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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  February 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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right now on "fox 5 news" at ten. >> steve: more snow on the way and bitter cold temperatures. works but then a few inches overnight. >> dari: new jersey could get a totals of you higher. >> steve: after this morning high tide folks had to wait through this street area they also battled flooding in backyards and basements. to be light. nick is here. >> nick: there's going to be some flooding on the coast area. looking at computer guidance this evening and the greater presentation the snowfall is not going to be that impressive.
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water gap there is a ban of snow that is going to go across the city. take a look at this on box by scarry guardian in 3d. just cluster of snow showers coming through. it looks like any accumulation will be 1 inch or less across the area. the coastal flood warning has been taken down cross amendment the county in new jersey. we are going through an advisory now and again tomorrow morning until noon. the coastal flood advisory will continue for much of the area. will extend down through the south shore across new jersey. let's look at the weather map and you'll find a few storm systems. one rotating here and another offshore. there's a general blowdown distraction.
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snow showers tonight. then sun pops out, tomorrow it will be in the upper 30s which is the warmest of the next few days. colder and snow showers on thursday. it turns a bitterly cold over the weekend. the coldest weather we have seen in quite some time. >> dari: thank you. a big win for donald trump and bernie sanders in new hampshire. votes are still being counted for the third and fourth place finishes. >> reporter: it is an exciting night,. republicans did. donald trump had a sizable lead earning nine delegates. the real raises for second and third place. ohio governor, john kasich has one second place.
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leading up to the race. let's take a look at the democrats, bernie sanders far and a way beat hillary clinton not just by a little, by a wide margin. donald trump is thinking the new hampshire voters, giving his victory speech. it has been a very exciting day new hampshire. >> frustrated voters decided to take nonestablishment candidates. republican billionaire businessman donald trump and declared socialist, bernie, bernie sanders won the new hampshire primary. >> thank you new hampshire. >> the sizable win was a blow for hillary clinton. >> i want to begin by congratulating senator sanders
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everyone of you. i want to say i still love new hampshire and i always will. >> the big surprise came in the tight race for second place between republicans jab a bush, ted cruz, marco, marco rubio, and john k-6. >> anybody who finishes be high the top three or four needs to consider dropping out. >> now of course the race campaign continues to south carolina. hillary clinton hoping to do better in the south. bernie sanders is at the end of his speech tonight asking supporters and donors to donate more money to his campaign so he can move forward. and donald trump making his people will be talking about tonight is ohio governor, john kasich. i will be something they are discussing. political analysts have said all white house they need to win the state of ohio. so having the ohio governor on a ticket would be beneficial.
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a brooklyn jury resumes with the trial of nypd officer who is charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of a person in a apartment building stairwell. more on what the jury heard on closing arguments. >> reporter: this 12 member panel deliberated for one hour. they asked to see some evidence. including the nypd patrol died before they were sent home and closing arguments today prosecutors is insisting this rookie officer intentionally fired that shot that took the >> nypd officer faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted on manslaughter and other charges. during closing arguments prosecutors urged jurors to hold him it countable. >> he had a gun in one hand and a flashlight in another.
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heard a noise and instead of pointed the flashlight at the noisy pointed the gun and he pulled the trigger. >> the attorney saying the death of the are not 20-year-old man in 2014 was the result of an accidental discharge. >> what happened here was a terrible tragedy. but it was not a crime. >> reporter: during the two-week trial he testified on his own behalf. his attorney saying he had a right to have his gun out as he and his partner to vertical patrols in the omelette stairway of the public housing complex. prosecutors said the officer was trained and had a flashlight and after he fired. >> that doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
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[inaudible] >> assistant district attorney assisting they use poor judgment and in a dramatic courtroom demonstration showed what it takes to pull a trigger. >> reporter: deliberations are expected to resume on wednesday morning. in addition to the manslaughter charges he faces assault, reckless endangerment and official misconduct charges. >> dari: thank you. it is a cruise many will want to forget. the anthem of the seas is expected to pull into the port sometime tomorrow evening. the ship departed on saturday and ran into 30-foot high seas and hurricane like wins off of florida this weekend. one passenger said it was a very frightening ordeal. >> i was literally saying my
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i was looking for places to hold onto. i'm happy we are alive. there were only a few minor threatening. royal caribbean is offering passengers a full full refund in a 50% discount on a future cruise. >> steve: people remained in crash. thirty-six people were hurt, the bus left queens, the driver said it spun out of control and hit a guard rail on i-95 before flipping on the side. >> dari: thousands of volunteers across the big apple count the city's homeless population. the 11th annual hope count took place in dallas, houston, and philadelphia. it's a requirement for cities to qualify for federal funding and services. some say it's impossible to get an accurate count of one on a winter night. >> we have a lot of work to do.
