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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  February 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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guys look clear. there is snow out there across the city now. more snow is on the way. audrey has the complete audrey has the complete forecast. liz: weather might be to blame for a bus crash carrying people from our area to the mohegan sun casino. voting has already started in the new hampshire primary. the candidates are not holding back as they look to win this critical state. there is
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person entering the race. all of that , coming up in a live report. liz: police need your help thieves. we'll have more on that. good morning. is off today. ben: i am ben simmoneau. it's mardi gras! let's check the forecast. it's a bit chilly. >> it's a week colder feeling than yesterday morning. we have some flurries on the way. it's just not a good week for weather. >> another issue is coastal flooding. it's a big deal of the new jersey shore. >> have a strong northeast wind flow yesterday. we have a new moon with an astronomical high tide. it's higher than average. factor in the northwind and it was a recipe for flooding. that's what happened yesterday and we expect the same today.
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high tide today. we expect them to be two 3 feet above normal. large waves at six 10 feet causing some beach in dune erosion. the other factors to be concerned with snow. we are expecting it to come through the tri-state. another round comes through in the national weather service issuing a winter weather advisory. some of the roadways will be slick and we are not expecting snow fall through long island and connecticut. the radar shows the snow showers coming through and you can see them rotating towards the capital district. even though we are dry right now, we're still aware that there is a threat of more showers as we had the tuesday.images are cold enough for snow. everyone is below the freezing mark .the cello is at 190 in the northeast wind flow is not quite as intense as it was. there is a bit of a breeze out there. here's the first round of
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there is an area of low pressure to the south and it could bring back more snow shower activity with the highest amounts in central new jersey. there's another low over the great lakes keeping us unsettled as we go through the wednesday and thursday. look at the snowfall totals. we are going for a different map, sam. we are expecting one 2 inches from the city across long island with higher amounts across central new jersey. watch out for snow showers as temperatures stay cold near the freezing mark. you're still unsettled tomorrow and thursday and over the weekend we see a big drop in the numbers. the coldest air of the season will be here and we expect high temperatures in the 20s. overnight lows in the teens and single digits. windchill factors could be below zero in many locations. we will check in with
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>> the highway remains closed in an accident investigation is what's going on here. it's a spot you want to avoid .it's a pretty bad situation going on at the bqe near the lie getting really heavy. we are getting with a tractor-trailer that separated so it's into pieces happening on the ramp for the lie. all liens are closed down now. we have one lane closed on the main line of the bqe and it will be heavy for you here . we will keep you up to date because it's a hot spot even when things are good . let's go outside. we will go to the bridge and this will be new jersey bound for we have a truck and all liens closed. stay away from that. you will see that cup to the staten island
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you up-to-date with what's going on. the lie lincoln tunnel will be the next live shot. we could go into town with no delay at all. the alternate site is in effect. ben: 5:05 am. we are bracing for flooding today. teresa joins us now from long beach where flooding is a concern. it's more of a concern than the snow. >> typically it is that way. >> good morning to you. they are used to dealing with flooding here. not only with major storms like sandy but it does happen from time to time so residents are used to it but for all the reasons, it's a big concern today. before i can tell you the flooding concerns look at the boardwalk .
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not a lot of people are out. it's been too cold for that. the ocean is quite angry. they are expecting it to be a major concern of flooding. they have also issued a coastal flood warning until this afternoon. it did flood, as a matter of fact. the property was vulnerable and they say they have not seen anything as bad sense sandy.i don't know if it was an overreach or if they just aren't used to dealing with the kind of water that we saw this year. this was the first time it impacted them this year. around the rest of the island , the storm impacted people about 1 in./h. it didn't seem to get hit the hardest in long beach but they got 3 inches of snow in long beach. schools are closed and
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it's listen to people talk about yesterday's storm. >> i thought it would be a mild winter. it was very warm and now it feels like every day we are getting hit with another blizzard. >> it's the worst we are seeing sense sandy.once you think you are getting over something you convert back again.>> it's drastic out here. you can tell it's up to my knees and i'm 6 foot eight . >> flooding is a concern. beach erosion is a concern in light snow is falling. nothing really too bad. the big headline here is the flooding. that's the latest from long beach . back to the studio. >> 5:07 am. a casino bound charter bus flipped over on a snow-covered highway. this happened yesterday afternoon on i-95 near new haven. the dolly owned charter bus
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from flushing. i have been 40 miles southeast of munich. it's on a single track . both trains are wedged into a trouble and they say that crash happened in an inaccessible region and rescue personnel were still working to get passengers off the trains. it could be the last and before dropping out of the race . robert joins us now with the latest. any news to you? >> to other towns we will give you the information. just one second.
