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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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or blackberries are buy one get one free. low prices, great quality, and friendlier service. acme. >> imorng bone chilling weather you're backing up to this morning is here to stay through the weekend. windchills could make it feel to negative 25 degrees. mike woods has the forecast. >> jury finds peter liang guilty of the top count of gurley now he's out of a job and facing up to 15 yore ares bachelor's degree -- years behind bars. >> hills burrow new jersey, this to burn this morning opinion we'll have the details, coming up. >> hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders go head-to-head last night a democratic debate out in milwaukee.
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health care policy and ended with an argument about president obama's legacy. all of that for you, coming up. good friday morning. president's day is monday and valentine's day and no street sweeping day because it's abraham lincoln's birthday. >> early valentine's day for everybody. for everybody it is cold. >> a new year. lincoln, washington -- way? >> i'll be -- oh, yeah. elle be here. apple tv and hang out. [laughter] >> that sounds safe. enough for me. yeah, all right let's show you what we have for the startoff temperatures this morning. cold, didn't go down this hour thankfully but will the next. anyhow 16 central park. 15 in nuke.
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and also keep in mind look at the winds they're not particularly strong but kind of breezesy coming from the west, northwest five to ten miles per hour make it is feel lukes it's four central park. same thing in newark. one in monticello. you need to budget it up. hat, scarves, you want that. but we have a mainly clear sky to bring us sunshine as we get the day going and more of that cold after to come. this isn't the worst of it. you wish we were but it's not. high temp in the amp 26 degrees that is going to be a very cold and still kind of on the breezy side and then tonight we're going to see cloudy and cold one with possibility of snow lower snow showers 13 and 16. and tomorrow through the day, your temperatures go up a hair. but then start coming down in the middle of the day as colder aarrives so windier condition your temps fall in the afternoon
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they're dropping down too. these are record low temperature at least a tie for you on sunday. valentine's day it is going to be sunny but breezy and very cold on that day. we haven't seen temps like that in seems like young. let's bring in christina stoffo in or for ipse this morning keeping up with some that started off at o'dark 30. >> issue on fdr but bad when you have an texas that early in the morning. we have activity on the roadway. tack a look here south of the hutch where we have this crash. two lanes blocked off. crews trying to get that cleaned up as soon as possible. central avenue, that's an accident blocking one lane and definitely seeing a lot of congestion into that spot. now, let's tick a look if you're going to be traveling on northern state parkway we have a picture of that in the area of sunny side boulevard traffic moving away.
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fdr drive not looking good. northbound side between 79th blocked off by construction. it is absolutely crawling moving into that texas scene. delayings are at least back into the 60s, something to keep in mind that is going to take you a while to pass that. leave yourself extra time here. now, travel aring inbound at the lincoln we have congestion there's a stawlsd bus from the side of the road coming around helix and toll plaza a steady pace for you. holland and gwb minor delays into town. alternate side suspended but meters remain in effect. back to you. >> after two full days of deliberations a jury has found now former nypd officer poort liang if guilty of manslaughter in the shooting of an unarmed man in a darkened stairwell. >> love to fox 5 teresa priolo she joins us from the scene of the shooting in 2014 that happened in east brooklyn. good morning, teresa. >> good morning kerry, good morning everyone.
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tough decision but they does decided that gurley would have been alive if it had not been for actions of liang. he will spend anywhere from 5 to 15 years behind bars for gurley's death. >> charge with the defense peter liang with manslaughter in the second-degree -- verdict, guilty. >> with his head in his happedz had look of disbelief on his face peter liang learns his fate. fate of liang and gurley collided back this 2014 in the pourly lit stairwell of broong linn fink houses. gurley opting to take stairs because elevators were out. liang maintained all along his service weapon discharged that night accidentally after he heard a loud noise. >> a man lost his life in a young new york city police officer now stands convicted of
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there are no winners here. but justice was done. d.a. claimed liang was reckless and did nothing to save gurley's life. >> we don't believe it was supported by facts of the law. and in order to dismiss, and if that does we'll ail peel. >> they were present each day in court, upon hearing the verdict both said they believed justice had been served. >> i want to say thank you, thank you to everyone for all of your support. >> i'm just glad that we got a guilty verdict. >> coming subpoena hours into deliberations and during that time panel of semp men and five women asked to handle the service weapon. one that kilted gurley. this juror who did not want to share his name worries about facing his own family now. >> i have family -- and it was a very tough decision.
