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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  February 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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right now on fox 5 at 10:00 >> a crane collapses in tribeca toppling onto the street . it crushes one to death and injures three others. someone in a nearby building capture the collapse on camera just as it happened. >> they heard the screeching but they did not have much time to get it out of the way. sharon is on the scene now with the latest on what we know about what went wrong 35 we are here in tribeca. we are in west roadway . it's a very active scene. firefighters are here in the red cross is here. we are checking for any possible gas leaks. about five commercial buildings were impacted in the
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>> it's moving fast now and dropping it quick whoa! >> it crashes onto the sidewalk in lower manhattan. >> the vibration was so bad i thought the building was going to collapse. >> 38 row david wicks was killed as he stood on the sidewalk low. two others were injured by falling debris. a third person was hurt as he sat in his jeep on wirth street. the crane crush the car as it came down. >> you can see how powerful the damage was but you can see that it was something of a miracle that there wasn't more impact and thank god the impact on the people wasn't worse. the crane operator was in the process of lowering the 565 foot boom because it was too windy. that's when the crane fell straight down . >> the crane was being used
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in air-conditioning equipment on top of 60 hudson st. the city department had just inspected the crane and given the go-ahead for work on thursday. >> we were quartering off the street . >> the crane came down in a damage building on the block and impacted the glass mean. they cut the gas in the immediate area to reduce the risk of gas leaks. much of the areas blocked off for safety. >> there's people up there in conjunction with the building of inspectors to make it safer now. the buildings will have it professionally done. >> the crane operator has been interviewed. it's part of an ongoing investigation. this is not the first deadly crane accident happened in new york city in recent history.
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are more calls for safety regulations for more and were regulations to be met. i will send it back to you in the studio . >> thank you, sharon. the mannish at the video is glens eaton. they were on the 30th floor of a nearby building. he says he decided to record the video while the crane was being lowered , never imagining what he would capture. >> as it was coming down it seemed to lose whatever control they had and it just fell. it was an accident. >> unbelievable! the video went viral and has thousands of views. >> new york finest step up. first responders are not the only one running to help the m's. the cell phone video from tmc shows a group rushing to save a man trapped inside his jeep after the crane fell. it went right down in the middle of his roof. they did not think twice.
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out to help . >> i saw that crane laying there and people who were injured. i tried to render some aid . we are sergeants first. the man in the car was conscious and i spoke to him briefly and asked him if he was okay and he said yes. >> the two men said they did what any other new yorker would've done. >> people say they had concerns about the crane since it first arrived on the site. some say it was an accident waiting to happen. jessica in tribeca with more . >> i am around the corner from where it was. take a look. the investigation continues. is still in the same location that it was in earlier. police and firefighters trying to figure out what went wrong. i want to talk about the neighborhood .
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street closure, people are going about their night with restaurants and bars is he. in the meantime, those who live and work here say they cannot believe what happened this morning . >> this couple lives a few blocks away and they could not go home without coming to the scene. >> one minute you are here in the next minute you are not. it's all about timing and it's tragic. the coworker was standing on the block when the crane came crashing down . >> he went to get breakfast and do see where those ike things are? that's where he was. he was 30 or 40 feet from it.reporter: the school had to be evacuated. >> the crane hit right at the adjacent corner of where the school is. >> the crane was in the neighborhood since last month and people say they had concerns because of the size and the wind that came in from the hudson river. >> it's wild. i remember walking down the block and saying how big it
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was such a monster.>> it was an accident waiting to happen i hate to say that . it was way too tall. it was all the way up . with the wind this morning that was it. one person died in three injured. buildings are without gas tonight . >> how does this happen? how could that be so unsecured? >> right now, you are looking at a live picture of the overturned crane and what that i was saying how does it happen? that's what everyone wants to know. they say it cannot get into the buildings without gas until the crane is removed and it says it probably week . then. we are lives in tribeca with "fox 5 news". steve: a magnitude earthquake has
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the earthquake 's duck struck in taiwan with 200 people pulled alive and from the rubble . authorities do fear more people could still be trapped. >> one of the police officer was shot in the bronx last night and he is from the hospital. linda schmidt was there as he was released , surrounded his fellow officers. [applause] reporter: they cheered the officer as he was was released from hospital late this afternoon. miraculously, he survived being shot in the face by suspect last night in the south bronx but he was able to leave the hospital in less than 24 hours.police say he and the 24-year-old female officer, vera cruz, on the job for two years, were patrolling the stairwells at the present project when emily chavez
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firing at the officers. the suspect had a duffel bag with him containing a sawed-off shotgun and he ran into an apartment where he took his own life. patrick lynch spoke today about the dangers police face. >> this goes to show the dangers that police officers face every day. this shows the complex nature in which we work. it shows the difficulty in the danger of vertical patrols in the building. >> officer cruz remains here at lincoln hospital tonight. we are told that she is recovering and expected to be fine. thank goodness for that! that is the latest from here back to you in the studio . steve: city council members will get a 32% pay raise from 112 thousand two hundred and 48 thousand .
