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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  February 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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dari: the 2016 presidential race is happening now in i would. a lot is at stake tonight after months of being on the campaign trail. well, candidates will find out whether voters believed their message. it is a record turnout and ex peed to be that way for tonight. steve: that is right. the latest poll show the democratic and the republican side. some early results starting to tricklele in. let's get to sharon crowley. sharon? reporter: steve and dari, very tight races. let's get to the results thanks to the courtesy of we have the republicans first. showing 5% of the votes in. it is a close race as you canp see. cruz with 28 percent. trump with 25% of the vote.
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but very close, 75% of the votes counted, so anything could happen really in this race in the next hour or so. so let's take a look now at the democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders locked in a very tight race. 51% of the vote goes to clinton. 49% of the vote goes to sanders. we do have some breaking news about o'malley. he is just ended the bid for the presidency according to theside press. that breaking news just coming in to us now. it has been a very intense day of campaigning. let's take a look. >> to have a crowd like this on the final day, can you believe it fit is the day. this is the day we take our country back. remember that? >> trump is in a tight race in iowa with texas senator ted cruz. cruz popular among evangelical christians says he has much bigger organization in the grounden i would than trump. >> you know, he we're
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anticipate troops on the ground. they don't have organization that is perceptible. reporter: no mat are how campaign will stay on track. >> i am looking forward to the first step in the long process. ir respent of what happen, this campaign will continue. reporter: new york city mayor in iowa campaigning for the democratic leader hillary clinton. clinton brought cookies to the ground troops and says she is excited. i am feeling so end ner guised because of all of you. >> we're going to win. choughs. reporter: clinton faces stiff competition from bernie sappers. saners is counting on influx of new voters to put him in the top spot. >> we will win tonight if the voter turnout is high. [cheering and applauding] reporter: political and les say the iowa caucuses are important because the results can set the stage for the campaign. >> generally, they will give them momentum going
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money, name recognition, you know, a lot of television coverage which is important. it does give them the energy to move forward. >> what i was there for to set the stage for the rest of the race. it rarely picks the president. although it did in 2008. >> all right. let's take one more lack at the numbers. dari, tee, before i send it back to you. we'll start this time with the democrats. 73% of the votes are in for the democrats in iowa. and it is really only one percentage point is separating hillary clinton and bernie sanders now. al very, very close race. we will be watching that one for. one more look at the republicans here. again, also, very close cruz ahead, holing, 28 percent. trump with 25% of the vote. rubio with 22% of the vote. an exciting night in politics. back to you, dari. dari: this is a bignating for bernie. thank you, are, sharon. the world heal
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clareed international emergency over the zika virus to access the outbreak. zika has been spreading rapidly through south america and now reached 23 different countries including the u.s. stacey delikat with here with more on the story plus theories on what may be behind this outbreak. stacey? reporter: well, dari, the last public health emergency was for ebola in 2014. the official designation will unlock more resources to fund research for a vaccine, to try to get to the root of the outbreak. >> coordinated international reforms to make sure we get to the bottom of. reporter: the decoration of the world health organization that zika is a global health emergency is a real move highlighting the seriousness. zika may be linked to birth defect which cause babies to be born with small head and incomplete brain development. if you are pregnant, you
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traveling to areas where outbreak. you should strongly reconsider changing the plans to avoid travel altogether. >> today, the center of disease control added ad four more countries to the list of places pregnant women should avoid traveling. all of this as questions continue to swirl over the source of the explosive outbreak. one theory circulating on the web that genetly modified mosquitoes are to became. >> we have created mosquitoes that kara special gene. >> last year in the attempt to can be the outbreak of dengue, another virus transmitted by the samoa seat toes that carry zika. the british committee genetically modified male lo skeet tows to so the offspring would be unable to survive. but peg,s like entolol know gist yev ry white says there there is no proof thats the case sna. it. in regards to what its
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know, many virus, we never figure out what the cause is. so research needed to be done. >> on the flip side, they believe the modified mosquito could help control the spread as more bugs become resistant to pesticides. >> there have been insects in past that have been successful at controlling certain pests. dari: well, here in new york, that have been nine cases of zika so far. all people contracted while traveling abroad. today, governor cuomo announced the state will advance lab testing who to travel to those area writs is ongoing. by the way, they include fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes. steve? steve: thank thank you, stacey. the son of a former top aide is charged with aggravated manslaughter. prosecutors say 19-year-old fatally stabbed a teenager last night in edgewater. that teen was among a group of people that led. the mother, the ex-chief of staff of the first
