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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  February 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up".light snow covering the car windows. get ready, the snow is the sideshow. the real story is the extreme cold. coldest temperatures we have felt all winter. michael is has the forecast, coming up. carrie: anything but smooth sailing for the anthem of the seas.the cruise ship is back in port and passengers tell horror stories. hear what they have to say. >> three people are dead
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after starting in a staten island hotel. two of those are children. we will have the latest on a search for the suspect, >> it will be a first for bill de blasio. reports that he plans to munch in the st. patrick's day parade. ben: i am ben simmoneau. carrie: i am in for juliet huddy. ben: we are just about . we are moving along. it's important. it's a little friday. that is true. >> a lot of people have a three-day weekend coming up .>> not us! carrie: a cold weekend is ahead. before it's a cold weekend we won't want to do a lot. stay inside! if you have the third day off why not. do nothing. ben: would you recommend people do? stay inside?
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joke ! ben: it is valentine's day. ben: mike: why not? it is valentine's day. there is nothing but angels around us . ben: we don't have dirty minds . mike: it's 250 and we just dropped another degree. it's at 250 in belmar. 260 and bridgeport and everyone is freezing. that's not even taking into consideration the wind out there. the windchill factor is reporting in central park at 160. 14 on islip .it's the
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enhanced in all four , snow showers will be in and out fairly quickly. the snow is coming down at a decent rate here so it may cause you some issues there. it may blind you quickly. watch out for that. there is a potential and they will be more potential for a few more snow showers although i don't think we will see too much happening as waves of low pressure will swing through here. what they do have is more cold air behind them and that's what keeps the temperatures down. the general trend is to come down over the next few days. the average high is 410 in the record is 650 back in 2009. folks might remember it but here's what we have today not even close. we will see some snow showers here and there and some in the morning and some in the afternoon with
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300. as you go through the next seven days, we have a high of 32. 270 tomorrow with light snow showers possible. we will see a high of 200 in the afternoon. colder air is coming as we go there saturday and sunday. it ties the record high for that day. sometimes that it's confusing. let's bring in christina right now. see what we have. is an accident right here with a jackknife tractor-trailer.
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it's definitely a spot you will have to allow yourself some extra time. you will see the remnants of a car fire northbound. the wreckage is still out there were two lanes blocked off. we were very heavy moving into that spot. it's an approach to the gospels bridge. look at all that traffic that's because of construction at this time they have 30 minute'll see that no one is coming eastbound and everyone is traveling west towards the bridge. it is at a standstill. until further notice you will stay away from the bridge right now. we will go outside to the brooklyn bridge which is not looking terrible. the bqe is the alternate side of the street and that is in effect today. then in cary, back to you. >> the remaining passengers are on the anthem of the seas. the cruise cannot wait to get back on land. let's get back to robert
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>> manning cary good morning to you. stole my thunder. we want to show you just how enormous the ship is. it's nearly as long as the empire state building is tall. it's just how powerful the storm really was. the cruise line, royal caribbean, is apologizing for sailing into the storm saying, we need to do better. one passenger who disembarked last night summed up the feelings of many when he shouted , free at last! >> as the anthem of the seas glided into the port , they glimpsed solid, dragline ground and boy did it look good. it was really scary. i don't think anyone has been this happy getting off a cruise before to
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home. the passengers had hoped for a memorable , relaxing trip to the bahamas. memorable? you bet. relaxing? hardly. the ship left on saturday but on sunday it steered right into a storm off of cape hatteras north carolina. winds reached 120 mph and they buffeted the 1141 foot vessel. it was 12 hours of hell ! it was a horror!the cruise from hell. pictures and video show how violent it got on board. forecasters had predicted the storm but royal caribbean says its severity far exceeded the expectations. in a statement, royal caribbean said four passengers suffered minor injuries. the cruise line will give customers a full refund and a certificate for 50% off of a future cruise. whether they want to take
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another question entirely. >> will caribbean says the damage has been repaired by now. it's superficial damage. the ship is ready to sail again. it's on its trip next week. that is the latest!live from bayonne, ben and carrie, back to you. >> that would be an impressive turnaround. >> thank you so much. 5:08 am in the search is on. this man is accused of stabbing his girlfriend and her three children. the woman in two children are dead and the third child remains in critical condition. linda schmidt has more . >> 28 families were bused to other facilities. the hotel in the willowbrook section was used in part by the city to temporarily house the homeless. that change after the
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>> it's a notion of an adult that attacks an innocent child. this is an atrocious crime ! michael sykes killed his girlfriend and his four-month-old daughter and two other daughters ages one and two. they were only stabbed multiple times with a kitchen knife. the two-year-old is the only survivor. >> you want to get him quickly and get them off the street as fast as we can. it's 41 hotels citywide. we will provide security to them .
