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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  February 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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it's ten pm, do you know where your children are? right now on fox 5 news at ten. >> the jury finds peter laying guilty of a murder and he is facing up to 15 years behind bars. this came on the second full day of jury deliberation. >> peter liang was fired by the nypd. here is more on the dramatic day on court. >> peter liang was sworn into the police force pretty took an oath to protect and serve. he used poor judgment on that night in november 2014.
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of his service weapon and took the life of an unarmed man, akai gurley,. they found issued he -- they found this shooting was completely unjustifiable. >> manslaughter in the 2nd . what is your verdict? >> guilty. >> peter liang dropped his head into his hands as the verdict was red court. he is guilty of manslaughter and misconduct. the former nypd officer is facing up to 15 years in prison for shooting akai gurley, an unarmed man. that happened back in 2014. >> an innocent man lost his life and a young new new york city police officer stands convicted
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there are no winners here but justice was done. >> reporter: he was doing a vertical control and fired recklessly after hearing a noise. the bullet ricker ricocheted and hit akai gurley. he was more worried about keeping his job after the discharge. >> we don't believe the verdict was supported by the facts of the law. we plan on moving post verdict and we plan to appeal. >> reporter: the cases were not the focus of this conviction. >> this has nothing to do with ferguson or staten island or baltimore or cleveland or any other place. this has to do with who are we here in brooklyn. what we stand for? what we stand
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are shot and killed, through an active recklessness, we we have to hold whoever is responsible accountable. >> patrick link released a statement saying we are disappointed in the verdict and believe the jury came to the wrong verdict. this was a terrible and tragic accident. it was not a crime. this will have a chilling effect on police officers across the city. they say this is not a conviction of the nypd. police officers have some of the most difficult jobs on the planet. peter liang was sentenced on april 14. as i mentioned earlier, the manslaughter verdict carries a sentence of up to 15 years in prison. >> now that his trial is over, the nypd will start its internal
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his partner. >> the family of akai gurley said a guilty verdict bring some sort of feeling of justice. >> reporter: after the trial and jury deliberations, the reactions were understandably emotional once the verdict came in. for the the family of the innocent victim, this finally is a sense that they have taken the first step towards justice. family members of akai gurley came out of supreme court in brooklyn with their attorneys. they had been in the courtroom every day. >> i was really happy with the verdict. first i want to thank god and the district attorney's office they did an awesome job and cemented evidence to the jury and the court. i just want to say thank you to everyone involved. >> reporter: there is still more to be done. >> no one is here rejoicing at
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there was a tragedy here and it's a tragedy for all new yorkers. an innocent man was killed and now we have a police officer who has been found guilty of manslaughter. >> i'm just glad we have a guilty verdict. >> reporter: this juror, who did not want his name used, pushed back the emotion. >> it was a very tough decision. >> i didn't think they would return a guilty verdict on second-degree manslaughter at all. >> reporter: there is also reaction from the widow of chokehold victim and the officer in that case was never indicted. regarding this case she said she is very happy for the akai gurley family and happy for the future.
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houses where the shooting happened. >> how are people relating to the shooting? >> as the verdict came down the has been no protest. everything is peaceful here. it could've been a different story if officer peter liang was found innocent instead of guilty. we did see a couple police patrolling the area from unmarked vehicle. nothing out of the ordinary here. this could've been a different story. we have seen it from the eric garner case and michael brown case. peter liang is facing manslaughter in the second degree and official misconduct. we did speak to residents here and they are very happy with the verdict. they said finally justice is being served for this community. >> the verdict i feel is just, but at the same time i also feel like why is everybody excluding his partner? >> i'm happy.
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guilty, and there's a lot more these officers out here know that it's not acceptable. >> i'm glad the family has justice. >> reporter: again, everything is quiet here. no protest tonight. that gentleman i was speaking to, he said 5 - 15 years behind bars for peter liang is not enough because he took the life of an unarmed man. people are happy about the verdict saying finally justice have been served. for for now, were live in brooklyn. back to you. >> reaction to the verdict continues to pour in. for the very latest, tune into good day new york. it starts at 4:30 a.m. >> all four of the paramedics that responded to eric garner on the night he died are back to work. they were cleared to return to work.
