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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  February 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the big story in politics for president. it includes a tie for the democrats and a big win for one of the republicans.
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>> hillary clinton holds a very small lead in iowa. she has not yet been declared the winner. quick note here if she does win, she and bernie sanders will get the same number of delegates. she would get 22 and bernie sanders will get 21. they would essentially have the same number of delegates. now, to the republicans. donald trump captures the nomination and beats the nominee. last night, he himself was beaten. >> tonight , it's a victory for the grassroots! [cheering] iowans have spoken and rewarded ted cruz who visited all 99 counties and enjoyed support by all evangelical christians with a win. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. cruz captured 21% of the vote and donald trump finished in second .
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third-place finish in ben care seven, jeb bush and rammed paul rounded out the top six. his second place finish was humbling for a man who only talks about winning. >> we finish second and i want to tell you something i am honored. >> rubio strong finish provides him with momentum entering the new hampshire primary and it shows that he is not going away anytime soon . >> the people send a very clear message. after seven years of barack obama, we will not wait any longer to take our country back! >> think you ! this morning, hillary clinton is feeling the burn to take ernie sanders campaign slogan. >> it's a very profound message . the political establishment, economic establishment and the media. >> sanders in clinton
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appears to be going in for a long fight with a man that was considered a fringe candidate.>> we have to be united against a republican vision and candidate who would drive us apart and divide us. >> for some, iowa is as far as they will go. mike huckabee bows out after a week finish. the big story is this dead heat between ernie sanders and hillary clinton. who will come out on top. hillary clinton has a very narrow lead but we will follow it for you and give you an up date. >> back here at home. the new york state senate has voted to legalize professional mixed michael arts. it's been the second straight time it's been approved. it's failed to pass.
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sponsors gathered in the assembly but no word on when they may vote. new york is the only state left in the country to be in professional mma matches. it's the usc fights. >> the city council is said to vote friday on the horse carriage proposal. >> now it appears that councilmembers would like to hold off. teresa borello joins us on the west side with the concerns. >> good morning. >> the horses that reside in the stables there are at the center of the issues and they are the entire issue. how many of them should be able to work here in new york city and how often. you remember that a deal was announced and the approval of it seemed like it was a foregone conclusion. now lawmakers appear to be holding back. >> it was supposed to be the deal that appeased all sides but now it seems to
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the truth. they suggest city councilmembers want to delay the vote to implement the modified carriage band. they believe there's too much at stake to rush it. the mayor's agreement reduces the number of horse-drawn character yours on city streets from 180 95 x 2018. it relegates them to a constructed stable in central park. it bans pedicabs from operating in six tree in the park . a lot of jobs and livelihoods on the line. the new york post reports that the mayor has been calling the legislators to garnish support. the city council speaker says the vote will happen without delay. it adds to the intrigue with words that the carriage driver feels the union has let them down and does this deal with the mayor without consent. to that , union leaders say , it's not the bill we would have wooden on our
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been to preserve the industry and a final legislation ensures that horse-drawn carriages will be a permanent fixture in central park. >> is supposed to happen on the same day that the city council is due to vote on giving itself a 32% pay raise. there are some people who are suggesting that maybe there is a horsetrading going on. trading votes on one issue for the next. >> i send things back to your way, liz . liz: thank you, teresa. the city releases a scorecard showing 2100 violations in cities shelters . problems range from things like vermin to leaks and peeling paint . most of the "violations were found at 265 shelters were homeless people are housed in apartment buildings rented out by the city. the scorecard of the shelters was supposed to be
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does not include reports of crime. the top aid is charged with aggravated manslaughter after stabbing a mother . 19-year-old carrie dellinger had state stabbed a teenager than he was among people trying to rob him. his mother, rachel, the ex-chief of staff. she left the post in november after her son was arrested for trespassing with scrutiny over her personal life. >> the world health organization has declared the zika virus and international emergency. the main concern is that it may be linked to a dangerous birth defect in babies. yesterday officials added costa rica and nicaragua to the list of countries. the list just keeps on growing. as the concern grows, so do the questions.