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bad verdict will have a chilling effect on police officers across the city because it criminalizes a tragic accidenting. peter leaning sentenced april the 14th his partner shawn who he was patrolling the pink houses with we also he was offered immunity in exchange for testimony in this case and now an internal investigation will commence with him ath center. latest from the pink house it is this morning. out in east new york brooklyn. >> live for us now to a story we've been following that huge warehouse fire in new jersey is burning at this hour. a live picture right now. >> broke out yesterday afternoon. here's what it looks like at this hour in hillsborough summer set county. fire has completely destroyed one warehouse there. also forced closure of route 206 in that area. my central says site used to be summer bill national defense depo and once stored 2800 tons of mercury.
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this 2010. one firefighter injured in this fire. we understand that epa is monitoring the air quality in that region. all right you decide 2015, race to the white house, the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in another debate. >> welt they seem to agree on a lot of issues one big difference is president obama and his policies. robert moses here now with all of the details about what happened last night . good morning. >> we're used to that really crowded republican state, so kind of jarring when you see the democratic stage that is just mono, mono hillary there and bernie there and wepght at it. this debate was very lively because there's so much on the line. important contests are coming in south carolina and nevada which are diverse states, hillary clinton's figures do better than she did in new hampshire. but right now it is sanders who is coming off that huge win. >> what --
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have enough political capital to be able to do that. >> secretary clinton you're not in the white house yet. >> off a convincing win in new hampshire clashed with hillary clinton in milwaukee only the second time they met one-on-one on a debate stage and they clashedded often. evidence on how drown out this battle may become. took to task on idea to expand government health care saying he hasn't been forthright about how much it would cost. >> based on every nails that i can piepgd by people who are sympathetic to the goal, the numbers don't add up u, and many people will actually be worse off than they are right now. covered ground to foreign policy and for citing secretary of state henry as one of her mentors. >> i happen to believe that haley was one of the most destructive secretaries the safe
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countries. >> journalists have asked who you listen to on foreign policy and we have yet to know who that is. one of the more compelling exchanging of the night came when had sanders and clinton tangled over president obama each sought to have akinship with the president. >> the kind of criticism we've heard from sanders about our president i expect from republicans. i do not expect from one running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> that is -- [cheering] had madam secretary, that is a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate. >> fighting words on stlaidges night. here closer to home erika garner daughter of eric garner who died it in that choke hold says she likes what had bernie sanders has been saying about racial
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benl and kerry e we've seen him make a big play for this african-american vote and meeting with reverend al sharpton now this endorsement. >> key in south carolina and not so much in nevada but in both of the states is yeah they're much more diverse than either iowa or new hampshire. >> immigration is a big deal in nevada. immigrants have been a big part of fabric of that state's economy. 20%. yeah. >> robert thank you. we have much more still to come here including five arrest it is in that dead lid east village gas explosion. >> mike is here with a check had of the tk. hi, mike. >> cold again out there getting cold earl, 16 degrees with a partly cloudy sky out at central park. it will be breezy at times. windchill factors right now running between 5 to 10 degrees. it is going to be much worse over the weekend windchill advisory within warnings things leak that. if you want that neftion headlines and alerts they'll pop up for you on the fox 5 weather app at the itunes store and
