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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  February 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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ben: snow and slush. freezing rain has ended . temperatures in the 50s it's pretty crazy still on the sidewalks. mike woods will give us the details on that. >> is hillary clinton's spark worse than her bite? the message she wants to send out to voters . >> . [music] coming up big at the grammy awards winning best of the year. i think we knew that would
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highlights from last night and the big award show. i saw it three weeks ago and it's excellent. months ago. we went to a wednesday matinee so we can get face there was still hundred and $50 apiece . >> it's worth it. it's really good. the composer is a genius. >> mike is here. before the streets look pretty good. still waiting for the rain to do its thing . mike: it takes some time for it all to go away and do its thing because we see
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getting with all that/. with the advisory and whatnot we have a freezing rain advisory for the pink shaded area and winter weather advisory with warmer temperatures working their way and as time goes on. things should be in the city at 470 right now. we will get well into the 50s later on in as well as preset goes there is a few spots of a wintry mix. it doesn't look to be significant. there is a come back later on. 290 in sussex in most of our temperatures are at or above freezing. it looks like a good hint
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. it's three quarters of an inch of rain before it's all done. sprinkles are there with rainfall coming through in midday. he goes to the middle of the afternoon and that's the worst is a high temperature get up to 560. will be breezy with coastal flooding potentially becoming a problem.let's get over to ines. it's very have to be careful. lots of accidents this morning. there is an accident blocking one lane. northbound there is a crash on the southbound side of the freeway by exit 16. let's go to the cameras.
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front of new york airport with speed restrictions up 45 miles per hour. the entire new jersey turnpike in the garden state parkway north of exit 45. everything is back on track and street cleaning rules are in effect. ben and carrie, the metro-north had some problems. >> i think they get back in full today.there could be problems for the morning commute . let's go to liz with the latest on the situation. liz: looks like things are looking good right now. the mta have extra precautions letting people know they could run into 20 30 minute delays this morning.
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the corridors were not lit after power went out. there was confuse writers. we know what happened and we are told there is a block out the starter on 930 a.m. a major pipe first. there was about 18 inches of water that needed to be pumped out and it had a trickle effect on the delays ramping up . the third rail was not affected. they have to be rerouted to the upper level. the freezing weather may have played a role in all of this. the mta is investigating what caused the pipe to burst. the mainboard was down and they say all of that is back up and running. there is a police presence
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terminal to help people redirect where they need to be. the grand central exit madison will be investigating it looks like the trains are running on time. >> police shot a man passing cars in the bronx. they release the surveillance video . he pointed a gun at a delivery driver and a dog on 10 avenue. two officers say they opened fire when he refused to drop his gun hitting the man the shoulder . he was taken to lincoln hospital in stable condition. he told officers he was high on angel dust.>> is a double shooting leaving
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around 7:00 p.m. with a 33 road struck in the head and killed. injuries. police have no arrest. >> beyonci plays in front of the midtown headquarters. people are upset over her halftime performance in they thought it was an attack on police. her and her dancers were wearing leather berets which was a nod to the black panthers. am .
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to the republican race getting more nasty. let's go back to robert moses. he is lighter in his room with latest. i saw this press release that donald trump put out and i think the first line is something like, ted cruz is an incredibly unstable individual. lexi called him a liar and unstable. that's the popery . the race was getting nasty but it's already plain nasty. we're closing in on a very important republican contest.that accounts for all the back and forth nastiness. for some, it could make or break
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in an act of brotherly love, the 43rd president took the stage at north charleston south carolina to rally support for the man who would like to be the 45th. >> thanks to brother for giving us something to do today. george bush testified to his younger brothers readiness. he took shots at the man who is endlessly criticized both as brothers , donald trump. >> don't listen to the voices of the disenfranchised. he will rise above the petty name-calling. plenty of that held a free wheeling news conference. it's accusing george bush of failing to protect the country. >> the world trade center came down during the rain of george bush, right? it came down! john wasn't done. he threatened to sue ted cruz. >> he does not have the right to serve or one as president. he was born in canada.
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follows one that bernie sanders had last week in harlem. it's another reminder of the importance of the african-american vote . clinton , who used to carefully go on the lines went back to an old radio ad in which a dog barks and says something is not true. >> i am trying to figure out how we can do that with a republican. we need that dog and follow him around and every time they say these things like the great recession caused . . >> it's not clear if hillary clinton will address reporters. she will give a speech at harlem.
