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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  February 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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we are expecting higher snowfall totals across central new jersey . here's a look at the radar. some of the snow is falling
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the hudson valley and into connecticut. nothing as intense as we saw yesterday. temperatures are cold and we step up you need to bundle up at 240 in islip and 28 in the city with 190 in monticello. we are expecting snowfall across the area about one 2 inches mostly. higher amounts across central new jersey and we could see 6 inches of snowfall around atlantic city and cape may. cloudy skies with temperature's in the 30s. watch out for snow showers towards the afternoon. we are starting out this morning with a break and we see the same in the afternoon. temperatures stay cold and were going behind numbers in the 20s friday and saturday. overnight windchill on saturday night could be
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at the weather. let's look at the roads >> thank you audrey. not too bad on the roadways. we had bad weather overnight at things seem to be running up to speed. let's look at the staten island expressway. you make your way eastbound and he gets a little bit congested in the bell parkway with things right now running up to speed. we had one issue here traveling on long island. it's then the east on great neck road.we had a closure because of an accident investigation because of an accident that happened a little bit earlier. anticipate delays and avoid areas by great neck road. we will bring you to a live shot at deer park avenue looking pretty good . we take a look at the gwb
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and holland. >> thank you very much. the recent stormy weather has not only brought snow to the area but joining us from long beach long island with a look at what they are expecting. >> it's a very cold long island. if we are talking about the high tide, it's round three. it will get worst . bracing for another high tide where the likelihood of flooding and beach erosion is quite great. it's quite pretty this morning. look at this boardwalk nearly our great hotel . no one is taking care of
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good deer of deal of winter weather and expecting more tomorrow. the national weather service has issued a coastal flood warning until this afternoon. they are used to dealing with the high tide cycles but they are concerned that with the colder temperatures, with snow, and morphs letting it good for me for dangerousness conditions. schools were closed many areas and roads were impact did, especially the main highways. the snow wasn't the problem but it was the flooding. widespread flooding causing problems for the people who
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take a listen. it's the worst were seeing since think you get over something and it comes right back again. you can tell that it's up to my knees and i'm 6 foot eight. we did see light snowfall driving out here. again, this stuff isn't stopping. i guess we should just get used to it. that's the latest from lime long beach. ben: thank you, teresa. a charter bus from queens flipped over on a snow-covered highway. have a 95 near new haven. the dalia own charter bus was en route to mohegan sun
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snowy conditions caused by the storm caused it to go off the highway and overturned. 70 people were on board at the time. 30 people were injured. >> voting in the new hampshire primary has begun at midnight. the results are already in. candidates are going on the attack to win over voters. robert moses joins us live with the latest on what is being said.>> good morning ben and liz. not so nice words are being said. we'll get to that momentarily. the new hampshire primary is fairly straightforward. the voting prefaces are kept private. registered republicans vote for republicans but unaffiliated voters can choose the democratic or republican ballot
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a lot of people haven't made up their minds. the nine registered voters of dixville new hampshire voted . on the republican side, john kasich beat donald trump and bernie sanders beat hillary clinton. take from that what you will but that midnight voting says new hampshire takes politics very seriously. they did take new hampshire seriously and they spent monday pleading for votes. they continue calling on the republican side with jeb bush calling trump a loser , liar and whiner. trump made his own headlines for what he said about ted cruz. the woman in the crowd at one of his rallies used a vulgar term for a coward to describe crews. >> shouted out !
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[bleep]. cruz made his own last-minute pitch for votes. >> i don't care if the democratic nominee is hillary or barry. they both have a left-wing socialist policies.>> sanders has a sizable lead over clinton with her husband and i daughter by her side. >> you may not support me now but i will always support you.i will always have your back. >> sanders rallied his troops and he might not have to do much considering how much support he enjoys in new hampshire. the next or neighbor of vermont where he is under. >> you have the right to determine the future of america. it's not just a handful of billionaires! could mike bloomberg still get into the race? he says he is considering his options. it's the first time he has confirmed speculation that he has confirmed it .
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of discourse on the campaign trail and insult to voters. liz: that's interesting. thank you, robert. in a scary moment at the bernie sanders rally when he woman fainted. have a look . >> that was in derry new hampshire. the woman fell off the riser and landed near the bottom of the podium. we have no idea what caused her to fall.she was able to walk away and appeared to be okay. maybe she felt burned. sanders resumed his speech . [applause] the jury could begin deliberating the lang. wept on the stand . it happened in 2014.
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tensed up in his gun went off. he says he panicked and did not realize the bullet had hit anyone. he never gave cpr to girly. the officer said he had received training but never on a mannequin and calling for professional medics while his friend was performing cpr was the best way to help. he says the family showed little remorse and had never apologize. >> i need a conviction of peter land. it was intentional and he murdered my son. >> closing arguments are expected to start this morning. >> a woman was sexually assaulted on second avenue. they released this video. he threw the woman to the ground and made her walk further down the block and
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if you have any tips that could lead to the arrest call 1-800-577-tips. >> a man she was with grabbed a firm and stuffed it into his jacket.the second coupler accused of doing the same thing. the for our suspected of stealing furs on six separate occasions between october and december. call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-tips emotional more snow and flooding headed our way. ben: anything but smooth .
