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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  February 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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winter weather advisories. warnings are in effect. the storm moves up the coast and long island will hit the hardest. the city is brushed but we will see some snow.audrey has details coming up has details coming up >> new rules are in effect. we will have a live report on the changes in the situation in that area. >> two people were rescued two days after the big earthquake in taiwan. many others are not expected to be so lucky. >> social media talking
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last night super bowl. we will tell you who he is, coming up. # hot wrath . >> it was, earlier. >> who knew? >> i am in for juliet petty. it's monday morning, february 8. ben: city schools are closed. audrey fuente. i was wondering when they added that. this year is the first year. i don't remember that happening before . they will enjoy having a day off because it will snow across the tri-state. we are going to see the highest snowfall amounts as we go through the day. temperatures are mostly in the 30s across the area. 370 in islip in bridgeport. montauk checking in at 350 and we could see some flakes by now.
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lots of clouds are in place and we start to see moisture working in . it's part of a system but it will affect us as we go into monday. it will move to the north east but it looks like it's on the backside with moisture rotating in through connecticut and long island in the hudson valley. the highest snowfall amounts remain to the east with much of the system offshore. in hudson valley not much and warnings. we will have a winter weather advisory in effect for new york city towards county. we will move it down towards the jersey shore and there will be a winter storm warning for long island and connecticut . we expect the high snowfall amount towards the east and
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inches from the border out towards montauk. the further inland you go, later amounts you go in the storm system will sit to the east. snowfall today out at times and we will have a strong gusty wind across the eastern long island. we will be a bit unsettled with some disturbances dropping off some snow showers in the bulk of the system will affect us today. we could see more measurable snow as we go into thursday. temperatures are cold throughout the week with highs in the 30s. we are below the freezing mark on friday. that's a check at the weather so let's look at the traffic commute . >> am i the only one who thought that looked like john boehner of itch a younger version? thank you very much! >> i do see it . it's a younger version. we do a couple of things
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the new england freeway, north at exit 22 from midland. we have delays with that issue and an overturned truck. it's in the truck lane with exit 13 taking out one lane and delays are back to the area search stay away from the truck lane if you can. we will bring you in through the area of prospect with traffic moving in expressway is the next one. traffic coming in at grand central. it's moving and so that is good news. we also have things looking pretty good at the parkway. the area that kennedy is not too bad . ben: thank you, christina.
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long island braces for more snow as they had to work. jason enjoys us live from huntington station.we look at how commuters are commute today. snow. snow. good morning, ben and liz. we will travel out here and we saw the billboards on the highway saying avoid winter snow. if you are someone who takes the car today is one of the days were you could rely on the li double r. people are waiting there for it and it is expecting a big deal of snow. heavy snow and strong winds's a possibility of 8 inches here where we are on long island.
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so we are saying there is poor visibility and bad travel conditions. there's lot of snow to come as we get from the morning into the the evening. we are expect it to see flakes to fly before daybreak. we haven't seen it but we do expect it. it ended the week with snow up to 6 inches on friday. they are certainly used to dealing with this. they know what to do. a lot of people are trying to amend their schedule today in order to accommodate mother nature. ben and liz we will talk to some of those commuters and see how they are changing their plans. 5:30 a.m. >> i was back there this weekend and that is not too far from where i grew up. >> it's not around coming this way. >> new safety rules in effect this morning. that's following that deadly plane crash.
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dismantled and removed to determine what went wrong? let's head to robert moses live with a look at the situation down there. >> good morning to you. several streets in this area you can see the mobile command center still here. we still don't know exactly what caused friday's collapse. according to the mayor it is time to take action. >> beginning today the new crane safety measures take effect in the mayor hopes it will save lives. under the new rules, crawler cranes must now be secured when sustained wind are forecasted to exceed 20 mph in the gust are forecasted to 30 miles per hour. before the new measure, crawler cranes could operate at higher wind speeds.>> there is a forecast for these kind of wind levels but the next workday we will require
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the secure mode the day before. >> failing to secure them will bring a $10,000 fine. that's more than double the previous of 4800. the new crane rules will require operators to notify those who live and work nearby in a crane has to be secured. they are enacting more sidewalk protections to keep pedestrians safe. >> there is a construction boom in our city. we value the work that's being done. we value it means to the economy and jobs that are being created. nothing is more created to the safety of our people. david wicks died in the collapse. he immigrated from prague and is a kind man and a math whiz.
