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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and the rain could come down heavy tomorrow. and then nice weather coming back into wednesday's forecast. tonight, snow to ice to rain. temperatures by the time you get out the door will be in the middle 40s. we keep going into the middle to upper 50s. heaviest rain will be tomorrow afternoon. steve: thank you, nick. breaking news. there's been a police-involved shooting in the bronx. the nypd says a suspect with a gun was shot in his right arm. he was taken to lincoln hospital where he remains in stable condition. it's unclear what led to the shooting. much of grand central terminal is in the dark after a power outage this morning. steve: lidia curanaj is there to tell us what knocked the lights out and when things will get back to normal. >> reporter: trains are running on schedule. you can see behind me that the lights are turning back on. they are being powered by a backup generator.
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power should be restored within the next couple of hours and by tomorrow morning. >> you can't exit this way. >> reporter: darkness and confusion at grand central terminal. the power went out throughout the entire terminal around 9:30 this morning. >> it's surprising and concerning when you're in new york when, you know, something happens like that. >> i've never seen it so dark honestly. it's weird. a bit scary at the same time. >> reporter: metro north says a major pipe burst flooding the main power supply. these lights in the main concourse are powered by a backup generator as workers continue to pump out the flooded area and make repairs. aaron is with metro north. >> this was a water pipe, a six inch pipe that burst and flooded a transformer vault that feeds power to grand central. that transformer was
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of -- flooded with 18 inches of water. it shouldn't be long before we're back to full, regular power. >> eric works in the bakery here. the grand central market is also completely in the dark. >> it's eerie. no one is telling us when it's going to come on. >> reporter: you can purchase a ticket at a ticket window. fortunately, all trains are running on schedule. however, because the lower level is shut down, trains are being rerouted to upper tracks. >> i see they've blocked all of the stairs and ramps to the lower levels. i'm just waiting to find out where to go. there's no information. there's no signs. nothing. >> he is right. it is a little confusing. officers as well as troopers on go. ago.
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other lights are starting to turn back on. they are being powered by a backup generator. power should be restored by tomorrow morning. we will bring you the latest. back to you. steve: always something of late. >> nobody wants the commute messed up. steve: what a hassle. >> a spokesperson for eliot spitzer denying accusations that he attacked a woman at the plaza hotel. steve: a lot of mystery surrounding what happened saturday night. lisa evers at the plaza with what we've learned today. lisa? >> reporter: we are here right outside the plaza. the place of choice for kings, queens, millionaires and celebrities. but now it's in the news. this famous hotel, because of an ugly incident that happened saturday night in one of the luxury suites. my sources tell me at the plaza hotel, about 8:00 on saturday night, a distraught 25-year-old woman called 911 claiming she
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when police arrived, sources say disgraced former new york governor eliot spitzer answered the door and sent them away. but the cops called ems and returned with a warrant to find blood and broken glass. at the hospital, the woman told staff her boyfriend of two years, eliot spitzer, had attacked her by choking and shoving her and throwing her to the floor. it could be domestic violence, says this criminal defense attorney. >> if the parties are known to each other, they're boyfriend-girlfriend or have a relationship similar to that, this is a domestic incident. >> reporter: his spokesperson says there is no truth to the allegation. spitzer resigned as governor in 2008 amidst a prostitution scandal where he patronized a call girl service so frequently, he was nicknamed client no. 9. he was never prosecuted. at this point, it could go either way.
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or 180 days, if it's a felony, to prosecute the case. they will keep the case open during that time period and then once it elapses, they will not be able to go forward. >> reporter: sources say the woman, who may be back home in russia, declined to press charges about what happened at the plaza. without a complaint, there is still a case to be made. >> here the police are taking their time before they turn it over to the prosecution, which maybe they did, but the prosecution has not charged him and arraigned him. >> reporter: now, just to be clear, spitzer has not been charged with anything. allegations. still this case is far from closed. the nypd is officially telling us their investigation is on and we've learned that detectives were here collecting forensic evidence for hours after the alleged incident. we're live in west 58th, i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. back to you. steve: all right. thanks. back to the breaking news in
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cops are on the scene of a police-involved shooting. steve: arthur chi'en with the latest. what do we know? >> reporter: police are setting up to give us a briefing. you're looking towards 166th street. according to a source, an hour ago police received 911 calls of an individual waving a gun. when two officers arrived at the scene, they found an individual. they confronted an individual who had a 9 millimeter weapon. from that point, the presumption is he was confronted and would not put the weapon down. they fired one shot. he was struck in the arm and brought to lincoln hospital and is in stable condition. they recovered the weapon at the scene. the investigation is well underway to see what happened out here. anytime there's a police-involved shooting, there's a full investigation that follows. we are going to have a briefing out here. we'll have more answers as to how all this went down in a short time. we're live in the bronx. back to you.
