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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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warming up today. we will head to the george washington bridge. it's 1 february and it feels warmer than that . it will feel more like april and mike will tell us just how long warm
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there are rain are showers up to the northwest and it will be rainfall but barely going to hold together. these two fronts are going to work their way through the northeast and bring down cooler air. but that shower chance, it will be here as well. but at future cast there it is. the only glip comes around 5:00 in the afternoon through the evening commute and then we catch a break. tomorrow a patly cloudy day for a groundhog day. more clouds with the rain coming through here on wednesday so that's basically all day wednesday that you'ring loo at cloudy skies with scattered showers throughout the day. so today we've got a little bit
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for the most part that's not a big deal. partly skies through the afternoon an high temp up to 54. that's why we're saying keep umbrella around because you might run into a we can light showers but at least a small umbrella you should be just fine. then we have tomorrow which is 48 degrees for a high. and then 59 for you on wednesday. so it's warm and wet at that point and time. okay let's get over to ines and see what's going on with the commute this morning. a break in the shot. >> dealing with regular stuff nothing with slippery conditions. you're fine on staten island and brooklyn. exit for 202 and 206 it was two lanes broken up. two closed now just the acceleration lane closed. a fuel spill. take a look at the commute on l.i.e. no problem travel aring by 106, 107 westbound and eastbound.
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have delays southbound by q guard about interchange. joule avenue to atlantic avenue moving slow. there's construction leaving one lane open so slowing everyone down on van wyck as well as grand central parkway. as for trains running on or close to schedule. liz and ben. >> 6:04 yet another subway slash in this time in harlem at lenox avenue station. good morning robert this is scary stuff for a lot of people. >> certainly ben and liz good morning to you. there's been a state of the slashings by accident is in the most recent at 110th, and lenox. police commissioner bill bratzen says these incidents appear to be isolated and don't any sort of part earn and clearly alarming and this morning police are still looking for them. it happened again.
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into a verbal actor with a woman on a subway platform at 110th street and lenox avenue yesterday morning and she left and returned with another man who then slashed victim in the face. he was ta en to mount sinai st. luke's hospital in harlem and in stable condition. this morning police are still looking for that slasher and for the woman. police say there were at least six subway slashings in january and made arrests in three of the cases. in some of the more recent incidents a 71-year-old woman from brooklyn was slashed in face on january 25th on a d train in greenwich village. surveillance video hopping turnstile and he was arrested. following day, this man slashed a woman on her had hand as rode the three train in brooklyn he too was arrested. during a radio interview yesterday bratton called the incidents, quote, isolated. >> alarmed, concerned in particular those riding the subway.
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he says they are safe despite the state of attacks. >> some of is reflective of the circumstances in the subway. with each other getting in disputes. some of it is unfortunately the population, some are disturbed. but very much concerned for everybody. >> and on wednesday of this week police commissioner will deliver final crime numbers for january and he says news is very good. he said this is shaping to be if not one of it could be the safest january in new york city on record. he says shootingses and murders are down. but clearly a lot of people are alarmed by these subway slashings. that is the latest lift from harlem this morning. ben and liz back to you. >> robert moses for us in harlem robert thank you for that. race is on this morning to
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23 krrnts and here at home are become infected. urging feds to do the same teresas teresa joining us now here live in the studio it's a lot of information for people to digest where to go and women thinking getting pregnant a lot of stuff. >> there's no test for it. there's no vaccine for it so a lot of uncertainty and it can live up to a week. if you get pregnant during that essential grace feared there's a lot of questions your best resource really is the cdc website in the world health organization website if you are thinking about traveling abroad during this outbreak. it is an outbreak, though, that the world health organization is attempting to beat back before this becomes an international health epidemic. their swift action that they endured for reacting too slowly to ebola epidemic. >> must fold out all of the stops when it comes to beating
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>> nine residents have testinged positive and around the world in warmer climate where is outbreak is much more severe. new york senior senator wants the federal government and world health organization to act immediately. we remember when people reacted too late to ebola. a lot of fear that caught up with it finally, and it didn't spread but we don't want togs to have through that with zika. today world health organization will hold a emergency meeting to discuss outbreak which officials say is spreading explosionively to cause serious birth defects pregnant women and babies are born with small heads. if they classify outbreak as a public 4 e89 emergency it would direct attention and money to combating viewrs spreadly
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are fears that zika could derail olympics in rio and where it's been unforgiving. >> action has been taking with vehicles, in the community, so we work at helping them and continue in games. >> here's the scariest part four of the five people show no symptoms of the zika virus and they have a mild fever, and these symptoms normally last if seven days at the most. there is no treatment, and there's vaccine. best form eve prevention officials say to protect yourself against mosquito bites but imagine if you have to go to a place and you get bit and conceive in that grace period after the fact? there's nothing to test for it. >> just stay away altogether i would say. >> not good for places -- like travel.