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storm. hi dad uh huh, okay
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what do you think? hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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we are seeing new weather in the tri-state. we have a winter weather advisory that's been asked tended extended in the last 10 minutes. it's going up to the hudson valley close to connecticut and long island. we are expecting snow to make the road slick. it's not quite as intense as he saw yesterday.
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the 20s in many locations below the freezing mark . 300 19 towards monticello.the winds are lighter than they were yesterday but still coming on the north east. that will be a problem where the water keeps pulling up and we factor in the high tide. we are seeing wave heights above normal resulting in flooding. look at the satellite radar shows a round of showers rotate through here with the mostly temperatures in the city. another round comes in the afternoon and we start getting quite unsettled here. there is areas of low pressure influencing the weather. that keeps us in and out. a look at the future, shows we have a break in the clouds. for the most part, light accumulation about two 3 inches across the area. things will pull out of here by tonight and
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few leftover showers and again, sun and clouds as we go into thursday. for today, it won't be snowing throughout the day but we will have snow showers producing a few inches as temperatures remain cold in the 20s and 30s. looking ahead temperatures in the 30s and we will be in the 20s this weekend. looks like we will have windchill factors down to the teens. follow along with the weather app by going to fox five ny weather. find it free at the google play store in the itunes store. let's get a check at the traffic. >> a couple of accidents and incidents early. women issue here on the highway. on eastbound , it remains closed great neck road. we have an accident investigation ongoing here. it's a spot you'll want to avoid. we are seeing an issue at
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it's a split tractor-trailer. we are dealing with this on the ramp but we are being told all liens are subject to closure as they pull all of this off the roadway. the ramp and at least one lane are affected. it's causing some heavy delays already. let's go outside and i will bring it to the staten island expressway. it's in the area of victory with no problems to report. the next will be of the lie in area of the grand central. traffic coming towards me in the westbound with the new jersey turnpike right by 13 a.m. the airport moving fine. the car and truck is to the east split and things are looking good. parking rules are in effect. back to you ben and liz. ben: the mayor says he plans to restart negotiations.
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the union pulled out of the talk. city council canceled a boat that would have limited use . this will start on day one if he takes office. a royal nightmare for passengers traveling out of new jersey. the phantom of the sea is hitting heavy storms in florida. the captain ordered everyone to go back to the cabin for safety. they posted picture showing overturned furniture and other damage. look at the waves! they shot this video from the cabins . >> the winds are getting monstrous. we see one of the workers
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start videotaping. that's only knew something was off. >> i would be so sick! it warned of a strong storm four days in advance. real caribbean says no one during the ordeal .coming up, we hear from someone on big day that was on the ship . that's one of the reasons we don't go on cruises. taxes could lead you to not thousand cold ones. there is a way to combine the two by opening up a shop inside of a bar. jen has the story. >> if doing your taxes has you saying that you can use a drink, and i could do both at the same time. >> new for the glass and he pours the numbers.
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cozy corner at a bar called yours sincerely and bushwick, bring your documents . you don't need an office environment. it's digital nowadays so let's just do it here. they came up with the idea. >> what you think about the idea of drinking while accounting? >> i am better with numbers when i'm drinking. hopefully that's the case is doing. >> mason doesn't drink he does by the first round for his clients. >> anything you recommend? >> anything to take the edge off. the irs can be a scary agency and so can the thought of all that money we owe .>> i think it's great! shane, i think you could be
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ben: only in brooklyn! the brooklyn beard is a must . i am envious, actually . liz: it's 4:52 am. ben: sports is up next. the knicks are looking for a head coach after they fired
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good morning. near the freezing mark all across the region with many numbers in the 20s. is 270 in the city and 300 down in belmar. snow showers are rotating in and moving to the north. we have the threat of more ready as we go through the afternoon. it will be cloudy and cold with temperatures in the freezing mark. watch out for snow showers making the road slick . ben and liz, over to you >> time to check in for sports. big news happening around 11:00 am. the next fired derek fisher.
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at guess it wasn't. the next hired him in june after his playing career ended. he has been promoted to the interim head coach.phil jackson talked about how he came to the difficult decision. >> brooklyn gave us another game with a seven point lead in the second quarter. we lost the lead in the fourth quarter. those are things that were standing out with a look and doing things they don't want to do. they practice doing what they want to do and you have to do things you don't want to do. >> the next played host to denver. they went down to the wire with seconds down in the game. denver had karen marine down to the driving lane. denver is up by two. just seconds left.
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for a win. it's 105/104. metropolitan matchup at the garden. the rangers play host to the devils. kevin kline pays with a broken thumb. he gets it down here and they take a 1/0 lead. jt miller with a quick shot. miller is on fire with the rangers winning 2/1 in the final score. peyton manning celebrated his vic three by plugging disneyland. he was the guest of honor yesterday. the special guest for his kids. after they beat the panthers in super bowl 50, payton says he was happy to celebrate the big win .
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