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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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60% of the votes. the win was huge. juliet: good morning, everybody. it is ash wednesday. february 10. mike. mike: this weekend is going to be ridiculously cold. it is not just on the slightly milder side, we also have the threat of coastal flooding. coastal flood advisories is what we have in the light green areas. around new jersey. along the jersey shore. you are going to have to coastal flooding issues. tides about 1 foot and a half or
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here we go. as far as snow is concerned, we
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period valentine's day looks very cold. ines: good morning, mike. good morning, mike. let's switch over to a live look at the garden state parkway. by 136 and clark. now, a live look at the bqe. we have an accident that is still blocking the centerline. you can see all of the flashing lights. not too bad of a ride at the
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495, traveling towards the inbound, not too bad either. the whole holland is free and clear from either approach. trains on or close to schedule. then in gary, back to you. ben: fatally shooting a 28-year-old in a brooklyn stairwell. fox5 teresa friel low here with the latest. narratives that were protected yesterday during closing arguments.
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hour. what happens here is a tragedy. testimony. a panel of 12. the shooting death. charging his reckless conduct. he had a gun in one hand. it was a darkened stairwell. he heard a noise. he pointed his gun. he pulled the trigger. he shot. >> reporter: they heard him in
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he tearfully testified. >> now, right. he did say that. he said it later on. forty-four facing five counts of manslaughter. could spend the next 15 years behind bars. isolating the situation. >> the police officers bringing that. >> reporter: that was something that was mentioned time and again yesterday. jury deliberations is set to
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the key locations around the city. one of those places happens to be the house where the shooting occurred. kerry: thank you, teresa. ben: now to politics. a big win in the granite state. chris christie returns to new jersey. kerry: a big loss to senator bernie sanders. let's go to robert moses. that is where sanders is supposed to be later this morning. good morning to you, robert. >> yes. senator sanders will be here having breakfast with reverend powell sharpton. this morning, sanders is the king of new hampshire.
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>> reporter: donald trump basked in the glow of victory in new hampshire. a firm rebuke to the roof will give party establishment. >> we're going to do something so good and so fast and so strong. the world is going to respect us again. trust me. >> reporter: for kasich, the strong showing allows him to press on. >> maybe we're just turning the page on the dark part of american politics. tonight, the light overcame the darkness. >> he will show all the more disappointment.
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press. >> reporter: sanders victory delivered a blow to the establishment. then, women, independents. young voters. >> the people of new hampshire. the political establishment. the economic establishment. by the way, to the media establishment. >> reporter: linkedin congratulated sanders on his thick. period the campaign is far from over. >> we will campaign in every state. fight the real solution that makes a real difference in each
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>> reporter: and effort to reinvigorate her campaign. yes, she looks to do better in the south. that is the latest live from harlem this morning. then in gary, back to you. kerry: it was a big night in the new hampshire primary. ben: doug is live in new hampshire. it certainly looks like the and for governor chris christie's campaign. >> i think that it is fair to say that he is on the bubble and considering getting out. he is probably not the only candidate that is thinking hard this morning. kristi was able to really take rubio down and outlast her public and ebay. bringing rubio's numbers down.
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forward. kristi was supposed to have a breakout performance. it just did not happen for him. if he stays in the race, it is just not clear where it really goes for him. kerry: a big loss for hillary clinton. do you think things will be better for her? >> she is certainly counting on it. clinton is much better in south carolina. not just for south carolina. on the republican side.
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kind of clear narrative of this race coming out of south carolina, they could be headed for an unclear convention did the delegates are scattered all across the board. there may not be a clear nominee by the summer. >> there has been talk about april crude convention for some time or the possibility of that happening. there would be some candidates that would be merge. for a little while, it looked like it may be marco rubio. then he fell off during that last debate. it is just not clear which candidate will emerge as the clear winner under donald trump. ben: all right. thank you very much. there. come. kerry: mike is keeping track of
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mike: still pretty cold, but it has been worse. we will see a few morning snow showers out there. there is a live interactive radar. all the way down to street level. download the app. the wrap. it is free. check it out right now. we will be back in a minute. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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>> welcome back. take a look at this video. the international space station. a lightning storm shot from above. the myth of a six-month mission aboard the international space station for the european space agency. ben: pretty chilly out there. at least not a lot of snow. mike: snow has been a problem the last few days. each event seems to be pretty small out there. more annoying than anything.
