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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  February 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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monday morning the calendar says is the first day of february. temperature show another story. mike woods it's very nice mike woods it's very nice and we take it with a full forecast coming up. >> this is in february. last-minute campaigning going on as the voters we have the latest of the presidential candidates >> another subway slashing with a lab report . safety on the subway. virus.
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with a live report on that . good morning. juliet had he is off today. >> that i am big simoneau mike woods is here checking the forecast for us and it looks like a pretty warm week . liz: it's going to be nice . mike: average highs in the upper 30s and 40s. we are more like the 50s and 60s at some point. it's nice and milder on the tri-state and right now we have 500 in central park and 38 in bridgeport. at a decent amount of clouds but others not, we don't have a real weather player out there. fox five guardian is fired up. we have clouds and no showers bothering us here but this is a real and satellite with a cold front lingering . it continues to work its
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region. we get a southerly flow and therefore the warmer temperatures but we could squeeze out some quick showers. doesn't look like anything to tremendous. there is some smaller fronts moving the way through the tri-state region and it will eventually bring in some cooler air. now, it's the mild stuff. >> we have the future cast here and as a cold front drops in, he tries to work in a shower during the evening commute at five 6:00. it gets out of town and we see a brick tomorrow. by wednesday, another cold front comes through and it should carry a lot of moisture with it. it looks like a fairly wet wednesday. wet and cloudy throughout. there is high of 550 with some evening showers and it's nice and warm at 440. we will go and see somewhat
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. it's wet and windy with a high temperature in early february. let's bring in ines now rosales. ines: okay. better than nothing. street cleaning rolls back in effect . problems in new jersey at 287). we have two lanes blocked with an accident . long island things are fine at westchester and rockland county. let's go to the cameras now with delays on the staten island expressway. we had a traffic jam towards the bridge because of a traffic hold. it's been done with so you are fine if you're headed towards the outerbridge. the metro-north and the new jersey transit are running on or close.
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the republican and democrat kennedy are pushing towards many people for the iowa caucus. >> people will be voting. >> of you part of this. >> donald trump in bernie sanders could benefit with nontraditional participants turning out. there is a preview of today's event. >> the largest sound in iowa is the ticking of the clock. that's because time is running out for the campaign , the candidates in the undecided. >> donald trump is employing cruise control and attempt to slow down his biggest rival in iowa. >> he wants to pretend he is robin hood. he forgot to mention that he has brought a lot of money at almost no interest. anyone would take the interest rate because he takes nothing from goldman sachs and citibank . >> ted cruz kicked trump in the billfold. >> if you look at his financial disclosure he
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could be billions and by the way, with loans, when heidi and i take them, we pay them back. he is declared bankruptcy four times. >> marco rubio remains hopeful. the socialist from vermont and secretary of state are neck and neck as they had to the first bout of 2016. monday night could be a country . >> we can make history. we need a plan, a commitment and me. thank you. >> will we don't know is that it's all but certain to feel it before the primary on the ninth. >> on the bank of the river, fox news. >> mayor baggio spent the weekend in iowa. he admits his initial offer
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>> the campaign was felt profile supporters . mayor baggio continued to push saying he would be willing to help anyway. he went door to door with phone calls. the mayor is expected back in new york city tomorrow. >> police are looking for a suspect who slashed him in the face . ben: it's the sixth attack since the new year began. joining is live now from harlem where the latest slashing took place. a lot of people are on edge about this . robert: they sure are. most recently took place 26 hours ago at 110th st. and lenox avenue. the police commissioner says the flashings don't fit any kind of pattern but
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>> it happened again. the man got into a verbal accident. it's 110th st. . she left and returned with another man who police say /the victim in the face. he was taken to harlem in stable condition. police are still looking for the slasher in the women. there was at least six subways flashings in january. the main arrest in three of the cases.the 71-year-old woman from brooklyn was slashed in the face on january 25 while on a d train in greenwich village. the assailant was captured on video hopping a turnstile and he was arrested. the following day, this man flashed a woman on her hand train. he was arrested. during a radio interview, he called instances isolated.
