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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean book today at 1-800-royalcaribbean. you good morning. a beautiful shot. temperatures will go into the 50s tomorrow and on sunday. mike woods has the full forecast. ben: a man was stabbed on the upper west side. kerry: the pope does not agree with trump. trump is fighting back.
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magnitude 1.6: the richter scale. thank you very much for being with us. let's check with mike woods. this is still a work week for most of us here. mike: this is so we all we have coming up for you here. yes, it will still be called. the high temperature making it up to 55 degrees. it is not bad at all. keeping the sunshine around for the weekend. it is now 25 at central park.
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twenty-six in montauk. it is they tend a 10-degree trial for you in bridgeport. 6 degrees cooler out at newark. a cooler start. still a little bit of breeze. we have that mainly clear skies. we do see some clouds building into the west of us. a warm front sliding through. as time goes on, we will bring in more cloud cover. they only hold together, not so much here in the tri-state. it is going to be called. temperatures more or less holding steady. " read 30 and 35. a brief shower possible.
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much here in the tri-state. a little chance of rain coming through early on monday. the bigger storm is the one on wednesday to thursday. let's get over to ines. good morning, ines. >> not much going on right now. no problems to report if you are traveling in new jersey. let's go to our cameras to see how things are moving this morning. you cannot see the northbound side. there is a construction vehicle. let's go to the bqe. as far as your commute, driving into the city, the lincoln tunnel, 10-15.
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close to schedule. ben: 833-year-old man was stabbed on the upper west side yesterday. kerry: another man was slashed in soho. fox5 three separate alone live this morning. reporter: good morning. three more attacks adding to the alarming trend. it has happened again. for the third time in 24 hours. a new yorker has been knifed. columbus at 88th street. a man was walking on 88 when he back. the 33-year-old enter his pockets.
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teenager. a 21-year-old slashed in the face after waiting in line at supreme. the crowds were picked yesterday for the spring election launch. a man with a ski mask became irate. trying to played a man across his face. wednesday night, a hard-working busboy. the victim needed 120 stitches. >> i hope they catch the guy. >> 5-foot seven. 150 pounds. holding a small gym bag and a
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he has people to invest. >> reporter: take a look at these photos. the nypd hopes by identifying this little clique you will be able to help them crack down on the crime. it happened late afternoon. there were a lot of people. that is the latest from the upper west side did back to both of you. >> thousands will pay their respects to the late justice schooley of the -- scalia today. >> the father of nine.
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reagan in 1986. now his sudden death has left a gaping hole in the high court. >> what did those words mean to the society? >> supreme court justice simultaneously late secured those that he disagreed. his death took many by surprise. it's part eight local firestorm. republicans are not threatening. they hope that their party will take back the white house. >> his job is to nominate qualified individuals. it is in the hands of the senate.
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intellect will be hard to match. >> we had different political disagreed on the outcome of certain cases. there is no doubt that he was a giant on the supreme court. >> reporter: president obama will pay his respects later this morning. vice president joe biden had a closer personal relationship with the justice. >> that is it for us. some new jersey residents felt the earth move under their feet last night. kerry: a magnitude 1.2 quake. more than 1000 people reported feeling the tremors.
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reported. >> eliot spitzer choked a woman. trying to extort money. police found text on her phone demanding cash. according to court documents, throwing her on the plaza hotel last week. he denied those allegations. according to court documents, they are good friends. the bronx da office will now handle that case. we have much more still to come including an update i just received from juliet huddy. mike: i saw my phone just buzz. good morning, j.
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>> serious footage of a chopper crash and pearl harbor, whole ie. right next to the uss memorial visitor center. several people jumped into the water to free a boy. he is now in critical condition. no word yet on what caused the chopper to go down here at all right.
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juliet has the flu this week. mike and i have been giving her a hard time because we do not take she got the flu shot. you should thank him. or perhaps maybe you should not. i now have an extra three days to prepare. we all get some fiction and there. created creative ideas. >> maybe she is trying to come up with something. nobody here believes that you
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i am on juliet side. this is good. we look forward to welcoming you back with open or baby closed arms. anyway. good morning, everyone. 55 degrees. that is your forecast high temperature for tomorrow. you are doing well. sunday looks pretty good, too. it is not cold and sunny. 25 degrees. clear sky right now. anyhow, it looks like a decent looking dazed. on the chillier side, two. we're all looking at clear skies
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there is a warm front and a cold front working its way towards the tri-state region. more clouds this afternoon. a lot of this is high quality this. anyhow, more clouds this afternoon. snow showers state to the north of us. it will pull up some warmer air. fifteen to 25 degrees as far as the highs go. we will keep it wild on sunday as well. it is not until monday that we have another chance of showers in the tri-state region geared high of 36. where temperatures hold steady. 35 degrees for a high tomorrow. it will be producing as well. a little shower chance coming up
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the bigger chance of rain, that will be here on wednesday. it looks like it could be primarily rain, but not so much when it comes to snow. we also have the weather text campaign. we will spin it your way. let's bring in ines rosales and see what is going on with the commute this morning. problems. there is an accident this morning. you have one they blocked with this accident. should new jersey commute looking good. seventy-eight into a date, no problems. no delays to worry about.
