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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  February 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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we are sitting in the low 30s for much of the region. it doesn't climb much higher today but the good news is there are changes on the way in the weekend. it looks fantastic. mike tells us about the warm weather headed our way warm weather headed our way >> police in manhattan searching for a man in a robbery spree.he is holding up women at gunpoint. we will have details. >> it's the case of national security versus your privacy. apple fights the court cell phone. you have a live report on that debate . it's a site that's out of this world! take a look at nassau releasing time-lapse
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good morning and thank you for being with us. i am carry drew in for juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau here on february 18. mike woods is standing by . it's kind of a roller coaster this week. mike: we were in the 50s on tuesday and negative one on sunday. we are on the downswing now. i hope you like the upswing. have a clear sky at central park. it's 300 at central park. it's a good amount of wind and it will feel little bit cooler. albany is sitting at 220.
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the northeast with temperatures taking a head. it's colder than what we had in the last few days. colder air is working its way down from canada and i would say it's an out arctic outbreak. there is an influence from the canadian air and we have cooler temperatures and some precept happening's in the higher elevations that you are looking at but it doesn't make it to us here in the tri-state. every once in a while, a few do but not so much in the rest of the tri-state. sussex county might see some flakes that it's not a big deal. we are looking for sunny skies coming back to us again. we will head up to 310 by midday and a high temperature of 35. it's breezy and tomorrow is a high of 39 so it's better with a partly cloudy sky. same thing on saturday.
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high of 530. it could be significant starting out as snow and changing over to rain which could be heavier. quiet. let's bring in ines and see what we have. we get ready for work . >> in the city, a lot of kids are off of school. we have problems in new jersey and there is a investigation going on closing 22 westbound between springfield and springfield road. 84/684 are even more problems. let's get the cameras and look at the lie. traffic on eastbound side coming towards us will be fine. it's really quiet now. 5:03 am in the grand central pkwy. heading towards queens boulevard moving find and moving
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bqe is quiet heading towards the brooklyn bridge. the train is running on or close to schedule . carrie: thank you. a1 a man is robbing women at gunpoint. none of the women were hurt. he was attempting to use a victim's debit card at a shop in harlem. three of the robberies happen last month in the east village into on the upper east side. he struck twice this month on the upper east side. if you have seen him, call crimestoppers. it's a good look there. one 800 577 tips. >> another slashing in the city at the restaurant in greenwich village. the waiter was slashed in the face of an 8:00 pm. we walked into the restaurant for money. when he turned away, he/the leader. the suspect is still on the
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he is still expected to be okay. if you have any information, call crimestoppers.a man touched a bus driver in the bronx. he punched the driver in the face.he got off the bus and came back and hit him again. police say this happened just after 2:00 pm tuesday after it was idling on southern boulevard near fordham university. you can see the suspect that crimestoppers. >> new york officials want apple to comply with a court order to crack the code for a cell phone killers. officials are refusing policy issues for its customers. we are live outside of the apple store in midtown . reporter: apple is bowing to appeal the ruling and they are saying many are saying it's a long-running dispute over cyber security.
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company like apple have information to the information your phone without your password. temp temperatures are brewing between uncle sam and apple. the tech company is being ordered a federal judge to unlock the iphone of the boston bombers it could identify other accomplices. apple says it can't comply. i would say to the officials , what if your families were kidnapped and there were things in that phone i think they would come up with a back door entry to allow the fbi to get access. the ceo says the tech giant has complied fully with all of the governments request. when asked for the numerical pin, it said it did not have it so would need to be hacked through some other backdoor
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in the letter to customers , tim cook says in the wrong hands, the software which does not exist today, would have the potential to unlock any iphone in someone's possession. it potentially could unlock any smartphone at all. it could impact cases here in new york city. the manhattan da says 100 examples of search warrants could not execute involving smart phones. >> we all understand the sensitivity. in the end, these companies , whether they mean to our not are making it easier for terrorists to do their devilish act . it must be stopped! >> the right to privacy is being used for criminal purposes . that's where the court comes into play and that's where this court has came into's a ruling on 18th-century law that many are saying if it
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apply to google, facebook, microsoft, snapshot and any other major company ? that's the latest from outside the apple store. carrie: disgraced senate majority leader is getting an annual pension of $96,000.that was reported yesterday by the state controller. he was elected before 2011. he was able to keep the pension. opener cuomo the democrats failed to vote on the measure. i wonder why they failed to vote. ben: not politics as usual. lots of talks about it this morning with no poles out and talks of a lawsuit. speed to robert moses is