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accept it.we will have it on site, 24 hours. the city councilman of staten island says more security is definitely needed at the hotel's that the city has contacts with. each borough handles their own homeless instead of busing them into other boroughs. >> we have a saturation in my district for hotel! it's over hundred and 50 families over the past six months. linda schmidt, fox 5. >> police are investigating a man in brooklyn who is a possible biased attack. he was walking along empire boulevard. this is surveillance video of the suspect . this happened just before noon on yesterday. the victim felt a sharp pain in the stabber was direction. the victim suffered a collapsed lung and was taken to the hospital in stable condition.
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saw this man. a story we have been following for you. a man is accused of sexually assaulting a woman on the upper east side. sex abuse and robbery in the 1st0. early saturday morning he grabbed a woman on e. 94th st. and robbed her and sexually assaulted her. the first identified anderson three crime stoppers tip and they were able to arrest him yesterday, thanks to another . mike bloomberg runs for president. that's how sources say. the sources tell the paper that victories by trump and sanders have left an opening for a centrist in the race. the wall street reported that bloomberg would meet with him but he denied that. the journal remove the reference from its story. >> chris christie has
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presidential race. and his supporters in a facebook post and he says he has no regrets and not running for president. there is no time off for him as he will get ready and back in business as new jersey's governor. he will give a speech to the state more than $30 billion budget. >> he will do his day job? >> he will be back in new jersey.he will make decisions on the transportation fund in the state engine fund. ben: carly fiorina is dropping out of the race. she was the only woman . she finished seventh in new hampshire. she is not leaving the campaign trail. she says she will continue to travel the country to fight for americans who refused to settle for things the way that they are. she is a message for women and girls saying , do not listen to anyone who says you have to vote a certain
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candidate . she is referencing hillary . it's not feminism! hillary clinton and bernie sanders are scheduled to debate tonight in milwaukee. fresh off the win in milwaukee, he had a face to face meeting without sharpton. they dined in harlem. sanders is trying to win over the african-american vote . polls show that favors hillary clinton. sanders is strong among the youth voters. 90% found him trustworthy and honest. for clinton, it was less than half. >> for the first time, taking offers with deblasio marching on the state park check stay parade. he will likely march twice . he will appear with the irish gay group, lavender and green alliance. he boycotted the parade in past because the organizers excluded groups from
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weather changes for the better. do you like that mike woods? the feds are getting ready to check out the ground around the indian point power plant. it's following a leak of radioactive material. we will tell you what officials are saying about the situation. carrie: that's a big story they are in mike is keeping track of the forecast. mike: we see snow showers out there. we could see more snow showers but not too much going on. look at the temperature. 250 and it's breezy and colder. if you want to keep track of what's going on with the weather check out the fox 5 ny weather app . it has headlines and alerts with windchill advisories
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mike: welcome back. we see the colder weather
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comeback in the last few days but it's starting to sink in with a few snow showers out there today. there has been this morning. if you run into one, so it now because there could be slick conditions on the roadways. it takes your visibility down temporarily. there's another blast of arctic air coming out as this weekend with record lows possible as we head into sunday. it's really cold stuff coming at us with windchill factors between 15 200 below zero. that stuff we haven't seen for quite a while. that will be here by sunday morning. 20 mph makes it feel like we are down into the teens even though the actual temperature is 25. that's not what it feels like. 150 in syracuse in 13 in pittsburgh. 27 in boston. freezing in the northeast and it comes down this way
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here. blazing sunshine with some snow showers. cooler with a high of 270. it's a high temperature of ties her record low at 10 for that day. he starts to warm up tuesday and wednesday. let's bring in christina right now and check out what's going on with the
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>> this lane will be closed here it's a jackknife trailer. one lane is opening. you travel that way to work. has traveled to the garden state parkway. at the area of 135 in both directions moving along to speed and let's go to the next live shot is the george washington bridge offramp on the w. side hwy. it's just moved off camera. we have an accident here closing down the ramp. we will see traffic act up . it's in the upper level as you try to get on the w. side hwy. that's where we see the
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it's in the area of the airport so the car and truck lane is moving okay in the eastern split .not much going on.crossings are moving well in the alternate ride is in effect. >> thank you, christina. a radiation specialist from the nuclear commission will visit the indian point power plant today. the feds are investigating a radioactive leak that happened over the weekend. governor cuomo says the cancer-causing cranium linked into groundwater. the specialist will look into what went wrong . it's 740 times the amount allowed in drinking water. officials insist there is no risk to the public because the village gets its drinking water from the catskill mountains.>> there is a possibility that smoking restrictions in new york state could be overturned. an attorney represents a smoker's rights group .