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walls. >> we had a connection and a strong attraction. he was the easiest connection. when i was with david, i felt like the most secure person in the world. he wanted me to enjoy every day of my life. it's just as he did his. >> listening to her eulogy, i was struck by the strength that she had despite what happens on friday. one piece of good news the mayor says all three of those who were injured in the collapse have now been released from the hospital. they are recovering this morning. >> this is the latest from tribeca. that's a bit of good news. >> police are searching for a man who slashed a 19-year-old jogger.this happened yesterday morning in jackson heights. learning between the 79th and 80th st.
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park horse carriage faces strong opposition from the transport workers union. the president john samuelson is heading to eric schneiderman with a letter. they got a copy of a report that samuelson is bringing relentless quest to killed the horse carriage industry. the mayor had wanted horses restricted to central park. they were cut in half. the deal fell through after they withdrew support. rescue crews are racing against time two days after a powerful earthquake. the men were pulled to safety after a toppled high-rise. 6.4 magnitude earthquake after 100 people are
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buried.the broncos are the new super bowl champions. the question now is peyton manning one of the greatest. he played his last game! i think he is done! you never know with these guys. liz: that is true. audrey is keeping track at a forecast. >> it's a good busy day for you. >> coming into long island and spreading into new york city with the heaviest snowfall out towards the east. we will have very strong gusty winds. if you want to track the weather with us go to the weather app at fox 5 ny weather app on itunes and google play. more "good day wake up" will be back. stay tu the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk,
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our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. excite your senses, seize the flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything. people did it. a group of men and women made a splash. it's the long beach polar bears. they hosted their 17th annual super bowl splash. i would guess the water is in the 40s. >> i have a friend that went and he is crazy! >> i did it 10 years ago. were you on the air?
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>> they took a plunge into the waters. it's a long beach boardwalk. the group has raised a lot of money $5 million. it's for the make-a-wish foundation. >> the water temperature was 370. >> it takes your breath away. >> you are in and out. >> some people stay in but i did not. >> i don't know if i could do it . >> that a good shock to your system. >> it's a good thing. ben: let's turn our attention to the weather. it kind of feels like we would really get a move into spring but not today. not this week. i see snow on monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we will start out with
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across the eastern sections. i was so you that in a minute. temperatures in the 30s across the area. 350 out to montauk and the same in poughkeepsie. lots of clouds are in place and we see the major moisture starting to work and in the form of snow. it works its way eastward rotating into new york city. the system will set offshore and we will see intense conditions across new england.the winds will be whipping strongly through the system.we will see gust up to the system sitting to the east and one. the area shaded in pink as a winter weather advisory for the new york city area towards the hudson valley. the highest amounts towards
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we will see snow across much of long island. we look at the future catheter shows this snowfall here. most of it within locations like new jersey in areas west. looks like things will taper by early afternoon. the system was met northeast into new england and effects much of the area. we will see we will see a system arriving late week. another storm system could affect us on wednesday and we could go into the 20s in single digits for the lows. that includes new york city. that will be the big story. we will see the traffic this morning with christina here .
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we are still seeing some trouble on the turnpike. overturned tractor trailers happen in the truck bound goes northbound by exit 13. there is a fuel spill involves . it will take a while for us to get cleaned up. you can go and buy the tunnel with construction. its operation going on so we will take two lanes of traffic into the brooklyn bound and it's closed. the construction should be wrap up by 6:00. outside we will bring you to what's going on the area of broadway and worth.we will see the closure of broadway whitchurch street because of the crane collapse. we have exiting restrictions by the holland tunnel. with the george washington bridge it's not looking
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shoulder. of traffic but be mindful of it . the lincoln tunnel and the holland tunnel running with five minutes or less and no delay. you have to put money in the meter even though the alternate side is suspended. >> half a century of super bowls. >> a lot of people do it . >> it's the biggest day of the year. >> everyone knows what you're doing. >> you are saying there is talk to move it into presidents' day weekend. >> it's been a lot of talk. >> people complain about the gas in between. >> i complain about the gas. >> let's go! >> the broncos defense with the broncos beating the panthers. if this is the end for manning he goes out on top!
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on. it's a strip sack there. he recovers the end zone and it's 10/0 broncos. cam newton was a little bit dazed. he shakes the start towards a drive together in the second quarter. stuart leads and from one yard back. it's 10/7 and that is the score. the special teams bailed them out in the second half.jordan returns with 61 yards. super bowl set up a field goal and the broncos would add another field 13/7. cam newton did not play well at all. ward intercepts there. it just wasn't right. it forces the pond .