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sense of the problem. we think we could get more information a more detailed picture of what's going on. >> dari: it's estimated 3000 people are currently living on the streets of new york. >> steve: there's new cases of busy got virus in new york. three confirmed cases confirmed cases bringing the total number say why to 12. a company in san diego is racing to create a vaccine. it's usually spread by mosquitoes but at least one person got it through sexual contact through an effective person. >> dari: taken advantage of couples on their special day. >> steve: and a new fitbit information. >> dari: can you deal with long lines to get your hands on the latest food craze? why so many
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wait. weekend, sunday this year. >> dari: from setting the mood to finding the right gift, flowers, it's not cheap. where not cheap. where you'll find the biggest markups. >> reporter: as you can see love is in the air. valentine's day is on sunday. on valentine's day love is not for free. it is going to cost you. this minutes bind roses for his out of town on monday, the day after valentine's day. >> in order for her to enjoy them for a few days here buying ahead of time. >> you're probably saving money by now. >> i guess it's a win-win. >> not only does the price of roses search, so does the cost of chocolate, romantic dinners, and hotels. this valentine's day falls during a three-day holiday weekend for presidents' day.
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even more expensive. >> in some ways it's nice because people will have monday off be it if you are planning to get a getaway it will be extremely expensive because hotels can jack up the prices. >> so get back to the price of roses. >> this man explains the wholesale cost of roses increases dramatically because of the massive demand for just one day. >> last year alone for valentine's day about 200 million roses were produced just for that day. if if you think about it, there is a huge strain of the supply chain from growing roses to harvesting them, to packing them, to >> reporter: your local flower shop passes that price increase to customers. make sure you stop and smell the roses so that all of your money does not go to waste.
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>> dari: looks like the fitbit trackers can do more than just monitor how many calories you are burning. a man went online on a form for answers after he thought his wife's fitbit was tracking her heart but wrong. one person suggested that his wife could be pregnant because pregnancies can raise a woman's heart beat. they took a home pregnancy test and she is pregnant. the husband returned to the online form a day later to share the big news. >> steve: new moms are delivering their babies just menaced a part in the same hospital. she learned her pregnant sister stephanie were headed there too, they deliver deliver baby six minutes apart, shocking the entire family. >> we had a doctors appointment today because we were due on friday. we got there and they were like you have to go to the hospital. we got a call that they were on their way to. >> steve: delivering across the
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named there'd daughters named cora and louisa. the daughters themselves were just born three minutes apart each. >> dari: scientists have found any bacteria that can cause lyme disease. they found it in six lyme disease patients. in minnesota, wisconsin, north dakota. experts say the new strain is spread through deer tricks ticks and mice. treatment is the same as treating the typical cases. this new strain the symptoms are different. >> the rash in particular is different. instead of the classic bull's-eye rash that we see with lyme disease, many of these individuals appear to have a much more diffuse, less organized general rash. bacteria appears to be rare so far. >> steve: researchers a few
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committing suicide. these could it lead to depression and sleep problems. as many as a 5 million the u.s. >> dari: working out is a big part of staying healthy. that billion-dollar business. now a new name is trying to break into the club. we are introduced to the concept behind outdoor places. >> reporter: we want to be the next active where brand. in the credit active where state the 27 euros created the brand in new york in 2013 with the aim of making athletic wear or purchasable. >> i grew up in boulder, colorado where activity is into
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for me i want a brand that approach activity in a moderate, social fun way. >> she set her first focus was the material. >> when he first look at the product you notice it feels like it is more durable. the quality is higher. our color is tonal and all the pieces are interchangeable and work well together. our crop top and leggings are all you need for working out. >> reporter: it appears the business is also working out. they were the first fitness fad to ever carry j.crew. they launched online and now have a shop in texas and new york city. >> new york is our largest market. >> the day we visited they were waiting outside for the store to open and this woman came here after flying from l.a. a month earlier she was named to the forms 30 under 30. >> it was all about the team who got us here.