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after you later on this afternoon. the coldest weather of the season is on the way for us here this weekend. we have seen so cold temperatures. right now, snow showers moving out of eastern long island. some showers over connecticut as well. it is all pretty light. it really is not that impressive. cloudy skies. thirty-third degrees out at central park. we are all sitting at that freezing range. that is why we still have the potential for more snow out there. that in the fact that we have a pressure system trying to live through. second area of low pressure, a few more tomorrow morning.
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sun and clouds later this afternoon. cold with more flurries or wet snow showers tonight. lows dropping down between 18 and 24. nineteen on sunday. very chilling stuff. all right. let's bring in kelly dylan. she has been keeping up with what is happening. kelly: good morning. quite busy on the roadways. northbound right by the hackensack river drawbridge. that takes out at least one lane did let's take a look at route 80. this is moving all right right now. a live look at this accident on the bqe. all of these flashing lights, that takes out the central lane. right by queens boulevard, off to the right lane.
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so far. if you want to avoid that. trains are all on or close to schedule. alternate side rules, they are suspended for ash wednesday. meters. kerry: 6:19 a.m. a man sexually assaulted a woman on the upper east side. ben: investigators say that the attacker was this man. 5-foot seven, 145 pounds. he grabbed a woman on east 41st street. rob. sexually assaulted her. please call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-tips. the anthem of the seas is expected to pull into port in they own tonight.
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last weekend. despite the damage on board, only a few minor injuries. ben: workers at a florida wendy's. they will never forget. kerry: we will tell you all about it. good day is coming right back. the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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>> we are back. 6:22 a.m. officials say it brings the total number of cases to 12. all of those individuals got it while traveling to areas with the virus. trying to create a vaccine. officials say that it can be spread through blood. at least one person got it through sexual contact with an infected person. six lyme disease patient and was confident, north dakota. the new strain is spread through dear and mice. the symptoms are a little bit different.
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different. many of these individuals appear to have a much more diffused, less organized kind of general rash. >> the new bacteria appears to be relatively rare so far. it seems we can blame drug overdoses, gun injuries and car crashes for that lower number. 76.4 years. for women, it is 81.2 years. >> probably the most bizarre story of the morning. a florida man has been put in alligator through a drive-through window. ben: eight.
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after an employee handed him his drink. james was only taken into custody yesterday. his mother told a local tv station her son was only playing a prank. >> you definitely believe that this was a prank. >> 100%. he does stuff like this because he thinks it is funny. >> not so funny, but a. legally processing and alligator. all right. top stories would we return. kerry: gas prices are lower than they have been in years. they could get even lower. we will tell you how low they can go.
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yeah..sorry about that. what do you think? hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above >> good morning.
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to plummet. mike woods has the chilly forecast ahead. ben: donald trump. a landslide victory. twenty points ahead of the finisher. he got about 15. kerry: hillary clinton hoping for a good comeback. that did not happen. lost to bernie sanders by a large margin. ben: the washington wizards. 111-108. kerry: 6:30 a.m. on this wednesday morning. ben: is it appropriate to call it -- is he worn out from his weekend in miami?
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what did you call sunday? there we go. that seems about right. >> better be it. we will take it for a weekend. we need to see those 40s and 50s back. mike: right now to business. it is cold, but not really for this kind of fear. thirty-two and belmar. thirty-two also in bridgeport. cloudy sky around the majority of the tri-state. snow showers seem to be coming to a close. there is more fat down to our southwest. some moderate snow trying to develop there.