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earlier and says they are safe despite the attacks. >> the street population with the mentally disturbed. they are mentally concerned for everyone. >> the same radio interview with the police commissioner nursing january was among the safest , if not the safest january on record. the shootings and the murders are down significantly.that's the latest . live from hundred and 10th in the next. back to you.>> federal investigators say they will reveal new evidence from the amtrak derailment that left eight people dead and hundreds more injured. they will release 2000
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analyzing everything from speed to the possibility that the train may have hit something. four months, investigators are searching for answers as to why it sped up 200 mph instead of slowing. the trains engineer claims he doesn't know what happened.>> a seminar will be held for health officials across new york state in an effort to combat the zika virus. the world health organization is getting way to hold an emergency meeting. they are monitoring the situation and joining us now with scary stuff for a lot of people. four out of five people don't even show symptoms. this is something that really could become an international epidemic. that's why they are trying to combat it now. it's an outbreak and they say they are trying to fight back because the outbreak could be something much greater than we are seeing now. it's coming on the heels of
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west evil as epidemic in africa. >> the zika virus is taking center stage. nine residents have tested positive and they are around the world in warmer climates where the outbreak is more severe. the new york senior senator wants the federal government in the world health to act immediately. >> we all remember when people reacted too late to ebola. there was a lot of fear that caught up with it finally. >> we don't want to have to go through that . >> the world health organization will hold an emergency meeting to discuss their outbreak. officials say it spreading exclusively and it will cause serious birth defects and pregnant women were some babies are born with abnormally small head .
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outbreak as a public health attention and money towards combating the virus. the virus is spread through west nile's. it's a situation that so concerning that there is fear that sica could derail the olympics in rio. unforgiving. >> actions are being taken with special vehicles . . we will continue and we will be safe. >> as i was saying earlier, they show no symptoms of having the virus. those who do have a mild fever and a skin graft. these symptoms don't last longer than seven days. there is no specific treatment and no vaccine available. the best form of prevention is protection from mosquito
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is been so much concern over this and a suggestion by people in the world health organization with pregnant women not traveling. that's why all the measures are being put into place. >> a lot of these countries are very common destinations. puerto rico, dominican republic and also, we talk about the olympics coming out. how many people go there? >> thank you so much, teresa. >> more to come. e. coli outbreak affects dozens of chapultepec customers. is expected to be declared over . >> keeping track of the forecast. >> we have a mostly cloudy sky coming to you with the current temperature at 400. mild temperatures come like we have over the weekend in the could be some showers. a cold front is in the area and if you want some weather forecast
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utility company in new york and new jersey saving up trades after sandy work .
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there were fewer the power outages. they installed heavier power poles and stronger wires.they were more aggressive in trimming trees. >> if you want power , you don't want to hear that but a lot of people who lost it got it back ready quickly. >> we will have a great day today. it will be a nice week with temperatures in the 40s. what a difference a week makes. >> . mike: yesterday was fantastic. people are getting out there and enjoying me above normal temperatures. we are in a mono month here and it's 390. 270 is the average but so far it's well above the average high. we get a break from mother nature for sure at 380 in
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330 in poughkeepsie and 500 in montauk and 400 in islip. winds from the southwest. we have milder temperatures in the area and most temperatures come through round six 14 miles per hour. >> the winds are not that big of a deal. as far as the radar goes there is not much to speak of with a dry sky and clouds out there. here's the showers just outside the radar range. we are coming through and heading in his general direction. will they hold together enough to not deal with rainfall? there is a decent chance. cooler air and just enough moisture to squeeze out with the blips there in the rain trying to squeak by. it will get out of here and would catch a break for a while tomorrow. on wednesday the cold front
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little more kick to it . it looks like late moderate rainfall. it will help out and cleaning the natural snow and ice. patchy fog is a possibility with a high temperature getting up to 47 540. it's nice and mild. mostly cloudy tonight and a few showers during the evening hours . it should drop down with lowe's up to 370. go through the next seven days in a high 54 and bit cooler with a high tomorrow at 480. wednesday will be a day of windy and wet weather. there will be a cool down thursday and friday full of sunshine. highs in the 40s . let's get you over to ines rosales. ines: good morning, mike. street cleaning rules are in effect. you do have parking with
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away. watch out for an accident. if you are driving in putnam county things are fine. no problem at 684. let's go to the cameras. on the fdr drive at 96 street setting heading towards the bridge , you are fine. no issues with the bridge. upper and lower level in the lincoln and holland, >> 5:19 am. people who stop in the bus lanes during designated hours handed $115 fines. the department of transportation is handing out warnings. levine will be enforced with the help of cameras. the bus service carries writers to morning heights. >> the investigation into
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sick. lidia joins us now.>> triple is right around the corner. the investigation is closed in e. coli outbreak affects restaurants in nine states. some so much that had to be hospitalized. the journal is reporting that the investigation will wrap up. however, there hasn't been many answers . investigators haven't been able to pinpoint the ingredients as multiples for the contamination. aaa sales have dropped since the outbreak spread. no deaths were reported by half of the people who became ill were hospitalized. it has been more than two months since any new illness was reported . they feel investigation
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and get our burritos and tacos.>> i bet they are happy that is over.>>
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good day will be right back mighty philistine army stood on the hill above the men of king saul. in for the kill, young david reached into his bag and slung one of his stones
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and goliath fell face down on the ground. who will stand up for you? ben: of you live in the city, they are asking a gas bill to go up .
