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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  February 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call now. ted cruz cruising to a win over donald trump . marco rubio is not far behind. complete recap in which candidates are now out of the race. >> mayor dimaggio's horse carriage plan. find out who would like to delay the vote that supposed to happen this friday. >> big morning here in the news world .liz: i am liz
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it's groundhog day. ben: i am from pennsylvania and it's like a state holiday there. >> we have a staten island truck may she rest in peace. >> chuck may she rest in peace . the mayor has a good reputation. something happened . the jury is still out . ben: it would have been a conspiracy to kill charlotte. he killed her. liz: hopefully better . >> early spring means it means to be cloudy. that's not what's going on. we could have partly cloudy with that's not the case.
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animals do whatever they want to do. we have some yesterday and man was it warm. several places getting into the 60s. 640 was a high and close in central park at 590 for the high temperature. 480 as we made it to in monticello. this morning is cooler than what we had yesterday. 400 at central park and 37 in bridgeport. the cold front came by and we get the showers in the afternoon and evening. it's almost done so we mainly clear sky from this point forward. it will be this guy. it makes its way into tomorrow. the pressure will be in control and temperatures
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it's 400 for a high which would be on the mild side. look at all the sunshine. the groundhog sees its shadow and it depends on which one you're talking to. if he sees his shadow on this day , that means we have an early spring coming. that may work out well. the other one is the opposite. we are going to see a sunday out there. i have 480 today. 59 tomorrow with cloudy skies and windy and wet . we might even have localized flooding coming up. that's in new jersey. has more to do with the snow. we have dryer skies in the days to follow. let's bring in ines and see what's going on early on this tuesday morning. liz: good morning.
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watch out for an accident they are blocking aileen and folks are fine new jersey. no problems unto 87. if you are heading to the bridge, some of the traffic will be going on until 5:00. it staten island facing new jersey. we have traffic held there so expect delays. usually last 15 20 minutes. >> the lie let's go to that camera shot over by the grand central parkway. >> politics this morning with surprises coming out the iowa caucus. on the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders are tied . ted cruz trams over donald trump. robert moses is following the situation and he joins us now. >> good morning, ben and liz. it was a disappointing night. donald trump still promised to get the republican nomination .
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loss makes next week's primary all the more important. >> tonight is a victory for the grassroots.[cheering] iowans have spoken. they rewarded ted cruz who gave strong support for evangelical christians the win.>> it's a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and across the grease great nation. crews capture 28% of the vote and donald trump finished in second.marco rubio had a strong third place.ben can ben carson and rand paul had a minimal operation iowa. still, his second place finish was humbling for a man who only talks about winning. >> we finish second and i am honored.
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finished him with omentum entering the new hampshire primary and isn't going away anytime soon they sent a clear message. we are not waiting any longer to take the country back! >> think you! hillary clinton is feeling the burn to borrow bernie sanders campaign scheme. >> the people of iowa have sent a strong political message. >> as sanders and clinton campaign in new hampshire, she appeared to be in a long fight for a man that was considered a fringe candidate . >> we have to be united. united against a republican vision candidates that would
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>> for some candidates, iowa is the end of the road. mike huckabee and martin o'malley announced they are dropping out of the race. they had weak finishes in iowa. >> we will follow the race between bernie sanders and hillary clinton . it is very close. robert , thank you very much. ben: the city has released a scorecard showing 21,000 violations in the city year. problems at shelters range from vermin to leaks and peeling paint. most were found at 265 cluster shelters where homeless people are housed by the city.643 shelters were supposed to release last may and is not include
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some city councilmembers are calling for a delay in the vote . teresa has a look. >> it was supposed to be the deal that appeased all sides.that seems to be the furthest from the truth. city councilmembers want to delay the vote to implement the horse carriage band. they believe there's too much at stake to rush it. it reduces the number of horse-drawn carriages on city streets from 180 295. it relegates them to a constructed stable in central park and bans pedicabs south of fifth street. a lot of jobs and a lot of livelihood are on the line. the mayor has been personally calling legislators to go and support. the city council speaker says the vote will happen
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intrigue , they feel the union has let them down and did this deal with the mayor without their consent. union leaders say it's not the billy would have written but the goal is to preserve the industry and a final legislation ensures that horse-drawn carriages will be a permanent fixture in central park. >> thank you, teresa. liz: thousands of taxi drivers take to the streets in protest to cut rates . the reduced fares for writers are by 15% beginning last friday. it's a move the company says is designed to increase ridership . the drivers say it is at their expense. >> how would anyone feel if you come to work and your employer tells you you cut your earnings by 50%.