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upper and lower level, it your choice. all of the other approaches are doing fine. that and carry. >> do you think she thought one or not? >> to last-minute. too late. politics now. another war of words. this one involving none other than the pope himself. >> it all started with pope francis. robert moses is here with more. >> reporter: good morning to you. a question that came from a reuters report. also the plan to deport 11 million immigrants.
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is proposing is not in the gospel. criticizing presidents both current and past. the world trade center came down bush. >> this fight is extraordinary. it all started when pope francis criticized trump. >> a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not christian. >> a religious leader to disgraceful. as president i will not allow christianity to be consistently attacked and weekend unlike what
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current president. if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. trump seemed too soft in his tone. >> i think you said something much softer than was reported by the media. he did not see the tremendous rain that the borders caused. >> for his part, when asked if he will tell catholics in this country not to go for trump. to vote or not to vote, i would not get mixed up in that. >> i disagree with a lot of things that donald trump has said. >> there are too many walls
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i do not question people's christianity. i think that is a relationship that they have with their lord and savior themselves. ted cruz was also asked about this clash of titans. he said publicly a wise move donald. words affect his performance in south carolina. some evangelicals are a bit skeptical. it may not hurt him down there, but it could hurt him up here. >> robert moses. thank you very much. healthwatch. drinking more coffee. overindulging in alcohol. kerry: good day is coming right back.
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morning. >> 6:24 a.m. today's healthwatch. no longer be automatically screened. they will ease entry checks.
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effect of drinking too much alcohol. two cups a day drop their 43%. they may have different effects. >> if you did not get enough sleep last night, you are not alone. those most likely to get great sleep were married or had a great job. sleeping less than seven hours a night. a wife or id of health problems. a long-awaited honor for a world
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ben: spending 13 months as a prisoner. general patton's army in 1945. >> i did my job. the best that i could. i was one of the lucky ones to come back home. the soldiers sent overseas and never came back. i was lucky to come back. >> losing 50 pounds in captivity. he credits the red cross for keeping him alive. 6:26 a.m. top stories when we returned. >> your likelihood of getting a traffic ticket could depend on the car you drive.
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kerry: a somewhat cold friday we are expecting. mike woods has the complete forecast coming up. >> an apparent robbery. a man was slashed down in soho. >> appealing his prison sentence. sentenced both more than 15 years is excessive. a technology giants. apples encryption technologies is holding up investigation. good morning, everybody. i am ben simmoneau. thank you for being with us on
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i am delving this whole thing. ben: hopefully coming to a resolution on monday morning when juliet does or does not provide evidence of a flu shot. mike: check it out. >> go to toys "r" us and get a doctor's kit or something like that. >> did you get a flu shot, kerry? kerry: i did. mike: you too? same thing with ines. ben: she is watching right now. good morning, juliet. 25 degrees. that is your temperature out at central park.
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tri-state region. our hides this afternoon only get up into the mid- 30s. it will bring us more cloud cover. along with that, we bring in warmer temperatures. tomorrow, we had 255 for a high. you can choose your high on sunday. right now, your weekend forecast looking fantastic. if you want to pile on anymore -- >> all right. let's talk about the commute. the van wyck. northbound by the cross island parkway. there is a stall blocking a lane. let's show you the backup that we are seeing. all lanes are closed because of a serious accident.
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outside. expect some rubbernecking. thank you very much. two of those attacks happened within the last 24 hours. ben: another man staff while walking on the upper west side here it teresa priolo live at the scene. we will show it to you. hopefully if you were in this area around 5:00 o'clock yesterday, maybe you saw this happen. this happened on 88th and columbus avenue. the third sloshing in a string of incidents that really had new yorkers on edge.
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knifed in the back by a person who is the least to be a teenager. again, this is a video from the nypd. a 21-year-old slashed while waiting in line at supreme. that is a skateboard shot on lafayette. they were launching their spring collection. line. that brings us to our third incident that occurred wednesday evening. a hard-working busboy there slashed in the face after he asked a panhandler to leave the restaurant because that person was bothering some patrons of
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take a listen. >> wearing a gray hoodie. wearing a small gym bag and a purple folder. it looks like a scam to get money out of people. >> reporter: the nypd also released for other photos. we are a company that suspect to the silver spurs diner. that should help you lead them. if you have information, please, reach out to the and -- police. >> a technology giant cites the court order.
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decision. having a direct impact. >> today, iphones are the first consumer product that i know are designed to be and beyond the reach of judicial warrants. ben: it would make the iphone's photo book to hackers. allowing any government to access all the information stored in your phone. >> jared fogel is running out of time. a judge handed down the sentence. longer than what he agreed to. he admitted to distributing and receiving child pornography.
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fox means business. lauren simonetti telling us. >> i do not know about you guys. still hitting potholes this winter. about $500 a year. now, ford has a solution. they have this technologies. it can detect a pothole ahead of time. if you hit it, it is not that bad. it does not go down not far.