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disturbances passing by. they do not stick around for too long. morning showers in the area. we will see a little bit of clearing in the afternoon. parisi tomorrow, too. more snow showers are possible to file. sunny skies on valentine's day. we only make it up to 19 for a high. let's bring in kelly. hello there, kelly. >> good morning. getting very busy on the roadways. we have a broken down car blocking one lane. stick with that upper level. right by 1:36 a.m. clark. you are moving the speed limit. let's head over to a vote at the
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the crashes right by 63rd street. that takes out two lanes. these delays. expensive already. right by the purge. that takes out the center lane. right by queens boulevard. that crash just cleared up. all lanes reopened. alternate side parking rules, they are suspended for ash wednesday. you still have to feed those meters. >> 6:32 a.m. donald trump bouncing back. >> bernie sanders also won decisively. let's go to fox5 robert moses. >> good morning to you. senator sanders will be having a
6:31 am
perhaps his visit to this neighborhood is an egg knowledge meant that he must court minority voters who support he needs if he is going to become the next president. >> while. wow, wow, wow. so beautiful. donald trump basked in the glow of victory in new hampshire. he think his family members standing with him. a fervor puke to the republican party establishment. the world is going to respect us again. believe me. ted cruz finished in third. k sick, the strong showing in new hampshire allows him to press on. >> maybe, just maybe, we are
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tonight, the light overcame the darkness. jeb bush, marco rubio and chris nights. returning home to new jersey today. his showing is also more disappointing. a wide margin. sanders victory delivered a blow to the political establishment. sanders p clinton among men, women. for now, sanders is enjoying incredible moment of. >> the people of new hampshire have said a profound message to the political establishment. to the economic establishment. to the media establishment. clinton congratulated sanders on
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the campaign is far from over. we are going to fight in every state. we will fight for real solutions that make a real difference in people's lives. >> reporter: it is appropriate that snowflakes are falling here in harlem. one thing that is uniting donald trump. bernie sanders. it really is the fact that they have been able to tap into that anger that people are feeling right now. sanders is due here later on this morning. also taping an episode of the view. also taping an appearance on the late show with stephen colbert.
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kerry: robert moses, thank you. a deadly train collision in southern germany. ben: the killing 10 people and injuring 150. police believe that there was a person missing amongst the wreckage. they are now confident that all victims and survivors have been accounted for. kerry: here is something you probably thought you would never hear. gas prices are now at a low in the midwest. analysts say that areas could see $0.99 gas. it still points towards lower prices. $0.45 less than this time last year.
6:35 am
good morning. >> we are all waiting. someone else that is not a human will drive it. you have all the car companies. working on technologies. technology will only go as far as it is able to go. there are federal and state rules setting them back. vehicle safety regulators telling google that the computers in their cars, and their self driving cars can be considered drivers. that technology is a driver. a major step forward. a big win.
6:36 am
on when we will actually see these things. ben: it's still kind of concerns me. >> google goes on to say that a human can step in and compete with the computer or takeover for the computer. that puts more drivers in more danger. kerry: interesting. ben: are the futures quickly up or down? >> up. kerry: you can catch lauren on the fox business network. ben: you can go to fox / channel finder. kerry: fuller flights and lower ticket costs. >> contributing to the drop in revenue.
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a strong u.s. dollar. a mystery last night in lower manhattan. flames spotted near the top of one world trade center. >> there was no fire. just a combination of steve and light creating the illusion of fire. it did not stop people on twitter for a worrying. >> looking over the city view. we look over and it looks like the tower is on fire. it could be like the terrorist attack. >> we looked in the binoculars. we tried the binoculars on the tower. we were looking through the other. we got the picture. kerry: it looked to those spectators like it was fire.
6:38 am
it may have been an hvac issue. time to check the weather once again. we thought maybe there would be some snow this morning. that has faded. >> there are some flurries out there in harlem. no big deal. a few morning snow showers out there. more likely to see sun and sun and clouds a little later on this afternoon after that, we have the cool they are sneaking into the tri-state region. sunday looks very cold. let's bring in kelly. she is all set up with the commute this morning. >> pretty busy right now. lower level into brooklyn. a broken down car takes out at
6:39 am
outside right now at the northern state parkway. this is the delay. the accident, south of here. taking out at least two lanes. let's head over to duke with a look at sports. duke: good morning. charge for the first time last night against washington. we will be right back. ben: the latest entertainment news. kerry: bruce springsteen fans. we will show you.