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many want to travel the there and they've been hit the hardest. >> something to think about. teresa thank you so much. overages thanks. >> presidential candidates made their last minute pitch to iowa voters now it's up to iowa i cans to decide their favorite candidate, as the caucus tonight. >> hopefully we don't have to hear anymore about iowa after this race todays. first major political event in deciding nominee for president. hillary clinton think she'll beat the gop but a tough race. analysts believe that vermont senator bernie sanders could take iowa away from clinton remember she came in third place back in 2008. a lot of people did not expect barack obama to win. but he did. on the republican side, it is expected to be a close race between donald trump, texas senator ted cruz also marco rubio coming up at 6:30 we'll have a tull -- full report from iowa. >> a lot of changes in the next couple of weeks. sides.
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have an impact on how many people turn out today. apparently it is pretty warm but -- could be snow possibly on the way. mike is that true? >> that is true but look with what they're dealing with right now. here's iowa and clear skies. there are a bunch of cold air dropping down into iowa bringing them possibly blizzard conditions. but that's not until tonight so if they're voting today during the day doing caucus thing yeah they should be just fine. and their temperatures are going to be mild. kind of like what we have here. another mild day here too. we have got a mostly cloudy sky. 50 at central park, and there could be a few showers coming to us a little bit later on this afternoon and into the evening. but it's not going to be a big deal at all. but if you want weather information, just -- check out our app that's got daily and hourly forecast on it. this is apple itunes and google play store. it is free, so you should get it right now.
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>> all right let's check the weather forecast once again. 6:14. >> is it time for the weather? >> if i believe time to got -- get to weather. mike woods is here. hello michael working his way toward the weather wall.
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day today. talk about that at least. >> rain possible later. but 50 degrees. i think he's coming shall we do the weather for you, sir? all right. we're set now. take it away. >> going to get you to averages today to let you know what we saw yesterday and u up to 56 for a high. this is what we should see 39 is average high for february first. welcome to february everyone. 27 average low. so far down to 50 degrees your sunrise 7:06 so here are days getting longer for us here. we appreciate that that should help you to warm up. slowly but surely going to do that. and definitely mild. clear sky being reported winds out of the south, southwest at 6 miles per hour. that's about average. 54 in newark right now. we've got 54 in al it been town. 50 degrees in bridgeport and 50 also in montauk with a mostly -- depends where you are, partly
6:14 am
we've got high temps for the day up to about 50 in the city. 37 is your current temperature out at sussex right now. most of us again mostly cloudy. rain, yeah there's chance. we have a cold front dropping through upstate new york head hadding to us in the tristate and continue to do down to the south and west as time goes on. do shower us hold together that's the big question, and it looks like a little bit of it probably will. but not all of it. so we're looking at scattered lighter showers on the future cast as we stall it out five to 6:00. light showers are swinging through region but that is it. we're going to see a little light rain and then out of here. today a partly cloudy day for february thrd on a wednesday you've got light to moderate rain for majority of the day and once that's done we're done for a little while here.
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there's rain chances coming at you later on in the afternoon and evening. as we go through the next five, seven days we've got a high temperature making it up to well -- that thing did not want to check up there. but the seven-day forecast must have skipped by it here. but yes we're looking at a high temp of 58 today. 59 for you on wednesday. and that's going to be the windier wetter day for you. so keep that in mind and drying out for the rest of the week. cooler temps this weekend. all right let's bring in ines rosales, and see what we have going on, no weather issues out there. hopefully this helps a bit. >> yeah. saw problems out there good morning mike. street cleaning rules in effect right now. heading to westchester no issues there. new jersey you're fine 2278 and 284 an fox by exit 22, 202, 206 with one lane blocked expect delays.