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in november of 2014 after her son was race for trespassing and amid scrutiny over the peshal life. dari: it was not easy afternoon come maut for some people who take the metro north railroad. look at that. that is nuts. grand central packed like sardines. was earlier tonight as they waited for trains. this is very sad. a person was struck bay train near the botanical gardens stationed in the bronx. the incident caused massive delays up to an hour on the hudson, harlem, also new halfp lines in both direction this. the situation is getting better. the hudson and harlem lines are running close to on schedule. delays on the new haven line, be about 30 minutes. all right. le from officials released more than 2,000 documents in connection to the investigation. the amtrak train derailment that killed 18 people in philadelphia last may. the official cause, though, still unknown. they found no evidence of engine track or signal mall funks. the engineer driving the train says the last
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pushing the throttle forward to pick up speed, then breaking when he felt the train going too fast into a sharp curve. the final report expected this spring. dari: okay. when you drive in to fro port. you are being watched. the long island village says it is using license plate scanners to protect the come tin. the scanners are posted at every entrance to the village and told the goal was to find unregistered drivers and stolen vehicles and help solve crimeful this they november. so far, 15 million license plates have been scanned. as a result, hundreds have been im in pounded more than 2,000 issued and i has led to 25 arrest including one in a murder case. steve: all right. nypd lieutenant tonight. officers responded to east 18th street after 911 call from a social worker that a 44-year-old female was acting erratically, when police arrived she stabbed lieutenant in knife.
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the evaluation and not formally charged. >> let's talk about flashing. recent rash of nif attacks in the subway, well, has a lot of commuters very nervous. now that garden angels are stepping in. as matt king shows us. they are back patrolling the subway for the first time in more than two decades. >> they are not removing. they are really psychologically damaged and dangerous mentally ill people. we're going to start removing them and forcing the issue. >> on monday, the a dozen or so of the charges returned to patrol in new york city's subway system for the first time in 22 years while many riders ignoredded this wearing vintage red bar rays and warm-up jackets holding the car doors open for them. others welcomed curtis and the gardens back to active duty. then 1980's and the 1990's, i was swept call of it. now i am being a res definite manhattan.
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>> in the last month, they have clashed random subway passengers. commissioner bratton contens we should not count these as copycat crimes. the guardian angels disi aye degree. this the commissioner disagree on what actions they plan to take. they promised sit zn arrests forcibly if necessary. >> expect to engage in anything. they don't have any powers, so i don't see that being a big story. it is nothing new. it is about ten of them left, i guess. and so, i don't see it as big sensational story. >> and 10-12 guys. yeah, 10-12gies more. by the way, 150. prattton, we have been doing this for 37 years. they plan to control the subways from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 a.m. this they feel it is more. in midtown, matt king, "fox 5 news." steve: all right. if you left the house
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it is february 1st, were you were going to sweat by the time made it to work. dari: that is because it us really april outside. nick gregory is here. >> meterologist: yes. ahead of a cold front today. the wind coming up out of the southwest. temperature cook off. the sunshine that got through the clouds. 59 in new york city. that was not a record. 64 in islip was the new record for them. bridgeport and poughkeepsie. didn't get above 50, egg tho. 61 at the jersey shore. acin a, find temperatures have cooled the cold front has passed and brought showers. look now, 36 monticello. 40 in the hudson valley. town. as a you move out. mid 40's found there as well. take a lack. no rain sitting westward. showers scooting the east end. they are headed out to the future cast shows they will continue to move away leaving us with sunshine tomorrow. today. another nine degrees before average. temperatures in the it
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for a storm that is causing the blizzard conditions in iowa, nebraska to come or way for wednesday. that is going to bring clouds and some wind a in rain. of they the afternoon and the evening. pretty good downpours m. so the result has been for flood watch to be posted for late wednesday into thursday morning. central new jersey westward we'll see if that expands. tonight, the clouds clear away. near 30 unthe suburbs. tomorrow, we feature sunshine. temperatures will claim toll the mid 40's at lunch time. stop it at 48. dari, steve? >> thank you, nick. >> thanks, nick. >> well, drivers taking to the streets to protest rate cuts. steve: right. drivers say that 50% cut is bad for bus mess. >> and it is a long way to the top. how runners are preparing for the big race 86 floors up the empire state building. >> and how people are enjoying 50-degree temperatures and what is
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steve: uber's latest