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rewarding. people thanks to the most recent round of funding. >> we race 7.1 million in our we are having fun going the team and getting more product in people's hands. people on instagram and teamed up with outdoor faces. they will move down the block to more permanent location and are looking to open stores in san francisco and allie. they are announcing a new collaboration next week. >> steve: there he is roaming the red carpet. >> dari: i liked that between those two. in a serious site near one world
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>> from the first film he joined the real-life film before the premier of number two. >> they were the first script of this name will be back in 2005. >> once a male model, always a male model. he returned by himself will ferrell's new got to, he is generous and a wonderful person and that from his assistant. people also welcomed new characters it was the prosthetics i really could move. >> it is not easy at all, they said the zoo lander to. >> i wake up in the morning
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the actor writer evening condiment to appearing into his movie. anytime an artist wants to embrace science for a perspective on their part so derek toured the world to promote his film opposing as manikins in rome. >> i was always more interested in what other things are made of. so 15 minutes later he stepped into a world where they're not so hot any longer. to apply the role he describes as one of his favorite. >> is really a simple character to play. the very small range of emotion, it's very easy to walk in. >> from the upper side. >> moms and dads, the next wave is coming, frozen is going to broadway. the musicals musicals expected to open in 2018. disney earned more than
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movie, in 2014 the signature song let it go. >> some say it might look like smoking lames coming from the top of the world trade center. this picture is the best one. that have people concern. we sent to find out what was going on. >> dari: is it man, beast, yeti? we will give you a better
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>> mr. in long island tonight. the fdny was quick to reassure everyone that there was no fire. >> steve: that didn't not stop the fires on twitter. here is more and more people are
10:27 pm
people were hitting up twitter nonstop or they are legitimately concerned that the world trade center was on fire. it turned out as we found out from port authority to be a combination of the steam and lighting. possibly in hvac issue. it created this illusion and i'm here in hoboken now, people come here because of the view. i'll let you take a peek at the trade you can't exactly get a great view but earlier today some folks were tweeting, we got this from one guy at a lookout spot and this is what they saw. they cut this photo with some binoculars. we headed over to the world trade center before we came over to verify everything was okay. the people there did not have this view so they were not necessarily privy to all of the concern.
10:28 pm
buddies. >> we are over at castle point looking at the city view. we looked over and it looked like it was on fire. we looked at the top and there is smoke billowing out. a out. a red amber color, we're just panicking. we're like this could be like a terrorist attack or something. >> i looked through the binoculars and that we needed to get picture. i'd the phone and one once and we are looking through the other. they called local police and were transferred to the city where they were reassured that everything was okay. the issue got so big that fdny took to twitter themselves to reassure everybody that it was just an illusion. it was the lighting and steam, not an actual fire. >> dari: thank you. the attorney for dmx as the wrapper has recovered after he had to be resuscitated outside a hospital.
10:29 pm
was found in the parking lot. he responders performed cpr and gave him oxygen. he was taken to a hospital and later released. there has been spike elation that been spectrally said that it was a drug overdose. his lawyer said he simply severs from asthma. causing a firestorm on social bill cosby, and assent. cosby cosby is charged with felony aggravated indecent assault and accused of drug in sexually assaulting dozens of women. a number of bands called for wes to deactivate the twitter count. he is is in new york to debut his fashion line. >> steve: the new album that he's going to debut. >> you are a real killer man.