6:16 am
brooklyn by prospect heading to bqe, normal slow dodges there. queens to van wyck that's jammed. southbound through q garden interchange. delays back to joule avenue because of construction that was going on. jersey barriers out of place by hillside avenue leaving if only one lane open on van welcome causing that delay there. so if you want to take grand central parkway i wouldn't recommend that. that's also same traffic that is going through this van wyck delay there. hopefully they fix that jersey barrier soon. upper level 10, lower 50. lincoln tunnel 0. holland five to ten. ben and liz. >> thank you ines. average warning for drivers starting today fool who stand or drive in the bus lane in 15th street during designated hours issued a $25 fine. >> heading to warnings but fine will be strictly enforced with help of camera. those are used by m60 select bus service from laguardia airport
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>> city still hasn't struck a deal with helicopter operators to reduce number of tourism flights in half. starting next year there will be 30,000 fewer flights leading from the hell port. the agreement comes more than two months after the city council faced a public hearing because some counsel members o opposed banning helicopters altogether. residents complained the tours cause day long noise and contributed to pollution as well. >> investigators say today they reveal new peeved about the amtrak derailment that left hundreds more injured. ntsb will release 2,000 phages of documents analyzeing from speed to possibility that it was hit with something before it crashed. "new york times" had an article that was pointing to that and something. investigators for months have been searching for answers to why that train sped up to 100 miles per hour instead of slowing before a very sharp
6:18 am
train's engineer has claimed he does not remember what happened. >> utility companies in new york and new jersey say their upgrades after superstorm sandy worked. during last blizzard fewer than 200,000 power outages and 4 million customers lost power after sandy. since 2012 utilities have said they spent billions installing poles and more aggressive in trimming tries. a lot sister still to come more on the push to get rules changed on medical marijuana usage for veterans.
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alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups.
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technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. >> all right a second virginia tech student arrested in connection with death of a 13-year-old girl. ferghts police believe sophomore natalie helped to find a body. former track star david eisenhower charged with first-degree murder. police believe he and the viblght knew each other. her family says she climbed out of o her bedroom window before disappearing. monday morning "health watch" new york senator wants veteran afars to change its rules on medical marijuana. prohibits doctors from discussing medical marijuana with patients. even if they believe it is the best treatment option for those
6:21 am
the policy is up for rei null today and introduced a bipartisan bill that she says will fix this problem. >>discriminating against our veteran and instead leading ideology get in the way of scientific progress. and we need to change this rule. >> gillibrand bill will ferment doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to treat serious injury and chronic condition. >> new approach seems to work but federally backed program is currently being used in more than a dozen states. it offers alternate form of supports such as help with job and school and drug and psychotherapy covered by insurance. program cost about $3600 more a year. but according to a new study out o today, the improvement to the patients quality of life is worth extra expense. study was led by school of
6:22 am
journal schizophrenia bulletin. okay, three years ago spacex founder billionaire elon musk talked about a underground vacuum to schultz passengers from san francisco to los angeles at 700 miles an hour. >> hyperloop took a step to reality this weekend if he can believe this. from all over l world they travel to texas to submit their design for a hyperlooped to. the team for the massachusetts institute of technology m.i.t. won and later had this year, they along with 21 other teams will test that are design at musk's hyperloop track in california. >> part of that test -- buckle up. >> all right top stories weather an traffic when we return. >> could worth of the worst be over for chip potion what cdc is
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>> it's going to be a foggy start to the morning with some very mild temperatures for this time eve year. mike saying we will reach the 50s. he has the full forecast coming up. >> getting ready to rummable in iowa for republican and in thes as iowa ins cast the vote in the presidential nomination process. >> on a subway platform at the 110th street and lenox avenue station. >> cdc says e. coli outbreak is over and what the chain does to move forward. i'm ben been. >> i'm liz dahlem february 1st. feels more like april first out there which i think nobody is complaining. get the rest of that snow out of
6:27 am
the week pretty much gone. >> with temp like with warm day and rain on wednesday theaps to wipe it out. but yeah here's what we have out there. it was warm yesterday. up to 56 for a high in the city. 62 in poughkeepsie. this is where we stand right now. 50 degrees start park. 33 poughkeepsie. 39 degrees in bridgeport generally speaking five to ten degrees warmer than yesterday at the same time with partly mostly cloudy sky here there's the cold front that's working its way through the tristate region later on in the day and going to hold to moisture to bring showers. it looks like it is but barely enough to squeeze out we can showers later on this afternoon and this evening. but leading up to it kind of a partly mostly cloudy day. high temp up to 54 degrees. as we go through next five days. 48 for you tomorrow groundhog day and then wednesday with cloudy skies, and some showers
6:28 am
come to us and temps trend downward and friday it is warm the there. all right let's bring in ines rosales, and take a peek at what's happening with the commute who has the worst of it, ines? >> i don't know. you can decide because we have a lot going on street cleaning rules are effect northbound by exit 22 an earlier accident blocking two lanes. now a fuel spill there heading northbound so expect delays there. as far as your commute on staten island fine on bay parkway unauthorized tractor trailer has a lane closed. camera by new hyde park an accident westbound so you have a slowdown there and van wyck through q garden interchange tough to plan an alternate route. traivelg at a crawl. problem by hillside avenue jersey barrier out of place so leaving only one lane open. they have to fix that to get that lane back open.
