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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  February 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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distribution] . >> from "fox 5 news" this is "good day early call" . >> pushing for iowan voters to come out . it's caucus day. juliet: commuters are getting nervous after the sixth slashing. several suspects are still out there. ben: the zika virus spread and people are starting to fear it . good monday morning. i am ben simmoneau . liz: i am liz in for juliet huddy
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ben: there is parking out there and i have to tell you, it's february 1 but it feels like april 1. it's nice outside. 500. >> if you did not get a chance to get out there , this weekend was nice. you missed out before before most of this week will be on the mild side. 4:30 a.m. at 500 in central park. 360 in sussex and 39 in monticello. temperatures this morning on the mild side and we see patchy fog. check out the numbers and it doesn't look like it's a big problem.less sunshine here with a cold front working it's through will its way through the tri-state.
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impressive. midday of high temperature and 540. we go through the next five days with a high 540 in the slight chance of showers. look at the temperatures well above normal temperatures. >> almost 600 on wednesday. ines: wow . mike: been mentioned street cleaning rules are back in effect. move your cars. there is an accident this morning on 287 north . after exit 22. an accident is blocking two lanes. route 70 is doing fine. let's go to the cameras. by terry road eastbound and
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by the bronx river parkway for looking good . you go to the camera shot and there is no problem . ben: move your car. politics now. we were talking about this with both the republican and presidential candidates fishing for as many people to turn out for the iowa caucus. bernie sanders could benefit with the high numbers in nontraditional participants turning out. joe waltman has a preview of today's event. >> the largest sound in africa is a ticking of the clock. the time is running out for the campaigns and the undecided. >> he wants to pretend he is robin hood . he wants to protect everyone from wall street. he has borrowed a lot of money and no interest. everyone will pay the
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sachs and citibank . >> ted cruz kicked trump in the billfold . >> owes at least $480 million rate now. it could be billion . with loans, when heidi and i take a loan, we pay them back. donald declared bankruptcy four times. >> marco rubio remains hopeful . >> we feel very good about that. >> the socialist from vermont and the former secretary of state are neck and neck as they head toward the first in 2016. >> monday night could be a historic night for this country. we can make history. >> what we need is a plan. we made a commitment and me thank you. >> . [cheering] we don't know who will win but it's all but certain that it's
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primary on february 9. >> bill de blasio spent the weekend helping campaign for hillary clinton. the initial offer for help was turned down. the campaign felt like they needed high profile supporters. they do not need another one. dimaggio pushed saying he would help in any way. the campaign agreed that the mayor went door to door with his wife to make phone calls. the mayor is expected back in new york tomorrow. >> have to plug your ears. >> were just getting started. >> police are looking for a suspect who slashed a man in the face. >> it's the sixth such attack since the new year began. robert moses has latest. >> it's happened again. police say 27-year-old man
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with a woman on a subway platform 110th st. and lenox avenue yesterday morning. she left and returned with another man who police say / the victim in the face. he was taken to mount sinai st. luke's hospital. he was in stable condition. police are still looking for the slasher and the woman. there was at least six subway slashing's in january and they made arrest in three of the some of the most recent, 71-year-old woman was slashed in the face on january 25 while on the d train in greenwich village. the assailant was captured arrested. the following day, this man slashed a woman on her hand while she rolled the three train. bratton called the incident i said it isolated. >> he rode the subway earlier this month because
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despite the attacks . some of it is that we are seeing the street population. some of the mentally disturbed and it's concerning for everyone. >> robert moses, "fox 5 news" . >> the train derailment in philadelphia left eight dead and plenty more injured. they analyze everything from speed the possibility that the train hit something and crash. investigators have been searching for answers as to why it went 200 miles per hour. the trains engineer has claimed he doesn't remember what happened. >> it's a web seminar held for health officials across the new york state 's. that combats the zika virus.
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organization is getting ready to open an emergency meeting. teresa perillo joins us live with a look at the danger and what's being done. >> this is an outbreak of the world health organization. it's spreading explosively and they will meet today because the race is on to beat the virus before the serious outbreak becomes a massive international health epidemic . >> we must pull out all the stops when it comes to beating the bite that the ziegler virus can bring. >> here in new york state , nine residents have tested positive and around the world in warmer climates where the outbreak is much more severe. the senior senator wants the federal government in the world health organization to act immediately. >> we all remember when people reacted . there was a lot of fear that caught up with it
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we don't even want to have to go through that with the car. >> they will hold an emergency meeting to hold the outbreak which officials say is spreading explosively serious birth defects in pregnant women where some babies are born with abnormally small head . if they classify the outbreak of the public health emergency, it would direct attention and money virus. it has spread through mosquitoes like malaria or west nile. it's a situation that so concerning that there are fears that it could derail the olympics in rio . the virus has been especially unforgiving. >> with the special vehicles, it's the work that has been done so far and it will continue. we will sure be safe . the world health organization has declared a
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it's only been three times. the n1 epidemic and when polio reoccurred in syria . they don't take the decision lately. that's the news this over to you. liz: . world. . still ahead, and for a mild morning. take an umbrella because it could rain this afternoon. >> i don't care about the rain . liz: that's good. mike has her full forecast. ben: reaching a deal with helicopter operators. we will have the details, coming up meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and we're always looking for ways to enjoy more. so we called time warner cable and got even more than we expected. more speed, like 300 meg. more tv shows and movies on
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welcome back . it's okay. we have another mild start to the day. if late yesterday with temperatures above normal. we start off with 500 in the average height is 38 390.we are bowel well above that. 410 in monticello and wind are doing a lot but they will be coming in from the southwest here today. that brings up the warmer temperatures but we have a
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cover and we'll see some patching morning fog . we don't have any dense fog advisories watch out for a mostly cloudy day. we will be just fine but not as much sunshine out there.a weak cold front is right here working its way through the tri-state region and it will bring us some additional cloud cover to bring us some shower on the fairly minimal side. take a look at the future cost. we will show you how the cold front drops and there is a small chance of a shower with some rain. this is a similar scenario. some showers could be passing through the evening and we catch a break looking like tuesday and by the time we get to wednesday more showers are coming through and it could be a solid day of rain.