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it comes with reforms with strict limits on outside income. councilmembers have not had a raise for the past decade. ben carson says he has evidence that ted cruz stalled some of his votes in iowa. his campaign released an audio recording of the cruise staff are telling iowa officials that carson was dropping out of the race , which was not true breaking news doctor ben carson is leaving. . senator cruise called doctor carson to apologize this week and he says the calls were made in response to false news reports that carson was dropping out of the race. >> freezing temperatures creating some icy conditioners on long island . plows are out in full force driving them in police in
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hundreds of accidents with power lines down. thousands of homes and businesses have no power. nick gregory is here now. >> we are talking about the heavy snowfall. nick: they got up to 9 inches at long beach and a foot at st. james. we talked about a foot of snow around white plains at five and jfk at 4 1/2. 2 and a half at laguardia and central park . you had to new jersey at six and right along the shore a higher number there at warren and temperatures with snowfall in bird fridge it 13 and topping off at 7 inches of snow. even in danbury, 2.8 but to four point. >> do watch out for refreezing. it's lush and black ice
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the roads. there goes the snow storm heading out .we are going down to the 20s tonight. we will cover back to the 40s tomorrow as you take a look at the future, showing a beautiful day with sunshine and high clouds later in the day. it looks okay to start. most of the day should be fine.the question now is what will happen as the clouds have started to appear. we have the potential for a storm on monday , tuesday and even on wednesday. the monday storm has went further to the west and faster. i will tell you about that in the full forecast. we could go through a few days where we have to worry about snow in the area. steve: thank you, nick. fair enough.>> a local beer maker has staked a successful claim in the world of craft brewers. >> they are grounding out deals like their clients. now we go behind the scenes one nfl agent.
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business is booming at a staten island brewery. dari: after only two years, the flagship brewery is a success. matt paid them a visit to see what makes them so special. >> during last week of january in the first week of february, 36,000 bottles of beer entered and left the fridge forever.>> it's been crazy. my wife said, that's it come home. >> j sykes opens the business to you is cofounder grew up behind his own childhood home . >> for us to do it we love no matter where we are from there is never a thought of going anywhere else. >> it's what you would expect with a guy from the burroughs ferry. >> flagships and six
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beer no longer in the refrigerator with on-site and no actual help. >> we had a bottle and not bottles. >> he deals with 450 residents to get the bottles necessary to put out the biggest shipment just in time for the super bowl marking a major milestone. for the founders it's a dream realized. >> we started talking about bring the tradition back . it wasn't the most successful on long island. at the peak, rn age employed 375 people. in 2016, flagship is the only one on staten island. >> it's good fresh beer. i love coming down and representing staten island. >> everyone is excited and proud and they have a hometown brewery .
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give seasonal with bars and restaurants and stores and distributors in all five boroughs. they plan to ask dan to new jersey and upstate new york . >> give us a try and drink local. >> there is another push on the way to preserve the coney island boardwalk. the brooklyn councilman introduced a historic landmark. they will create the boardwalk to concrete and faked wood. the park officials say it was stronger than real wood and cheaper to maintain. >> of the super bowl is not just a game it's a skeptical.we talked to a sports agent about how hard it is for some players to cash in . >> my name is jerry mcguire i am a speed sports agent . >> i gave you 100 million. >> you agreed to not go over!
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in the movies. tom cruise played jerry mcguire but eugene lee here in new york city and the author of my brother's keeper has a slightly different view. >> it's a cutthroat and competitive industry. it's ruthless. long hours and extensive travel. it's a job requirement. red bull is your best friend as an nfl agent. the odds aren't good, even if they are among the 325 delete invited to the scouting conference. >> out of the draft picks each year, 215 players that are drafted were invited to combine.what happened to the other 110 players were invited? they weren't drafted. you have more than one out of every three players who are invited not going to get drafted. many of those prospects are fighting for six-figure salaries.
