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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it will be pleasing to the school thursday. mike woods has the full for -- forecast. senator ted cruz is scaring donald trump. trump had repeatedly threatened to sue ted cruz. ben: it keeps getting more interesting. president obama will be the
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in years. liz: good morning, everybody on this friday eve. ben: it is thursday morning. thank you for. with us. cold start up there. this is pretty much where we should pay for mid-february. mike: we have some workdays a couple days ago. did over the weekend it was called. it is a roller coaster. the forecast high of later this afternoon, only 5 degrees warmer than what we have right now. thirty-five this to forecast. thirty-nine tomorrow. that averages time of year is 49 degrees. for now, we're definitely on the
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northwest wind moving through around 14 miles per hour. that indicates some pretty cool they are. working its way through. not as bad as what we saw over the weekend. 20 degrees only for you in albany. a partly cloudy skies here in the tri-state. a few flurries up to the northwest. high pressure is in control. snow showers to the north and west of us. here is how your day shapes up. temperatures are about 28 degrees. moving up to 35 for a hive later this afternoon. this evening you will see clear
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thirty day grace period cold and dry. tomorrow he will see a high of 39 degrees with a partly cloudy skies. hanging onto cloud stones unturned. friday and saturday. this time of year, high temperatures are only in the low 40s. we have a small shower chance coming early monday. a coastal storm could be coming this way. again, that is still one week away. let's show you what is happening. >> had some problems out there. all lanes are closed because of an accident investigation going westbound. an accident by hamilton avenue
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the 59th street bridge lower-level you have a crash. the lad, and accident. traffic slowing down westbound. as for the link internal, driving into the city. same goes for the holland and gwb. greg: thank you very much. 6:04 a.m. police say a waiter was slashed in the face. the scribe at about 15-17 years old soliciting money for a basketball team did he left and then returned moments later.
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this appears to be a random attack. police are asking anyone with information to call crime stoppers. federal, state and local officials are disputing apple's claim here it fox5 teresa priolo is in midtown this morning. good morning, teresa. >> reporter: good morning. joining you from a very windy and it down this morning. whether or not someone should people to have access to your iphone. someone offices of you that does not have your passcode. at issue, protecting your information versus protecting the greater public good
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san bernardino shooter. advancing the investigation and possibly identified other accomplices. apple says it cannot comply. apple ceo tim cook says the technology giant -- according to apple they are saying although they are fighting this alone at this point, they are receiving a lot of support from major technologies. other. technology giants who believe that regardless what happens to apple, this could apply on all platforms.
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back to both of you. >> apple says that that is not really a solution here. all right. teresa priolo for us in midtown. speak to political news now. ben: robert moses here now with what happened yesterday. here's what they know. donald trump threatens to sue ted cruz. ted cruz says okay. marco rubio accuses. a mad -- for votes. >> i wanted to show my parents that the best decision they ever
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coming to america. wisely lampooned on twitter. at the grand reopening of the carnegie deli, the mayor to get this picture of a pastrami sandwich and captioned it, you guessed it, america. the survey shows him with the support of 28% of republican primary voters nationally. rubio is in third place. trump threatened to sue cruz. crews responded -- >> you want to follow his
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life was a pit more subdued. hillary clinton led a get out to vote were out late in her hometown in chicago. >> passionate about jobs and raising income like i am. this will be one of the last chances to make a sale pitch. >> see what happens. president obama will visit cuba the visit comes after the president reopening ties in cuba in 2014. 6:09 a.m. kerry: mike is here with a check at the weather. mike: good morning. it will be parisien called.
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check this out. a unique look at the giant ball
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for a year. the images come from the solar dynamics observatory. things like magnetic. the images are the real draw to this gorgeous video. look at that. >> it looks like it is a piece of jewelry. 29 degrees now. it is a pretty chilly start this morning. >> it is. a little chilly start. it is colder this morning by about five-10 degrees. 50p on where you are. today, as far as the highs go, this will be the coldest day. highs will be in the 30s. your temperatures will be on the rise as we head into the weekend. a significant storm could come wednesday.