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voters as they had to the polls. voters in these other three small towns have cast their ballots.bernie sanders leads hillary clinton at 16/7. donald trump , ted cruz and john kasich are tied with nine. every vote is crucial. it determined to state in the race and who doesn't. at the stroke of midnight, and nine registered voters voted. on the republican side, john casing beat donald trump at 3/2. burton sanders beat at 4/0. take from that what you will but the midnight voting is that new hampshire takes their politics seriously.they vote at midnight. the name-calling on twitter with was calling trump a loser , a liar and a whiner. trump made his own headlines about what he said about ted cruz.
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describe him. listen how trump responded. shouted out . hear that again. she said he's a ! [bleep] mac. he made his own last-minute pitch for votes. >> i don't care of the democratic nominee is hillary or bernie. they are both out of touch with the same left wing socialist policy. sanders holds a sizable lead over clinton with her husband and daughter at her side. clinton addressed those who may not vote for her today. >> might not support me now but i will always support you and i will always have your back . >> sanders may not have to
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how much support he has in new hampshire. >> you have the right to determine the future of america, not just a handful of billionaires. >> you thought you had a hard time keeping the candidates straight now? could mike bloomberg at his name to the race? he said he is considering. he has confirmed speculation for the first time. bloomberg says he finds a level on the campaign trail and insult to voters. i would think some of the examples that we heard in that piece could be exhibit a for mike brooks argument. >> interesting! >> think you very much. a lot more to come . the jury could begin deliberating.peter lang wept on the stand yesterday as he spoke about the night he shot and killed early in a dark stairwell inside the pink house in 2014. he said the noise startled him and he tensed up and is
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he panicked and he did not realize his bullet hit anyone. the officer testified that he received trading but never on a mannequin. curly's friend perform cpr . they say the family showed little remorse and has never apologize. >> it was no accident! you murder my son! i need justice for my son . i need a conviction of peter leanne. >> lange has been on a ministry of duty since the shooting.closing arguments are expected to begin this morning.police are searching for a group of serial for thieves. that woman distracted an employee while a man she was with grabbed the for and stuffed it under his jacket. all four are expected of
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separate occasions. call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-tips. much more to come. it's a nightmare. some of these passengers on this cruise ship it's a nightmare what they are going through. audrey is keeping track of the forecast. how are we doing? >> it's pretty quiet. snow showers are passing to the north. they anticipate it into the evening. cloudy and cold with high temperatures in freezing mark . we are at 270. check the weather anytime by downloading the weather app . you can find it free on the google play store the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? i do not like getting stuck! so, the nissan leaf s only gets 84 miles on a charge. but the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles or more on a full charge and a full tank of gas. woah! how's that for not getting stuck? we are back. the dream cruise turned into a royal nightmare. passengers are traveling out of new jersey. the anthem of the seas is one of the largest cruise ships ever built heading back to new jersey. it hit heavy storms off the coast of florida. it was so bad this weekend that the captain ordered everyone in the cabins to safety. sunday was terrible. there was hurricane force winds and passengers posted pictures on social media
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this video was shot from the cabin window the monstrous waves. >> it starts to tilt back and forth. the wind is getting videotaped and that's when we immediately knew something was off. >> apparently the captain told the passengers , it would be worse it was the worst day at sea he had ever experienced. the national weather service says it warmed about the strong four days after the cruise ship ran into trouble. coming up, we will talk to the ship . they may have on go to their state rooms. times account. the captain said, help minibar. it's free.
