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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> what we are fighting for is basic common sense. >> reporter: donald trump came in a close second. >> we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the there'll they throw up there. >> reporter: the big surprise was marco rubio, who got 23 percent of the vote for a strong third place finish. >> not only am i a principled and strong conservative, you about -- but i can grow the conservative movement. >> they need to win over primary voters and show they're a viable general election candidate. >> reporter: now the focus turns to new hampshire. most of the candidates are there now. rubio will be looking to strengthen his position as the alternative to trump and cruz. but he'll have to fend off stiff competition from jeb bush, john kasich and chris christie. ernie, you know, this is really important that some of these
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polling so low and not placing very well really do well next week in new hampshire if they want to continue. ernie: everybody is checking out. lots to see. thank you very much. let's talk about it. david birdsell is joining us. you know the stuff going on. love your perspective on what's happening. let me ask you this: the question a lot of people are asking, how wounded, trump and clinton. let's start with trump, the frontrunner. >> trump lost last night his principal rational for winning. coming in second doesn't put him so far down that he can't come back. he has to have a different rationale and a press corps that covers him differently. ernie: you expect a lot of change? >> a lot of change. you had the three top republicans bunched within five percentage points. they did well. nobody expected to see three people in the 20s. ernie: rubio did well.
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>> a breakout night. it's a real vindication of his suburban strategy, a lot of close conversations with voters who are going to vote values and the prospect of advancing families. he has a positive vision than either donald trump or ted cruz. ernie: a lot of moving parts. let's talk about the democrats. hillary clinton went into the race no. 1. how much damage last night? >> this was great for bernie sanders. he proved he could run neck in neck in a state with a lot of natural advantages but she had troops on the ground. in the short term, while this will hurt her and bernie sanders will run away with new hampshire -- ernie: what happens after new hampshire? >> after new hampshire, you get to constituenties she won. older democrats, those less liberal than the activities that propelled sanders, people making over $100,000 and blue collar democrats, all voted for hillary
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that's a good sign for her. ernie: lots to go. we have a way to go to super tuesday, march 1. >> this was a handful of delegates out of thousands. ernie: other stories in the news, bill cosby was in a pennsylvania courthouse today. his lawyers want the sexual assault case thrown out. that's because of testimony that he made during a civil case more than a decade ago. attorneys say they made a verbal agreement with the previous d.a. that cosby wouldn't be prosecuted criminally if he testified freely in civil court. nypd commissioner bill bratton testified before the senate homeland security and governmental affairs committee in washington, d.c. he revealed three attacks against the city were uncovered last spring. he said nypd officers are training to responsible for active shooter situations. >> learn how to form small
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the threat with the aim of saving lives. all of our patrol officers will have the training. ernie: the commissioner was one of several who testified today. the cdc confirms that a person in dallas, texas, has contracted the zika virus through sex. doctors say the patient had sexual contact with a sick person who returned from a country where zika is present. the u.n. declared a global emergency over the mosquito-borne virus that's been spreading throughout south america. that's what's happening in the news. joining us, nick gregory, with another beautiful day. we've got rain tomorrow. nick: today, blue skies, sunshine, around 50. that's nice for this time of year. ernie: what about the rain? nick: we'll get sun tomorrow. showery in the morning. we're back up near 60 in parts of the year. early february is turning out okay. the groundhog saw -- did not see
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don't ask me how. it was a clear sky. can't trust the rodents. i'm thinking it is going to be a return to winter weather around here as we head into next week. first of all, today, 50 and 38. above average by a good margin. 59 was the record high. no sun tomorrow in the forecast. 46 now. humidity 42 percent. south wind. high clouds increasing. the pressure 30.33 on the rise. the temps today not bad. 50 belmar towards newark. back to 50 bridgeport, poughkeepsie. upper 40s northern new jersey where it down to 38. 41 hudson valley. 46 in the city towards newark. low 40s jersey shore across long island. we'll find the temperatures cooling into the lower 40s in the city and 30s as you get into the suburbs. let's see what the wind has been doing. that wind flow has been -- or
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ten degrees from 24 hours ago. the wind out of the south and east. that will continue tonight 5, 10 miles an hour. look at the satellite photograph. you'll see the clouds are going to be increase. i want to tell you about the flood watch up for tomorrow afternoon into thursday for central new jersey westward. the rain on top of the melting snow is going to cause additional flood troubles. here come the high clouds. they'll thicken up. the rain is across the midsection of the country. the blizzard conditions in nebraska, iowa, and southern minnesota. the cold front moving through. advance towards us. that will give us the showery weather in the morning. these are severe storms. they're tracking tornados in alabama into mississippi. we won't see the severe weather, but we may get a couple of afternoon and evening. 40s out the door in the morning. a couple of showers around through mid-morning. in the afternoon, the steady rain moves in. temperature in the middle to
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threat is late in the afternoon on into the first part of tomorrow night. here's futurecast. we'll watch the system slide in from the south and west. there comes the showery weather early and notice the organized area of rain as you look at the time stamp, about 1:00 in the afternoon. that moves through into the evening. thursday, a bit of cloud cover and more sun as the day goes along. in the lower 50s on thursday. not bad for early february. the colder air will filter down, i should say cooler air. friday into the weekend, if not drastically colder, will be in the low to middle 40s. 42 in town. 30s to 40 in the burbs. rain tomorrow. most in the afternoon. just showers at times in the morning. a gusty wind and we go to the mid and upper 50s tomorrow. sun thursday. 54. colder friday, a beautiful day. a nice weekend. sunshine, few clouds. middle 40s each day.