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2012. under each proposal, the average customer will pay for in the hot percent more or four dollars more per month. bay city official will fund infrastructure investment and if approved, the rate hikes will take january 6 2017. the successful breakfast menu is expanding. it will begin offering all day make little sandwiches. it's only in oklahoma markets. the company wants to test customers response before the signing to offer it nationwide. the test will last for three months. they say sales jumped 6% last quarter thanks to the all-day breakfast menu in the warmer water weather. have a look at this panda.
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panda is. >> one of those paying to see kung fu panda three. the top was 41 million. 70% of the audience was families. the dreamworks animation sql cost hundred and 45 million . hundred and 45 million to make an animated movie? that's a lot . >> that would be great to be a cartoon voice over and show up in your pajamas. ben: the revenant came in second place actual .4 million. star wars, the force awakens is third with 10.8. yet? >> it's intense but good. with
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this is "good day wake up" from "fox 5 news". ben: 500 as we look in the harbor. take an umbrella he will need it this afternoon. mike woods has the complete forecast coming up . >> the presidential candidates are spread out over iowa today. they pushed them to turn on the carcass. we will go live to iowa. there is a fight change the doctors. they advised the veterans about medical marijuana. she was being done to try to fix the problem.>> we stayed up late last night >> it was so good. it was a tough performance . she performed just hours after finding out there was a death in the family.
5:29 am
gusty performance. >> i missed it, of course. >> i need you to go to sleep . i did not see the last 45 minutes. >> the ending was great . it was really good . overall a 10. >> it's 530 on february 1. we will be in the 50s today. >> it is wild! if you're just joining us i heard from juliet. it was a success. he was doing well in the pain is not too bad. he says he is recovering and he will see us back here in two weeks. >> it's all fresh as a daisy. i am sure. >> you should get rid of that . >> your birthday was thursday. how was the celebration? >> it was great.
5:30 am
the gang here . it's a nice dinner and we had a dj situation. >> no dancing out there? this is the way it should be. it shortens the workweek and it's all good. there was something friday and saturday. >> is another mild one? we made it up to 560 for the high. today we start out at 50 with a warm start. 380 and the temperature is in newark and sussex. everyone is warmer than it was 24 hours ago. 120 warmer at central park cello. it's a decent warm-up with the temperatures. the visibility hasn't been much of a problem. there has been reports of some patchy fog there. most of what i am seeing is
5:31 am
it's from the southwest at three 14 mph and there's a cold front on the move. the cold front is right there coming into upstate new york and back to the north and west. there's a couple of fronts that will work their way by. more of that same effect. ahead of this come the warmer temperatures. there is a possibility of some showers out there. patchy morning fog and a partly cloudy sky later in the day. the high temperature goes up to 540 later on this afternoon and they are the showers are . quick. wednesday. it's windy and wet the route the day but it's out of here by the time we get here thursday and friday with sunny skies making a high temperatures still in
5:32 am
year . >> let's bring in ines. ines: problems in new jersey at 287 northbound. there is a fuel spill after exit 206. connecticut is doing fine. no problems to the norwalk area. the parkway is looking good. let's go to the cameras. >> on the staten island expressway it's before sixth avenue heading towards the bqe. no problems on the westbound side and it's heading towards the brooklyn bridge by the empire state building. mechanical problems affecting the one train on the southbound expressway between 14th in chamber. ben: think you . 533 and police are looking for a suspect to slashed a man in the face.
5:33 am
the new york subway. robert moses joins us live from harlem. he is outside the subway station where it took place. >> good morning to you. the recent spate is flashing is alarming for those of us who ride the subway. the most recent attack takes place at the station at 110th st. it's on a platform for the number two and three train. police say a 27-year-old man began arguing with a woman around 3:15 pm. a little more than 24 hours ago. she left and returned with another man who/the victim across the face. he was taken to the hospital and he is expected to be okay. police are still looking for the slasher as well as a woman he was with. during a radio interview, bill bratton called the slashing isolated and said
5:34 am
>> some of it is that we are seeing the street population from the emotionally disturbed. it's a concern for everyone. >> we mentioned those six cases of the subway slashing during the month of january. police commissioners say there has been an arrest in three of the cases. the man and woman involved loose. >> that is the latest.>> mimosas, thank you for that. kiersten wants the department of veterans affairs to change its rules on medical marijuana.