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that arrived on scene in staten island after he was having trouble breathing after a chokehold. two of the other responders were cleared and the other return to work last december. the others big story tonight, the bigger bitter cold. >> it is here. how bad is it going to get? >> pretty bad. were talking about dangerous windchill values going into the weekend. with this being valentines weekend it's definitely a huddle and cuddle weekend. were talking about temperatures down to 20 degrees in new york city. look at monticello at 9 right now now. twenty-one as you get toward bellmawr. the wins are not as bad as it was, occasionally ten or 25 miles per hour. were seeing some of those higher
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long island. here the windchill members. it's in the single digits in most places. ten in new york city if you want to call it the warm spot. single digits as you move out across long island. what we have is right back up in here, another arctic cold front that will be coming down. that has the real touch. that will be the cold air moving in and then the plunge comes in as we head into saturday and beyond. the clouds take over in the afternoon and here comes the arctic front. some snow showers with it too. snow in some places. saturday. wind gusts up to 40 miles per below zero. saturday night into sunday morning will be the coldest.
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30 below zero. that could be dangerous. frostbite really fast when it's that cold. >> thank you nick. no injuries but white a site as a fire tore through in new jersey this afternoon. people heard explosions that shook the ground and rattled windows. black smoke could be seen for miles. one report said the industrial park was formally the national defense depot were 2800 tons of mercury were stored. they will continue monitoring the air quality tonight. >> nearly a year after the deadly gas explosion in the east village and five people are facing charges. they include the building owner and a plumber. >> 11 months after this deadly explosion in the east village, five people including the link owners, to plumbers, 11 who was a master plumber and a
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all were indicted for last years explosion. the charges include manslaughter and criminally negligent, side. they all pled not guilty in this will send a message. >> this is a monumental case we will not tolerate this >> the garbage he is talking about is an illegally rigged gas system designed to save the owners money but ultimately cause the explosion. it flattened three building. >> knowing it was reckless, they install the gas delivery system they had reason to believe could put lives at risk and then fact lives were lost. i think that's it in a nutshell. >> today on second avenue, a vacant lot or memorial where the building once stood remembering the two lives lost in the explosion. >> what comes next? bail has been set at $1 million for all but one of the defendants.
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march 31. >> it is the nypd spying on our cell phones? >> cell tracking technology that some say go too far. >> then kanye west big fashion show live up to all the hype? >> el nio, the polar vortex,
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these record cold temperatures. new tonight we are learning that the nypd uses secret cell phone tracking technology to catch suspected criminals. some record showed they have been doing this since 2008. >> libertarians are concerned it violates privacy rights. they explained the technology was originally used by the military. >> police records show special
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police department use secret cell phone tracking technology to catch suspects in violent crimes like rapes, robberies and murders. the nypd has has been doing this type of secret surveillance since 2008. new york civil liberty union just found out about it this year after requesting police records using the freedom of information act. >> we can locate a cell phone that the police are tracking and it shows us precision including someone inside their own home. >> it mimics the cell tower in enabling it to observe data from cell phones in a particular area or neighborhood. federal laws now require a search warrant but there's no requirement for local government. >> this was initially developed for the military and it started being acquired and used by local
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country. that is being used under a shroud of secrecy. >> we did reach out for the nypd but have yet to hear back. one officer said these tools can be important for locating dangerous people. >> we have technology now that perpetrators are using. to use this as an investigative cool tool, it's not only just essential, but it's critical in getting the victims of these very violent crimes the justice they deserve by putting these behind bar. >> they want to know more about how the information please gather is being used. they also want to know what's being used protect the privacy of everyday citizens. >> just days after the new hampshire primary and democratic hopefuls are dueling it out on the debates stage in milwaukee.