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you could be the last one and you will make 435,000 as a rookie. if you are on the practice squad, the number drops. one quarter of the minimum base salary for a 53 man of 106,000. >> the job is doing it with class and integrity for him. he says the giants are among the best.i can tell you that the giants are a class organization and i'm not just saying that because we're here in new york at the giants are a first-class organization. the steelers are a first-class organization in the green bay packers do things the right way. >> he does not have any players in a super bowl so he gave us his unbiased call. the panthers have all the momentum so he is picking them to win. >> the new york city school kids can stay up late on sunday night because there is no school on monday.
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for the first time for the asian lunar nuclear . it was added last year. asians make up 15% of the student body. they say absentee rates were high and up to 80% in some schools on lunar new year. >> are you ready for valentine's day? no one is thinking about the super bowl but it's only one week away. the legendary chef and t.v. personality takes us inside his restaurant to show us the secret to the perfect romantic meal. if you are not a morning person why your dna could be to blame.
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days next weekend on sunday. we have some advice from some shafts on the what makes the perfect romantic meal . >> willy-nilly doesn't work on valentine's day. >> the legendary chef and restaurant tour divided invited us into the lambs club to share tips about a perfect valentines meal. first up his bubbles. nothing says romance more than one person orchestrating a great experience. >> everything is in the details. the couple makes the day. a bistro or a greasy spoon downtown if you have a plan that date will go well.
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chance, he says think outside the box. >> lunch on valentine's day is a great option. it's easier to get a table. go with a large party. it sounds strange but we all have friends that are fun and happy . trust me, there will be plenty of six tops open because there are plenty of twos.what and how you order is key. >> are there certain foods that instill romance in a meal? >> that does it every time. >> that's easy way out . >> you are engaging your senses and your hands in your touch and feel. it's a very bonding thing. it's fun and it's romantic. >> as the meal winds down, choose dessert widely. >> if you have dessert it's like the end of the night . you drink so i say, another
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>> sexy sophisticated and sassy. it studio five and it starts right here on fox 5 at 1030. it's edgy as entertainment program on t.v. right now. megan right and jet. we have you covered. >> is a worldwide exclusive! i have mister worldwide here. he's looking different than how we see you . >> it goes to show you. i am glad we are able to do this in miami. we will welcome you in the bottom of magic city. we will just like this going into the new year. that's why we take it from
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>> pitbull and neo tonight. that's my boy with mister 305 they are. >> let's see what else happens when they get together. >> they host studio five tomorrow at 10:30 p.m. here on "fox 5 news". the field. the fans keep coming. >> why the issue doesn't appear to have an impact on the bottom line. >> the slinky spot where they found refuge. it's getting the help he needs. >> hey, what are you doing? getting the coats. for a half hour? bob just got time warner cable. he's getting more. more what? more than 25,000 movies and
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that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners. nature valley granola bars. that's roger caddell with twin daughters. he said if he did have a son, he would encourage him to play football despite the concussion fears. the controversy is a pr hurdle for the nfl now.
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having an impact on the dan is here with why >> it gets bigger and bigger no matter what . >> player safety probably won't be the talk of your super bowl party but it's one of those issues so many have made headlines with in the last two years.from concussions to domestic violence some predicted it would lead to a drop in popularity but heading into the biggest game of the season, football is more popular than ever. >> it is the 50th super bowl and this sunday, more than 100 million people will tune in . >> it's america sport . >> the patriots are eight carries with the back . >> america sport embrace like never before with t.v. ratings soaring as the issues keep making headlines. >> three networks report higher than last year. the nfl averages 20.75 million up from 2014 and significantly higher than 2009 when 19.1 million
10:31 pm
>> it will be popular if those are not affected. >> we caught up with the giants linebacker and hall of famer. it's before a conference on football related head injuries at the 92nd st. >> as long as is not your kids. not your husband or not your son. people are going to continue to watch football. >> i found a disease that no one has ever seen. >> they detail the football and cte. the quarterback found to have the disease. >> it is what it is. it's a collision sport . he is the co-author of the book, league of denial. it's the nfl crisis. >> the league has taken steps to address the problem like rule changes in research he says there are limits. >> the nature of the sport
10:32 pm
on every single play that's the real issue. if that's the case, that's the spore and there is no changing at. >> the problem does not seem to affect them now but in the future , arthur miller is not so sure. >> in the long run we are going to see a reduction in the number of youngsters playing football. parents are naturally very apprehensive. >> were already starting to see some evidence decline. they reported the number of male high school football players dropped to about 1.08 million in 2015. it's a 2.4% decline from five years ago. >> people are getting the message . thank you, dan. a fatal drunk driving accident.