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turn into rain. at this point in time, it still looks like it is a framemaker opposed to a snow maker. is 29 and central park. same thing for you in newark. there is what the wind is doing. coming in from the north, northwest. that makes it feel a little bit cooler outside. it is not ridiculously cold. colder air is working its way down from canada. there are a few flakes of snow upstream. this trough is what is keeping at least a few clouds around. other than that, cool and breezy. not too much to show you on the future casts. we are actually looking at them
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they start moving in later tomorrow. you are also looking at warmer temperatures coming in at the same time. today, we'll make up out of 53 degrees. that is pretty easy, too. fifty-three user hive. saturday and sunday. it looks like it could be pretty soggy. it starts off as snow and changes over to rainfall and a good amount of it. let's turn to ines rosales. >> would start let's start off with about 22. this is by springfield avenue. westbound, you have to choke down. there is a file parkway westbound. the like you, there is an accident blocking a lane.
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lower-level, queens bound. no problem on either side of the tappan zee bridge. use pound, as for the bqe, heading towards the program. looking pretty good. the traffic is moving fine. driving into the city, a 10-15 minute delay at the moment. street cleaning rules are any fact today. >> thank you. police are looking for a man that is robbing women. greg: ben: so far five women at gunpoint. attempting to use a woman's debit card. one in the east village. two on the upper east side.
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call crime stoppers. 1800, 577 tips. the surveillance video shows a man punching a driver in the face. getting off the bus, coming back and hitting him again. the bus was idling. if you have seen the suspect, please call crime stoppers. >> seven children running out to meet him. a message of love for mexicans and migrants to make their way. he criticized the class for failing to protect them. >> the new joy king qsar swinging in their battle with
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it sounds like a nightmare. how that affects style pub. >> the yankees are no longer accepting tickets. it means that they are no longer welcome. they have their own secondary market ticket exchange. from now on, you'll have to have a traditional ticket or a game keys generated is like sonic ticket with a barcode on your phone. a sports law expert. >> many benefits. increased control of the tickets. second, perhaps, it will have a role in reducing fraud. they will have greater control over the ticket resale market. >> again she say that the move
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fraud. style pubs response to this "the best customer experience is one of a free and open marketplace. fans can buy tickets whenever and wherever they want. what you are going to have to end up doing is going to the style pub ticket office to pick up the traditional style tickets the previous owner has chopped off. kerry: a rescue in central park yesterday. no reason to call 911. >> you know, i saw this going on yesterday. the most effective ways during a rescue.
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they likely are not frozen. coming up in the healthwatch. you may not need to feel so guilty the next time you enjoy french fries. >> this is good news. >> well done. those are good. extra crispy. ben: it. fact.
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[engine revving] [crashing]
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ben: we have some breaking news. dave fire. >> we are over irving street. having the situation under control. we believe that building that was on fire was located -- it is also spread to additional buildings. five injuries including one child.
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smoke inhalation. others possibly preferred to give five people injured in this fire. the fire itself is still under investigation. >> with forests and skyfoxhd. kerry: pot smokers may be at a greater risk to drugs and alcohol. three years later, two thirds of the marijuana users had another form of substance abuse. researchers say that they cannot prove that it caused the new edition. the possibilities should be considered. >> french fries may not be that
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ed or boiled vegetables. researchers claim that cooking french fries and hot oil helps infuse them with more nutrients than they started with. they are still loaded with calories. we should only eat fried foods okay should only. maybe french fries are a little bit healthier than we thought. the third of the historic powerball jack off. 1.5 plug-in dollar prize. presented with the $327 million winnings yesterday.
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numbers. they do not plan to change much. >> it feels like my truck is about to fall apart. >> that is what he really wanted to do. >> bacon roll around piles of cash in their basement here it. greg: top stories when we return. kerry: the stock market is bouncing back from a rough start
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kerry: temperatures will climb back into the 50s this weekend. highs will only reach the mid- 30s. >> defined demands that his health to hack into an iphone. federal state and local officials are disputing the claims. nearly 3 million toyotas are being recalled due to a seatbelt problem. producing between 2005 and 2014. ben: continuing this morning with his suing one of his accusers. >> 6:30 a.m. i am ben simmoneau. kerry: thank you so much for being with us. >> the white vegetable that looks like broccoli.
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kerry: cauliflower. ines agrees with me. ben: cauliflower. cauliflower. cauliflower. kerry: cauliflower. mike: the women are all on one side. the guys on another. >> we were saying that we liked french fries. you may have gotten yourself a pastry for breakfast. >> speaking proper english. we have 39 degrees out at central park right now. 27 degrees in poughkeepsie. our temperatures are cool.