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a majorst sexting scandal or a hack job? ed mangano says he is not responsible for these tweets. jodi goldberg looks for the history between him and the woman in question. >> today i have the incredible opportunity to sit with the -- >> reporter: ed mangano sitting down with public relations consultant consultant -- she owns the blue chip public relations firm. she had two contracts totalling $50,000 in 2013 and 2014. >> thank you for giving a regular girl like me the opportunity to sit down with you. you're an amazing guy. i follow you. i've been inspired by you. >> reporter: today they're both claiming to be hacking victims in a sexting scandal. mangano, the married father of
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and inappropriate text messages were sent between the two. he said: >> the two met through the owner of the castle where this picture was taken. she is in the middle of a divorce. she says to be clear, the alleged text messages and tweets are fabricated, false and never happened. i never communicated via text message or have his cell phone number. we asked her attorney about the contracts. >> those are typical types of contracts of publicity persons who work for the county. it's not unusual that many of the contracts are issued. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the nassau county democratic says she wouldn't comment because it is under investigation. as for the contracts, they'll be
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not they follow the normal bidding process. >> the unexpected death of antonin scalia raising the takes of the 2016 presidential election. here's the political power replacement. >> antonin scalia is remembered as a lion of american law. flags shown at half staff out of respect for the 72-year-old. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. >> republicans in washington and on the campaign trail saying no way. >> it's called delay, delay, delay. >> the next president should fill this vacancy. >> we are not moving forward on the supreme court nominee until after this election. >> the democrats calling foul. >> it is outrageous that
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the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. >> reporter: the court will function with eight justices, only there's a possibility of a tie, meaning the decisions of the lower court stand and rendering the supreme court voiceless. this is especially significant on big cases coming down the pipe over the president's executive action on immigration, abortion restrictions in texas, and climate change. there have been a host of names thrown around as to who the president might nominate from circuit court judges to the attorney general of the united states, loretta lynch. but the white house says they won't put forth someone until the senate is back from recess on the 22nd. if you thought this campaign cycle was heated, these next few months are going to be explosive with the parties completely split over who will get to fill court. steve: this is the most explosive thing they could have possibly dropped into this
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>> it's going to drag on and on. steve: thanks. >> two rescue dogs have decided to see other pooches. steve: all right. why these two began to grow apart. the ongoing search to find them homes. >> why are we obsessed with knowing the future? >> will i be married someday? >> you're going to get married and have kids. that's coming soon. >> wondering about wealth, health and love? even the election? >> i think there's going to be recounting of votes for one or two days. it will be that close. >> reporter: a fox doc predicting the future coming up. [laughing] honey, you gotta see this! time warner cable now makes your internet do more. honey! [laughing] honey? our ultra-fast internet with home wifi keeps your devices connected, [laughing] anywhere in your home. [laughing]
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steve: puppy love doesn't last forever, not when it's between puppies. >> jennifer lahmers joins us with the story of two shelter dogs about to go their separate ways. what happened? >> reporter: it's more about needing to. they've been in the shelter for two years hoping one person could adopt them both, but that hasn't happened. now it looks like they might have to go to two different homes. and they called it puppy love >> reporter: there was a time when clover and roscoe were inseparable, like two pups in a
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>> roscoe came here from louisiana. he was being kept outside. he never came inside. he never had socialization. clover was from louisiana, a different situation, but from a hoarding situation. she was with a lot of other dogs. >> reporter: the rescue dogs met several years ago at the animal refuge and formed a bond so strong, they were mawrkt rketed as a package deal. but it's been a year of searching for a suitable fit with no luck. the shelter is now looking for separate adopters and to help the pair get used to the idea of being apart, each are working with training dogs. >> roscoe has been working with virginia. virginia is a dog that is very social with other dogs. and she teaches him that people are okay. clover is being fostered by one of our volunteers. and she's been there for a while. she has a dog in the home who is well socialized. >> reporter: volunteers say things have changed since last year. roscoe and clover have been
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that's not to say they don't still love each other. there's a bit of an age difference. roscoe is 5-1/2 and clover is eight, but volunteers say they're just better socialized now and can handle being adopted by two separate owners. >> if there is a dog in the home that's dog friendly and social, they would -- they're good at bonding to other dogs. so we like them to go to a home, not necessarily with each other, although we won't ever take that off the table, but if you have a dog at home that's social, we could see if they were a match. >> reporter: they're ready for adoption now. volunteers say both of them prefer to be at homes with women. i guess roscoe is a ladies man. no children. and a socialized dog if there are any pets. steve: very good. >> looking for a younger lady. >> reporter: puppy love can be finicky.