10:33 pm
been moved to an adult jail. he was supported from mexico last week. he and his mother fled the us in december as prosecutors investigated whether he violated his probation in connection to the 2013 wreck . couch is now waiting for a hearing to decide if his case will be transferred to adult court . >> a woman in rockland county has tested positive for the zika virus. she returned recently from south america where the virus has been spreading. this new case comes as the cdc is releasing updated guidelines for pregnant women to protect them selves. they are advised to use protection or abstain from sex to ward off transmission from the virus. >> if you are pregnant and you live in the continental us please don't go to a place as he got his spreading. if you live in a place where it is please protect yourself. >> the world health organization has classified
10:34 pm
>> if mornings are your thing blame mom and dad. new genetic research. it's a company called 23 me. being an early riser is not in some people's dna. it's very complex. scientists studied the genes of 89,000 adults. it's a huge study and they decided link between certain genes and a self-proclaimed morning person. go look it up now. >> a restaurant can boast about having one of the cutest customers ever. workers at the marine room . >> found this hungry little sea lion sitting in one of their booths. employee is called sea world for was starving. the rescue team arrived and the puppy laid 21 pounds when it was formed found. it's half the weight that
10:35 pm
>> the el niqo event is impacting the food source for the felines. they are looking for high out food. >> the water is too warm. >> the sea lion pop is being fed by sea world staff. he will remain in captivity until he reaches his normal size. >> looking for love forget all the dating naps. why netflix could be the way to meet your match. apple could be willing to work harder for your business. why it has good news for people with busted bones. next that's in your new york minute. >> mcdonald's gospel fest will have the biggest audition tomorrow with the answers, steppers and choirs of nine or more. they could audition between 11:00 am and 4:00 p.m. they will be held at the prudential center in
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it was graduation day for 59 paramedics . they are all happy they finally get to use their life-saving skills >> it's nine months long and it took a lot of dedication for myself and my family. we really pulled through with a lot of studying and late nights. it's like the longest nine months of my life. i can't express how much i'm going through now. it's amazing. >> that's your new york minute . >> be sure to check out the weather app featuring daily and hourly forecast. live interactive radar with storms where you are. whether headlines and storm alerts. download the app. it's free.
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twitter is going to war against isis. tweeting out a statement saying it suspended 125,000 accounts connected to the terror group. using spam technology to seek out and fly accounts
10:39 pm
activity.the news comes after the company was criticized for not raining in isis is very on twitter >> if you are tough on your smart phone for the first time, apple except spend up iphones as a trade-in for up model . up until now, they would only offer credits if the device had an intact screen or a working button. there is a small catch. it only applies to iphone five and later models. >> i have had my phone look like that many times. michael jackson's daughter is not holding back . perez jackson calls expectations that she respond to every social media comment ridiculous. she is attacked on everything she posts. she should not look at the comments. she addressed what her father was posting saying the expectations were ridiculous for her dad. he did not owe you anything
10:40 pm
daily. perez says she attends aa meetings. >> whatever she needs to do. >> which one was the mom out of the three ? if you give up the mom is on the left. i want to give a second to think about it. >> they all look good . wow. steve: netflix is changing the way we watch our shows but how its effect dating for a new generation. everyone is netflix and chilling. dari: oh my goodness, look at her. steve: she put them to shame. the shocking amount of
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that is what you binge watch affect her dating life? that flick says yes. they did a study to see how it could affect her desirability. for baroque he's on the case >> staying in to watch netflix and chill has become a very popular date option. what we choose to watch could serve as a barometer for a compatibility. 25% of people polled said
10:43 pm
attractive based on what they watch. what role do they play in your love life? >> if they were watching a documentary on some really weird stuff you would not be attracted. >> do you like what she is watching? how long into a relationship is a good idea to share a netflix account? >> never . >> i would have to say 10 15 years. that is serious stuff! >> according to a new survey, 51% of those say sharing a password does indicate that a relationship is serious. >> is how people communicate with each other during t.v. >> the survey found that 27% said compatibility is important and 58% added shows and movies to protect attractive potential suitor.