6:29 am
central parkway. trying to head towards van walk. that is a problem if you have a fliewght to catch. bqe to brooklyn bridge you have nor normal delays. liz sorry. >> thanks ines. after months and months and months and months and months of campaigning millions and millions of dollars spent iowa caucus is finally upon us. >> ready for it? >> ready for it to be over. but a clear winner is not for the race remains tight on both sides of the aisle. here's fox news correspondent doug luzader. >> ben and liz good morning at made. a matter of getting your supporters to show up tonight and welcomed see a record number of caucus goers. >> pace is not letting up. through the weekend every candidate made a final pitch and final plea for voters. time.
6:30 am
>> will benefit donald trump who leads recent polls. if fewer show pup tonight expect give him the en. >> and that there's a blizzard they're going to shovel that you are way to the caucus. >> especially for marco rubio could be a race for third place but that's enough to stay is in the hunt. : the excitement and energy is with our campaign. and what that means -- bernie sanders hopes his shockingly large crowds will goers. >> caucus tomorrow night. storm is not coming till after midnight. plenty of time to u caucus and get votes counted. battling renewed prabts has a tiny edge according to most recent polls and supporters may be more familiar navigating the caucus procedures. and then there's also the martin
6:31 am
supporters will lack the 15% threshold to support another candidate. will they back clinton or sanders. other "x factor" is the weather. there's a big storm on the way here one of the oldest rules but just about every other rule violated through the course of these campaigns that one may go to the wayside as well. ben and liz. : doug luzader for us, thank you. mayor de blasio spent weekend in iowa helping campaign for hillary clinton but admits his initial offer to help it was turned down. campaign felt that they have plenty of high profile supporters and didn't need another one. blasio continued to push say he will help in any way. complin ton's campaign agrees when mayor went door to door with his wife over the weekend and helped to make phone calls. mayor is expected in new york back tomorrow. in another subway slashing this
6:32 am
110th and lenox avenue. >> fox 5 robert robert live from that subway station in harlem. good morning, robert. rng ben and liz good morning to you. in in situation more frightening considering the fact there's been at least six subway slash physician police say over the last month. most recent of which occurred here at the 110th street station on platform for the number two and three train. police say a 27-year-old man got into an argument with a woman around 3:15 yesterday morning so about 27 hours or so ago. she left but returned with another man who slashed victim across the face. he was taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. at last check had he was in stable condition. police are still looking for with. during a radio interview bill bratton called slashings, quote, isolated and 15eud they don't appear to fit any sort of pattern. it has happened if again.
