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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  February 15, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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pain from your day can haunt you at night, don't let it. advil pm gives you the healing sleep you need, helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. greg: the president of the united states gets a song and his own day. it is president's day. we hope you have the day off. our city is full of the presidential history. rosanna: how many presidents have lived here? greg: a mess of them. we have a live picture, left of the shot you are going to see the hotel.
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rosanna: fancy. greg: it is there in the middle. there it is. so president nixon, president-elect he did the interviews in that building. rosanna: that is killed. greg: he lived down the block on 5th avenue. kissinger. any way, are you into president's day? rosanna: yes, and learning more about the presidents. we have the seal behind us. greg: in honor of the the presidents that might be watching right now, we have done something special. rosanna: from up there? greg: or the neighborhood. we have committed the presidents to memory. rosanna: his memory is better than mine. greg: rosanna is going to thrill and amaze you.
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greg: would you like to go first? rosanna: no. i only know ten presidents. greg: well, you don't know them ten minutes ago. rosanna: greg knows 40. he'll go first. he's more thrilling. greg: you are goofing on me. keep it to a minimum. i'm vulnerable right now. rosanna: i won't do anything of the sort. greg: let's get through this. rosanna: one to 40. i will give you a number and you guess the president. number 13. greg: philmore. rosanna: number 18. greg: grant. rosanna: 31. >> hoover. rosanna: how about 28? greg: this is one the that
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wood row wilson. rosanna: 37? greg: nixon. rosanna: 22? >> greg: cleveland. rosanna: 24. greg: there you go, cleveland too. rosanna: who is 23 by the way? >> harrison. rosanna: very nice. greg: it is not i'm a gene yus. you can learn this to. it is a unique memory tool i learned from harry lorraine. we have a picture of harry. rosanna: he's been on the show. you have done fun stuff with harry. greg: i saw him on the johnny carson show and he memoryized
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rosanna: my memory is gone. shot. greg: anything in the ear? rosanna: oh. greg: concentration chair. rosanna: don't do this hard because of the makeup. you are looking like a hostage. give her a newspaper. don't make faces behind my back. greg: rosanna, using your abilities and powers of concentration tell me the third president of the united states. rosanna: jefferson. greg: excellent. she's totally right. well done. rosanna: thank you. greg: the 7th president of the united states? >> rosanna: jackson. greg: andrew jackson. yes. the 10th. rosanna: tyler.
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united states. rosanna: adams. greg: she's forming a picture in your head. right again. okay. we haven't done number 8. 8th president of the united states? rosanna: van buren. greg: excellent. rosanna, take that down. no peeking. rosanna, the 9th president of the united states? rosanna: harrison. greg: come on, babe, that is fantastic. rosanna: this is crazy. i don't know about doing 40. i got ten down. greg: you were instagraming and tweeting and on television and you learned ten. rosanna: that is good considering i don't know what i had for breakfast. greg: sixth? rosanna: i have to think about
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the shoes and hold on, wait, shoes, i know, quincy adams. . we talked about richard nixon, 37th president of the united states. rosanna: lived a few blocks away from "good day." greg: this is post presidency, by the way, rosanna, the building board saying he couldn't live there. he bought a townhouse. rosanna: the boards are string ent. greg: try president obama. rosanna: you know what, you never know, there is talk he could return here. he was just a college kid going to columbia. greg: he was actually living on 94th between 1 and second avenue. and that's it.
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still there. greg: it is wild. rosanna: department you try to visit there? >> greg: yes, it is getting with a key. two blocks afrom president obama's old house lee harvey oswald lived. that is crazy. happy president's day. rosanna: what are you doing for president's day, mike woods? we are in your area here. mike: yes, you are invading my space. rosanna: sorry. greg: everything was clear. rosanna: what does purple mean? mike: that means winter weather advisory. rosanna: what is the difference dween a warning and and advisory. >> advisory is coming in and minor.
