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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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temperatures dropping and reinforcing the cold air that comes in.
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come down [cheering] cupid needs to put on some clothes! cupid has to do some things to one that up . you know with that look that he has going on like richard simmons that's bring in christina. >> so funny! he needs a haircut.>> he needs a makeover. >> think you . >> we have the eastbound side of route 80 out there with a crash here. it's definitely a spot to be mindful of if you are commuting early this morning. there's next with one lane blocked off so we will see some congestion surrounding that spot. i will bring into the lie in both directions running
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george washington bridge looking good. no delay into the toll plaza. the approachability for 95. no delay with the holland tunnel in good shape. alternate side parking rules are in effect. >> the remaining passengers among the anthem of the seas are scheduled to disembark . it returned to new jersey last night and those on the nightmare cruise cannot wait to get back on land. >> is the anthem of the seas glided slowly into keep liberty , more than 6000 souls on board glimpsed solid , dry ground and boy, did it look good? >> i am happy to be home! it was scary. >> i don't think anyone has been this happy to get off
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>> they hoped for a memorable trip to the bahamas. memorable? relaxing ? steered into a storm. winds reach 120 mph and buffeted the 101,000 foot vessel and threw it around like a sailboat. 30 foot waves to passengers on the worst roller coaster ride ever! it was 12 hours of hell . >> it with a horror! pictures posted on social media show how violent it got . forecasters predicted the storm boreal caribbean said its severity far exceeded expectations. four passengers suffered minor injuries. the cruise line will give passengers a full refund and a certificate for 50% off. whether they want to take
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question entirely. ben: would you? carrie: i don't think so. a man is accused of setting his girlfriend and her three children at a staten island hotel. it's being used as a temporary housing for the homeless. a woman in two of her children are dead in the third child is in critical condition.we have the latest . reporter: 28 homeless families robust to other facilities. it was used by the city to house the homeless temporarily but it changed after the heinous murder . there is nothing more horrible than adult that would attack an innocent child. 24 old michael sykes killed his girlfriend and their
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the two other daughters, ages one and two. they were all stabbed multiple times with a kitchen knife. the two-year-old is the only survivor. >> we want to get him quickly and get him off the streets as fast as we can. >> cutler and her three children were homeless had been living at the ramada and since december. sykes did not live here. the hotel has security from 10:00 6:00 a.m.. the gruesome attack happened at 9:00 am. it had, once again, raise the issue of safety and security and homeless securities facilities . we are working with 41 hotels citywide that we provide security to them. they have to agree to accept it. more security is needed at the hotels that the city has contracts with. there are four in his district. he also wants each borough
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homeless instead of busting them into other boroughs. >> we have a saturation of four shelters in my borough . >> the 25 role was walking along empire boulevard in crown heights before noon yesterday. he says he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his right shoulder and he turned around the stabber was running in the opposite direction direction. the victim suffered a collapsed lung and was taken to the hospital. if you saw this man, call crime stoppers. 1-800-577-tips . a man sexually assaulted a woman on the upper east side. gregory anderson is charged with sex abuse and robbery in the 1st0. he grabbed a woman on e. 94th st. robbed her and sexually assaulted her. they say they first
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crime stopper chip number able to arrest him things to another crime stopper chip . peter liang is accused of shooting and killing an armed man inside of a brooklyn stairwell . the brooklyn judge denied his request for a mistrial saying closing arguments made by the assistant da was inflammatory and they have swayed the jury. >> then accused him of intentional crimes . for that reason, we ask that this be declared a mistrial. >> it's a 20 14 shooting of girly that took place in pink houses . applauded by her fellow officers as she left
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the 24-year-old officer, you can see her there, was shot in her stomach a gunman in a housing development. officer patrick was shot in the cheek and he was released from the hospital last week. the gunman killed himself after the shooting. mike bloomberg is itching to run for president. that's a source close to the mayor . he started his second pole as his chances as an independent. the wall street journal reported . he denied that in the journal has now remove the reference from its story. >> chris christie dropped out of the race.
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in a facebook post and said he has no regrets about running. he finished sixth place in the new hampshire primary. he gone is just 7% of the vote . there is no time off for him. he will get back into the business of the new jersey's governor. it will give a speech on the $30 billion budget.he needs to make decisions on the transportation fund and the state pension fund. carly fiorina dropped out. she finished seventh in new hampshire. she is not leaving the campaign trail it will continue to travel the country to fight for americans who refuse to settle for the way things are. she has a message for a women and girls. do not listen to anyone who says you have to vote a certain way . i think it's a reference
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>> hillary clinton and bernie sanders will debate tonight in milwaukee. fresh off the win in new hampshire, anders had a face-to-face meeting with al sharpton. they designed dined in harlem . sanders is trying to win over the african-american vote which polls show favors hillary clinton. sanders is strong amongst youth voters. in new hampshire, pulling their , they found him trustworthy and honest and for clinton it was less than half. dress warm today! we are looking at a breezy day . very cold.
