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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> youth is a quiet my old date of their right to. mike is talking snow. ben: lease are investigating another school and to starving. >> suing over the plan to move the horse carriages out of central park. voting the same day they are expected to vote on giving
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ben: rolling along the waterfront between brooklyn and queens. we have details on this proposal. >> soon in terms of city infrastructure projects. ben: good morning, everyone. i am ben simmoneau. teresa: i am teresa priolo. making our way through the first four weeks. ben: it feels like mary. that will change pretty quickly. mike: it doesn't look so bad. it is my old. not everybody is giving it. central and eastern sections of long island. they are heading out to the east.
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temperatures came down just 1 degrees. forty-three in monticello. your temperatures will be doing this up and down thing just a little bit. again, mainly for the central and eastern sections of long island. a lot more cold air to our west. it is really being pulled and tonight into tomorrow. the second one looks like it could be printing in some snow. really, really poor. northeastern sections of new jersey in the metro area. you are looking at a coaching to 2 inches. just go ahead and put that in
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of it tomorrow morning. the rain coming to a close. another snow chance tuesday of next week. let's bring in ines. good morning to you. ines: good morning. we have some incidents out there. slight delays. not bad. northbound five northern boulevard. let's go to our cameras. this is the southern state parkway. on the westbound side, and accident off to the side. as for the trains, metro-north,
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trains are running on or close. teresa: is possible stabbing on the subway this morning. ben: police believe that a veto was used. forty-ninth street and seventh avenue last night. a man bumped into her and she felt a sharp pain. she was taken to the hospital. police are now looking for a man believed to be in his 40s. teresa: beefing up security. there were three or nine incentives in january. they will now be more uniformed officers on trains and platforms. >> our offices will be instructed to start waking people up.
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a very easy victim. teresa: a lot of these slashings to not have been with these victims. they will start with the newer cars first. ben: . defazio. rosanna: the mayor wants a new street car line. lous doll and joins us from downtown brooklyn this morning. >> reporter: good morning. that will be the name for it. a match in the san francisco trolley. that kind of gives you an idea
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all of this is the mayor's idea. >> the brooklyn queens connect it would look something like this. cruising along the 16-mile route. it is right next to cars on the road. 2.5 billion in taxpayer money. connecting commuters to areas otherwise isolated by the subway. we're mapping brand-new that will meet neighborhoods together. the beach you ask will cruise at a average speed of 11 miles per
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it would be the same. after lengthy studies in the community approval process, service would not be available until 2024. >> 30 different buses and 10 different carrier landings as well. mary defazio plans to unveil this whole plan tonight. we are live in downtown brooklyn. tenant teresa, fax to you. ben: it is anyone's guess if mary defazio's horse plan will get past tomorrow. the bill would also restrict pedicabs from operating in central park. the city council is also expected to vote on a bill to
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there is some speculation that was is some kind of barter going on. teresa: a vote for info. more groups are speaking out against. plans. the bill currently has enough votes to narrowly passed. teresa: we will see if that changes tomorrow. you decide 2016. double trophy 12. ted cruz used to be friends. ben: not anymore. i southeast tweets from donald trump yesterday about ted cruz stealing iowa. does he have a point. >> reporter: the secretary of
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trump does have a point. as you guys referenced, once upon a time, two days ago, ted cruz and donald trump were cordial. even friendly. the men are now at war. >> we finished second. i want to tell you something. i am honored. >> reporter: yesterday his stance has changed. based on the fraud committed by ted cruz during the iowa caucus, either a new election should take place or a notification. trump ejected the fact that the cruise campaign implied that
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which he had not. crews picked up votes that would have gone to carson. cruz to third have many kind words to say about troops accusations. donald would have nuked denmark. my girls are five and seven. my girls are better behaved than a presidential candidate that response by insulting everyone every day. >> clinton narrowly won in iowa. last night the two spoke separately. they each claim to be the standard for progressives. >> i was somewhat amused today. setting himself up to be the
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progressive. >> rick santorum and william paul have both dropped out. santorum endorsed marco rubio. that leaves nine gop candidates. jeb bush is hitting the campaign trail today with his mother did significant for two reasons. it shows how poor and women will be in new hampshire are and that shows how desperate he is right now to salvage a decent performance. ben: if he does not do well, he may be finished. we checked your math. >> reporter: there is a reason why i am doing journalism.
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ben: robert moses for us. thank you very much. mike: we will be counting the inches of snow coming to parts of the tri-state. 57 degrees out that central park. cloudy skies there. the temperatures are hanging out for the day here today at. the fox5 weather app has a live interactive radar on it. download the app at the itunes store or the google place store. it is free. we will be back in a little the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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ben: we are back. it is 6:15 a.m. filed with a problem. >> yes. especially in new jersey. induce warm outside. it convinces the moisture. that is how you give fault. a dense fog advisory over the
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keep that in mind. it may slow you down on new york new. things are starting to improve for some folks. not four others. poughkeepsie is down to one half mile. trust me, there is fog out there. temperatures are mild. mostly cloudy skies. showers there are mainly focused on suffolk county. parts of connecticut as well. a wave of low pressure writing by close to the front. we actually have another wave of low pressure. it will be coming through here. that will tap into the cold air up to our northwest. today showers kind of get out of here.
