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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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learning to you. >> the morning to you both. it is friday! >> if you like this week went by very quickly. >> last weekend we just kind of chilled with the apple t.v. . [laughter] not netflix . >> let's see what's going on out is chilly. 250 right now in central park and 23 in newark . same thing in islip and 23 in islip . windsor coming in from the north and they are later coming through it re-six or 9 miles per hour. mainly clear skies in the cold air sinks and comes through. there is additional cloud
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with it. i don't think the snow showers will make it to us that we will see clouds come through and hopefully that's it. i temperatures up to 30 to 60 in the city tomorrow, we cleared out with temperatures at a more comfortable range. it will actually dried up some more air in for the weekend and it looks sunnier for the weekend with a small shower chance early on monday and a bigger storm out there wednesday and thursday. we will wait and see but it looks like a rain and snow mixed . let's bring in ines . it's been a decent week already . ines: let's start out with connecticut. 95 and that parkway looking good. driving in new jersey along 287
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let's go to the cameras and take a look. on the fdr drive, construction is set up on 79th st. you have one when open. the trains are running on or close to schedule. ben: thank you ines. lawsuits filed in new york state. he is an american citizen at birth but it's not a dispute. the retirees say the constitution states only a natural born citizen can be president. they say cruz has admitted he was not born in the country they want his name stripped off the ballot . he has been moved to albany supreme court at the request of election officials.he faces the same challenge in texas and illinois.
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lawsuit in illinois today. thousands of mourners are expected to pay respects to justice. the president is not planning on attending his funeral on saturday . it's something he's getting a lot of criticism for. the white house says joe biden will attend the funeral because he had a personal relationship with him. justice scalia passed away on saturday at the age of 79. he is survived by his wife , nine children and 36 grandchildren. at the pro charger advocacy group, they say that state analysis with violence in schools has increased 23%. the violent instances happened every five minutes. the weapon is found every half hour.
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disciplinary system. >> 2015 was the most violent year on record for new york city public schools. violent instances with 23% over the past year. >> we have the official statistics for the school system under my predecessor and under us, crime in schools has gone down. >> the mayor wants to get rid of metal detectors the christian but critics say that would not be good. >> robert moyes us joins us live after pope francis made the remarks. >> donald trump says the
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mexican government.his clash of titans has transformed the presidential race into a holy war of words. >> donald trump has shown no compunction criticizing presidents that our current and past. >> the world trade center came down during the reign of george bush. robert: even by trumps standards, this is a big war. >> a person thinks only about building walls wherever they might be and not building bridges is not christian. drum fired right back lex religious leader , to question a person's faith
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i will not be consistently attacked and weekend, unlike what is happening now. >> there was this if and when the vatican is attacked by isis , i can promise you that the pope would've only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president . >> the holy father demurely when asked if he would tell catholics in this country not to vote for trump that's . >> what i advised to vote or not to vote ? i would not get involved in that . >> we have a right to build a wall. there too many walls between us. we need bridges if we're going to fix the problem in washington. i don't question people's christianity. that's a relationship they have with their lord and
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>> will some of trumps words hurt him in south carolina? it could hurt him here in new york, new jersey . we'll have to see what effect this has. >> the pope is weighing in, interesting. ben: get ready for a weekend warm-up . >> find out who won't be involved
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welcome back. they will be rising temperatures and go through the weekend. it will be on the cooler side but it will be cold. tomorrow, it's basically a little fun coming by and help strike out the warmer temperatures. we will see a lot of sunshine out there with a mild high . it looks like you will see mostly sunny skies with high temperatures staying in the 50s.the weekend is looking excellent. the northwind comes through a little bit later at 9
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most of us see wind and rain around five 10. 13 in albany and another chilly start there. 23 in philadelphia and 18 in buffalo. we've a mainly clear sty but is it staying that way? for the most part is that we see clouds increasing later on today. this is the next front that will drag by to the northwest. we are barely getting clipped warmer temperatures will come in following us today's high 2360. tomorrow you will see sunshine out there and the temperatures go up 200. 550 is the forecast high today. it will be breezy with a means mainly sunny sky. a high of 520 in monday it will be swinging through with a system and it will get up to 450 on monday. there is a rain and snow
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looks more like rain to me with high temperatures at 420. it looks like a significant storm. it's consistent on the forecast models. daily and hourly forecast around the weather up is at the apple itunes store so search fox 5 ny weather app and download it. it's free. let's bring in ines. happy friday! the commute is off to a good start. the 78 and the 280 looking fine. westchester county looking good and the palisades with no issues it's all green. let's look at the staten island expressway. very quiet heading towards the bridge eastbound on the westbound side. things are fine there and
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the george washington bridge construction is going on until 5:00 am. lincoln and holland is a great option. 4:44 am. there is several flashings in the city. this has police and residents concerned as the incidents keep stirring. >> and has happened again. it's for the third time in 24 hours. in new yorker has been knifed. the latest occurs here on the west side. columbus and 80th st. according to police around 5:00 last night, the man was walking on 88 when he was stabbed in the back. the crook demanded the 33-year-old empty his pockets and he made off with a candle and headphones. the suspect is a teenager. adding to the disturbing situation, slashing in soho. a 21-year-old was slashed in the face after waiting in line at supreme. the crowds were big for the
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a man became irate after claiming the victim jump the line. he dragged a blade across that man's face. a few blocks away come on wednesday night, a hard-working busboy attempting to keep the panhandler from bothering customers slashed at the face at the silver spur's restaurant. he needed 120 stitches! >> he will be okay.i hope they catch that i. >> the suspects description is 5 foot seven and 160 pounds wearing a gray hoodie holding a small gym bag and a purple folder . he looks like it's a scam to get money out of people. he's asking them to invest in a basketball league. >> moving on, a judge is
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the hook. eliot spitzer attempted to choke a woman last week. according to documents he says he and spitzer are good friends. they were now handling the case in the bronx. the victim has returned to russia.spitzer has denied the accusations. >> joining us now is the host of the curtis show on 770 . curtis, what you think? curtis: if i want to go there and file charges against ines for wearing a red dress , once again , i'm the only diva in town and i only wear red on monday, wednesday and friday. it's so typical! they wine and dine with one another.