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out. now we're at 27 on the way to 50. nick: exactly. the record low being minus 1 in there you go. now we're in the 20s and soon we'll be in the 50s. crazy swinging weather, not necessarily unprecedented, but rare that it happens. we do see it sometimes. 27, 13 today. and that 27 our current temperature. 42, 28 is where we should be. overnight. 65 for the record high. minus 2 the record low back in the late 1800's. just a trace of snow in central park. 6:54 is your sunrise. the humidity is at 85 percent. wind out of the east becoming southerly as the night comes along. pressure is 30.32 holding steady. that will be falling over the next 24 hours. take a look at fox 5 sky guardian. we're covered up in blue. light blue. this is indicating the light snow. this is change over. we're seeing a change over to sleet.
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and we have sleet into central new jersey and rain along the south jersey and east jersey shore as we'll see that continue to spread. highs again into the middle 30s. temperatures. 32 montauk. it's above freezing at islip and belmar. 27 in town. only in the teens to the north and west. 19 poughkeepsie. 14, 15 in monticello to sussex. again, above freezing as we get south of the city. and starting to see this trend that will continue. we'll see the temperatures slowly rise. a lot of areas going to take a lot of the night for that to happen. we get an icing situation on that and it will go over to rain. look at the 24-hour temperature change. from four to 20 degrees. wind out of the east-northeast. more easterly. it will become southerly through the rest of the night into tomorrow. still winter weather advisory for the area. goes until midnight in the city and along the coast. it will stay until 7:00 in the
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again, an inch, that's probably most of it. a few isolated spots. we're done with the accumulating snow south and east of the city. on top of the 2 to 4 inches, it will be icing that will be the problem. you take a look at the radar into motion on fox 5 sky guardian 3-d. here comes the pink and the change over. you'll see that turn to rain and further south there's rain and thunderstorms going on across the southeastern states. don't be surprised if you hear thunder into tomorrow with the storm going off to the west here and eventually this warm front that's off to the south will pass on off to the north. temperatures tomorrow out the door already in the middle to upper 40s. the rain continues. 56 will be the high tomorrow as the futurecast shows that system going off to the west. that moves along. wednesday, a better day. sunshine and clouds. back to lower and middle 40s. this front cools us down into
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we get milder. snow, ice and rain as temperatures rise into the middle 40s. tomorrow, mid to upper 50s with rain and heavy downpours and a gusty wind. 44 on wednesday. good-looking day. 38 thursday for the coldest of the next couple. 41 friday. sun to clouds. could be showers at night. 53 saturday as we return to sunshine and stay in the upper 40s sunday and monday. a couple of showers by -- steve: what a crazy winter. nick: a winter to remember. steve: like short bursts of pain. it's been warm overall. it's great. change quickly. this is it. it's got live interactive radar where you are. search fox 5 ny weather on itunes or google play. it's free. he's one of the top dj's in
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steve: meet alex sensation when we take you behind the scenes at 97.5 fm.
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alison: with more than 2 million listeners, he's one of new york's famous dj's. steve: we look at who's behind the microphone. >> reporter: alex, what goes down in your studio? there's a lot of energy. you're dancing and it's live. >> well, it's a party for four hours. it's a very interactive show. i'm on social media answering back >> reporter: this colombian has a lot of music that he transmits to listeners and me.