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we're going on about 14 -- or o 15 hours at this point. this is in hillsborough. it is the very veteran's memorial park there. a number of warehouses on fire. one warehouse has been had leveled up in the fire is building. >> epa countrily monitoring air qualities in that area, of course, stay is on top of this story for you and keep you posted on updates throughout the morning. >> in the meantime looks like it's a bit breezey out there that smoke is blow a little bit. mike woods is here. how's the wind? >> winds from the north and northwest right now at about five to ten miles per hour. so if you're town wind you don't want to be in the way of smoke. what's happening over the weekend right now, it is cold out here. jump ahead to sunday here. upcoming record cold temperatures it is possible. the forecast low for sunday morning is two degrees, and the old record high temperature is
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tie there. tie also for sunday record cold high temperature. 17 degrees that was set in 1979 we could be tieing record low temperature it is as far as sunday is concerned. with high and low. anyhow here's cold weather safety tips make sure you're got extra layers on out there. don't forget to take care of your pets. frostbite is happens quickly. make sure you bundlering up. don't leave skin exposing especially at the worst time that's coming up for you basically from saturday afternoon through sudden at about noon. trickle water it is to prevent frozen pipes up there. don't heat home with oven because that will cause you problems, fires sometimes carbon monoxide poisening you can sew that too. also have a safety kit in the car. if you're traveling be prepared incase you get stuck for one reason or the oh. clear skies at central park right now. winds mentioned from the north, northwest five to ten miles per hour. regional temps ten degrees right
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eight in boston, windchill factors this morning down to five to ten degrees that what it feets leak in most locationings. four right now central park and worst this weekend. high temp today goes up to 26 degrees. looks look tomorrow we're going to see a high temperature of 189 that's in the afternoon. temps falling throughout the afternoon. windy 17 on sunday. record high and low testifies on that day and then warm you back u up into monday, tuesday. a good soaking rain coming up or on tuesday but warmer side. all right, and yeah we've got christina stoffo all set up here this morning, and yeah you've been working hard -- from the get-go, yeah, at least it did get better in some regards but beyond 6:00 not -- >> yeal. >> it didn't get better. it didn't. it got worse i'm sorry everyone. the he tried you get a card for effort.
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17 southbound by sheraton avenue an accidenting. one lane is blocked off here so we're definitely going to see a lot of congestion for you. moving into that spot. thousand, on gowanus hov lane is closed until further notice because they call it zipper machine, the thing that goes and moves barricade so we have an hov lane, apparently that broke down so no hov lane until further notice. if you're travel traveling or b at the kosciuszko bridge one lane is blocked off so you get congested. westbound at utopia parkway with an fox one lane is blocked but traffic already so backed up here and traffic is slowing at miles an hour. not bad here and definitely keep that in mend and we're going to look outside at l.i.e. but we're in the area of lakeville road. it is westbound sides and very congested. alternate side is suspended but
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ben and kerry back to you. 11 months after deedsly explosion in east village five indicted on charges including manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. >> this is a big deal. march 2015 explosion killed a customer and leveled it three buildings along second avenue there. the five defendants rigged up a bogus gas system which led to that explosion and fire, the five included building owners, contractor and two plumbers won of whom accused of illegally lending his license to falsify documents. entered not guilty pleas. chief of detectives robert boys says this case will be a warning for people looking to cut corners. >> this is a monumental case because i think this sends a message that we're not going to tolerate this badge. >> they installed a gas delivery system that they had reason to believe could put lives at risk and, in fact, live it is were lost.