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tuesday, coastal storm may be a problem. one model brings it in sooner. it could be a rain and/or snow situation. ernie: i love the temperatures. nick: nice the next couple of days. ernie: thank you so much. it used to be talking about how much money you make was taboo. some companies are making everyone's salaries public knowledge. it's called open pay. we'll talk about it next. and join us tomorrow for a look at the future of social media. facebook is king and snapchat is up and coming. what's next? we'll find out about that tomorrow at 6:00. coming right back with more right after the break. was a lot faster a hassle to switch, they showed up when i asked and my tablet and stuff. it's true, it is better. i'm here to mow the lawn. it's february, curtis. other things around here. internet available with uploads up to 5 times faster than cable.
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nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at ernie: welcome back to our feature story. imagine going to work and knowing how much more or less your co-workers make than you do. would it make it a better place to work or worse? interesting idea. liz dahlem begins our look at the open pay approach and why companies are doing it. check it out. >> reporter: imagine if your co-workers could see your paycheck and you could see how much they make, too. the concept is called open pay. it's happening here. >> i was like, wait, what? i could not believe it >> reporter: there was the reaction olivia had. >> i'm in sales. i'm naturally competitive. my first reaction was, okay,
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what skills can i get to be making more. >> reporter: she is an account executive at the 40-person company which helps business owners gather social media data to promote their products. this is the ceo. he started the company five years ago and opened up salary information to all employees. >> anyone can go to a shared drive and see anyone else's sally anytime. >> he says that mean there's no room for secrets which makes for happier employees. >> transparency works. hiding information is a burden. it's not worth it. the price is much higher than most people realize. >> reporter: larger companies have a similar model. olivia says approaching her co-worker wasn't easier but taught her a lesson. >> i was like you're making x. i'm making y.
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she explained she's not in the same position. she has more experience and she told me how she negotiated a higher salary. now i'm going to take that skill and bring it wherever i go and not be afraid to ask for more to be compensated for a skill set. >> reporter: liz dahlem, fox 5 news. ernie: all right. thank you very much. how much money do you make? that's the question. gigi stone is here. how popular is this? >> it's hard to imagine but it's a growing trend among the smaller start-ups. whole foods is a big company. it has open pay for 91,000 employees. ernie: that's a lot of information. >> buffer takes it a step further. the salaries are actually posted on the company web site. make. ernie: we were talking about this in terms of how difficult it could be for people at work. this is what everybody would be talking about.
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they say it's more transparent, everybody knows. how does it work? >> there's one of the down sides that it leads to awkward conversations. workers confronting other workers, workers confronting their bosses, how come she makes more and it's hard to articulate why a worker makes less than someone else. also, it makes it easy for competitors to poach their employees because they can offer the employees more money. ernie: is this going to be a trend that will continue? or will this phase out after a while? >> here's what companies like. they think it makes companies more transparent and ends discrimination. penn state law review did a study. it found that open pay goes a long way to eliminate discrimination against minority and women groups. they like it because they say it increases productivity because workers become more competitive.