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voice and she came off attacking him on a number of issues including universal healthcare. she said everyone will have to pay more in taxes to help pay for his plan. >> i've done every analysis that i can find with people who are sympathetic to the goal and the numbers don't add up. many people will actually be worse off than they are right now. >> let me repeat it. i don't know who she is talking to. in my view it is a right of all people, not a privilege and i will fight for that. >> the next time democrats go to the pull is a week from saturday in nevada. >> they made a dramatic point about e-cigarettes today. he took a deep drag from a vaporizer and blew out a big white cloud. this was during a house committee hearing and they were talking about banning e-cigarettes on plane.
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but his argument went up in smoke. the committee approved the amendment banning them. >> his first public event since nearly dying from a drug overdose in a nevada brothel. lamar odom made a huge step forward today. this took everyone by surprise. absolutely a huge surprise. >> it's kanye west so we expect a lot of surprises. he took madison square garden by surprise with his fashion line and the release of his new album. it's now called the life of pablo. it was a one of the kind presentation. it was full of surprises.
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listening party for thousands in front of madison square garden. and dance they did with everyone from his fans to the kardashians and lamar odom to him himself getting into his new tracks. >> then there was a very grand reveal of his latest fashion line featuring a sea of models campbell. even a preview of a new video game featuring his deceased mother. >> the crowd enjoyed the show in the arena. the show was a success. how unusual is it to buy tickets
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>> very unusual and so is a mix of real fan an editor and press in the fashion community. >> it was nice to see something different out of fashion week. it was unique staging and great to see people excited about music and fashion altogether. >> reporter: fans agreed, it was understated but sent a powerful message. >> all of kanye's fans, they all just connect. >> reporter: for hip-hop artists whose music was featured during the show, the event was great. >> how do you think the music complemented the clothing? >> it's all about a question of the other. the music was raw and personal and the clothing and even just the styles of the model reflects that. it's real life. >> reporter: it'll be available for the fall season. kanye actually said tonight his collaborator adidas will be producing more of the sneakers and will be offering them at a more affordable price. this may all be a move by kanye
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>> isn't at all. >> always. up and up and up. doing this in front of thousands of people, nobody does that. we also noticed the line and noticed the album. >> good deal. >> thank you. >> this is definitely not the usual superhero film.
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>> the judges save is no more on american idol. they say there is just no time in the farewell season. the top ten in the top eight will have a double elimination once contestants reach the top six. things will slow to regular pace once they have one person vote offs. >> that's very early. it's normally and may. the newest superhero movie is anything but ordinary. >> they caught up about how this movie differs from the usual comic book flip. >> this is a different kind of superhero story.
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spandex again, this time in a suit belonging to his alter ego. him for so long. fans are finally getting what film. >> you are hard to look at. you look like a topographical map of utah. >> silicon valley actor shared the screen as his sidekick weasel. >> i think you have the best role in dead pole because you get to make fun of ryle reynolds to his face. >> that's one of the most fun aspects of it because he's such a handsome guy. you can kind of get lost in his eyes. >> it looks like an avocado hadt(
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>> they made it into the final cut and were happy and you probably will be too. >> it has a refreshing twist that adults have been waiting for. i'm simone, fox 5 news. >> it may be worse than originally thought, the leak at the plant. >> lots of buzz performing in
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this shows the groundwater beneath the nuclear power plant and it's a lot more contaminated with radiation than first thought. >> officials claim it doesn't pose a health risk and that's not going over well with the local. >> they went to westchester to check it out.
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nrc, the nuclear regulatory commission has inspectors on site at indian point every day. that's normal. as a result of this latest leak, it has brought in a specialist to help investigate. it turns out, the amount of radio active material that leaked is 80% higher than first reported on saturday. the company that owns and operates the plant says higher concentrations were found in groundwater monitoring wells. they said 80% may sound like a large number but there is no need for concern and no threat to the public water supply. the levels that are in the ground are one tenth of 1% of what the federal government allows. we want to be transparent.