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>> steve: good news, the legendary wrapper trap today was everyone's least favorite pharmaceutical exec, these two have been feuding. >> dari: red lobster got the beyonce balance. the seafood chain says sales boosted after she mentioned the song red lobster in her new song. the restaurant say they have no idea that there be mentioned in her song. >> steve: do you like this suit or bondable snowman question that this is three seconds of video. this has hoax written all over it. it's hard to see the white hairy beast was spotted in is the resort northern spain.
10:31 pm
is going off. >> dari: if cold and snow are not your thing maybe you're dreaming of a tropical getaway. they sampled some of the best winter deals out there right now >> many of you can be feeling the winter blues. that may mean you are in desperate need of a getaway. >> i don't like the rain or the cold. >> would you love to be somewhere warm? >> yes, cancun. >> what going on vacation mean spending money. did you you know you can get a deal. >> about these winter travel deals. >> we have quite a few going on. the biggest one is with atlantis. you have a book with conjunction of flights and hotels. we can get a package package that allows you to get affordable air. that's hot right now because
10:32 pm
>> so for an example -- >> he says that's about 600 less than what travelers normally spend during the high season. >> you have great packages, they are automatically included in hotel, 44 night stay minimum, sightseeing and your transfer and. you are looking at approximately $575 per person for mexico. >> if you would rather sail your away, cruising is another option. >> what i'm seeing right now as low as $400 per person for a five night cruise. >> for those who do not want to
10:33 pm
>> we can find some really nice bed and breakfast options upstate. some beautiful scenery. the poconos is very popular for short little travel. >> if you do want to go away and get a deal then you have to book before the end of this month. >> dari: how good could a wet restaurant be if there's no line to get in? why new yorkers are willing to wait to get their hands on the latest we crave. >> steve: brooklyn by the bottle, first was beer, now people want to smell like their favorite neighborhood. >> dari: more still on the way, now is the perfect time to check out the fox 5 ny weather app. you can track storms right where your. download the free app today. search for a fox 5 weather and the google play store or the the
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>> steve: we are about to put the test. >> dari: the city's borough is now the inspiration for the line kerry true introduces us to brooklyn flavor. >> here is the question, do do
10:37 pm
like? the brooklyn flavor in prospect heights each neighborhood has a different sent. >> brooklyn has so much labor, cultures, curl color. >> so brooklyn flavors was large, body brothers, sprays, and candles drawing inspiration from around the borough. >> i searched around the neighborhood to capture the flavor of each neighborhood. >> she started online and then open up the storefront on washington avenue. there are over over one dozen different sensor flavors. everything from kensington, to red hook. >> little goes a long way. >> the best selling sense are prospect heights and church avenue. >> church avenue is a main goal, papaya mix. a lot of people from the west lives in that neighborhood.
10:38 pm
tentacle garden, it's mine, cherry, jasmine. >> sylvester creates all of the products on her own. >> we can give this a smell as it's really mild. >> customers come from all over sylvester has even had orders from japan. her biggest fans are from right >> they set you know what, this really does smell like it. there is a big sense of pride. i have to take care brooklyn. >> a sense of brooklyn pride to go along with her brooklyn sense. >> dari: nothing attracts a crowd then restaurants. people are willing to wait hours from everything from dumplings to donuts.
10:39 pm
athletes will be taking over >> dari: some of the trendiest places in the city are worth waiting in line. >> steve: they want to sample
10:40 pm
see how it attracts people to come inside. >> this is not stopping dozens of people from standing in line for a milkshake. is it worth it? it? that depends on who you ask. >> i've been waiting to an half hour. >> two and a half hours to get an illegally, candy coated 15-dollar mix show. the sisters came from brazil. >> where spending 75 days here. so let's try it. >> it seems like a decadent indulgent but why wait for this when you could easily get a great milkshake at any one of hundreds of places in new york city. >> we found on the internet, we sought on instagram. >> it's on snapchat. >> everyone's trying it. >> the blacktop shake his latest food to cause a craze on and inspire lines that can go on and on. first there was a crow net then
10:41 pm
rainbow aigle. bagel. >> i love getting in line. these days these lines make the lines i grew up with a little pizza lines and barbecue lines, these make those look like chump change. >> in an article he dubbed the phenomenon a great line apocalypse. >> is a must like you are supposed to collect them on your instagram fee. they are designed for this sort of new communal, online dining community that we have. it's not even dining, is experiencing. >> which is what brought people here on a cold night. >> is a going to be worth a? >> may be, probably. >> i don't know. >> what i don't know is whether they like it or not they will
10:42 pm
is the sweetest of all. >> the milkshake. >> steve: i think it worse more people from out of town. >> dari: at 34 degrees. >> nick: it looks like will not get a big deal here tonight. as you see on the radar it does not look very impressive. ac ai of relief. we will seep we will seat maybe 1 inch to some spots. then a couple of snow showers and more snow on thursday. still the weekend will be brutally cold. particularly for the second half of saturday. a little below average today, record high of 63, a record low was 15 below zero in 1934. the sunrise at 6:57 a.m.