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really scared. >> that was scary. the storm developed and got a lot stronger. i think it was yesterday. i got really strong. very impressive. i'm glad to hear everyone was okay. still dealing with inclement weather. it does appear quiet. flooding is an issue. a big issue yesterday. highs are higher than normal. it will continue with coastal flood warnings in effect in the counties are sure it with a coastal flooded by three. high tides are concerned with tides 3 feet above normal. that's resulting in flooding. each erosion is due to excessive wave heights. snow is the other concern for tonight. a winter weather advisory
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seeing a band of snow coming through with some burst of will result into tomorrow morning. it's in new york city and long island and parts of the hudson valley. radar shows things are quiet now. snow showers earlier and proceeded to the north. we will see another round of showers developed this evening. temperatures are cold enough for the snow and we see readings in the 20s now. we are 190 in monticello. there is an area sitting off to the northwest and both of them will be influencing the weather in the next few days keeping things unsettled. as we look at our future cast, we see snow start to rotate through in some of it could come down and
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across northern new jersey. we see higher amounts in the south in central and southern new jersey by tomorrow morning. cloudy and cold with temperatures hovering or the freezing mark. that's a check at your weather. let's look at the roads. >> we have a couple of lingering issues out there. one of them will be in the byway. it's that great neck road. it's an accident investigation. things are getting really hairy here. we have a ramp to the east involving a tractor-trailer. the bqe is closed. we are seeing a lot of reds surrounding this meaning the traffic is running along at an average speed of five 10 miles per hour.
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it's something to keep in mind. we will take the ramp to work. let's go outside. we will bring you to an update of the bridge. it's cleared and traffic is flowing freely. that's a good update. the next shot will be the bell parkway looking pretty good in the area. the airport westbound is moving nothing too crazy here. there is a parking role in effect today. >> . ben: there is a call this morning to restrict who were drivers hours. in transit advocates say the move is life-saving. this comes after the story was in the post. it was reporting that some were drivers say they spend 19 hours a day behind the wheel. that's only four or five hours per sleep .
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restriction on the drivers. yellow cab can only work 12 hours per shift. >> not the not giving up on the site to renegotiate horse carriage deals. the teamsters union pulled out of talks. that cause the city council to cancel the vote that has limited use of the horses to central park . the mayor has a promise to ban all as soon as he took office. people who live near the powerpoint westchester are concerned about their water quality. this is following confirmation over the weekend that the radioactive contamination leak under the plant. there is no risk to the public. the leak is 1000 times below federal limits. despite the assurance of
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those north of manhattan are worried. it's been a critic of the plan he wants answers. >> what happens if he gets into the hudson? some new york communities draw their drinking water in. indian point has 25% of new york city's electricity. show me an alternative and i would be open to shutting it down. it was never supposed to be built there in the first place. ordering the state conservation with senator schumer calling for an independent . the baby panda climbs a tree in the adorable moment is caught on camera. the pandy , the panda cub tried his best to climb up a tree. he gets the hand of it but
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features are pointing down. there is a wave of selling here in new york yesterday. the dow dropped 1% and the nasdaq at 2%. the tao is having a rough 2000 16. remember when i was in the 18,000 territory? now is in the 15,000. it's closer to what is considered a bear market. it's sad >>! if you can't find love, you could pay off your credit card first. as cording to a survey,
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debt is a huge turnoff. 70% believe there is a stigma surrounding that type of debt. more than one third admit to being too embarrassed to tell anyone. the average american household has more than $15,000 in credit card debt . top stories with weather
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>> stormy weather rolling into the area bringing snow to parts of the region south of here. coastal flooding will be the big problem in new jersey. we will have a live report from long beach, coming up . ben: voting is underway in new hampshire. today's result could not some candidates out of the race. liz: from the big house to her house teresa do dj is returning to the real housewives of new jersey. ben: can't wait for that !
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t.v.. b3 i will say, i did watch the first couple of seasons with my wife. liz: i am embarrassed to admit that i watch it . ben: once danielle was on the show, she was nuts, i was done watching. liz: the cast and characters is funny. ben: who is your favorite of new jersey? >> i don't want to say. i love them all. they could be watching. i love them all. they are all great . let's talk about the weather. flooding is still an issue across the tri-state area. we had a lot of flooding across the jersey shore. that will continue to be the case today. it's all due to the northeasterly when flow in the new moon causing national local tied to be
5:29 am
it's two three above normal with wave heights at six 10 feet. minor moderate flooding into tonight. snow will be arriving later this evening. the winter weather advisory has been issued for the tri-state and we will see a couple of his inches of snow. temperatures are cold enough for snow and mostly in the 20s at the moment with a temperature of 190 in monticello. that is cold! it stays cold through the weekend. high temperatures only in the 20s. we'll talk more about that, coming up. let's talk about the commute with christina a couple of lingering issues out there on the road involving this one , eastbound at great neck road. a big accident happened involving a pickup truck .