10:32 pm
state agencies to investigate. they do not want politicians for political gain. >> we had a conversation at the nrc yesterday and they said this was an in significant event that the amount is still 1000 less than what is permitted by environmental standards. i think what we don't need is the false hysteria that we are getting from some politicians. >> and environmental watchdog group has been calling for the shut down for decades. they say this latest leak may turn out to be minor and no risk to the public, however,. >> the issue is the seventh malfunction they have had an eight months. this plant is old and decrepit
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since may. i'm not looking forward to what the next problem will be. >> they will have 45 days after the investigation to document any findings. >> in westchester county, linda schmidt. >> there are continuing delays and tonight trains are running about a half hour late. services still backed up. >> it turns turns out your sweetheart isn't the only one who's handled that bouquet of on valentine's day. thousands of bouquets. they check shan't samples from shipments to make sure no for an diseases make it into the country. they are inspected in miami. they checked out more than 15 million flower stems last
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shopping a little easier. they have a built-in seat that accommodates a person up to 250 pounds. one of these cards is expected to be available in each target or starting next month. >> this is the an international day of women and girls in science. it's a day to celebrate accomplishments for women in science and math. it's meant to help young girls explore these growing field. >> they used drones to put images on their gigantic screens in the park. they expect to fly 50 drones but they need to getzv permission to
10:35 pm
usually allowed to fly over heavily popular areas like disney. >> they have detected gravitational waves. they formed a fraction of the second before to blast collided more than 1 billion years ago. they say this proves part of einstein's theory of relativity that states when massive objects collide, i'm trying to follow this, the the gravity sends waves. it ripples through space and time. >> more proof of his brilliant. >> they are known for their awesome videos taking it to the next level. there are no wires or special effects. they are weightless, spinning and twirling in a plane that
10:36 pm
can perform their antigravity ballet. how cool is that. >> so beautiful and colorful. >> it has been a long crawl to the top for one victoria's secret model. we've seen the last of those at the oscars, have we? the changes that could liven up the show be sure install the weather out before we get more cold weather.i >> download the app. it's free.
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10:40 pm
it was like 2008, 2007. i was 14 or 15 when i was 5-foot seven. >> what does it take to rise to the top? looks don't hurt. period. >> fashion week is all about resilience. it's all about determination and rejection. >> evenko yesterday she burst into tears and i was like what's wrong. she was like no, no, no. i said you can't shred tears over people like them and their opinions of you. >> from new york to london she's a regular on the runway. she's booking some of the hottest names in the game. i caught up with the british-born model between castings at kiss in soho.
10:41 pm
>> right now. >> were at the new women's store. after five minutes it's clear her personality is large and infectious. she refuses to censor it. >> i think it's more the confidence of just being yourself. you always have to be yourself. she has some substance too. she's dealt with rejection in life and in the profession. she's put in the hard work. >> all that hard work going back to the 14, 15-year-old girl in the u.k. she hit the stage and stole the show. >> it means something. >> what does it mean? >> to be back in this business, it's definitely a challenge. i definitely say it's hard.
10:42 pm
fox 5 news. >> here's your assignment, go interview a model today. >> i know. that was really cool. >> it happens every year, somebody starts getting played off the stage while making their acceptance speech at the academy awards. they start to roll them music and say no no, i wasn't finished. the names will be's gold on screen giving people more time to focus on meaningful messages. that strikes me as completely genius. you don't leave anybody else but you just see the name.{_ >> that makes for a better show and takes the pressure off the winners. that seems like a win-win. >> el nio or vortex. >> we know they are to blame for some of our weather aches dream.