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robert: good morning. let's just summarize this. donald trump threatened to sue ted cruz and chris responded, go ahead and sue me. marco rubio used cruise using dirty campaign tactics and it's just another day in the office in the 2016 campaign. as republicans make a mad dash for votes , marco rubio scored a key endorsement from the state republican governor . >> i wanted someone who would go and show my parents that the best decision i ever made for the children was coming to america. >> i am so honored that she chose to join our team. >> it's a blow to jeb bush who sought her support. bushes to with the gun was widely lampooned. mayor diblasio joined right in. at the grand reopening , the mayor tweeted this picture of a pastrami
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america. the wall street journal poll is coming as welcome news for ted cruz. the survey shows him with the support of 28% of primary voters ahead of donald trump. rubio is in third place in trump and cruz continue to clash. >> i am really pro-choice. trump suit cruz if he kept airing the ad to which cruz responded , you want to file a lawsuit ? you want to challenge this deformation? file a lawsuit! >> life was more said dude in the democratic race. hillary clinton led a vote rally. we present as passionate about raising jobs and income. this really is becoming a three-person race between
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bush, casing and carson are struggling to stay afloat and struggling to get oxygen. trump, bush and casey will participate in a town hall tonight. it will be interesting to see who is in this race a week from today. yankees fans beware. you will no longer be able to print your tickets at home . we will tell you why. carrie: mike is keeping track of the forecast. before we have cooler temperatures to start you out with.we see a cooler sky than we had yesterday. it will be breezy and cold. it might look nice and pretty but it will be cold up to 350. that's about 70 cooler than normal. if you want weather information on the fox 5 ny weather app
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it's a unique look at the giant ball of fire. it enabled life on earth. the sun
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year, just releasing the video to youtube. it comes from the solar dynamics observatory and the narrator says the goings-on in the final. the images of the real draw. the video is incredible. >> juliet has cooked up an incredible story. she is out sick. she has the flu . she had surgery and it was fine. she was recovered from that but she got the flu when she was supposed to combat . we said , she should have gotten the flu shot. she is afraid of it and did not do it. she texted me yesterday because people ratted us out on twitter. >> she said , i will enjoy destroying you on your obsession with the flu shot . i did get it before my trip, thank you very much. >> you believe it?
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>> i want to see the needle in the arm and paperwork. >> i went a doctor's note. we are very skeptical! before the flu shot takes a wild two weeks . ines: know. mike: you know it's even bad when ines does not believe her. speed the we think monday's return. ines: ines: she thinks you got that one strain . [laughter] that's more possible than hard getting the flu shot . that's not possible. [laughter] mike: juliet, you are missed. we will
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on. the forecast high as 350 . 680 for the record high in 1981. we had a cooler than normal day coming up. we have 30 right now in central park. 310 in islip and 32 in winds come in from the northwest at three 15 miles per hour so it's a little bit breezy. we are still looking at clouds upstream in the snow showers are coming to the catskills heading into the poconos. it breaks up and falls apart. there is really nothing significant . just a troth trying to keep the snow showers going. don't be surprised if you
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the cold canadian high takes over in the future cass doesn't bring as much. it shows mainly clear skies today and tomorrow could give us a comeback as another front approaches. brings us in some precept. the rain and snow team stays to the north . you have to keep an eye on things. for the most part the front passes in and brings in the warmer temperatures. heiser going into the lower 50s on saturday. weekend. today is sunny , breezy and cold. clear and cold dropping down between 12 and 24. the highest 390 tomorrow and 53 on saturday and sunday. it's a bigger shot at rain mixed with snow in the beginning on wednesday. let's bring in ines. keeping it real this
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day. >> springfield avenue onto 80 and in queens there is an accident on the bridge level. . let's go to the cameras and take a look at the commute . the patch on colebrook road moving fine. driving into the city, the hudson river and the lincoln tunnel with delays they are around the toll plaza moving fine. it's near the jfk airport with smooth sailing. >> a major recall for toyota. it's affecting 3 million rav4 suvs. the company says the rear seat belt could be severed in a severe crash leaving
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the vehicles will produce between 2005 2014. toyota says it will notify owners. obama will be in cuba. the white house make the official announcement. the visit comes after the president reopens ties with cuba in 2014. travel restrictions have been loosened and the american embassy has reopened. yankee fans trying to shut out stub hub. they are no longer allowing fans to print them out at home. they join us now to tell us about the big change. the yankees are the biggest player in major league baseball and stub hub is the biggest ticket partnership.reporter: this is the deal. they are no longer welcome at the stadium. the team says is being done to combat fraud and counterfeit. for now, you will have to get a traditional ticket or a yankees generated ticket
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>> there is many benefits that they will gain from this like increase control, reducing fraud and economic benefit that they will have greater control of the ticket resale market by making stub hub less desirable for people to use. >> stub hub is not happy. the best customer experience is one on a free and open market with a can buy tickets whenever they want. you can still buy them but you have to go to the ticket office outside the stadium and pick up the traditional tickets. part of the convenience , as you know, is to be able to bring it with you and not wait in line. we will have to see how this all works out. >> the fact that the owner has to drop it off it's a
