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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> 6:00 o'clock on the dot. nice show up they are. do not let it fool you, it is not warm out. warm out. a spokesperson for elliott fisher is denying legation 30 assaulted a woman at a hotel over the weekend.
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scully of passed away over the weekend. ben: hundreds of thousands of worshipers. >> he amazes me. ben: let's be honest, he travels in style. teresa: it is true. it is a full pack day. good morning, everyone. i am in for juliet huddy. ben: i am then seminole. i hope that you had a good weekend. the wind on saturday made it
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mike: yesterday, we talked to one polo. mike: i just did it for my roof deck. it was like the early 60s. windchill factor was 20 below. now, we have some of that cold air left over. winter weather advisory has now been posted for the entire tri-state region and peons. that means minor snow and ice accumulations.
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expected later on. fox5 sky guardian taking up. more so in the afternoon. we have 16 that central park. fourteen in belmar. our temperatures continue to climb. it will take a little bit of time. the moisture is to the south of us. snow or ice. it will be changing over to rainfall. again, high tempo cheer goes up. thirty-five.
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afternoon. minor accumulations. speaking of which, let's bring in our ines rosales. >> residence day. as far as staten island expressway, doing fine. the staten island ferry is on a holiday schedule. let's go to our cameras. eastbound. belt parkway, you do have a traffic jam. a car flipped over.
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new jersey transit is on a schedule. ben: welcome back. >> thank you very much. eliot spitzer. spew to robert moses is there. >> reporter: good morning. eliot spitzer has gone through a good two of personal of people. he had to resign. he split from his wife. his father passed away. his life seemed to return to a certain degree of of people.
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she was returning to her native russia. he then got angry and choked her. she reportedly broke a glass and cut herself. police would not confirm any of those details. all they would say is that they are investigating those allegations. with his wife at the side, he resigned as governor in 2008 after he was linked to a prostitution ring. >> i am sorry i did not live up to what was expected of me. i sincerely apologize. >> reporter: he try to make a political comeback in 2014.
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year. the woman that is making these allegations is not cooperating with police any longer. no charges have been filed. that is the latest live from the plaza this morning. the body of supreme court justice has been flown home. a battle is now brewing over who will succeed him. let's go to stacy telecast. >> reporter: good morning. nonetheless, this deed date has been ongoing since saturday, as you mentioned. as you can imagine, the
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plenty to say on the issue. the 79-year-old was found dead on saturday at a west texas hunting wage natural causes. >> we did not see eye to eye on a whole lot of issues. >> by and large, they were always well written. president obama says that he will nominate. they have vowed to filibuster
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he wants. >> it is outrageous. they have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. will you time your retirement so a more conservative president can appoint a like-minded justice. >> all three serve on the dc court of appeals. another name that is out there is new jersey senator cory booker. he went to yield law school.
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being out there, i think that there is still time. we will have to wait and see. >> it is a job for life. all right. stacey delikat. thank you very much. >> someone impersonated his social media account. she says she does not even have the cell phone number. an electronic squad is investigating.
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>> here is that air traffic control. pingback if you have any information as to where excess going in on mac. >> code for a non-life-threatening emergencies . he was able to continue working the flight. flight 25 landed safely. they will fly to new york this afternoon. still trying to pinpoint where exactly that laser beam came
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a fire in the bronx. >> the fire is among the bronx. firefighters arrived on the scene just a short time ago. the building itself is a prehistoric building. firefighters have been going into the building. the firefighters that were on back. at this point, there is no word on the cause of the fire. no injuries have been reported. firefighters are still on the
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we're cutting holes in the roof. a very active scene here. a two alarm fire along. no injuries reported. >> back and make it very challenging. you should leave right now are still dropping. >> cooler right before the sun comes up. the wind direction is about to change. changing things up big time later today. 16 degrees that central park. snow showers will be coming at you for the first part of the day.
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>> the morning, everyone. it is like one of those things where you are talking on your phone. where is my phone. it is presidents' day. it is cold out that central the clouds are starting to come back here. it was very cold at the same now your temperatures are starting to make a comeback. let's take a look at some of the other maps around the tri-state. we have 60 degrees. some clouds around the tri-state region. for the time being, we will have cool temperatures. right now, denver, you have
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for the most part, a mainly clear sky that we have here on the tri-state region. we do have a winter weather advisory in effect. generally, from around 1:00 o'clock this afternoon to midnight, we are looking at a winter weather advisory. it does not look like it will be producing a whole heck of a lot. no, we do not have a whole lot going on right now. we are going to have to deal with more of that coming through. that will have to work its way through the tri-state region. by tomorrow, it is a warmer rain. after that, we have dry skies with us.
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let's bring in ines rosales. >> at least you are not dealing with much traffic. looking good between the union and essex toll plaza. let's go to our camera. take a look at while i haven't. a beautiful sunrise. traffic is also beautiful. keeping an eye on that. just clearing away an overturned vehicle. everything cleared away. in the meantime, expect delays back to the van wyck. the rest of mass transit is on a
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path trains also on a saturday schedule. the waterways is on a holiday schedule. thank you, i'm this. pope francis held in a enormous mass in mexico. kelley wright has more on the story. for hundreds of thousands, the trip meant an open air mass for the crime-ridden suburb of mexico city. calling drug money wealth with taste of fame. >> using it only four myself. for my own people.
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very lives. >> for children to sick to venture out of their hospital, the pope made a house call of sorts. the nurses, the staff, everyone who works here plus is you children. you must also learn to bless them and ask jesus to take care of them because they take care of you. he gave them something that they will probably never forget. visiting the us-mexico border to
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overall, 415 people died and 2015 according to new numbers released by the chief medical examiner. 148%. the numbers were originally reported in the hartford current. liz: growing tensions between north and south korea. launching what was said to be and earth -- that launch followed the nuclear test. that was already strained
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michael palladino describes the subway slashings as disturbing. in the interview on the radio show, they suggested that they start using undercover decoys. also admitted that policing in the situation was randomness in the attack. i use my phone often to read. it is true. >> not paying attention. ben: top stories when we return. the cost of renting an apartment.
