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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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this is "fox 5 news" on "good day early call" . >> nypd stepping up after the latest flashings. we will have the latest on the metro. new concerns over the zika virus. new weight could be spreading. not just by mosquitoes. that's very concerning as we get into the warmer months . >> yes ! >> i am ben simmoneau in its wednesday morning, february 3. thank you for starting your day with us.
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it's about the same temperature in the studio . >> i think is colder in here than it is outside . michael, the mornings before it's a little cool . mike: we have a lot going on. rain on the way. that , on top of the snowpack and ice you have a flood watch in effect for parts of the tri-state and parts of new jersey since they are getting the rainfall on top of the snowpack building could lead to some flooding. for the time being, you could see the arenas to the the morning commute, you could be okay. 440 in central park and 370 in monticello. the warmer southwesterly
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tri-state region warming temperatures up and bring the temperatures up . it's in the deep south and south east in as it comes through here, we're talking about light moderate rain and wait till it starts up until mid day or so. 540 tomorrow. on friday morning, it's just barely offshore. good morning. the commute is off to a good start. no problems on the bridge on the westchester side. both directions on both sides.
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let's take a look at new jersey. driving the book to be boulevard , on the bqe , you are okay there this delays and no construction. it's closed on the brooklyn downside .everything is running on or close . no accidents. the recent increase on subway flashings has nypd stepping up patrols. >> has been 10 this year. robert moses has the latest. >> recent news of all the subway attacks came on monday afternoon when a man identified got in the argument with another man on the platform at the pennsylvania avenue station. he boarded a train in
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dispute continued . he approached the victim and slashed him on the chin . bradley was arrested. the mayor says the slashing our aberration. >> occasioning the media and police get focused on a series of incidents and that's what's happening here. >> according to the daily news, there is been 10 flashings this year. a 71-year-old woman was attacked in greenwich village. next day, this man attacked in brooklyn. in an effort to show that the subways are safe, gratton took to this rails with security detail in so. their other pressing concerns in town. >> in the subway system the issue of concern that
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. it's serious assaults like flashings or stabbings. it will always be a constant issue. pickpocketing is the constant issue.robert durst will be back in new orleans court facing guilty to gun charges. it could clear the way for them to be extradited to california. durst is from scarsdale spent hundred million dollars connected to two other murders. he was a subject of the controversial hbo document and he was arrested last month. carry narrowing or is accused of salving to death a 16-year-old boy at edgewater new jersey.
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drug dealer and he works for him. he says he was defending himself during a robbery. his mother, rachel, was the former chief of staff of charlene mcquay . a lot of people are talking. new concerns about the spread of the zika virus. there is a new way for it to be spread. it came in the country through sexual contact , not mosquitoes. it's kind of frightening . >> it takes it to a whole other level. the cdc lab test confirmed that the first non-traveler was infected in the dallas, we know it could be spread through sexual contact and efforts are being doubled up to develop a vaccine and educate the public . >> the cdc confirms a person in texas has become infected through sex.
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venezuela, came home to the us and started showing symptoms. the virus was found in a sexual partner who never left the country. this is one day after the world health organization declared a global emergency. the race is on to develop tests and vaccines. >> if we can develop a single test that can be usable, not only for existing diseases like the zika virus but also prepared for the next disease on the horizon. >> they officials estimate 4 million cases of ego could show up in the americas within the next year. they warn that it will take time to develop a vaccine. >> even if we found a biologically positive side to get a vaccine, the procedures would take years months. in the center of the epidemic , brazil, army
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homes for mosquitoes. this causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads. the cdc has recommended pregnant women postpone trips to two dozen countries. mostly in meant america in the caribbean. >> seen martin, dominican republic and barbados is just to name a few. according to the state department of health, there is at least nine confirmed cases ranging from a widespread area showing cases . >> a lot of people are concerned especially when talk about all those different destinations. thank you, liz. we should get ready for a wet wednesday. that's what mike is telling us.
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we will get the situation
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reason why welcome back. i will show you what the rain is. we expected to come here but it will take a while. here is a live one here showing us the showers are edging into the eastern
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it will take a little time. yesterday it look like it would be here in the morning commute now it looks like it waits until lunchtime or so. 430 in newark in only a few spots here in their that are freezing right now at 320 in sussex. showers are making their move into the tri-state region. it's a not a fast-moving system but it will bring us some showers. it starts out with lighter ones at first in it picks up with moderate rainfall. there is pockets of heavier storms and they have been in the south east. that's where they will remain. there is no out there in the great lakes. it's out in the midwestern states in the northern plains. doesn't look like we get
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anytime after lunch time, rain is coming through. solid range could bring you some showers on the backside as it pulls away from's a dryer start to thursday but there is an area of low pressure offshore tomorrow night and into friday morning. we bring back some precipitation but there is just some flakes out east and not much happening in the majority of the state. temperatures make it up to 580 in the rain kicks in after lunchtime. there is a high of 58 and it's windy . we have sunnier skies as to go into the weekend. it's another interesting chance on tuesday of next week. we have daily and hourly forecast all set up in the apple itunes store. it cost you zero dollars. let's bring in ines . let's hope we have zero .
