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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  February 10, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> pretty cool. live look from battery park. people are up this taking pictures. >> that is so physician if ny. what are they doing up there. >> i think that is the maritime monument in. this is pure ray. this is a great nice go for a drink. rosanna. building over 100 years old. they opened a restaurant there puree about less than a year ago, think. >> several restaurants or just one big restaurant. a it is one big one with lots of different kind of co pone ins. there is a big bar on the first floor. on the second for that, there is another bar. actually, two. but more of a dining area.
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>> i recall some kind of controvers city there. >> yeah. he are you serious. >> you are not seraglios no. do you remember telling me something about that? >> row span, sometimes i told you. i did not. rosanna: okay. greg: please. rosanna: okay, no. aim just teasing you. i am just teasing you. >> you are tracking about it. i tell you what. i did get it. >> oh. no free drinks that place. >> if you don't know what we're talking about. this is lower manhattan at at the tip of manhattan. park. we have a live look now. harlem uptown manhattan. bernie sanderses who crushed hillary clinton. what time he is coming? i thought it was 8:00 this morning. >> crushed hillary clinton last night in num hall hir. he is expected sometime. i don't know when rosanna at silvia's to have breakfast with al sharpton. he beat million ry so bad last night, his next
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african meash support. there is not many african americans up there. but there are i lot in south carolina. rosanna: right. that is next on the schedule, i bleeb. rosanna: yeah. i believe, actually, a democratic debate tonight or tomorrow night, right? isn't there another debate? yao coming up. why then the republicans are this weekend. i believe it is saturday. yao hillary may have a built-in advantage. her support was much higher than bernie sanders but we'll see. that was game-changer. donald trump, also, let's not for get, he crushed republican field. like 2 points i think he was out in front. the polls indicated that for a long time, but rosanna, they certainly didn't last june. when he declared in the summer of 2015, you and i were both there. i this we have a picture waiting for donald trump to take the stage. look at how serious we look. >> we were trying to be political reporter also. >> you know what m we were. rosanna and i saw something. we felt something. we felt something that
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washington, d.c. felt or so. >> they wrote them off. they thought it was joke when he declared the candidacy. they thought it was hick, you fo he, he was doing a raeality show or something. we're not endorse org not supporting. i we sense this was big and real and we said so back in june. and i think it was access hollywood picked up. this is, again, the day that donald trump declared. take a look. >> nobody, nobody, nobody will be pushing us around. >> i think you may be a game-changer in the race. >> nobody would be tougher on isis than donald trump. [cheering and applauding] nobody. greg: listen to that speech. going to go over well in certain presies. that is big kael. this is ina joke. >> the guy did it without a teleprompter. >> apparently trump was winning it making quite the impression on media including good day new york's resana'a cot tow and greg kelly who joined the camera crush to listen to the speech. it was bizarre speech at times. rosanna, it was off the cuff.
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knew where he wanted to go. rosanna: right. at certain points he wanted to. greg: you pick up on the no teleprompter thing was huge. that has been a huge part of appeal. i feel indicated bus after we made those. that was on national television. we got a fair amount of heat. people are like those locals they don't understand politic and what is real t. these are not peg,s and everybody, the show, they not it was sideshow at best. this where we on the record knowing, knowing that it was serious thand it could be political history. >> you know what it? s the people who were making and basically ripping up the old play book of running for president of the united states. i think the people will be on the democratic side or whether on the republican side. they are fed up with the status quo in d.c. greg: sometime to appreciate something, you not to be moved. we don't work in the beltway. we're not obsessed with politics but i think we have a good feel for where america is and where new york is and
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now he may not win. he may win. we knew this was not lightly. you can go back and look at the sunday shows and all the political experts. >> by the way, and the local tabloids one of which is still on the fence about donald trump even today, this this morning. >> well on the fence. i can understand. i can understand. i can. we knew this was mayor. >> and we don't even know where this political season can go because there is talk that mike bloomberg, the former mayor may throw the hat though ring. in year's past how would pent fair in a political race. you no what the race book is ripped up. there is a new playbook being written now as you run for president of the united states. so it is anybody's guess whether mike bloomberg willow the hat the rng and how he will do. >> he is saying he think thinking about it. chris christie looks look he may be quitting today. he came in sixth place last night in new hampshire. governor of new jersey. you know, a little over
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being recruited to rup. hes with seen as phonesly the savior of the republican party. somebody who could beat barack obama and alternative to mitt romney. he didn't do it. now. rosanna: at that time, he said was not ready. he gave a speech at the was falling over themselves to get to governor christie. at the same, he said i am not ready. now he is ready. he says he is ready. apparently, you guess, the voters are not onboard. they can't seem to get headway. greg: listen to this. >> we are going go home to new jersey to wait. by tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, we shouldle know. then that will allow us to make decision about how we move from here. rosanna: tomorrow is today buy the way. that speech was givep last night. so we may have some kind of decision from governor christies and later this afternoon. greg: one more time. love that picture of us in the at reiam there of trump waiting for donald trump to come out. first of all. not trying to look serious. trying to look skny.