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their authority by enacting a land in the first place. the smoking restrictions balanced the issue of visitors , most of whom consider it an issue. the court's decision could impact a smoking band . another arrest in the oregon rancher scanned off. they took clive and bundy . he is the leader of the standoff. he was arrested late last night at a place in portland. it's a wildlife refuge and center beginning demands that the to be freed. the federal government gave up 300 mi.2 to local constraint control for mining and other uses. the occupiers say they'll turn himself into authorities today. >> burger king changing its menu again. it wants to become the top all hoping hot dogs are the answer . carrie: i don't know how i
5:23 am
customers find an extra charge the next in the open electric bill. most will see a charge of a dollar 69 on the march first bill. newsday reports the fee is to recoup an $18 million revenue shortfall last year blamed on an unusual warm december. we did not charge enough last year so we will charge you more now. >> how is that fair? >> i don't know. from whoppers to wieners. burger king is adding grilled hot dogs to its menu this month.
5:24 am
>> today we will tell you about the real dogs. >> it's the biggest dog . that's snoop dogg. 7000 burger king restaurants in the us. it will immediately make it the biggest hotdogs seller in the country. on february 23. >> that's assuming people by the hotdogs. >> i think there will be a lot more first. we will have to see how it goes. >> what's in that? carrie: good question ! ben: nothing beats a new york city hotdog . i will not do that because i will not go for the hotdogs networking. top stories, when we return. "good day early call" will
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coldest weekend of the winter so far. could be the coldest one we saw this winter. mike has the chilling details in his forecast. >> the search is on for a man wanted for a stabbing of three people at a staten island hotel. two of the victim's were children. a four-month-old and a one-year-old. the city council speaker wants to wipe out the 700,000 once and he criminalized the quality of life offenses. are. a storm battered cruise ship returned to new here with the passengers have to say about their time out to see. thursday morning i am 530. it's a very cold morning. thank you for being with us. it's colder than not in the outlying suburbs. mike says just wait we're talking single digits and possible colder temperatures.
5:29 am
that in places like monticello. i think we are going to be talking about the windchill advisories in just the next few days. right now, the warm temperature is 120 in monticello. it's drop-down from what we had 24 hours ago. 26 in bridgeport in islip at partly cloudy's skies in the area. we are looking at cloudier and cooler conditions out there. time. windchill factors down to 11 at allentown. poughkeepsie. islip. very cold stuff out there. it's no matter how you look at it in the tri-state. we have a few snow showers about to clear the twin forks in the east end of long island. dryer skies are behind that with some small potentials for some snow showers to
5:30 am
drop on through and it's like a wave of low pressure. it's hard to squeeze out much in terms of snow showers. we will get a little bit out of it . today we look at clouds and sun. it's breezy with a startup temperature at eight :00 in the morning. it's dropping down to 230 by 7:00. it snow showers still possible and again, nothing accumulating but it's colder for you on saturday with a high of 280. temperatures dropping throughout the day was 170 on sunday . you do have sunny skies and we have a snow chance coming at you on monday. it looks like a rain chances coming on tuesday.
5:31 am
take a peek at what's going on. it got a little better maybe? >> it cleared up and delays are gone. that's from the upper level of the george washington bridge on the ramp to the w. side hwy.he had an accident but that is cleared so things are looking much better. we have a situation on the fdr south 79th st. construction is blocking one lane and it will be that way until further notice. it's something to keep in mind. we are looking at the jackknife at exit 37. it's only one lane open for you to get through. you want to keep that in mind and it will be congested. let's go to the northern state parkway. it's not looking bad here and everything is running up to speed. the next shot will be the new jersey turnpike moving well in both directions.