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period more snow than anything. the futurecast is indicating snow. this timestamp is right around seven-730. it could have a big impact on your commute. some of that snow does get to the city. most locations not saying anything significant. 2 inches plus for you and suffolk county. the twin forks could get up to 4 inches or more. again, this is tomorrow morning. showers are mainly focused on the east end of long island. high temperature is 42 tomorrow. it should try out for you as we
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tomorrow morning, we will look out. long island. let's get to ines. we have the camera shots. ines: as you approach the new jersey turnpike toll plaza, hearing of faith. pothole. right now, as far as your commute, doing fine on the tappan zee bridge. take a look at your commute. the george washington bridge doing okay. you can see how foggy it is. about a five-10 minute delay. the holland tunnel, five-10.
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refused to throw out that sexual assault case against bill cosby. speculative though, was the out of a courthouse on wednesday. a judge ruled against him. a criminal sexual assault case against a criminal actor. the hearing is set for march 8. cause beach road. the salted date former employee pac in 2004. a deposition was made public. more than 50 other women also made accusations. >> this may be the only case in the country where pill cause. we'll find himself in a courtroom with these legal charges.
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he gave his criminal accuser pills and reached into her pants. cosby claimed it was consensual. 2005. cosby would not be prosecuted and exchanged of testimony. >> the church wednesday rejected prosecutor. he promised cosby would never be prosecuted. meantime, there is no plea from cause ps. he could face 10 years in prison. >> the often contribution oh
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and he built today. his lawyer says he will plead the fifth thing keep quiet much like he did yesterday. ben: the wiki leaks founder could walk out of ecuador's embassy in london tomorrow and head straight to prison. avoiding extradition to sweden where to live and accused him of sexual assault. they say united nations panel rules against him. speak to an affiliate of al qaeda. the blast forced the plane to make an emergency landing yesterday. one passenger was apparently
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i also bought could be to blame. the damage looks consistent of that of a bomb. the cause of the explosion has hit to be determined. ben: the driver suffered a medical issue and loss control. police say the driver injuries from the crash were minor compared to the other problems. the crane was brought in. teresa: what goes up must come down. ben: we have a lot more still to come. that is jerry. new flavors are out. what makes these completely different.
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back. pone of the cool perks of this place pis you can eat as much cereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it.
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ben: thursday morning healthwatch. the zika virus is spreading. jamaica and tonga. confirmed cases of the virus. zika can be transmitted through sex. it may be linked to an epidemic of birth defects in brazil.
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years earlier, it could affect child's grades. and mothers depression appear to affect daughters more than sans. ben: quite possibly a dream come true for vegans and lactose intolerant people. ben & jerry's is offering non-jerry ice cream. you'll be able to get the classic flavors plus a couple new ones. teresa: it is not ice cream. it is ice what? ben: iced nondairy dessert.
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flavor? ben: top stories when we return.
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christina: teresa: good morning, everyone. looking at a very mild day. mike has the full details coming up in this forecast. ben: going out it. in fact donald trump is accusing ted cruz of stealing the iowa caucuses. teresa: presidential candidate hillary clinton. mayor deblasio says his efforts in iowa helped her win. ben: say goodbye to subways $5-foot longs. the price is going up. we will tell you how much. a pretty steep increase.
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i am ben simmoneau. teresa: i am teresa priolo. ben: february 4. mike woods is here. tomorrow morning will feel like february. mike: we are going back to winter. next week. we have 57. enjoyed it. it will not last for too much longer. visibility down to 1 mile out in newark. half a mile for you and poughkeepsie.
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eastern sections of long island. there's there is also another one that will be developing over the southeast. not much here. a coating to 2 inches. tomorrow morning, affecting your commute. high temperatures getting up to where we are right now. rain should dry up. we are tried for the weekend. let's check out what we have. good morning to you. >> good morning. right now fairly quiet. seventy-eight doing fine. there is a large pothole.
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no problems with 280 or the parkway. let's go to our cameras. you were find eastbound. we do have some police activities. >> donald trump. ted cruz. ted cruz was kind of tiptoeing around donald trump. not anymore. >> they are talking about cheating accusations. maybe donald trump has a point. sometimes donald trump just likes to talk.
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iowa says he has a point. first of all, let's start with hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be debating for the first time. she narrowly defeated him in although sanders says he is still reviewing the results. speaking of iowa, that leads us to the republicans. either a new election should take place or cruise results nullified. trump tweeted a picture of these mailings that the cruise campaign sent to voters. trump also accused the cruise camp of applying that. carson had dropped out.
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this is all part of an effort. the senator from texas, you now have the floor. >> my girls are five and seven. carolina and catherine are better behaved than a presidential candidate that response by insulting everyone every day. >> trust me. that was just the start. we should mention that trump's campaign plan had to make an emergency landing in nashville. there is turbulence all over this campaign. you just do not know where things are going.