10:43 pm
in the city. the weather is common the pressure is falling at 29.62. take a look at the sky guardian with me now. there is northeast and pennsylvania and approaching the city, will put this on motion in the second. will still get something but again you will not have to adjust plans for tomorrow morning. high 30s today, 34 in poughkeepsie, 34 and jersey shore, 30s across long island. right now around the freezing mark 32 degrees in sussex county
10:44 pm
light and calm. a flood advisory continues now in his back into effect tomorrow morning until new. that includes long island through the jersey shore. here's a look at the radar. there's not much out there. snow showers overnight, that is about it. temperatures are in the 20s and 30s, mid- 30s on the city and south. the system is in a few pieces. one one on the east of us and another from the west. the snow showers go through and we will talk about maybe a snow shower early. then it will be sun and clouds through the rest of the day. breezy and upper 30s in the afternoon. we have a snow front coming in will wish some showers on thursday and then it will be colder. lower 30s on thursday, laura 20s on friday.
10:45 pm
end with about 1 inch. 39 degrees with a gusty west thirty-two on thursday, some snow showers and no big deal but the breeze returns. 27 degrees on friday. twenty on saturday for a high, well below zero this weekend. sunday mornings record those 2 degrees in new york city, we have a chance, 19 during the day and i won't re- recover 240 degrees by tuesday. >> it's a quick two days but it will be brutal. >> steve: the shockwaves continue, we take a look at how more changes could be on the way for the next.
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closed in both directions from 11:00 p.m. until 5:30 a.m. for construction. alternate side of the street
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>> the next began life without the coach tonight. the questions is not who will be the next head coach but rather will phil jackson be around to hire him? according to to the sports many of the lake believe jackson has planned to bolt new york and go back to los angeles. the daily news reported earlier this week that he has an opt out clause in the next contract for this coming summer. the timing of this plus kobe bryant's retirement and the availability of a coach like luke walton could be signaling that his time is coming to an end in new york. the president posted an interesting tweet saying i'm sad about him but i'm not discouraged. here's some things you should know and the tweet was followed
10:49 pm
actualization and his philosophy on coaching. and on time for the next right now who took the court. next row by 13 at the half, they stormed back, and then to the big time he had 12 points of the third quarter along. next would take the lead late in the game but washington comes back in the fourth, the wizards hold on to beat the next 111-108. camden is defending himself after walking off the podium three minutes into his post-super bowl conference. he took a ton of heat from fans and the media. today he met with reporters in charlotte and he was not apologizing. >> i been on record to sam a sore loser. who likes to lose. you show me a good loser and all show i'll show you a loser. i'm not here to come it's not a
10:50 pm
i'm here to win football games. >> camp special night at the prudential center at newark tonight. the living legend, the -- the greatest goaltender in hockey history. after that the devil's host the oilers the game was tied in the first. devils went on to win 2-1. cam new new is a sore loser. >> dari: the first pitch at fenway park is still month off but the ballpark is being transformed into a snowboarding paradise for people around the world will be launching themselves onto that. it's 140 feet high. it's a ramp and there'll be
10:51 pm
off of a jump in the middle of centerfield. it's even taller than the ballpark, the green monster. that's 100100 feet higher than the green monster. >> where does that land? at home plate? >> that is going to be pretty
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