6:33 am
into a verdict argument with a woman on subway platform at 110th street and lenox avenue early yesterday morning. she left and returned with another man who police say then slashed the victim in the face . he was taken to mount sinai st. luke's hospital in harlem and he was in stable condition. this morning police are still looking for that slasher an for the woman. police say there were at least 6 subway slashings in january. they've made arrests in three of the cases. in some of the more recent incidents a 71-year-old woman from brooklyn was slashed in the face on january 25th while on a d train in greenwich village. captured on surveillance video hopping a turn sometime. he was officered flog day this woman slashed a man on the hand in the three train in brooklyn. he too was arrested it during a radio interview yesterday bratton called incidents, quote, isolated. >> to be alarmed, concerned
6:34 am
>> bratton rode because he said there are safe despite the state of attacks. >> some of it is reflective of the circumstances on the subway, and people getting into disputes. some of it is unfortunately -- seeing street population, some of the emotionally disturbed that are very much a concern for everybody . >> and in that same radio interview police commissioner said that january of this year which was on base to be one of the safest if not the safest january on record he said that murders and shootings in the city are down significantly. that is latest live from harlem this morning. ben and liz back to you. skts >> robert moses thank you so much. world health organization will hold a emergency meeting to discuss zika outbreak that officials say is spreading at an alarming if rate spread by mosquitoes that can cause birth depebts in pregnant women and
6:35 am
charles shiewmer is calling on the froflt federal government to act quickly before it spreads even more. >> fox mines business. >> now joining us from fox business studio lauren simonetti good morning to you. >> good morning. >> talking chipotl ?erks >> scared? >> i was going to go there or for lunch actually during the snowstorm last week, and then my wife told me i was crazy. >> well it's expected according to "the wall street journal" that the e. coli outbreak that sickened more than 50 people in nine states who ate at chipotle this happened late last year. krrk d.c. is expected to say that it coal lie outbreak is over. but guess what -- they don't know the cause but investigation is over because they can't figure out the cause. >> somewhat concerning they
6:36 am
>> very concerning. >> we should get more later on. wall street journal saying that could be today. but looks at harm it's amazing sales down. traffic down. they report earnings tomorrow so should get more from their company about how norovirus and e. coli outbreak affected then amendment closing to goover over safety training with employees during lunch hour. >> not a hit that a xan company wants to take. lauren simonetti thank you very much. turn our attention back to the weather. a pretty nice start out there. mike one they think that i have noticed which is is one of the great things about february can be a long cold month. but at least there's a lot more daylight. days are longer. >> i noticed that myself. when you go to bed already getting dark 5:00 to 6:00 feeling look it but getting later. that's for sure it was so warm
6:37 am
looks like that warm weather is going to continue for a little while longer. maybe not as warm as yesterday but for this time of year it is definitely on warm earl side. a cold front is going to swiping through here. u through the area a little bit later on today keep that in mind. few showers are possible. high temps up to about 54 degrees. and going to be another storm coming through here on wednesday. and that one looks like another warm there for it will be providing wet weather not white. let's bring in ines see what she's got in terms of getting around town. we have got problem spots. good morning ines. >> a lot this morning. first van wyck look at this delay southbound slow from long island subway heading to hillside avenue only one lane open. barriers that are placed there southbound. northbound side you have your normal delays. cameras a look at the cross bronx major deegan excuse me southbound. approaching yankees stadium right before traffic slow reports of an accident in the area. trains on or close. duke is here with a look at
6:38 am
>> coming up in sports golden state ware facing knicks, and -- warriors are good. very good. highlight when is we come back. >> plus the insane amount of money that is bet on the super bowl. >> good day will be right back. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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>> all right. 6:44 on a monday morning checking the headlines for you an energy pick young reporter has died. michael a past president of the black journalist he died of complications of a staff inpebs. he was only 32 years old. you. >> today federal investigators are releasing new details in last year amtrak derailment in philadelphia that claimed eight lives 37 the 2,000 page report will likely answer why the train sped up to 100 miles per hour instead of slowing before a curve. bets are flowing in for the super bowl. american gambling association wanker upward of 4.2 billion and
6:42 am
bet illegally. gambling in there. >> gambling, i'm shocked. [laughter] casablanca. >> good morning duke. >> made their trip to take on knicks and didn't disappoint. carmelo looking to make a statement and melo put knicks up 10-7, and warriors just have way too much firepower. seth curry with a quiet game for him with 13 points along three. a nice run, and other slash brother, clay thompson here off the steam and going other way. hitting three pointer. warriors go up 60-49 topped with 34 points. all star finishing with a triple double. there he goes in for the two hand slam. triple of the year. by the way he did not miss a shot in this game.
6:43 am
second half of the knicks. 116 -- 95 golden state. yesterday before knicks game big east basketball garden ranked villanova wild cats. drives for the jumper. foul storm led 20-15. took control from there. off the steal going in for the monster jam and took lead for goods. they beat st. johns. now lost 12 straight games and 0-9 in the big east. are building year with a great recruit next year. turning to football back to football. super bowl less than a week away. santa clara -- denver broncos aive road yesterday. payton manning filed for the second super bowl in the last three years. you remember what happened last time they played in the super bowl.