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you have an accident investigation ongoing. highway here is closed and it will be until further notice. we have a separator truck ramp for the lie. it's completely close down. we are starting to see a ton of traffic here. this is looking good near the area of exit 135 moving away from northbound side. route three will be our next shot in the area of the meadowlands. with the trains , it's running close to schedule. the ultimate side is in effect today.>> thank you very much. the recent stormy weather has brought snow to our
5:31 am
it us to long beach long island. >> it stays this way throughout the day but with the flooding that they expect, things are going to change. just as they did yesterday you could call it round two. it could be round three. the national weather service has issued a coastal flood warning and it will last until this afternoon. residence here while they are used to dealing with flooding from time to time they are embracing for it again. it's a similar situation . it's a lot of damage to property.a lot of people are concerned. there's a problem letting
5:32 am
they got a good whopping of snow yesterday. in some areas, snow was falling and engine hour. we were driving around huntington and the snow is blowing around with the main highways being tough to manage. people around long island are talking about how they handled the snow and what they would do to prepare for today. >> i thought it would be a mild winter. now we are getting hit with another blizzard. >> is the worst we are seeing sent sandy. once you think you are getting over something, it comes back again. >> is drastic out here. i it's up to my knees and i am 6 foot eight. >> 3 inches of snow in long beach. if you are familiar with
5:33 am
, the ocean meets the bay and there will be a good amount of water. hopefully it's not that bad. again, they are saying they are keeping their fingers crossed. >> . ben: thank you, teresa. counting the city's homeless people living on the street. the hope count is meant to be a last tally. the city kicks off the plan and the mayor rated the volunteers. they gathered in the public school 116 before canvassing an area. he was joined by city council speaker, melissa marks and julian castro. >> we want to figure out what will get them to someplace better like the safe haven or someplace they feel comfortable and that's not on the street . it's a beginning to a pathway of permanent housing. it's the 12th year for the hope count.they counted 11,300 people. final numbers have not yet
5:34 am
new hampshire holds the first primary. voting has already begun. >> the candidates are going on the attack to win over doug is in the thick of it . how is the weather?could it affect turnout? >> it's not that new hampshire wasn't used to the snow. it could have an impact . the snow has tapered off overnight and is not expecting any huge storms today. we do have the results with a tiny voting precinct. john kasich is barely beating donald trump. all four of them are voting for bernie sanders. it was a shut out for sanders last night . >> good that bode well for casey? he has fallen under the radar
5:35 am
good results for him . >> we are talking about nine people voting. >> that's right. it might be indicative of nothing. you are right. john kasich has been flying under the radar nationally. not in new hampshire everything has gone well here. he is all over the airways. he has spent time, energy and he was taking credit for winning the contest . he was one of the few that campaign there . he gives you an idea of how he is covering the states. if he has a good second-place showing it keeps him in the race. >> who you think will be the person that's really going to compete with donald trump? >> will give him a run for his money? >> john kasich is someone who will do well. marco rubio, as well.
5:36 am
news. he had a good showing in the iowa caucus.he came in a strong third . he got brushed back quite a bit by chris christie in the debate. will that impact is numbers? he was position to do a pretty well deal in new hampshire today. we just don't have the feel . there was a lot of undecided voters. a woman fainted at a bernie sanders rally . this was in derry new hampshire. the woman fell off the riser behind him and landed
5:37 am
it's still unclear what caused her to fall. sanders resumed his speech. >> it's nowhere to sit with no water. >> i'm glad she is okay. >> she is feeling the burn! >> i want to know when they will come back? >> the 40s? next week? ben: we have been pretty lucky. we should not complain. it's been a gift this winter. we will shift to what we should have. it's winter weather. today we will be unsettled. we have flurries this morning and the possibility of some light snow. it will continue into tomorrow.
5:38 am
roadways. temperatures are cold enough for the snow in the 20s. we are at 800 in belmar. bridgeport waking up at 240. a couple of snow showers rotating through pushing northwards towards the albany area. there is an area of low pressure over the great lakes region. it will be affecting us as we go into the middle of the week. we will be battling some snow showers is to go into the next few days. future caste shows we will be in the daytime hours and at sunset, we could see bursts of moderate snowfall that will result in the area. we are expecting later
5:39 am
across long island. we are unsettled as we go into wednesday and thursday and we see the pattern breakup . it's from one three and its higher amounts to the south. it's cloudy and cold with temperatures near the freezing mark. let's look at the roads this morning. >> good morning. we are seeing the lingering issues and it will be the eastbound sunrise highway . we are dealing with an accident investigation. it's closed on the eastbound side until further notice. an accident happen with injuries involved in now we have the investigation ongoing. the eastbound side remains closed. the bqe with an accident happening in the lie involving a tractor-trailer split into pieces. it's not doing well.