6:20 am
all but one eve those defenses. after a total of 41 days standoff in an aragon wildlife refuge is over ended peacefully when armed men surrendered to police yesterday. hold outs were last remaining from a larger group who ceased it the wildlife refuge. demanding federal government turn over parking lot land to locals and release two imprisoned ranchers charminged with the setting those fires. many are praising peaceful end citing lessons learned from standoff in waco, texas and ridge, idaho. >> documents kept secret before the trial of ex-assembly speaker sheldon silver will be now released a manhattan federal judge said she'll release them this two weeks time. detail evidence bard from that trial. judge kept the pay for secret over fierce they would have tainted perpghtive juror i can't wait to see if it was so damaging could have tainted is very pool. they opposed release saying
6:21 am
trial and he was convicted in november in a five million corruption case. much more still to come how your addiction could be near the ancient ancestors. >> 6:21 and good day is coming
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>> let's go back to skyfox hd live above summer set county new jersey, a fire burping in this central park in hillsborough, new jersey, burning since yesterday around and wind is fanning flames also blowing the smoke. it's coming out of the west mike woods says, so if you're east of this fire you will likely have a lot of smoke in the area. >> fire has completely destroyed one warehouse and also hearing this forced closure of route 206 in that area so if you're going to be driving this morning just something to be qear of. so we'll keep on top of this fire and continue to bring you firs throughout the morning. >> now to the "health watch" this morning health commissioner is issuing a warning about the flu. flu cases have been reported in 44 counties and all five boroughs. al lox is requiring health care workers who are not vaccinated to wear macs why patients maybe
6:25 am
near field elderly. drrs doctors say it is still not too late to get a u flu shot. >> a hooked on smogs or becoming depressed maybe from dna from neanderthals. bits of the dx nah can lead to tobacco addiction and others raise or lower depression risk depending on what they carry. neanderthal dna raises allergy risk about 2% of dna of people in asian or european can be traced to neanderthals in the journal of science. advertisements could be coming to nba jerseys. the uniforms will have a key of motors patch on shoulder. according to report by espn league owners are meeting to discuss whether to put them on team jerseys in the future. teams sells one low tboa on
6:26 am
league board of governs will vote on that proposal in april. >> top story when we return including nypd versus nyclu over how much is too much when it comes to cell phone tracking technology. tell you what's going on. god day is coming right back.
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>> a live look this morning at hillsborough, new jersey where there's air quality concern as a massive wildfire continues to burn. these are images from overhead. that fire is still going strong. we'll have an update in just a bit. wind blow that smoke. jury finds feater liang guilty of the top count tms, in the death of akai gurleys i fag 15 years behind bars and lost his job with the police department. >> technology used by nptd coming under fire by the new york civil liberties union.
6:30 am
criminals but the nyclu says it violate right to privacy. hillary clinton and bernie sanders head-to-head in another democratic debate that began with a dispute over health care policy and ended with an argument about president obama's legacy. you could tell -- there was not a lot of love lost between the two of them last night. i think she's feeling the burn a little bit. good morning everybody i'm ben simmoneau. >> kerry drew 6:30 on this friday. >> you should go to the grocery store get what you need for the weekend and then stay inside. mike woods is here and he says it is time to apple tv and hang had outs because it is going to be very cold. >> get your best menu out. takeout menu order them. >> delivery guys --
6:31 am
weekend. >> tip them extra. only reason we're not out there because we don't have to. out in the suburbs -- sunday could be dangerously cold. we have this going on and you need to take this seriously. we don't see this too often. windchill warnings, and watches in effect for tristate renal. attack a peek to see what's beginning on for you. windchill factors could be between 15 to 20 degrees below zero. that's mainly happening saturday night into sunday morning. and then it should ease up a bit but going to be a very cold weekend with potentially record low temperatures. now, what we have out there this morning is not only o cold temps but wind from 5 to 10 miles per hour makes it feel like it's only four central park. nine in sussex. monticello windchill factor feel like 6 below zero. so you're getting into that dangerous range here and you
6:32 am
like your passes want to freeze up on you and they basically. you don't want to be outside especially with any exposed skean. skin sunshine out there today. even though there's a chance had of rain clouds popping up later on with a quick shower or o flurry in the area but that usually is it. temp wise up to 26 for a high today. tomorrow it is actually temps that group just a hair in the morning and then they start to drop in the afternoon because cold or is arriving once again another reenforcing shot of arctic air. so that's what we have there. cold stuff could inning valentine's day bring in christina stoffo, yeah, i guess it is not getting better. a vehicle in the area of central avenue, blocked one lane. ramp is affected here so we're definitely seeing a lot of congestion moving into that spot.