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super bowl. miller was the ward had another big recovery on the turnover. denver scored with a 24/10 lead. peyton manning goes in on top. he does three things on the way out . peyton manning at 2/2. the broncos win at 2410. >> it's been a emotional week in an emotional night. i look forward to celebrating with my friends and family.i think i will take some time after that and enjoy the night. they played better than us i don't know what you want me to say . they made more plays. that's what it comes down to.
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he gave mostly one-word answers. at one point. i was a sore loser mood. times. i still think, if you go back and watch the original sack he was hit helmet to helmet and i did not think he was right after that . he almost look like he needed help out of the huddle . there was a point in the fourth quarter we did not he just did not look right . >> you have to be professional again.>> we we are upset . ? every reporter in the world asking, so, liz why didn't you have a good day today? liz: you have to have a .
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is only 23. duke: i am 42 and i look at . liz: thank you, duke. this is very cool. the astronaut gave a new . i love him on twitter! the station commander tweeted this photo from the international space station adding that his flyby view did not last long. shelley tweeted a photo of him watching the game at the international space station's showing no one showed up to super bowl party . he said he would have served nachos.>> freeze-dried nachos. >> a lot of people are focused on the ref.any took to twitter asking who was the hot ref . d was running up and down the field all day.
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eight years but last night was his first super bowl official. he is married. here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet.
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ben: we are back. huber's price cuts could they are now working up to 19 hours per day to make ended meet . huber says it is okay with huber drivers more than 14 hours per day.
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at risk.>> controversy swirling over lady gaga's rendition of the national anthem. >> oh say can you see by the dawn's early light . the singer of the national anthem will go over and under a certain time. got us in the last two
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ben: is a sure sign that it's still february. we are in for some snow. audrey is in and she brings the forecast but we don't hold it against her. she is smiling as she delivers. >> new regulations in effect following the deadly crane collapse.
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>> are you hungry for chipotle? you might need to forget about it . today's a big day that all of the restaurants will be closed until 3:00. maybe for dinner? liz: they were underdogs but now the broncos are the top dogs as they face the panthers in the super bowl. ben: is monday morning on february 8. i am ben simmoneau . liz: i am in for juliet huddy. it's not bad out there right now. it is 5:30 a.m.. flying by. ben: this is a big moneymaker. we will see significant snowfall out on long island. that's where we are expecting the highest amounts.
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we have temperatures in the 30s this morning as we head out the door. good morning to you in bridgeport. the current is at 370. same number in islip and out towards newark. 33 in sussex in 300 in monticello. lots of clouds are in place. we are watching a storm system sitting offshore . it will be close to take off the snow in the area. in eastern long island, we get the brunt of it in connecticut and you can see the snow starting to work its way across sussex county. it slowly will make its way into the city and across connecticut. the strongest weather pattern is across cape cod and new england where we see blizzard -like conditions. snowfall. for us, winter snowfall connecticut. we have a winter weather advisory and in towards the western plains of new jersey it's not much for
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we have higher amounts with lighter amounts inland. it's tapering off early in continues to be windy and cold. there will be a threat of snow showers that not quite as significant as we saw today. on thursday, we could see another measurable snowfall as temperatures remain colder , mostly in the 30s for the highs. that's a check at the weather. let's look at the roads with christina some instances out there this morning.this is a new's east on grand
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two lanes black off. the operator of the crane plast a past a breathalyzer test. he doesn't appear to be under the influence of any substance. they won't rule out any other causes yet. that is elitist. liz: thank you so much. chipotle will not open until 3:00 today. service workers will attend safety meetings. they will be told about changes in food prep as well as other new procedures. it's following the e. coli outbreak that left hundred six .
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it could not find the source , it declared the outbreak over. >> it's all eyes on the weather. the chinese new year has schools close today. the question will kids get enough snow to go out and play? it's enough for some sledding or no? >> it's on long island and connecticut. areas across new jersey and hudson not quite as much. the look at the satellite radar shows snow moving its way into the tri-state area. we are on the northwestern friends with some snowfall . a lot of it is in eastern long island and portions of connecticut. the national weather service has issued a storm warning for the county
5:34 am
we have lizard warnings out towards cape cod. we have a winter weather advisory and new york city in the coastal sections of new jersey. that goes into rockland western county. here's what we are expecting. a couple more inches in new york city and northeastern new jersey. out towards the east we will see the higher amounts coming in. it looks like tomorrow we will have the chance of some showers and accumulating snow by thursday. good morning. that grand central is right by the area near the interchange.