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have a zoo lanner face on. rosanna: do it the time. particularly if it is selfie. rosanna: is perfect now. zoolander opens friday. greg: all right. we called it we'll see rosanna: meantime. weather. mike woods has been calling this winter pretty good. the snowflakes gone for the morning? meteorologist: few flays flying m. we have some snow how we're throughout that will be around for the next few hours then they should take a break later in the afternoon. they are going to make a comeback later tonight anyway. the next couple of days. we have some snow but nothing big. now, this is the other big story for us here. the temperature trib over the next few days into the weekend. our high temp forecast for today is 39. the normal high is 41 so a hair pe three but we're dropping it down, down the upper teens to low 20's upcoming weekend. that is valentine's day. high temp up to 19 degrees only. on that day, they, it starts to come back up as we head here.
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little briefated. we have holidays comex week with president's day coming up. anyhow. here is what we have. yeah. scattered know showers over croc connecticut duchess county. are also looking at snow showers and some have come and gone over long island and mainly soul of k county and over in incomes. light to moderate snow shower and squalls that are am through. thans to the area which is moving onbye. that will continue to bris a few more through the morning then later on this afternoon. a little bit drier. it is 34 with cloudy skies at central park now. at last the latest observation. no snow being seen there. we have seen it kind of come and go throughout the morning. 33 degrees now in d.r. we got 19 in pittsburgh. 29 in syracuse. most of us are right around the freezing point or just below. this is the first area which is pulling by. there is actually another one up to the northwest which is going to drop into the tristate reg upon. within the next 24 hours or so. what that do is keepngs this going in terms of snow chances. even though it takes a quick break later this
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you should see the drier sky and that trough does dip down and through the tristate region tomorrow morning and that could once i gain bring us a few quick know shower or squalls in the area. it dunn look like it will add up to much. we don't usually get much these situations and there is not enough no i sture. we get a little bit of snow out of it from time to time. clear skies are back again as we head to friday. so today, morning snow shower hi temp gets up to 39 in the city. then tomorrow, a few more know showers throughout with high of 32 and drier for friday and through this upcoming weekend. but it is, it is cold as well. look that high temp of only 19 degrees. high on val tine's day, then some rain, snow chances are back again monday and as day of next week. rosanna, greg, over to you. yao thanks a lot. have you seen this on tv in the past couple of years. big live productions. peter pan, live, on nbc back b a year ago. s amazing. rosanna, tansing, sing, choreograph ry fi. it is on live television. it is wild.
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also, just a couple of weeks ago. we had "grease: live." rosanna: they made the playbook two week ago. yao when you watch. you are hoping a little bit something guess wrong. rosanna: they can hot cover it up. greg: coming up next month on fox, march 20th "the passion" the story of crist on crucifixion. who is playing yes thus this should be amazing television event. carlos carmelo will plays where he thins passion on fox. welcome, sir. this is a role of a lifetime it would seem. it is safe to say f. nice to see you. >> huge honor. rosanna: nice you have. >> thank you for having me. rosanna: are you nervous? i mean, you playing jesus christ. >> i am excited. you know, we were talking about this. god is at the center of my life and everything that i do. so i owe him everything. and to have the honor to be playing jesus, it is lightly. this.
