goes on. that looks like it will be from midnight tomorrow with rainfall and temperatures up to 480 by noon and a high of 51. the rain begins after midnight. it's been a high of 50 with highs increasing throughout the day in the rain coming and into tomorrow morning. it clears out for the rest of the day and i have a break on sunday. by monday, we have a clip coming in and there is a snow bringing in the cool conditions. then go to the fox 5 ny
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set for you to go. it's got a live interactive radar comes in handy later on today. let's bring in ines and see what's going on with the commute . ines: happy friday.the commute is off to a pretty good start. let's start with westchester. you are fine on the bronx river parkway and same goes for you in connecticut.95 northbound down towards greenwich and it looks great. that's check out staten island. little is on the lower level in bennett's back to you. >> .
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she won the jackpot on wednesday . juliet: so bad. ben: she was a newly minted nguyen and millionaire, she thought . when she got home he found out . luckily she did not tell off her boss. she was punched by her own son. needless to say, she is devastated . the nurses daughter says the whole family is very embarrassed. the guys in the 50s. >> how stupid. let's talk about this. juliet: joining us is curtis. i am in the kind of mood today. this is what i have to start my day off with. this one. curtis: i am so happy to see you return. i was feeling the papers.
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where is my sweet juliet . he was helping her with her dental work. all three of you are so nice that if i would've gotten you, i would've died of insulin shock. juliet: this is something you would've found funny. this poor woman that was told by her son that she won the powerball and she finishes up her shift at this retirement home. it's no doubt that he is not a antwan lewis . mama's boy. as you pointed out, he is
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he is in his 50s. >> a kind of weirdo does that? ben: let's not get into the regional animosity. let's talk about ted cruz. his derogatory statement about new york values when he was taking on the debate last night. donald trump said , no other city in the world has handled september 11 better than new york city. ted cruz was left speed less. was i thinking? new york represents a good chunk . >> it represents a good chance of fundraising opportunities .
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the way high waters in polyesters. they hate new york. >> i've seen it firsthand. when i was in langley high school in virginia , my teacher, she had nothing to do with me. she called me ms. new york and there was an attitude there. my mom came in and took care of things. curtis: what about your home city? philadelphia ? >> . ben: we are all one countrywide pin one city against another? >> you like to ride on the other cities. wouldn't you like, as un-american, for every city
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well and have good jobs and a low crime rate? curtis: those huckleberries south of the mason-dixon line? those who live in the trailer park camps?what's wrong with you? we are leaders. you came to new york . you left philadelphia and you couldn't wait .>> we joke around about how it's not happening in new york and that's not happening curtis: it's not a joke . it's for real. they know new york is be proud . flex! juliet: you have to have muscles to flex.
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i was but will have time. 770 w amc. it's a drive at five. ben: that so he says . material. the giants get their man. it's much to do about mac of you. come.
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before here we go. out the door its mid-30s. northeast wind moving through at 7 mph and it's cold not . it's not ridiculously cold although most of us are freezing but we're not there yet in philly. his 23 in albany in 20 in williamsburg. not too much happening at this point in time but we are waiting on what is to come. the area of low pressure that will be coming up this
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not until late tonight and early tomorrow morning. levitt come through in the early morning hours. today will be mild with temperatures warming up to 500 later on. as a go through the next five days 47 is the high and there is the rain coming at you tomorrow morning. it's out of your my sunday but monday we see another clipper bringing us cooler temps and snow . ben: you were not here . you may have been watching but you may have been a little bit loopy. i predicted that nick is a man goes in the giants and tom coughlin go to the eagles. juliet: yeah. ben: did not take long for the giants to find their coach. juliet: one of the youngest?
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will hold a press conference today. we are all familiar with him. tom coughlin has pulled out of contention for the eagles head coach .both sides were close to a deal as of early last night. they were discussing salary. they say it came down to concerns over who would and who would not be his offense of coordinator. that's what breaks you? ben: it's not over but we will see. juliet: i was reading something that suggested that it's a value issue. that's why he would not be going there.conflict and values. what do i know. in the metro division rivals , the rangers in the islanders to get out. into the third. but shortly and, the islanders tied it up and they will have another one
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