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passed around social media that gml mosquitoes are to blame. science to study the insects say there is no way. >> anytime you attached gml to anything people become concerned and weary. many viruses we never figure out what the cause of it is. research needs to be done . >> pesticides are getting less, modifying mosquitoes would make offspring die in the larvae stage. the only female mosquitoes bite humans. no gm owes remain in the wild . >> tracking down crime with one town on long island. what they are doing to win the battle. before we have a better looking day today with mostly sunny skies throughout the will be cooler in the start
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it's groundhog day. yesterday it rained a little bit in the evening. it was pretty nice >> i was out running errands. it felt like spring. >> maybe it's a little preview. we have gotten beat up pretty bad. it's just over a week ago. it's all last year. >> it was 400 in may. i still get emails and tweets from people that just cannot get enough of the winter weather. ben: they have had a nice . mike: if that wasn't enough, i don't know what to tell you. here is what we have on the almanac . 390 is the average high and 27 is the average low. where we stand now , 390 equivalent to the average high. this is a normal high day. we do have 1/100 of an inch of rain yesterday. not much, a little bit . just a drop in the bucket.
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calm wind. let's check some regional temperatures. we have 290 there and 33 in hudson and 33 in new rochelle . 26 to be in bedford. pretty cold temperatures cooler than yesterday. it's warmer than normal. there is the rain we saw yesterday. not everyone got in on it but quite a few of us did. it's out to see and we have a clear sky over to the region with a lot of sunshine out are talking about the big hamster thing groundhogs. looks like on a day like today, they should see their shadow. some say that means more winter but some say it's an early spring. it's the next winter storm coming our way and it going to be there in the plane states with rain and snow.
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it will bring in rain. nothing until we get to tomorrow morning. at 7:00, the burst of showers are coming through and it will be a solid day of rain. it becomes more showers later in the evening but it's all rainfall is here in the tri-state. maybe up in higher elevations , there could be a mix but not a big deal. it will serve underground and there is a flood watch going into effect in parts of new jersey. the rain is on top of the snow and it could cause some flooding issues locally. 400 or high. 590 with wendy and wet air. sunny and dry with air temperatures coming down just a little bit. >> don't forget that. let's bring in ines and take a peek at what's going on as we hit the roads in morning.
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start. it's 280 and it's moving fine. as for the trains on the and i double our . ben: thank you very much, ines. we all remember that deadly train accident. adderall officials have released to thousand documents from the accident that killed eight people. the actual cause is unknown. they say they found no evidence of engine , track or signal malfunction. the driver , brandon , has says lasting here members is pushing the bottle forward and breaking when he felt the train going too fast.
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extremely cooperative during the probe and the final report , the cause, as expected the spring. >> the village of freeport has its answer to crime. license plate scanners. >> the device is changing the way they protect the community . we wrote along with officers to show us how they work . >> the alert is sent to headquarters or police officers on control every time a flag license plate is scanned. robert kennedy is sending a clear message to criminals. >> the first 90 days, we arrested numerous people including murderers. it started in november and part of the operation safe street program. license plate readers are posted at every entrance.
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unregistered drivers, stolen vehicles and to help solve crimes. 15 million license plates have been scanned. >> since the inception of the project we have been down over 548 vehicles. there's been 2008 summonses . 15 stolen vehicles were returned to the owners and 25 people were arrested. people arrested don't live in the village including a man wanted for murder in virginia.the tickets start at $50. >> it's a good idea. yet nothing to hide in your nothing to worry about. the village says privacy is not an issue after six months, the data gets removed from the session automatically. >> it's good for people who drive honestly. it's not good for those who don't . >> the village of freeport says they see a 20 30 percent increase. they hope to hire additional officers to
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successful start. ben: interesting! passengers won't go hungry on the american airlines. i don't know if i would go that far. they bring back snacks. we will tell you what we might see on the flight soon. liz: patients across the their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services.