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batten down the hatches. greg: why was deblasio freaking out over the weekend? >> well, it was cold and looking out for the homeless and out op the streets. hey, look at the gray sky here, look at that. we have got chrysler building here, the gray skies. you are thinking snow, snow can't be far away. that is what we are looking at. the snow coming at us here but not for a little bit here and on the lighter side. we have a winter weather advisory for the tristate region and northeast in general. going up to maine, massachusetts and so on. so yes, the advisory is up for the minor snow that is coming to town. for now, it is looking dry. the sky guardian is picking up on the light snow over parts of long island and up the hudson valley. it is not making it to the ground yet. the bulk of what we are going to
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the temps are rising here. 19 at central park. 19 islip. temps cold enough to get the snow. they are working upward as the warmer air is pulling into the tristate region. windchills 3 below in sussex. a warm front to the south and working into the tristate region and increasing the clouds and bringing in precip. it is starting as snow as wander down to south and west and the snow is changing to the rain this afternoon and evening. on the futurecast, this is changing from the blue shatds to the green shades and that means over to rain and that is what we are going to see throughout the majority of the storm coming through. the rain heavy at times tomorrow. at 6:00 in the evening it is wrapping up and getting out of
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messy here later today and tomorrow. how much snow out of it? most of us in the white areas coating to about two inches of snow. i don't think too much. 2-4 inches up to the northwest in the pink shaded areas. all right, snow showers are coming at you. the evening temps are continuing to climb. the afternoon temperature 34. 55 tomorrow. windy, warm and wet. dryer for the rest of the week. sunny through sunday and over the weekend the temperatures in the lower 50s. not bad at all. >> thank you very much. so the x files, the country is talking the show in the 90s and again today. rosanna: it is doing so well in the ratings and only two more episodes are left. greg: help me what. which is which?
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the company was here. the x-files are back and new and improved cast. rosanna: it is getting good. tonight they need help. they need help. that is where lauren ambrose is coming in. greg: yes, special agent einstein. any relation to the real instien? >> i think that the character is based on chris carter that is creator and writer, based his aunt. >> albert? >> i think there are a couple of moments, you know. the thing is that the character is bright. she earns the name. rosanna: you come in, this series is established, okay, these two agents are well known. you come in einstein with the red pair, skully is not happy
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block. >> both the character and the entire experience is welcoming. rosanna: okay, how was it coming in, and you are helping to save the world, right? >> and being cool in the little blue suit. but here in this cultural, you know, this phenomenon in the culture. but they were welcoming and it was a really fun show to be part of. greg: where is the show right now and what is happening right now? >> in the sixth episode you mean? greg: yeah. >> well, a mythology part of it. there are big ideas and then
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and i'm part of the mythology op the alien. rosanna: you know how this ends? >> well -- greg: i am getting the idea you don't work there. anything. >> yes. greg: we'll watch a clip. rosanna: watch and does. >> enlighten me how nine years of college, three degrees, left me such a simpleton. >> no. just sit down and shut up. >> do you treat her like that? >> please have a seat. two minutes and i'm due back on earth. >> behold.
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going. greg: what's up with the attitude? you are intense? >> yes, she's intense, kind of a ball breaker. can i say that? rosanna: yes. greg: she's new to fbi compared to him? >> well, she's science based, fact based person, mulleder is woo woo world and off putting to her and i go along with him. >> rosanna: what'd you mean a romantic thing? >> no, no i am going along and following his wild ideas. rosanna: any romance? >> i don't think so. rosanna: do you see a future for yourself on the show if they return the show? >> well, that would be lovely.
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work and a cool thing to be part of. i really enjoyed working there. greg: lauren, good thing and the final episode next monday night. in the meantime, something tonight. real quick, anything else you are working on to talk about? >> yeah, i'm shooting this tv thing, it is brand new. i don't know. rosanna: well, about what sixteen feet under? >> people love that show. rosanna: how many seasons? >> five seasons. rosanna: how old were you, you were like a baby. >> no. i don't know. in my 20s. rosanna: wow. >> now i'm older. greg: it is a show about a funeral parlor. >> there i am. greg: lauren, you are the best. rosanna: all the best. watch it tonight, x-files.
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rosanna: we have the kids here. greg: see sesame street live at madison square garden. growing up on this show.
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rosanna: our favorite friends from sesame street. greg: they are awesome. bob, gordon and maria. how about the muppets oscar. cookie monster. rosanna: burt and ernie. greg: those guys are the best. we have so many kids that love sesame street here in the studio with us. why, we are going to see a live performance of sesame street. hello, children. how are you doing? how are you doing? hi, everybody. are you psyched to see sesame street. rosanna: yeah! greg: madison square garden
9:20 am
rosanna: samantha is here to talk about it. greg: children, stay here. rosanna: don't go any where. greg: sam, hi. rosanna: how long is it going on at madison square garden. >> tons of dates and times left. tickets? upward. rosanna: what are the characters doing during the show? >> dance, sing, play, run around with the kids and playing and hugging. greg: fabulous. are you ready? who is here: elmo and cookie monster? >> yes. >> let's do it, shall we. here think come.