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queue ready for a bit of snow this afternoon. tomorrow's high should be in the 50s. a lot nicer than what we have this weekend. mike woods will have fewer extended forecast. ben: allegations that eliot spitzer assaulted a woman over the weekend. liz: beginning a 19 month prison sentence. ben: three homes in brooklyn completely destroyed this morning. all right. good morning, everyone. it is 6:30 a.m. on the dot on this monday. presidents' day.
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lot of people. good morning. i think that folks took the advice. i think that that is good advice. we have the chill on this morning. happy presidents' day everyone. we do have a winter weather advisory. it depends on where you are. it starts at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. we have the potential of snow and ice for minor accumulations. only an inch to 2 inches.
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it does still get slick out there. we have seven in bridgeport. that is your actual temperature. windchill factor a little bit cooler than just that. it will start off as snowfall. all rainfall later tonight. they go up through the afternoon. even through the overnight hours into tomorrow. it will be windy and wet out
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this morning, she the all they would say is that they spokesperson said.
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not spitzer police the woman that is the latest live from this the firefighters the red
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the in.
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yes, it may of a% in right now, that will go up to. >> i think that people feel that the think that.
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snow teens we have that is
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starts making the could let's
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ben: checking the headlines for you on a monday morning. former new york governor eliot spitzer is being investigated for an alleged assault. a woman, a spokeswoman said there is no truth to the
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liz: the body of school -- scalia is back home. donald trump is backtracking somewhat. lying about weapons of mass distraction. bush may have thought that there were some there. >> a copy. [laughter] duke: good morning. kobe bryant playing his final all-star game. kobe had a nice ovation when he was introduced. ode junior was on hand.
6:43 am
and then, taking mellow. the ball goes in. kobe had 10 points last night. giving the lead. thirteen points. not existent. a new all-star record. his team lost. no one can remember that. seventy-three, the final score. kobe bryant getting a dog. hockey now. rangers. the first meeting between these two teams. there was going to be a fight. >> and then there was a fight 13 seconds after that.
6:44 am
a little wraparound action. the 19th of the year. tying his career-high. rangers got a great game. here he scores a pair of goals. rangers when it three-one. the first. , new jersey on the power play. giving the devils a one-zero lead. that will be the only goal in this game. third place in the division. peyton manning finds himself in the middle of a lawsuit. dating back to his days in college. manning was one of a number of
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the alleged sexual misconduct went back to 1996. manning wrote about her in a book. both cases were settled out of court. before we go, this is really cool. yesterday, valentine's day, 50 years ago. the world's most famous arena. i caught up with george last week. think about it. all the great ones. pope john paul ii. pope francis. how about the 50th anniversary. >> capturing the emotions. the history. that history of madison square garden.
6:46 am
able to be here. photograph on the world's greatest stage. the world's most famous arena. the world arena of history that no other arena can match. >> presidential nominations. sporting events. concerts. >> i love george. one of my friends. ben: really an up close look. >> i think that they are really enjoying it. >> thank you very much, duke. over the weekend we froze. now we are about to unfreeze. here is what we have on the averages. we job it down to 14 at one point.
6:47 am
advisory. that goes up until about midnight. some minor snow and ice accumulation. some snow showers being picked up. it is just the white stuff. we will see more of it come to us a little later on. 7 degrees in bridgeport. waiting for that moisture to come into the area. the colder air is already in place. we need that moisture to work its way in. we will start to see the snow showers in the late morning, early afternoon hours. minor accumulation before it starts turning over to rainfall. the warmer temperatures will be
6:48 am
that is what we have for you tomorrow. maybe a quick little rumble of thunder. that will be out of here after that. snow showers after today. the temperatures will continue to rise in the overnight hours. looking at showers as well as rainfall. a quick little under shower. the temperatures continue to climb in the overnight hours. drier skies for you wednesday, thursday and friday. the fox5 weather app has an interactive radar. the 50s look good next weekend. the latest one entertainment
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers.
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>> good morning. it is presidents' day. street cleaning rules are not suspended and meters remained in
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sunday schedule. let's go to our trains. buses are on a saturday schedule. long island railroad and new jersey transit on a holiday schedule. ben: thank you. the rock band is returning to paris. >> performing tomorrow night. they also died that day. some survivors of the massacre say they still cannot go back. >> the incidence.
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going back. kanye west. major debt to take care of. ben: $53 million. i do not know why his wife can't bail him out. where did all the money go, kanye? he is also asking facebook founder for money. mark, i am publicly asking you for help. all right. it seems ridiculous. it is still early. sports illustrated swimsuit
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the magazine is putting out different covers for three different women. >> ashley graham. taking a big risk putting her in the magazine. ufc champion was in body paint. the third cover belongs to haley. the magazines are on newsstands now. stick around. tennis pro will be on good day in our 9:00 a.m. hour. she will be in there as well. we will talk about that coming up. >> you may be wondering why the
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ben: the foulmouthed superhero. $135 million. easily beating the previous record. 85 million set. >> we were all talking about that. surpassing the matrix reloaded. how to be single, zoolander two and the round dance.
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greg: how is it going? valentine's day is over. hi, everybody. welcome to the program. what do we have out there? >> it is cold again. it was like an energy zapper. we will see a little snow this afternoon. it is nice to see that mike is in with us on this holiday. eliot spitzer. crazy night at the plaza hotel. the allegation that she was choked by the former governor. police did ask him a few questions at the plaza the other
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