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ben: wednesday morning. checking the headlines for you. jury deliberations are underway. manslaughter of a shooting of a girl and they apartment building
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kerry: the royal caribbean ran into 30-foot high seas and hurricane like wind off north carolina last weekend. ben: donald trump and ernie sanders. big winners out of the new hampshire primary. leading the republican delegate race. sanders defeated hillary big-time. kerry: time now is 6:45 a.m. take a look at this animal. it has gotten loose. wandered right into the school. voters were casting their ballot. it was all captured on video as well. it was not long until police arrived.
6:44 am
[laughter] that was pretty bad. >> i liked it. ben: bringing home the bacon. [laughter] duke: monday morning. the knicks fire head coach. by the way, phil jackson. head coach. sharp early on. knicks down 14. third quarter. bringing the knicks back. fourteen points. tied at 83. hitting the three. the buzzer. no. no good.
6:45 am
all right. here's here is a tweet i told you about by phil jackson. this is deep. here are some things that the pundits should know. the extended to you. transformational leadership. transactional leadership. it goes on and on. " some psychologists. i had to read it for a five, 10 times. trying to make it four straight wins. in newark last night, the devils retire. a tie game.
6:46 am
they win it two-one. islanders out in ohio. tied at two. over time. we go to the shootout. that was your winner. the eighth straight time. u.s. women's national team. if she had to make a decision right now, she would not go to brazil because of this trend 15 virus. i would never take the risk of having an unhealthy child. no athlete in rio should be faced with this decision. >> very interesting. >> carolina quarterback defending himself.
6:47 am
acting like a sore loser. after the super bowl 50 loss. the broncos were being interviewed. talking about how they knew about the carolina game plan. taking a lot of history in that game. here is what he said yesterday. >> who likes to lose? i am not here four popularity contest. i adhere to win football games. ben: he took a lot of hits during the game. he is still the person. duke: you do not want to be near me when i have a rough spell. ben: he comes out there. he is gracious. it is over. duke: i will cut him some slack.
6:48 am
it is a tough situation to be in good the same variation of the same question over and over again. you are trying to get something. ben: what you want me to say. kerry: you show me a good loser, i will show you a loser. ben: a lot of other quarterbacks . sportsmanship? i like budweiser. papa john's. there is that. ben: duke, thank you very much. again. mike: snow showers out there. not a whole lot going on. it is mainly over connecticut. an occasional snow squall here and there.
6:49 am
into the central sections. don't be surprised when you see a quick snow shower. accumulations should not be a big problem. thirty in sussex. 20 degrees at monticello. that minimal range. it is looking like all snow we have here in the tri-state. it is a fairly weak area. bringing us quick snow showers this morning. another one coming through later on tomorrow. we will see some son in the afternoon. a small chance of producing light snow. all. we will see trailers guys have colder temperatures. high temperature of 39 today. tomorrow, a high of 32. morning sun showers out there. twenty-seven for a high on
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twenty-one on saturday. sledding on down to 19 for a high on sunday. rated snow chances, and back to you early in the next work week. the fox5 weather up. download at the apple itunes store and google play store. it costs you nothing. good day will be back in a little bit. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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kelly: good morning and welcome back. a few trouble spots. pretty slow traveling into westchester county. let's get over to a look at the fdr drive traveling southbound. cell 563rd, we still have this accident closing at least two lanes. inbound george washington bridge, really not too bad he had 20 minute delay upstairs and downstairs. twenty minutes from either approach on the holland. ben: kelly, thank you. rapper dmx is recovering after he was found in the parking lot of a doctor's coat i with no posts. the new york post is reporting this morning that they gave him
6:54 am
no drugs were found and no charges filed here conde west is once again raising some eyebrows with a tweet you just posted. ben: it is short and to the point. bill cosby in a sense. making sure -- also involved in a criminal case down in pennsylvania. cosby has denied the allegations. call it the springsteen excuse. kerry: if you are a fan of bruce springsteen, a 12-year-old
6:55 am
on monday night. he was very honest about it when he wrote the late know for school the next day. have you ever wondered how many kids will be late or miss school out right if god were suddenly to appear or something like that? tucson, he is like god. ben: that is it for us on this ash wednesday morning. rosanna and great. there? (jeremy) a new york lottery scratch-off game. you know, for fun. even here. oh, look. it's carol. (harold) that is how you get to be senior associate supervisor. (avo) take a break from the play scratch-off games from the
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