9:21 am
we got to moves rosanna: yeah! greg: security, these kids are out of control. rosanna: did you like that?
9:22 am
greg: you are under arrest. rosanna: so we can take to you two? no, we can't. greg: we cant talk to cooing cookie monster? >> no. rosanna: is greg a good cookie monster? do you have a cookie? thank you so much. we'll put the information on our website. thank you cookie monster and elmo. greg: very nice. thank you so much. good-bye children. rosanna: when we come back, christine will be here, caroline is here. greg: oh the tennis player. rosanna: she's in sports illustrated.
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when she plays tennis? you have the sound down. greg: let's listen to her play for a little bit. she's amazing. rosanna: she's got no sound. does she curse? a word every now and then when missing a shot. greg: caroline wozniacki, championship tennis player. fascinating and by the way see her in the news sports illustrated and wearing nothing at all. that is rhonda on the cover. let's see, caroline wozniacki inside the magazine wearing again no clothes. it is true. this looks like a bathing suit. rosanna: she's sitting right here. greg: this is not a bathing
9:26 am
rosanna: okay, you have made a point. greg: well, it is body paint. no fabric. caroline, welcome back to "good day new york." rosanna: is that strange? well, really, the experience of doing that? >> well, before doing that, i was nervous, but you know, we really got very comfortable quickly. rosanna: when you put the body point on. >> wearing nothing. no. nothing. you feel naked and then looking in the mirror it is looking like a bathing suit. greg: who painted it? >> joann is amazing and she and the assistants and they did amazing jobs. greg: were you like, can't i have a bathing suit? >> no, i knew before. they wanted to do something different.
9:27 am
theme and rhonda wearing the back and i wore the white. different. rosanna: so they had a swim suit looking like it? >> yes, they painted the similar suit on me. rosanna: why not wear the suit? >> well, it is more fun and doing it different. think. rosanna: yes. greg: did it tickle a little bit. did it feel good? >> you don't think about it. it takes 15 hours to paint it on. it is not easy. it is not just laying down. rosanna: how do they do the bottom part? that is close, right? >> it is close. but you know, you get
9:28 am
comfortable. you fall asleep. greg: the new sports illustrated is out. caroline is on the pages. where are those taken? >> st. invent. rosanna: did you have to lose weight for that? >> well, they wanted to have all body types and i'm proud of my body and i wanted to be athletic and sending a message, it is nice to have the curves. greg: you should be proud. rosanna: she's in great shape. did they touch you up. i hear the magazines, well, they touch you up and slim it down. >> they try to send a healthy message. maybe they'll change a color for the lighting, but, they want you to embrace who you are. greg: are are you from? >> denmark. >> you started tennis hold?
9:29 am
>> greg: was it your idea or a coach or parents? >> i grew up in a sporting family. i thought tennis was the most fun. i kept at it. rosanna: are you still loving what you do? >> i do. rosanna: are there certain people you play, do you get nervous? >> it is a day job and you play different women all of the time. but she's great. rosanna: are tickets available? >> yes. i hope to see many of you out there. greg: what is great day job. model, product endorser. what do you want to do ultimately. you can't play forever. >> i want to act. >> rosanna: really?
9:30 am
rosanna: have you done anything? >> yes, the new bowelers are coming out. i have a small part. i was part of it and it is fun. great actors in there. rosanna: we should have had parts to read today. there could be a casting agent right? greg: well, i have a feeling they would love to meet you. what is your favorite movie? >> titanic. >> what do you like to do. >> i love to bake. rosanna: what do you like to do? >> cinnamon buns. greg: you can get them at the airport. >> mine are better.
9:31 am
rosanna: that is awesome. do you ever have a piggout day? >> of course. everyone does, i think. greg: couple of times a week here. rosanna: what do you sflurj on? >> >> chocolate. >> is it president's day. oh no. >> we have a queen. >> give her a number between one and ten. >> 18. >> i will take that one. >> grant. >> between 1-10. >> 8. >> 8 van buren. >> yes. >> that's my girl. >> that is good. >> one more. >> between one and ten? >> yes. >> 30.