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going over with the drivers. dari: they staged an angry protest. they tell us why they are so upstreet long island city. >> they recalled for all drivers to come and stand-up atans the recent fare reductions which takes money out of the pockets of drivers. pretty quiet now. but earlier today. hundred of drivers were out here voicing their frustrations and asking for change. >> well, first and foremost, we will need to reinstate. you know they need to stop the race. and you know, they could have cut their commission. they didn't have to cut their fare. >> i mean, look, how would anybody feel if you come into work, and your employer tells you they are cutting earnings by 50%? reporter: outside shall they held sign and joined in solidarity. uber reduced fares this. a move the company says is designed to increase the drivers say it is at
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thement a of drivers, you keep hire and still. >> i earn released a statement in part that reads we lowered prices to get more people using ub are which is good for driver because it meaps less time waiting around for trips. since the price cut, they have spent 39% less time between trips which has increased average horly earnings by 20% compared to two weekends before. we have always said price cuts that ed to work for drivers if for any reason they are not. we'll roll them back as we have done in other citys before. johnny lewis, a former drive are says they can lef range the power pollen they stop drivers. >> you know, protesters is one thing. most drivers here, once they leave here, they go back tonight app. >> alone, they have in creased by 22%. in long island city, "fox 5 news." >> all right. here in the city. dwane reid of walgreen's and cvs will begin giving out heroin
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number of parmsies where the drugs are available to more than 1,000 statewide. the drug known as the brand name narcan blocked effect of heroin oxycontin and other powerful painkillers people ared a vase god to a hospital before the effects where off. >> american airlines restoring small perks for passengers crammed into coach. this month, it will start offering free cookie and pret zenle zells to passengers flying between new york and a san fran or l.a. bay april, those snacks will expand to other domestic routes. american has not offered free snacks since 2003. and the aline is also expanding the complimentary entertainment on domestic flights within. >> chipotle e. coli investigation. no new outbreaks have been reported since des december 21st. he this source is still unown. the methods more than 1900 locations can after more than 50 people fell ill.
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put into effect new food safety standards to reduce the risk of future outbreaks. >> so it is one of those only in new york events and i told audrey that i the empire state building run-up is on wednesday more than 200 people will climb the way all the way up 86 flights of stairs. our audrey puente shows us how they are getting nerd grueling race. >> a special training session was held at the empire state building today. world class a athletes were here to prepare for the 39th annual empire state building run-up which is skileed this wednesday. among them is prosecutor try athlete patty collins who had her leg amputated after being hit by a car. i remember watching this on tv. maybe all 39 years in existence. when i had the opportunity to run up and get to the top, and maybe show some other people that anything can be done. i couldn't, i couldn't refuse it. had to coam. >> over 200 participants around the world will
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topic of the iconicking about. something paul recommends preparing for at work. >> i have been trying to do stairs main office. it is only eight floors. going up and down bump of times. reporter: today's event was welcomed experience for endurance athlete casey kennedy. >> it is bringing the enthusiasm, the excitable, and the nervousness, i need to turn that back into the interenergy to get back up the stairs to get top. >> these athletes are training to climb 1576 steps. and yours truly be joining them to take long way up to top of this of this he building. this will be my first runup to the top them fire state building. apparently, i am not alone. >> so casey, i am climbing this for the first time on wednesday. >> with a ha advice would you give me? >> well, i am, too. >> congratulations. >> i am, too. >> i am blaming the building on wednesday for the first time. >> awesome. >> well, last year, i climbed to the top of
10:21 pm
so it was up to this veteran stairclimber to offer coaching to today's first timers? well, climbed the world >> all right. you are a step ahead of me. a hol the handrail. >> okay. both hands or one hand. >> if you need both. >> keep a steady pace. >> no breaks. >> al the way up. >> what about drinking. it is water halfway up? >> grab it. keep moving. >> keep stepping. >> what about sprinting? >> sprint up. >> you probably could. >> i much you know, the view of the city. a we find fought they take my advice this wednesday night. >> audrey puente, "fox 5 news." >> i need really good play list. >> you need it. >> all right. what if you could wear the same outfit at work and go though game to on the new line of workout gear that is going to help you do that thing. >> all right.
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stage three times once as center and twice as oner. the firmances feature film and the fabulous bbc drama, luther. >> all right. taking workout gear the next level. al i willingson with a new clothing company that is making active we're for the office and for the gym. >> our clothing couldn't keep can up. reporter: in 2014, they decided it was time create a day. their own brand of active wear that could out. >> combine the best technol he give from active wear into the contemporary day wear, then you have the best items of clothing in your wardrobe. >> we started off with the pinterest board. >> we went to a fabric fair in paris, find out a couple of fabrics. >> a cure ratted ecommerce collection to get you through the workweek or the weekend away.