5:32 am
way until further notice. metro-north at this point running on are close to schedule. alternate schedule there. ben: have you ever been a fan of cruising? >> these people thought they were on one of the best it was ever built. the anthem of the seas by royal caribbean. the ship is giant and they were headed south. cruise. passengers will remember this for the rest of their lives! carrie: they will remember it for all the wrong reasons. it ran into stormy seas. let's go to robert moses joining us live from mayo new jersey where the ship returned to port . >> royal caribbean said
5:33 am
at cape liberty. speaking of liberty passengers have never been so grateful to have it. they arrived last night at 9:00 and one could be heard yelling free at last. it's the cruise from hell. anthem of the seas left on saturday for the bahamas. it encountered a severe storm off the coast of cape hatteras north carolina. 120 mile-per-hour winds transform the ocean into an angry menace that tossed the ship about as if it were a rubber ducky. they went flying in closets were open with glass shattering. 6000 souls aboard hung on for dear life. miraculously only four people suffered minor injuries. for those who return, this was the trip of a lifetime. as we said it was for all the wrong reasons. >> i'm happy to be home! guileless of what they say the captain got us out of
5:34 am
he is amazing. i don't know if we should've ended up in the storm to begin with. >> will stay in our bed and we could not walk into the room.i don't think anyone has ever been this happy. royal caribbean has been getting passengers a full refund. it's a future cruise in speaking of which, i have a friend who will be on the eighth floor of that very cruiseship when it leaves again on saturday. that is the latest . ben and carrie, back for you. through. ben: you say you have this friend. why would someone choose to sail out of new york in the
5:35 am
couple of days to get to the warm temperatures. you also lose a few days on the backend. you have a risk of all the storms. >> i think the short answer is they convenience. don't have to fly anywhere and you can go out of here or the west side of manhattan. you drive there and take the train. you are on your way. you are on vacation as soon as you step aboard. >> at least , that is the hope . >> i wonder if price is a factor. >> . carrie: another big story. another hunt a hunt for michael's stakes starting at 28 a woman in two of her daughters. he left a third girl critically injured. antoine would willis has the latest . antoine, good morning. this story is still disturbing. the manhunt is underway at
5:36 am
the person that were looking for. michael sykes, 23 years old. he is accused of a heinous crime of stabbing multiple people here. police say he is responsible for stabbing his girlfriend and three of her daughters, ages three, two, a four-month-old. it's his own's recovering in a local hospital. it happened yesterday at a ramada and . the motel was being used as housing for the homeless. authorities say surveillance video shows the suspect entering at 9:00 am and leaving four minutes later. it was the hotel maid who discovered the terms. the crime is outraged many on so many levels. maitre diblasio is one of them. >> there is nothing more horrible than a notion who would attack an innocent child. this is an atrocious crime . >> police say michael sykes called his mother and
5:37 am
saying he wanted to kill himself. he was last seen on the surveillance video taken a bus to the ferry. no one has seen him or heard from him since that time. police are still looking for him and very much trying to track him down. we are tweeting out the pictures. they are going to trim three. >> peter liang is accused of shooting and killing an unarmed man inside the brooklyn stairwell. the judge denied any request by his attorney for a mistrial. they argued that closing arguments were inflammatory and may have swayed the jury. >> they accused him of intentional crimes that are not charged in the indictment.
5:38 am
a mistrial . >> the officer is charged with second-degree manslaughter for the november 2014 shooting of early in a dark stairwell at brooklyn's pink houses. the city council speaker wants to wipe away old warrants for smalltime crime. she is expected to propose a plan to make this happen. we are talking about offenses like urinating in the streets or littering. she argues the 700 warrants clog up the court system and the critics like the pva say this would get in the way of police doing their work. most people could clear them up by paying a fine. the proposal will still need approval from the mayor and the city council. a lot of people are concerned about the public urination issue. you don't want to do anything to encourage that. >> the time is 5:40 am. it's cold today . what happens to all the valentine's day outfits? >> it kills the look. >> get your sparkly of
5:39 am
get a page out of juliet huddy's book. mike: ask for long coats. stay inside? just chill. i am just saying. 250 is the temperature now in central park . cloudy skies here around the tri-state region. winds are coming from the west, northwest and it makes it feel colder than it actually is. 140 in bridgeport in islip at 21 in montauk. if you think it's cold, wait until you see what's coming up this weekend. snow showers have passed by in the twin forks. if you do run into them , you could see a little bit more doesn't
5:40 am
chance of some snow showers in the area. if you do run into it slowdown on the roadways because you might run into the slick spots. it might have a reduction in the visibility. you're heading into 27 at midday and it's high and breezy as well. 300 is the high and 27 tomorrow. 200 is the afternoon temperature . the fox five weather app will tell you if you have anything going on like headlines and alerts. visit the itunes store and it's free. it comes in handy , even when you travel. she is in guatemala and says she's putting this to work. >> look who's in for her. back again! things are going all right. >> i have a black cloud here. your next forecast needs to
5:41 am
when the black cloud is going away. >> we like to get it . she has a couple instances. >> i had a car issue last week. i got into an accident. >> what is going on? >> getting some accents. it's a big joke. >> good morning. we actually have new construction popping up on the van wyck expressway. it's at hillside avenue. one lane is blocked off delays. we have the issue on 80 on the eastbound side of exit 37 with a jackknife trailer blocking two lanes and you can see the traffic is very heavy. the red line here with a flow of traffic averaging 10 15 miles per hour. it's crawling and it's keep in mind. let's go inside. it's between broadway and hudson and it will be that way until further notice. you can see the act 70 with a live shot .