9:32 am
>> i am impressed. rosanna: he's got a memory. >> i can tell you 22 and 24. >> cleveland. >> yes. >> caroline, keep it up. rosanna: what are you doing today? >> we have -- rosanna: are you in a bathing suit or painted? >> in a dress. rosanna: just checking, caroline. you never know with you. greg: sports illustrated having a thing here in manhattan. i will give you the address. west 30s. all right. stay with us. we'll get the information for you. you can meet caroline and her hot friends today all day long. caroline wozniacki, you are amazing.
9:33 am
garden march 8 and playing serena. >> the altman building. where is that? rosanna: rosanna: 135th west 18th. there will be a lot of people there. rosanna: are you going to see the models? greg: what are you doing for lunch? >> i am going there at 3:00. greg: want a tour of the studio. i can't take it right now. see you later. okay. greg: i did it this time. army stood on the hill above the men of king saul. as the giant goliath moved in for the kill, young david reached into his bag and slung one at goliath'
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greg: happy president's day, everybody. rosanna: why not. greg: people were saying happy valentine's day. i hear happy memorial day. that is confusing. we are giving a shout out to the presidents that living in new york city. including ike. rosanna: where'd he live? greg: in this big house.
9:37 am
this is the columbia university's president's official residence. he was the president of the university. rosanna: according to the governor's website today, 7 u.s. presidents are buried in new york. greg: and bunch liveed in the neighborhood. rosanna: let's talk toys, shall we. we are months away from the holiday season, but this is when they are showing the hottest trends. greg: not sure why. roz well, they have to produce them and stock them up. greg: and selling them to the department stores. toys are fun and there is a big convention. rosanna: ben, where are you? ben: hello, we are on the space
9:38 am
classic. ground. it takes practice to get this, to get the hang of this. this is one of the many items. it is quite a sensation in europe about 150 bucks for this. i have to say, it is cool. it is a bit of a challenge. it is a bit of a workout. it is fun at the same time. i will park this actually here. i will bring in adrian with the toy industry association, adrian, thank you for being with us. you have a lot of items for us here. classic, new york city puzzle. >> yes, new york city puzzle. we love this, it is looking great and has a lot of iconic new york landmarks and fun for the whole family to play together. it is $24. it is a ton of fun. ben: i love that. it is a classic. now to something more expensive, kids love these.
9:39 am
they have them in the classrooms. they are magnetic blocks. >> yes, they are available in a number of sizes. this is deluxe. 300 pieces. pieces that actually move them. it is higher ticket, $649. this is the ultimate set. >> we have wheels here. you can create something and get it to move. super heroes. they are hot. we have captain america here. >> the shield reveal, block, blast, captain america. ironman. i will be nice. these are $20. this allows the kids to become a super hero at home. ben: up next. >> update on the classics.
9:40 am
you are making much more than when i was a kid. >> ben: spacecraft flight lab. you can hold this if you would. i will charge this guy. it is a glorified paper airplane. stick it here. this charges it. the propeller is going. then -- it is supposed to go a little further. we have one more item. we have this drone. i want to bring in cory. tell us about the drone? >> this is hover racer. video games meets drones, every boy's dream come true. you can bring in four racers for the racing and battling. set up the beacons in the backyard and race them around the course. ben: the key is crossing them in
9:41 am
i see, i don't know if you can see it, the controller, the smartphone is hooked up and tells you which beacons you have crossed? >> yes, the check points and the lap time. as i am battleing with the racers i know how fast i am going. >> the company? >> sigh rocket toys. >> how much? >> $99 coming out in august of this year. ben: well, if i was aette being individual, rosanna, it is a great holiday gift for greg kelly. 99 bucks and he could set up a race course in the studio and i advise you to stay clear. guys thanks toy fair is incredible. only open to industry professionals. so many toys. 1300 companies and hundreds of thousands of toys here. you are going to hear about them as we approach the holiday
9:42 am
greg: ben, i will ignore the subtle but slight insult. rosanna: there is a thread of truth in it, ben. greg: that is looking cool. see you later. buddy. rosanna: so today is president's day and the kids are off. we have things to get the family involved, greg, we brought in the bambino chefs. greg: the kids are cooking i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. we're out of 2% i wonder what else could be better around here? i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios.