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over says, since the price cut increased earnings by 28% . >> the son top aid is charged with stabbing a mother. 19-year-old carrie stabbed a teenager on sunday night in the edgewater new jersey . they stated teenagers was among a group of people who are trying to rob him . norming or stabbed the chief. she is x chief of staff. in november after her son was arrested for trespassing and amid scrutiny over her personal life, she left. >> kevin roper has other charges related to the accident. police say he was driving the walmart truck that
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new jersey turnpike. the crash caused james mcnair to be seriously injured. investigators say the truck driver hadn't slept for 20 hours before the crash. >> bill cosby is headed back to court to try to get a criminal charge that is facing do not be charged and sexual assault.the issue is the deal is still enforceable now? cosby admitted that he gave her three pills before engaging in the in sexual act. back in the summer he was indecent accusers . >> stella had, is it a cooler day than yesterday? temperatures in the 40s? not too bad . liz: not too shabby. mike woods has the complete
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ben: guardian angels are
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from amop\. find it in the footcare aisle. welcome back. february 2, groundhog day. we are looking at a day where there is a mixed bag. more sunshine than anything.
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groundhog you want to listen to maybe we have spring on the way. it's cooler this morning than what we had yesterday at 300. 35 in newark and 250 in poughkeepsie and 27 in monticello. 90 cooler in montauk and we have a clear sky with the rain from yesterday moving on out to sea. there was a cold front. looks like we'll have a nice day including lots of sunshine here and pretty much everywhere throughout the northeast. that includes pennsylvania. looks like the shadow is quite likely. that depends on which one you're talking to the forecast will be the opposite . it's our next area of low pressure setting into the plane state . there is rain in some places and a lot of snow and others but for us, it looks like it will bring in rainfall .
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future costs. we keep it cleared today but by tomorrow the rain is heading in at 7:00 in the morning. the first of the showers are arriving. we will deal with wet weather throughout the day but it looks like the heavy stuff pulls away by the evening commute and by the time we get into wednesday night at 11:00 it's the last of the showers and we get it out of here. basically, it's a wet . not as much going on as cooler temperatures make a comeback. mainly central sections of new jersey for wednesday and thursday . we don't have heavy rain coming in but the rain on there . it is melting and brands the potential for flooding conditions. the clouds increase later this evening in the rain is there tomorrow with a high of's windy and dryer in the days to follow
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down to normal. we will see if we have anything that will slow you down on this tuesday morning commute . >> putnam county is looking good . this morning , the bridge is affecting your commute. the tropical is going on by 5:00 in the reason why is because right now all traffic is stopped as you head into new jersey as well as staten island. expect delays. it should be done if you are leaving your house now.
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now you should be fine. the trains right now are . ben: freeport is using license plate scanners to protect community from the scanners. they are posted at every entrance. they are trying to find stolen vehicles and unregistered drivers. hundreds of cars have been impounded for the 2000 summonses that were listed. it has led to arrests. a recent rash of attacks on the subway has many commuters nervous. the guardian angels are stepping in. >> later back in the subways for the first time now in two decades. >> since they are not removing the really psychologically damaged people, we will start removing them and forcing the issue.
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founder says charges were turned for the first time in 22 years. many writers ignore the views of people holding red berries and polyester jackets. others welcome them back to active duty. >> in the 80s and 90s, they became popular, i was skeptical but now i am thankful that they are here.>> six different random subway passengers. he says don't count them as copycat crimes and the guardian angels disagree. it's a copycat effect . >> there is a citizens arrest, forcibly if necessary. >> they don't have any powers and they are not expect it to engage. it's nothing new. there's about 10 of them left in the organization.
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sensational story. >> 10 12 guys. 10 12 more than he has out there and by the way, we have hundred 50 and we've been doing this for 37 years. >> a plan to patrol from 11:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m. until they feel the system is safe again. >> we will talk to curtis about that tomorrow morning. shoulders are surgery today . "good day wake up", we'll be right back .
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he is walking away with very few regrets. he is in the third round of the 2005 draft from the giants where he played the first nine years of his 11th year career winning two superballs. he joined the oakland raiders before the 2014 season joining in 353 tackles. he had 66 and a half career socks.
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was with big blue. days away now from the 50th super bowl. the press gathered for the media day and this year is a little bit different. it's a prime time event. they decided to televise it. thousands of credential members of the media , some in very funny costumes made their way through trying to get there from the broncos in the carolina panthers. peyton manning was asked why this team is different from the one that got crushed in super bowl xlviii. >> seattle deserves it. i don't think you can make comparisons because there is a different coach in
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i am honored to have been on both teams. >> payton's in and three superballs. cam newton will will be played playing in his new . how do you train to be great? >> it's just like you trained to be great and anything else .you have to enjoy doing it. you have to be enthused about doing it. if you have those ingredients , you will be all right. >> baseball getting some bad news. greg is the top prospect in the organization who went into surgery today to repair his what right shoulder . he was going to start the season as a aaa but that's only because there was no room for him on first base. yet 15 homeruns. he has a sweet swing.
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