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rosanna: you no i, this is, now, you know, this guy, he is latin american heart there throb. he has 100 million view on the video. you mo he, he is on with eva longoria, has the acting chops. can do it. it is jesus sing fag yeah. 80% of the show is snging. so,way. we're going to be. yeah. thank god, i am doing mostly music and sipping. the scenes are so and it is going to be one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. why who else in the cast with you? i know trish ya yearwoods the virgin mary, chris daughtry, seal is pilot. >> would wow. >> it gissing to be great. french is peter as well. it is just an amazing adam, who is responsible, who is response another music.
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just amazing. it is modern songs ul around this story. rosanna: now the songs you are going to sing. >> that is a surprise. nobody told me i cannot reveal those things. but, a yeah. though songs are amazing. stay true. there have been portrayals of christ in this passion before. they brought on controversy. this is a traditional traditional. it is directly. we're not changing that. it thins madern fashion which is necessary. greg: there will be break dancing? rosanna: any dance in the passion? >> i don't think so. greg: there is dapsing, though? rosanna: jesus would dance. dance. he was going down like that. jesus won't be break dance f.
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>> new orleans. greg: into new orleans? >> think, you know, that is a great question. to me, i think it is a city that has been hit many times and theorizesser rect over and over again. i think that foes so perfect with this story. why sure. you have with six weeks physical the live show. >> we do. rosanna: have you started rehearsing yet? >> well, i leave tonight. i leave tonight. we start the whole production. we start everything. we are excited. we could r excite for everybody to watch and see it. you know, it is a beautiful story. is the most important story. >> fabulous. as christian, i am looking forward to it. i really, i applaud you and fox by the way. our channel is doing this. rosanna: fantastic. all right. does seem to be a big movement now, maybe, maybe listen, mark pru net, down think. greg: they did the bible. rosanna: they have seeped the movement of doing faith-based torres. well, you know, whether you are religious not or a bleeber or not.
9:14 am
it is a story about hope, love, unity, about for giving and accepting. think now more than ever, the world needs to hear stories looic that. greg: meantime, you can see jen car also on channel 7. 8:00p 30. greg: you are from miami? >> i am. greg: you got into interattempt now? >> i started singing in the backyard of my house. my dad is munn that in ger. he is by mid see you. we went from neighbor neighbor. can my son sing? in up with those houses there was right person inthe backyards became festle vas, festivals became stadiums. we're touring. we have central america tour now. rosanna: you do? >> yes. the english album. the first english album with incredible, in crediblable team in the records and i cannot way to share it with the world. rosanna: what is it called? >> well, we choose it at in the of this month and so can you give us a hint. >> would you have to hear the songs.
9:15 am
we don't know which is going to be yet. >> i will sing it. he well exception lab here. rosanna: that is maze. i got ask you now. how does this work? as he mentioned you know what is on the air now. if you have not watched it. it is just good laughs. he plays the ex-husband. >> i do. rosanna: that is your start. you actually started there, right? >> le where,way. after music. after music acting came out of left field. i started as the lead of the spanish soap operas. i had never watched one in my life to be honest this much then it took me my storm. now hear we are playing shall well, that is it. the first soap opera i was in the lead of. that is crazy. yao whats the difference between spanish and american one? one. the spanish one lasts six months. the english once last 50 years.
9:16 am
>> we got to do them. rosanna: do a stare down. >> oh, yeah. are good. you gourd. you are better. she got it. greg: really nice meet you. we can see you again over on channel 7. really we are looking forward to "the spatial passion" march 20th sunday her on fox. rosanna: all the best. thank you. i would say break a leg but i am afraid. it is live tv. >> don't break a leg. thank so much. rosanna: thighs meet. greg: do you like the arrhythmics. rosanna: love. greg: i grew up listening to the arrhythmics and half of them join us in a moment. dave stewart, the new book. rosanna: sweet dreams, buy, oh boy. what i read was that his sons have no idea what he did in his life. and he is a little concerned they are going to raise the bar whan they have to say. if you leave nothing out, greg.