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>> that is really cool. >> i am alright with that. do you feel ease that juliet got she got surgery and manchu recovered from that. she claims the flu. she was very hesitant to get the flu shot earlier in the season. she claimed she got a flu shot a couple weeks ago, but we do not believe are. >> if she says she got a flu shot, she got a flu shot. why would she say that she did if she did not.
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>> you could be more likely to get a take it on your drive to work this morning. >> topping the list out the most tickets. folks like in and -- cars with the least. followed by the acura. >> good news for ines. she did not know what kind of car she drove. she thought that she had that -- she has the ris 300. that is on the low end of the list. i saw that. i was not sure if that was the
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let's just start there. [laughter] anyway. [laughter] she knows that it is true. increase of the clouds later this afternoon. milder for you tomorrow. let's bring on the princess of the pavement. [laughter] kelly: all right. we have a huge back up this morning. all lanes are closed.
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if you are taking the trains, doing fine this morning. >> we are live import st. lucie's. yesterday, working out on their own. kerry collins will do that when we come back. >> the latest entertainment news to come.
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nasty grammy night another new yorker has been stabbed. this latest incident happened last night. a teenager stabbed a man in the back and made off with a kindle and headphones. the victim is now in stable condition. >> a person that thinks about wall say about bridges is not christian. trump said he did not think that this was a fight. the pope's words were softer than the media made him out to be.
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his body will be at the supreme court all day. his funeral is planned for tomorrow. >> a brooklyn bridge is in dire need of renovation. it is still safe to drive over. must be repaired in the near future. >> time now for sports. >> duke, it looks pretty comfortable down there. >> temperatures 66 degrees. how about that. warming up later today. >> there has not been a cloud in the sky. >> a will be on their field for
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it is really amazing how early guys get down here. terry collins that the media for the first time. talking about a lot of things. a very open and honest press conference. he talked about the expectations and how good he thinks this team can be. >> not by any stretch of the imagination. i certainly reflected on this. how we have to get better. how we have to get to the next level. i kind of got myself settled and not. >> the other big topic down here
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you know, in the game well over 40 years. yesterday he said he never saw a guard mature in one year. i asked him about this great young pitching. competing with one another on and off the field. >> all this thinking that we are a team. we are always watching each other's full. period i think that that is something that is pretty cool. >> doesn't help that you guys are all power pitchers? >> we have the same game. >> this staff is great.
6:48 am
they are all great. yankees pitchers and catchers reported yesterday. they will have the first official workout. he expects his team to go to the world series. >> you are not going to impress me. you will not impress me the first week. give yourself a chance to get physically caught up. all right. he will file an appeal if he is suspended by major league baseball. he pushed her and put his hand around her neck. prosecutors decided not to file charges. in insufficient evidence. commissioner said he hopes to have a decision by opening day.
6:49 am
city after the all-star break. as for hockey, on the ice, and original matchup. giving up a goal. a one timer. three-two rangers. a return from a concussion. islanders taking on the capital. forcing the game to go to overtime. the islanders lose it three-two. the world of sports. officially working out here in
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we are in port st. lucie. five and six tonight. st. lucie. kerry: thank you so much. weather. a very cold start this morning. >> we will take it. the normal high for today is 42 degrees. we are coming in shiite. we have 25 in central park. a clear sky at this point in time. white plains, it you have a team. 25 degrees and brought snack as well as the bronx.
6:51 am
at least it is pretty. some clouds back to the west of us. do we get anything out of it? yes and no. checking out the ski conditions. forty-two and 44 trails open. tonight your temperatures do not hold steady. fifty-five for you. a big rain chance on wednesday
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google's play >> welcome back. a couple of problems out there. expect delays headed towards the whitestone bridge. the hutch, you have traffic jams. all lanes are closed because of
6:55 am
the tappan zee. , residual delays from an earlier style. running on or close. >> thank you. rihanna has postponed several dates for her world to her reportedly because of bronchitis ben: does she know juliet? the north american leg of the tumor will be moved. organizers say it is due to production delays. we are hearing from adel for the first time since that grammy performance that went wrong. >> she woke up the next day very embarrassed. >> did you feel that the next day?
6:56 am
whole next day. a standup performance. >> bursting into two yesterday. >> she is very talented. she blamed a technical issue for the problem. she was basically just kind of overall uneasy on the stage. ben: a rare copy featuring the first appearance of spiderman just sold for $450,000 at a dallas auction house. graded as near and 2011. more than $1 million. kerry: were you a comic book
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>> the brooklyn bridge. horrible, horrible shape. seems like a sturdy structure. greg: been around for a long time. rosanna: it is free. what do you want? greg: this bridges and dangerous rosanna: it is friday. february 19. it is chilly right now. highs in the mid 30s. mike woods has all the springlike weather coming our way. greg: we have had more stabbings and slashings. this seems to be a real epidemic. two yesterday. rosanna: the pope.


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