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as well. a very strong third-place. he has some momentum going into new hampshire. teresa: she has gained a lot. teresa: how does this happen? ben: a lot more still to come for short. mayor de blasio was happy to help hillary clinton win in iowa. de blasio do not have any appearances with her. he says he is willing to do more
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the first attack happened sunday night. police say the suspect tried to steal a phone and stabbed a man in the hand. the second attack happened early tuesday. if you have the information, call crime stoppers. ben: former rapper has lost visitors and mail in jail. he has been charged with running over to men. killing one of them in los angeles / share. juliet: happy birthday facebook. turning 12 today. it will be sending out 1.5 does give users a video card that features them with friends.
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to not worry. you can take out the pictures that you do not like. teresa: you are really hung up on this. >> he does not even care. the iconic $5 fall on that subway. this is how subway cup to the recession. it is not $5 anymore. the 11-inch for longwood to $6. folks are mad. food prices have gone up as well.
6:37 am
month for $6. the club, turkey say which, chicken bacon ranch, suite two okay. $5.72 according to inflation would be the exact price. ben: they corrected it. it is now back to being a foot long. >> i don't know. i have to look it up. i have not measured recently. >> you go out and buy yourself a foot long.
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into in the morning. we're going to get out of this before we get in trouble. ben: simply go to fox / channel finder. juliet: i was invited to speak at a career day. they wanted to know what the licensed reporter was like. what makes news. we show them all about the blizzard we just covered. we talked a lot about star wars. i would have made a total fool of myself. take a listen to some of them. they talked about their future aspirations. >> why did you want me to come
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to see you. >> very cool. did you learn anything special? >> i learned that the news reporters -- >> i learned that when i grow up, i could go outside. i could report it. >> i will be a news reporter. >> when can you start? >> now. >> they got it down and they were so cute. they were really wonderful.
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than you can blink. >> i appreciate the brand loyalty. >> we are strong. a strong with no. mike: is the rain done? there may be some sprinkles. they should be coming to a close within the next few hours. for the most part, not that bad of the date. looks like even a few inches of snow will be accumulating. there is a quick look at your forecasts. a couple of things going on.
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traveling on the george washington bridge. as for the trades, they have been great this morning. here is to with sports. >> why he decided to come back to the mets. offering a lot more money. greg: he made a wise decision. teresa: today coming right back. stay with us. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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ben: thursday morning. february 4. a woman may have and stabbed on the subway with a needle. police are looking for a man in his 40s. now threatening a lawsuit. voting on the bill tomorrow.
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new passenger records / year. pouring into those terminals. >> you are proud to about to see video of one of the loneliest animals in the united states. the only known job why are in america. the big cat was caught on camera prowling the mountains. they have been tracking him for three years. they used dogs to trace his sense. >> that is a beautiful animal. >> it really is. >> a press conference yesterday.
6:46 am
i spelled it in my forearm afterwards. i'm trying to think of someone else. huge deal for the mets. just to show you how big of a hit it was, they pulled out all the stops. last season, 17 home runs. hoping the team reach the world series. the favorite team offering a lot more money. >> it is not always about the money.
6:47 am
out with any other team. >> i think that it will be better defensively as well. not that everything will work all around him. it will be tremendously valuable. >> he can into his contract in one year. last night the mets lost 114- 114-100. four days away. the panthers in broncos took a timeout from all the hustle and bustle and used. how about that. denver also in a noncontact workout. retiring after sunday's game. i think that he will.
6:48 am
>> you were playing for your teammates. playing for the broncos organization. i also feel that you are playing for your family. your friends. your hometown. i am proud to be playing for a lot of those people. lift lifted jerry rice for their super bowl campaign. >> my whole family has been a niners family. i have photos of me. >> i loved it. i loved it. teresa: look at her dancing.
6:49 am
revealing the true identity. >> hall of famers. [laughter] matt harvey did that once. >> they were ripping him. >> he has been in here a bunch of times. i met him at super bowl 45. thank you so much. we have a lot to talk about here today. warm temperatures that are now getting cooler. hanging in the mid- 50s. you still have some rain going
6:50 am
i can see the cooler air arriving. the cooler air is arriving. that will be the general trend for the day here today. even the shower should be packing up and moving out here before too long. the second one that comes through tonight will bring us rain. although snow could accumulate. that is east of long island. the lower hudson valley. ski conditions have now increased. hunter mountain, you are doing all right. we will see temperatures in the 50s today.
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hollywood week heats up. teresa: i love the song. ben: singers only had one night to prepare their performances. airs at 8:00 o'clock right here on fox5. larry david. he does not really care if you do not watch. >> towheaded duet. it is not a big deal. teresa: he appears to be choking. i don't know. doing a promo. showcasing bernie sanders.
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with a dub / video. ben: starbucks chipolte yoga fans. teresa: look at how gorgeous she is even without makeup on.
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