6:44 am
they had plan. seattle just, i mean, got all over o them from the very get-go. all right short time panthers touchdown. what do you think about these yellow zebra pants? >> very tight. you know, looks good. earlier yesterday hundreds of fans loin streets to wish their team welcome before the party. panthers had a favorite to return to north carolina with the lombardi trophy. superstar of the nfl is retiring without really -- you know he's without a -- you know, he's got a lot less in the tank but not surprised. right megatron retiring at the age of 30 years old best in the game. shocked me when berry sanders retired as a kid. 31. you know got so much less but
6:45 am
injuries. okay not really shocked. >> nine years in the league is a long time but he's had lingering issues, you know, health issues. i know so, so you know now you look back at the all time receiver now you say to yourself, okay, i get it now. os trawl i can open. defending champion and djokovic they're going at it, and -- djokovic defending champ finish off match point, and djokovic has won four of the last five. only one he chapter is french open. could he go for the grand slam this year? >> i think french will got in most trouble there. gave him trouble last year. you are with a big tennis match. >> thought i'd throw that out there. >> djokovic number one in the world. he won the u.s. open last year. but calvin johnson kind of a
6:46 am
30 years old o. still at the top of his game. >> made a lot of -- a career possibly maybe in broadcast. he was 21 when he came in been in the league for nine or yews. >> good for him. thank you duke nice warm start out there this morning. >> mike how are we looking? in. here's averages where we should be this time of the year. 27 tarchl low. dropped it down 50 above normal here. we have 50 central park with what is to be reported as a clear sky. but southerly wind keep it is on warmer sides. look at the impressive highs that we have yesterday. poughkeepsie that was the bigs show out there. 62 your high temp. 5 54 newark. nothing to sneeze out at central park. again you're at 50 now in central park.
6:47 am
39 degrees in bridgeport an temps are warmer than it was 24 hours ago. 12 warmer central park. 15 degrees warmer in monticello. two degrees warmer in pip see so generally speaking that warming trend is continuing. why is that? well not because we have a lot more sun out there. but more cloud cover in the area but there's a cold front making its move across from canada in the mitd atlantic region continuing to come through here. but as it comes by it looks like we get a few quick light showers out of it out of the evening rush 5:00 to 7:00 some of that rain falls here. but not everyone get it. what is coming through on wednesday looks a little more promising that looks like plight to moderate rainfall for that storm that passes by. and then we'll dry it out and cool it down for that.
6:48 am
fie of 54 in the city. motionly cloudy tonight with few showers possibly early on. high of 54 today. 48 tomorrow groundhog day. see if that guy sees a shadow or not. >> early spring -- that means it needs to be cloudy and we've got kind of a half and half sort of a day. rain comes through for you owned. rock 'n' roll. download it for free todays and you're set for as long as you have that phone i guess. >> on your next phone. >> update it. >> thanks mix. the latest entertainment news is coming up. >> for actress vanessa hudgens but anna will show pus when we
6:49 am
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at >> we're back, right now the commute a couple of problems here and there. new jersey 287 northbound an accident by exit 22 with one lane closed. any delays have eased out,
6:52 am
and you have an unauthorized tractor trailer on belt parkway by bay parkway blocking westbound. staten island expressway those are normal delay. van wyck through q garden interchange. so southbound by ill hadside avenue there's a jersey barrier out of place southbound on van wyck leaving one lane open causing this delay all the way back to long island expressway and also causing delays on grand central parkway eastbound to l. pi. e. moving slow before yankees stadium an fox in the area. close. liz and ben back to you. >> anna. a lot of people watched grease live and vanessa gave an excellent performance. tweeted hours before live show, i'm so sad to say my daddy greg passed away from stage four cancer. thank you for everyone who kept
6:53 am
doing the show in his honor and did a written tribute to him and dedicated to him. lew c.k., not so shocking he mad a new show available online with no lead up into it. it has an all-star cast including steve, alan, edi. jessica lank. they're played by a brooklyn plot that circles arranged a bar. but not like scheers cheers. looks like there are spots there for three more episodes. first one is 67 minutes running time. won at the s.a.g. awards in terms of public opinion. love that she brought her prom date.
6:54 am
asked me to prom, she said yes. took home two awards one is for orange is the new black and one for individual role. so many people love her as crazy eyes. >> l awesome. >> l yeah. all of the years later thanks anna.
6:55 am
>> with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level.
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