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received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of ramerica in philadelphia. t learn more at p slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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we are back at 524.the new alphabet before the fourth quarter earnings blew away wall street . there was a strong growth
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the youtube video ads have more on the after hours. the other that sword and the new lifetime high. that puts alphabets at an even larger company than becomes the largest company traded on wall street. >> the apathy my major milestone. 22 billion baht in 2014. it hasn't set out plans to make money from it . they drop the prescription . >> the chipotle e. coli investigation as expected with no new outbreaks reported since the 21st. the source of the e. coli outbreak is still unknown. the food preparation method adds 1900 locations after 200 people were sickened. it will implement new food
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outbreaks. all the stores will close next monday so managers can discuss changes with employees and answer questions. it out. >> that is concerning.>> american airlines is bringing back a small park for travelers. >> a tiny park offering free snacks and more entertainment options. >> rubber this is how it was?it's an actual plate of food . they haven't offered free snacks in 2003. now the industry is making the move to bring it back. cookies and pretzels will be offered on flights with all domestics eating snacks by april. >> there is probably five pretzels in that package field of air . [laughter] ben: it's better than
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this is "fox 5 news" on "good day wake up" ben: we are pushing 50. mike woods has a complete forecast on this groundhog day . liz: too close to call. hillary clinton and bernie caucus. , including the republicans and who is out of the race.ben: not let's find out who wants to delay the vote . liz: ardell is saying goodbye and not hello to politics. . ben: good morning it's 5:30 . liz: i am in for juliet huddy . i am liz . ben: staten island chuck is different.he is the
5:26 am
groundhogs count can't agree on how to get it right. he would need to see his shadow to predict in early spring. >> . [laughter] staten island chuck he would see his shadow. yes. that should not have an id like today. oh boy. mike: there should be plenty of sunshine to see a shadow. 290 at central park and to same thing in monticello. high pressure is in control. it brings us some showers in this direction through the day tomorrow. high temperatures go up to 490. it goes up with a mainly clear sky and we make it up to 590 40 high. it's warm and wet and windy with flooding possible.
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what's happening with the commute. there will be a little bit tricky at times. much going on. the commute has queens looking good. let's go to brooklyn at the cameras on the inbound and outbound side. the trains are off to a good start. everything is running close to schedule with street cleaning rules in effect . big surprises coming out the iowa caucus from the democratic side. a tie with hillary clinton and bernie sanders at 50% now.>> on the republican side ted cruz triumphs over donald trump and that's a big surprise. robert moses joins us with the latest. >> let's start with the democrats. hillary clinton has a slim lead now . she has more delegates than bernie sanders but only by one. even if she ends up winning in iowa bernie sanders
5:28 am
on the republican side we trump's bragging. last night he sound humbled after ted cruz gave him a loss. >> tonight , it's a victory for the grassroots . [cheering] island have spoken and they have awarded ted cruz who visited all 99 counties and enjoyed support among evangelical christians with a win. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across the great nation! >> cruz captured 29% of the vote. donald trump finished in second and marco rubio had a strong third-place finish in ben carson , rand paul and jeb bush rounded out the top six. trump had a minimal operation in iowa and still, his second place finish was humbling for a man who only talks about winning. >> we finish second and i want to tell you we are
5:29 am
strong finish provides him with momentum . >> the people of the great state send a clear message. we are not waiting any longer to take our country back . >> . [cheering] hillary clinton is feeling the burn to borrow bernie sanders campaign slogan. she and sanders are locked in a dead heat . >> the people of iowa have sent a profound message to the political establishment. it's the economic establishment and the media. >> as sanders and clinton campaign today, she appears to be girding for a long fight with a man who was candidate. >> we have to be united . it's united against a republican vision and
5:30 am
us apart . a housekeeping note of delegates. iowa is not a winner take all state. the candidates are awarded the delegates proportionally. they use the delegates as an example and hillary clinton has a narrow lead . 22 delegates now and bernie sanders is right behind at 21.those delegates are leading to the nomination. at the top, martin o'malley has dropped out of the race as has mike huckabee. as we move along, through these contests, we will see more and more people start to thin out . >> thank you so much. >> new hampshire is up next. city council members would like to delay the boat . the councilman and others say there are too many answered questions about the legislation in order to go on friday the bill would cause drivers their jobs.the plan will reduce
5:31 am
park and bans them from the streets. they would also use public money to move them to a refurbished stable inside the park . >> police say the first flashing incident happened on thursday at 7:30 a.m. on the south train. if you saw what happened , please call crime stoppers. the criminal charge dismissed with lawyers saying she made a deal with prosecutors 10 years ago and he would not be charged with sexual assault . it stemming from a 2005 civil case against him. the issue is that it's still enforceable now? admitted in his testimony he gave him three pills. they engaged in consensual sex at his home.