5:40 am
be closed until further notice. we'll bring it to route 80 and it's the same in both directions.everything is moving on your approach to the george washington bridge. you are traveling near the link into go with the speed around with no delays. the holland tunnel looks good.
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it's tuesday morning at 5:45 am.the jury could begin deliberating in the manslaughter trial . he wept on the stand yesterday. he described his accidental shooting of the 28-year-old, kai gurley. the charter bus from queens flipped over on the snow-covered highway in connecticut. it injured 30 people on board. the crash is now under investigation. royal caribbean's and some of the seas is one of the largest ever built . heading back to new jersey after hitting a heavy storm off the southeast coast. it's four days in advance.
5:44 am
winds. the royal caribbean says no one was seriously injured. it's a big shakeup . >> it's a surprise but it's not a surprise. i wonder if they fire derek fisher? >> the sacking comes midway through the second season. it comes a day after the team lost its fifth straight game. duke: kurt rambis has been broke promoted with head-coaching experience. phil jackson talked about why he came to the difficult decision. brooklyn gave us another game. it's a seven point lead. we lost it in the fourth quarter.
5:45 am
me, were standing out. we needed to take a look at how to get that done. >> you have to make them do things they don't want to do. luke walton is a short fan. the warriors have an interim head coach. phil jackson from the lakers winning the nba title. the knicks point guard for mark jackson. it's one of my favorite players as a kid. he had a lot of success as the warriors had coach took him to the playoffs. a lot of fans would love that . cleveland had coach also could be an interesting candidate. the general manager, a princeton grad pointed out
5:46 am
princeton. it's a good team in the late 70s and early 80s. they took cleveland to the finals last year. we are in the post , steve mills wedding back in the day. >> denver is up by two. it's four seconds left with joe johnson going for the win. the owner is happy and you know what that means. everyone is happy. that's all that matters! on to hockey the metropolitan matchup playing host to the devils. playing with a broken thumb can you imagine? i don't know if i can work with thought .
5:47 am
they drop it back in jt miller puts the shot down and he scores. 10 games in the rangers when 2/1. the provincial center with the devils hosting . 4000 showed up. they witness the unveiling of the new north statute. they reside with an 11 foot high statue weighing thousand pounds. it's a postgame commute. the devils require his number 30 sweater. it's one of the all-time greatest if not the greatest goalie. thank you, duke. ben: the messy week continues. flooding was a major
5:48 am
shore. that will continue to be the case today. that is why the national weather service is calling advisory. at times of high tide we will see unusually high tide 3 feet above normal and excessive wave heights that result in moderate flooding and beach in june erosion. we have winter weather advisory is in effect tonight. it's the county shaded in purple. goes overnight and wednesday and we anticipate snow to come in with a few inches accumulating. that's enough where the roadways will be slick . temperatures are cold enough for snow. morning. snow showers have rotated to the north and we have lots of clouds in place. you have an area of low pressure to the south. these will both keep us unsettled for the next
5:49 am
snow showers settle in the evening and temperatures will be in the freezing mark . temperatures stay pretty cold. check out the weekend. we factor in the gusty wind and the windchill will be at zero or below. be aware of that. >> download the weather app . it's a live interactive radar with hourly updates. you can do a search of fox five ny weather. let's see how it looks on the road. we will head over to audrey. two lingering issues on the road.sunrise hwy., east. it's an accident investigation heading on the eastbound lane. we are seeing the issue on the bqe. some eastbound side with
5:50 am
splitting into pieces with a tractor-trailer. the ramp to the eastbound remains closed. that will be until further notice. it's the bqe and that something to keep in mind. let's go inside the staten island expressway. both directions on bradley avenue you can see things running up to speed. if you want to stay in the grand central traffic will come towards me here and get very congested.
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are looking good. i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers for the performing arts. and museums that preserve the glories of the past. winter in new york state means more great things to do than ever. plan your trip at
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