10:44 pm
>> at the end of the day, it's compromise. if two people could say i will watch this with you if you'll watch this with me i think you have a good england. >> she supports bonding over netflix but the project soulmate does not advocate judging people based on their streaming preferences. >> if the person you are seeing like certain types of movies or shows , watch it with them. gives you a chance to cuddle . we are all busy every day. >> snuggling is the same no matter what you are watching. >> as they continue to expand there are sure to be more romances and drama in our lives too. >> i know you say it's not
10:45 pm
snow in the air. >> it smells like snow. >> is gotten colder again. it feels like it . >> it's gotten clear. nothing will happen through sunday. i am a little bit concerned now . remember that crazy uncle? the computer model that we called the crazy uncle? the model has trended westward tonight and not that a direct hit for us but it's a huge monster storm off the east coast. the trend continues and it's moving faster. it brings the snow in here earlier. >> we will see. comes out. declaration. it's going to be a couple of opportunities. it appears to be snowing monday tuesday and he get? clobbered or just intermittent snow?
10:46 pm
they are going to be off again. >> schools are closed on monday. >> don't get shipped out of that one. we'll see what happens. the next week -and-a-half will be a very active pattern here. it will turn cold and we will have opportunities for storms. it's close to average at 2 and a half inches in central park. we get up to a foot and part of line. 33 now in the sky is clear in the air is dry with the northwest wind and play. it is holding steady. let's look at the highs for the day. originally 40s and that is above average. freezing or below to the northwest and watch out for refreezing of the snow and slush at 290 as you get to belmar. 10 degrees from yesterday but the northwest when continues into tonight making up the southwest tomorrow. we have this norm departing to the north and east and we will find disturbance here jumping towards the southeastern part of the
10:47 pm
it forms a storm there and that's the storm that gets intensity's diving off here and it tends to pull it back towards new england. the second system will slide through and it could generate a storm for tuesday and wednesday. we will take all the thunder but the second one is not that strong. these are questions we can answer yet. surprised on monday if we get a snowstorm again. 42 in the afternoon and a beautiful day of sunshine. watch the future gas tomorrow. no problems but here comes the disturbance to the west and the south. look at how close the precipitation's sunday night 11:00. clear and cold tonight at 18 250 in the suburbs. watch out for black ice.
10:48 pm
and we put snow and because we will watch it on sunday night at 360 on monday and another shot on tuesday . wednesdays in the 30s and sharper in the season next weekend. >> will have another shot on friday and a valentine's day with a snowstorm. >> we have gotten off so easy. >> flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. so go ahead, inhale life, excite your senses, seize the day and the night. flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything.
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how are you doing everyone? the talk is over and done with. the broncos it's all they had to do. it's concentrating on the game plan. most of the talk about the game has been the two quarterbacks. peyton manning and camdenton. with time expiring on sunday night the defense will have been the big story in the big game.
10:52 pm
defense and because of their performance peyton manning will be allowed to ride off into the sunset . my final score is super bowl 50 broncos 20 and panthers 16. on the topic of the super bowl any kid who plays football , especially those who are good at it , they dream of playing in the big game. one young man was really good at playing football and it was johnny manziel. he was so good he won the heisman trophy as a freshman. johnny was picked in the first round of the 2014 draft by the cleveland browns. now, after two years, his dreams appeared to have turned into a real nightmare. this morning's addition man's l's father says, if his son doesn't receive help, he will not receive
10:53 pm
he refuses to go into a rehab facility after a recent report that had him saying to his girlfriend, shut up or i will kill both of us. today, his agent cut ties with manzo's future resting in his own hands. therein lies the problem. after leading a life of entitlement as a rich spoiled kid, he was allowed to do whatever he wanted. without consequences it was too late to be left in his own hands. he has been expected to cut in march. he beats them in march and he is at 128 119.that is it for sports >> what a better way to
10:54 pm
the event was kicked up by social media . i want you to look at this now. he wowed the crowd by eating a whole cactus. that's just a start. the festival revolves around copious amounts of drinking and wing eating. it's men versus women. it's coed. she put away 429 wings and she beats the second place over 20 wings. it six competitors bounce from the competition. one person was kicked out for cheating. i am not sure exactly what they did. 429. >> was span of time? >> i don't know that our span. >> less than one month which makes it absurd!
10:55 pm
[laughter] 50 bucks a wing . have a good weekend. we will see you back your monday. take care . >> goodbye wax "fox 5 news" isn't over. engage the facebook and twitter pages and go to fox 5 and why .com. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts.
10:58 pm
too sweet not to share.
10:59 pm


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