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the easy way for touchably soft feet. suits me and my new shoes. new amop\ pedi perfect wet & dry. available at walmart in the foot care aisle or near the registers. okay everyone. the schedule set up for what's to come. it's colder this morning . it's in the east end of long island early on. moving through pretty quickly. it's another blast of arctic air heading in for the weekend. that means a potential for record low temperatures in the tri-state region. it's right on valentine's day with windchill factors between 15 200 below zero.
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air. it's the partly cloudy sky at central park right now. the windchill factors are in the lower digits in the tri-state. other temperatures at 15 for you in syracuse and 12 in pittsburgh. basically, we have cold air over canada. will be heading this way over the next few days. it's not in south seeing it and luckily it comes to fairly quickly. it can cause you some hazardous conditions registering through. if you are driving out there, look out for that potential. we still have more in the way of potential showers in the way of a piece of
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that's okay give you a snow shower. we have the cold air pouring across the days. the temperatures will just be heading south in terms of snowfall anything we do it will get on the very light side here. we only get up to about 300 later on this afternoon and there is a few quick snow showers today. stephen cold on saturday the temperatures falling through the afternoon hours. on sunday we only managed to get to 170 for the high. we would set a record low at 20 below zero. really cold stuff coming at us. the weather app has a live interactive radar. you can download it today and keep track of where the snow is. it's free so check it out.
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>> we have a couple of accidents out there already. when it's flirting , you know we let you know what's going on. >> we do have an accident on 80 and it will be to eastbound side exit 37. it's already in the process of being cleared away. it's the accident where one lane is blocked off and again, it's a hotspot and we'll see the moving cars. the car fire has been extinguished. the car fire is out there so you will see some emergency of any lingering around that spot. let's go outside to the staten island expressway. things are looking good in both directions. the next live shot will be the area in grand central looking good westbound .
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looking great in both's in the kennedy airport. parking rules are in effect, back to you. >> you ready for a strike by the new jersey transit ? >> the rail workers have a dozen unions authorize to the walkout. it's a board meeting yesterday. that's at the agency if it does not approve the offer that they say would increase health premiums by hundreds of dollars per month. they say it increases by negating a wage increase. they did not comment on the specific proposal. new jersey transit last strike was back in 1983. carrie: declaring all the trains and buses overboard free zones. customers and employees will not be permitted to ride, charge, carry the devices on the trains. nj transit says it's for
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the reasons can burst into flames without warning. >> still to come the rangers chased the penguins and good day is up next. "good day early call" will
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>> welcome back. look at what's happening with the temperatures out there this's obviously colder than what we had yesterday. temperatures took a good hit at five 100 above average. we have 26 right now out at central park and 21 in allentown. 270 in islip. windchill factors, because it is a decent amount, feels like 160 in central park . bridgeport feels like 23 and it's 20 only in my cello. we have a few snow showers and most of those are coming through eastern long island. there will be a risk of a few snowflakes here. high temperatures get up to 300 and it's colder tomorrow. colder on saturday and ridiculously cold on sunday. at least it will be sunny
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carrie and ben, over to you. carrie: all i heard was cold, cold, ridiculously cold. rangers in pittsburgh. the penguins with crosby on a seven-game gold streak. duke: kevin hayes gets the park and shows the incredible patience getting around to defenders. the goal he throws his stick. he still gets his first goal at 13 games and this is it . dominic moore with the absolutely shot. andre fleury and the rangers with the kings. it's a brick wall all night long. it's 58 career shutouts. he does not have a shot on
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rangers first set out they have lost linebacker john beeson. he announced his retirement. he missed a lot of time due to injury.the 31-year-old did not miss a single game in his first four seasons. he made three portables after becoming highest-paid linebacker in the nfl. he suffered his first major injury in 15 games in 2011 with a torn achilles tendon. this would be the ongoing trend for the rest of his career. >> didn't answer at home to wit see the grizzlies. it's looking good speed . this is mike conley laying up the fly . it's a 20 point lead. later on, he is going to nail it .
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the third. hundred 90 is final score. it's a fight between the phoenix gun and the game at the golden state. they get into it and he shows goodwin . they would be separated in the game. he scored 20 points. some have lost in the lost nine straight. >> lakers , cleveland in the third it's from bad to worse. lebron and his past hits the rookie and it's them you know where. he falls to the floor and it's very understandable. lebron has been looking for
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and that will hurt. the lakers have kobe's last appearance and i can't see it again! that's his basketball. >> it's one way to look at it. >> spring training for the mets starts next week . it's a lot of mets.they are getting ready to go for the season. >> i thought he would cut his hair.he was! he and i had a conversation.jacob is getting ready. you are taking credit? >> he has a ton of confidence. he and his fellow stars . >> i think everyone trust their stuff and knows if you have one bad one to shake it off and get back out there in five days. we all know that we are pretty good at pitching. i think that gives us the
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