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there in the 50s. mostly cloudy skies with a few showers and winds coming from the northwest. as we go to the next seven days, it's 400 tomorrow and here is the rain and wind coming through. we see the temperatures turning back as we head into the high of the low 40s by next week. >> daily forecasts on the fox 5 ny weather app . download it and you are done. let's bring in ines. ines: street cleaning rules are back in effect. you can find parking. move your cards right now. 287 north on past 202. you have an accident blocking lanes in things are along westchester county with no problems on
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there is a westbound heading towards the outerbridge. the bayonne bridge is closed and it's 30 minutes until 5:00 so everyone is taking the outerbridge. things are fine and the george washington bridge in the lower levels. ben: people who drive or stand during designated hours will be held a $115 department of transportation will be handing out but as of this morning it's strictly enforced. the bus service carries writers to laguardia and manhattan. liz: there will be fewer flights leaving from heliport
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some councilmembers are opposed to getting them altogether. residents have complained that sightseeing tours contributed to police presence . you can watch the curtis show on w abc radio 770. let's talk about the subway slashing. curtis: oh . there was a seventh last night . hundred 55th st. on the c train. i personally capped your guy, michael woods, from being/on the a train just at the same time that slashing was taking place at 3:00 on the southbound train . i personally his face from getting slashed with a straight edge razor. ben: did approve of it? curtis: yes.
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i am his guardian angel. ben: do you need rescuing? before i was there but i protected the sky. get it right . ben: some people would like the guardian angel to return. curtis: do you think the cops are up to this? every other day there is a slashing. bill de blasio is saying it's the safest it is ever been. many people are watching "good day early call" and they will think a slasher is going to come out of the crevice in run. liz: what would you do? curtis: have a visual presence. the cameras will identify felons giving the system over and over.
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a day short. they keep insisting it safe. they don't ride the subway! ben: there is 6 million subway riders per day. there is a couple thousand transit cops. how would they possibly protect them? curtis: by protecting them and walking up and down the trains. when was last time you saw them walking up and down the train?ben: it's been a long time. on the train platform but not in the train. curtis: that's aggressive policing. now they are dealing with the problems of slashing. all the sexual assault yours are bothering the women and then there's people who coming through to solute chocolate , yo-yo, batteries. all of those people have to be thrown off. if you don't have a cop going up and down, they won't do it so they sit there like a gold station like 42nd st. and grand central.
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let's talk about iowa. the mayor is there . he is campaigning for hillary clinton. let me ask you this . curtis: he is knocking on doors and they are treating he and his wife like the jehovah's witnesses . they don't want they won't buy it. this is the mayor of the city of new york . there are more pigs and people in iowa.we have slashing is going on here. what are you doing in iowa? curtis: he should be here . ben: they are saying there might be hundred thousand people on eight side. 200,000 people are paying this much attention. isn't it ridiculous? >> it's part of the political campaign.they get to count the corn kernels. when you're mayor decides
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, you have to say does this guy really want to be the mayor? it's like any excuse to get out of here and not deal with the problems. notice, he has a valid to hillary. >> your prediction?>> bernie sanders and ted cruz. ted , jesus christ cruz. curtis: i'll see you on the subway. ben: incorporated you! >> the golden state warriors .
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before welcome back . . 50 out in central park and 500 in montauk.
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of some patchy fog but we haven't seen anything to tremendous that will slow you down that much. you have a mostly cloudy sky and a cold front to the north and west. the cold front will swing through here and it will thicken up the cloud cover and try to squeeze out a few showers as it goes by. we don't get too much out of it. it's a wet and windy one and temperatures are back to where they should be. >> the greatest show in the nba the golden state warriors made their only trip to take on the next. they did not disappoint. >> carmelo anthony made his way out of the game to put an end to the statement. 10/7 and anthony had 11 the first quarter. the lawyers had too much firepower.
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started on a run led by the other . >> thompson goes the other way hitting a three-pointer. 34 points withdrew from graham and a nice finish . here he goes for the two. nine triple-double or for the year and he is not in there with a second half. 116 95 in golden state is 44 and four on the year. >> super bowl 50 is out in santa clara california. >> northern california was yesterday with peyton manning and the rest of the team off the plane. it's their second super bowl in the past three years. you might ask for the last time they played at metlife stadium. a short time later, they touchdown with cam newton
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a pretty interesting outfit with a pair of her sergey yellow print pants.ben: they looked pretty tight. fan started to line the streets wishing the team good luck. the panthers are heading over to carolina with the lombardi cherry trophy. in nashville, an action-packed game or a series of games for the first time ever with fort tournaments. >> the big winner ? the guy named john scott on the series. he scored twice to help the division when 9/6. in the championship game, the specific them in the nhl did not even put him on a twitter ballot . fans were insulted . his team won the million dollar bonus to split amongst themselves . >> not too bad. >> a couple minutes away from 5:00.
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