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their their applicants on the web site say they've gotten more applicants. ernie: the difficult thing is asking for a raise. give us help. >> research shows more people would rather quit their jobs than ask for a raise. there are a couple of ways to do it. one, go into your boss' office with a piece of paper saying what your value is for the company. i'm not talking about on your phone. leave it on their desk. go on glass which tells you what people with your credentials and similar jobs make. you have a sense of your value. ernie: very good. >> also, the best way to get a raise is to get a counter-offer. you don't want to bluff. you have to be willing to walk out the door. sometimes it works. but it doesn't always work. ernie: we wish everybody good luck. it's not an easy thing to do. open pay, good conversation. thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> speaking of money, maybe after you get paid, you might
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right here. do you prefer to watch a movie at the theatre or at home? >> what do you like to do? i'm on the street with your answers. thursday, a look at why so many women are choosing to give birth at home rather than go to the hospital. it's becoming a very popular thing. we'll talk about it. first, russ is going to join me with super bowl media madness. keep it here. we're back after the break. i've been a turkey farmer and i raise turkey for shady brook farms
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ernie: super bowl media day is an extravaganza. big night last night. russ: i was going to say let's make a correction. it is no longer media day. it is media night. it is now a nationally televised event. it was on espn and the nfl network. i've got to tell you this circus has begun. it really is insane. something like 5,500 members of the media were credentialed for it. frankly, it's a lot of nothing. i mean, i used to hate going to cover it because you're pushing -- you can't get anything you want -- ernie: a national holiday. it's a big game. russ: the game without question. but this -- it just tells you how big the national football league is. we're talking about media asking some questions, questions that have been asked over and over again. that's why the nfl is this gazillion dollar industry. ernie: anything stand out from
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russ: standing out, no. there was the obvious stuff. people were trying to -- a lot of people were trying to nail peyton manning down on is this going to be his last game. hand. however, the one situation that i did find interesting was his response to when he was asked about, you know, the al jazeera report on their link to hgh. he was employ -- emphatic how he feels. >> i know the rules and they're important to me. what this report alleges i did is simply not true. it's fabricated, junk, garbage. i could give you a long list of other words for it. i can guarantee this investigation, what it will find is absolutely a big fat nothing. ernie: that's pretty confident.
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no. 1 mvp? russ: he will be the mvp. if not, that will be a major upset. now you can bet on anything. cam newton has been pencilled in by book makers as the five to seven, the odds on heavy favorite to be the mvp in super bowl history. that means five to seven, you've got to lay 140 to win 100. ernie: who's running second? russ: peyton manning. but at seven to two, which is a far cry. why is it -- the quarterbacks, it's like 26 or 27 times the quarterbacks have been the mvp. if your team wins, chances are it will be a quarterback. i don't understand -- people are making the carolina panthers to be a foregone conclusion. i don't see it. i see the game very close. ernie: thanks a lot. we all dream of hitting the lottery. of course we do. we would like to cash it and get that ticket cashed in.
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someone in california who hit a $63 million super lotto plus drawing and has yet to come forward. the ticket is forth $40 million before taxes. it expires on thursday. if no one claims the prize, it would be the biggest unclaimed prize in california history. the money, by the way, would go to the state education fund. let's see what happens. russ: comes to me. ernie: we can send it to russ. get the word out. >> coming up next, i have a question. when you watch a movie, do you like to go to the theatre or do you like to watch from home? straight ahead. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? p head to your neighborhood p and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about
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>> thanks for watching the news at 6:00. you can connect with me on facebook. go to anastos. check it out. you can also answer my daily positive questions. go to anastos. ernie: i'll get the popcorn. what do you prefer? watching a movie at the theatre or at home? >> theatre. ernie: at the theatre. why? >> it's getting away. it's really focusing. it's away from the phone and all the other distractions. ernie: yeah. it's a getaway. >> it's exciting and it's a day out and a night out. >> i would say in theatres. it's more fun. you see a bigger screen. the surroundsound is amazing.
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ernie: that's interesting. >> i'd rather the big screen. if it's a quiet sleepy movie, i'd rather see it at home. ernie: it's expensive >> ridiculous. especially if you don't like the movie. ernie: it's expensive. you'd rather see it at home? >> and it's standing in light. they don't let you come in when it's freezing into the giant lobby. ernie: what do you like about it? >> you have a chance to get out, to see some people. i don't know. it's more -- it's -- ernie: it's a social thing when you go out. >> yes. yes. ernie: do you talk to people when you go to the theatre? >> sometimes you do. most of the time we do. ernie: sometimes talk to people. >> yeah. ernie: it's like going out and having a party somewhere. >> right. ernie: a lot of people don't talk to anybody. you like talking. here you are talking to me. enjoy the movies.
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>> i have my race >> i have my race isinettes. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm ernie anastos in studio 5. our control room, john k., give us a wave. thanks for being a part of the broadcast.
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