5:32 am
count of indecent assault , one of his we will check the forecast once again. mike, how are we looking . mike: it's a little bit cooler than yesterday but still doable. 370 in bridgeport . here's the cold front came through.that has moved on.through the day today, they start out at 7:00 in the morning. in the morning commute, we need our brothers and it will be wendy. a good amount of rain during the day is wrapping up and getting out of here by the time we hit wednesday night. is not the worst .
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in its windy and wet at the same time. we try out for the rest of the week and don't forget , the weather app has things like the radar with daily forecast at the itunes store. here comes ines. she let you know what's going on. there is a route 82 in the fishtail blocking the lane. at 684, if you are driving along queens, let's go to the camera and look at the commute. it's by 106 or 107 with smooth sailing driving into the city.
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what if the sweet stevia leaf was discovered... ...before the sugarcane. and everything had fewer calories. truvia. life with less sugar is just as sweet. 5:41 am on this tuesday morning. checking the headlines the son of the former the baggio administration aid has been charged with manslaughter. police say he fatally stabbed a teenager on sunday night. she was the former chief of staff , the mayor's wife. they say her son was among the teenagers that were in the group trying to rob him. >> the city has released a scorecard showing there were over 21,000 violations in city shelters at the end
5:36 am
the "violations were found in the cluster of homeless shelters. >> police are looking for the group of two men into women who shove the police officer on subway tracks. the officer was pulled to safety with the group got away. >> the iowa caucus in texas with ted cruz coming out on top . democrats have remained any virtual dead heat . live this morning. not a huge surprise on either front . would you say? >> probably not. except for the turnout and the margins. especially on the democratic side the fact that we are still sweating out this race and it has not been officially called. hillary clinton has declared victory and she might go on to win but that is by a narrow margin. it's been a massive turnout and they will walk out of iowa with almost the same number of delegates heading into the next contest in new hampshire.
5:37 am
is damaged or is it expected? he is still well ahead. >> is certainly not shocking that he came in second. ted cruz has really mounted an effective operation that carried him over the finish line. the fact that he came in second but was fighting for second place it's a last-minute search for rubio it's really surprising. he is willing to buy the expectations. for trump, the arrow vulnerability will go on . he is expected to do very well in the next contest in new hampshire. we are told he has a huge lead over the democrats. some of the democrats may get a surge now heading into the new hampshire race. you mention the record turnout does it surprise
5:38 am
>> we knew the passion was there. the question was what it result in a big turnout? whether was an issue. the snow held off. that did not keep people home yesterday. we thought a record turnout was on the republican side and it did not work out that way for him. >> doug, thank you so much. we will check in with you in a little bit . liz: it will be an exciting election season. ben: let's turn our attention to sports . duke: we begin with justin tuck retiring. he announced on facebook saying his walking away with few regrets. he was selected a third round of the draft by the giants where he played the first nine years of his 11 year nfl career with super bowl's during the readers. 66 and a half career sacks
5:39 am
with a really great guy. just days away from the 50th super bowl . in santa fe california, they gather for the annual media day. it was media night in the league decided to televise it . they called it super bowl 50 opening night. thousands in the media dressed in funny costumes made their way to both teams. >> if you have ever covered one of these, it's outstanding and funny. lots of surprises. when trying to get tidbits from each side. the broncos and the panthers asked questions. this year's team is different from the one that got crushed in super bowl xlviii. >> i don't make comparisons. it's a great team. he did a great job in getting us to the super bowl. we had a great season. we got eat in seattle and
5:40 am
i don't think you can make comparisons because there is a different coach in different players. i am honored to have been on both teams. >> three super bowl's while camden has played in the first he is the leading candidate . >> you have to put your mind to it. you have to enjoy doing it. contrary to popular belief you have to be serious about doing it. the top spots prospect will repair a torn ligament forcing him to miss the season. they are slated to start the season in aaa. there was no room for him with him playing first and a rod in the first spot.
