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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 9, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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[cap bill: now on "chasing news". >> it was a harrowing night. a brutal caribbean ship sailed right into a storm. >> a lot of howling. the sheer power of mother nature like that. >> at a very dangerous intersection. the person who threw the punch is still on the loose. >> the department of public works. racism, sexual harassment command it was not uncommon to find pornography string
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would go on today. >> a harrowing night. left support for a weeklong cruise. forced to stay over the weekend. >> into your rooms. >> if anyone is screwed for, this happens once in a while. >> according to the real caribbean four people were injured but not seriously. the ship is returning to port and they own. it was just off the port of carolina. bill: on the ship. >> they said it was
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>> violently shuttered. creaking and metal twisting. my state room door to the hallway, you could not open it. the crew did everything they could. it was scary. the sheer power of mother nature like that. very humbling. >> one point was the captain on the ship announced that it was the worst his ever seen in his career. monday and tuesday we may see rain and snow. i brought bernie hear from accuweather. >> i heard that this was a surprise. >> you know what would be a surprise? if i woke up tomorrow morning and had the hair of john bon jovi. anybody who says that wasn't a surprise should not listen
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, anybody. bill: undeniably deaths at you. >> heavy amounts of snow central and southern new jersey toward philadelphia. if they get up into central and northern new jersey as we get into tomorrow. an inch or two and get ready for winter is just going to continue. >> the groundhog was not right. bill: you don't need here like john bon jovi. >> take a look at these photos. left on the part. the incident happened over the weekend's. reported that the swastika
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asked to contact the police. bill: carbon on the car, build it in the snow? >> young kangaroo was rescued from a new york home in new jersey. became sick from a deadly virus. living in an urban environment. we are all very saddened. bill: you are chasing a story of paterson, video. uncomfortable to watch. i guy punching somebody out on screen. another round of violence and it will be shocking. this video your going to
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the individual who is filming during another 17 -year-old, standing on a street corner. the 17 -year-old punches the individual and knocks him out. paterson police headquarters and spoke. we look at the video together. basically disgusted. bill: disgraceful. the individual turned himself in the police. the 17 -year-old turned himself in the police.
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forget about it. >> all day long and all night long and will continue in our pursuit. unacceptable. >> as i am standing at the center section i said do you know about what happened? absolutely. >> no. it is around here. >> i mean, yeah. >> on youtube on facebook? >> why was it allowed in the 1st place? any length of time being up there, unacceptable behavior.
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social media. so at least some of these people are dumb enough to show their face on facebook so that they can get caught. >> am standing on rosa parks boulevard. rosa parks had real social change and her action to go viral. they are doing it the wrong way. bill: i hope theyi hope they have plenty of time to read their history and present. >> the barbie makeover is not done yet. now there is a barbie with the job. you can check it out here. he describes it as a model
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girls overall model. if waiting for the next best meme to come out. he caught a lot of flack. one of my favorites of the night. and of course, the panthers took a beating. but the guy with the biggest target on his head. something like this over and over again. >> last week, living room. quite the unexpected hungry guest to a -month-old starving field possum came in. they often or very dehydrated and underweight. immediately call for help.
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back to the center. this one of many that has been rescued recently. cautiously optimistic. >> i warned both of you. >> i was going to get up. >> here is the thing. social security, if we do nothing will be insolvent. if we do we are doing now that is verbal be. >> this is governor chris christie literally on been did need speaking to an undecided new hampshire voter in a town hall this morning. one of the best retail politicians of our day.
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took a lot of questions. really wanted to hear from the governor. afraid because the governor's proposal. >> i want to vote for you. >> i was goingi was going to get up. i think i will stay on one knee. >> let me tell you about social security. if we do nothing different will be insolvent. if we do what we are doing now that is verbal be. >> one over. she told me why. >> he was really real. and i don't know him well butbut i think he probably has the parenting style that i have. this is the way it is.
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townhall the way from undecided to being firmly in the christie. i saw with my own eyes. is it too little too late? bill: you back to 1992, labeled the comeback kid, not expected to do well, came back to new hampshire and started. was this that kind of moment? >> definitely. the only problem with that strategy, one of the time are fueling time. bill: you will be with us. the 1st vote in new hampshire. we will see if he pulls one
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bill: the airport if you
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>> have you ever just wanted to drop the beat? bill: you know me. >> made to. it is harder than it looks. >> drop the beat. >> i got the chance to ditch my day job. it took on all new persona. i headed to dj school comeau one of the three schools in the new york metropolitan area and got one-on-one lesson of the scratch, mix, and bring in the beat. >> nobody can teach. >> i couldn't. >> founded the school 70 years ago. getting paid tens if not hundreds of thousands of
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cause all around the world. >> using a lot of computers. and we have the technology to not only create a music that makes other people's music. >> offers dj courses and production courses. and cost around $600 with all the equipment included. you can walk out of the studio. >> i think so. i don't know. might just be the exception to that rule.
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beat means. >> it was a lot of fun. >> check out this facebook video that has gone viral within the last week. to the bouncer for helping them over the years of money. just until last week. got a place of his very own for the 1st time. so meet one of the most well-known bouncers in philadelphia. there is a side of him that not a lot of people know about.
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4:00 a.m. you see everybody. become closeeverybody. close to many of the people. not only do they know them, but help them in every way that he can. >> i see somebody. >> met him a decade ago. >> the nightclub. digging in a dumpster. you need any help? yeah. and from that point on. >> is actually gotten on his feet and got the place of his very own. >> whatever he wants. bill: a heartwarming story. let me ask, did he get a job? >> maybe they can help me out a little bit. that is what happened.
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employment. >> it's great that this is a bouncer. especially new york city. they are not willing to help you. >> i think this is great. good for him. >> yes. super nice. it honestly doesn't surprise me. bill: when he gets the 1st job. >> one of the dozens. >> just one. >> behind me, the department of public works.
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r treatment with xarelto was the right move for us. v ask yourr do ctor about xarelto . >> my god. that is a cinnamon roll inside of a glazed doughnut. we created this turducken of desert food. you can only get the cinnamon roll down the creation in his restaurant. >> i am in roosevelt. the only female employee alleges racism, sexual harassment and it was not uncommon to find
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according to a lawsuit filed she alleges her coworkers engaged in gender discrimination, sexual harassment or race discrimination and retaliation. supervisors knew about it. the lawsuit names the defendants as well as a supervisors. to get a better idea i went and spoke to the borough mayor. >> you know, our goal is to make sure that our work environment is safe and fair as a woman employees. >> i reached out to all the parties involved and no one got back to me. the claims are shocking. a 21 page lawsuit. i picked out some of the
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disturbing. they were routinely in plain sight. the way that they did this was by not letting and drive the truck. referred to her as a snowboarding. bill: what are they call her a snowboarding? >> were all her coworkers black? >> a racially discriminatory environment. bill: so much more politically correct. i can't imagine you expect to see things on the dashboard the taxpayer-funded truck. >> i can see the guys in the feeling like this base is
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