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from the newsroom. ben: thank you, robert. freezing rain to possible floong. mperaturesre getting in the 50s today. mike woods has our complete forecast and ines rosales is checking out the roads. carrie: taylor swift has a not so swift message . find out what she said and
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before welcome back . mike: a coastal advisory is coming up before the shores in long island. the persistent wind is coming in causing tides especially up around two feet above normal. look out for that . they are variable but coming through around seven 13 miles per hour, depending on where you are. we have the area of pressure working in and we have the wind coming in with showers that are that significant. we will see rain and snow
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will lift through and a lot of moisture is coming from the southeast.the rain will really come down. it will melt the snow and ice. it will be a little bit slick out there in the morning commute. look at the future cost. you can see the pockets of heavy rain coming through in the afternoon hours. it's for long island and parts of connecticut. it sweeps out right after the evening commute so it doesn't stick around for too long putting down a good amount of rain in a short time. localized flooding still has the snow and ice going on. we see dryer skies for a little while.the morning sprinkles picks up with a high temperature of 560. as we go through the next seven days the highest 380 on thursday and it warms up as we had to friday and the weekend.
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shower on saturday and we're not too worried about that at this point in time. here is the weather up at the apple itunes cost you zero. let's get ines in here. there might be some construction delays. >> there is a couple of things going on this morning. let's start out with overnight construction on the bridge. they've been doing that and the lanes are closed . you have the speed restriction at 35 mph at the bridge. on the brooklyn side there is an earlier accident now near third avenue. eastbound , an accident has a lean watch. 78 and 287 checking out this morning near the lincoln tunnel. things are fine but slippery whether your life
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. if you are taking the holland tunnel, it looks good. the grammys last night with taylor swift and kendrick lamarr. uptown funk was the big winner. ms. swift made the most headlines. >> the grammy goes to : taylor swift! >> did anyone else have a shot at that? >> she one album of the year and that comes less than a week saying he made her famous.she responded in a cool and collected way on the stage while accepting her award. >> as the first woman to win album of the year at the grammys twice, i want to say to all the young women out there, there will
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will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame but if you just >> he is not responded yet but it's safe to say we will hear from him soon. remember, five years ago , he thought beyonci should have one for single ladies in a interrupted and upstaged her. so this was a feather in her hat to say those words. >> it's the best rap album to pick a butterfly. he is working on stage wearing handcuffs and a prison uniform. many of the songs were already in the blacker the barry.
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was a great song and it's one tonight. it's singing out loud. >> the singer and songwriter, ed sharon. he won song of the year for thinking out loud. the song one for best solo performance. she lost in this category. >> guess so. it's like she is too nice.
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. it's the star , alexander hamilton. he gave an all rhyming acceptance speech after he won his award of best album of the year. >> i want to thank them hysterically! >> it's all rhyming. >> he went crazy on twitter for the acceptance speech that's trending.
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tweeting about that. the mets can improve on that championship. >> every mattress in the
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$300 forlorraine will melt most of the snow that's already happened for you. it into new england and here is the rain that's coming in. it will be here with some later showers in the morning. it's in the mid afternoon hours evening commute , that's when the worst of it will come through. it will scrub things up and make it warm and windy at the same time. a lot of folks will be ready to get rid of that snow and ice that we have from yesterday. wednesday and thursday and even into friday things a good but it will be cooler
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>> thank you so much. >> duke is here with the latest. it's almost time for the mets tomorrow. some players are in port st. lucie getting an early start. it's a dark night with matt harvey here . a little bit. he arrived yesterday morning and went through the whole workout. he hopes to be the opening-day starter. if everyone knew the outcome going i think a lot of people would change things. we are excited to get back to where we started. >> headed to florida for the spring training. an open house at city field visiting the clubhouse. mister and mrs. matt were there to post a picture
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the mets pictures and catchers as we said, reporting tomorrow and first full workout is friday. the yankees begin spring training on thursday. many will be with the 35-year-old missing the walk to houston. he entered a alcohol rehab program. he says he is confident they will have a successful season .it will be a top minor-league facility. he says he knows we can do . he threw them off of a mound in new york. onto hockey.they owes the red wings with the fourth straight home win. nelson gets the shot and it's a beauty there. it's 100 career point.
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2/0. marek makes it 3/0. the islanders have three goals in eight minutes. we are back into third place. they show off the x-ray taken after his hand last year in a july 4th fireworks accident.he made this and now it's his twitter image . on instagram, he wrote a message saying sometimes you have to sink in order to understand what it means to rise. jp p got another stand with a free agent. the giants re-sign before the end of the month. i've seen his hand up close and personal. >> are they re-sign? >> i don't know.
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>> thank you so much.
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stay with us. ben: temperatures rise and freezing rain is pretty much out of here. . from freezing rain to from freezing rain to regular rain, it's warm outside. it's warm temperature wise. it's a power outage at grand central. take a look at how it's looking on this morning's commute. a man is carrying a gun in the bronx. it's in his right hand and


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