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sound track. lang with, we'll see in a moment, david, he is always on the computer. and the keyboard. seems to be making everything happen really. he us out with a new memoir and still ahead. it is called sweet dreams and the life and music by dave tu wart. a forward by mick jagger. nice to have you here on good day new york. huge. huge. huge fans. >> i am so excited. >> what i like sweet dreams and the cyst remembers doing it for themselves. greg: forgive us. think rosanna said it first, by the way. rosanna: that was annie lennox sew snow. >> yeah. rosanna: there you fo. when you hear her, you think part of it. >> he was the guy the mysterious guy doing this stuff. how did you meet sneer she was work in a
9:21 am
restaurant which was unheard of in those days. i was writing backyards and stuff like that and we lived together from that second on for five years. we lived as couple and break up and wrote 14 songs about breaking. no-holds-barred. sex, drugs, rock ap roll. you are you re unite with stephanie knicks. anybody come back to you. >> no. actually, it is all true and still friends with people in the book. when you go through such toward fame, it like you are tied to a rocket ship and everybody goes through these things. they go through the things if they are not tied to a rocket ship.
9:22 am
i died on the operating table. i flat lined in 1979. somebody else slipped into my body which is called a walk wrin, right inthat is the name of when that happens. from then on, i have been somebody else. i am completely not me. i am somebody else. >> what happened to you in 1979? >> i was on the operating table. >> i had huge car crash in germany. was not driving. my lungs kept collapsing, but i was taking drugs and they dino the drug gave me mixed with the drugs i was on, it was like, oh-oh, at that oh-oh moment, i thought it with create genius. rosanna: it was turning point in your life? not a you felt somebody
9:23 am
right? >> i is about me be a somebody came inside. not arriving before that and everybody with katy perry, make jag, he stephanie knicks, it goes on and on as well as creating tv shows. i out one coming on nbc called song land about the writing and writing songs and it is not nonstop thing. i know it is not me. it is not you? rosanna: why? well, it had to be you. you were always a genius income were you always waiting to come out of your shell? >> right. i was not always a genius. it was staggering around confused like most people. rosanna: do you think the age and wisdom and that traumatic experience shaped your future? >> um, i don't know, really. am going backwards now. i am addressing the aging process.
9:24 am
know, finish up with that 36 and i will that i have for awhile. >> if you are talking. we are out going to give greater meaning to 1979. you got it figured ut. the figure in that video, washingtons he up to sometimes, right? >> oh, right. well, sweet dreams before we made it. i wrote everything like a sketch book with them in the room and then with the computer. i was based on surrealism, and french movie making, and the record company, like what the snell why? why such a good-looking girl if you red read bee the book by seth shall you will see, you know, just having a straightforward video was not going to do as much as having a strange video? >> let's get that purple cow. rosanna: i love that. it is very, very honest book. it seems like that to me. i know, i have been
9:25 am
i guess one of them were you concerned your kids were going to read about your life for the first time. they didn't know about all the blanks i guess? >> yeah, main. you know, they will be with all right about it. my wife, she says she doesn't want to read it yet because she thinks she is too squared to read it at the moment. rosanna: because of the other women in your life? >> she is fine about that. it is just i am like this pepper. she is wor i haved she is leaving with the other pepper, you see what i mean? i yeah. greg: what do your kids do if. >> they are all musicians. india, my youngest, is, you know, deny showing is a musician, but such a brilliant danker, you can see it developing. she is probably hopefully going to be a lawyer. greg: where did you grow up? >> i grew up on the northeast of england near scotland. in a place called sunland nar the castle. greg: music was
9:26 am
>> i this i real whines i wases about threes old, it was back they, my dad, you he, we had a toon ny little house like they have the street houses, you know? my dad had a little workshop in the back. he made something. i didn't understand. i was so young. he made little speakers. one mourn, he blasted out vinyl and he brought every rogers and hammerstein musical you can imagine. i got into solo. i would be walk up the street singing. and but i was not two years late when i washingtons writing the musical, the ghost musical has been on the west end of brd which and all over the place. oh, yeah. i know that musical. the show tunes baste rosanna: wow. so in the book, you talk about working with mick jagger. >> yeah. >> it is so cool. then you talk about aretha franklin.