5:35 am
[bleep] currently, they forbid them from talking about it even if it is the best remedy. >> va rule is discriminating against the veterans. instead of giving them treatment options, they are asking an ideology to get in the way of scientific process and we need to change the role.>> the senator says the bill prevents va doctors from prescribing medical marijuana from preventing serious injuries in a chronic illness. all eyes on iowa. >> never ending. ben: live in des moines with the latest on the iowa caucus. let's begin with the democratic side. reporter: this is the calm before the storm in a number of ways. we start talking about the democrats and it's really a two-way race. martin o'malley is running
5:36 am
the single digits. he is here in iowa and we have seen the race tighten up with the most recent showing sanders and clinton within the margin of an error . we looked at the republican side we are seeing trump see a larger margin over ted cruz. it's the two of them at the very top and they are going after one another. >> he wants to pretend he is robin hood. he wants to protect everyone from big bad wall street. he has borrowed a lot of money and no interest. anyone in this room would take the interest rate because he pays nothing from goldman sacs and citibank's. >> if you look at the financial disclosure, he will owes hundred and 80 million. with loans, and heidi and i take a loan we pay them back . donald has declared
5:37 am
>> the democratic ones are more complicated. the other factor here is going to be the weather. there is a snowstorm on the way today around the time getting out. >> is one of the first rules of politics. weather affects turnout. we have seen just about every other rule in politics fall to the wayside. this one may fall as well. >> we have to ask you we saw it in the background. what is that circulating behind you? looks like a roller coaster. >> no, i don't know how big it is. it's pretty small but it's an arch and as part of the architecture here. attention to the campaign . question.
5:38 am
>> it's interesting. >> it's a looping roller coaster. >> incorporated you, doug. >> quick hello 2k. she stopped me and say hello. >> would you run into them? ben: on the upper east side. >> earlier she said she a lot of fun. mike. today. >> there will be a lot of rain . >> maybe the rain that we do get will get very short-lived. it's a small turn for us here. doesn't look bad.
5:39 am
sussex. here is what we have with the cloud's here and we have a partly cloudy sky with a cold front off to the north and west. it will drop into the tri-state region and there is a few showers that are held together with the front. that's what we expect as we see it coming into the area. it will come down slow and there won't be a chance to pick up moisture. you do see some quick showers during the evening commute and it doesn't look like a big deal. there's a little something coming by. as we go through the overnight hours it clears out and will be nice and dry on tuesday. on wednesday, on the cold front swinging through and it will bring us cloudy skies but rain through the majority of the day. >> that's the wettest day we have lined up. 540 for the high. most of the rain is holding
5:40 am
the evening commute. 480 for the high and 59 on wednesday. that's what we have more rain in the area. cooler and drier conditions with the weather up at the apple itunes's free. check it out. download it and away you go. >> let's bring in ines and see what's going on with the commute. >> the commute in the staten island expressway doing fine. no problems between the bridge.this accident is being worked on . delays near 206. two lanes are blocked. >> was found in eastbound and into the lincoln tunnel there is no problem. let's go to the camera shot.the holland and the gwb looks good.the trains
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checking into the headlines. the world health organization will hold an emergency meeting to discuss these he got outbreak . i said spreading in an alarming rate. it causes serious birth defects in pregnant women in our nine confirmed cases in new york . liz: the investigation for
5:44 am
triple day restaurants expects to wrap up today. no major clues as to what caused the illness but the cdc will close the case. more than 50 people got sick and more than half of them had to be hospitalized. striking a deal with helicopter operators to reduce the tourism risk by half. super bowl 50 beds are pulling in. the american gambling association say people will wager 4.2 billion on the game. most of that money , 97%, will be illegal. 4 billion may seem like a lot last year , americans bet hundred and 50 billion on sports. it's a lot of money on the line. >> duke good morning.
5:45 am
by 10 or more. >> seems like the most lopsided . duke: the last i can remember his buffalo bills. the patriots were big underdogs. it's been i can't remember one offhand that's been as odd. so many people were taking carolina. that's why the wind shifts. >> the greatest show in the nba with the warriors making their trip to take on the next. they do not disappoint. he hits the turnaround jumper . seth curry is quite a game score for him.