5:25 pm
he's on on saturday nights with his show. >> i'm thankful for the people that tune in every day. >> he has 2 million listeners. he's live in new york, miami and world wide on the web. >> i get callers from all over europe, from south america-u central south america. i come in. i start greeting. i get on instagram and snapchat. >> reporter: he found his love for music at a young age. >> my older brother was a dj. he was the dj in the clubs. i begged him, with my mom not knowing, to take me, that i would stay in the booth and carry his cd's. >> he has been with the station for 17 years. >> i perform live between five
5:26 pm
nightclubs, here in the tri-state. i perform in miami, south florida, canada, the caribbean, south america. >> reporter: he's opened up for some of the biggest stars in the world, like romeo santos. >> i'm like the hype guy. alex, can you come hype up the crowd before i go on stage? >> three years ago, he went from spinning hits to making them. his first one was with his [music] amazed. i started recording. i've been recording ever since. i released my single a few months back. we did a song. this year i'm dropping a record with nicky jam. vocally. i'm not going to say i'm a frank sinatra. i serve the people.
5:27 pm
sure they have a nice four-hour stress-free show. steve: amazing. 2 million people. a big audience. >> still ahead, understanding our obsession with tomorrow. >> you're obsessed with the future because it's important. alison: the big business behind predicting the future. steve: and thinking inside the box. how this simple device can help
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steve: from science to the supernatural, why are we obsessed with the future? why can't we live in the present alison: robert moses takes a closer look in tonight's fox doc. [music] >> i don't want you to be broadsided by a life affair that could be coming up. >> our desire to find out what's happening next or to be able to predict it somehow provides comfort to all of us. >> we're obsessed with the future because it's important. >> tomorrow it's a subject that has consumed humans since there have been humans. yesterday is so yesterday. and today, well, it's happening to us right now. there's not a whole lot we can do.
5:31 pm
am i so fixated on tomorrow? i visited gina, a psychic. >> from your energy right now, i pick up that you have a bright future. you worked really hard. you're really determined. so you actually are pretty much writing your future. >> reporter: she told me plenty about my future. you're going to hear it momentarily. before you dismiss the idea that someone can actually predict the future, consider the renowned astolger susan miller. math. i'm doing math all day. it's exhausting. >> reporter: astrology boasts 6 million unique readers a month. >> as we grow up, we become aware that life is unpredictable and that life is hard. it's not supposed to be easy.
5:32 pm
systemically systemically. >> reporter: her 2016 calendar will be include in the basket that presenters of the oscars receive. who better than to talk about the future. >> i feel like a school teacher trying to get the planets to behave. mercury, sit down. venus, stop kissing mars and stop looking out the window. i know you want to be different. i have to make sense of the conversations they're having with each other. >> reporter: she says those conversations affect our world and our tomorrows. people down through the ages have relied on astrologers for decisions on how to invest and when to conceive children. nancy reagan was called multiple times a day to be advised. speaking of presidents, i wanted to put miller on the spot. i asked her to predict who our next one will be. >> i do not think that hillary
5:33 pm
she will get the nomination. i don't think mr. trump will get it because of the change that happens right around labor day or even in august. i think we're going to be recounting the votes for one or two days because it's going to be that close. >> reporter: like miller, chris anthony uses math to predict the future, albeit in a different way. he writes a column for the national football league's web site football. anyone who's played has been confronted with questions like which of my running backs should i play this week and who will play better and can you predict how well they will or won't perform? anthony thinks he can. he's come up with this proprietorary algorithm and shared part of it with us. he plugs tons of data into it measuring things like how players have played against certain teams in the past, how they perform on grass versus turf and how they perform at
5:34 pm
the algorithm, his algorithm, spits out a number. >> it's like a meat grinder that squishes data down that's understandable. >> reporter: he recommends which players fans should start and which they should sit. >> 71 percent accurate on the season. from a start and sit prospective, -- , -- -- perspective, it's out standing. >> reporter: the right decision can earn fantasy players big bucks. >> the tool that i have available for myself when i'm writing articles or on the radio or making my decisions is richer and more robust than the toolings we offer people online. we'll put this in the hands of the readers in the form of an app or a richer online experience. that's one of our big goals. >> reporter: scott spends his days trying to make people money by predicting the future.