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we will visit the indian point power plant today. the center investigates a radioactive leak that happened over the weekend. >> a possible strike by new
5:44 am
by the dozen unions authorize the march 13 walkout at a board meeting yesterday. at issue are ongoing issues of health insurance premiums. michael bloomberg he has set up a national poll to test the liability.the thinking is that there is room for a centers candidate after trump and sanders took victory in new hampshire. ben: time for sports. it feels like hockey weather outside! duke: good one last night in pittsburgh. they face the red-hot crosby and the penguins. crosby had a seven-game goalscoring streak . that wasn't the last until last night. kevin he's getting in. andre fleury three stick at it.
5:45 am
laser. king, henry with brick wall with 34 saves. it's his 58th career shutout. it's his first in pittsburgh. get this eddie johnson in 1971 with a long time ago. rangers win 3/0 at the final score. football news it's not a big surprise. it's four seasons. he suffered his first major injury.he missed all 15 games in 2011. he tore his achilles tendon and it would be ongoing from there. just a great player with
5:46 am
with all three off the roster, the giants have 12 more in space to spend. total this off-season they have $60 million to approve. basketball now. they are at home in brooklyn to face the grizzlies. they come off the great last-second win against's in the first one and they nailed a three at five and looking good! it did not last. the grizzlies turn it on with mike laying up the file in the third. the nets get outscored at 39/18 in the third quarter. the grizzlies go on to win at 109 90 for the final score. a fight between the son's players during the game at
5:47 am
this is ugly. goodwin scored 20 points. the son's loss to the worriers. they now lost nine the lakers cavalier things go from bad to worse. lebron james and the pats hit with russell. that hurts. russell goes to the floor. nonetheless he stays in the game with the lakers losing this one at 120/111. that's the last time lebron and colby would go head to head. ben: i guess there was talk about a trade in 2007. mike: that's between the lakers and the cavs were colby and lebron. ben: like they would switch?
5:48 am
hindsight. thank you, duke. ben: very cold! mike: can you handle the single digits? can you handle ? i will stop right there. i can't say i'm a big fan. so far this winter we are doing all right. we have seen snowfall. we are ahead of the game for the entire season. 250 out of central park and 26 in bridgeport. 290 in montauk and 120 in monticello. those are your actual temperatures. keep in mind we have wind out there and it's pretty stiff coming from the west and northwest.
5:49 am
want to bundle it up. snow showers don't accumulate much but you could see slick spots on the roadway. we will have shots of cold air coming this way over the next few days and that's why temperatures are headed down. 270 tomorrow and 20 is the high temperature on saturday. we'll see. in parts of the tri-state we will bring in christina . >> it's too cold! >> is definitely the case on valentine's day. >> good morning. i will just leave that next one to you. [laughter] good morning, everyone. let's go outside and we will see the issue here.
5:50 am
tractor-trailer eastbound at 80 at exit 37 with two lanes blocked off. you see the red traffic crawling. you will see an issue on boulevard. one lane is blocked off so we will start to see the delays there. the westbound side has a direction coming towards me but everything is coming up to's right by the garden interchange but it's traffic moving into construction. it will have one lane blocked off and it will be there until further notice. you want to allow yourself the extra time here. here is the lincoln tunnel coming around through the toll plaza in looking good. the george washington bridge is in decent shape moving along at a steady pace with no delays into
5:51 am
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made this card for him on christmas. the circle of life love you, granddad. he passed away in january after a battle with cancer. he was 69 years old. >> 12 of the top contestants performed on the show last night including jersey girl, gianna isabella. >> i can't stand it . the running around.>> the 15-year-old is the daughter of brenda kay starr. she performed i put a spell on you and the judge's seem to like it. >> it's an amazing voice. clearly, the student of american idol because you hit the loud notes in all the right places. everyone claps. how could you arc that performance. challenge yourself to find as much meat in there as you can. >> the remaining contestants will perform tonight. the american idol airs tonight on fox five . i am rooting for mckenzie. he is really good. it's a lot of talent . >> so good. he is a hipster! they are all good this
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