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>> is just another step in the process. >> a lot of people buy tickets on the same day. >> last minute. we will see how it all works out. thank you, liz. ben: one of the winning tickets in the big historic powerball.they find out
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carrie: nike issued a statement saying it drop the former world champion
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are worse than animals. that was during a t.v. interview. packing house says he loves all people he's opposed to same-sex marriage. the 37-year-old is running for the senate in the philippines. >> a florida couple is a lot richer. they claim the third of the check . . maureen smith from melbourne beach claim they are part of the land have billion-dollar prize. the couple says the lump sum payment is presented with 327 million. yesterday, maureen says she played the same lottery numbers for about 30 years. the winner in long island says they don't plan to change much. >> will still live the same lives. my truck is about to fall apart. i need a new vehicle.he will retire and that's what he wants to do. >> the record-breaking
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and mumford tennessee. navy sitting is becoming a profitable job. >> they are averaging more than $15 per hour. here in the city, babysitters make 16 per hour. many sitters expect tips on top of that. the website says a third of parents hire a sitter once a week so it's a very lucrative side job for many millennial's. even ones with college degrees. >> that's a lot of money. >> you have the question of paying for the cab to go home and all that . >> that's just more money. >> it could be $50. >> top stories when we
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"good day wake up" from "fox 5 news".
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warmer weather is headed our way. temperatures are on the way from mike woods. carrie: they have a new issue to fight about. now, it's rikers island. here with the government will say. >> ted cruz is during donald trump to sue him. you will hear what the candidate has to say today. >> another big story. apple fighting the feds and refusing to crack the code. if you open any iphone up to hackers, the officials want the company to take action. the latest battle over protection versus privacy. >> good morning. >> think you for being with us. >> this is 5:30 a.m. and we appreciate waking up with us. >> february 18. thursday morning and we are headed towards the weekend. last weekend
5:31 am
we came up a little bit short. >> i kind of liked it. we just stayed inside. >> mtv and hanging out. >> this is part of the year where you are trying to get a little bit restless. you want to get outside back into the gym . ben: you finally recovered . my bad friends are taking advantage of it with a bad arm. carrie: i don't know what you're talking about. ben: i don't know what you're talking about . mike: it's true. ben simmoneau. let's look at the temperatures right now. it's a little bit cool today. this is a trend with 350 for the high today . 39 tomorrow and the average for this time of year is
5:32 am
. a few days after that, we are above average just in time for the weekend. i think the timing is good. clear skies in central park and 300 making it northeast. buffalo is sitting at 120 and there's a lot of cold northeast. that includes us here in the tri-state. i would not sweat it because of anything makes it to us you get a flurry and that's it. we see cold high temperatures at 350. the weekend looks pretty dry with skies dry and mild.let's look at ines right allies and look at any backups we have out there. we didn't have such a bad day yesterday. let's look for the same
5:33 am
>> we do have problems this morning. on the 22 with orleans close because of an accident investigation. in queens, the bridge in the lower level watch out for an accident. the bqe has an accident near hamilton. the lie by the crosstown with an accident and we show you all the activity. we are going to the cameras in the westbound side. one lane is closed and traffic is slow. everything is running on or close as for the trains. >> 5:33 am. another disagreement brewing between mayor diblasio over closing rikers island. closing the complex would cost millions of dollars. it was a noble idea but impractical. he says the prison is a human tragedy.>> the real injustice is that 85% of the people in rikers island haven't even been committed
5:34 am
they are in rikers island , suffering, dangerous conditions and civil rights abuses. i haven't even been convicted. we call that justice system? >> the council speaker has announced a commission to study the fate of the complex. 10 correction officers from rikers are about to stand trial charged with beating an inmate in 2012 after he stared down a chief. >> it certainly a presidential race. >> ted cruises during his opponent to go ahead and sue him. >> robert moses is here with our political roundup .>> i swear that the day will come when we have a nominee from both parties. i promise you. let's be honest, getting to
5:35 am
>> as republicans make a dash for votes ahead of saturday's primary in south carolina, marco rubio scored a key endorsement in the states republican governor . >> i wanted someone who would go and show my parents that the best decision ever made for their children was coming to america. >> i am so honored that she chose to join our team. >> haley's endorsement is a blow to jeb bush. the tweet of the gun was widely employed on twitter and the mayor join right in. at the grand reopening, the mayor tweeted this picture of a pastrami sandwich and caption, america. >> a new wall street journal poll is coming is welcome news for ted cruz. the survey shows him with the support of 28% of republican primary voters nationally. it's ahead of donald trump. rubio is in third place in
5:36 am
>> i am pro-choice. >> trunk threatened to sue if he kept airing the ad to which cruz responded, you want to file a lawsuit challenging the side? you claimant separation? filed a lawsuit! >> life was more subdued in the race for the democratic nomination. hillary clinton led a get out to vote rally in her hometown of chicago. >> we need a president whose passionate about raising jobs and income like i am. >> this is fast becoming a three-person bottle . bush , casey and carson are struggling for oxygen. trunk, bush in case it are scheduled to participate in the town hall event tonight. who drops out over saturday? who continues on?