6:33 am
but you can see that westbound l.i.e. definitely not looking good as far as traffic is concerned. gowanus dealing with that hov issue. that hov lane issue that vehicle that moves barriers have been fixed, so hopefully inbound gowanus will look better with that hov lane in place and westbound bqe had a crash by the kosciuszko bridge. let's look at the staten island e expressway quickly in bradley avenue eastbound coming towards me, and you're definitely seeing a lot of congestion in that spot. meter rules remain in effect. ben and kerry back to you. average after two full days of dlibs jury found nypd officer peter liang guilty of manslaughter in shoot of an unarmed man in a dark ped stairwell. >> teresa priolo live from the lewis ping house it is in east new york.
6:34 am
tough decision. some have members of their family in the nypd yet this was the decision they came to. we'll show you video of u now former police officer perts liang as he sat in court and learned his fate. he was convicted yesterday of second-degree manslaughter an he acted recklessly and did not do enough to help akai gurley the night he kill the u unarmed man happened at the pink houses in east new york back in november 2014. gurley chose to take the stairs instead of elevator because apparently that night they were out and is that stairwell was not properly lit a problem that residents here say they've been complaining about for some time. they were doing vert criminal patrol and he maintains that a sound scared him and texasly fired his service weapon. he argued with his partner and
6:35 am
to perform cpr on a dying akai gurley. this case garnered attention in part because it keam after a number of high proaflt shoot physician by police officers, of unarmed black men. take a listen. nothing to do with cleveland or any ore place. this has had to do with who are we in brooklyn? who do we stand for? and we support our police officers, but when innocent men are shot and killed, u through an act of recklessness, we have to hold whoever is responsible accountable. : we don't believe that the verdict was supported by facts of the law. we plan on moving the verdict in order to dismiss, an if that does we're going to apole. faces a possibility of 15 years behind bars and partner faces nypd. that's the latest priest new york. back to both of you.
6:36 am
nypd used a secret device to track cell phones more than 1,000 tiles between 2008 and 2015. according to police data obtained by new york civil liberties union. stingray as it's known as size of a suitcase acts as a fake cell tower so phones connect to it and givers accurate location data even if no calls are made. civil union says they don't capture content of any communication and noting loo at e-mail or phone calls but getting lest of phone numbers in that area and general idea of specifically where phones might be. also it was instrumental in rapes, robbery, about assault and murders and nypd said it sought court orders for the use they told us, quote, in rare instances the nypd may use this technology in miranda warning situations while we seek judicial approval. this would be where life or
6:37 am
apparently they've used it in potential suicide cases. you decide 2016 race for the include nomination, hillary clinton is bernie sanders facing in another debate. >> they seem to agree on a difference was president obama and his policies. robert moses joins us with more on what went on last night. >> with iowa and new hampshire now no rear-view mirror fight is going national. contests in south carolina and nevada loom. hillary clinton wants to reassert her status as front runner bernie sanders wants to keep has momentum going and pull off another upset. >> once i'm in the white house we will have enough political capital to be able to do that. >> well searkts you're not in the white house yet. >> bernie sanders fresh off a convincing win in new hampshire clashed with hillary clinton in milwaukee million it was only second time they met one-on-one
6:38 am
clashed evidence how it may become. took him to task on idea to expand government health care saying he hasn't been forthright it be how much it would cost. >> based on every analysis that i can find by people who are sympathetic to the goal, the numbers don't add up and many people will actually be worse often that they are right now. >> final thoughts senator? >> inaccurate are. >> this covered ground from criminal justice to immigration to foreign policy. siting former secretary of state henry. one of the most drubtive seaters of state in the modern history of this country. >> i know journalists have asked who you doen will to foreign policy and we have yet to know who that is. one of the more compelling exchange when is they tangled over barack obama each sought to
6:39 am
president. criticism from bernie sanders i expect from republicans, i do not expect from someone running succeed president obama. >> that is -- [applause] madam secretary, that is a low blow. one of us ran are against barack obama. i was not that candidate. >> we've been telling you how cold it is beginning to be over this weekend so i have saturday evening plans for you if you'd like. republicans will be debating tomorrow in south carolina. so snuggle up with your valentine's and watch. the republican primary there is scheduled for a week from tomorrow. >> robert how many more attacks do we have? debates do we have? >> too many probably. >> but that attack will be interesting considering rubio
6:40 am
be done. down to six christie is out. kasich did well in new hampshire he wants to keep his had second place finish going. >> we'll see still both sides up in the air. thank you robert. 6:40 fox mean business. joining us from the fox business studio is lauren simonetti. good morning. >> swung 9200 from you. >> yesterday was a nightmare. 401(k) balance is 10-k, and down 10% a year you're down. this is a poor start to any year and culprits are the same you have slowing oil prices 13-year low. 26 dollars a barrel yesterday. european banks are struggling. everybody looking at the relationship between banks and nearing companies. energy companies might defaculty on loans et cetera all put together. of course you have global growth concerns so stocks took a beating.