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bra, a top, another tank, shorts. so it was like a um jumpsuit. the clothing is taking off. they were named to the forbe's 30 under 30 list and in december they relocated from lonton to new york city. >> bus customize here in the u.s. report that same mon, they had the most successful date to date. >> we had the biggest day. we did close to $20,000 in revenue which was huge for us. reporter: both lumps of goldman sachs this the business background helped them bring in solid funding into. we raised $1 million in capital. that is prime ally from friends and familys and small funds. >> the content do the talking instead. that we believe this is first and foremost like a life-style that people have to believe in. to bre to nine full-time fabulous women and a added to their collection.
10:27 pm
13 or 14. >> bun one of the things they are most proud of. >> it is difficult to spend a lot of money. >> that is pass the women say they try to make the best quality at the best prices and cashmere accessories started around $18 ap the most expensive item is $155. then newsroom, allison, "fox 5 news." well, if you were singing along to grease. live live live last night. were you not alone. >> yeah. that is taylor swift and her friend model. they took that snapchat of the two pals belting out the lyrics of hopelessly did he voted to you from the singers and manhattan apartment and moved to impromptu duet because of the personal connection. she record it when she was 13. >> wow. >> fun song. all right. a quick update on the iowa caucuses.
10:28 pm
declared that ted cruz is indeed the winner on the republican side. we'll coop monitoring the democrats four. >> all right. coming up. bringing the nameless to the light. >> meet the film maker and photographer giving a fies the homeless. >> bittersweet moment for grieving mother. how this is fascinating show the was able to hear her son's heart beat years after his
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steve: doweling the struggleles of street life in harlem. new documentary giving critical acclaim. dari: the film was made bay new york photographer. steve: alright. our own caught up with him to find out what in spired him to bring the big stories. everybody see it presented in a way which humanizes the people in a sense. you by this mean? most people receive them as animal or drugged a disk or whatever, you know what i mean? i didn't expect any of this. i just made it because it is my form of therapy. you know? shooting off, shooting the film, shooting the film is reality. you knee what is photography is to me. still at its core is invitation for people to go a place they would otherwise avoid. >> this is the camera use mainly primarily when i am shooting at 125th and lex.
10:32 pm
is like the most used camera in the vietnam conplick. the film was a play on mall am x's comparison. in the field, drawing attention though streets. the photographer and film mark, he is pulling the namest are the faceless into the life and the the calm are usually does the talking tonight outside of a viewing for the film. i got his take in his words on the homeless helpless and drug addicted and mentally afflicted and down and out on 125th and lex and harlem. a place he didn't want to go as kid but now tells their stories. i when i became a photograph, he th inned this corner was ill. there is some interesting subject matter where as back in the day, when was 14-15-16 years old. i used to see it and avoid. these people are just zombies. photography came me a third eye and gave me a deeper perspective here. i get past the fear of what the area look like.
10:33 pm
world now copenhagen, prance, london. the film traveled and traveled but the comeback to the blocks to know that i have been all over and still shooting on 125th and that that is the greatest reward. >> zachary, "fox 5 news." >> and well, bittersweet moment for a mom who heard her son's heart beat for the first for the first time in years inside of a little girl. >> love you. >> wow. >> crazy, rating. >> heather clark's son lucas died at just seven mons old dus by the tragedy, heather decided to help save somebody's life by donating her son's organs while about two years a, lucas' heart was put inside of jordan gonzalez who had been suffering from a faulty valve. hays how heather got meet 4 year old jordan for the first time at a hospital in arizona. >> i get to hear his
10:34 pm
that is really all i can think about. >> that is really hard to process. she is incredible. law cass also saved two other lives by donating liver and kid my. kidney. >> all right time for something much less heartwarming. let's do on brand and offbrand, shall we? who knew royal life of leader kind of a way. prince charles was one of the most successful libbing artsts according to the testify. since the late 19808's he has raised millions for charity and the sale of limited edition prints of the water colors which are really pretty good. >> the guy who keeps milking how much he look like bradley cooper. i see resemblance. i am not sure it is dead on that the story needs to live on be han the rerent barn storming party to toward the sundance film festival. on brand, go to 1% or time warner center sushi
