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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  February 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the difference is easy to absorb. from "fox 5 news" this is "good day early call" ben: mayor diblasio is said to unveil a ambitious plan to connect queens taking commuters from long island to brooklyn and 40 minutes while one along waterfront. >> the t is a subway . they do have one line as above ground. >> say goodbye to the morning or afternoon nap on the subway. police commissioner says officers are instructed to wake you up in an effort to curb the strike and crime. >> donald trump and ted
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he accused cruz of stealing the iowa caucus. >> he says he will sue . didn't he say that? i love the end of his tweets. bad ! tweet mean ! >> thank you for being with us here on "good day early call". ben: is awesomely warm outside. >> yesterday was a day i got caught in it so many times. it was awful. life has to go on. we did see significant rain. many of us are getting an inch or two at 1.43 inches
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highest was in milford new jersey at 1.37. a lot of this is up to the north or the east. new york is at 1.9 inches of rain and 1.07 in islip. a lot of people are seeing these rain and some flooding. it's mostly in the sections of long island and there will be a threat of more showers out there in that region as we go through the morning. it is awesomely warm. 500 in central park and 56 in islip 54 in montauk. cold front is working its way offshore but there is low-pressure developing as it pulls back the moisture to give us additional showers for the eastern section of long island in
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most do not see temperatures coming down in the mid- 50s. shower chances are back out again and we will see some snow showers and parts of the tri-state especially off to the east. looks interesting. we will give you more on that coming out. >> let get more from ines. >> here is what's going on this morning. westchester and rockland county working fine in new jersey is looking good . let's look at the lie by 106 and 107. it's a good start on this thursday morning westbound and eastbound. thank you, ines. amanda baggio livers a
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>> the mayor wants a new straight line to run along the east river waterfront. he has a detail on the queens and brooklyn connector. >> connecting brooklyn to queens and it runs above ground on rails fix on public street next to cars. the cost to build it is 2.5 billion and taxpayers money. the mayor believes it will connect commuters to areas otherwise isolated from the subway. this is about equity and innovation. admits the neighborhoods together and opens up real opportunity. >> 11 miles per hour. excerpt from a lion city
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minutes. it makes the idea a reality in its far-off. construction will not start until 2019 after a lengthy study that a community approval process. service would not be available until 2002 for . another possible stabbing on the subway but not a knife. they say it was a needle. 37-year-old woman said she was going into the station at 49th and seven avenue in midtown my man bumped into her and she felt a sharp pain. her husband saw the wound and called police. she was taken to the hospital police are looking for a male in his 40s . the nypd is beefing up security. nine instances in january and to this month. the nypd says there will be
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trains. >> officers will be instructed to start waking people up . by sleeping, you make yourself a very easy victim. >> city officials announced that cameras will eventually be installed inside the subway cars. they will likely start with the newer cars first. >> police say they busted 18 members of a brooklyn street gang leaving a trail of dead bodies. i'm in the hood took out a gun while he child raised by any scooter. the gang terrorized the neighborhoods while trying to murder the rivals in canarsie and flatbush. >> what this indictment means is that the streets don't belong to violent street gangs or armed
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they long to the people of brooklyn.they shared in a 25-year-old man died and another left a six-year-old woman paralyzed. >> a judge refuses to die case against bill cosby. he is charge of drugging and assaulting an employee at his home in 2004. cosby's attorney claimed the previous district attorney offered him immunity. cosby's attorney will likely push for the testimony to be inadmissible in the criminal case. 78 old comedian could get 10 years in prison if convicted. >> you decide. donald trump and ted cruz are battling it out. >> it seems to be more of insult and cheating accusations.
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>> after ted cruz's win donald trump congratulated him but what a difference a couple days can make. now, trump claims he cheated. when donald trump came up short, he sounded humble. >> we finish second and they want to tell you something i am on. yesterday, his tone changed completely.all the polls are so wrong and why he got more votes than anticipated. it's bad! >> based on the fraud committed by setter ted cruz, either a new election to take place or cruise results nullified. each week these photos of the mailings warning people that the secretary of state rated them based on their past voting record and that they would get f's if they did not vote. he also objected that carson dropped out which he
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trumps insinuation was that cruz picked up votes that did not need to go to him would have gone to carson. >> were liable to wake up one morning and he has a tantrum. caroline and kathryn are either behaved at five and seven. he is a presidential candidate that responds by day. clinton and sanders debate 11 .he narrowly ones in iowa. the two spoke separately and they are the standard for a progressive. >> you can be a mother one day and a progressive on the other. >> bernie sanders is not the gatekeeper on who can
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>> rand paul and rick santorum dropped out after a week showing in iowa. last night, rick santorum put his weight behind rubio. >> avenue a republican does that leave? >> are we at nine? is at nine? >> eight or nine. let me tell you . >> that's nine! >> robert moses how will we get to one?