10:43 pm
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freezing. it's 20 degrees right now. >> do we know why? they took a look at some of the weather terms that are driving the forecast. >> el nio is spanish for the nino. on saturday night live, they did understood as much as the
10:46 pm
>> el nio, small storm. >> it's sort of like a tornado of hot and cold pressures meeting at the same time. >> bad weather, inclement weather. >> as far as we no, man has always relied upon the weather as a topic of conversation. with names for its storms and patterns, any of us can now legitimize a reason for the change in weather. most of of us don't know what were talking about. >> reporter: el nio is a warming of the surface water temperature. nick gregory does know what he's talking about. el nio means warmer. the patterns influence the jet streams and how storms move. nick expects the arrival of el nio in the current months. we'll be looking at a pattern
10:47 pm
>> polar vortexes when multiple streams of hot and cold come together and it's a cold front coming through. >> nobody knows where it comes from or how it's made, but there it is. >> when the polar vortex drops down like it will this weekend and with a strong el nio and jetstream, that's when you really have to work watch out for coastal storms and blizzards. sadly that won't happen this weekend, but we are all just going to be really cold. >> iml nino. >> all the storms must bow before el nio. >> i met king, fox 5 news. >> i love that one of chris farley. we know cold weather is on the way. earlier tonight it was very windy. wind chills were in the single
10:48 pm
to what's coming. the wind will be strong and gusty and we could see 30 below zero. it was very cold last year but it wasn't extreme. we haven't had this for a while. i was very frequent that it was that cold, but not like this. >> here we are talking extreme and is just a quick shot. we get at this weekend and we start warming up. 654 sunrise down at 525. it's clear now. the air is dry. as we look at fox five sky guardian, nothing to to report tonight. as we go to the highs today, not
10:49 pm
thirty-three at ridge point. current temperatures again are basically holding in the teens around the city. they will be dropping toward 15 in town and single digits in the suburbs. still a busy northwest winds. single digits everywhere else. it's nine in albany. take a look at the big picture because we have arctic cold lining up. look at the high temperatures.
10:50 pm
next week. the cold air tumbles and in the evening and could leave some snow behind. it could collide with the tropical jet stream. look at that storm. it's close but were not going to get that one this time. there's your hive 255. saturday afternoon we dropped to 13. sunday morning it's down to about two. that's why the wind chill advisory is north of the city and those wind chills will go down potentially as low as 30 below zero this. twenty-five is a high tomorrow. then 19 is a high for saturday. that's in the morning. the temperature will fall during
10:51 pm
we will tie the record in new york city. the clouds return monday and it could be 32 degrees. it could snow and ice mixing in. the storm stays to our west end could be heavy rain on tuesday at 47. them will have a cooldown. >> so it's an extreme cooldown an extreme warm-up. buckle up. >> were talking baseball only come back. here's your traffic tracker. one laying close both ways from 11 until five for construction. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge
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despite regular players not due to report for another two weeks, they are there to get a jump on things. even though it's nice to report champs, fans should not be worried about the mets taking their success from 2015 into 2016 for granted. >> i think everybody's here ready to work. we need to play just like every other year. just because we had success last year doesn't translate into having success this year, that's for sure. i think the experience that we got last year will help us this year, but in no way are we coming on resting on what we did last year. >> how much of that expense in 2015 will now be a motivating
10:56 pm
his mets teammate in 2016? >> just like the other time i've been to the playoffs, it is unlike anything else. the adrenaline, the electricity and the excitement of postseason baseball in new york. especially playing in the world series in front of that fan. they been so hungry. to do that for our fans, i think it motivates you even more. >> baseball the football, the great owner of the giants always said that once you are a giant you always would be a giant. you may leave but you would always be part of the families. like others have done before them, the great defensive and spent two years as an oakland raider and will be signing a contract with the giants for one day so he can retire as the
10:57 pm
bowl championship trophies. that tells you a little something about the giants family and that was all created by one on the ice tonight. they beat the kings five to two on brooklyn. >> that'll do it for us tonight. good luck. it's getting cold. >> yes it will be very cold tomorrow. fox 5 news isn't over. if you want to connect with great stories and people go to our facebook and twitter pages.
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