5:35 am
off with heavy moving into the area. we have the issues on the truck leaned northbound at exit 13. it's an overturned tractor-trailer with a fuel offramp. we will see delays here and another incident that we get north word on by the 15 w. it's a crash pushed off to the shoulder. people rub her neck as they push it so keep it in mind. moving over to the eastbound side, it's crowded but not looking terrible. it's a little bit congested with stop and go traffic. let's bring you to the brooklyn bridge. looking good as you had in mind. you can look at the bqe and it's crowded but moving at a steady pace. the bridge is looking pretty good.
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ben: 5:45 am on monday morning. let's check the headlines. volunteers check homeless people. it's the annual count , two months after they launched the new homeless outreach program. transport workers union asks them to move into the central park horse carriage plan. the daily news says in a
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calls it a relentless quest to kill the industry. it's the lunar new year. the chinese capital city of beijing ushers in the year of the monkey with a traditional bellringing ceremony. celebrations continue for two weeks. people are born in the year of the monkey and they are believed to be curious, innovative and mischievous. >> it's very interesting. will peyton manning retire? >> the defense when it for them. he did not lose either. super bowl 50 is in the books. the broncos beat the panthers and this is the end for peyton manning i think it is.
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broncos defense is so strong. von miller sex cam newton forcing a rumble. he recovers in the end zone with a touchdown. the panthers put together in the second quarter. the broncos offense got jordan norwood . inside the red zone there. that was 13/7 broncos. that was the score at halftime. the broncos defense continues to dominate. early in the third cam newton under duress all day. if the overthrow and pass there. it was all von miller.he reminded me of lawrence taylor in his heyday. it was just the way he disrupted his game.he forced another punt right there.
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watch miller. peyton manning goes out a champion. it's been an emotional week. i look forward to celebrating with my friends and family.i think i will take some time after that and i think i will enjoy the night and take it one step at a time. they played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say . >> they made better place than us.
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the first day press conference gets one word answers. at one point he had to get up and walk out. duke: i know people are upset by the way he handled it but he took a lot of hard it's in that game. he has prepared his whole life to be in this game. it's very disappointing. when i have a bad show i don't want to be near anyone and everyone comes around and asks questions? why didn't you play well? it's tough. he took some really hard hits. nonetheless . >> marshawn lynch will he retire? there has been talk. take a look at what he tweeted during the fourth order. this is a picture of his cleats. he has a peace sign and emerging. he tweeted the hashtag thank you. >> is not definitive but he went on twitter to think
5:41 am
his teammates tweeted thanking him and it appears he is hanging them up. >> i want to say at the end of his contract in seattle. thank you so much! >> big weather day. we are anticipating many inches of snow out a crossed sussex county with an average of 8 inches. coastal flooding is an issue as a high tide comes in and we will see what i'm half 2 and a half . we could see high tide. we are expecting wave height at six 10 inches. each erosion can be an issue. we can see snow starting to move its way into the area and you can see it coming down across the south shore
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it will work its way and lend as we anticipate it to move east and west encompassing long island, new york city, portions of the hudson valley as well as out towards connecticut. we are expecting the high snowfall amounts to the east and that's where we could see four 8 inches of snow. winter weather advisory for new york city with the jersey shore . you are expecting minimal amounts of snow. the higher amounts will be towards the east and across sussex county with lighter amounts the further and inland you go. we do anticipate the snow showers . we could see another measurable snowfall by thursday. temperatures remain pretty cold with readings in the 30s. the 20s by next week. let's see what it looks like on the roads. >> good morning. we are seeing some activity
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the cross paths eastbound at westchester avenue. two lanes are blocked off. we will see heavy delays moving in and remember, we have a accident at the cleared away. we do have some lingering volume in that spot . north on exit 13 unfortunately, we're still working with a tractor-trailer in the offramp is affected. we will have a northbound incident by 15 w. that's a crash at seeking out one lean. we go out and we bring it to the southern state parkway. the next live shot will be at the george washington bridge. looking good as you make your way and delay into the toll plaza. let's keep in mind we have exiting district actions with the road closures because of the crane collapse.we will keep you up-to-date on what's going on with that. street parking rules are suspended.
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>> we have a lot more coming up. >> entertainment news with a halftime show. >> .
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