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11 degrees cooler out in sussex. we do have mainly clear skies. just a doubt myself. got a cup of coffee. colder air still spilling across the northeast into the tri-state region. we will get you at 28 degrees. by 2:00 o'clock, you are at dirty 5 degrees. you will have to bundle up a little bit more so today. clear skies for you tonight. our low tonight will drop off toys down to 24. tomorrow, it is a partly cloudy skies. fifty-three polls saturday and sunday. not bad at all this time of year.
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take a peek at what is going on. fifty-ninth street bridge. an accident box elaine. no problems in westchester. on the 59th street bridge, definitely not delays anyway. the lower-level heading into queens. one lane blocked with a crash. things are running on or close to schedule. kerry: thank you. the white house is disputing a claim by apple. ben: apple has vowed to keep fighting demands. this case could go pretty far in the u.s. justice system. teresa priolo has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. i know that you are both
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i am as well. apple is saying that this is such an important case, such an important ruling that it may eventually affect all smart phones. tensions are filling between uncle sam -- and apple. being ordered by a federal judge to unlock the iphone the san bernardino shooter or had in hopes it could contain important information. apple says it cannot come plug. >> i would say that the location was in their phone, i think that they would come up pretty quickly to allow the fbi to get access.
6:35 am
complainant has complied fully. apple said it did not have it. it would need to be hacked through some other backdoor program. tim cook said in the wrong hands this software would have the potential to unlock any iphone in someone's physical possession. potentially, it could unlock any smart phone at all. the manhattan da cited more than 100 samples of search words it could not execute. >> in the end, these companies, whether they mean to or not, are making it easier for terrorists to to their acts. they must be stopped. >> it is being used for criminal purposes.
6:36 am
court has now come into play. >> we only want this for this one case. this is not supposed to be a blanket approach. apple says this could be -- apple does have the support of some other big technology giants like google, microsoft and even other platforms like snatch up. ben: you have to wonder. this case could climb to the justice system. it is not inconceivable that it is the that the supreme court. we will have to see what happens. >> this has been a long-standing battle. this has been going on for a very long time. the issue of cyber security. we will see. kerry: we will see what happens. time now is 6:36 a.m.
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words for charles schumer. ben: on monday, slamming the proposal which was cut antiterrorist in new york to have. 600 william to $300 million. >> it is every kind of threat. the government has a moral citizens. >> at some point, senator schumer's credibility, particularly when the facts are as they are, had to be affected by the physician on other issues. ben: kind of an interesting sound bite there. the white house says it's budget
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new york had not spent $620 million. kerry: bob live start post away this morning. she was surrounded by family and friends and passed away peacefully. the 55-year-old had been battling brain and lung cancer the past year. she owns the drunken monkey bar on staten island. fox means business. ben: joining us now with laurence simon at eight. cauliflower or? kerry: i think that new yorkers say cauliflower. ben: mike is from california. i am originally from
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cauliflower. >> no. [laughter] >> it is settled once and for all. wall street winning a little bit. >> oh, my gosh. unbelievable. look at the numbers. we may actually have a positive month of february. still negative so far this month. we could have a game. futures are up 100 points on the dow. things may start to look better finally. why is everything looking better right now? oil prices going back up. $31 a barrel. i know that that is not great for drivers. you have markets closing.
6:40 am
lawrence of and ready for us. >> i like the way that you say my name. ben: i get some credit. kerry: potato potato. ben: thank you. kerry: you can catch her on the fox business network. ben: you can go to fox / channel finder. kerry: the company issuing a statement yesterday saying it dropped the former world champion after he said that gay people are worse than animals. he loves all people but is opposed to same-sex marriage. the 37-year-old is currently running for the senate in the philippines. ben: women on either side of him. mike is keeping an eye on the
6:41 am
together lately. mike: exactly. i've got your back, bro. ben: cauliflower. mike: cauliflower. i know how to spell. [laughter] sunny and cool today. temperatures have trusted to the upper 20s. maybe a little bit warmer. temperatures will be on the rise in the next few days. the weekend looks nice. next week there is a significant storm still in the forecast out there. it looks like it could start off with a little bit of snow. a lot of wind and rain. another coastal low.