9:27 am
wonderful musicians that you worked with. >> yeah. well, working and writing soppings with incredible people like mcjogger. we won the golden globe together. it is trending. as i kid you, you are growing up and hearing the rolling stones and watching in the tv. then in the back of a yellow cabin new york and the guitar and we're writing the song and it >> right. you know, you write songs in the most peculiar classes like like the right piece of paper with the piano. s in the most insane situations as i put in the book. rosanna: i love it. greg: let's put out in the screen, please. there is a back signing barns and noble. the big one, 86 athen there ex tonight. ! 7:00. what is going on with you and annie lennox? >> personal? greg: official. rosanna: yeah. >> well, annie and i, the last time we played
9:28 am
year. it was weird. had to walk done the catwalk playing guitar. i know them both. i have wrote with them both. they were trying to put me off. then and think was making that blues-jazz album she put out. rosanna: are you going to collaborate in the future? we never said never. we get asked al theinism we can play anywhere. we can play orc tra, a full band, acoustic guitar. we wrote songs you candice man tell them or deacon struck them and take them in anyway. greg: thanks very much. >> thank you so much. beautiful book. sweet dreams are made of this. go see them tonight at 7:00. >> i will tell you all about. >> i okay. >> thank you. >> see ya. >> all right. you know him from sops of anarchy. he has major social media following, right?
9:29 am
he fries staten island. we love him. anyway, he is here. he is tagging about a new movie. did you hear dave stewart say. i am just like, digesting what he is saying to me. anyway, well, coming
9:30 am
>> lower manhattan be the rei park. battery place that building on the left rosanna over 100 years old. >> your mother worked there. i live up there. a few floors -- i show you i lived in 31st floor. way up. way up there's actually building set back. keep going. higher, higher i'm telling you. there we go. underneement that black scaffolding that's where i lived i had a great view of new york harbor. i also had about oh, it was size of a slightly bigger than usual refrigerator. a studio apartment. >> that can happen in new york city but a good start. let's talk about somebody who is a staten island nate haddive and we all love him boy oh boy juice from the show.
9:31 am
>> watch this. roosevelt. chinese. >> what you know is not -- it's what you can prove. >> you can give us proof? names and the murder weapon. proof. >> this is intense. >> seems like forever. how long ago was that? >> a lifetime ago at this point. >> so much going on including new movie called bad hurt when you also produced. back on "good day new york." i think that you were here after sandy. hurricane sandy because staten island got beat up. >> especially where i group able to form this month federal
9:32 am
and we were able to perform strong and sought rebuilding houses and raising money. >> good job. tell us about bad hurt. >> bad hurt it's a passion part of you know, a starter production company because it was one of the people i don't like complaining. i like to do something about it. a lot of movies that i wanted to see weren't in the threat or anymore. they were this a film that focused on family dynamic. it's basically a story about hope that goes behind the story of this family and trial and tribulation of them. that daughter with developmental disability and ptsd father who is closed off. mother trying to hold it altogether and then young son trying to find his way. >> based this on somebody that you knew or -- >> yeah, director/writer so basically his 20 years of his life culminated into a two-hour movie pep >> yeah, bad hurt.
9:33 am
let's see a clip. >> how's your brother doing? >> better. >> i never see him. >> don't get out much. >> oh, that's too bad. a hell of a ball player. >> absolutely -- should have gone pro. >> well, can't play for the yankees. >> play for uncle sam. >> how come you never played? >> i did. >> oh. yeah. >> by the way, this movie is getting such great prebuzz the reporter sieve getting it raids and shot it in your home or burrow. smtion that was a big thing after sandy we spoke about that, getting back there, bringing jobs there and people in the community around there. if you do an independent film you need everybody to have your
9:34 am
that. and sandy is what made me move back. i was living in l.a., i moved back to staten island after sandy. >> big movie star living in staten island we love that. by the way, i believe was -- in indiana jones. karen alan in the movie. >> she plays my mom. best opening scene in a family -- so glad she's in it. >> good stuff. you can see it everywhere are. >> everywhere. itunes download, whole world download you can see it on someone's face at this point. everywhere. >> if but a lot on your plate. >> a lot coming up. >> tv show for netflix marvel, parts of the daredevil jessica jones hoping that's going on. movie universal coming out and when had the bow breaks coming out, and more importantly i have a son who turned eight months old yesterday. >> congratulations.