6:41 am
in percentage terms 10%. >> all right lauren simonetti where do we go from here? thanks lauren. >> let's check in with mike for a look at the forecast. one thing we haven't heard is the snuggle alert there's a snuggle alert, in fact, for sunday. >> bobby moe says you can snuggle and watch the debate. fnght that sound romantic? >> they schedule them on a night so people won't watch -- >> it seems kind of that way. right? maybe this weekend they win, though, in the northeast that's for sure. all right so here's what we have going on for not just fur forecast for today but let's talk about president's day weekend. folks have monday off. but a windty condition with you on saturdays. high temperatures only in the upper teens that is windy at the same time and windchill factors are not good. sunday i know we don't say this often but it is cold. best ton on sunday.
6:42 am
windy timent and maybe rain snow mechanics aside we head into monday. this is a holiday weekend but more of a wind wintry thing. here's what it is when you have to hit the roads and rails we have problems. >> quickly talking about eastbound southern state move intootion central avenue where we have a prohibited vehicle one lane blocked off affecting ramp there. something to keep in mind. now we're going to go to the fdr drive with a ton of traffic in northbound direction. switch over this is into emergency construction at 79th street delays become to the 40s and now word of emergencies construction for
6:43 am
stay what's with them? oh, those two? they're always fighting for attention. there's more to a legendary city than its legends. plan your legendary
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> checking headlines for you 6:45 incredible pictures live from skyfox hd summerset county, new jersey where that massive warehouse fire continues burn burning, skyfox hd has been above the scene now, and it does not appear to be diminishing at all happen hadding at veteran's industrial park in town of hillsborough. firefighter have been ire jed. epa is monitor that air fanning flames as well. we know now that schools and
6:46 am
today because of this fire. there are some concerns about whether there are any toxic chemicals in that smoke. police now release physician video from a stabbing in brooklyn investigated as possible hate crime. a man walking on empire boulevard in crown heights wednesday morning when he felt a sharp pain in his back. he was injured and he's expected to recover. police are looking for the man in the video who was seen walking away from the scene. : police on staten island asking for help finding a suspect who used a pipe to rob a bodega clerk. a man holding the pipe and tried to hit the clrk grab money from the crash register. he was not successful. >> interesting story this morning scientists say they have detected gravitational waves they say proved part of albert ann time theory of relativity. people are likening it to the moon landing.
6:47 am
predicted by einstein a century ago. always star is team of scientists confirming on thursday existence ofgraph stational waves. >> we did it. it sound like something out of a science fiction movie. the waves are ripples in fabric of space time. the fourth dimension that combine it is time with the physical world. in this case, two black holes collided, sending out strong waves when they merged. those waves were then detebted by laser gravitation analysis wave observatory or l tirks go most precise measuring instrument ever built. >> xeablght what you would expect what einstein would predict for two bigs massive object look black holes emerging to together. a huge step nrd in understanding
6:48 am
because waves carry information about that are source and allow researchers to study dissubstantiate features of the universe could inning edges and centers of black holes. officials say it could be the start of a new era in as physics. >> turnsed to sky to open era of astronomy. i think we're doing something equally important today. in louisiana and in washington state. now most of their funding comes from the national science foundationen dependent government agency. in new york joule e fox news. >> what blows my mind about that two black holes colliding happened a billion years ago. because it's so far away, it took these waves that long to get to us. >> unbelievable.