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price per person to $595 come march. the $145 per person price hike does in chewed tips but drunks are extra. and threes been there. i have never been there. that is heavy-duty restaurants. >> heavy-duty. >> yeah. heavy-duty good. that is heavy-duty challenge. all right. sounds good. >> well, going through two feet of snow to spring-like temperatures. >> all right. kind of all right. how they are take advantage of these unseasonably warm warm temperatures. 47 now. pret i incredible. like using artists hike ranks. how streaming is now being factored in to the album's certification process. here is tonight's new york minute. >> calling all runners. suffolk coin ty is hosting the second annual marathon. this year's freedom fest marathon is set for
10:36 pm
benefits local veterans. >> our goal is to attract even more runners and to raise more funds to support our veterans. >> registration is now open for more info, check out >> february is heart month. students in ref littown are raising aware be a money to are for hoops for heart campaign. >> coach cans at summit lane elementary hosted basketball during today's gym class. we talk about taking the pulse, watching and being active every day. the children leer always out in the community participating in sports teams and out with their parents. we encourage healthy lav-style here. >> ben get the american heart association and
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10:40 pm
albums reached new mailstone thans cheweds kendrick la mr's to pint a butter ni which is i getting the rave and the handwritten. >> all right. facebook now more valuable. the fourth most vallable company in the world. facebook skyrocketed in the past week since it delivered a flawless earnings report. well exxon of course is seeing the fortunes decline in recent mons in the market that pushed oil prices down. can you hey gp that story ten year ago. crazy. >> well, expanding into the world of venture cap tism. the eye in coic kids' tv show created a division called sesame have been tures and the sesame workshop which is the nonprofit producing show says the new division will invest in start-up companies focus on childhood development. each company could get up to $1 million. >> all right. supermodel says she is ready to retire.
10:41 pm
magazine sunday crawford is leaving modeling after celebrating her february 20th. crawford told the mag zan she should not have to keep proving herself and doesn't want to and doesn't need the money. good for are her. >> all right. happy trails. >> 50 degrees in >> yep. long. how the warm weather making people for get all about that blizzard a week ago. and late for work? some of the most outrageous excuses from across the country hear
10:42 pm
i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually
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>> no. in cred bible, flight two feet of it. two people walking around in the jeans and jacket. baruch shemtov shows house you people are enjoying the mid winter reporter: the average new york temperature high in februaries 40 yet today we reached thep ear's. here in times wear, new yorkers were truck by spring fever. how about your experience standing in spandex?
10:44 pm
this is weather? yeah. it is easier. you know, when is cold, it is too cold. >> think weather is good. beyond super heros the sentiment continued. i feel i have been roasting the last for days i have been here. >> that is is nice tropical getaway four. >> oh, for. >> oh, gosh. >> what do you think of times square. >> last, he because it was cold. >> and on the upper east side, the unseasonably warm weather lifted local spirits as well. it is great. it is butte. >> i am loving it. am loving. >> february 1st never sign the i my life in new york. i have been hear over 46 years the best weather ever. >> when would you typically wear outfit like that. summer. you don't have to wear javy clothing to bog down. it nice. >> this is like summer. i come home from school. it is good. >> you feel look you are going to spring br k now. >> yes, aim.
10:45 pm
mood while it lasts of course. baruch shemtov, "fox 5 news." >> yeah. >> i am onboard with it. >> i figured you would be? for most people. >> but i just don't want to pay later. >> tomorrow is groundhog day. all right. so much other news we heard less about it this year. if you believe in the stuff. >> yeah. >> i personally dop. >> yeah. >> it is very exciting to talk about. >> and punxsutawney phil in pennsylvania will see his shadow. staten island chuck our local groundhog will see his shadow then on long acin la is a prairie dog. >> how do you know this? >> i know what the weather is going to be like. it has to be their had doe t. that means we have six more weeks into. >> why do we dire wait. >> well, you mo he, it is kind of fun. who cares in. cute little guy. you want to see who he will bite. >> yeah. >> yeah.