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uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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greg: it is the one cool thing about valentine's day. empire state building. i don't like the pressure, i don't like the gifts. rosanna: what about the chocolate? greg: the pressure is on for valentine's day. look at what the empire state building did, it was red and beating. rosanna: so cool. greg: i have not seen the empire state building do that before. valentine's day is over. rosanna: the kids are off and brings up problems for the parents. what do you do with the kids this week? greg: this is a cool thing in
9:46 am
look at how cute they are with the chef's hat on. rosanna: it is a great idea, thanks for being us. are you the chef? >> yes, i am the bambinino chef. rosanna: how long have you existed? >> almost four years. greg: you enroll and then what happens? you teach them recipes? >> yes, we create the recipes and cook everything from scratch. we make it as colorful as possible. rosanna: i like that. it gets the kids to eat things. and the other thing is i find that when i i cook with the kids they talk.
9:47 am
think -- it is like being in a car. cooking does that too, greg. greg: interesting. my mother wouldn't let me near the kitchen. rosanna: for a good reason. what are you making? >> a couple of things. broccoli muffin. greg: wow. rosanna: who likes broccoli? you like it too? greg: really? you really like broccoli? >> yes. rosanna: it stinks though. greg: you kids are amazing. let's get to it. >> a little red and put it in the bowl here. greg: let them do the cooking. >> yes. rosanna: do you know what you
9:48 am
>> we are going to do this here. eggs right there. greg: have you kicked a kid out of the school? >> never, never. rosanna: what about the food fight? >> that happens often and it is a lot of fun. rosanna: wacht to -- want to have a food fight? greg: what is your name? >> adrian. >> mia. >> trent. >> and sometimes, dean. >> what'd you do? greg: dean, i am sorry. rosanna: what is your name. >> evelyn. >> juliette. >> christy.
9:49 am
stop looking at us and make the recipe. we are putting a little broccoli in there. chop it. mix everything together. mayo, salt. there we go. wonderful. beautiful. greg: we definitely have adult supervision. >> absolutely. rosanna: especially with the fire and that stuff. knives. these are cute. are they plastic? >> yes, they are specially for the kids. rosanna: bake them how long? >> ten minutes. rosanna: this the s the finished product? >> yes.
9:50 am
greg: you said you like broccoli. rosanna: it has to be gluten free? >> yes. rosanna: who can try this? >> no. rosanna: okay fine. greg: who wants to try the broccoli muffin? christy does. rosanna: what about here? >> we are going to make our signature. take slices of bread. cut the circles. all we have to do is put cream honey. it is simple. greg: which one made this? christy, did you make it?
9:51 am
the kids are fabulous. how do we find you? >> website. rosanna: so do you have sessions throughout the whole year or pop in for one? >> you can do both. sign up for a semester or pop in. >> cooking after school is important. i wish i had learned this. i learned how to make french toast. rosanna: who wants a food fight. greg: what the hell, let's go for it. are your parents here? are they good for this? they are. food fight. i hit the young boy in the eye. rosanna, come here, this is between you and me. rosanna: oh no.
9:52 am
greg: are you ready? i can't fire at unarmed woman. take these. one, two, three. >> yeah. rosanna: yeah. greg: look at that. put the kid down. just kidding. thank you, kids. rosanna: thank you. >> thank you for having us. greg: cory booker senator from new jersey, a rue nor going around he could be nominated by president obama for the supreme court. rosanna: he might not be interested in the job if he wants to be the president of the united states.
9:53 am
we are r again! again! again! again?
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rosanna: it is all about you. thank you for saying nice things about us on facebook. greg: hey, it is cold and snowing today. mike: yes, the first snow showers are coming through, a few over the city and headed up to connecticut add long island and more down to southwest and coming coming through throughout the day. the snow showers lunchtime on and in the evening mixing with the rainfall out there.
9:56 am
beyond freezing and turning into a slushy mess out there. be prepared for a slick afternoon and evening commute. >> rosanna: thank you, mike. we are going live on facebook, mine and fox 5. >> the 4th president of the united states? >> rosanna: is it madison? greg: yes! you nailed it. your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared.
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and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. live from new york city it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: you won't believe what i am about to tell you. my girls have always turned out. >> now here's wendy.


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