6:49 am
said like you're looking back in time pace is mind blowing. mike woods it shall -- good transition. brain freeze out there. sunday. >> yeah happening -- >> saying frozing -- brain everything. >>ing tay a 50-degree temperature swing over span of 48 hours. >> i guess so when it comes down to it or threers what it feels like outside when you consider windchill factor in the neighborhood of 15 to 20 below zero we haven't seen that in ting a few decades. anyhow here's what we have coming at fuss come sunday. the record high and low temperatures record low temp for sunday 2 degrees that's your forecast low. the record high temperature is 17 degrees.
6:50 am
for that day. so could be setting records or tieing them butting loo cold. this morning is cold but it's not bad at all. 16 degrees and that is your temperature we don't factor in the wind just yet. when you do factor in the wind it makes a big difference. feel it is like four in central park. same this newark. eight below in month sell low that's why we have things leak frost or windchill advisories. warnings things of that sort happening from tomorrow afternoon through sunday at about noon. anyhow here's what we have with right now. we have a clear sky, a lot of sunshine coming up for you but bitterly cold and windy at the same time. ark it can air coming this way to do a couple of things for us not only on breezy side and increase clouds and chance for snow showers here later tonight into tomorrow morning, but we also are beginning to have
6:51 am
front goes by our temperatures come down throughout the day for you tomorrow. and into next day look like your temps are limited to teens boapt saturday and sunday this is a very cold holiday weekend coming up for many of us. so sun and clouds and high temp 26 degrees but it is breezy. high of 17 e-19 on saturdays. valentine's day and then warm you up a bit not bad on tuesday as we're looking at some showers coming on through. but warmer temp too. headline and alerts available on fox 5 weather app at the itunes report, we have a ski report here. ski report this hour well ski conditions out there got mountain creek with good
6:52 am
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>> good morning everyone we're dealing with a new issue that is northbound side of the japan wick expressway right by hillside avenue where one lane is blocked off at least by an accident really heavy here. and we're going to look at the fdr drive approaching 7th street is really congested we can go to finishing dr drive we'll see delays moving southbound that construction into 79th street where multiple lanes are blocked
6:55 am
remain in effect. ben and kerry back to you. >> entertainment now a swag bag israel. >> total this year's bag is worth $220,000. get this, it includes specialized m&m a value poor breath lift. outy leases personal trains and three nights at a fancy hotel in italy that is all expenses paid pack with first class air to tel-aviv. >> 55 -- a lot of money. happen hads every year. stars off the stage while making their semianswer speech. acceptance speech asking to fill out a card with names of people they want to thank and control names on the screen during their speech to give winners more tile to focus on meaningful messages
6:56 am
impersonal i think -- u.k. production company is facing charmings in 2014 accident that caused harrison ford's broken leg. >> injured on "star wars" set with a heavy hydraulic door struck his leg, and airlifted to the hospitals and filming delays for months. the production is charge haded for violating work place wellness. >> in the over the top way, take a look. >> rapper and fashion designer debuted a easy season three fashion collection along with his new album called life of pablo to a packed crowd of about 18,000 people. the kardashian family they were all there dancing in the crowd. caitlyn jenner there making an appearance, and lamar odom in first public appearance since
6:57 am
fall he was there in the audience as well along with all album preview he featured in the video game his deceased mother. : i wish khloe and lamar well. they're together right now looks like. >> that's it for us on this friday morning. bundle those kids up.
6:58 am
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greg: hello. it is friday. two days until valentines day. rosanna: it is freezing outside. it is brutal outside. it is just getting started. record cold possible on sunday. mike woods has all the details for us. greg: peter liang has been charged. sentencing will be in april. rosanna: a massive fire in new jersey. all schools in the township will be closed today.


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