5:37 am
strong. you have to think that bush could finish in third. we are only a couple more weeks until is called super tuesday in march. we will have to see what happens. robert moises keeps us going. thank you. >> the white house is disputing apple's position to deny the hacker request saying it's just for the case of the san bernardino killer. teresa joins us live with more from outside the apple store. theresa: it affects everyone, according to apple. apple is not taking the decision lying down. they say they will appeal vigorously. let me get you up to speed. the federal judge is
5:38 am
unlock the iphone of the san bernardino shooter . it's in the hopes that it would contain information to help advance the investigation. also, possibly identify other accomplices. apple says it simply can't comply with the offer because it does not store the passcode of that phone or any other. it has absolutely no program that could create backdoors into the phone that would allow the government access to it . apple ceo says in the wrong hands, the software that does not exist, could have the potential to unlock any iphone in someone's possession. as they mentioned, it could affect anyone that owns a smart phone. special meetings here in new york say 100 search warrants had to be executed because it involved the smart phones.
5:39 am
the police commissioner. >> we all understand sensitivities. in the end, these companies, whether they need to or not, making it easier for terrorists to do the devilish act. it must be stopped.>> the right to privacy is not a total out in the sense of criminal purposes. that's where the court comes into play and that's where we have come into play. >> apple might be fighting the battle alone but they
5:40 am
support for rivals. there's no telling if it would be the exact they need. that's the latest from midtown. i will send things back to you. carrie: it will be interesting to see how that plays out. the type of tumbleweed has small australian town. it's extremely strong winds causing them to pile up . we are taking a look at this video. it's forcing residents to clear the weeds every day. residents are understandably very frustrated by the situation. it's covering the garage there. they blame it on a farmer. it's dead grass of seeds inside designed to disperse them for reproduction causing the rapid growth. you could spend an entire day cleaning it up and have to do it again the next day. that is annoying . >> that's brutal. >> mike woods . >> i would wait for the next windstorm.>> you can't even get out of your house. >> i have seen it before it, not so
5:41 am
at you with 300 in central . 26 in sussex and temperature changes losing about five 100 in most locations. it's a cooler start to the day but it's also drive. it's not completely clear yet but we are expecting more sunshine than what we had yesterday. mostly sunny skies in the afternoon and high temperatures got up to 350. flakes could the northwestern county but i don't think much of that will happen. it will be breezy at times. it's a cold and dry evening coming up. as we go through the next seven days, there is a high of 39. it's a good bump up in the lower 50s. a small chance of showers comes in on monday. the wednesday storm comes in with snow ends up with a decent amount of rain coming in. daily forecasts so download it and the itunes store. it's free. and as will give
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look with what happens and the thursday commute . >> keeping an eye on the problem on route 22. accident investigation shutting down all the lanes. you have to find an alternate route. the cross falls expressway having one lane closed. it's an accident on the parkway westbound. let's go to our cameras looking at the commute with westbound and eastbound traffic looking fine. we have volume but it's moving pretty good.