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there.ines: not much going on. sussex county is you make your way into nassau county moving fine. as far as work commute in putnam county in 684 go to the cameras let's get a look at the staten island expressway. they have been doing that this week where there holding traffic . just a few minutes for the construction equipment. this will be the last one. after 5:00, you are fine. the time you get there everything should be moving. >> that's go over to the george washington bridge. no construction going on in the lincoln and holland. looking good . >> street cleaning rules are in effect . >> it's 4:45 am. commuters are writing metro-north . more than 86 million people
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that's an increase of 2%. it's 87.6 million commuters. it's a generation of memorials that it's a generation of millennial's the value public transportation. >> joining us now, and studio is curtis on 770 w abc radio.people are writing the rails. that's good for the city? curtis: let me mention grand central which is the place that you would be. until 9:00 at night . going up to scarsdale. your second home. it always stinks. the penn station, delays,
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, metro-north they take your money and service. >> the subway moved 6 million people every day which is huge you think about it. >> it's a lot of homeless and mentally ill people that are acting out in the subway . >> you ride in the subway. where you qualify? >> both. homeless and mentally ill. my role is to get more guardian angels into the subway system but no police commissioner it's an aberration. we don't need that. >> when is the last time you have been on the subway? what about your mayor? bill de blasio would rather be in iowa where there is more pigs than people than riding the subway . ben: mister bratton did write it the other day with a full security detail .
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security detail. >> what about people writing alone who feel like they have no way to protect them selves? >> is a copycat effect. we see three categories. the boyfriend and girlfriend dispute and the girlfriend says,/m and it's happened. we heard a robbery at hundred and 55th st. we saw the technology. he slashes him. then our just crazy people just mentally unstable people . the city has no control over what happens. there are enough cops. they are not active and they are not going up and down on the trains.when is last time you saw a police officer in a patrol going up and down the trains like they started to do with rudy giuliani when we took back the subway system? >>
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the last two or three years . curtis: they are laying up in the stations. one of them got pushed on jackson boulevard. when did you ever hear of that happening? ben: was talk about politics. the iowa caucus is finally in the rearview mirror. curtis: think goodness. ben: ted cruz came out on top. curtis: jesus! ben: you should be happy because your man , donald trump, did not finish as well. curtis: i predicted he would win because he had more boots on the ground. he could pull 10,000 into a town hall. a lot of people are going in for entertainment purposes. what else you have to do in
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>> i am sure there is a lot to do in iowa . >> we could have you transported to davenport. >> i lived in idaho falls and there was a lot of things to do . >> like shucking corn? they picked potatoes not corn . ben: six coin tosses in all of them go to hillary. double-headed coins? hillary called heads every time? >> bernie sanders gave her a run for every corn kernel in iowa. a coin costs six times? everyone is on to new hampshire. who do you think will take it into the future? >> bernie sanders! this is where donald trump
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independence can cross over. >> he said he did not feel he had to put as much effort into iowa because advisers said he would win there so he put his resources elsewhere. since when does donald him? >> the holy rollers as much as he thinks they love the most religious guy in the world. every time he had to recruit , he was there. >> you would think they would get along. >> good day early call is
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welcome back . live potential for flooding out there.we have mainly sections of new jersey.
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county and we have snow and ice still on the ground. there is moderate heavy be crossing through your later on. the rain is to the west and it will be closing in . anytime after lunchtime it will be at risk for rain coming through. 390 and allentown and as the day goes on, we see the rain picking up. it will be warm, windy and wet. teresa and ben over to you. >> the devils host the rangers on the rock. it's game tied at one! we send it over to jt and they find the back of the net!
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daisy on the rush. he shoots and scores his second goal. the game is tied at two and he does the power play to david some coke.he scores and it's his fifth season 3/2. brock nelson cuts in and it's shot back to the net . he gets his first nhl victory. basketball now , the next at the garden just before the half . bradley hits the baseline jumper. he goes down to the break and in the third quarter
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at this point. with anthony's three throws, boston pick the third quarter and he tipped it in. just days away from super bowl 50. he was sent home after being caught up in a prostitution sting. the broncos sent him home and he released a statement saying, we have decided it was best in preparation for super bowl 50 without him. he won't be part of the super bowl even though the practice hasn't changed. this is a movie that has
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blindside. michael or. he has been welcome to the panthers with open arms, particularly from cam newton. he struggled with tennessee and thrived in carolina. playing more than 90% and allowing a career low of four sacks. >> every day pinched myself . that's why work so hard and get up early every day. i love doing it. i know where i came from. it's not someone i want to go back. >> great movie! what a great story! this is his first super bowl. >> no .
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