9:35 am
>> i keep that private. you trust us. 100%. >> favorite restaurant that you go to which one -- >> besides, obviously, your family's restaurant fresco i would say dinino best pizza in new york city. >> that's in staten island. i think we may need to try that. where he went with a knife and fork, it might be. [laughter] yeah. >> you mean the mayor. >> that guy. don't bring up his name he ate with a knife and fork which is okay but love giving him a hard time about it. >> do you use your hands or knife and fork? my life. possible. >> he did it. [laughter] well buddy thank you so much. congratulations you made this happen all on your own. penchts so proud of him. i can't wait see this movie. friday. >> rosanna and i by the way have -- look we're going to pot here physically. we're bring in to tonia she's one
9:36 am
she's going to help us get our act together. >> meggen kelly is raving about her diet and kept her so slim. so you and i are going to try it out, right? >> we food this. and harp tear from the tv show limitless -- csi here to talk about an look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
9:37 am
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oafntle, yes our next guest, you know him from -- limitless on si. ?rofd a important movie called 1982 and a special event happening in new york city tonight. that we want to talk about, we welcome hill harper, to "good day new york." along with his friend welcome to you both the. nice to see you. >> thank you so much. you're founder of imagination and you're behind this film it shall >> to the event taking place at the fba threat or. >> what had is this about? >> a celebration of black history and activism and honoring artist who is use their work for social change like hill, and false raising visibility for our project theater opening in harlem. >> we have a lot to talk about we want you on oscars and what's happening there. a lot of fuss thought it was misrepresented who was
9:40 am
hill tell us about 1982. >> a film that i'm proud of. i produced a film and i star in the film writer, director, producer of the film based off his life growing up with a crack addicted mother, powerful, beautiful film and type of film that i believe we should see more of being made and certainly every film festival was played in folks were talking awards, awards for the film and then we fast forward to now and there's only one theater which is still great, that is going to play in los angeles. starting oscar weekend ironically and play at the fine arts threat or on wilshire interest thing opinion that's the only o thing. so tonight there's a big difference. only time new york city is going obviously, an opportunity to download in the future. but on the big screen made for the big screen. >> i'm going to be there. people will be there. tonight is an maying night.
9:41 am
york area, you still do a lot of shooting -- of your other show. where's limitless? >> we shoot limitless right here in new york, brooklyn. >> i didn't realize that that is home grown right here. >> one by 23rd street beautiful threat or. great big screen and 1982 by the way is the year 1982. first of the year because -- you know, i know you're too young to remember this. but -- it's when crack and crack addiction started to hit many of our communities across the country. many of our urban center and early 80s is when we saw this crack epidemic continue and unfortunately tommy oliver writer, director his mother became a victim to crack addiction. >> let's take a look at 1982
9:42 am
e -- >> what? my pocket right here. >> you are crazy. okay. that was fun. >> i have a surprise.
9:43 am
>> looks interesting. i love so far the sound track. >> also philadelphia art fist from the late 70s in early 80s, and you know, et cetera, and it's really d's last film. legendary film last film of her career. >> when did you film this? >> about a year and a half ago. >> folks let's talk. a lot of controversy guess it was a month or so ago when the academy kill out with their oscar nominations. well, you know what happened a lot of folks felt -- >> oscar white not enough representation. great films ignored like straight out of compton. you're both in the business. i'd like to get your take. >> so many aspect of that issue. number one it took so much money to even get to oscars. a film of 1982 doesn't have marketing dollars to present to the academy. and that's a major issue.