5:35 pm
called planalitics. it uses statistics to predict weather trends. will it be colder or warmer than usual this winter? >> we study the economic impact of the weather in dollars and cents terms. if the weather is going to be favorable for a product, we measure economically how you spend your money on that product or service or if the weather is not favorable, how much is lost due to the weather. >> reporter: companies like rite aid, ace hardware, subway and dunkin' donuts use the predictions for business decisions like how many items should we stock and which should we discount to move and which items should we promote? >> if it's cold enough, people go back for second and third cups of coffee. that adds up to more money. or when it fails to happen, it's a problem. so maybe it's warm enough for the iced coffee but maybe people don't come and you have to promote. we're about looking at the future. >> reporter: this got me
5:36 pm
brings me back to gina that we introduced you. >> you'll be mentoring people, overseeing people and helping with people. people will look to you. you've had mentors in your life. now things are changing and you'll be a mentor. i see bigger states for you. you'll move to another spot because you like to have things organized and you like to have nice things. you're pretty clean. so the bigger space, the better for you. >> reporter: will i be married? you're going to get married and have kids. that's coming soon actually. not too far at all. i see two kids. there's a possibility of three kids coming in your future. i do not see anything tragic in your life. i see a dog. i don't know if you have a dog. >> reporter: i just got one. why are we so obsessed with predicting the future? our future? we took that question to sillton. >> the biggest fear we have is the fear of uncertainty, the
5:37 pm
ahead. when someone gives us a lens into what that future could look like, that really gives us a sense of control. it gives us a sense of comfort and a sense of certainty we don't typically have. the sun will come out tomorrow >> reporter: whether or not the sun does come out tomorrow is anyone's guess. maybe there are clouds or even storms on the horizon. the only thing we know for certain is that people will always try to figure it out. robert moses, fox 5 news. steve: very interesting stuff. you can watch more of fox docs by going to our youtube page. alison: cameras are rolling on the next chapter of the "star wars" saga. steve: new actors headed to a galaxy far, far away. the reaction seems to be pretty good. alison: and a look inside barney's new flagship store. steve: first, here's tonight's new york minute. the long island children's museum will help entertain and
5:38 pm
vacation week. >> we have a new exhibit opened up that's all about the science behind earthquakes and tsunamis. steve: kids can enjoy arts and crafts and other interactive exhibits. >> one of the things we know that parents want to be able to do is to give kids a little bit of learning that's wrapped up in fun. this is an easy way for kids to get that. >> reporter: tickets cost $12 or less. find out more at [inaudible] >> reporter: the youngest athletes get a chance to compete at a special competition at the armory in fort washington. they featured athletes from eight to 18 competing in dozens of track and field events. [inaudible] >> reporter: and that's your new
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(vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying
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alison: barney's is back in chelsea after closing nearly 20 years ago. this week's store opened on 7th avenue today with four floors filled with exclusive collections. it has a barber and restaurant so shoppers can refuel. sales associates can pull up data on spending habits and preferences and you can check out with apple pay. steve: the future of the force
5:42 pm
disney says filming has started on episode 8. the story picks up where the force awakens left off with markham -- fwleerp >> episode 8 will hit theatres at the end of 2017. alison: a device that can help parents of newborns sleep easier. steve: how the baby box is decreasing mortality rates. alison: and we go inside this
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steve: a traditional gift go mothers in finland is getting buzz in the u.s. alison: kerry drew explains the logic behind the baby box. >> reporter: how would you feel about your baby sleeping in a box? >> i don't know what to say. is it convenient? i guess so. i think it's strange. >> reporter: baby boxes have been used in finland and other countries for decades. newborns sleep in the boxes for the first few months or until they can pull themselves up. they have dramatically reduced the infant mortality rate and there's a company bringing the boxes stateside. >> the u.s. has the highest infant mortality rate. >> reporter: jennifer is the ceo
5:46 pm
over the weekend, the california-based company handed out 100 free baby boxes to parents at bellevue hospital and new york presbyterian hospital. >> everyone is so short on space. our baby boxes are compact and easily portable. it made sense to do a pilot there. >> reporter: they're filled with supplies to get parents started. they're lined with fitted mattresses. when the supplies come out, the boxes double as a place for babies to sleep. we talked to some new york city parents cramped for space about the idea. >> i'm totally okay with that. it limits the kid from rolling around. it limits the ability of the kid to fall off the bed. >> i have four kids. sometimes i used to let them sleep in a hamper. for transport purposes, it would be okay. >> reporter: other parents thought it was funny. >> sounds like a saturday night live commercial. baby in a box. not comfortable with that. >> reporter: but the parents not comfortable with the boxes may end up changing their minds.