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temperatures in the 50s. good thursday morning. mike: some of the bigger relocations with 1.43
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planes with 1.24. the same thing in montauk. in bridgeport , 1.18. a lot of folks get less than an inch but still pretty solid rain. we are not done yet . in long island, in the city, you might see some wic sprinkles but in the most part, the rain is moving on. temperatures are pretty mild and we have 40s and 50s on the tri-state. in allentown it's a cool spot and in central park were 580 in 58 in montauk. temperatures are ready to do this little wavy thing but they won't move much throughout the day. the temperature change is 50 warmer in the same thing in islip. here's the radar and satellite as he put in motion. obviously the heaviest band of showers has moved on , it enhances the showers in long island. i think the showers will
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here and some of that may pop into the city. most of the parts of the city are trying to get it out of here . most of the precept goes out of here and there it is small chances into the afternoon. tonight is when it gets really interesting for us. notice the snow is trying to make it come back here in the future cost model and it looks like it will be solid out to the east. we are waiting to see what happens because some of the models have been hanging onto this for a while. in sussex county, some folks could see up to 4 inches maybe more before it gets out of here. as you had to the keys the snow totals drop-down in the heavens until tomorrow morning. it could be popping appear
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we are doing this wavering thing in the mid-50s. most of our showers will be in long island. we do some areas threatening us with snow. we have one tomorrow night and tomorrow morning and looks like something to keep an eye on tuesday. we will keep the rain and snow chance in the seven day forecast, just in case. download the weather up today. let's get you set on the roads in rails. it's nothing much more than construction issues. >> all we were dealing with this morning is pretty quiet. 84 and 684 look good. you are traveling in new jersey, you are find . let's take a look at the staten island expressway.
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missing traffic holds as a move construction going on. you are doing fine into new jersey and traffic is coming into the staten island crossing into the george washington bridge on the upper and lower levels doing fine. the lincoln and the holland tunnel look good. train is looking good at with the new jersey transit strike i am a little bit nervous. >> there is a potential for that next month. train drivers need to brace for the possibility of a strike. they said it could happen on saturday, march 12 if a deal is not reached. the union rep says the transit workers want more money thing am not had a contract in five years. it is not seem like the bus drivers and other workers will take part in the strike. the last new jersey transit strike was back in 1983. >> hard to believe. it has been one year since the cross on the
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slammed into the track in westchester killed a driver of the car and five metro-north writers died. ben: they were all sitting in the front passenger car. lisa shows us how the victim's are being remembered one year later. >> has been suing metro-north in the town of mount pleasant for
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>> the primary purpose is to remember them. we have a real problem with safety. she should've never been put in that situation. it was never intended for her to be there.
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this is a real problem. mayor diblasio has a new plan to clean up the streets of new york. it's called clean nyc increasing garbage pickups and heavily trafficked neighborhoods and uses power washing man's clean the sidewalk and the streets. people are happy about the program but they believe there is bigger problems facing the city. >> its overflowing onto the ground in the streets. >> the bags are all over! >> the homeless and the drug addicted are more prevalent than graffiti or garbage! >> garbage adds to the quality of life around the city. we noticed that the rest of it goes with it. the additional funds from the department of transportation will be able to get 100 miles of roadway
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when it comes to cleaning up, a lot of times it falls to the doorman of these buildings. they are the ones that keep the sidewalks clean. ben: and shoveled! it's official back with and blue . yo, yo , yo ! >> behave for uncle pete. bye, see you guys later. [boys screaming] now time warner cable makes your internet go faster. up to 300 megs. are you having fun? yeah it's ok. it's good. in-home wifi powered by the latest equipment available to cover all your devices.
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before welcome back. mike: the rainfall here and there with 580 is the temperature.53 in islip and temperatures holding in the mid-ever 50s later on. we will see the rainfall in central sections of long island and you could have little bits of rain left over to the west but it's a quick shower. for the most part, it's wrapping up and tonight could be some snow cruising into the area. we have a little bit of an opportunity for that to
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dry skies through the rest of the week. teresa and ben back over to you. >> time for sports. have to say i love the met signing. >> it was a huge deal from last time. just to show you how bad it was they pulled out all the spot on the news conference. >> is a big deal when they mount sandwiches? >> is normally just coffee and water? >> the areas posing with a bat in his jersey. he was supposed to go out on the field and pose but you can see him in the clubhouse. he had 17 homeruns and it turned out a lot more money . i caught up with him at the press conference and asked him. >> it's always about the money. the amount of support that
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teammates out think i would help out from any other team. >> i think he will be better defensively. not that everything will revolve around him but having a solid core in the middle of the lineup will be tremendously valuable. >> the deal is for 75 million. >> 75 million? >> he had more from washington, allegedly. duke: i asked him if he planned to play for the mets for more than one year and he said, of course. >> these things change. pacers roll into town and the only bright spot for brooklyn is 21 points. the pacers try out at 14 and 100 and the fifth straight loss. dennis is no longer there with the nhl
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his 20 games. it's 565 thousand going to the emergency assistance fund. he was dazed and then he had the referee because why would you hit a linesman? he doesn't even make any calls against you? >> four days until super bowl 50 in the panthers and broncos took some time out to practice my field. carolina spent an hour on the grass field. denver had a noncontact workout. rumors saying that peyton manning could retire after the game.
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he spoke to the press.>>
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