5:41 am
yankees in 2015 he banged out 11 home runs. he is a sweet swing and baseball. the next played host at the garden. the nets played last night for lopez. >> he slams at home and . just over two minutes to go up from the top . three-pointer and we are all tied at 38. 30 seconds to go . jackson, again, driving and they hang on winning 4/5. >> the nfl will debut a new ad during the super bowl. it's about kids who are conceived during previous super bowl sundays. >> the three minute commercial is called super bowl baby. the ads claim that nine
5:42 am
of the tree, the winning city saw a rise in births. it's the first that you will see in a dozen ads. >> it's a dozen kids in this ad . >> it's weird! duke: it's really weird. ben: have kids who are saying about the fact that their parents you know after the super bowl. >> is part of the super bowl family ad campaign . ben: they are urging parents to go and do , you know, after the super bowl. it's weird! >> who came up with that idea. >> the fact that they are seeing that kissed by rows with different lyrics? it's weird . ben: let us know what you think about that. i'm not reading it again. we read at 430 and i thought , this is so weird. the kids are like five and
5:43 am
liz: 2007 and 2008 . duke: some could be 2011. . duke: the kids show the giants victory in 2008. that would make them eight years old. >> it's weird. thank you, sir. it's time for whether. mike: is acute or is it were? everyone is on board. it's weird. >> it's a little strange . anyway, the average is 27 for the average low. it will drop a little bit am.
5:44 am
minutes before the sun is up officially. clear skies at 390 in central park and wind is calm . regional temperatures in islip and it's gone. were the area of low pressure with a cold front working their way in from a southern playing street . we are clear throughout the day but tomorrow the clouds shower start out in the morning commute around 7:00 or so. it brings in that majority of the day but it's light and moderate rain that we are dealing with. even so, dealing with rain and the tri-state. there is still snow packing on the ground and that will undergo flooding and melting.
5:45 am
into effect on wednesday and thursday for the green shaded areas.mostly sunny rain or snow in the area. the high is 590 on wednesday and it's 48 down into the lower 40s at the end of the work he week. we do have problem spots in new jersey on the garden state parkway. accident by 147 blocking a rain. we have the iconic southbound expecting delays on route 82. we have an accident there and let's go to the cameras
5:46 am
commute on the lie. it's a great ride.
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heading towards rockland (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental) time now for entertainment. >> remember the first time
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the online lottery. the site crashed and we are trying it again today. you could have a chance to win a ticket to the broadway show. there are upgrades to the system and it goes smoothly every time. it starts at 7:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00 a.m.. the curtain call is tonight. once you get notified that you want, you an hour to purchase the tickets and you have to pick them up in person. go to hamilton . >> it's a great show. great reviews all around. donald trump , stop using her songs. >> adel is saying her songs are off-limits for her campaigns. trump use rolling in the deep in iowa. he used sky fall and we could've had it all. i dollars not cool with any
5:49 am
they have released statements showing that they will make it clear. the people versus oj simpson premieres tonight at fx. oj's trial is a double homicide with a memorable core team in the 20th century. now it's the focus with a miniseries. cooper gooding junior is accused of killing nicole brown simpson. john travolta plays one of his attorneys with robert shapiro. be enlightened about what you didn't know. facts that are hidden they will shed light on understanding why a result happen in the way that it did. they will find the cte concussion syndrome if they are able to do an autopsy on his brain.
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accomplishments, the records you broken high school and college, i think that he the blows that he sustained there is something mentally damaged. i'm not saying he is responsible for the murders but i think you will understand the behavior and what motivates him because of the disease that he was exposed to. >> and interestingly enough, cuba gooding junior did not want to meet oj. he did not need to.the miniseries appears on fx. >> cooper gooding junior became famous for discovering this in the recent movie with will smith and all that stuff that has been released. they can't diagnose it until after someone has died with a brain issue. it's an interesting take. it looks good . thank you. it's groundhog day. have a live picture from
5:51 am
. have you ever been there? >> i have not been there. i don't have a desire to
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what's with them? oh, those two? they're always fighting for attention. there's more to a legendary city than its legends. plan your legendary
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