5:47 pm
over, a lot of parents were like i'm not going to put my kid in a box. what's wrong with you? we said, well, look, we'll pilot it with some of the communities. try it. 85 percent of the parents came back saying they used it as a primary sleep space. >> reporter: kerry drew, fox 5 news. alison: joining us, dr. kerri peterson. i thought this was really strange. >> i can understand. i'm a huge advocate of the program. let me explain more about it. when this was started in finland in the 1930s, they had a high infant mortality rate. it has dropped dramatically. the reason is using this baby box, this keeps parents from co-sleeping with their parents. for infant death mortality rates in this country, we have yet to reach finland's numbers because of higher rates of s.i.d.s. and babies co-sleeping with parents. what happens is when they sleep in the same bed, the parents can roll on them and suffocate them
5:48 pm
that can suffocate them. by supplying low income neighborhoods with the highest mortality rate with the boxes, it gives them a safe environment for their babies. even moms in shelters would benefit from a program like this. it's a great idea. alison: simple. >> it's a box with a thin mattress in it. there's no bumpers or pillows. it follows all regulations. babies should be put on their back. it reduces the likelihood of s.i.d.s. in this piece, we talked about apartments with little space for cribs. but it also is geared towards people who can't afford cribs or don't have access to cribs. steve: makes sense. we appreciate that. even though it's recommended that pregnant women need fish, a study finds eating too much could effect their child's risk of obesity. this is tough to keep track of. fish is good for you. now if you eat too much, your kid could be obese. >> it is so confusing.
5:49 pm
this study looked at 26,000 women over a period of time. women who ate fish more than three times a week were likely to have kids obese by ages four through six. 14 percent and 22 percent respectively. in the first two years of the child's life, they were more likely to grow rapidly. when they proposed about why this might be, they thought the omega 3 fatty acids, which are critical for brain development, which is why it is recommended moms eat fish, but in excess, it's thought it may influence the fetal stem cell and cause it to differentiate into a fat cell or that pollutants in the fish may disrupt fetal hormones that impact metabolism. we don't know. where is the balance? right now i would say don't eat more than three times a week, but don't limit it altogether. two times a week per average like the fda says. alison: so hard. you never know what to do. steve: dr. peterson, we
5:50 pm
thank you very much. crazy weather continues. 0 yesterday. 25 now. we're on the way up. nick: we are on the way up. we've ticked up one degree. 28 in new york. 28 in philly. below freezing from the city south and westward for a little portion there. but you can see where the blue is moving in. that's above freezing as you get towards central new jersey and now across much of long island, we'll take a detailed look in a few seconds. as we look at fox 5 sky snow. the darker blue is sleet that is starting to overtake the area. temperatures in the atmosphere is warming up. we'll make the transition from snow to sleet to freezing rain and then to all rain. that will cover the entire area as we go through tonight and into tomorrow. here's the other radar source. finding in here. that's that area of sleet that has moved into central new jersey. we've seen reports of sleet on staten island moving into lower brooklyn. this will continue to advance
5:51 pm
we'll see the area of snow and sleet become all rain across the area. you can see the precipitation is advancing on northward. as we take a look at the wider view, the precipitation is more scattered as you get towards the washington, d.c. area. we have all of tomorrow to get through this storm system. we're way down to the south. while the precipitation will come in little periods of sleet to snow to rain or snow to sleet to rain and we'll see the potential for heavier rainfall tomorrow afternoon. it has gotten above freezing at islip and belmar. 28 now in the city. teens north and west. that's the area where a couple of inches of snow may fall on top of that could be the ice problem we talk about the sleet and freezing rain which may be extending for a period of time into tuesday morning. so keep that in mind if you're north and west of the city. you'll have to be dealing with the wintry precipitation. wind coming around to the east. that's why things are starting to warm up. the wind will come to the south as we head into tomorrow.