9:44 am
fact that if you're overlooking black artists, at the end of the day you're overlooking aspect of humanity that feeds into black lives matter and whole issue of racial profiling in this country. so it's not something that can be to just oscars. i think it's a large ire issue. and from my permittive at the end of the day if you don't like what oscars are doing 3weu8d your own cinema like we're doing. your own revolution awards lske you're doing so many aspects to look at but i'm glad it's been raised and give visibility to organizations luke mine. >> i was in a film this -- oscar season called concussion able when had we remember shooting the film that will deserved nomination i believe he does deserve a nomination. 1982 is an example of the pipeline problem. because there's a lot of merit that comes out if certain types eve films, and if you start to
9:45 am
self-fulfilling prophesy. i believe every festival that plays reviewers qowld say 1982 deserves oscar consideration and it will be el eligible because it will play like just said there's a marketing element to it. and if the industry is not going to look at films like 1982 and say you know actually there's an opportunity here because there's a real opportunity. film was dubbed for such a budget that if a studio, real studio got behind it and said you know we're going to actually have an oscar campaign for this film. there's no way it would make money. flow would they make $200 million like they would with some blockbuster, about no, but they could still make money. >> i have an idea. i can help let's burn you have copies with the d involve and get them to the academy. [laughter] >> sed them the dvd. what else do you have to do? what else do you have to do? >> you have to raise profile. and then you have to really have to reach out to voting members of the golden globes, hollywood form press. you have to actually build a
9:46 am
the independent spirit awards and then you have to build a buzz within hollywood. finance screenings and expensive theaters. feed folks you do a lot of things and send out -- >> a lot of work and a lot of money. yeah. it is. >> we'll see the movie and do our part. >> view rs here on the couch of "good day new york" getting the word out. >> that's right. >> if youive l in l.a. go see it instead of oscars -- about >> in new york. go to the revolution awards at the if fda theater we have a few tickets get them now from 6:30 and film shows right after. >> that's great right on 23rd street school of liberal arts. >> on limitless, tuesday nights if on at 10:00. nice to have you here. >> thank you. all right. are you ready to get ripped? >> we need to lose weight tonia putting off our resolution we wanting to to the beach without wearing a shirt.
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9:50 am
bernie sanders is in harlem right now meeting with al sharpton we believe u up there. : nothing to do with the f factor diet the reason it is up there is because greg and i are going to lose some weight. immediately. >> everybody made a pledge around new years so did we but we blew it off. three months before -- >> holiday powngdz i put on. i can't get it off. stop looking. [laughter] tonia you may remember when my sister was getting married we brought her in because i needed to lose a few pounds immediately. >> we have before pictures from back then, i believe they still apply quite frankly, they do. >> we have the same amount of pound -- there we are. still wow, what a shlub i am but
9:51 am
channel and friendly with megyn kelly and she talked about f factor diet and sold out o her books in two seconds; right? >> it was quite a generous plug she gave me. >> in the meantime we need help desperately. what the hell can we do that we vice president done already? >> so we have been told to rely on the gym to get fit. while gym is a small important factor, what really melts fat away is diet. so we're going to be doing two parts today. cardio. >> that's a lot of fiber. fiber has an effect that boost your metabolism more calories you're burnings even at rest. when we match that with weight training twice a week, now you're going to build muscle so felt the fat away so some have that meat sweater we're going to
9:52 am
muscles will reveal themselves. >> wine -- >> you can drink wine, we have fiber and protein you get a ton of food this is not small portion but surprisingly calories are low which is why weight loss occurs. you have breakfast a gornlingsous yogurt parfait with a high fiber cereal. cup of coffee. >> don't go anywhere. hi dad uh huh, okay yeah..sorry about that. what do you think? hi ted, glad you could join us, to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
9:53 am
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rntion thank you so much for saying nice things about us on or "fox 5 ny" page. >> tonia is in the process of changing our lives. eating crackers which actually are delicious new formula. >> new formula, flavor not just a dry fiber cracker anymore but more simple to follow. >> tell everybody what you were saying about not working out or how it can make you fat.
9:55 am
this country we have more than any nation in the world and we're fattest nation in the world. so reliance on exercise has not resulted it in leaning it us out. it is about diet. but we want to pair it with weight and maintain your muscle mass that's why i recommend to my clients let f factor be your cardio. you are going to learn how to manage your weight u through intake not through your output and liberating but scientifically proven thing i can share with your viewers today. >> this is what we're going to do. go to our facebook page my facebook page and fox 5 facebook page and continue the conversation with tonia, have a good day, new york. >> see ya.mighty philistine army stood on the hill above the men of king saul.
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