10:46 pm
today was certainly april preview at near 60. 60 degrees en parts of the area. but lake said, you know, maybe that groundhog that rodent knows something because i tell you by next weak, inning thises are going to change once again. so 49 and 47 today. that is 20 above average on both sides. 67 and minus 2 the record. 705 sunrise. we did have an inch of rain. 47 now. humidity at 40% with a clear sky. the wind to the north-hort east them the pressure steady pavement little strong arer. all right. showers we had earlier as you look. heading out though east so drying coming to the west. the sky will break up with the cloud cover and see a clear sky and sunny day for tomorrow. look at these highs. again, up he 50's to lower 60's. 64. and bellmawr, 60 poughkeepsie. 54 at sussex. upper 50's to the east end of long island. inright now at 45 there
10:47 pm
43 at the jersey shore. 34 upon ty cycle low. about 30 or son the colder suburbs today. wind out of the north. the fort-northwest and tomorrow morning, out of the east as we go through the day. to the northeast, it in the 40's from boston down toward philly ap washington. 30's to the northwest. the cloud cover starting to break apart here though west. there it is. that linen here shortly. by the time you head out. should be nice and sunny for you. as we watch the cold front lied to the east. here is our weather for tomorrow. and here eggs the blizzard going to thes were and iowa. that storm is fog track to the west as you can see. that will bring us mild temperatures again. even though tomorrow. we fall back to the upper 40's. look at what is going on to the suth and west. back to the 7's. severe weather will break out here. meantime, i is 20's-30's as you get to the west. the next surge comes down and start to see that later on. tomorrow, a beautiful day. sunny. 30's out the door. mid 40's at lunch time. stop at 48 in the afternoon.
10:48 pm
here come the cloud for together into. there is the rain. heavy downpours. a strong gusty breeds to up near 60 one more time on wednesday. then we dre out and cool it down later on. clouds early tomorrow. 37 in the city. we got 30 for the suburbs. a couple of upper 20's. tomorrow, 48 the high. above average. all right. rain on wednesday. back up near 60 then 48 thursday. only 40 on friday. that is where we should be. lower to middle 40's over this weekend with. clouds return monday. then, we watch. poe continuation for coastal system to come up that could bring some run a or know. to the area of monday or tuesday. then, the pattern turns quite cold. could be quite storm hi? >> we could be in that we're not. >> we're not. we will wait. >> for sure. >> thank you, nick. >> russ in next with
10:49 pm
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>> all right. how are you doing, railroad within. the circus officially began tonight out in san jose, cra are a with the media. i meap, a whole lot of media front and center. and as always, the case immediate ya day was a zoo f. only different for super bowl 50 and instead of it being during the day, this one was a insally televised event tonight with some 5500 media members this with credential z as you might have ex specked. peyton manning would not tip the hand on whether or not the would be his final game of his career. but he did respond when asked why is this bronco different than the one that got crushed two year ago by the seahawk as a in the super bowl 48 at metlife stadium. a i really don't make comparisons.
10:53 pm
john fox did a heck of a job. we had a great season. we got beat bay better team. seattle deserved that. don't think you can make comparisons because there is different coach and different play evers and i am honoring to have been on both teams. >> meanwhile, unlike payton who has played in three superle bowls wing one is counterpart on the panthers quarterback cam gnawton will be playing in his first and the leading mvp candidate for 2015 was asked how do you train to be great. >> you train to be great in anything else. thud put your mind it to. enjoy doing it. then you know, contrary popular belief. you had to be enthused about doing. >> i you no he what i am those. right. >> cannot get a better story line but living lemming gend peyton manning and the leg's new superstar cam nuton for all the marbles super bowl. all right.
10:54 pm
were hit with some big time news today within the team announced that first baseman the top prospect in the organization will undergo surgery tomorrow. to repir a torn in the right shoulder. that will force him to miss entire 2016 season. bird was slated to start the season in aaa. but that was only because this was no room for him with mark playing first and aced at the da. but in just 46 games with the yanks in 2015 the bird man banged down 11 bombs while knocking in 31 runs. he is a got one. >> the kid injured himself last may in the minor and felt discomfort this off-season with spring season around the corner. look i said big time bag news. the basketballle tonight. pistops beat the heat not the heat the nets. am thinking of heat because of you. >> 105-100. >> fair enough. >> right. >> with whatever. good deal. >> all right. >> well, in hork, there
10:55 pm
reason to be late. contraffic construction, the whole thing. know. i new career from career builder found the most outrgous excises come from across the country and include the worker who thought of quitting but changed their mind and call in late then there is the worker who had to chase the cows back to field. >> the person who told their boss that pet lizard died in emergency surgery then the momentee who came in late because of their clothes were stolen. h. wow. any great excuses? >> no. >> you got watch that one. >> no. >> mo. >> this is a timely story though. there was fire right around the corner where cue not get anywhere. >> right. you could not get a anywhere. the first and second. yeah. trying to get through that. s with a problem. was mess. >> you had legitimate excuses. yeah. >> yeah. >> all right. tonight, we'll be back.
10:56 pm
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