5:52 pm
we're talking mid and upper 50s tomorrow. we were just 1 below for a record low yesterday. here's the storm center. off to the south. we have a warm front snaking off to the south. that will be moving northward and we'll get into this southerly strong airflow up along the eastern seaboard. we're windy tomorrow. wind gusts may reach 30-plus miles an hour as time goes along, maybe higher than that along the coast. look at the high. 56 in the city. 50s to near 60 down to atlanta. colder west towards minneapolis. 80 in san antonio tomorrow. same in miami. 89 in l.a. the warmth is out west and will cross the deep south. we're rather chilly here now but we get into the 50s tomorrow. there's futurecast. in the morning, it's showery weather. in the afternoon, look at the time stamp, this could be thunderstorm activity running through here as we get into the middle to later part of the afternoon with heavy rainfall possible at this point. then the front moves along. we'll clear out tomorrow night. beautiful on wednesday. sun and clouds.
5:53 pm
middle 40s as we head into wednesday and colder than that on thursday. snow to ice to rain will be the trend overnight as temperatures rise. 45 out the door in the city. 30s as you get into the suburbs. periods of rain tomorrow. breezy, heavy downpours in the afternoon. a thunderstorm, climbing up to 56. 44 wednesday. that's more seasonal. 38 thursday, chilly but beautiful. sun and clouds friday. could be a couple of showers at night. back to 53 on saturday with sun and clouds. staying in the upper 40s sunday and monday. i think we'll be trending colder again middle to the latter part of next week. steve: amazing. we're halfway through february which is great. alison: not terrible. we probably just jinxed it. nick: we shall see. steve: the biggest toy show underway at the javits center. alison: it's not open to the public, but ben got to look
5:54 pm
>> i made tents out of pillows and cushions. check out this food truck tent. hundreds of toy companies, hundreds of thousands of toys, sprawling across an area the size of seven football fields. this is video game meets drone. every boy's fantasy and dream come true. from the sky viper hover racer to this arrow smart car. >> it goes really fast. >> reporter: silicon valley is taking over toys. smartphone. the cart is not cheap, but the parental safety controls may be priceless. we have a mobile app that allows the parent to supervise remotely blast. >> reporter: one of the hottest toys, still shopkins, although if you have a little girl, i don't have to tell you. >> new for this year is going to be the first ever shopkins doll so kids can play and have the fashion doll experience.
5:55 pm
if you prefer old school for your child's play. this german company still makes just about everything out of wood. what's your favorite thing they produce? >> the favorite thing is building blocks. it is a generic toy, but it will last forever. >> reporter: sometimes you can improve on a classic like this space scooter. i was a little skeptical. it's a lot of fun and actually not a bad workout. at the toy fair, fox 5 news. steve: fun thing there. we'll see you at 10:00. alison: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. we have good news. the weather is going to start warming up. we'll tell you about that coming up next. and we're kicking off a week long celebration of black history month with a look at how african-americans have risen to political power. one of our deputy mayors will join us live to talk about his journey. join us for that and more straight ahead at 6:00.
5:56 pm
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ernie: it is monday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos.
5:59 pm
here we are. we have been in a tough stretch with our weather. you know that. today really is no different. take a look. this is video from hackensack, new jersey. it is snowing here in new york city, but things are about to change in a big way. nick gregory is riding this roller coaster for us. what's next? nick: buckle up and hold on to the ride. we're going to be seeing temperatures rise into tonight into tomorrow. while we started out as snow today, we'll be ending up with sleet and freezing rain. it's seeing that changeover take place in parts of the area. then it's rain. some of the rain could be heavy at times tomorrow. yesterday morning our new record low for february 14th was set at minus 1. tomorrow afternoon we'll be in the mid and upper 50s. crazy, crazy weather. here's fox 5 sky guardian. this darker blue now, that's the area of sleet that is moving in across brooklyn through lower nassau county and extending towards central new jersey.
6:00 pm
2 or 3 inches of snow may accumulate before the changeover to ice. maybe freezing rain interior northern new jersey into the hudson valley and parts of southern connecticut. here's the sleet in pink here moving over to freezing rain. where it's above freezing, like parts of the jersey shore and on to long island, we're seeing temperatures at 34 at bellmont and islip. that's rain taking place. it's up two degrees in the last hour, new 29 in the city. now 29 in the city. as the lower layers of the atmosphere start warming up, that will change to sleet and freezing rain. there could be an ice accumulation. it will make roads treacherous. keep that in mind this evening. we have winter weather advisories in effect for the area. they will expire around midnight for the city and south and east. they'll continue until 6:00, 7:00 in north jersey and the interior southern connecticut. the storm is down here.


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