5:46 am
he did it with a nice run. off to the steel with curried to johnson. he gets the three in the warriors are up . he finishes with a triple-double and here is the grand slam. he is not missing a shot . the warriors pull away with a big second half. it's 44/4 on the year. the super bowl is less than a week away. santa clara california with the broncos arriving in california yesterday. peyton manning filed off the plane. >> is a big game. as you remember last time they played was right here at metlife stadium. it did not go so well in seattle. the panthers touchdown and cam newton made a fashion statement. he was wearing a pair of for sergey pants. >> i like it.
5:47 am
>> earlier yesterday , hundreds stayed before they departed. the panthers are favored to win the lombardi trophy. >> the real super bowl's in the nfl finding calvin johnson as one of the games best. they plan to announce his retirement and he plays nine years in the league. just 30 years old with lingering injuries.they are struggling. the all-time leading receiver at 730 catches. the lyons and sanders . the nfl best receiver and it's only fitting that the teams combined for 800 years passing.
5:48 am
one and wilson stops in the three first-half touchdowns. teddy bridgewater is wide open to alan. 49/27. >> nashville the all-star pack weekend. for the first time ever, a three on three tournament. the guy in the nfl on the ice. john scott is the enforcer. fans voted him in as a joke . he scored twice . he won 9/6. the championship game is taken in the nbp and the nhl did not even put him on the ballot. the fans revolted and gave him the honor. it's a multimillion dollar bonus to split amongst themselves. he will get traded to montrial so he will stay
5:49 am
he wrote an interesting article in the tribune last week about the whole experience and what it means for him and his family. >> it started off as a joke. it became serious. >> it's the fans game.>> thank you, do . >> it's pretty warm out there. 500 at this hour. let's check the forecast. >> it will be nice and warm. look how warm it was yesterday. look at poughkeepsie up to 620. were the last day of january and we made it up to 56 in central park. they are all impressive numbers.they are about 200 warmer than what is normal. here is what we have. desire different for us here but still mild at 500 in central park . mostly cloudy skies and it
5:50 am
mild day altogether with the additional cloud cover here. the cold, coming in with a few showers. not a lot to work with but as it comes down it will hold onto the rain. the chances only a 30%. a few sprinkles and showers in the evening. we catch a break tomorrow and we go into his day with another round of rain. just be prepared for that. patchy fog out there and is not a big problem. he gets up to 540 and showers don't come until the evening. there is a forecast tonight on the carter cloudy and cooler side. that is that guy we have to see if you will find his shadow . as far as rain goes, we have rainfall but the rest of the week is dry. let's get you over to ines to look at a peak of the
5:51 am
>> . ines: street cleaning rules in effect with no problems on staten island. 287 expecting delays of traffic starting to slow down northbound to approach exit 22. the accident has two lanes blocked. let's look at the lie with no problems here. >> some of the brakes are heading but you are found westbound and eastbound. there is a normal slowdown as you had from the parkway to woodhaven and there is a train with a mechanical could expect the one lane southbound. thank you so much. >> greece is the word. anna has the recap only
5:52 am
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video camera on the spot. . >> good morning.last night vanessa hudgins gave a fabulous performance one
5:55 am
>> she tweeted yesterday morning hours before the live show i am so sad to say my dad passed away from stage iv cancer. thank you to everyone who kept him in your prayers. she was doing a show in his honor. she did it without a hitch. >> the grease live event was pulled off using 14 stages. it did not mouse up a thing. a live audience is the row in the group number is really impressive. it's a huge task. it was great. like cindy crawford says she is retired. she said she is leaving modeling after she
5:56 am
birthday. she says she is okay with her decision and that she couldn't shouldn't have to keep proving herself and does not want to. michael jackson had a cold side. jackson had a big rivalry with prince and he used to like watching and re-watching a video of his messing up when they were pulled on stage together with james brown. he was much more shrewd and calculated that people give him credit for being , including towards his own brother . >> his brother was upset for him for using the same label and he did not care. >> interesting. >> they're going to do a rocky horror picture show coming up next. >> i love musical events. >> i feel like greece got the reviews likely one of them to be . >> i really did.>>
5:57 am
>> a couple of minutes away from 6:00. >> we will see you on the other side of the break . >> look at health care through our eyes and you'll see healthcare differently too. across 21 hospitals and over 450 community and research facilities, we're 61,000 people looking to not just raise our standard
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