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by the brooklyn tunnel.33 5:45 am. clear surveillance video here. have a look.this man is targeting women in manhattan striking five times since january. no one was hurt even though he rubbed his victims at gunpoint. another slashing in the city. this time at greenwich village. the waiter was slashed in the phase around 8:00 pm. several reports say it was a panhandler or a homeless man walking into the
5:46 am
ben: obama will be in cuba. the visit comes after the present reopen ties with cuba in 2014. >> sad news to tell you about. mom waves start , big and, passed away this morning following a long battle with cancer.they can from the news on twitter saying she was surrounded by family and friends and passed away peacefully. the 55-year-old had been battling brain and lung cancer for the last year. she has been a popular presence on the hit vh1 series. she owns the drunken monkey bar on staten island . salvador lombardi was a captain in the genovese crime family. certainly thinking of her this morning. turning to sports. rangers hosting chicago in an original six matchup . tied at three was chicago's rookie. it's a second of the night making it with rangers and the goalie pole tied up .
5:47 am
there. chicago wins 5/3. >> in baseball news, the yankees pitcher and catcher reports to spring training today. as for the mets , they reported that they will get physical today. duke is a lucky guy. he is down in port st. lucie. >> the mets pitchers and catchers reported yesterday.a lot of guys are on the field working out. it's a buzz down there. there was some excitement but this year, going to the world series, they were just saying they want to win it all! >> the pitchers and catchers went to camp on wednesday that many are down here in point st. lucie and had been for a while getting the work in. that includes stephen maddox.
5:48 am
one-on-one with the native. we had a really young team. for us to be able to feel the atmosphere and experience the postseason i think it's a good game for us. the outfielder is one of those guys. can fort o has high expectations. >> the most important thing we can do is take the experience from last year and know what it's like to be in a raise and to come out on top . we have the pain of losing at the final stage.>> the second baseman acquired a trade with pittsburgh. he is excited about the team potential.
5:49 am
talented pictures as an opposing batter. he believes it's a now ballclub. >> you come into town with a three or four game set . you have to be prepared for that. he meets the media tonight on fox five news 5:00 , 6:00 antiquark. the first official workout is not until friday morning. that's the story from port st. lucie. >> at 720 and sunny. i had to look it up.
5:50 am
>> he always claims that there is a lot of work out there. >> he also might take a page out of her book. he takes vacation . it's convenient. >> this is all sounding very suspect . >> let's show you what's going on. we like to give our coworkers a hard time. before 680 is a high in 1981. we have a little bit below normal temperatures. 310 in islip and 320 in bridgeport. pretty dry skies and wind coming in from the north at three 15 miles per hour. it is breezy out there. it will be that way as we go through the day. mostly to the northwest with snow showers out here in central sections of new jersey.
5:51 am
ground it's a quick flurry. it's cool enough for us to hold it together. we have a troth over the northeast keeping things unstable. there is not a lot of moisture for the troth to work's breezy conditions with a high up to 390 tomorrow and 530 on saturday . it looks like we will have the best chance of rain in the next seven days. that's wednesday of next week. let's bring in ines and see what's going on. we have slowdowns out there happening . >> we have a couple of problems now. 59th st., perez in the lower level . if you are traveling in the cross bond cross bronx , two lanes are blocked . i will show you the accident i was telling you about.
5:52 am
moving slow. it's mostly off to the shoulder and you might have the right lane blocked so just watch out for that. as for the trains everything is running on or close to schedule. carrie: thank you, ines. we have a lot more coming this morning, including this. >> american idol contestants sing for their lives!
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[music] carrie: this girls only 13 years old. confident by demi lovato. she was given the nights only standing ovation by keith urban. the finalists will join as live on good day new york at the 8:00 hour. it gets underway right here on "fox 5 news" at 8:00. >> i think is a good friend of juliet . >> the simpsons will do something no other show has ever done.>> homer simpson appears live. it's a form of animation . he answers questions while fans to their questions at home or live beginning may 1. the live show is on sunday, may 15. it's only here on fox 5.
5:57 am
[music] good time! the time! carrie: they have tried to fund an original movie having the same characters. it's a $1 million goal to be reached in the next 14 days. that's this morning at only $5000 being raised.they have a long ways to go. the project is being called the drama comedy. it's a little bit of everything. it will give fans closer. there is a big resurgence of old shows coming back. full house in february and the x-files. >> seems to be a thing. >> what is a docudrama comedy? that's a good question. >> is a little bit of everything. >> good times will keep on rolling.
5:58 am
we are a few minutes away from the top of the 6:00 stay with us. >> .[music] in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the
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it will be pleasing to the school thursday. mike woods has the full for -- forecast. senator ted cruz is scaring donald trump. trump had repeatedly threatened to sue ted cruz. ben: it keeps getting more interesting. president obama will be the


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