6:42 am
let's bring in ines rosales and see what she's got. kelly: we still have a powerful. greenstreet. all laser right now cousin of a pedestrian accident. springfield. the belt parkway still working on an accident. george washington bridge. let's go to that camera shop. 8095. all three approaches are fine. you do have the latest. temporarily closed because of an accident there. he will do with a lot of delay is there. lincoln tunnel, 30-40.
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ben: thank you. kerry: good day is coming right
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ben: checking the headlines for you. this robbery is targeting women in manhattan. all the victims at gunpoint. nobody was hurt. if you have seen this man, please call police. kerry: the waiter was slashed in the face last night. describe the suspect as 15-17 years old did he was in the restaurant soliciting money for a basketball team. ben: president president obama will visit cuba next month. it comes after the president reopen ties with the island nation back in 24th team. kerry: a major recall for toyota this morning. their rear seatbelts could be severed in a severe crash
6:47 am
toyota says it will notify affected owners. ben: sports now. rangers on the ice. kerry: pairing it in for the goal. looking to tie it up. finding that empty nest for the hat trick. ben: baseball. the yankees. reporting to spring training. kerry: scheduled to give physical today. st. lucie. duke: good morning. a lot of guys on the field working out. a different bunch down here. this year after winning, they were just one of the losses in the world series.
6:48 am
mission here at they want to win it all. officially reporting to camp. many of these guys have been here for a while getting their work in. yesterday, i had a chance to go one-on-one. >> playing in meaningful games and getting the postseason doing so wdll and then losing in game five. >> i think that we all gain experience. for us to be able to feel that atmosphere and experience that postseason, i think it is a lot of game for us. >> after, one of those guys. >> high expectations this year. >> the most important thing that we can take from last year is
6:49 am
knowing what it is like to be in a race and to come out on top. also the pain of losing at the final stage. >> acquired in a trade in pittsburgh. also excited about his team's potential. he believes that this is -- >> coming into town. you have a three or four games that. you will see power arms. you have to be prepared for that. that is kind of the way the game is going right now and all aspects. it is exciting to be on the side of things. >> terry collins will meet the media. we will have that later tonight. the first official workout is
6:50 am
that is the story from port st. lucie. let's send it back to you. >> duke has a bit of a florida glow. >> ciardi looks tanned. you count down the days. it is still a lot of work. >> he tries that every time. >> we have been every year. >> what happened to her? >> that is so not true. nobody believes it. [laughter]
6:51 am
it is called. i do not blame you for wanting to stay in bed. that is your temperature at central park. 27 degrees in allentown and pick up c. thirty-one in montauk. we do have a mainly clear sky around the tri-state. we do not expect anything to come for us here. a trough is lingering in that area. keeping us on the cool, dry side. now to create. this year's ski conditions. two-5 feet of snow. skies. lower 50s for the weekend.
6:52 am
early on monday here at the fox5 whether i post daily and hourly forecast on it here at kerry and then, over to you. kerry: all of your latest entertainment news coming up. ben: like you have never seen them before. good day coming right back.
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>> welcome back. problems with the commute. right by greenstreet. everything is closed. your long island commute doing pretty good. queens traffic heavy. the george washington bridge, let's check out that camera. the palisade says heavy to laze. at least one lane closed. from the palisades, a 1015 minute delay did the holland tunnel, 10-15. ben: thank you very much. let's talk till cosby. the drama continues.
6:56 am
of his texas assault accusers. kerry: the woman whose accusation led to his recent arrest. it was only recently unsealed by a judge. the mother and her lawyer filed it a day before a key hearing. accusing cosby of drugging and molesting her in 2004. the case was not prosecuted at that time. cosby is due back in court on march 8. kerry: accusing a man of stalking actress quintus paltrow. ben: accused of sending lewd messages and sex toys to her. this time around, the jury said
6:57 am
intended to frighten her. kerry: homer simpson will be appearing live during an all new episode. allowing him to talk about the news of the day and answer viewer questions. sounds pretty cool. the live shoe is monday may 15 right now fox5 at 8:00 o'clock. ben: thursday morning. cauliflower date. kerry: cauliflower. if you are a true new yorker, you say cauliflower. [car starting] [engine revving] [crashing]
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rosanna: "good day new york." thursday, february 18. greg: sunny and pretty cold. wendy. we look at new jersey from the helicopter. what is going on at the news? rosanna: a waitress was the latest slashing. he returned and got revenge. ben: slashing in the face. what is going on? also, apple. we love their products. they are being very stubborn.


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