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because i am the homeboy of . >> he pulled the plug and bronx? you know what that means! rest in peace. that's in terms of anyone going anywhere. >> why is that? why is the bronx d off office anymore? >> robert johnson was bad enough . you can forget about it! wining and dining and pocket lining that's what eliot spitzer will do to make sure the charges never see the light of day. >> there was other allegations raised by the woman in the past. who is to say that maybe it was exaggerated . >> when the police arrived, they saw blood , glass. she made the charge. the silver bracelets when on and there would've been an arraignment. they say tell it to the
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carrie: let's talk about the battle going on about donald trump in the pope! did you ever see this coming? curtis: yes . ben: you are a catholic . curtis: i am a lapsed catholic. you two weren't even born yet but in 1960, jfk the catholic versus nixon . he had to defend the fact that he was not answerable to the availability and decree of the pope in the batter going vatican. it almost cost them the primary. it would have cost him the election. now we have complete reversal. trump will not e in south carolina. they hate catholics! a lot of these evangelicals and holy rollers hate the pope and catholics.
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>> it was intentional moved to go out and say those things about the pope. >> he knew the pope in the visit would be coming. he knew he would be saying to all illegals , come to america! there is a big wall around the vatican!>> that's right trump . >> take cruises residents is still an issue. it's been moved to albany supreme court saying that he should not be on your talent because he does not meet the qualifications of president. article 2 section 5, no person except a natural born citizen or a citizen of the united states at the time of the adoption of the constitution should be eligible to the presidency. >> cruz says he is a
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though he was born in canada. trump. i think these are trump at. >> these are the drum that he was going to. this is all part of the wwf routine of donald trump seeking its way to the white house. ted cruz is an american. his mom was born in delaware. donald trump your mother is born in scotland. it's one of these , due to a say and not as i do. it's nonsense. it will cost him some votes. they would immediately say . >> three eyed cousin? curtis: you been down there to the mason dixon .
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>> delaware south of the mason dixon. he blinked between pennsylvania and maryland. >> how dare you . >> let me tell you something. no red on monday , wednesday and friday. >> it's noon/3 for the drive five. >> ines kim or any color she wants, just for the record. ines: thank you, carrie. curtis: you never will be at this rate. ben: your mets are getting ready for spring training, still ahead. curtis: hate them! ben: taking the field
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welcome back. it's a look at sports. basketball returns after the break and the next time brooklyn to take on the nets. the ranges are up in toronto.
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we go in the rangers are giving up the goal with two minutes and 30 seconds left. they would take the lead on this brilliant play. they go on to win 4/2 but they left ryan with an injury. check it out an elbow to the face right there. he returns from a concussion last night and the player through the elbow to the head. he set up the rest of the precaution in the islanders lost to the washington capital.yankees pitcher and catcher reported to swing training. >> duke is with the team in port st. lucie florida. >> good morning from port st. lucie. mets pitchers in catchers took their pictures. yesterday the first time to speak with terry collins. we reflect on the past and talked about the future and
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>> he talked about the bitter disappointment of losing the world series and the excitement that he had about the upcoming season. >> the first couple weeks is tough. you just don't get over it in two days. >> the energy levels are different. it's certainly tremendous energy and anyone you talk to or any these guys that walk into the clubhouse you look at the players here already. it's impressive. >> the other big topic is for. how many last season? not owning his own clubhouse but around the big waves. that respect and his intimidation factor grew after he buys the tower. >> it's game three in the world series. >> most people think i am like a quiet guy. what i'm on the mound , i tried to be as intimidating as possible. i tried to use it as a weapon. >> at the end of the season
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pitcher who commanded respect from his teammates. it's the way he went about things. he commanded respect from the other side of the field. he made huge strides and i think of as evil i think we will see the results. we all talked about jake and this guy has a chance to be off the charts! >> pitchers and catchers will work out for the first time. so many guys have been down here for so long. this team, it's an exciting time to be around the met . that's the story from port st. lucie. back to you, ben and carrie. ben: sounds like he has a duke man crush. >> a couple minutes away
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it's 5:00 and it's friday! we are looking a cold morning with increasing clouds. the weekend look spectacular. it's just around the corner it's just around the corner and we like it. mike woods in northern new jersey and is the second one this year. we will tell you the christianity. it causes the candidates to speak out. we will hear what trump has to say. >> questioning if ted cruz is qualified to run if he


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